Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 4, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX High School Athletes Shoot Works Today, Saturday In Slate Tournamenl Track Meet At Albuquerque .AUJUqUEHQUE, Mny 4 l/l'p New Mexico lilKh school allilctc.- Hl.ioot the woita in.nprinj; «porl! In Albuquerque today and tomorrow. SUilc champions in truck find field, tcnnln. golf and Uic pcntath- lu.n will be decided during the two- day iipurln! Preliminaries in UK- truck events liot under way.this morning witli I he Mini-finals Ki-hcdlded this at- Icrnoon along with (he plclimiu- HricH of t h y field events.' Marl Karly Tinlny . The tennis ami golf started early thiH morning at Hie. University vyith the pentallilon competition following a hhort time Iati:r. Most of the intcicfil. center:! In tlic Irurh anil field contculs where (Hi! defending i:huinplon Albuquerque high liuilfcss arc ' l a t c r t . i i heavy favorlti-.-i to repeat. Hut the HnlldugH figure to ill inlu plenty of trouble from a toug Alnningordo team. The Alhiic|tii!i quo I.T;W \von Uic Fox relay.i z Kl. .Sumnei, the Bclcn i n v i l a l i o n i and I l i u district three champlnn ship. Alanrogordo won the Whit Sands Kelayji and District M. l-lKllrl't. l l l K h, Kl. Micbacr.i of Snnli l r c. Highland of Albuquerque Mlii a dark horse aolhiii entry ids RIO GRANDE iT figure hltfh In the prc-'mocL talk. Carlnlmd finUliucl second to Al- buqucrqut! at Ft. Simmer and won District 5. St. Mlcliael'n finished behind Albuquerque at Helen and won nn r.asy victory in District 0. Observers from Gallup hope they havu the surprise team of the mod. Hut whatever the Learns do. ,';f)inc bright individual stars arc scheduled to pci-form. Ln* Carries Train Hobby r,re uf Alamutfoulu \» one of Uiu important reasons fur the rating of that. loam. Wayne Tucker of TuxIcn lias carried hln team iraelicnlly Mingle handed all sen- son. .Knitl Mflhaffcy of Cnrlnbad and 'I'eddii! Lcyba of Alburjuprquc lave b'jun coniii.ilenl. point get tors. lch Hrittctlc of Albuquerque is m-jthor standout and Bonny Garcia. Alamogonlo Is conaidnrcd n piobable record breaker in the javelin. Haiold Jacobs of Tucumcarl in e.\pocU'd lo cunu! clouo to a new record in the da.sheH, John Pack of Carisbad will be close to the i high hurdle mark. Flirt Wllh Kcconlii ' But all tho individual standout have been flirting with record all ttcauon and the number of new dli;tilet'records act in this year 1 district meets was unusual. Rec were broken in all but a couple of the IS districts. Joe Ferguson of Highland ha. been eHtnbliflhed as the man to in Lcnnia singles with .Jody Williams of ArUtiln figured to give J him his toughest competition. In double. 1 ;, Paul Butt and Sonny Montoya of Highland are rated favorites and again Artesia will fur- nifih tho chief opposition. The Ar- tuKiii pair is Whitcfield and Charles Gibson. Jimmy Bieen, the defending golf champion, v/ill be on hand lo pro- led hi« honors. Uge Luckoy of Carl.sbad is named UH a definite thrcnL The new team golf championship i.s expected to wind up in u five- way fight among Carlnbad, Ro$. well, Artcsia, Albuquerque and Highland. LAS CatTCES (H. M l 5UN-NIWS HOT CORNER HOT-SHOT - By Alan Maw YOST Friday Ertnlng, M.y 4, I9S1 Siale High School Track Records ALIJUQUICRQUI'J, May -1--l/I'i--Mere arc the existing track and field records New Mexico's high school athletes will start shootinr at TODAY SAT. 1st Hun - All Now Fur E.'llancla Bun lit Fc Silver Clly Tucunicarl Tnclimcai i Carl.shad Hoy Hoi SprliiRS FarminGlon YBAH KKCOItl) 111-18 :10.0 ]!l,17 AND 1IH2 :'l'l.A 1!MI) -50.8 11)50 2:00.8 T938 -I :ii].2 3M1 M5.4 JU27 22 fl. I 1/2 In. 1027 181 ft. 10 1/2 in 3!)tG M2 ft. !).]/2 in 3!M!) U ft. 7/8 In. 1!M2 40 ft. 0 3/8 in, JD'IT 11 ft. 7 1/U in. 3 900 1 :.'12.0. TECHNICOLOR I ESS TECHNICOLOR!! £r^ Klpllng'n I m m o r t a l 35 "JUNGLE BOOK' ETT; w i t h Sabu PLUS "THIEF OF BAGDAD" P L A Z A * Dukes Capture Lead In WT-NN Wiih LaNesa Aid IJy Thi- AHsflcltilci! I'rrss The Albm)iumjuij ])II|U-H moved Inld Ihe liMid in UH- Wcsl TC.XHS- New Mexico Lcayiii- baseball elmse last nlyhl with an assist fi-oni Al The Friendly RIO GRANDE Starting Sunday DAVID WAYNE as."Jw T ° A 1P.. WE LL M "Willl." At Tho BoaulKul S T A T E Starling Sunday Tlie Dukes made it two strnlglit ovi-r Hie lowly Cloi'is Pioneers r-;i at Clovis while Lamesa cllmbe ficer l.iibbock Inlo third jilaee b bealin/; Abilene 7-0 in 10 liiiilngii at Abilene. The defeat dropped Abilene i n t o com! place. !'amp:i Mil-Hacks Lubbock abuorbeil a 7-1 beating it the hands of Pampa and Ama- nllo lo:it another one - its t u b In a dozen stiirls -- 12-fi in lior- K' 1 "'. »i|] Wall Hleuhol): of Ihe Dulles shaded Pat U u n d a l l in a pitching duel at (,'Jovis. Hill Haley homered over Ihe l e f t field wall w l l h manager Ilershrl M a r t i n on linse in Ihe fourth In give tin- Dulles their victory margin A n o t h e r mound duel wns staged lit Abilene with L'ulis Hosson of Lamesa get I inc. the mid over Fred Schmidt of the lionir chlh. The lianie lasted three hours nnd live minutes and WHS distinguished hy Ihe tleldlng play of I.-aniesa's m".'i': shorlatop J. \v. Wingiile, lie was III Ihree of the five double plays curded hy the .vlnners. Anmilllu l.nsi-s -- A K ,iln Al Hinger. !·_ wus just a case j of too much power as the Impless ' Aiiuirlllo club lost ag»in. liorger unleashed a 13-hll attack that sanli the floundering lail-eiiders. Pltchur Muck Ilydi) lurncd in :i neat alx-hlt peiformance In lending Pampa'a Oilers lo their victory over Lubliock at l.ubboek. Blue Sox Plan Firs! Game For Sunday Afternoon Las Cruct-H Ulue Kux llnvc Hchecl- illnl Lhoir firs! gnnic of tlic sca- HOII lor Klindiiy on Uic Compress (tifittiniul, wlum they will meet i Hcn.'iolli'il El bnseljall aggrc- Kiitlon. Game tlniR Is 2 p. m. l r i'Hnit 13ettcncourL haH been iiiiniLHl plnycr-ninnngcr of Lhp nine .Sox. Mi- has announct'fl »n intra- wTiiatl j;HiiK i for IhlH ;ifU:inoon on t h p CoinjiruHs (iiiiinoll'l Monday Un; liluc Sox will meet llu Union Bullilogs In n sciiniinitj;c on thu Compress tlia- (iioiul. Nu score will ue liept. since, the game Is piirely for practice. .Men turning out for Blue Sox. iractlcc include L)on Tonnity, Pal Oonzalcs. William Chapman. Mur- vln Norvcll, Al Apoilaca. Robert Tollos. Popo Chavez, Pat Carillo, .1. F. Plefer, J u n k Kmitli'liiilcr. Aino. Joclt Bush, 41. U. Chavez, Joe Snillhhiiilcr, Thonin.1 Fuson, John Ulley. ;!fron.Gomez, Oilbcrt "Jin-cla, Bindy Ti-ujijlio, Vcrnon Norvcll. Gene Trlmclsoii, Jimmy SlniTii, .11 ly Flcria. Gene Wil- rt-tl, Kli 13nca, D. Hcrrcni, nnd A. A. Gicene. Sideline Coaches Already Running Konsianty Out On No Win Records KIIWI VDIIP iriiiiuiclul iiunlrn wltli n penional limn flimi Chl Limn A In.suriuice Cu. A M B U L A N C E Fulmer Memorial I'hanii 1 2 0 0 Mill Laycoc is the only player In t l i c . N n l l o n n l Hockey League lo wear spectacle:;. I MISSION Admission 50c - 40c - 10c Phono 413 With Day To Go, Kentucky Derby Is Nixed Up LOUISVILLE. Ky.. May 4 - I f f ) -A total of 322 horses was nominated for the 77th Kentucky Derl.'y. i ml it nppenrcil as if all hut 100 ir tliei'cnboiits will face tlic starter Haturdfiy. I lowcver, they jnigJit ua well toss in the other 100. Jccfuiac thfi hig $100,000. gallop oulcl be no more mixed up than t in toduy. One thing will be settled .when thu \'ui1uim troiners parade to llm secrutnry's offic'c beginning at 7:00 o'clock this morning (EST) and bufiln dropping in the nninc.s of their pride Jintl joy; The entrie-s cloau three hours later, and while it will finally give a d e f i n i t e . l i n e on I he field, nubody in this Ktcaincd up town can agree on the winner. Jinny of the .so-called experts were picking the C. V. Whitney entry of AlHlnirhike and Counterpoint for the probable role aa post- time favorite. The odds were listed at 4-1. However, even the.track hamll- cuppei'K couldn't, agree. "I guess I like Buttle Morn." .said Fred Burton, racing-secretary. Battle Morn, the Cain .Hoy Stable ace, was quoted at 5-1 necond choice, with Culumet Farm's Fan- , fare nnd the King Ranch's Sonic next at G-l. Next,'all at 8-1, were Mrs. Nora JVIikcll's Jiepetoirc,' Mrs. , Einil Dencmarkfs- lluhc, and the I Orecntr*! .Stable pair of Big Stretch and Hall oi Fame. By JACK HAND (Associated Press SjMirts -Writer) I3ig Jim Konstanty. .is running behind his 1050 sclicdule and the 'I told you so" choir is tuning up .They said around the training camps that- Konstanty, the Phils relief aee couldn't possibly repeal last year's success. So far they're right. Because he failed last night the St.. Louis Cards ride in first place today, Konstanty didn't lose a game until?May 80 last season. Already he has 'lost two and won none. Phis time last year he had 1-0. Early To .Judge ' Jiut it's murli to"o (MiHy to jildffc. Failure of Eddie Sawyer's pitchers, with the, exception oF 'KiJii!i r ,Rohf!rts,' 1ms · IhnLst a ' heavier*· burden nn Konstitnty. It seeihs Impiissiblo, but IH^S work- ' Inx more'tprien than last year when ho mad i; 7-1 iippMiriincwi. Last night .was his eighth job n 16 Phil games. The only time ie. rests.ts when Roberts starts. Earlier, the Braves took liber- ieB with" Jim's stuff like the Dodgers did opening day. Then aine the eighth inning of last "ftlil's Bame with St. Louis. niiis Guts Threw Four hits, a walk and an error v Del Ennis accounted :"ov three iuns and brought Jlilo Candlni to relievo tho reliefs:-. A fourth run crossed before the side was out The final count was 8-4 SL. Louis But.' Kpnstaiity's troubles are only a part' of the Phil's woes Catcher Andy Siminich .was hit behind the loft ear by Max Lanier's pitch in the fourth inning. Carried from the field and taken to a hospital, Seminick soon regained consciousness. X-rays will determine how long he'll be out. It seems. Branch Rickey has more than a JeTthand catcher at LAS CRUCES LIQUORS The Store of Good Spirits COOKING SAIJTKIIM3 FRICB KECH'K Your Family Package Store 334 S. MAIN MOTHER'S DAY SUGGESTIONS A Lovely Selection .oi SCARFS :::., $1.50 to $3.95 · Surely She'd Like One . 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A f t e r Spider Jorgensen's pinch homer tied the score in' the ninth,, the Pirates batted'around in the 10th, scoring- four' runs on only two hits.' Mel'.Queen won hie first game. · i _ . - ' - · · , . . - · · ' . . . - . ; Shut Out Itcils - ' = . . . . Brooklyn old'charmer, Herm Wchmoicr, who. beat them four limes last year..With Preach- er'Hoc throwing a six-hitter, the Dodgers shut out the Cincinnati Reds, 3-0. ' Ah'dy v ".j?afko.'s homer with the bases loaded paced Chicago's 9-3 win over-t)ic Boston Braves. That opened 'the door, for St, Louis'to slip ptfst''Boston Into first place. Sam JethroG. with a homer and single drove i n ' all three 'Boston ·uns off Bob.SchulU. But the big explosion of the day was in St. Louis where the New York Yankees scored 11 in the ninth inning to flatten the Brownies, 17-11. The 11 runs were a new eague record for a ninth inning and the 24 total bases In the inning- tied a record. · : ts Grand Slam ' Gil McDougald liit a grand slam lomcr and a two-run triple in the ninth Inning;', tying- a modern 'major league record with six runs, batted in for one Inning-.. Allie flcynolds-had little trouble g-oihg. Iho-route in his first start. Chuck Stobbs .got the Boston Red Sox their first .win of the west-" em swing with the help of Walt Dropo. Dropo.came off the bench j and he responded with': n . doubij aiid single to.knock· ln| four runl of the 0-1 edgii over Detroit Ted Gray. : " · ·' ',·'.;· " . ' ; ". -..Washington continued to mop I up the west,'whacking: Chicago 7-! f to tako ;ovor the. undisputed lead from idle' 1 Cleveland. The Indians j ami Philadelphia..AV. were not I scheduled. Connie "Marrero scat-1 tered nine hits .for his ' third! straight win. 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