Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 16, 1969 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1969
Page 20
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Greeley General Fund Budget Is $379,640 Higher Than '68 Th* 1070 genera! fund budget for the city, of $2,424.230 ap proved by Cily Council Tucs day evening is $379,640 liighci than the amount budgeted foi general fund operations Ihis INSURANCE P L A N N I N G ' for "Widows, nmi business- professional womon. · · Inquiries I n v i t e d MALVE M. WEINMEISTER "Your Friend for LIFE" Ph. 362-7208 Paul Revere Life Ins. Co. Y ycar and $776,642 above the actual expenditures in 1968. The new budget provides for a $30 per month wage increase for all city employes Jan. 1 ol next year and also a 5 per cenl cost-of-Iiving increase, of which 3 per cent will be given Jan. 1 and the other 2 per cent next July 1. By classifications, amounts provided in the 1970 budget are as follows, will) the amounl budgeted for 19C9 being shown following in parenthesis: Legislation, $13,910 ($18,910); management, $19,700 ($21,500); personnel, $7,720 ($6,650); finance, $36,395 ($30,100); planning, $15,500 ($20,000); legal, "12,355 ($8,755); municipal court, $12,690 ($11,290); non-depart- menlal, $27,100 ($16,250); fringe benefits, $140,950 ($140,082); transfers, capital expenditures, $341,480 ($242,698). Civil defense, combined with 'ire department for 1970 ($750); 'ire department, $311,840 ($275,105); police department, $378,05 ($349,230); rneter patrol, combined with police non-uni- 'ormcd activities for 1970, ($9,50); communications, combined vith police non-uniformed acti- ities for 1970, ($40,650); non- unilormed activities, $82,12 ($0); humane officer, $10,72 ($10,075). Building inspection, $46,16 ($29,800); cemetery, $55,72 ($45,600); engineering, $54,55( ($47,500); public buildings, $113, 835 ($86,650); parks, $138,325 ($90,325..; golf course, $58,70( ($43,780); streets, $181,150 ($111, 570); sanitation, combined will streets for 1970, ($78,500); bus system, $18,950 ($15,800); traf fie system, $119,350 ($103,650). Library, $78,200 ($67,475) museum, $9,890 ($7,925); ree reation, $99,050 ($82,860); swim ming pool, $19,050 ($19,650); and senior citizens, $15,100 ($10,500) Boys Misbehave EAST LONDON, South Africa (AP)--Seven members of Scl- iorne College rugby team were "'asked to leave" school after they were seen drinking beer in bar in nearby Port Elizabeth. School authorities claimed the Joys, two of whom are to -write .heir final examinations this year, were not expelled. Angry Jarcnts agreed the boys should )e punished but said forcing hem to leave the school was lot justified. Cordiner Has Art Exhibits In Oklahoma William S. Cordiner, instrudo in Fine Arts at Colorado State College, is exhibiting two col lages in the Eleventh Annua Painting and Sculpture Exhibi lion at the Oklahoma City Ar tenter. Entries from artists in eigli western and mid-western states were reviewed by John I. H l?aur, director of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Cordiner's collages have been shown at the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Joslyn Arl Museum, Sioux City Art Center, Denver Art Museum, at galleries n Washington, D.C., and in the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, 'oland. He Shaves Alone DENVER (AP) - Bobby fowfield, Denver Bronco place- kicker from Bushey, England, always shaves about 10 minutes icfore kickoff on game days. Is it a superstition or an Engish custom? "Hardly," replied Howfield. It's simply that atfer the game veryone wants to get at the avatory. Before the game I ave it all to myself." CSC Debating Team In Impressive Start Debaters from Colorado Slat College made an impressive start in their first tournamen at the University of Wyoming last weekend. Out of 34 colleges and universities, CSC had the best record in preliminary rounds with 26 wins and four losses for its five teams. There were 94 teams jarlicipating. Dr. Richard J. Crawford, di- ·ector of forensics, reported that .he senior team of Doug Piersel, ^oveland, and Mitch Stanfield, Wichita, compiled a 5-1 record n the preliminary rounds, won heir quarterfinal and semifinal matches, and then lost.a split decision in the finals lo place econd. Ray Rezner, Denver, and Gene Baker, Aurora, also had a 5-1 preliminary record, won in Ihe quarterfinals, and then lost a iplit decision in the semifinals md placed third. Rezner and Baker are only, freshmen, but hey proved they were capable f competing in the senior di- ision. Two junior teams compiled 6-0 ecords in the preliminaries, the 'nly two teams to complete :ie prelims with perfect records. The teams consisted of Dave While, Prescbtt, Ariz., and Allan Crandell,? Denver; Kathy Ram age, Denver, and Bill Carlmill Greeley. Both teams lost quarterfinal matches and placec fourth. The junior' team of Shelley Titles, Denver, and Robyn Weyand, Wichita, had a 4-2 record, This weekend, the team wil! split for two tournaments. Piersel and Stanfield will go with Dr. Crawford to Tempe, Arizona For a tournament at Arizona Stale University. Three teams will join Jerry Smith, .assistant forensics director, for a tournament at Texas Tech in Lubbock. The teams will be Rezner and Baker, White and Crandell, Ramage and Cartmill. 92,000 Canoes Sold OLD TOWN Maine -- About 92,000 canoes were sold in the Jnited Slates last year, compared with 90,000 in 1967 and only 35,000 in 1966. Only about 3,000 sold last year were wooden. The average canoe irice in 1968 was $215. LONDON -- The National Youth theatre boasts three successes this year. Page 20 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., Oct. 16, 1969 Government Is Paying for Royalty's Hospital Visit By RICHARD COHEN The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Queen Hp- maira of Afghanistan, who in 1959 renounced the traditional veil and ventured' beyond the palace .of King Zaher, has been in Belhesda (Md.) Naval Hospital for over a week, recovering from wrist surgery and occupying the entire 17th floor. Besides the royal hospital suite, other rooms are being occupied by a lady-in-waiting and a servant A minister of court, a physician, servants and daughter, Princess Maryam, make daily visits that, accord- ng to one report, clog the su- )urban hospital's parking lot. The .unannounced visit was made at the invitation of the Hate -Department after' the queen suffered a broken wrist ,hat failed to mend properly. "Her majesty,"-'.'a- spokesman "or the-Afghan Embassy said, 'fell down · in her majesty's room and broke'her wrist. Af- er il was fixed in Afghanistan here were complications wilh he nerves." There were nervous complica- ions al the.Stale Department, oo, where a spokesman said, 'I couldn't comment on that" when asked who was paying the hospital bill.- "The x queen," he said, "is here on a private visit. The U. S. government offered her some medical treatment in Bethesda. We didn't ask for payment" "I believe there is no charge for il," the Afghan spokesman said cautiously. "The State De- parlmenl is arranging every- Ihing." The queen, who is.thoughl lo be in her 50's -- "No comment," said State when asked-entered the hospilal Oct.'6 and was operated on four days later. expected to remain another week. Her majesty last visited here in 1963 when she and King Zaher were the guests of President Kennedy. At the time, the mother of seven and grandmother of nine impressed.official Washington with a display.of fluent French and ;stylish : Western cfolhing. She was : charac- .erized as a leader of. Afghanistan's successful bari-the-yeil movement and spokesman.'.for the emancipation ;of women.;.' LONDON - British 'land owners say government in .unfair. OUR DIAMOND YEAR ends Saturday Ladies' Lingerie Very renowned label day- wear lingerie of nylon tricot. While and colors. Slips, formerly 6.00 and S.OO. SALE 3.99 and 5.99 second floor Orion Sweaters Slipons in assorted colors. 4.90 first floor Boys' ' Ski Parkas A Special Buy 15.90 first floor Cotton Velveteen Sale, yd , yd. I.UU second floor Men's Sift Ties Originally "4.00 and 5.00 SALE 2.90 Hoover Lightweight , J Handi-Vac | with triple action floor. or. | : rug nozzle. Throw-away f bags. SALE 17.90 second floor i Sportswear Famous Koratron Fabric Skirls 4.75 Jackets 6.75 Culottes 6.75 Green and Blue. Broken Sizes Sweaters, Famous Brand polyester and wool, assorted colors. Sizes 34 to 40 Sale 7.90 first floor Dresses Group of Shifts and Skimmers, in assorted styles and fabrics. 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