Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 19, 1970 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1970
Page 20
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Classified Advertising TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS Rate: ?1.60 per column Inch. Volume rates upon request. TMininium Bpnce 1 column inch Screen borders cuts may be used on nds of 2 column inches or more. Deadline: 3 p.m. Day Prior CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior RATES Minimum charge (10 words) SO First Insertion per word __ 8 Additional consecutive Insei tions of same ad, per word 4 .Sixth day free. · Month rate, per line (2 line minimum) - 5*.0 10% discount on reader nds paid within 10 days. Every other day ads to b charged at one day rate. Blind Box Numbers 50 CANCELLATION Ads may be cancelled by callin before 9:00 a.m. insertion day (One time service charge) The Tribune assumes respons bility for only 1 incorrect inse tion of any ad. Please read yo ad the first day it appears. Ca in correction before 9 a.m. ne day. Htlp W.nt.rf OltNlrH; routes open, Rocky Moun- 10K wanted, mornlnR shift. Cull n.m. only, 362-1622; 281-989*. miiinpan for year arouml f«rm rk. I'hone 834-2220. N or Ll'N, full or part tlnw. 353-0535. TK0 -- Married farm ami ranch Cnll Luveland. 6G7-0317 12 ion to 1 or after " Help Wanted I'TENDANT -- Busy service »ta- tion! Oood boss! 1'eriiiaiicnl! J-UUO. Call June. 303-6006. B mill B. 'ctTllESSlVE neat net-son 20 yearn of nKC or over. J2.00 per hour. 3624.132 after 5 p.m. 1PK!11ENCKD man for Kelieral farm work. One mile cast. U mils nouth Ault. A K R I K D man experienced in pe.. eral fiirm mill dairy work. Cnll 2M- 7365 after 7 p.m. ,'ANTKD -- Baliy sitter, my home Ii day week. B month old baby. Call 353-9362. TlMMER waitresses wanted 7 a.m. to ;! p.m. Apply In person, MVManan s Restaurant, LaSalle. RANCH band, married. Tom Trofny Kt. 3 Box 139, Fort Collins. 482 9670. JANITOR: Immedintely nvnilnblc. Convenient staff upenliiK. Friendly. Now! »UOO. Call Fred Kick. 353-1713. Snellii.K irnd Snvlllnic. Hevted MUlu. SKOKKTAKY. Inventory nml Involi-int: clerk, allot t hiind required. Perm nent. (!ood nay. mnny fringe bet fits. Whioifrad'a. 431 Oth St. U1RI* Friday: Marvelous Imsa needs eitKor person who likes variety. S!i*J5 Call Clmrleene Whltmoie, 3U-4743 SnellinK and SnellinK. Heated Itltlt: C L K K K raahier: Hanker's hours will pleasant work. Lovely office. $2!T Cnll ('hsrleene Whilmore. 3R3-17-t» SnellinK mid SnellinK. Hesled BlilK RKLIAHIjffi pereoii for laundry jim housekeeping work. 40 hour week Itireh Avenue Manor Nursinn 11 ;i53-05iui. TlUK shop and KM (station attendant Permanent job for richt man. Retirement nnd hospiUili nation. Weld CATTLKMAN -- Highly rated opera- lion Keeking respoiiMH" man for key position! ?.t,S»0 plus hmimiiK. Call Dmtie, 35.H.r.O(JC. H and H. THAI.' oilnte'iiMlwmnn -- Mint be li- itted anil experienced. Heal t'om- iton deal in Civcley. Time R*-al- TELEPHONE: Enjoy helpinK 'UI.L or part time. 7-EU Help Wantei o t f i c ly, ItVi-SWS. WANTK1) -- Pentul iissihlant. htm re S-. 1 }, Mun., Tuev, Thur*.. Friday. 8-12 Wwl. and Sal. W r i t e C-37 '·',',· Tribune. tusrem Work Kasy duties. Ini.Tginali.^ Now! $28S. Cull Lois Y 1743. SnellinK and HIllB. .UiiiK. Hosted HELP Wanted -- Self help housing ^roiip leader. Must spcnk Spanish and KnKlish. Salary open. Apply tr Colorado MiKrant Council, Box 420, Kvnns. Colorado SU620. AUTO merJintik'. Kxperiepeed. Paid va- rHtinti. JM-OIIP iiiMiram-e, salary-coin, mis-iion Imsis. Con t not Kil Hunker IMlmivit Chrysler Plymouth, M7 711 St.. Crwley, Colorado. P U U U C eontitel: Kriomlly pewi with de-fire to establish permanen job. SfMU. Call Luis Ymmn. 3:t -17 IS. SnellinK and Sm'lliiiK, Hentei DI KHUTOR of Nursine pcwice for 7 1 betl iiurbiiiK hdine. Cood Pnliiry with fi-iiuu- benefiLs. with new curpufntion. Write in- f u l l Vt-rn Wi'lwr. Hirrh Ave. Manor Nunnni; Home. 353-0. r )35. jfoirnrVale*: Ki'k'iom.l *re«. Swift ndvnuri*. Gent-nuts commission. KII- lure cooil. $-1.200. Call Torn Wmnl. 3r,;M713. SnelliiiK nnd Snellimr. Hex- ted Hldir.__ NKKDK"[~ immediately! Experienced nml trainee positions. Sales, depart menl heads. i-nshiers. hostesses, m-ep titnifeU;. assembly workers, nurse iiiiltv. i=em'tiirii's. Call tmw ! $2N) am. UP. Call Dodie. SS3.K(n;r.. It iinil B. 11 CUSTOM manure spremtinic and load* -r work. 352-7134 evening. Derold 1- Hersoii^ M O W 1 N C - ProfcBsIonnl nervier. Have equipment fur laruont lawtm. (leiier- al Spray Service. 352-1050. c"dNcTlBTB"work nil types, flat work retuiiilnu wnlltj, restoration ar.t- repair. Free eat. Ph. evw. 863-2f7» or 3S3-70W, Uuran llron. Strt'ALL dozer nnd carry-all work Hack hoe w/lwader. Of. 284-6502. Hob Larson 2S4-*12, D. Frtemycr, 352-UU5. ·FKENCHlNtTnnd installation of wate lines seutic tunka or Iccchinc fields La Suite Plumbing, 737-2916; Jean Bi-uwii. 737-2277. Apply 2331 23rd Ave. before noon No phone calls. "vANTEtT-- Kxpcrienccd hired man 5 room modern house. 732-4384 KeeneshuiE- 1; ,W company lookinK for mananer 1'crsonncl. salcsKirls. For interview, Call 352-3807. KN NKEDKD for full or part time position. Phone 352-60S2. Bonell Re- tiremunt Community- W A N T K I ) -- Maintenance man. mechanical bncktrround. Send resume to Box 488. Evans, Colorado. Salary. g400-S51IO range. COMPANY representative -- National- Iv known compaoy! Local opportunity! $5,000. Call Donna. 363-6066. B and B. D R I V E R : Gal Friday for desirable firm who likes chanpinK routine AAA. $325. Call Lois Yoiinir, 3534743. Snellinu and SnellinK. llestei BldB. S'fOl' and EXPERIF.NGED married man for -- eral farm work. 4 room modern house, partly furnished. \'t mile east of GaieUin, north side of road 464-2870. what pc pie will dn when they sec your prrttj smile wnitinc t^ Kreet them frorr lliis front desk pnsitinn. SBOO. Cal June, 353-f.OCG. B nnd H. COLLECTOH : CuKtom.-. Permanent Ptnff. little sup Neat! S.V200. Call Tom Wood, 35:' 47-i:i. SnellinK and SnellinK, "- *- WiI B . REGISTERED OR LICENSED Practical nurses. 3 to 11 and .1 to 7 shifts. Full or part .line. Fairacres Manor, 353-3370. BUSINESS world -- $325. With speed: typing and enthusiasm you can cast ly steer your way into this c:irre spot. Don't delay call today! Cn Lnllec. 853-POR6. B ami B. CAN you ciunlify? Need Fumeone t ?la^ S days a week, 5!ifi.(Hi per week l"or pcrsoniil inlervie.w, 352-C257 be twcen 1 arid fi p.m. FART time: Office tnorniiiRs; ija.. nfternoons. Minimum wnj;es. Open now. Cull Chnrlecne Whitmore. «5H- 47J3. SnellinK and SnellinK. Heslrd HMjr. Education and Instruction 8 LIMITI'.D oiiftiiiiKs for bccinninc I'i- iinii Flmlents fnr -lunc i-l:wsM. 3r,^- 4B95. Mrs. I'red Weiland. JUDO instrnclion. Men. women am children. For information call 352 10SS. 7RJVATF, puitar Instruction. Nov SPRAYING liert Sly's custom farm spraying 40 years experience ·154-2065 Trash Hauling 12 I F IT'S' tr;u»h, we haul it. John Kline. HRMG7H. WK didmnntlc and haul away liiclnnr iilnrn. Phone ,'i52-SL'TO. liKSTWAY Disposal Cumpnny. 352-754:1. nK~~w"AY~rubbish removal. 352-B12 or 3ri2-0566. Wanted to Rent 14 SWIMMING LESSONS All ABBS Grei'ley's Finest Slim Swim Club Call 352-6498 TWO sirls need furnished apartmen tnll^winlcn sprillK. 351-IHC after TWO Ixiys need furnished apartmei fail, winter, sprinn. 352-4273 after CiSSl-.! a f t e r ». WA*NT~t«~rciil--2 or 3 bwlnwm hon in cniintry. Smnll pasture nml h n i l hiBR if possible. HR3-7P8! n f t o r 4. WANTKD IM vent furnished Business Opportunities 9 CAKE for snip. Cood Iinsiness locution. Rny'a Cafe. 2SJ-9SP1. ilKAUTYThop for rent. All cvi'uip- ni-iil. 127 1st, Eaton. Call 451-3W f t e r li. M E A T compan; PHONE 3;?.-0211 714 Eighth Street Office Hours S a.m. to 5 p.m. Classified Index Announcements Auctions Auto Service and Supplies ~ -- 52 Board nnd Room - Boat! and Supplies Building Materials »* Business Opportuniti^ Business Services » Coal nnd Wood 36 Construction Equipment _ Custom Work _ -Education and Instruction _60-A 11 S 60 Varm Equipment Tor Kent -Apartments - 1 FCT Rent--BuildlnjiB 20 Fr.r Kent--Farms and Tracts For Kent--Camera _ For R e n t -- H o u p e a For Rent-- Mt. Homed, Cabmi y or R e n t -- O f f i c e Space For Rent--Rooms Fruit* and Vegetables . Hny. Grain, Feed. Straw Hf-itinc CooIInK Help Wanted Houfchold flood." -Irrigation Systems . Lrt'a Swap Livestock T.oul and Found Miscellaneous Mobile Homes Money to Ixvm Money Wanted Motel? -. Movinc -nd Stnraw Musit-Jil I n t r u m o n t s Nursing Homes Personate Pet Stock Poultry ,, Professional Services Real Estate BOOKKEEEPING POSITION Open for lady Some experience preferred but not required. Light typing pleasant office, pood salary Submit complete resume to Boi D-2 c/o Tribune. utter: Friendly established desires filling of career ppot. J6.000. Call T Wood. 353- 47«. Spelling and Sneliing, Hes- tol Bldu. FOREMAN: Cattle background. Fine firm continuing expansion. Capable m,,n S7.200. Call Fred 1!"-k. asa- .17-13. Sneliing and Sneliing, Hested Bldg. BNC.INEERING Aid: Sueprvife ani schedule projects. 1'rominent firm W i n 1 $6.1100. Call Fred Rick. .153-1743.' SnellinB »nd Sneliing. -' Tlldg. S in .Sept. 23. 3r.l-.J161. ·'A M I LY hungry, wash, fold, iron my time. W A N T K I ) -- EXECUTIVE SALES ?GOO starting Income, If performance warrants increases to $700 after 6 months and ?SOO nfter 1 year. Three year Intensive training program. Mujor stock insurance company, no travel. Management opportunity. riZZTl -is j College preferred. Call Mr. -- JJ, Mitchell at 322-7756 in Denver, EARN Wl'rn" money part time or fill time showing new line of »'«l^ trridnldy cleanmR chemicals am laundry compound. Age nnd educa t°on no barrier. For interview phon. 352-OiSO. BOOKKEEPER - 5255. Golden oppor- tunitv with fine local company ll von imve had some experience am ,ir.. looking for a position with Kreal advaTMement: Call Donna. 31,3-6066 H and 11. 5AYLY Manufacturing Company ha, immediate openings for the Position, for inhram, side seam nnd nttncn hip pockets. On the job training. Call Colorado Department of l.m- ployment. 2001 Sib St.. (.reclcy, Colorado. Phone 353-6210. Situations Wanted 1C IHRO^IE plater needs work. 5 ycnrb experience. References. 353-S9S19. WANTED -- Sn ' farm job. Jun iinarle ap M A R R l E f ) couple" needs furnishi ipiirtmcnt near cninpus, fall, wi er. spring. 352-1273 after 7. WANTED -- 2 or 3 bedroom far homo w i t h place for hug pens. 4." 29*7. ·|-i-:AC;ilKK--C:radllnt For Kent--ApH. 17 EWLY decorated furnished buffet. 2 adults. No pels. $105. DB-lliS'.i; 352-645'J. N ir~hrdriKm Iurni»lied »partmcnts. Starting aunimer uuarter. Cuuple or girls lireferred. 863-6070. iTlt KKNT--to colleice ulrls. 2 hed- rooni furnished aimilment. Near college. 17111 «h Ave. See allur 6 age 20 GHEELEY TRJBUN_B_Tu«, _MvJ Nl'UHNISHKI) 'L bedroom nparlmcn for itmpltf. No children or rets. (HI per month. 352-49.M. TTK bedroom furninlied Mpwrlment. couple Dreforred, no children. peLs. :irl!-GlJ06 or 3C2-43S7. Sec H" VH 163» t 10lli Ave phone 353-51)88. ICK"""clean, furnished ''pstnivs »pnrt- tnent for working Indy. No attldentB children or pets. 362-9501 before. 5 cle, ALL ciunrler -- 2 bcilroom furnishctt apartment? for 4 or t _co)lcirc_Kirls. 35:1-3132. UHN1SHKD 2 bedroom npnrlment Stunirier quwrter. Close to colleRC MlirNISHED npt. Couple or baehrlor Alw mobile home. 302 13th St "" N. l l l h Ave. 352-7G60. N E V A N S -- One bedroom furniphei upstairs apt., utilities paid. Snilnbl for i-onple or 2 Indies. S70 per month NOW lensinK for Hummer nnd fall Quality In rue roomn for boyf Complete, lionie. 2431) !lth Ave. 3f.3 77H. H R K K room 2ml floor ijuiet np:u-l merit partly furnibhcd. Entirely pr vate. heat furnished, near town. $61 ;(5:.-OU74 or H52-S8SO. NEW 2 bedroom apartment with ca pet*, drupes;, raiiBc. refiinerator, dish washer. ?1RO. Take cnv« of ynn 352-1212. TEMPORARY" home, completely fn nished. 1 lo S bedroom kitchunette^ Daily or weeklv rates. MoiinUnn Vie Mutel. 240!t 10th St. No phone cal! " ifin-nisheil and b u f f infnrnit ONK bedroom _ ed npartmcnt. June. Adults only. I pets. 151S 7th Ave. 35'2-3SPfi. f\V~2 bedrotim nimrtment with en pet, drapes. rnnKC. rcfritjerator, ilis washer. S1B5 per monlh. Call Jo 1212 fnr_Appointment. has washer and dryer, utilities pai Couple preferred, summer quart inly. S minutes from college. 21 I - . . M V J I I I J I I -- - m i 1.1.i.ii., student ncci t. nparlment for nine weeks bcKinnini; .limp 14th. Nancy Wilhrlm. H2G Cliarilnii. Kinjrman. Kan^w fi70GS. Tl 4 bedroom house wanted by re.«pon?ible loenl business man nnd family. General Greeley nroa. 353- ' H K K K beilroeiin unfurnished house in Cri'cley newled irnmedintely. David Jiirkscn. Hi. 2, Box 57, Korl Mnrcan. K. Ifith St., after 1 p.m. NlY\VLY redecorated 2 bedroom npar meni. Ose i»- UnfurnishcH e.xce stove 1-cfrincratnr. $J0. Clnrendd H)2 Kill Si. or mil nW-WUP bcfo W A N T K I ) 2 'I p a r t i a l l y S bctwern's to B wcek- I R O N I N G , baby pitting and Era.«.= cut- titiK. I!1t Cherry Ave. 3rt3-lP17. J A R P K N T K U nnd concrete work. Gen- _rraLTMntTM.clm c . 1'honf 35MUJ9. f(jr R c n t _ H o U sc 5 LICKXSKI) bnby fiitini,*, my home.] 1 5 G AND B P a i n t h i K . Fro Hc-iu-onablc. 35:i-57-IS. 3, r i ALTERATION3 -- Dre^am 7th Ave.. or S. r .2-7311. C A K P K N T K R work, nil kinds. Tiling s. Kroc estimates. Cull 3ri3-640:i. ALTKIIATIONS 3."^-09^1. Colorado. 4F-A , REGISTERED NURSES Staff positions, and operating room (circulating). Top pay and good benefits. Call administrator at Memorial Hospital.] 352-3123. O l . D K l t L' l,c,i I'lini.c r,?.n'.rai R I H N I S H K U 2 hoilromn li.iu.c. wash- cr. ilryt'r. .Mnrrii-d rnujilc. Nn I'uts sur,. hi-pciiii. 3. r i2-oon. ·\V(T l, n irni,TTi f u r n i s h r d liousn. north- xv,.! of r.rwlry. \Vi.rkini; roiiplf. No pi-ts. Sll^o. It.'siz-lGH'.t; «r,2.6'(. r '.l. M O I t l l . r ; home. 2 K'tlroonm. CnnpU 1 nip rhilit. $140 Ior m o n t h . ilc .lime II. ;U3-P5'.I7 rve^. bcilroom holm 1 . I-Vm-fil y n r d . A v j i i l n h l , ' for MinmiiT. M n x i m u m t p.^iple. No |,'U. I'urnifllied. SlTiO m o n l h . 3r,3-)T'.IT. Mijctllontout 111 SALE -- Second hand Els stov and enamel double .ink. 7H1-Z118. Ford 260 V-8, * - }Iurst, 363-207D after 6. 7r4TKT)^TTady'« 8 «veed or 6 speed bicycle. 353_-7U6». KATHEiniar wilh sttHjl; fynlhetl wig, auburn. 352-1901. OR SALK -- Nice chrome bird cw oil tt»nd_._$16.00. 352-8SI07. (Tir SAlJl'"-- 3 piece wcddlltK rim set. !i carat. Hint offer. 363-3952. OY'S bicycle. $30. Please 1423 after 5:30. (lit SALE -- J»l made china vice for S. Cull 352.931)7. o s o s e n china, complete serving pieces. Reasonable. 363-181.1 ~N,MP shoes for air cushioned com "or!. H C Smith. Phone 352-2937 \,'E buy usiil TV'» «nd »tcr»s. 352-7200. IJSTOMER Satisfaction, my motto Tommy's Barber Shop, 1116 7th Ave VANTED--Old or unusable cars tha arc towablc. Phone 352-9843. MIINT1NG--Small jobs a specialty lowest prices in town. 353-S327. PORTRAIT in oil color from your mill shot or (Uhcr i.holo. SI. 363-8327. lUTHHHIZED Ski-Doo Dculor. Frank lin Urcle Sulw. 352-6992. "OK your Stuilio (iirl Cusmctics, ca 353-1570 aftur fi. NlbilTCRAWLBRS. native unJ Teiss . irtliwiirnw^ J903 6lh St. 352-9021. ANTIQUE -- 192n fi band short wa\ rnilio, works soo.l. 3S3-'2!146. 'OK S^TiH~-- 4x8 ft. rabbit jieo I'bone 35:1-2003. DXliUClSE bike, $30. IHI2-7F21. ,,£ -- Ton Mill for Harden »i' Call 3r,:t-i7r8. We dismantle and haul away incinc aturs. Phone 362-8270. rCIRCY Sales nnd Service at Brumlcy Floor Covering. 1331 9th SU FO11 SALE -- Rotary lawn mower, hp. Uriggs-Stratton motor: la- sweeper. Call 353-2108 after 5. 1':, MONTH Slim and Swim Cll membership. $60. Call 353-7631 aft p.m. 1'OK SALK -- Haliy basket »ntl up s w i i i K . Hxo-llciit condition. $1 .·I52-04TO. C l . K A N run' like new, so ea»y t .·ilh Uui:-M»lo. K e n t electric *na UML-I- 51. Komnc I'aint Store. ,.,, n n f n r n U h c i l n p i i r t m ,,..,ilnblo J u n e 1. Adults. Car,... ,,,.,,,, ... n i r ci.nditioned. Kollyvvood Apt!., 2033 herd. 353-IUr,!',. 22,,d Ave. 1'hont 353-1150 or 352- fj^-jY^-^Y Itavil i, oll 15 model. R __55GO. ^ | U ] i u ,.| lv ,i, 1e and tratumiKiion. $U5 U N K and 2 bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d apts. iifn-7735. Carpets, drapes, electric k i t c h e n w i t h TWO spaces in Sunset Memorial tin ileiia in Garden of The Good She n. Q U A L I T Y canvas o( all kin U. etc. Wo apni'tmrnl fo dren s:«ln. " each, ssa-ain-' ; chil- Sini). PASS^TNC,^:!l flats -- $1.25 v repair. O K. Rubber Welders, S 2nd Street. WATCHES"-- KOO,] reconditioned, ll let' and men*'. $16. $17.50. $20. $ Grnvbeal Jewelers, SIS f t h St. Hous.hold Good' SKU Ilotpolnt icfrllter«tor. £63-32^9. Ol pri«. D»iil "" '»'"ll»«- n0llg ,,'ece or houseful. Greeley I.wn "ANTED -- GTM* «** fumiturt «nj mbcolhntow. O.ry Gr«nwo«l, 2601 gth Ave. 362-4822. ANTED to hur used .turnlture. Riu- «n SnlTar. Rrilnlihmi. «0 13* St. 35S-4075. SED furnuure. Om **U'- i .. n °X iud Liquidutlon Center. 2608 8th Avt · m - S A L K -- Couch. ! liicce corner '"-tionn ltel«e ».«! b.-own tweed. Very itoud condition. fi88-«13 i 588- Il.LIONS of rliK« h»v been c c.ned ith Illue Liwtre. If. Aineric. , fm- ml. BeiH. electric nhamviooer II. (ireeley Furnitur OIlONADCTiefrlper.tor. JIOO: electric rmige. S20: stereo. $75: rechn. cr. $35: All in very cood condition. OR SALH -- Luxurious mulching sofa »nd chuir. WM $760. new -- now $31)5. lied wool upholnlery. Cull Mt- 2183. 1]NMORF, washer and dryer: avocado electric sUive »nd refrieerator, vanity, dresser, desk, uvueado ilinette np nod f, chairs. TV and stand and rnLcenaneou, 5l03 Bin St. 353-1291. HOUSE OF BARGAINS Bankruptcy, etocL, railroad salvage, color TV's Jurniture, appliances. 228 llth Ave. Phone 352-R?M See the exciting, all new system by ELECTROLUX powerful enough to really clean your fine carpets. Sensibly priced -- small monthly payments. No lush pressure selling. DALLAS SHROYER Call 353-0961 (Permanent Resident) WE SPECIALIZE In small loans $50, .,, -- "· ·«·-.* .-"·-- - , · $1,500. Moil collateral acceptable. C.F.C. Corp.. 6th Ave. and llth Su Thone 352-0132. WF, L O A N money--l»t and 2nd mort- EHftt or business. Also buy Ht and 2nd mortgages. Goid-Naiman Investment Co.. 6th Av.. and llth St. Phone 352-0132. APARTMENTS _ A V A I L A B L E jf'cASF. I'e'ml soft drink vendor. , , cbant-cr. Cood condition. I'hone 2Si- 2 bedroom, completely furnishedl r,.-,:,i after_5:30 n.m. BiiJ air conditioned. Call SS3-j5fg~S"(f\v have corml pol" I" "lock. 1 or Gilliauph Agency, 352-1 i l . I O each. H=ci«t Lumber Co. 13 l l t h Ave. WA\TKP~"-- Juill! '·»". trucks, trnc- Ini-s. \Ve low away free. \V« also buy complete cars. 3S3-P.692. ClQUIDATORS of all merchandise. Gary Greenwood. Auctioneers nnd Building Material 34 SAW sharpening', all kinds. On« daj · L ' service. Alkire's 61S S Av.. 362-9SOL MAT1VK ronfh lombcr. Good itock. ROYAL GARDENS APTS. "100 23rd Ave. LICENSED b:ihy filtini;. my home. Piirk-Wnt-hinpUin aren. H5H-7171 1 . ALTERj.TinVS _ I , . H l , » . n H I me,, ., _,..,.., ,,. ,,,.,,,,,,, . TMl'J_fI£'.'J Sth St.. 3..S..9.3. M j K A U T i r U L L Y decorated and f o r - . . , i n f l , r n , fnriltsllfd bllf- 1'AINTING All kinds. Free «tl-| ni,h,,l house. 2 l,,.,lr,,. 2 bnths. I',". 1 "', 1].,TM"TM,, ',,,,,, « n . n , s » mutes. I)i.!c TcBininn, 353-OrilR. iNTRn"]OR~»nd exterior paintinc. Call One bedroom fnrn., 2 bedroom ines. Stnnli'j- Il.xinn. HSI-H3.16. REYNA troo trimmlnii. Lowrst pricen. Fire wood _hn If price. 3r»3-6tSO. P A I N T E R -- Interior, exterior. Fro* Myrirl:. rk. fn- . nMi..l house. 2 hednvim,. ·· hnths. · ,, ' . . ,so Innndry. 2 o_r 3 ndiilta. No pels. $165. fel. A d u l t s . .No pi-IB. 35--l 352.K,3:i; 3r,2-C15!i. CMC AN e a s a e . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - Iloofins: and Insulation ------ »3 Sce-ls. Plant.". Flowers _. ------- 3S Sewinu Machines-Vacuums - 4-1 Situations Wanted _________ 10 Sportinz Goods .. ------ 35-A Trailers and Campers --------- 53 Trailer Space _____ ......... - 23 Transportati r a n s p o r a o Trash Haulinc TV-Radio Se.-vicrt. Kales 12! - a o e.-vcrt. a e s - - B Dsnd Cars nnd Trucks -------- 51 Wanted to Rent ----- H Washing Machines -- G OLD ESTABLISHED COMPANY In tmsiness over 20 years. Needs 2 freezer food salesmen. Verified appointments, good financinR, top commission. \York Fort Collins, iinrt Clreeley areas. Phone: Mr. Crawford for appointment. EATON LOCKER PLANT 101 2nd St. Eaton, Colorado 454-22-10 or 454-2306 Lost and Found a d u l t black Lfths. Rcw.ird. or H53-r16f.. LOST-- Block Poodle, unshaven, ROM by Suk-i. -ith Ave. and 2ist St. :i;,:i-7:m. FOUND~~prc?crintion Rlasses in black case, downtown. :i. r i:j-7S2S. TOU^D -- Blark fr-nifl!e Cocker Slian- Jel. Call 3r..{-3(i^. LOST- A sharp eos* on your i We sharpen 'em. 1'inkinK shea 35-65c on most. Alkirc's. filS ^l Personals ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. Ph. .152- 9S52 for help or meetina informnt THINkri-IG or hlcycle repnirs? Think of Alkire'a. 613 Eth Ave. 352-9501. i imi -- One wno cares. Inter- exterior. Free estimattrt. ;j.)2--Hsii. CKSSrOOLS. crrnse traps, pumnwl. I'll. :):3-17rS. Mrs. Rex CunniiiKhiim. ·AU'TINfi -- HcsidentOl n r-rcciiilty. L. S. McUa^nicl. I'h. 35U-0250. CONCRETE work. Free estlnmln. K X T K l t . O R paintinc -- bru.t! u ; jr.n. T A I N T I N C ; -- Intrrinr. exterior, farm pninlinir. Free i-stimiiJi^. IUM Hii'ht-n. Chnrlie Jlrehon. ;U)i-^ HA"NnS'VlAX. Trim, r trniler. U)CJilPd 201* Avr. Sinnll f a m i l y . Refcr- il ili-jKisil reijuired. I n i i u i r r U n f u r n i s h e d excep) u \ e umi n-»r. Small fenctMl yard. 'J f h i U ili-i-n weli'iiine. ?1H). per m o n t h . 'AK~ I O M K " i i r G r c e l r y . Thrri- heilniiim* in i-plit Irvi'l hmisp. N e w l y e n r p r t r d pnsnl. iireii. Dnsirn rnuple or n.uple w i t h imiiill f a m i l y . M i t i i - niiiin of one year's li-ns*- nt Slfiri.Ofl i n n n l l i l v . Home nvnilaMe on J u n e 1. (.':ill ]^ss-.i:«'5. Denver, For Rent -- Garages -ji r mtftc 18 SHOPWORN lumber. ldr*l for corr»U *nd m n n j f«nn unei. Murphy Lumber Co.. 71'2 9th SL Gary Greenwoo. u c o n e e r s Llnuldators. 2608 f t h Ave. 362-4S22. crcencr and rualthier l with .,,, Hth ter. Apply Procml now. 2606 , Fmnklin Cycl _ _ _ _ Avr. 3511-6502. FOU RALE -- FutverUed liiwn *n cnnlen fertilizer. F«mH'« 101 Sth ,«e M iuhlP - , - - ' comnivrrinl COLLKCTOR'S CK-n -- Anilauei ; Uf . . . . . H i m n 353-2171. ronf . . Lumber Co., 131 llth Ave, Boats Supplies FOR SALE -- 14 foot fibersliM lwi«t with 40 horeapower motor. Good Mlape. Call 454-2006 alter 6. 25 FOOT Trojan in-bo»rd rabin erlltirr nd trailer with accesloriM. 3A2- Sporting Goodt 15-A BUILDINGS for rent or le»«. R«Ui) r wnrchmise stomcr. 963-58*6. Office Spoci 22 For Rent--Rooms 16 KOOMS iliiy or week. lf,21 8th Av _KI . [ R O O M S for cnllek'c For Rent--Buildings C A I U ' K T K H and air ronditioncrt o f f i c t me.- mi O t h St. Approximately S0( ,. ft. Vhnnr n5^-HOQ. Cowan Realty FTcFTar'apP 400 iiqunre ft. of John,n HuihiinK. 1019 10th Ave. Off ;rect parkins- Air ^conditioned. OKFlTTlT'iiirnr^ nt T12 10th St. POO ii ft., s-trrct fronlnsc. Private of- IC.-K. ConH hane ii(rn. 352-1COS. i ^:±"^J",±r K s i r- ^.T ^-^^'i^^^ ? , clcim tiji. In Education'ond Instruction 8 Education and Instruction 8 I p O W F R rnkini:. power nweepinc. forti- · r - A l l n t u low, low price. Cl.F.AN roontfl AVIATION CAREER 4 MEETING CARPENTER -~ ex])ert. Rcmodclinc. I renairin^. mhinct »'urk. C n l l 6S6- :iftcr f p.m. S AN'F) A 1'ainlLiiK. i n t r r i n r and ox- only. Ave. in rue f.. )tS. 17 L for rent. Par- FIGURF.TTE bras 352-7Sf.2. IS YOUB shaver Bids? Call tr.c Knzoi Clinic. Alkire, f l » »th Ave. 3:,2-9501. FIC.HT fnticiip with /.ippics, the firi'Rl iron pill. Only 51.'J£. Gibson I'hnr- Auto Rental Transportation 3 CAR rentals -- Daily, weekly, monthly. Greeley Leasinn Co.. 1100 ?th Ave. 352-917J, aft. hrs. 352-9127. 353-5629. Professional Services PUBMC nrrountinc. J»ntz Bookkeeping nnrl Tax Service. 3.i:!-'i165. Business Service QUALITY upholsterinc. SAW aharpcninf;. All k i n d s . One daj s*rv. Alkire'a, 813 E t h Avr. anS-DoOl. GRFKI.KY Curtftln Cleaners. Curtains, d r n p M , tflblecloths. 1920 Oth St. HOUSEWIDE cleanlnir service. Brewer Srrviremnjtter. Free estimates. U24 _2£th_St-_S52-210R. M O W K R shnrpeninK a n d rcpnir. A u t h - orised Toro dealer, And.-r.-nn Socd _Cn.._^U__lflth St., Phono 3S3-OISS j MoivER B h n r i i r n i n i r a n d repair. I ' n w f i r rnkcs to rent. )|n-n Sunday !i-3. Alex Wel.linK and R r p n i r . l!An» H b Ave.. vli3-1712. P i c k u i i and deliver. "fcdKer, Htmts. s i i p e r v U i t r y ; part time o n l y ; prefer now r o m i - j i n y . Box 2:i. I l r i t t h t i . n . ^»J «K*-n'-i^- 1!ll-1 '- nesR Ai'lc. Help Wonted BABY nitlor neejed Monday thronirhl Friday. Call 353-7507 hcfo.-e 4 p.m. ' h!!irinnln ? _J..n. 1- M3-SO«S._ WAN'TKH-- Motor route ra/rier. Ln Salle. For Korky Mountain .Sew.. Call 3."3.olfiO. ^"NTrTO-year ro,,n,l man for farm .n(l_rlliiry_wr,rk. 3:,3-2:,.-.... ( n'lhi.p-- I Sanitary laundry. I "^^M.-r.'^ 1 '^- *i fiitiis R nnd H. PLAN TO ATTEND THE SPECIAL \ CANNON AERONAUTICAL CENTER ; AVIATION CAREER SEMINAR Arc yon interested in a career in aviation maintenance and would like to find out how you can be an important part of this rapidly growing, high paying field? You can learn about this '. exciting job opportunity and about where and \ how you can begin by attending a free seminar SNYDER AIRCRAFT : WELD COUNTY AIRPORT I Thursday, May 21,1970 7:30 P.M. Sponsored by CANNON AERONAUTICAL CENTER Cheyenne, Wyoming America's Newest and Finest Training Center for Aircraft Mechanics Cjinnon is Y.A. Approved U N F U R N I S H E D m m r t n i e n t . 6 2 7 i Sll "·tS'i-lfiiii - - - , furnished. No children. 414 P t h Ave. W~\NTED~^ Children tn t « k e rnn- TWO n i r l s fnr summer nuarter. 22'J4 ,if* i n ' my liome. l ) : i \ l i m . - . M i m d a y 1 l t } l A V I - . rail 3:,S.nS2£ n f t . - r B. t h r o u g h Friday. Pr«-srh(^l * K e. :"·-'- _ _. .. Ave.. inquire apt. 2. A P A R T M K N T f"r summer n t i n r t c r . 3 »eo|de, $1!2."i. em-h. ari3-7!lB.l. DM-; lirdriMitn furnished apart iii'jr. (itii st. 1 F O K K E N T -- 1 - n u a r e feet. Utilities, air ronrfi inc and j/initor furnished. Very ren- !«·' 'lJr. Ilncreli, P01 iflth Ave., 352 212fl. Trailer Space 2: nuurr. btwk9, lurse ajt«ortm«it. i f V n t r n ! . Kr-inn. Oprn Sunday. "T7|THAILERS lor trn*h h.ullnc as low 20 as Jl.OO for 2 houra. O.K. T r a i l e r _KcnUiU. S'2Q 2nd St. M T s C K i . I . A N K O U R f u r n i t u r e and up- pliniu-f.-. I.ciiviiiE t o w n , must foil. n:.;!-r.23fi. TliliTTtliincInr--Only 11.26 P" pufr- nenner tire. \Vctirht« free 1 O. K. Rubber Welden, S20 2nd St. AUTO A tamer, by week or month or w i l l buy *nlvnr«. 71S N. l l t h Avr. 3r)2-Tn60. M O N E Y lo liuin. W n b u y . srll and Irntle for anj-lliitii: of value. Grrctey 1'iiwn Shop, 353-1137. 402 J l t h Ave. r c f r i p r r a t e d air comlitionrr, ip \Virint: nnd box included. Perfect condition. 5125. 8 1 3 1'th St HKTiuri'r'sriT^ and fast w i t h i;n»i-r tntd.-lrt and K - V a p "water pillf fiib-nn I ' h n r m n r y . WAX'FrTn ~ junk rars. t nicks, trar- t. ir *. t f t f . Call us first, we pay top prii't-s. 3S3-100r). I FOR"SALIv-Slim a n d Swim mpmbi-r- s h i p Expires J a n . 1','71. f!12. !·' i n f n r m a t i i m W r i t e : L a r r y \Vo«»l P.O. GUN repair -- Cu»tom reloading. Clark's (iun Shop, ith Av«. *nd 16th St. 3. r .;i-GOS6. 2f0 Seeds, Plants, Flowirt 3S NICEST heJdinc planlj In th« «Ute. box. Geraniums a n d veKet»hl« p l a n t s , all . Millers, A u l t . Open, 11 «.i SKKDS for a»le -- A l f » l ( a : Dftwuon, Vernnl nnd Hnnicer: barley: Hilantt nnd Dti. : SprlnK wheat: Crum and Lee; oaU : Hun-nell and P a r k : eraf"- rs. A l l varietini nt irrinated and d r y l a n d prnsses. Greeley Seed Co., Lucerne. I'hone 352-44S2. Hay, Gnin, Fcrd, Straw 40 LKATY ureen a l f a l f a , lame bnlei. J1.10 hale. 3fi3-4290; 2S4-fi472. 900 TONS K'nsilaK* J9.00 ton. 454- 25Bl_or J54-2553. P A R K hay. traded alfalfa. WU. eedar fence posts. Don Kelly 362-9191. 1ST, 2nd. and 3rd eilttinK hay. Good iualily. La Sail. area. 2S4.623B ; 284- Livestock !"wv^1S:i^" NTfc:i) - ^ ° 41 L I M I T E D nnmlHT of mobile home *. Adult-s. no petv Hlnck Amer- d i ^ i r n l . 353-7131. ., n u m b e r of new mobile home spncen for rent. Adult*. No p».is. S"i3.SR-iri. ~ ailahle in 10 viilpn. _ _ _ A D D I N G MOH11.K p. d.-iys. fd. i r k . . 3.M-204S. '" ' n l A i ' A H T M K N T t m f u r n i F h e r t . 2 bedroom, vhni to d o w n t o w n . Phone 3f.'J-SSfi7. . c .|,.lFOI: K E N T ""- A p a r t , ! r.irj l l t h A V I ent6 S T U D E N T p i l o t . 20. r p a r t - l i m e i:un-b or fa rent/wiitrcs. Ac r-xpcriftH-c. A v u i l - nb:. .liuif 2 N t - K i ' p i . I T - t h . .1. L. Col Ion, 3-l'U N. C o l i i n i l i u s . TUI^I.II. . _. Ariz. _ j F O R K E N T -- l i i i u m - t r a i l e r . I M - A S O N K Y . concrete arid plaMnriiiK. rooms. in_ Gik-rest. 78r.-2.lfil. P r t i f e - r i i c n a l w u j - k at ln-1-iw pi-«'fi 1 '-!T\VO ln-ilroom unfurnished aparli j Hion:il co*t. K»_ Job too Miiall. 1(^2^ j,, .).,,],.:. ;i-,2-'J:,i;i. l_^^ l !!..": ;|i _ r " r 1 ! l l l COLLKC.E n p a r l m e n t r- ""K X P K U I E N C K n H.K.U.vniT a n d - - · i r c i a r y de^irps f u l l ( i n u - p u j s t t i n i i I iir.-ir Ci-i-i-ley. W r i t L - l l u x C'-lH T r i b u n e . !\vnm.n Hke'tpnewii »rf i i n n i s i w u r k . Some r x p ' 1 , . . . , I Hm-hrim William:-. Ut. J, Hex I'.'S. I ( i n - p l e y . (ATTENTION wt.rkinp mnti . eenneil. Kiddie L t i n r l N u i « r y . . 17th St. Hours. 7:10 to '", : :Ul. | 7SU2, Evenincfi Sri3-02C7. · LICENSliD. j i c r r e d i t r d V.-terin; '! se-'kini: employ men t in s i t u n t i n l o w i i i K t i m e lo .-ittcild l.'nivt.. ... I d n i i n K p»rt. of day. K a r l v murnint;, v c - n i i i K a m i week-ends co\ild be sed f"r [ i m f r s s t n n n l ondenvor. CSU i-jidiuile, 12 yea 11* rsperionce in · i m i i i H - r r i a l livestock practice and m:ill j u i i m a l , r,n/.Hi. I t r p l y Hos 0-1 ... Trilnn,.-. Meadow^ doblle Home Park. Adult." only n,, I'vU;. l*t Ave. and 22nd St. | fonUiet Mr. Ray, Spaee 23. 3a3-547C. bed- i-1 v ,, i i . i . i K a p a r t m e n t . Newly decorated U n f u r n i s h e d . Must have rtf- creniT-. Sec Lew at Nob Hill Tavern. MMlNYsHKD" bntrnienl a p a r t m e n t foi I summiT. Includes washer and dryer. I l.urm l»th Ave. 353-7741. ijin I . H U R ' N l S l l E n apartmrnt. $115. ·'/·j pie only. 1015 l l t h Ave.. Ma Nn. ti. Mtscclloneoui 27 . TWO TeTervVd tickets to Shrine Circus for 1 pint blood donated to Shrine Crippled Children Hospital. NEED nimTeT-- Hart Pawn Shop. Buy, sell, trade anything of VJiue. l-nrn., etc. Hart Trading Post. 315 N. l l t h Ave. 353-5973. N E W '.. hp. Johnston p u m p . Jfi.OO i n r l u d M f i t t i n n P . 352-2294 eveninea. ISH'.S P1NECHOFT. fi hp ride rotary ·r. SS2-S3R a f t r r 6. COLIWpTlT air conditioner, 11,000 imi._aM-01Mfi. UitiS Y A M A H A . Call 2Sl-7Sf.'J a f t e r H. WAN T nTn -- Kor h a u l i n c away. Use silo cm IT. S S a - l P - l l . KCm~~SAi7K~-- 10fi9 K a w a s a k i ROn Mut-h M L 3n2-lMfi. FOR SALE -- 1^5 Honda 2Sfl serar liler. Good c o n d i t i o n . 3r.2-379ft. ·69~XI.r» H a r l e y Davidson Sportttter Sl.SOO. 352-11241. typwriters. al makers, new and used. Sales, service, nteed. Ed Feldhaus. 1201 l l t h F I V E Hereford cows w i t h cubes at side. $27|i._|ialr. SHJ-226P. l7mi~S~£~a"Miirr for rent, dm* in. ( ' j i l l n f t r r n. 352-3r,.il. iO HRL'D Kilts for sal* y o u r rhoir* (100. Phone 2S4-7!t45 or SlilMSSS. and Immhs. FOR "SALE -- pnirs ** (7l7R : ns~~H r7«i i n i fiSfi-24(IO. L A K E Arrowhead Miihle.i IlwirdinR. .xtTfisr nnd 352-1GSR. · · · · · · H O R S E NhoeinR and hoof trimminst. rlcan Denn ^ Anderson, 353-0355. ' W A N T E D -- S p r i n c pasture, ready «oon. diti.m. Call 3S3-770'./. . R K C I S T E K K I ) D u r n c cilts se^en we*k« ?.11 1st St..! l l l r l - E x L - c l l e n t blood line.*. 353-ODOfl of used f u r - n f t e r ti or weekends, of d r n w r r . s . j \ V A N T K I ) -- Pasture for 30 or morn hedrmun s i i i t * s and new and iisi-d, horses. Tom Trefny. Ut. S Box 130, a i m l i a t i r r e . K«rl Collins. 4SJ-9fi79. B R A C E yourself for a t h r i l l the first rlennrr. Kent r l c r t r i c sham] I t i i m - l i Wlmleaiile. En to S KT. Pool tattle.-, fi drawc For Rent--Apts. IT! Custom Work ' T I l K N T H l N n . Ccnlrnl cnrhin K nn^ I "'IT'??.^ 3"i2-4! ; 64. ' · M A N i J K K h a n l i n K . uprpmlinn, ploj- inn, tmckinu. J. R c r n h n n l l , 3ri2-.V.):,7. R'ArKIIOlCliImlc work, hnrinK. Tlatle Valley Trt'iiRhitiK. USS-O^afi. ItACKHOK. Bxwivatlnir. Imck f i l l i n n . Paul Knrmiin. 284-fi:i:.R. Ol^STmrrT^itillinfr of m-w l n w n n nn-l i nanlrns. ;(p '-Of.SO. Jim Hewitt. l l J A M ^ U O N S FprHynl. r.i..irantrr*. rr- /? ! nulu.._fi«nerftl Spray SITV. :i:.2-lO.-,».- n'oL.DAY Tr.-c Scrviw. Trimmins, CLAM'S OuitUtm Irnrminit. riowinu. i H.i.l Klnm. 35H-S617. ICUPTOM rototillinc f«r nrw_ Inwns j nml c-'iHons. Vfrfi] mrtwinp. U~i2-l i'»2, j sr2-fi^73. ?07-2210. '.CliSTOM "farm »cn'i'«. riowinw. corn ' jihrtinp. Tol) nn1 T.arry Allm^r. I Pliono cvcninps, 3.S3-7HP2. i TA!!M Oustrtm STVICP. Plnwinu. R. 1 Tnppnn. W2-C».SI2. Ti. Warren, 3W- 1 ' R r line 11 , 2i-*i2J'l. S-ha off fir's APARTMENTS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY For Summer and Fall Quarters WHEELKR RRALTY COMPANY .ir/iii-os-ii; 2 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES NDS--New and used. Plate ,, , dim- ^IH^S. siM-een.-*. Kvcninv: windshield service for your convenience Call fur npp't. Karl's urceley Glass' Center. 2105 Pth St., SMl-2113. pfLE~is~7oTl and lofty -- colors retain brilliance in carpets He:mert .vith Hlue Lustre. Kent electric sham- KMier SI. Hested'e, Xth Ave. nnd Sth St. i.r 2547 l l t h Ave. KLMER'S Pawn Shop and Frontier Self-Serve fins. Uaod furniture. \\ a buy. Eell and trade. Come in and browse around. Elmer Dale, 200 N l l t h Ave._Ji:2-?.774. :KKI v ~yoii'r ran-etn iK-aiitirul rirspitc runxhitit footsteps of n busy family. Cet Hlue Ltistre. Rent eledrir. sham- pr.nor SI. Heslrd's Sth Ave. and !· St. or lift47 l l t h Ave. BOB'S TV 814 4til Ave. S yo:irs in Orcnlny area. Now full linio -- Cnt aciiiinlntnd of- fnr TV (iino-np Hpouial ?5. SSS- ·17SO. Antiques 28 LIVKSTOUK Rprnylnp. Over 20 yenrt APARTMENTS Now taking reservations for 2 bedroom apartments completely furnished. Cunningham Apts. 353-6026 or Gilbaiigh Agency 352-7037 ANTIQUES -- Sec in Orchard, Colo rado or call 352-1743 evenings. WEllEK'S Antiques. 240S fth Ave Wanted -- a r t class, etc. - - FURNITIIBE »urtlon, % milt ·---· of Evnns. Every Monday niKnt, 7 :fl 8hnn ConsiunmcnlJi welcome. A hnrh Auction Compftny, phon« as. 82S. Household Goodi 3C FOR SALK -- Donhle maltresa an hox_si,rinKs. 362-8601. CJVToi) OK reWneralor. *«0; eleetr ranee. SZO._353-50tl5 after 6. o'lfsAi.!-:"- Twin lieds rnmi'lrtf refricerator; fietaRon came table trollintr lioat motor: cnns: misr laneons. 1005 2'Jnd Ave. a f t e r p. I! I'hon* fiSfi-2SOfl or COM fc.r horses. Sin.on ra ch a monlh. 2l;{fi p;. Ifith St.. after 1 p.m. ATT1.B spraying Prompt, honest service. "84-G377, Welco Spray Ser* vice. TlKKKFORI) hcifcm for »»!·. Short yonrlhiBa. fani-y. Sell one or «11. 3Si- initrtK ahoeinc and trimminc. For Hiipnintmont cull Hoy Martin. JS3- ·l-ANDlNr, ~al itiid -- A|iacli Jm-k I'nt. Retrislprcfl Appaloosa Hired hy Miraoula Superior Drift. Dnm Liu Crnnw. l.Bdy »ired by Povil Red. For further information cnll as^- lor.o. 1 OA Appaloosa pony stud nervlrt. Pro»- pn t'hiimpions in prodtirtinn and per- fm-manne. Kcn-Wil Pony Karmji. rhim»_3K-»ll». lUFFOl.K nwen nnd rum liunlis for .ink 1 . Some nhrop ei|iiipnienl. Jim Miirkhnm, Glir.d Nelson Rnad. I,onit- mnnt. Phone 77ii-r,r,2H. ·7)R""sAI.k -- 2 to II weeks old \Vis,-nnsin Ilolstoin hull calves. Delivered on B|,jn,ival. Jfi7 per head. 353-1691 evenincs. Cash paid for fresh, dead or disabled cows and horses. WELD COUNTY BI-PRODUCTS 352-1788 WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Horses or Cowa For Reward Ph. 353-0921 24 Hour Service EVANS BI-PRODUCTS CO.

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