Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1972 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1972
Page 12
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Meany Calls on Congress To Fix Pay-Price Policies By LAWRENCE L. KNUTSON Awociated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - AFL- CIO 'President George Meany said today President Nixon has failed to control the economy fairly and effectively. He called On Congress to revamp wage- price policies and enact an excess-profits fax on business. Using such words and phrases as "mess," "farce," "empty promios," "dismal record," "unjust," and "unbalances," Meany said the system is weighted against the American working man with rising prices, rising profits and depressed wages. Meany W lio led the walkoff of organized labor from (he 1 ay Board, accused ranking administration officials of distorting statistics to support an otpnnism he said was in no way justified. In testimony prepared for the congressional Joint Economic Lommiltee, Meany said Dr Herbert Stein, chairman of the I resident's Council of Economic Advisers, gave an "utterly distorted" description of wage rands in his appearance before Hie committee last week. "The record is sharply different from Dr. Stein's scare story of a 9.3-per-cent yearly rale of 1ST QUAUTY GUARANTEED! Stijs, turns, shears, rjlon, icrjSt, high qmi!j id We arc pleased lo announce Kenneth Hrbler, better known as Ken has joined our sales staff here at W I C K L A N D MOTORS TOP Q U A L I T Y CAR C O R N E R S . Ken -has several years experience in the automobile business. Those of you who have dealt with Ken in the past know his honesty, friendliness, and ability to give you the besf deal possible. Ken invites all of you to sfop at WICKLANDS ant) sec a lull line of Top Quality Cars. If lie does net hove the one you want, he can get it. WICKLAND MOTORS , :. . TOP QUALITY'.." · - . - . - · ; · · ' C A R CORNERS 40T-'1048thAve. Ph. 353-1050 1054 GREELEY, COLORADO wage increases," Meany said. 'It shows that wages arc under strict control." Meany said that after a one- month bulge at the end of the wage-price freeze, wages have stayed within the Pay Hoard's 5.5-ner-cenl control standard. In testimony Wednesday, Pay 3oard Chairman George Boldl said t h a t the weighted average of cases shows a settlement rate of 4.3 per cent. Meany said Price Commission Chairman C. Jackson Grayson presented the committee with "reams of statistics designed to show that price controls are working." Said Meany: "He forgot Ihe most important statistic--the price tag." "Anyone who has done any shopping in recent months mows that the administration's Jrice-control program is hardly nore t h a n an empty promise," Meany said. "Food prices have gone through the roof. Olher trices and rents are moving up rapidly. "The major gains in profits are going to big banks, corporations and conglomerate giants," against which the administration has been slow to act, Meany said. Sen. William Proxmire said in Wednesday's questioning of Boldt that a similar delay has been "a calculated, deliberate, planned lactic of this administration in regard to the Pay Board." Boldt denied there has been undje delay, and stated that charges the While House put pressure on -any board members to arrive at a certain deci sion are "totally false." Truman Library INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) -- Several members of (he administration of former President Harry S. Truman wiV gather Saturday for the 15lh annual meeting of the board ol directors of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute of Na tional and International A f f a i r s Participants will include Ear · Warren, former U.S. chief jus j l i c e ; former Ambassador W Avereli Harriman and former [Secretary of the Treasury John jW. Snyder. .. , , . I There will be a panel dis jcnssion of research projects ifumlcd by the i n s t i t u t e in ! eluding studies of civil rights land foreign aid d u r i n g Ihe Tru Iman vears. Thurs., April 20,1972 GftEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNfi 1 Legislators Agree on Bills : or Denver Olympics Funding WASHINGTON (AP) _ The gallon would make no recom- CONDUCTS SEMINAR - Jerry Pope, right, masonry estimator tor Henscl Phclps Construction Co., Greeley, answers question from Louis Holbert who operates as a mason contractor in Fort Collins. Pope conducted a special seminar during Ihc recent fifth annual conference of Colorado Masonry Contractors Assn. at Denver. Environment Measure Fails To Get House Reconsideration By CARL MILLIARD Associated Press Writer DENVER (AP) - House members Wednesday killed a move to revive a bill to estab- ish a stats environmental policy act and in doing so reflected the generally bitter mood that prevails in the closing days of the 1972 legislative session. Technically the bill died Tuesday night when it was killed by a standing vote. But Rep. Sandy Arnold, R-Boulder, who has carried a majority of land use bills in the house, said the measure was too good to lose. Since he had voted on the prevailing side, he said, he served notice then he would move to reconsider Wednesday. Debate on the motion to reconsider degenerated into a quarrel between Democrats and Republicans as to whether either side had been treated fairly. Rep. Richard Lamm, D-Den ver, who was the primary sponsor of the first environmental ]wlic.y act--whivh was introduced several years ago nnc failed then--said the new bil was in fact not a true environmental policy act and did verj little to protect the land. Lamm criticized Republicans for barring Democratic input on the neasure. Hut his main objec- on, he said, was that the bill "like a statue in the park ... s pose is heroic." Lamm praised Arnold, how- ver, for his sincerity, honesty nd work on the bill. Rep. Don Friedman, R-Den- ;r, called for both Republi- ans and Democrats to "look at ho they were siding with" r hen they voted against the ~~^ preset thittts^ii^? iinsrsan^season-insects..·%; M,-, ' · ' : · ' : · · ? ' ' ' · ' : " · '"· ' I 1 ' 1 ? ' . ' , "r-TM-" ·:'.'-';'". ···j::'; : . ,.--.-·:.';' " · ·.'-. - - '- f\ '-."· :; .'.·';·;· ··/, : X .V:! "·,; 7f:Vv " · * i PI-SYSTON'^fe^iie'jhSfecticfde''wbrk|; j ';'- ! ' ";:;;;' : 'v/; : '',^/·;' : ;;: 'M'/^J^.''^ J ''Jlfl^SBO- J lH;r^K' K from Inside the plant tb protect potatpesf ! T ;'/ : " ; .''!'.' '.'·. ; : "^-.vif : 'v- ;'"'-^ ;7,' :*·;": .^-'^'^rfi'M^l--'^-!-;- · : . ; ; · " · : - ;Jf- ;: flea beetles and:Coidradp potato beetles : . : : forup.lo 8 weeks! . . .' ..-.. : ,,' .. · : . : Thai's because DI-SYSTON is absorbed by liUr the roots inlo the sap stream shbrtly.' - : H^after it is applied to the so.i! aKpianting-.' : - ^ ;.y,V:,:tirne or aftef.errtergehcS; ...i"' t'\ ··':.[, ;.. V..'{ '£ ^"QHce inside the plant, DI-SYStON will'.'" :;not destroy beneficial insect populations, ·.or create a residue tolerance problem '-.."#'£ ·- vvhen applied as directed. ' : ''·'· '* v Di-SYSTON comes in granular and liquid , -formulations. Impregnated dry^fertiliser ; i js Available in some areas. Ll.ii'uid '·K-\-:' ! , '· ·DhSYSTON niay be mixed With Itqiiid " ^fertilizer. Order the form which best meets your need from your Chemagro -dealer now! . ; ·· .-;'..--.. 'Chemagro, A Division of Baychem..- , /Corporation, Box 4913, Kansas Glty, -/ Missouri 64120. .;.:..;; votes and iwinted out that tinid a n d . time again Republicans liad used the power of 33 ma jority votes to ram througl measures they wanted. Now, In said, when 44 votos wen needed for reconsideration tliej were calling for partisanship be set aside. The question of partisanship present and past, was debalw back and forth for the next 2 rove to reconsider, lie said [minutes and at one point Her. ley should realize if the bill oes not pass, nothing would be one in the next year. Rep. HIddn Cooper, D-Thorn- Ralph Cole, R-Liltleton, poinlei out t h a t in 1965, when Demo wore in power in th crats house Ihcj 1 played the game ex on, said he did not relish being aclly the same way. dmonished for Ihe way he] Cole's remarks, though Colorado congressional delega- ion agreed \Vcdnesday on bills o be introduced calling for fcd- ral funds tor the 197G Winter Olympic Games at Denver. The bills will be referred to Senate and House Interior Committees with blank price lags, t was agreed. The committees will insert he fund totals after hearings, Sen. Gordon Altott, K-Colo., said, speaking for the delega- ion. Reporters were handed fund estimates submitted by the Denver Olympic Conlliiitlee and the city of Denver. The committee and city recommended appropriation ol $19,910,000 for new sports facil- lics and modification of existing facilities. This total is $6,400,000 less than the $2G.5-million estimate [ivcn for the facilities about a mendations for facility funds and that the DOC "would haV* .0 justify the $19,910,000 before .lie committees." '' month ago. In addition lo (lie facility 'unds, (he stale and city arc ex- iccted (o put u p $20 million Federal funds totaling $30 mil- ion will be requested for housing. Allotl said the Colorado (ielc- Mountain Bell To Issue Stock ; To Pay Loans ; DENVER (AP) - Mfunt!)ih Bell has authorized an issufe qt additional capital stocks to repay temporary loans made to finance construction, Robert K. Timonlhy, its president, said Wednesday. The issue, authorized by the board of directors, is to be is; sued to stockholders artd is expected to be on the basis of one new share for each five'shares held, Timolhy said. '' lie said the price has not yet been delcrniitied, but addec} Ihat the additional stock probably Would be priced somewhat lower than the market price^feit that time. pertinent to the issue to be voted upon, went unchallenged. But Rep. John Kuhr, house speaker, cut off Rep. Wayne Knox, D-Dcnvcr, when he slarl- od tn recall his interpretation of (he situation in 1965. Knox challenged Fuhr's decision, and the Aurora Republican denied the challenge. Then Knox appealed thai decision ami Fnhr slopped down from the chair, calling for Rep. Robert Schafer, R- Boyero, to lake over as speaker while a vote was taken on Knox's appeal. . Before n vole could actually be lakcn, however, Knox withdrew the appeal, shortly after that as tempers cooled, the move to reconsider war voted and lost 2C-3G. LOSE WEIGHT OR MONEY BACK Odrincxcsn help you become the trim slim person you want to be. Odrlnex is- a tiny tablet and easily swalfowe J. Contains no dangerous drugs. No slaiving. No special exercise. 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