Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 27, 1976 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 14
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,' Ttie Idaho Free- Press*: The New s . Tl ibune. Friday. Kobruury27.1976- A-2 Livestock, produce VOHTH rfAl.t LAKE. Cull TPI. Hah. Idaho and eastern Nevada fecdlol ·niil range sales Thursday- ' ir, Sl t JU i 8 !' lC u. S . tecr 5 amt ' heiftrs steady iradi- laie Wednesday and Thursdav fairlv acln-,. hut demand rather narrow and resinned «,th bulk of sales lo local inti-rcsts: · uhuteale dressed beef prices on hf West Cnasl and in Ihe Northwest fell - - . a n m « sold on the rail will re fi m | his itrm-nlurn.for the week ' - gC ° d mosll ' n , . ti: mostly Choice 1.225-1 m Ib ie d grade 2-:l tiolsteins 36.00. Slaughter heifers, scattered loads of mostly choice »-!.« II, yield grade 3-4. 35.00-S JOUET. 111. i LPI i -Livestock. Cattle sales insufficient lo establish market. · . Hogs, 1.200; trade active: barrows and gilts a lower: No 1-2 2IM-MO Ib 48.50-48 75- No l-:i 200-240 lb,48.fXH8.25: No 1-3 240-2C-J Ib -tOl-IT.aO. Friday's estimaled receipts load callle 1.000 hogs. · _ - CHICAGO lUPIi - Bulk selling prices as reported by USDA: fiuller: prices paid delivery to Cliicago unchanged : 9:! score tt-1.00: U2 score 80.50: 'JO score unesl. Eggs- prices paid lo delivery weaker. Prices lo retailers (Cradc A. in cartons flcliHTOli: extra large 59-61; large 57'39' : .; mediums 52'-54. DENVER (UPH - Grain: N'o. I hard winter uheal 5.42 c w t . No. 2 yellow corn 4.80-4.85 cwt. No. ·. barley 4.45 cwl. OGDEX U[] - Grain: No. 1 hard winter wheat 3.35 lu. N'n. 10 protein 3.35 Ini. No II protein 3.35 Ini. No 12 protein 3.55 bu No. 13 protein 3.95 bu. No. I while wheat 3.3d bu. No 2 barley 5.00 cwt Total 1C cars: I2wheal: 4 barley OMAHA (L'PI) - Livestock: lings 4.300: butchers 200-260 Ib sleady; weights over 2GO llj steady lo 50 lower- No l-:l200-2411 Ib48.0048.25; near 8(1 head No I- 2 48 50: 240-260 Ih 47.00-48 00; No 2-3 260-280 III 40.OH--I7.UO: No 2-4 280-300 Ib 45.50-4(5.50: :1IHI-35I» III 44 50^.00; sows 25 lo mostly 50 linver: 35(1-000 II) 4150-44.50. Callle and elves 500: scattered sales sleers and heifers firm, bul not enough lo afford a good markc! tesl; cows firm to 50 higher: choice 1000-1150 Ib steers 37.5038.00: good and low choice 34.00-37.25; choice 9110-1025 Ib heifers 36.25-37.25: gond and low choice 320036.00: utility and commercial cows 26.00-28.00; canner and culler 20.00-26.00. Sheep none. Friday's estimates: Cattle and calves 2.1iin. hogs 2.500. sheep none. Reduction in operators makes phoning difficult \; NEW YORK ' I'Pli - Many J 1 persons nowadays have Ihe J" impression that the digger the J' compam the slower il is an- « swerinji the phone. Slowest of all ivset'ins to he Ihi? phone company .[$ The reason is simple: Nobody i jas enough operators To save .Salaries everyone depends on {$ nmputerized automatic, switch- [jjhg and listing a lot of separate ijjjncs for different, departments !jn the directory. Trouble is most jolliers, don I- know which ijMepartmenl I hey want and i.aren't used to the new multiline [System, mil there aren't enough Jjiperalurs to help them. ij* If you don't believe this reflect \tm these figures: In 1946. the [Jlell System had 2:M.O10 "hello" jjiirls lo service 24 million pJelephnnes: today it has only U^.iKHl operators'for 112 million ^Jihitnes The independent telephone companies have cut liheir operating staffs propor- Jinnali]y. and private industry Jas slashed its PBX operating iforce drastically by going lo Sophisticated interconnect Js.vslems. But the bottleneck is *fie unsophisticated or ohslinalc «nller who wnn'l cooperate. \'. If the trend continues, as it fllmosl certainly will. Americans will have lo become a lol more industrious and .sophis- ticated about looking up phone milliners. Still (here's much to be thankful for. One could he living in Moscow where. American correspondents say. Ihe (ihone directory always is a dozen years out of tl.nle and trying to get a numher from information is really a losing game. A courl decision a few years ago lhal forced Ibc telephone .companies lo let business customers buy their own interconnect systems instead of renting them from Ma Hell introduced a new element of competition to produce increasingly sophisticated private automatic switching systems. The Swedish L. M. Ericsson Co.. Siemens and olher German electrical firms, al least one Japanese firm. General Telephone Electronics and ITT Corp. all have gotten into the 1 acl. ATT also is making much more sophislicatcd interconnect equipment available, but still on a rental basis. ITT claims il has about the most sophisticated system for business firms and institutions needing 100or fewer extensions. It was introduced a year ago and about 150 installations already have been made. Customers most eager to buy Ihe system included hospitals, motels and Miiall hotels, schools, aparlment buildings and department stores as well as general business offices. Il costsSlO.COUlo S40.000, depending on bow many new extensions are ordered. ITT said its new system is Ihe "brainiest" small automatic exchange because it will perform al least 40special functions lhal normally would have lo be clone by a human operator, yet is cheap to operate. Among the things 111 is new ITT system will do: - \\1ien you leave your desk to go lo another department, you can punch a few buttons on your phone and any incoming calls will follow you lo Ihe other department. -- It can handle several calls lo and from the same extension simultaneously, enabling you to hold one call while you are 'calling- sn'mcdn'c''else' lo get requested information for example. - It automatically cuts off anybody who tries to eavesdrop on your call. -- II can arrange and handle conference calls of up lo six persons. Bul that still leaves unanswered the question of how lo run down someone quickly in a hig company if the ' P B X operator doesn't answer. ; M t R V C.\RK OF Colllnsilllr. 111., a freshman nl Soulhrrn Illinois L'nivrrsilv- KdnarHsiillr, srl »liat shr brlinrd to br a record for hula huopinf! al Ikr school Thur, sdiu.Xii 1 krpl Ihr clrctf of pU*tk mining around her Haiti I IK Hi., hours. H'kH* shcms x. sdmennr clieckcrl Ihr (iulnrss Rook for the currfnt record onh lo discnvrr Ihcrr Mils no entry for hula hmijiiri);. .\ Imrrird plionr cull In Ihr piinllshr-rs Inonuht in- strurtiiins In thr SIl'K cnnlrsl cnmmiller nn ho« in icrifv Ihr rrcnrd. n || [hn(o) AH Jill HUM idrwliitd in Itilt ntaj. piper is iubjtKU»1h* FtOtijI ft,, hObs- rg Ac) ol 1KB «hich iruhti n ,11*991 i o atfftrlisi "inr p4-|1tr*n;t. lim.injon w dciiminji,on bis«d M net. cole* rtliflion. sii. M tiAtionji tv^n. H « n inlinhon to nukt in y 1K h ptUrtnc* lim Ulion.or discrimiml on Fli S tXwipjf*! will jiol krioftingl, icc»6l any »(M*tisnfl lor rttl isUtt *hkh It in *iol»lion ol Iht, LJW. Our iridHi jr* h*»- b r InfMrntd ItUl *n a*«ll,^ s itf»!lit*d m ihis iew»pip*f nt n*il»bi« on *n ·Service Directory 1 DEAN L I T T L E F I E L D E X C A V A T I N G Septic lanks 5. drain fields, barkhoework any kind. 446-3725 BASEMENTS E x c a v a t e d cemented under existing homest half thecosl of building on. Also concrete work R E A D YOUNG. 4«*.?369. EXCAVATING Backhoe, Landscaping !, trucking. DICK N A Y L O R EXCAVA T ING CO. Ph. 454-035) evenings 459-7613. Excavating Landscaping. Top soil, fill dirl fertilizer. Call Leon Helt, 459 838B. * VACUUM * * REPAIR * Almost all makes. Paris, bags, hoses, e t c . in s t o c k . Mel's Repair Sales, 1114-]?th Ave So., 466-254] REMODELING All phases of carpentry - CALL 467-1907 Moore Tree Service For the best prices on tree stump removal, land clearing, :al dozing. Licensed insured.. Free Est. 467-6400 or 939-4700 GOOD TOP SOIL M nines 4360 TREE SERVICE " IDAHO P E S T C O N T R O L (Formerly B r a s s f i e l d s ) Spraying of all kinds. Complete tree service. Licensed, bonded 8. insured. Larry Rails, itt-Wt. S S EXCAVATING C a t work, top soil, septir systems. All types of excavating J a c k Stiles, JSv-2301. H O U S E P A I N T I N G paper hanging. Also other small |obs. Call 467-6686 WOODY'S , TREE SERVICE Remova 1 .,ova'. FREE ESTIMATES Licensed hsured. 4 5 9 6 5 3 3 * Electroiux * Repairs Sales Call J5J 0777 or .166 6627 LAND LEVELING Dorers, scrapers, graders, ripper, backhoe. John Redmon Excavaling. Phone ^59-606? W A N T E D ; C a r p e n t r y w o r k . New or remodel, homes, corrals, misc. Phone 66-J05J. Remodeling 8, Repairs. Skilled craftsman for horr.c or business "rompl service. Call J66 mi. SEPTIC TANKS DRAIN FIELDS Any kind of backhoe work JOHNLITTLtTIELD CalMSv 6584 afler 6p.m. Carpenter: New construction i, remodeling. Reasonable rales Call 467 4138 8 J T R E E SERVICE Topped-Trimmed-Removed Licensed!, Insured. Free Estimates. Ph. «6-52W ['HONK 466-7891 or 4S9-46M 10 place your classified ad. It's fast, easy i economical. Carpenter work. No job too small. Remodel or new, inside orout No Sunday work. 447-1794 Gentleman would like to meet a nice lady around age 55. Preferably a homemaker. Write to 6ox A }3, c/ o The News,Tribune, Caldwell. MIUIONS of lujs have b«n clnnM w.m Bliw luitrr h', America's (i«sl. Rtnt (lectric ihompoon SI. Ho In Fur Rololilllng- Y a r d Leveling LANDSCAPING Don Anthony 4599521 Painting, interior or exterior, Free estimates anywhere in the valley! 454-9037 or 454 9573 PAINTING, in or out. Roof oiling or staining. Free estimates. Local company. 467-5578 * SS it SMALL ENGINE REPAIR Pre-season lawn mower lune-up overhaul. 63i w. Roosevelt, Nampa.467-1781 Licensed Backhoe. Septic sys lems, ditches, loundations, etc Reasonable. Call 467-4981 Need a carpenleror a plumber? Only $3.95 per hour! Ca II Marsing 896-4456 SEMI-RETIRED! Experienced in interior 8, exterior painting. No job too small, whal have you? Reasonable rales, Len Day. Call J5J-9509 evenings SKIP'S GIFT 8, HOBBY SHOP7 Nampa Cald. Blvd., across from Midway School. Open 10 a.m.- p.m., Mon.-Fri. Cold ceramics gift items. Come see our forest creatures. Stay paint if you like! Tired ol fake, stc-pled, vinyl covered, chipboard cabinets? Let me build fine qualily birch cabinets, 'custom made'. Phone 467-1907 CEMENT W O R K Stonework, additions remodeling. CalN54 906B Ivey 8. Becker Sprayers. Time lor dormant spray 8, ground kill Termite inspection. We are governmenl qualified will spray anything. Ivey 466-9608 or _ Becker 466-6363 PAINTING PAPERHANGING Coll .167-4160 SHIPLEY'S LAWN SERVICE Trader mounted roto-tiller power rake plow, lawn mowing' 8. clean up. Call 459-7595 PREGNANT? NEED HELP? fai587-5l28.Mi)unlainHoiiie HostessTKoppeT^lowers, live, dried plants. Wedding supplies, gowns, veils, accessories. Cakes 8, catering. Call 454-OJ50 W a n t e d : Dancing p a r t n e r s . Preferably single men in late 50's. Write Box 50, c/ 0 Idaho Free Press, Nampa. . PEN AND INK Reproductions of KENWOOD School, CANYON C O U N T Y C O U R T HOUSE, N A M P A P U B L I C L I B R A R Y and many olher local buildings are now available al J4.00 each. CORINNE MOVERS, A R T I S T 466-3054 i will not be responsible for any debts other lhan my own, Jonas M. Jones, Box 337, Parma EHectlve?/ ?!/ 76 Joy Bra. Private fittings. Call Neva, 466 6791, anytime, Gladys, 447-?339 evenings. NEED H E L P ? Don't know where to turn? Call Information ^Referral or HOTLINE 446- COMMUNITY M E N T A L H E A L T H C E N T E R S Counselling 8. Emergency Aid Days 4648981 454-0451, Eves' weekends, phone 454 0421. J Special NotiCM 4 Male liFumal* Help 12; Milt.tFfnilH4lp 12 NEED: Cook lor Saturday Sunday only. Breakfast* Buffet cooking. Call Carl »t 459-9907 between 9 a.m. and ? p.m. , Have opening for Real Estate Associate! If you are interested dedicated, contact Mr. Webster at 451-1431 or Mr. Walker at 344-7915. W A L K E R S. CO. PROFESSIONAL R E A L ESTATE SERVICE, 7?3 Main Street, Caldwell. Alcoholics Al Anon, Nampa, meets Mon. s p.m Mercy Hospital. Sun. 6:30 a.m. Community Center, Caldwell, Wed, 8:30 p.m. SI. David's Episcopal Church. Kaley Med. Center, 10 4 Logan. Wed. 8:30 p.m. 459 2)52 454-1043, 444-5476, J««474 ;- lncom»T« INCOMETAX SERVICE Evenings and weekends Call 467-M44. after 6 p.m. We come to your home. Reasonable rates. Backed by 29 years of service. Boise 376 2845 ELEANOR'S BOOKKEEPING i TAX SERVICE.Ca-l 467-1754 TCA has a better way of tax in the friendly atmosphere of your HOME at no extra cost. Days evenings - nights - even Sundays. 1975 appointments filling fast. Call 459-7791 JORDAN'S TAX SERVICE Bookkeepings, Income Tax. 459-4822 M O O R E ' S INCOME TAX S E R V I C E . Phone 459 6234 INCOME TAX S E R V I C E ELMER ROSDAHL 515 Hudson, Nampa 466-2164 Neva Chapman. Prompt, accurate service. By appointment only. Phone 467-4358 H R PLOCK America's largest tax service. Nampa: I207-2nd SI. So., 4666331 and 224-11th Ave. No., 4671301. Caldwell: 1020 Cleveland, 4590539 and in Sears. Caldwell. Special Notices JANITORIAL SUPPLIES Now at Wholesale City Auto Parts ... just next door lo AA Rental Center. We have a larger stock 8. vareity ol supplies at distributor prices! 907 Nampa Caldwell Blvd. 467-5951 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Thurs. night, County Building, Nampa, 8 p.m. Call 466-3315 PARENTS ANONYMOUS Parents -- are you concerned about your parenting but have no one available to help you? Days 4591766, eves. «66657, 467-1635 Now is itie lime lo advertise for pan- lime help for Ihe Chiisimas sellini season. Classified is ihe place lo advertise. "4 Schools »Instruction 8 Sign up for Lingerie Basic Knit Sewing Classes starting now at Nampa Sewing Center, 122-15th Ave. So., 466-0581. Irene Means . Diane Schmidt American Wood Products, Inc.. is now taking applications for general mill work personnel. Apply 320 No. Airport Avenue, Calrtwell. Broiler dinner cook, young, dependable, career minded. Contact chef, Saratoga Hotel, Caldwell, Won.-Sat, after 3. Legal Secretary wanled. Musi have typing i- shorthand experience, good with public. Call Jan, 446 lin.1 to 5. Evening Key Punch : EDP Operator Part time opening tor evening Key Punch/ EDP Operator. Batch key punch Irom a variety oi Input documents, operate S/ J Model 10 olc c o m p u t e r . E x p e r i e n c e desirable. Apply al Personnel Office, Alercy Medical Center, !512-12th Ave. Rd., Nampa. Nampa INK Olfice now taking applications tor hall lime inlor- mation referral aide. Preference given to experience. Send resume lo P.O. Box 97S, Nampa Experienced mechanic needed for foreign car dealership. Must have own lools. Top pay fringe benefits. Contact Gary Palmer. Service Manager, Royal Im ports, Boise, Idaho. 345-1001 Maintenance personneTrmusToe experienced in electrical, hydraulic mechanical operation. Previous s u p e r v i s o r y e x - perience helpful. E x c e l l e n t starting s a l a r y , outstanding opportunities. Call 447-1113 Now hiring production workers, bonus fringe benelils. Apply in person, Hehr International, Inc., 1P24 Industrial fid., Nampa Experienced cashier. Parltimeevenings. Call Jt6 9905 .Male Female Help 12 E x p e r i e n c e d w a i t r e s s e s , waiters 8, cocktail waitresses contact Pam, between 4:30 5:30 p.m. at 459-3661 A V O N E A R N I N G S M E A N F R E E D O M ! R e d e c o r a t e , Iravel, splurge. I'll show you how to do il on your own time. Call Lenora Fladwood, 467-3072 right away. Now accepting applications for parl time night bartender. Must be 19 yrs. of age. Apply in person, Dingle's Pub, 156 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa. Resident apt. manager in C a l d w e l l , couple p r e f e r r e d . Ligtil mainlenance and cleaning required. Please send resume, including phone number, to Box 49, c/ o Idaho Free Press. Nampa. Farm Hand for year round job. Needs exp. in beets, potaloes grain. Hourly pay, fringe bene fits. Immeoiate. Write Box 43. c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa. RELIEF RN Needed immediately. 3 1 1 shift. Also taxing applications (or aides, all shifts. Contact Mrs. Beeman, Midland Manor 4j^- 7 SO 3 Cashier, small dairy store, rotating shift. " Call 4 5 4 1 3 1 9 , 9 a . m . l o S o n l y . Operator Trainees: Exp. Key Punch Operator, also 10 Key Operator. G r a v e y a r d s h i f l , would spend 2- 3 weeks on d a y , ? 3 weeks on swing to be trained. J500 Month. Apply Meridian Wood Products, 447-5221 Part time waitress. 19 years or older. Apply al P I Z Z A HUT, 140* CALDWELL BLVD., NAMPA Experienced dairy and general farmhand, year round work, house furnished, 459 3722 Managemen^minees^rTaTeT Representative positions now open. If accepted, excellent earning o p p o r t u n i t y while learning. When qualified you will allend management t r a i n i n g school following graduation appl. as branch manager. S200 per week guaranteed. Draw available. Want stable c a r e e r - m i n d e d person willing logive full commitment. Phone 375-3136 -arm help wanted. Must nave row crop exp. Reference req. Send resume. Box 46, c/ o Idaho Free Press. Nampa. Immediate e m p l o y m e n t lor school busdrivers, Narnpa area. Paid training, free babysitting provided. Approx. Hrs., 7:30 lo 9 a.m..3 t o 4 : 3 0 p.m. Call 466-4181 bel. 7:30 a.m. 5 p.m. Room turn, for single person in exchange for work. Ideal lor man. 467-5532 or 467-5066. NEED R E L I A B L E PERSON for supervisions maintenance!, janitorial. Full lime. Write Box 45, Idaho Free Press, Nampa. Situations Wanted 14 G E N E R A L H A N D Y M A N . Call Mailer 6 p m . Phone 446-8694 ' T R A S H HAULING, large or small fobs. A'lso, odd jobs. Call 4596204 WANT ADS SERVING AMERICA FROM THE BEGINNING When the Declaration of. Independence appeared in print on Saturday, July 6, 1776, in The Pennsylvania Evening Post, the advertisements shown here appeared in the sarrje publication. Then, as now, citizens in the community turned to their local newspaper to satisfy their needs and wants in buying and selling situations. A Want Ad will serve you today . . . just as it has from our country's beginning. V* «\,v«-c fc\ v ' ^**^ ^rn» i * v \?i«* t i!;rv«^ c ort««' 41 ·· 9^^-'^tf^ S .V» eV 7W«. .. w ^-Tot.?.*'V .ii"*.' ..;bn ' r_. i S^^^IPS "^o^i. «*»'v*.,. IVVT* M .wt v*.:..jr IDAHO FREE PRESS 466-7891 Remember... YOUR CLASSIFIED AD IS ALWAYS PUBLISHED IN TWO NEWSPAPERS THE NEWS-TRIBUNE 459-4664 REACHING A DAILY READERSHIP OF 68 000 IN THE NAMPA-CALDWELL TRADING ARFA

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