Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 16, 1969 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1969
Page 22
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LUCKY WINNERS E. W. Vorclcr Slrassc JA-7777 Lorraine Sup JA-8B55 Robert Florez HZ-5226 Robert Williams UG-liilSl Marcclla Loehrer H/-28SM Victor .IA-1782--Double Winner llichard Spcchl Wayne Cusliifson HY-7028 Alice (i. Nay HY-2239 Everrette Frank Case JH-7871 SL,i' ' t » Barrel K. Sehull/. HZ-4-179 Janet liollingcr HK-3234 Eugene Emmons HY-6990 Not Pictured -- Sherry Dickson, .TB-6923; Eric Shoenharr, HY-IOS1; Gary Titensor, HZ-G514 -- Double Winner. IF YOUR LICENSE NUMBER IS LISTED BELOW- YOU HAVE A $5 CERTIFICATE WAITING Fit:; YOU AT GIBSON'S!! .IA-(ifi2J HY-OT.'J .M!-2liifl H Y - H O J 3 HY-.|fi37 .IA-7JW. 1 ! JA-12r. AP-iKIOH V W - I 7 S I HY-.'JOSfi .ni-'tT'Z .U!-(i771 HY-9-lfl .IA-KW2 K/,-:!!fi : J7.-972"l I1Y-925 HY-Sr)2() .115-7 ISO H/-(i7i) I!/-!::?.'!:. 1IX-2I01 !(i H/-213II .IA-.m-.;: .FU-1773 II/-2523 HY-iifi22 H/,-7223 HY-fi!)f)0 HX-5972 ' H/-I631 HZ-2fl(i4 .II5-33G HY-5584 HZ-5449 2i-li:85 ·i. ofilt .NO'1'HiK OK EntaU of OUT ROBERT CALKO. Deceased. Notice It h«r«bl alren that J |IAV« f i l e d . h«r«bl niy f l n - nl reporj^ln the nljlrlct Court of WELD bounty, Colorado, and that any person deslrhiK lo object to the snme shall file written objection w i t h the said court on or before November 10. 1959. I J l l U n M. Chapman I0xcc:utrlx of ntild Estats Harman 12. Chapman, Attorney 721 8th St.. Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Dally Tribune October 9, If. 23, SO. 1S«9 told the audience, "We had t 0 make three approaches to NO"'TM fs ce he 8 r e ei,y »iven that i Lebanon Airport-and I'm still OP FIN A I. SETTLEMENT No. P-10804 Estate of BRUCE H. FARR. so k n o w n as BRUCE HAROLD FARR, Deceased. Notice is hereu _ ,,. _ have f i l e d my final report in the District Court of Weld County, Colorado, and that any person desiring to object to the same shall f i l e written objection w i t h tho said court on or before November 10, J 9 5 9 . .lohn W, O'Hagan Executor The Greeley Daily Tribune October 9. 1C. 23. SO. 19liS Jnpunctuol Moonman HA 1 NOVER, N.H. (AP) - As- ronaut Frank Borman orbited lie moon on limn, but he was an lour late for a science meeting at Dartmouth College. Borman's flight to Lebanon irport on a commercial airliner was held up by fog Tuesday. Introduced to the National Academy of Science meeting as ve tne grinned first man earth's orbit, Borman a little bit nervous." KOTICB OF SETTLEMENT In the DUirJet Court In nnA for (lie Couiiiy of WHil nnd State of Colorndo No. P-107S4 ESTATE OF MELVIN J.) DJEHL. also k n o w n an M. J.j DTEHL, Daceased , Notice is hereby Riven that by Riven T have f i l e d my f l n a F report In the District Court of the County of Weld, Colorado, and that any person desiring to object to the s a m e - Bhall f i l e w r i t t e n objection w i t h the Bald court on or before N o v e m b e r 3rd, 19C9. Beatrice D i e h l Executrix Craijp A. Mur'docl: for Charles A. Murdock Attorney for the estate 2004 Security Life Building Denver, Colorado 80202 G23-4106 The Greeley Daily Tribune September 25. Oct. 2. S, J 6 , 1959 NOTICE III ike DUIrlc-l Court In Ml for the Comity of Weld «4 Slate of Colorado Civil Action No. 19709 IN THE MATTER OF THE) DETERMINATION OF IN-) TERESTS IN PROPERTY OF) .IOHN HART, JR., DECEASED) THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO TO: P A U L .1. HART, ROBERT .1. HART. HAROLD W. 1 I A H T . V10RA H. ACCOLLA. GLORIA H. SCHELL. to all other persons who are or claim to be heirs of said decedent, and to all persons Interested. G R E 1 3 T I N G : T A K ' H NOTICE t h a t a petition has lieen f i l e d In this cause al- 1VOTIOE TO CItF.IHTORS Case No. P-l H2!l Estate of ADOLPH F. KIPP. Deceased. All persons having claims igainst the above named estate ire required to f i l e t h e m for al- owance in the District Court of Weld County, Colorado, on or be:ore the 33th day of April. 1!*70 r said claims shall be forever tarred. Eva Del] Davis SMITH t BOH'L'ENDER. V t t o r n e y H The Greeley Dally T r i b u n e October 2, 9, 16, 23, 1909 NOTICE OF FINAL SU'rTI.K.IIK.Vr No. 10122 Estate of A n n a Margaret Bern- lardt, Deceased. Notice is hereby glx'en tha have f i l e d my f i n a l report In he D i s t r i c t Court of WELD County. Colorado, and t h a t any lerson desiring to object to the same shall f i l e w r i t t e n objectloi . _ . _ jaid c o u r t oil or before November 10, I J f G f l . .Incob i l e r n h a r d t A d m i n i s t r a t o r of said Estat. TtiomaR A. Richardson. A t t o r n o ' a t h A v e n u e , Creeley, Colo that the above decedent The Greeley Daily Tribune dieil l e a v i n g the following d« scribed property: Tho South H a l f (S14) of Section T l i i r t y - H l x (36). Towns h i p Might CS) North. Ranse K i x t y - o n e (CD West of the S i x t h ( 1 t h ) Principal Meridian, Weld County, Colorado. Tlutt the said p e t i t i o n names t i l e above persons as the holm of decedent and the present own- H of said property. You are n o t i f i e d to answer naid p e t i t i o n w i t h i n twenty (20) days a f t e r service of this Notice n you ( I f served by publication i t h i n t w e n t y ( 2 0 ) days after tile last publication of this Not i c e ) and In default of an answer tho Court w i l l proceed to hear the matter as provided by Dated at Greftley. Colorado, this .t,, day of Octobe.r. i l^P ) . NNBLij Clerk of said Court By Glenna Carter Deputy The Greeley Dally Trlbunft October 9. 16. 23, JO. 19C9 INVITATION TO BID The Town of Pierce. Colorado, w i l l receive sealed bidK at the o f f i c e of the Town Clerk. Town Hall In Pierce, Colorado, until 7-:in P.M. on the 6th day of November, 1IIG9. at which time and pluco all bids w i l l bo publicly opened and ruad aloud. Construction for which bids w i l l be received includes the fol- l o w i n g I t e m s and approximate nuantmes: 6,630 L.F. of 6" water d i s t r i b u t i o n llueE, along w i l l gate valves and f i r e hydrants a new water -wells, I n c l u d l n i drilling, pump, well house, am appurtenant piping, valves, am accessories: abandonment of 2 e x i s t i n g large diameter Ehallow w e l l s ; construction of a sewage oi [elation pond. Including eicava. ffon'.'cmbanUment, lining, fencing, structures, piping, and ap Mirtenanccs; 12,7-19 L.F. of 10 and S" VCP o u t f a l l sewer line along w i t h manholes and appurtenances; 17,GOO L.F. of 10" and 8' collection sewer line, alun B w i l l manholes, service wyes, and service lines. , The Contract Documents. In e l u d i n g plans and specifications are on f i l e at the o f f i c e of Nel son Haley. Patterson and Quirk Inc.. Engineering Consultants 2021 Clubhouse Drive, Greeley Colorado 80G31. Copies of thp Contract Documents. Including plans and specifications, may he o b t a i n e d by depositing amountr as set forth below with Nelson Haley, Patterson and Quirk, Inc. Plans . Specifications. Schedules 1 2--Water Improvements-120/Set. Plans Specifications Schedules 3, 4, 5--Sewer Im provenients -- $40/Set. Plant t Specifications, All Schedules -W a t e r S e w e r Improve mauls -- «60/Set One - hal of the amount of the deposit w i l l be refunded to each bona fide bidder or material supplie: who returns the plans and specl ficatloiiB in good condition with In tea (10) i"T after tho open Ing of bids. A c e r t i f i e d check o draft on a responsible^ r bank solven -JPC bank, or a satisfactory b executed by the bidder ._ recognized Colorado licensed sur ety company, payable to tn Town of Pierce, Colorado, in ai amount of not less than five pe cent »·,, of the total bid, shal he submitted w i t h each bid a security :hat the bidder to whon (he Contract may be awarded will enter into a contract In ac cordance with this notice, am give bond as hereinafter urOTld el! No bid shall b« withdrawn after the opening of bids wlthou the consent of the Town o Pierce. Colorado, for a period o sixty (60) days after t h e a c h e d uled time .of .opening bWs.__Th successful bldde? w i l l be required Watching Dow Industrials Current Wall Street Game NOTICK TO CHEIHTOUS Case JS'o. P-J1443 Estate of jU J-1. KKLLT. Deceased All persons having- claims igainst the above named GHtate ire r e q u i r e d to f i l e them for al- o w a n u e In the District Court ol Weld County, Colorado, on orft the lilh day n f A p r i l , 1970. ir fmil claims shall be forever jarred, MarKuerlle Scott A d m i n i s t r a t r i x rfoutchens, Houtchena, and )ooley, Attorneys 1007 9th Avenue. Greeley. Colo, rho Greeley Dally Tribune October 2. 9, 1C, 23, 19C9 October 9, "Ifi, 23, 30, 19G9 _ . . .... OP SETTI.EMENT No. P-11211 . e of FLOYD A. LEWIS A K A I- 1 . A. Lewis, Deceased. Notice is hereby given t h a t '. liave f i l e d my f i n a l report in I h e D i s t r i c t Court of Weld County Colorado, and that any person lesirliig: to object to the same shall f i l e w r i t t e n objection w l t l lie said court on or before No- ;embcr 3. 1!G9. GREELEY NATIONAL BANK By Clifford H. Dean As Its Trust O f f i c e r ,V. A. E. M i t c h e l l , Attorney 307 1 0 t h A v e n u e I'elephonc! 3ti2-.13GO Greeley, Colo. S O G 3 1 The Greeley Dally Tribune October 2, 9, '16, 23, 1909 NOTICE TO cnnniTong Case No. J'-l \44\ Estate of GLEO E. MARCEL,US. Deceased. All person.i h a v i n g claims - the above 'munetl estate nre required to f i l e them for al- oWHiioe .in the District C o u r t of Weld C o u n t y , ColortJdo. on or he- fore the fith day of April, 1970 or r a i d claims hall be forever jarred. R a l p h E. Waldo Jr. E x e c u t o r W a l d o Waldo, A t t o r n e y s Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Daily T r l b u n t October 2, 9, 16, 23, 1 9 G 9 jNOTICEJ OP JLHVV OR SI3I/,IJItB In the C«u 11 ij* Court STATE OF COLORADO ) ) PS. COUNTy OF ARAPAHOE) M. A. M. INC.. a Colorado) Corporation, P l a i n t i f f ) ALLEN R. MANNING. De-i f e n d n u t Notice IH hereby given tha the 26th day of March. A.D 1909. a w r i t lay of Execution iv, issued out of t h i s Court direct ing the Sheriff of the County of Weld, State of Colorado, t levy upon and seize certain prop erty of the above named Defend ant, and the S h e r i f f nf tho conn i y of Weld did levy upon, sell and t a k e I n t o his possession I h f o l l o w i n g described property: Wages ' ·" ierty, d/t «ncl Stor; .. from Eileen Lafferty. d/b/a Lafferty M o v i n g " 517 13th Street, ·age 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tlmrs., Oct. 16, 1969 By PHILIP GREER The Warfiiogrea Po*t NEW YORK -- The past few months have been a very dull ,ime for wall street. Prices _iaven't moved very far up or lown since the end of July, he action has dried up, there aren't any big speculative ilays around since the gamb- ing stocks and the Alaskan oil lease sale and the Nixon- an quietude is becoming a ore. Maybe that's why the street s happy to focus its atten- ion on so apparently inane a question as whether or not the Dow Jones Industrial Average will some day close at a num- jer lower than 800. The .Dow Industrials are usually referred to as the bellwether average, the most wide- y cited indicator of market movement. What that means, actually, is that the built-in 'olatility of the average makes for better headlines than the ilodding changes in the Standard and Poor's Index or the New York Stock Exchange Index. (A change of one-eigth of a point in any of the 30 component stocks in the Dow caus a movement of about 0.07 ooint in the average and a one point gain in each of (host stocks would push the average ahead nearly 16 points.) Nevertheless, Wall Street might happen If the market ever gets up enough steam to push it sharply in either di- ·ection. . The crucial number to keep n mind is 801.96 that was the closing mark for the average on July 29, and still stands as he lowest close of this year -or last year or most of 1967. [According to theory, the clos- .ng numicr is the only one that counts, although traders usual- y try to anticipate the close and thus make it look as though they know something the rest of us don't.) If the Dow closes below that 80L96, classical technical theory says it would be a downside jreakout and the market -or at least its bellwether average--should go a lot lower. Guesses -- and that's all they really are -- on how much lower range from 750 down to 600. currently taken up neallh of the anybody sell Dow that with and, the lesi problem "crucial" time when it reaches short, there are mutual funds with billions of dollars riding on the average's near-term route. Since that is the case, for better or worse, it might be a good idea to take slock of just ivliere the Dow is now and what Guide to Books FAKE! By McGraw-Hill. Clifford Irving. . M a n n i n g the snid d e f e n d a n t . l a k e notice, that w i t h i n ten days from the date of service hereof. served served w i t h i n this state, bv publication w i t h I n ten days a f t e r service hereof, exclusive of tho day of service, you may make and f i l e w i t l i the. Clerk of the above e n t i t l e d Court a w r i t t e n claim of any exemption which you mav have u n d e r tho s t a t u t e s of t h e State of Colorado; ami In case of your failure to make and f i l e such w r i t - t e n c l a i m o f e x e m p t i o n w i t l i t h o Clerk of said Court you shall be deemed to h a v e waived your r i g h t of e x e m p t i o n u n d e r tho statutes of t h i s slate. Witness, RICHARD P. M A R - TINEZ. S h e r i f f of said Weld County, Colorado, this ISth day of J u n e , A.D. 19G9. Richard P. Martinez Sheriff By William F. Allmer Deputy S h e r i f f The G r e e l e y Dally Tribune October 8, 9. 10, 11. 13, 14, 15. 1G, 1 7 , IS, 1 9 G Q About three years ago a collection of modern art owned by Texas oilman Algur H. Meadows was found to contain many : akes. Meadows was duped by a nair of fast operators named [''ernand Legros and Real Lessard. The Legros-Lessard scandal broke open a long trail of fakes held by museums, dealers and collectors on four continents, and for a while it seemed there must have been a whole stable of forgers at work. Actually there was only one, a Hungarian refugee named Elmyr de Hory, who also used the pseudonyms Baron Herx.og and L.E. Raynal. This book is the complele story of de Hory's career of faking works by Picasso, Henoir. Matisse, Dufy, Modigliani, Vlam- inck, Derain and oilier modern masters. One reason de Hory got away wilh the faking for two decades was (hat he did not attempt to create any major, important works--most of them were and watercolors. But lie did have some close calls ill the United States. Finally Legros and Lessard moved in on him, selling his forgeries for high prices and giving him just enough of the money to keep going. At the end Lessard was even double crossing Legros. Much of the story is told in de Hory's own words, and the book is illustrated wilh many of the; phoney works. Irving also has interviewed some of the experts who were fooled, and a few who were not. He gives names, dates and places, and his account is remarkably thorough. Miles A. Smith If that should happen, the chartists would go scurrying back to their books and probably come up with something closer to the 750 spot -- say 735.74, where the big slide of 1966 ended. If the average can continue its last week bounce and move higher, the would come 837.78, the highest it has been since the spring and summer decline. That wag the close on Sept. 2. The same idea would hold then, except that upside breakouts have to go hand in hand with high volume. No big volume means no big buyers and that in turn means the rally can't last long, at least in theory. To outsiders, it's hard to believe that grown . men really spend their time thinking about the Dow, when they could be putting those analytical brains to work on inflation or Vietnam or Americans who don't think about the stock market because they have enough problems keeping themselves in food. There are a number of insiders who wonder about the same things. Actually, the Dow is losing adherents, mostly because these classic signals have been wrong at least as often as they've been right. Some analysts have given up caring about what broad market indicators do and worry instead about their favorite high flyers. Others have switched allegiance to the S-and-P composite or the NYSE Index, which have also been wrong enough times, but have the virtue of not making as much noise about it. Technical analysis, of which the Dow's health is only a small part, has taken on increasing importance in the market. For one thing, there s very little else for the analysts to chew on. For another, he swinging money managers fuYnlsh a satisfactory per formance bond in the rui. amount of the bid or proposal. .Ml bids must be submittedi In W r i t i n g on 'be forms provided and eigned by the b i d d e r or his d u l y authorized agent. The Town of Pierce. Colorado, reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any I n f o r m a l i t i e s In bidding, and to make the awnrd In such a manner as they may deem right and proper for the best Interests of Ihc Town of Pierce, Colorado. NoW - DISCRIMINATION EMPLOYMENT: Bidders on this wiVh" Si' MSittf Sve F«.'e' % 3f.:'?A n 7.? d TK re'nulrements for bidders and contractors under these i are explained tn tht spec tl0n *' TOWN OF PIERCE, COLO. By: Feme E. Sharpe, Town Clerk D a t e : October 3. 1 9 S 9 The (Irecley D a i l y Tribune October 9._16,_23 L 1969 LOSE WEIGHT NOW Oilriuex can help yon become the trim islim person you wanl In lie. Odrinex is n tiny tablet nnil easily swallowed. Contains no dangerous drugs. N'n starving. No mici'lnl exercise, dot rid ,of excess fat nnd livo lonrjer. i Odrinex lias been used success| fully by thousands all over Ihe 'country for over 10 years. Odri- nex costs J3.0H and the large economy size 55.00. You must lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded by your druggist. Xo questions asked. Sold wilh this guaranlee by NOTICE 1m the TllalTlct Court In find for the County of Avoid Slate «if Colorado Blv. 1 Civil Action No. 19GK7. IN T U B MATTER OF THE) DETERMINATION OF IN-) TERESTS I N THE PROPER-) TY OF HENRIETTA OP-) TRIBUNE WANT AD 352-0211 been strangely their speculative '.who have quiet since lubble exploded) move around so fast that technical analysis s the only thing that can keep up with them. That, in turn, lias put the pressure on those who don't .hink much of the whole idea, f only because they have to keep up wilh the competition. And the resulting ampllfica- ion makes the technicians even more important. So that's the current game among the stock brokers; a sort of perils of Pauline played with T-squares and logarithms. The next act opens tomor- ·ow morning. Bob's Weslview TV Service All Makes 3133 W. 10th St. Ph. 352-8553 Greeley ,.-. DYKE McWICHAEL, f u l l Deceased. " THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OP C O L O R A D O : TO- D O R O T H Y MARTIN A N D FRANCES QUITZOW. TO ALL OTHER PERSONS WHO ARE OR CLAIM TO BE HEIRS OF SAID DECEDENT. AND TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED. GREETING: T A K E NOTICE t h a t a iietlllon lias been filed in this cause alleging t l i n t the above decedent died leaving the following de- acribed p r o p e r t y : An u n d i v i d e d ] .ith Interest In the Northwest 14 of Sect i o n 8, Township 8 North. Range 64 West of the G t l i P.H County of. Weld. State of Colorado: that the petition names the above persons as the heirs of t and the present owners -of safd property. ARE NOTIFIED to YOU swer said p e t i t i o n w i t h i n 20 d a y s a f t e r of t i l l s no- tii-e on you ( i f served by p u b l i c a t i o n w i t h i n UO days n f t e r t h e last p u b l i c a t i o n of t h i s n o t i c e ) and In d e f a 1111 of n n a n s w e r t h o court w i l l proceed to hear t l i p DIM (.(.ens provided by law. Pa ted at Denver, Color,! do, this I D l h day of September 1969. Cleric of said Court Jly G l e n n a O a r t n r D o n n t y Clerk f S K A M T h p (ireeley D n l l y Tdb'ine September 2fi, Oct. 2, 9, 16, 19RJ MoreComforfWcarirsg FALSE TEETH To htlp relltv* discomfort when dentures clip down and comft !«*«, just sprlokl* FASTEETH on your i plates. FA5T5TH holds dentures i nrmer longer. You c»n bite harder, ml futer. feel more comfortable. ' FASTEETH Is alkftline--won't sour. I w.-l'MS- 1 *,'··« " COOK'S S E L F S E R V I C E D R U G . I Dentures that fit are essentlsl lo inn in?*; nth Q*r»»t M a l i nr '· health. See your dentist rpRularly. I 1013-1025 IHh Street. Mail or- . I aers filled -- Adv. nr · or- . O et M TEEiTH at nil drug counters. CARPET SALE! GREEN GOLD CARPET ot only-- Per sq. yd, KITCHEN CARPET Norseman Quality Buy and Save Reg. 13.95 Now-SHAG Acrilan, very heovy, only--Per iq. yd. INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPET-- 6" .3" 350 CARPET MART Open Daily 9:00 to 5:30 Closed Sunday 1621 9th St. 353-0880 Open Mon., Wed. and Friday Nights Till 8:30

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