Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 14, 1957 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, June 14, 1957
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Phom 3 Btlott 7 o'eJotk If jou fall to receive your copy of the Tribune, and one Mill be delivered. Wrltttn by Hint* Grialiy In 1171 AND THE OREELEY REPUIUCAN VOLUME «--NUMBER W CREELEV, COLORADO FRIDAY. JUNE 14, 1157 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1170 Steve Would Kill Civil Defense for Frederick Refusal DENVER IB -- Colorado's, governor, Steve McNichols, lashed out Friday at the federal Civil Defense Adrainlstraticn. calling it "a fzil i re", and threatming to a:k th: Governors Conference recommend its abolition. The 43-year-old Democrat blasted at Civil Defense during a conference In his office with A. C. Tilley, director of Region 6. McNichols was irked over refusal of national Civil Defense officials to declare a Colorado area, liit by floods a month ago, a major disaster region. McNichols' comments during the 4;-mhuta. meeting hrislled wilh ..uch statements as "it isn't worth a damn to us," "it is a rery Irresponsible thing," and the agen- ·» "has a very cold, aloof atlitude toward this problem." · May Appeal to Governor' "I think I'll take this up at the governors conference," McNichols said. "If this Is the kind of help we'ire sofcfj to r*t we'd Just is ·sell not h a v e it b:cst;se it isn nojij us a damned bit cf good. Maybe the governors will tell Congress to rub it out." At another point McNichols declared, "As far as I'm concerned the whole thing is a failure." Rtqusted Aid Two Wctks Ago McNichols asked the Civil Defense Adminislralion two weeks ago to declare, the central Colorado area -- including parts of Adams, Weld and Boulder counties -- a« a disaster area and lo provide $285,000 in funds for repairs. -He contended that represenla lives of the regional Civil Defense office accompanied investigators u h e n the sludies were made and agreed with the amounts requested. Most for Frtdtrick Water System Most of the funds were to provide a new water supply system for the town, of Frederick, with ."W population, and to repair lines of a sewage district at Alturas, cast of Denver. The. regional Civil Defense Administration, T i l l e y said, recommended $45,000 be allocated, $20.- f»K) for a temporary waler supply at Frederick and $25,000 for Alturas. However, national Civil Defense officials ruled the damage did not constitute a major disaster and refused to make the, declaration ihrreby ending all chance for the srants. Tilley Will Rtport U the end of the meeting. Til- W said he would report to national official? and would renew t h e request for the $45.000. Me- Nichols agreed, reluctantly, when t h e stale's Civil Defense director, r-'.ired Msrins U. Con. Henry L. i.arsrn, recommended it."We haven't anything lo lose." T.arson said, "because they turned n- down completely." Mc.Sichsls daisied Tilley had told the federal government that Colorado had a 10 million dollar f u n d which might be used. He said 1 h i was the state's revolving fund and couid not be put to such purposes as disaster relief under the Paper Has r j · i :r-rf\fitAVtr' r u U uVJ %J Jl«i\. Obituary FREDERICK, Colo, in -- To* death of this flood-damaged town population 599, was announced is an "obituary notice" printed In this week's Issue cf the Farme and Miner, - newspaper published by Wayne II. and Gcraldine B What Streamliner Did to Pickup Blanchard. The notice border said In a double blac' Frederick "passei away into Lhe land of ghost town . from the lack of the lift blood^if any community -- water.' Frederick's water system wa destroyed May 9 by the first o three floods that swept the com munity within four days. The vstt :aved in Ine coal mine shaft tax had collected ground water and served as the principal source to; lhe syslem. Federal Civil Defense officials n Washington rejecled requests 'or emergency aid after state and 'ederal CD officials turned in dif [ering estimates of the amoun needed. Platteville Loot Discovered with Arrest of Pair All the loot taken in two break- ins at Platleville early Tuesday was recovered »hcn two men were arrested in Denver later Tuesday, the sheriffs office reported Friday. Denver detectives stopped the pair when they noticed the rear end of the 1947 Ford car in which the men were traveling was badly overloaded. The two men, Andy Sisne'ros, 23, and Joseph Goniales, 37, both of Denver, denied the articles in the rear of the car had been stolen, claiming they had purchased the "whole works" for $20 from two other men. Sisneros, however, after he and Gonzales were returned here Wednesday, signed a confession he and Gonzales had obtained the articles in breakins at the Platteville Mill Elevator Co. and at the hay mill :crsss the street frr.m the clcratsr. Deputy sneruf Estel Bratton reported. The articles recovered included an electric adding machine worth $300, an electric drill, an electric emory and a number of other tools taken from the elevator. Articles stolen from the hay mill which were recovered included a check writing machine, a small table-model radio, an air compressor, and a considerable number of tools. The breakin at the hay mill had not been discovered at the Tilley declared that he had made ; lime lhe pair was arrested. H e a r to his superiors that tht mon-j Al-" 1 '°"nd in the men's car were ' two tires which the sheriff's office has taken custody of. Tilley Suggcstt Sptciil Assembly Stssion as not available. He suggested to McNichols thai "in some states" special sessions "', the Legislature have been called to l a k e care of such emergencies. McNichols retorted thst it would ci-t !:o.oOO and $50.000 to get the I.r:iilature into a special session. TilVy contended he«had gone as f;r as he cou4d in recommending » : 1 ' M y disposition naturaly would !" lo do as much as I can under 'iry ami lau." Tillry said. Filing of charges against Sisneros and Gonzales is pending, it wai reported. ' Tht U5 Chtvroltt pickup truck was dtmol- Ithtrf, as shown htrt, whtn struck by tht Union Pacific's City of St. Louis itrttmlinir at tht north edjt ef Nirnn Thursday mtmlnj. Two Fort Collins mm, 1. L. Lynth, II, a studtnt at Colorado State Univtrsity, and G. D. Kochtndtrfir, 4f, a rtstarch assistant in CSU's forestry dtp?., who wtrt riding In thi pickup, wtrt killed Instantly In tht tccldtnt. Tht truck-, ofntd by CSU, was split apart by tht impact, tht front half bting thrown 125 fait foi- vrtrd en tht ttst iWt t4 tti* tracks, tht othtr half 53 fett forward on tht west sldt.--Photo courtesy of Stilt Patrol. Poudre Rises Due 10 Heavy Rains Thurs. Heavy rains high on the Cache la Poudre watershed Thursday caused an abrupt rise In the river at the mouth of the canyon Thursday night and W. G. Wilkinson, the water commissioner, said a bigger flow could be expected at Greeley Friday afternoon. Wilkinson said the flow here probably would reach a peak of around 1,500 to 1,600 cubic feet per second. The river equalled that flow here two weeks ago without causing any serious damage. Thursday night the flow west ol Fort Collins jumped lo 5,1V) second feet to its highest point this spring as a result of the heavy a in. But with around 3.200 second feet eing diverted to direcl irrigation and storage and some nf the water expected to spread out over low- ands between Gree4ey and Fort Collins, not moie than 1,600 second eet was expeclcd here: Early Friday morning, the river west of Fort Collins dropped to 4.KOO econd feet and near noon was lown to 3,900 second feet. Wilkinson said as far its City's Needs Are Outlined by Cruce A detailed report on projects which will be required to meet fu lure needs of the city has been submitted to city council by Cit Manager n. H. Cruce. The report was prepared tn as sist lhe council in determining what projects should be included in a long-term program for im proving city facilities, and the pri ority in the program each project should be given. ' The report suggests that each year a program of projects to be undertaken in the next six years should be considered and approved by the council. This would injure orderly prog ress in carrying out projects included in a long term program and ' department at an estimated cost of $7.000 and purchase cf a fire department aerial ladder U to 85 feet in length at a cost of approxi mately $3i,000. Library Building Fund Possible establishment of a long- range building fund to pay for en larging the library building. Provide a minimum ff 750 mu niripal offstreet parking spaces between Sixth and Sixteenth streets and Sixth and Eleventh avenue*, of which 450 should he between Sixth and Thirteenth streets, but outside the parking meter area. Repair nf roof and exterior wall surfaces of Meeker Museum build- ng in 19J8 at estimated cost of $3,- Nuclear Test Holiday Proposed by Russians United Presbyterian Group Okehs Merger XEW COI.XORD, Ohio Lfl - The General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in North America Friday approved by a vote of 161-124 the merger of that church with the Presbyterian Church In the U. S. A. ActuaUy, a two-thirds negative vole would have been necessary o upset a previous vote of the Mosbo To Join College Faculty Dr. Alvin 0. Mosbo, v ho bss been aswtant to the superintendent cf ichools at Davenport, Iowa, and vhose degree ol doctor of educa- lion was conferred by Colorado State College of Education in August, 1933, has been appointed an isslstant professor cf education at :'SCE and will take up his new duties in September with the start cf the fall term. He vas principal of »n elementary school at Davenport for eight . 1 Tears and first Joined the Davenport school system as a ,er In the J. B. Y o u n g h i g h school in 1941. His professional experience in eludes two year as a mathemil ics a n d sciene teacher in t h e IJncoln-Lee eonsolidated school a Albert City, Iowa, and four year as a teaching principal in the jun ior high school at Sheldon, Iowa. From June. 194] to January, 19)6 he was in military service on leave denomination's presbyteries In favor of union. The new church of three million members will be known as the United Presbyterian Church In the United States of America. Friday's vote cine after an hour's debate in which three delegates spoke In favor of the union and four in opposition. After the vote, all of the delegates stood ard £inj "The Lord Is Uy Sh:phf.rci" ted Th! Church Is On: Foundition." Although then was no attempt to make the rote naanteous In view of the strong feeling on the subject a leader of the opposition, Dr. Cary N. Welsiger of Mount Lebanon, Pa., presented what he called a "resolution of good will" which was unanimously adopted by a volci vote. Control Points for Inspection Part of Scheme LOVDON U1 - The Soviet Unon Friday proposed a two or three year montorium on nuclear tests with International Inspectors at key wints to prevent cheating. The Soviet proposal was: mads ,.h:n the five-power jubcoaittis of th: Cnit:d Julians Disarmament Coqyntaion resumed su- lions here Friday after · a fort- nlght'i recess. Soviet Delegate Valerian Zorin aid Russia's mr? proposal en- Dr. Mosbo from the Davenport schovls. served in the Seabres and wai also make it to!ible for the cost ; 000. of larger projects tn be paid OTPF j a period cf a number of years, the report points out. The report lists 43 separate proj- Muttum as he :new there was no flooding nf any onsequence in the Fort Collins dis- rict. While heavy rain (ell in the moun- ains west of Fort Collins Thurs- lay, parts of Weld county were ttting a shower or series of show- rs from a dark overcast which :ung over the area throughout the ay. Some of these were sufficient to n a k e gravelled roads muddy and ngraveled roads slick and in laces impassable. Greeley received a brief shower round 1 p. m. which measured .05 f an inch at the Public service tation and .fifi of »n inch at t h r Great Western Sugar company fac ory. High temperatures recorded were degrees at th'e station and ( t the factory. Some persons turned their furnaces during the day o remove the dampness and chill from their homes. Major renovation of the muieum building, including construction of a new display building at esti- fcls t h a t should h* considered f o r , mated cost of $25.000, removal of inclusion in planning an improve- all additions to present building the H a w a i i a n Islands, Tinian and Okinawa. In all, he was overseas 21 months., Dr. Mosbo was born at Hem- brandt, Iowa, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mosbo. He was graduated from high school at Rembrandt and received the degree nf bachelor of arts from Luther College at Decorah, Iowa, in 1933. He received he degree of master of arts in education from the University of Iowa in 1912 after attending summer sessions t h e r e . In 1950 he tarled work for his doctor of education degree at CSCE which be 'inished in in years of summer study. His doctorate is in elementary education and both eif his doctoral ment program for the future. I Some nf the major ones listed are the following: j Paving of the major n m w a y at I a n d renovation of criminal Meeker residence for use as additional display place for household goods. Construction of a new jail and Snow Closes Trail Ridge By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS June mow closed tm highways In In: Colorado Roc'ties liidky. Trail r.iage Road in northern Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, highest continuous mountain highway In the nation at 12,000 feet, was blocked by drifted snow. The storm was continuing Friday morning, preventing maintenance crews from reopening the route which connects the resort towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake. They hoped lo have lhe road open liter Friday if lhe weather cleared. The road was opened for lhe season a week ago after rotary plows InJ other heavy equipment tore through layers of snow and ice as deep as 20 feet in some places. Also closed by drifted snow was he highway up 14,110-foot Pikes "eaV, west of Colorado Springs Blockades were erected at the 13 mile point on the road. Operation of the cog raiJrnad up the eak also was suspended because f drifu. Rainfall was general through the orthern Thursday and and central Rockies Thursday night. Jmon, Colo., measured the largest amount of moislure--.31 of an inch. Other .amounts were Akron .20, Alamosa and Pueblo .01, Colorado .22. and Springs .OS, Denver Kagle .24, Grand Junction Trinidad traces. Wyoming measurements included Casper .12, Cheyenne' .03, Lan Sir" to th ' "" d "' " adU *:^ · ««.I-amie and Raw. lins .13, Rock Springs .08. Scattered showers and thunJtr- cted to develop eadines He and bis wife, the former Marie IJndeen nf Swedesburg, storms were Crofitr field to facilitate landing ' providing additional office space of heavy airplane*. Filling in of several thousand. oW sunken graves and straightening fif tombstones at IJnn Cirove cemetery and removal of several hundred trees at the cemetery that are dying and dangerous to life and property, at an estimated cost probably in eicess of $10.0(10. Erection of a training tnwer with for the police department. Rebuild all older paved slretts, w i t h streets designated as through streels to be rebvult first. Cruce, in a letter submitting the report to the council, said it was being presented at this time in order that the council and citizens could study and consider each of the 43 items before the 1958 city h , . . . , , » i w i i i t a w r i t sji^/'ivvcu ill U O C J U L J ave two children, Joan, 13.; ltiin Fri(Jlf .fternoon over both tlates. A tornado was sighted by an airline pilot late Thursday near a training rescue room for the fire budget is prepared. Fatter Rodeo Purses Here Will Draw More Cowhands on July 3-4 and John 10. Dr. MosM i* a member of the National Education Association, the Department of Elementary Prin-|j- r i n ,[ 0 » n Colo.. louthVasVof Den'- eipalsof the N.E. A.; the National ver. It apparently did not touch Society for the Study of F.duca- tion, the Iowa Education Association, the Iowa Elementary Principals' association, the Davenport Teachers' Association, Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi, education fraternities. 11; also holds a I life membership in the Iowa Congress of Parents »nd Teachers. 1 Finds Out About Cups 1. All testi o! nuclear weaposj to be halted lor two or three years. 2. Creation ol an International commission tu bsure observance ol the moratorium. 3. Establishment o! control postj a the United States, the Ssvfct Union, Britain and the Pacific area .0 insure {air play by the three nuclear powen. Zorln's proposal was foreshadowed Thursday by Nikita Khrushchev, secretary general of the Russian Communist party, in a irsws conference la Helsinki. Zorin to!d the subcommittee tin projected international commission ir.cnld be responsible to the Security Council and General Assembly of the United Nations. The control posts should be effectively equipped with scientific apparatus with which it would b« able to detect any violations of the moratorium, Zorin urged. Harold E. Stassen, said earlier the bit; powers were nearer a first- step disarmament agreement than at any time since World War II. Stassen, the U. S. delegate to the five-nation U. N. Disarmament Subcommittee, returned from Washington for resumption of th» arms talks Friday afternoon after conferences with Secretary of Stale Dulles and other Stale Dept. officials. 'We are nearer to an agree-. ment for the first step than wV iave been at any time in the l«.t 11 years," Stassen told reporters at London Airport. "Some difficult problems remain, " he continued. "Part of th» major problems have been overcome, but a few major ones re- lain. "After all, the first step is the most difficult, which is verified by the fact that it has been 11 years being laid." Colorado Weather l/*al for 24 hours ending I a.m. Friday: Public Service station; High, K; low, 42; precipitation, .05 of an inch. Sugar factory: High, 64; low, 41; precipitation, .06 of aa inch. Colorado-- Part'y cloudy Fridav. Friday night and Saturday with few afternoon and evening thun- the ground. jdcrshowers principally in th* Highs Thursday ranged up to 901 mountain areas; cooler south and at I.l Junta, Colo., and W Cheyenne, Wyo. M a z i m u m and minimum readings durinz the 21-hour period ended early Friday included: Denver 67-«, Akron 70-42, Ala- at I central portions; warmer northwestern third of slate Friday afternoon; low Friday night 23-33 in the mountains; 40-55 Li the lower elevations; high Saturday 63-75 in the north and 70 Li the south. '·That's w h a t I I have done." Recluse Hoard Found NEW YORK '.fl - A board rf $774,960 in rash has been found in a wooden box in the dreary apartment of a woman recluse who died three weeks ago at the age of 90. The money -- some new bills and M a v o r A. J. Hicks cf Frederick j so ' m « old ~ " " lhe h ' n!l °' .v-.i S. W. McOralh. secretary- I»I»ce pendmj « court order K r a s u r e r of the Alturas district, Long's Scheme To Cut Foreign Aid Is Beaten A larger turnout of row-poke, j, n((On |fcow wj| , ^ j e v t r j , anticipated fnr the Creeley rodeo i {ifrf July .1 and 4 with its purse niw ' [ r a n k i n g n e a r the top for t w o d a y I Thu year, ir.ntcnar.n a r e n a will be competing for a t o t a l ! p u r « e of $3.2'1. w i t h entry ft es a d i i d , Hob D a v i s , a r e n a c h a i r m a n , saul. SALT LAKF. CITY jn - W i l l i a m F.. l,ee, local t a x p a \ e r , stopped j off at Police Headquarters Thursday to see w h a t hii t a i e s a r e j b u y i n g in the way of police protection, i ( Police gave him a tour of the " ll I departments, ard he. left. But he i c a m e back moments l a t e r lo report that his or, p a r k e d j u i t si'le. was rr.lnjs enie t i r r w h e e l . mosa 76-43, Colorado Springs 78-1 Boulder and Longmont-- Partly 43, Eatle 72-38, Grand Junction .cloudy Friday, Friday night a.ii M-48, U J u n t a 50-51, I.amar 91- Saturday; few afternoon thunder- 5.1. I.imon M-42, Pueblo 8«-49, j showers along moaatabs; w a r m Trinidad said their districts have heen rrrl down for loan, bv federal *** ia ' 1U ' d ' s P° sluon - , . The *"""" "" found «« irs and can nt git money i bonding companre*. Holla Must Sland Trial, Judge Rules K m m a Buhl Deliart, w i d o w of Samuel Dcllart, a tugboat owner and captain who died 11 years ago. WASHINGTON .1" -- Federal .1 ..i^c IJumita S. Matlhcws ruled Vr:Ja- that Teamster Union Vice I'ro'i.tent James II. Hoffa mint go 'T trial Monday nn a con*pirac)- t:iScr- indictment. Presession Now Enrolls WASHINGTON ir -- The Senate beat down Friday an attempt to slash 500 million dollars in military assistance funds from the W,-7h^«tiu'n"Th.^eay bVlId7gger«' 637,000,000 foreign aid bill. It w a s | ¥ i , . m , t ,,, rt t[om lhe t h u t e unlll driving toward final passage in i l , h e , n i m l | ,.,,.,,,., , b , rri , r | iM . The piir.'e for e a c h of t h e f i v e t s t a n d a r d e \ e n t h a s been creased frn-n J.VV) to iw. In rtition. a $?0 pune w i l l be o f f e r e d l u r * · f o r the. w i l l burst race. Another c h a n g e h » i t*en made to give s p e c t a t o r s a better view of Special attractions at b^th per-| f n r m a n c r s will be the a p p e a r a n c e of the. (Jreelry Trail Dusters, c o m - 1 .'..' P«ied cf younger members rf the I jCreeley Saddle club, who will put j on an exhibition of formation r i d - ' l i n g , and Buddy Heaton, widely Qj 6 \} n faf J fUC |c; known rodeo clown. ; anj Friday afternoon and Friday night; high Friday around 70, lo* Friday night iO-35; high Saturday 70-75. Southwestern Colorado -- Partly cloudy Friday, Friday night and Saturday with a few afternoon and evening thundershowers principally in the mountain areas; cooler Friday afternoon; high Friday and Saturday Li the 70s; low Fri- POIIT AIJ PRINCE, Huti JFI --i Al !f n '»ht 25-3S in the mountain; 4(w5 elsewhere; Duranjo 70-40-71. Fignole Ousted fay New Revolt T h e government of r.rovisnnal President Danxl Fignole was overthrown Friday .'n a military coup. i It was the f i f t h government to he unseated in this troubled Negro ' republic since ,ast December. I'is-ifew rferreeV I CA.MPBKI.I, Ky. ^ - An role, who had wide backing among I u . ilh f r YquVnt j truck plunged off a bridge .the peasants and working classes,! .ft---TM- ','-, ·o a n i m a l s that have proved ,,.,,, , c r f t k in , r f m o i e .ecuon.took office, a f t e r street clashes' No. H Brahma TtugK night session. The Senate voled 440 agair«t a , t h e t i f f r t f r o m th- chut". Thi will put a loujh challenge to cow-pokes at wr«tern rodeos in past ears. Or.e will t'f a rip-snortm' B r a h m a hull carrying the number 11. The other will be a saliy bucking bronr named Iron Mountain. Davis announced that Hi! f.f this sprawling military baselerupted into-brief civil war May T h u r s d a y , killing 14 paratroopers 23. nf the 101't "Pentomic" Airborne Police headquarters announced ivUicn. Nir.e were hurt. |that Brig. Gen. Antonio Kcbreay, The 2'i-lM Iruck overturned i the Army chief, "dismissed Figl a n d pinned most cf the soldiers jnole and the entire cabinet." " n w '!brr.rath it in the shallow w a t e r s ' The whereabouts of Fignole and proposal to cut 90 million dollars from the measure. It rejected the first allempl In cut money authoriiations in the bill after 1 defeating W-34 an earlier | amendment to limit defense sup- nearer the icr.tcr ard. sheriff at Cheyenne Wells, who 0 , l h t c r t c k . An HJ , htlicopler ' his ministers was not Immediately Final enrollment for lhe pre-ses- 'lion of two weeks at the CSCE sum- j port abroad to starting July 1. cf the a r e n a . """ lh « bulldozing here la.t )ear.| j p t d ,,, lhe l c e n f i llf , rd lhe truclc k n o w n _ Th , r nre ,,, m , Wr wrre lr , Lait e a r , the b u e k i n j chutes lnd Viarren Adams, of (Jrecley, \ tlom ^ e , n f n FIVE DAY FORECAST Colorado -- Temperatures wiX average near seasonal east to a iv seasonal west, langes; scattered evening showers and thunderstorms throughout period; highs in 60s and 70s cooler days, 75-53 warmers days; lows Ln 30s in mountains, 40s and 50.1 lower elevations. Regional Weather Jud:e M a t t h e w s rejectej newi"" . « increase of seeking tn delay Lhe trial (.; llo.'fa ard a co-defendant, Hy r u n I. Fischbach, Miami allor- r e v . t " nearly 10 per cent over the pre- session enrollment last year. Sisty custodians who have been attending the custodian school at CSCE this week, ended their spe- ial session Friday with the presen- 1 tatios cf cciUficalts a:i d-plinaj. w e r e moved cloier lo lhe grandstands t? (i\e the spectators a closer v i e w e,f all the action. For the seco.-.d v e a r . spectators the fiscal eT o *.'.\ have a ehance In avoid the big crowd at the July 4th per- former trick rider and contestant, h a v e been cho«en as the judjei. The flagman and t i m e r s will be announced later. Wyoming -- Partly cloudy Fri- look survivors'rested in the early hours Friday iday, Friday nijht and Saturday ,, the base hospital. , morning'. I w i t h few afternoon and evening Thoie who cojld struggle free Crowds immediately started |thundershowers principally Li L k .e heroicaly propped the heads o f ; mushrooming in an ugly mood (mountain areas; warmer Friday llheir buddies above water and Approximately Z" contestants 'scrambled up the gravel roadway entered lasl jear's show and Davis seeking help. A passing Jeep driv around police headquarters, the I afternoon and Friday nighf 1 , low presidential palace and Army head-(Friday night 30 in the mountain.'.; quarters. Police and trocps stood 140 lower elevations; high Satur- Sen. Long (D-La) offered b o t h ' f i r m a r e e anl attend the show in said he eipeets the entry lilt lo be 'er picked up one and look h i m i b y ready lo cope with any out- day 60-7S. amendments and planned a liter |the conl of the evening on July 3. enlarged by the ligjer purse. attempt to cut 100 million dollars j from the bill. ; Long'* move to limit the authority for defense support abroad was designed lo force lhe administration to rome hack r.rit year S Standard Erini at Night The r.izhl show will include the Deadline for p ro. July 2. Th lo a point where a telephone line break. r entn;s w i l l he 1.repairman working en a pole tele-1 Haiti' le er.try fee for each'phor.ed tb- base for heOp. 'stemme for program authority t» 'continue the fne star.dard arena events--bull-1 of the f u e s l a n d u r d events will 1* The truck was carrjing a ser- riding. bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, calf roping ind bulldogging--as well as a chuck $25. Entry fte for the wildhorse I gtar.t and 22 privates i.f the 4th I Platoon, Co. A. M7Lh Airborne In- race is $10. The evening show will start at waton r«r* tnl barrel race. Th' ; 7:3n p.m. and the afternoon shew Icsry liiti. ittrac'.:;:; at tic after-i at : prr.. fantry Battalion, cf the famed JOls "Screaming Eagle' 1 Alrboin* Di- New Mesico -- Partly clouJy sit months of troubles north with widely scattered li;ht showers mounlain areas Friday afternoon, Friday night and Saturday; continued generally fi:r south; somewhat windy and cooler most sections Friday afternoon; Ugh Saturday 7015 north, most- stemmed mainly from rivalry among 10 candidates for the presidency in (lections originally scheduled to be held next Sunday. Rumors hid been crrculati-ij here for days that Fignole Intended to.ieiie Lhe poit without hoSdinj eltctons. · U-U aou'-i. V

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