Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1972 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1972
Page 14
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: wo CREDITORS . «« No. P-12344 E s l n l o ot NETTIE si. (Deceased). All persons h a v i n g claim* siiuliist tho above named estate u r c - r e f j u l r o d lo flic t h e m for al lowanco In tlio District Court nt Wold County. Colorado, on £, lieforo the I G t h day of October 1572, or eittil claims shall lie lor evur barred. . John Hoivo Ir. ICxecutor The Cireeloy Dully T r i b u n e A|rl) 13, 20, 2T, May 4, 13; .VOTICtTTO CKKIMTOm "Case No. P-1236G Kslale.of A l b e r t n. Ayars deceased. All Persons having 1 clMms RffiilusL the above named estate are required - to file thorn /or allowance In tho District Couri of Welcl Cjounty, ColoradD, on or before the Kth day of October 19T2, or said claims R h a l l be forever barred. Kenyon J. Ayars Executor Waldo nnd Waldo, A t t o r n e y s The Greeley Daily Tribune A p r i l 13, 20, 27, May 4 1972 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case Ko. P-12310 Estate of Munirer T. Ball, deceased. All persons having elalins BKalnst the above named estate are required to file them for allowance In the District Court of WeM C o u n t y , Colorado, on or before the 2nd day of October 1972, or said claims shall be forever barred. .. Leslie 51.. Bell · , D o r o t h y Bell H a l l Bcnrd Independent Executors Thomas A. Kk-liarclson Attorney at Law 909 11th Avenue Greeley, Colorado 80631 The Oreeley Dally T r i b u n e A l i r i l 13, 20, 27, May 4, 1572 »nii t i' ls c o n c e r i l i »E this project r""~ ?. BUb '"Hted to" the Colo* Stato Soil Conservation rd, 251 Columbine Building, a Sherman Street, Denver rado S02Q3, before M a y 3, Clarence M. Svcdman Contracting Officer COLORADO STATE SOIL, CONSERVATION* I30AKD The Greeley Dally Tribune A p r i l 20, 21, 1072" AUVEIlTJSEJJE.Vr FOR. BIDS The I'latte Valley Fire Protection District is accepting bids on a 1352 Diamond T 3- lon 11-tick,, cab a ltd chassis. All bids must .ho received by M:iy 6, 1972. The board ' reserves the right to accept or reject all bids. For f u r t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n call 352-1233 or 353-1941. Platte Valley Fire P r o j e c t i o n District Kersey, Colorado The Greeley Daily T r i b u n e A p r i l IS, 1fJ, 20, 21, 22, 24 25 26, 27, 2S, 29, 1972. A U V U H T I S E J I E X T FOR I11DS The C i t y of Greeley, Colorado will receive sealed bids at the City i-lall In Greeley, Colorado u n t i l liino P.M., M.S.T., on the aSth day of April, 1972, Rl which t i m e and place all bids will ba publicly opened and read aloud. Improvements for which bids ·u-ill be received includes the construction of a microstrniner building, including chlorination facilities, piping connections "and e p p u r l e n n n c e g . The Contract Documents, Inc l u d i n g plans and -ppeclficationg, are cm f i l e at the office of Xelson, Haley, P a t t e r s o n and Q u i r k , Inc., E n g i n e e r i n g Consultants, 2021 Clubhouse Drive Greeley, Colorado 80681. Copies of tlie Contract Documents, including plans 'and specifications, may be obtained by d e p o r t i n g U i i r t y dolors ($30.00) with Nelson, Haley," Patterson and Q u i r k , Inc.. for each, set of documents .so oblafned. One-half of the amount of the deposit ($15.00) will be refunded to each bona-fidc blrldtir or material.sup- plier ivho returns the plans and specifications in goad c o n d i t i o n w i t h i n ivn (10) djijs after the opening of bids. A certified check d r a f t tin a responsible solvent bank, or "a satisfactory bid bond executed by the bidder arid a recognized Col or udo licensed surety company, payable to the City of Greeley, Colorado, in a m o u n t of not less t h a n five jiercent (5%) of the total bid, fib all be submitted with each bid as security that the b i d d e r to whom the Contract may be awarded! will enter into a - c o n : 1 rac t i n a t:c o r 11 n n co w i t h this notice, and give bond as hereinafter provided. No hid shall be w i t h d r a w n a f t e r t h e opening of bids w i t h out the consent of the City of Greeley, Colorado, for R. period or t h i r t y (30) days after the scheduled time . of opening bids. The successful Imlder w i l l be rc- q n i r r d to furnish a s n t l n f a c t o r y p e r f o r m a n c e bond in the f u l l a mo nut of t h e bid or proposal. All bids must be s u b m i t led In w r i t i n g on the forms provided and K i y n e i l "hy the bidder or bis d u l y authorised a cent. Preference is hereby given to niaterialf, supplies, and provisions produced, M a n u f a c t u r e d , grown in Colorado: quality beinR- e'jual to articles o f f e r e d by competitors ontsEde "of- the State. The City of Greeley, Colorado, reserves " t h e . r i g h t to reject any a n t l a]]- iiids and to waive any i n f o r m a l i t i e s In bidding and to m a k e the award tn such a manner ns t h e y may deem right and proper for the best interests of tho City of Oreeley, Colorado. Date: A p r i l A, 1072 CITY OF G K UKL,EV t COLORADO By: O. K". Kberhardt Acting- City Manager The Greeley Daily T r i b u n e April 6, 13, 20, 27, 1972 -NOTICE OF l-'l.VAI. SKTI'LKJIE.VT N'o. P-12075 Estate of Jacob EstrlcX, Deceased. Xotice Is hereby given that I tiave filed my final report in the District Court of Weld County, Colorado, n n d t h a t any person desiring to object to the same shall f i l e written objection' with the saiil court, on or before May 22, 1972. Jake Estrick, Jr. Executor The Greeley Daily Tribune. April 20, 27, May 4, 11, 1972. NOTICE TO C R E D I T O R S Case No. P-12377 Estate ot Eltella. S. Kelly, Deceased. All persons h a v i n g claims against the above named estate a r e . r e q u i r e d to . file . them for allowance in the District Court of Wold County, Colorado, on or before the 20th day of October. 1572, or said claims shall be forever barred. William R. Kelly and David P.- Kelly Co-Exccitlors Samuel S. Telep, A t t o r n e y The dreeley Daily Tribune. April 20, 27, May A, 11, 1972. N O T I C E TO CiiEDITOnS Case ,Vo.' P-12368 lOstalc of JAMES SARGENT (Deceased). All persons having claims a g a i n s t tbc above n a m e d estate are required to file them for al- Inwance In the District Court of Weld County, Colorado, on or b e f o r e the l U t h day of October, 1972, or said claims shall be forever barred. Wesley J. K n r g e n t Executor The Oreeley Daily T r i b u n e A p r i l 13, 20, 27, May 4. 1072 SU.1TMOXS l.V TFIE TTSTT1IGT COIInT CIVIL ACTION -Vo. 22408 STATE OF COLORADO, ) ) BS. C o u n t y of "Weld ) CAH1, R. KTTBn. ) Pt:.\I!t,E S. ETTKFt, ) HirsSKLL [,. HUIINS, and ) C L A R A - BOHRER, ) P l a i n t i f f s ) vs. ) ·'DUX D. DECK. STATE Of ) . . COLORADO, and ALL I'.VK.VOWN PERSON'S WHO MAY CLAIM A N Y 1XTKHEST IX THE SUBJECT H A T T E R OF THIS ACTION, D e f e n d a n t s THE PEOPLI-; OF THE STATE OF COLORADO. TO THK DE- PE.VDANTS ABOVE N A M K I ) OHEBTING: You are hereby summoned and rc'liilreil to f i l e w i t h the Clerk an answer to Hie complaint w i t h in 20 days after service of this K u m m o n a upon you. If yon fail f i o to do, j u d g m e n t by d e f a u l t w i l l he t a k e n against you for t h e relief, demanded In the complaint. If service upon you Is made outside the State of Colorado, or by publication, or If a copy of the complaint Is not served upon you w f t h this summons, yon arc r e q u i r e d to file your answer lo the complaint w i t h i n SO days ' a f t e r service of this summons u p o n you. This Is an action lo l»tet Hue lo the East One H u n d r e d Seven- t e e n Feet (E 117') of Lots One (1) and Two (!), In Block T h l r l y - t h r e e (.13). Tmvn »' Katon, Weld County, Colorado. Dated March !i, 1972. Raymond R. Pope A t l o r n c y f o r P l a i n t i f f S u i t e JO.-, *'lret N a t i o n a l B a n k B u i l d i n g I r r e e l c v Colorado S0131 Telephone: sr,J-S2H Marv M. Connell Clerk of Kiiiil Court ly O l e n n a C a r l e r I ' e n m y clerk ( S i - K l The (jrcelcy D a l l y Trl!nm« Mcrcli 21, JO, A|irll 5, 13, 20, I'J?! Arbitrator To Go by Rules, Not Feelings, on Dem Seating Fights .\OTICI: OF K I N A I, I'AVJIE.Vi' On or ubout .May 10, 1S72 tile City of Greeley, Colorado will make f i n a l "payment to I J icoult I'alntins Co., I'. . O. Hoi 807, Littleton, Coloruilci S0120 for the re_palruine of an Elevated ateel W a t e r Sphere located at 20t)i Street and Cluliliouse' Drive, reelcy, Colorado, l-'ile elalms wltli City of Uree- ley, Civic Comer Cuniplisx, Greeley, t ^ n l o i a i l u on or before tlie nbove-mentloned date. CITY OF GKEELliY. C O L O R A D O Hj;: Olin Shaffer, director o£ Water Tlie Grcclov Daily Tribune. April 20, 27, Jlay t, 1U72. coimccTiojr ZOMXG 1IOAHU OK APPEALS NOTICE A Zoning Board of Appeals mcetlne is scheduled for^Tuesday, Jlay 2, 1373 at 4r30 P.JI. in e' conference room of the City Complex. Greeley Area Sigma Alnlia E[]silon Alumni Is requesting a variance in ' tho m i n i m u m off street parkins as it woulil apply to a m u l t i - f a m i l y resilience he located al SU IStli Street The Zoning Ordinance does require one" spacf; for every two beds. A t ' p r e s e n t there could lie 6 .spaces provided leaving the need for 6 more. Respectfully S u b m i t t e d CharleH Archlbeque Zoning A d m i n i s t r a t o r The Greeley Dally Tribune. A p r i l 20, 1572. .\o'i'it;i-: TO curniTons Cnse .No. i'-12259 ICBlate of P A D IK JANSSES (Deccasc'd). All persons having claiinK isaiiiRt tin: aliovo named estate are required to f i l e tiietn for allowance In tho District Court of Weld County, Colorado, on or b e f o r e i b o llilh tiny of October, ICI72, or yti\cl claims sliall he forever barred. Mabel I,. Walker Kxec-utrix W i l l i a m !·'. Itolilender, A t t o r n e y The Oreeley Daily T r i b u n e April 13, 20. 27. May J, 1372 By PEGGY SIMPSON Awoclated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Patricia Hoberls Harris, the likely arbitrator of Rights over who gets sealed at the Democratic National Convention, says she'll call the shots by the rules and not by her personal beliefs/ "I'm not an ideologue," she said in, a recent interview. "If people obey the niles--even though the results aren't what 1 want--I have to admit they obeyed the rules." Mrs. Harris currently is temporary chairman of the pivotal Credentials Committee and probably will be chosen permanent chairman at the. start of the Miami convention July 10. Already a handful of challenges have been filed against stale delegations. Mrs. Harris and her committee will hear the first, brought by the National Woman's Political Caucus against the Arizona delegation, in Phoenix early in May. Issue The issue in that state is whether the delegate selections meet reform guidelines that call for a so-called representative selection process and also for. a state delegation with proportionate numbers of women, youth and minorities. Voters in Arizona chose greater than ever numbers of minorities and young people as delegates but only 3fl per cent of the delegates selected were women, in contrast to their 51 per cent share of the slate population. -. Although Mrs Harris is a Negro, she was opposed for the credentials post by: nearly j;v- cry black politician in Congress. · ' Most of the blacks supported Sen. Harold Hughes, D-lowa, who helped draft ,lhe reforms later adopted by the Democratic party. The party regulars and labor opposed Hughes and endorsed Mrs. Harris. ' 'Opening Shot' One black congressman, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., called her 72-31 viclory "the.- opening shot of the '72 convention" and said it could lead to political chaos. "It was a sheer piece of political finesse for (Democratic Committee Chairman Lawrence) O'Brien to come up with a woman and a black at that," Conyers said.- · ' ·' Mrs. Harris, a former Howard University law school dean Luxembourg, says she brings a willingness "to look at facts in terms of the facts and to make a judgment about these . . to her new job. Mrs. Harris has led a varied fife: from being precinct chairman in Cook County. III., lo organizing middle-class blacks to participate in politics lo being JTOTirP, Til C I I M D l T O n S Cnae No. r.12.111 irstalo of OWEN" J. SMALT. (Deceased). ' All persons h a v i n g claims against tlie above mirocil estate ire required to file t h e m for nl- mvance in tlie D i s t r i c t Court of U'eld C o u n t y , (,'olorado, on or before tlie l''tli day of Onlober, lf'72, or said claims sliall he forever barrcrl. Marjorie! F x c c m r i x of Snld Kst. SMITH S AFION' A t t o r n e y s At Law 303 Tenth A v e n u e reeley, Colo. 80*31 . The Oreeley Daily Tribune A p r i l i:i. 20, 27. .May 1. i r i 7 2 A'OTICE TO CnBDITOnS Xo. P-32330 Kslale of 'WESLEY T. NODIXE (Deccasci!) All persona h a v i n g Malms a g a i n s t the above named es- a t e are required to file them Jor allowance in tlie District Court of Weld County, Colorado, on or b e f o r e the 2nd day of October, 1572, or said claims s h a l l be forever barred. . .Maragaret McGuin, E x e c u t r i x The Oreeley Daily T r i b u n e March SO, A p r i l C, 13, 20, 1572 f, the first black woman ever appointed U.S. ambassador. She was born in Maltoon, III., daughter of a Pullman waiter father and a sclroolteacher mother. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Howard University in Washington,- DC., in ^945, she did.- graduate work at American University in Washington and at the University of Chicago. "Many of my professors wanted me to get a Ph.D. but .it became obvious to me at the University of Chicago that there would be no place for me lo climb high in tlie academic world with such a degree," she said "My peers were no brighter than I but they were white and could aspire to be'teachers at say, Vassar, while it was assumed that I could go back to Howard, which I could have, or lo some Soulhern school," she said. Ten years after leaving tlie University ot Chicago, .Mrs. Harris entered law school at George Washington. University "and found it was my field." . She was chosen by President Johnson as U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg in 1965 and served in that post until 1%7. .' . She was appointed'.. dean of Howard in carly.-1969.but lasted only one month. A major "student rebellion at the. mostly black campus in Washington resulted in the resignation of Ihe university president and a change in the faculty. Mrs. Harris shares the opinion of Rep. Shirley! Chisholnv, D-N.Y.,.lnal she's fell as much discripMhaiifln as £' woman as She has as a^black:' · - . She said during .the reb.ellion at Howard, she encountered a male student whom she: once had considered her friend!.He carried a sign calling for her ouster so tho deanship could be filled by a man. :. '1 told him I didn't slop being the white man's nigger lo become a black man's nigger," Mrs. Harris said. "I don't deny the black man's right to equality but I don't accept the black man's denial of my equality." She looks.forward to the day when being black will have the same significance as being Irish. LOSE UGLY FAT Start losing weight today or mon*y back. MONADCX is a liny tablet and eay to tak«. MOMADEX wilt help curb your desire for excel load. Eat leii-v^eigh less. Contain no dangerous drugs and will no make you nervous. No slicntiOLr e^ercTie. Chango your life . . liar today. MONADEX costs S3.0D fo a 20 day'supply* Large economy size is 55.00. Lose ugly f a t or your money will be relunrfed with no questions asked. MONAD EX is sold with this guarantee by; Skaggs Drug Center--1013 1Uh Si. , 262G W. 10th St.--Mall Orders Filled . Lawn and Garden Fertilizer Balanced for Colorado soils . . . TURF TONIC 40 Sb. bag covers minimum of 2500, - $4.15 See Your GARDEN SUPPLY CENTER M a n u f a c t u r e d by Wellgro, Inc. Irish today carries memory of dis- "Being willi it a crimination and some sensitivity but there is nothing that an Irishman aspires' to which ie is capable to do which hb is denial in this society--in eluding being president." Bicycling Family Dies In Accident KISSIMMKK, Fla. (AP) Roberl N. Punperi enjoyed taking his family on bicycle rides. On Tuesday, Punperi and his wife Margaret, both 25, were pedaling their bikes on a four- lane divided highway. Their two sons, Roberl Jr., 2, and Thurs., April 20,1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 15 · ! - : R : :harl, 3, wore with them. Ti.e boys apparently were riding 011 small seals on the back of their parents' bikes. ; A car, apparently approaching from behind, hit Ihe family group. The fattier and his son's were killed, the mother died later at a hospital. No charges were filed against the 17-year-old Kissimmec girl who was driving the car. A slate trooper said Putiperi, who worked at a convenience 'Never Summer' ESTES PARK, Colo.-In the , Hidden Valley area of Rocky · Mountain National Park, skiers can negotiate a drop of 2,000 feel in a mile and a h a l f . In this ' land of always snow-capped ' peaks, the Arapahoe name for ' one range meant the Never ; Summer Mountains. store here, enjoyed bicycling because "he didn't like cars." OUR CARS ARE BUILT TO PASS ONE OF THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST SAFETY INSPECTIONS. In Sweden, where Volvos come from, the preoccupation with safely borders on fanaticism. Annually, a car must pass a national inspeciionofasmanyas200 components. If it flunks, it's no go. Government- certified inspectors even inspect underneath (o check brake lines and slruclural conditions. (A carcan be grounded for having rust in Ihe wrong place.) Which should give you con fide nee when you come lo us fora Volvo. It's rougher to be a car where a Volvo comes from than where you come from. EHRLICH MOTOR CO. 273381hAve,' 353-5333 spnuE 910 10th St. 9 to 5:30 Daily 9 to 8 Friday Small in Size! Big in Convenience! Easy to Own at Low Coronado Prices! SUPER CAPACITY COMPACT REFRIGERATOR ONLY 21" WIDE Get 9.2 cu. ft. ot storage and full-size features. Semi-automatic defrost Door storage. Full-width freezer and crispei drawer 4 sliding shelves, crisper cover 240-LB. CAPACITY CHEST FREEZER $ 169 95 Compact 7.0 cu. It. roll about has stainless steel liner, lift-out basket, lid light, lock n»i DELUXE 4-BURNER 20" GAS RANGE $13995 Ki-peifofmanco Uni-burn crs, Lo-heat oven control Roll-out broiler jrt/oi.mi Electric Model $149 COMPACT DELUXE WASHER WITH SPIN DRYER I Period Tv ' lip.irtmenls. cabins, mobile homes 15 min r uli cycle ? Tiolors wnsh Spin d r y til 1 (T m p limp Avocado 15-7983 FINANCE CKAflOE calc hied lioTt dalo or lu dale of fnal l.ijla'lmcnl SAVE S 20 ON 1972 MINI MODEL AIR CONDITIONER 5000 BTU CAPACITY REGULARLY '119.95 Quiolcompaclcoolsand dohumicJifios up lo 200 sq. ft. Pushbultons lor M a x - Cool and Off Wastiablo lilloi ., M . $9995 MODERNIZE YOUR HOME WITH GAMBLES FAMILY PURCHASE PLAN COLORFUL PUFFER KITE $|27 inflates lo fly easily 250 It. Kile Cord 15c EVEREADY 6-V. BATTERY Rog. $1.59 FRISBIE FLYING SAUCER R. a . I9c 67* Boomerangs, sails, spins S o f t plastic. $299 -1.cell Hot-Shot bat- iorv for heavy duty uso. DUROFLO OIL FILTER Reg. SI 59 99* Fits most 1 9 5 7 ' 7 2 Ford ChryslO' ca'S trucks. 10-114} 2 IBS. BLUEGRASS LAWN SEED Only 98* Kentucky Gtuegrass Soods BOO square foot. PENNZOIL MOTOR OIL Reg. 62r 47! lv| u"'-"S on with 1-1 additive SAE 1QW-30 vM l '^ -,.0

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