Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 4, 1975 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1975
Page 18
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·The Idaho Free Press, Tuesday, February 4,1H7S -- A-4 \VallU'»inrr Fine Arts Series: Jazz-classical program slated ('AU)WLXI, -- Walt Wagner, pianist-composer, who combines jaz/ and classical influences in his music, will appear with liis ensemble in a College of Idaho-Chamber of Commerce Fine Arts program Monday. l''el. lit. in .lewclt Auditorium al It: is p.m. Admission will be for season ticket holders (inly, but some season tickets arc still available al the door at reduced prices, according in Dr. Richard D. Skynn. Fine Arts chairman. Wagner has played for Peggy Fleming's Ice Revue, made records ami is now on concert tour. He has played at- Sun Valley in past years, and during l'J7-l he received rave reviews for liis appearances al Spokane Expo, and in Las Vegas clubs. In 1!)72 he was a soloist wilh the Spokane Symphony Orchestra and made an extensive easl-coast and mid-west lour willi Peggy Fleming, receiving exceptional notices there as well. Skynn nolcd. Wagner will offer a varied program, some featuring his band. Also on the Fine Arts series schedule this year are Festival Folklork-a Dance Troupe, Feb. 21). and Eugene Fodor, violinisl. whose appearance is changed lo April 16. Juvenile Court Youths given probation rules CAI.mVKI,!. - A one year .continuance was granted a 13- year-old Middlelnn loy in Magistrate ('our I. Sec I. recently when lie answered It) charges of petit larceny. · A continuance provides thai if Ihe offender obeys Ihe conditions set during that period of ·lime. Ihe charge will nnt appear on his record. Conditions attached to the continuance requires Hie youth to avoid contact with one certain individual, allend school with no imexcnsed absences or lardiesi if absent, he must he excused by the court: and thai he obey ail school rules and regulations A 11-year-old Manipa lad cited into couri on charges of auto theft was granted probation for ·one year, and sentenced In serve five consecutive weekends in the "Canyon '('nunly Juvenile liclpntinn quarters. Probation conditions included that lie- live al Ihe home of his mother, slaying overnight in nn other place without Ihc permission nf [lie probation officer: attend school with nn unexcuscd abscnsi's or lardies. obey all school rules and regulations: iiiiiiiilain a !i p.m. curfou each night of the vM'ek. with Ihe probation office]- empowered to regulate hours, activities and associates. A ir-year-old \ampa boy charged with f i r s t degree burglary was committed to the custody of Iho Department of Health'and Welfare. A CnlfhieU boy. aged II. dunged with petit larceny, was -granted a one year continuance on conditions that he live al (he home of liis mother, allend school with no imexcuscd absences or tnrdies, stay overnight in no other place: not associate \villi our certain individual. A Ki-year-old Caldwell boy. charged with petit larceny, was granted probation for one year nn cDiiditinns thai he maintain contact \vith his probation officer who is empowered In regulate his hours, associates and activities: Dial lie remain with the family wilh whom be currently resides, obeying without question or argument, slaying overnight no place else w i t h o u t permission of Ihe probation officer A Wilder youth. 17. w a s grnnled a one year continuance nn charges of receiving stolen property, nn condilions that he live al the home of his parents and ulii-y them and attend M-luml w i t h no imexcused absences or lardies. Charges against a Iti-yc-ar old Nainpa boy of receiving slnLcn property resulted in a one year continuance on conditions that he live :it Ihc home ol his parents and obey them, staying over night in no other place \viilmui his parents permission; .itu-nil school ivilh no wiexniscfl rrb- sences or taniies and obc\ all school regulations: mil associate wilh c e r t a i n in divifiuals: and maintain contact with Ihc probation department, who is empowered to regulate his lmui. a c t i v i t i e s ami associates. Home run record holder Hank Aaron hil his first big league liomc run in 195-1 at the old Sportsman's I'iirk in St. Louis. Brick dealer offers Alamo reproduction ST. I.OUS, Mo iUI'l) - An enterprising brick denier who heard that ;m Aralmin sheik wants lo Imy tin- Alnimi from Texas lull was turned down lias , offered In rebuild ;i reproduction nf Ilic front of the shrine for Ihc sheik. The hrick dealer. Hud BolcH, says the price is negotiable. "Well, he is a sheik. I guess he could afford just about Holdt saiit Monday. Sheik Miismtd Shrrif Miitndiin offered through an attorney lo huy Ihc Texas shrine lull w;is turned down. Unldl says lie owns a fnll-sciile terra eoll.'i reproduction nf the facade nf the Alamo. He came into possession of the copy when an old building in St. Units that looked like- the Alamo was being wrecked. ALBERTSIINS 7 BONE CHUCK CHUCK BLADE ARMOUR STAR. Fresh, Frozen Cut-Up. Save 10'Lb. Clausscn, Reg. or Icicle, 32 Oi, AAt SISf SoveZO'Ea E OSCAR MAYER. _ _ OSCAR MAYER _ Reg. or Beef, 8 Oi. CQv Reg. or Beef, 15 Ol.QQp UtV Pkg. Save 20' Ea. till "Albertson's Supreme." Save 30' Lb. Lb. STEW MEAT Save 20' Lb ........ . ' . . . . . Lh. SNAPPER FILLETS HOT DOGS SIZZLER D A CON ARMOURSTAR5lkudMi '°^ ie . BONELESS "Albertson's Supreme". Save 30' Lb. . . 119 Lb. I . ZVb.Pkg. Save 20-Ea BOLOGNA Tl IDIf CY Albertson's Butter Basted. 12to I WI%IVfc I 14Lb.Avg.Save6'Lb Lb I SMOKED HAM S^r° * 1" HAM NUGGETS ±» »2 n SMOKEES ST -."° ! · " · · . . ' ,98* The Idaho Free Press, Tuesday., February' 4,1975 --A-5 Wilder charity auction raises record $18,100 * II) 1 Faye Jones WILDKK - The iwcnly-lltird annual Wilder United Auction was another whopping success, going way over Ihe top for a new high of 518,100. according lo Dave Lowe and Sid Maxwell, co-cluiirmen for this-year's sale. People from all around'lhe area turned out lo cram Mercer Hall lo capacity (or tho annual charity ovenl. All types of items, from popcorn lopillow cases; lollipops lo log chains, a Irtick load of grave) or a side of beef, crossed the auction block. Cols. Bud Grant, Ellis Albright and fiobby Hopkins, auctioneers, were back, along with Don Bishop and Warren Calhoun who assisted wilh the chore. A special highlight of Ihe afternoon was the traditional "golden apples" donated by Chuck Yost of Wilder. One box of shiny red apples was sold individually. Bill Bryant, assistant manager of the Idaho Kirsl National Bank of Parran, bought the first apple for $620. The rest sold for $150 lo $5 each, for a grand total of $2,100 the highest on record, according lo Hie chairmen. Special door prizes awarded during the day included a color television set which, incidentally, was won by William C. Bryant of Parma, Ihc same Bill Bryant who was highest bidder for the apple. James Selby of Greenleaf, principal at Wilder High School, won the steer, and watches went to Phil Bait' of Wilder, J.I. Haas, Parma and Ralph Daniels. Caldwell. , Proceeds of the auction will g o - t o .the Idaho Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Elks Rehabilitation Center, South Idaho Multiple Sclerosis Chanter and tho Snake Hivcr United h'und which includes seven agencies! Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,'Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis and Hheumalism, Mental Health and ftelired Senior Citizens Program. Again the people of Wilder extend thanks to the mer- chanls and business people of Caldwell, Parma, llomedale and Wilder for their continued support of this annual charily affair. Kindergarten efforts get top League priority SUNKIST ORANGES CASE ORANGES Mtd, Siit. Appro*. 4 0 L b s . S a v f i $ K O O . . . . 4 % LARGE NAVEL ORANGES £ % LARGE SUNKIST S L " -...:...5 t $ l LARGE TANGELOSiF 3-^59° NAVEL ORANGES E: REAL MAYONNAISE CINNAMON Large, Old Fashioned. Wifh Soaked Raisins and king. Save 7' APPLESAUCE DONUTS BANANA NUT LOAF VALENTINE COOKIES /CED - UWCED PLACE ORDER FOR SCHOOL PARTIES CHARMIN. ·t Roll. Save IT GRAPEFRUIT TOILET TISSUE LISTERINE ;r» GOLD MEDAL FLOUR SPAM LUNCH MEAT HASH BROWNS STRAWBERRIES 59' Save 23' Albertson's. 2lb. Save IS' WHIPPING CREAM HAND LOTION GALLOWINE NABISCO GRAHAMS MACARONI MEAT ENTREES sr 35' ALL DETERGENT s;r"-"7 I 14 lOOi. Save28 Fifth. Save 20' i«rt son's. (Aid. 'fl' iangria. Fancy Dip, 11 01. Save 6' 39' 99 C I 49 83' 74' PREPARED FOODS MILD CHEDDAR CHEESE Ib. WE ACCEPT USDA FOOD STAMP COUPONS 36° Texcts Pinks, Zesty Flavor! Save 15' CLEARANCE MIRRO COOKWARE BLUEBERRY MUFFIN MIX PANCAKE MIX Betty Crocker, Complete, 3 1 /! Ib. With .Coupon 1.23, Appcliiing. Save 30' . . . LARGE TEXAS PINKS so. ,o 4 f . f$ l La Cuisine Teflon II 1-qt. Saucepan, 2 ql. saucepans, 10" skillet All with lids. Values to 9.99 3 39° \J Onlylf V LEMONS Sunlml, Save 15'. Enhance any food! With Coupon without 82 Spy* 7' ORANGE JUICE WE ACCEPT MASTER CHARGE AND BANKAMERICARD ON VARIETY PHARMACY PURCHASES RAIN CHECK POLICY W» fltnv« to bav« on hand tulft ciont ttbck of «tv«rtit*d mer- chandite It for any reason we J*r« out Of *tOck. B RAIN CHECK buy the t«m at the «dv«rtr. Bring your next Prescription to us and SAVE!! · FAST · COURTEOUS' · CONVENIENT Find out how convenient it is to fill all your food and drug needs in one stop. Masteicharge lot Prescriptions Drugs- · HOURS: S, r ffi« 9-9 ' 9-6 ALBERTSDNS Phone 46G-3592 · 715 - 12th Ave. S. DOVERSTONE - SALAD CAKE PLATE PRICES EFFECTIVE FEB. 5-8 ALBERTSDNS THE FOOD PEOPLE 715-12TH AVE. SO., NAMPA HOISK -- A strong legislative action program for the remainder of the 1975 session of the Idaho Legislature was decided upon during a meeting of the state board of the League of Women Voters of Idaho. . Mrs. Marjorie Slotlcn. Twin Falls, slate president, announced that the league is giving lop priority to its support of public kindergartens and is endorsing the kindergarten bill prepared by (he State Department of Education. Mrs. Mary Mech. Hoise, stale legislative chairman, gave a synopsis of many of Ihc current bills before the legislature in Ihc areas nf League concern. One such bill is the owner residence hill and Mrs. Mech explained. "Ibis is a compromise bill worked out between lire licallnrs" Associalion and the Idaho Mousing Coalition. It spells out the rights of the tenant and Ihc rights of the landlord. It alsci sets up an agreement on deposit return, the renler's responsibility for care of a LEGAL NOTICE N O T I C E T O B I D D E R S The Division of Porctiasing for me Stale of Idaho will receive sealed bids at Room 137 Leti B. Jordan Building, 650 West State Street, Boise, Idaho, until Feb. 18, (975 at the time specified below, for ITic following: Requisition Number 6322 · ISS 2641 For 3 i Ton Pickup 8. at '2:00 P.M. Versa L i f t Demonstrators only. For the Health Welfare Idaho State School 8. Hosp. at Nampa, ID. All hids will be publicly opened and read at the above time and place. Forms stating the condilions most be secured b e f o r e bidding. These are available from the Division of Purchasing. DAN R. PILKINGTON, Administrator Division of Purchasing February 4, 5, 6, 1975 NOTICE TO BIDDERS The Division ol Purchasing lor the Stale of Idaho will receive scaled bias al Room 137 C. Jordan Building, 650 West State Street, Boise, Idaho, unlil February 19, 1975 at the lime specified below, lor the following: Requisition Number T529-54 Drying Racks at 1:30 fM. For the Division of Highways, Central Sign Shop at US-20 Colfey Street, Boise, Idaho. All bids will be publicly opened and read at the above time and place. Forms stating the conditions must be secured b e f o r e bidding. These are available from Ihe Division ol Purchasing. DAU R. PIUKINGTON, Administrator Division ol Purchasing February 4. 5, 6 1975 NOTICE T O B I D D 6 R S The Division ol Purchasing for me Stoic of Idaho will receive sealed bids al Room 137 Len B. Jordan Building, 650 West Stale Slrecl, Boise, Idaho, unlil February 14. 1975 al the time specified bnlow, for the following: Requisition Number 62B5 ISS 0347 6296, O f f i c e Furnilure al 1:30 P.M. For the Health 8. Welfare, Alcohol Program al 1015 North 8th. Boiso, Idaho. All bids w i l l be publicly opened and read at Ihe above time and place. Forms staling the condilions must be secured belore bidding. These arc available- from Hie Division o! Purchasing. DAN R. PILKINGTON, Administrolor Division ol Purchasing February , 5, 6, 1975 dwelling and Ihe owner's responsibility for Ihc dwelling." The League will support Ihis bill under their human resource position on housing. Mrs. Kathleen Warnick, Moscow, state education chairman, announced the new stale position on special education, which calls for the slate o! Idaho to provide educational programs and services for exceptional children. Lectures held In Spanish CALDWELL - A Casa His'pnnica lecture series al the College of Idaho will continue through the nexl two weeks, with all programs open without charge to the public. The programs are -at Alpha House.! 1910 Hazel, all beginning al 7 p.m., and conducted in their entirely in Ihe Spanish language. Prof. David Gifford, director of the college's Spanish language program, announced Ihc remaining schedule: Tuesday. Feb. 4: Consuelo Pierce, Nampa, Ihe language of Ihe Chicano. Wednesday, Feb. 5: Elias Alvarado, Nampa, on the Chicano and education. Thursday, Feb. Ci Father Kchevarria, Boise, culture of the Basques in Spain and Idaho. Tuesday. Feb. 11: Mr. and Mrs. Seda. Nampa, speaking on their native Puerto Rico. Wednesday, Feb. 12: Dr. Melilta liuv.zard-McGinnis, speaking on the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. LEGAL NOTICE N O T I C E T O B 1 D D E R S The Division ol Purchasing for Ihe Slate of Idaho will receive sealed bids at Room 137 Len 6. Jordan Building, 650 West Stale Street, Boise, Idaho, until February 13, 1975 at the time specified below, lor the following: V a r i o u s R e q u i s i t i o n s f o r Cleansers and Disinfectants at 10:30 A.M. For the Idaho Slate School 8, Hospital at Nampa, Idaho. AH bids will be publicly opened and read at Ihe above lime and place. Forms stating the conditions r.iust be secured b e f o r e bidding. These are available from the Division of Purchasing. OAH R. PILKINGTON Administrator Division ol Purchasing February 3, i, 5; 1975 NOTICE TO BIDDERS 'The Division ol Purchasing lor me State .ol Idaho will receive sealed bids at Room 137 Len B. Jordan Building. 650 West Slale Streel, Boise, Idaho, unlit February 13, 1973 al the time specified below, lor Ihe following: Requisition Number 608 lor Dishwashing Machine al 10:00 a.m. For the Idaho Slale School «. Hospilal at Nampa, Idaho. All bids will be publicly opened.and read at the above time and place. Forms stating Ihe conditions must be secured btlore bidding. These are available from the Division of Purchasing. DAN R. PILKINGTON Administrator Division of Purchasing February 3, 4, 5, 1975

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