Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 4, 1975 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1975
Page 14
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune. Tuesday, February 4,1975-14 NON. · FRI. DAYTIME TV 1:30 ,.30 1030 II. JO 11:30 1:30 1 1.10 3 3 JO 4:30 5.30 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) CBS Morning Ne*i Gamb.r Love o1 1.1 FC Ycunq Tn t tJeMless t S e i f c h loi Tomorre,v The Guidmq Lighi Ai ifie world Turns Edge of Hignr New Price .1 Riqhl W.alch Garr.e Mihp Ooi,q'ab Sl-ow Sonant* CBS Evening Ntws K6CI Nfwi Ch.4 K AID (PBS; SetJme Slrtfl Eleclfit Company ViUa Alegre Mr Roqeri C-,r t e. *, JH ..on ( , Thurv onlyl In Scrvic* SIM mi. 1 i.-«f Mr R c s e r i Villa Alejrt Ch.6 KIVI(ABCj TI.e luiy siiow Pas-,*ard All My Children Lei's Make , Di-ai JIOi-i.ll Pyram.d The Big Sh6wdc*n General Hospital Qrr Lilc ro Live The Mcr.ey Maie Ht* loo Revue d Tre* ADC E/rmr.g rit*S Sut News Strvicf Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) fitf Tctfay Show High Rollers Wheel of Fnrlune Anoiner World Somersel ' Ihc FBI Cicer. Aim Andy Gr/Uiih NBC N.g*illY He** New be at I -STEREO TUESDAY'S TV Ch.2 K B C I ( C B S ) 6:30 7 7 10 t 1:30 9:30 10 10 30 11 11:30 n 11 30 1 Family Alliir Good Times MASH Barnaby Jonei The Ctrnmanicn On Ihc Kt'tountl C B S Ljl,- - l a v i e w.rn.M H»m,n« Ch.4 KAID(PBS) SldtemuiP KepoM E«e« R" P or: A m e r i c a rt-.i? Aucnl ol Man Wcmjn VvmfMa. Ch.6 KITC(AIC) Hiqn Oapa.ral n.«wv N.q»r M*v.e Marcus Aclby Co-nbai Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) Ta Tell Ihc Tiutn Hallmark Malt of Fjmc Prliti Story ^"ll'mi Show [i I.10HOA WEDNESDAY'S TV 6 6:30 7 7:30 8 8:30 9 9i30 10 10:30 11 . 11:30 13 H:30 1 Ch.2 KBCIfCBS; Truth ar Ccnf«qc#flrei Tcny Orlando Dawn Wjnliunltr Cannon Ere*i'Jieif Ne*t CBS Lj.r V.uv.i Momirq MiJJi no Ch.4 K AID f PBS) Elcdnc Conpany u.i\MC Film F«lival Thc^ne in Amrfica Ch.6 KIVl(ABC) H.qf th.ic.irral TrMl ·· '-\. f" "A G-l f '.-.h. Luvo Combat Ch.7 KTVB (,NBC) To Tell the Tiuth The Price K Rigir LiMIe Ha-jse on LmJV Tjnncr PcU ocelli New^btar 1 The Tor.ishl Shaw Tomor(oiv Program Highlights 8:30 '21 PEOPLES PRESS C O N F E R E M C E - " C o n - sumcrs Affairs" with guests from the attorney general's office and Ada County extension office 7:00 (4) CLASSIC FFLM FESTIVAL - "Blood and Sand" A truly star-studded cast is headed by Tyrone Power, as Spain's most famed matador, and Linda Darnel) and Rila Ilayu-orlh, as the women bciween whose love be could not choose unlil too late. This film won an Academy Award for cinematography. 7:i» Hi I.ITTI.K IfOl'SK O.S T I I K P K A I H I K - A f t e r townsfolk load up na cul-r«te c'ornmeal thai nu oni k n o w s is r a l - i n f e s t e d , a lyphus e p i d e m i c sweep* W a l n u t Grove, 7:1X1 1 2 i TONY Oltl.AXDO DAW.V - (,'uosl s t a r s : Ar! Carney and Anne Mcara. Sheep, lamb numbers down BOISE ( U P I ) - The numhcr of sheep and lambs rm Idaho farms and ranches declined during 1974. according lo a recent report from Ihe Idaho Crop and Livestock Service. The decline in sheep numbers continues the (rend of recent years. The current inventory as of Jan. 1, 1975 of 505.000 head, is down 13 per cent from one year ago. The lolal sheep slock was 564,000 head or a decline of to per cen! from Ihe previous year. And sheep on feed dropped to 35,000 head. WEDNESDAY 7:'M 16) WEDXESDAV MOVIK OF THF, W E E K - " A l l Together Now" 8:00 ·· MAM!i:XTEIJ-"Thc Wrong Man" Dave Barrett goes a f t e r a double-crossing gangster who is being pursued simultaneously by the bonds he has victimized. S:KJ 1 2 1 CA\XON-"Pcrfcct Fit for a Frame" Cannon's assignment as a girl's b o d y g u a r d becomes a n i g h t m a r e when he f i n d s h i m s e l f f r a m e d for (he murder of the man she says has been pursuing her. 9:W i f . ) GF.T C H I U S T I E I. ()VK.'~ Television's lo.vj lady -op risks her pretty neck to prevent a childhood f r i e n d f r o m c o m m i t t i n g murder. 9:00 (4) THEATRE IN A M E R I C A - "The Widowing of Mrs. Ilolroyd" Frank Converse, Joyce Eberl, Geraldir.e Fitzgerald, and various members of New Haven's Long Wharf Theatre encore lasl year's highly successful television production. The devastating porlrail of lower middle .class morality in Ihe coal regions of pro-World War I Britain by D.II. Lawrence draws on the author's own life experiences lir:in t ? i Till-; T O X I C I I T .SllOtt'-- Florence Henderson is guesl host Hi: 15 ( 2 i CHS LATK MOVIE- "Kun.i" Craig Slcvcns. Ann Landers 'Professional virgins' labeled teases . i .... i , . . ^1^ . , \ I-A iiniir n u f n n l G Ifin Rl! Uoar Ann Landers: You'll be hearing plenty about that letter from Ihc 18-year-old "fun-loving virgin" who is so proud of herself for keeping "everything intact." It seems her boyfriend wants her to give in, but she is determined to lake her virginity to Ihe marriage bed. I quote: "I've already told him that iflhe lorluru gels too much, he can shove off. Bui he still slicks like flypaper." In high school, we called Ihose types "Professional Virgins." They drove guys crazy, flirting and leasing. They went just as far as liicy could w i t h o u t crossing the line-with no THE FAMILY CIRCUS Arc your parents loo slrict? Hard In reach? Ann Landcrs's hooklcl. "Buggi-d By Parents? Mow to Get Alorc Freedom," Aflcr having had mine snatched sne B ei iu .*· « ..I B .. school could help you bridge the ex.lremely selfish. Moreover, four limes, I decided the best sflphomoie when she couldnt generation gap. Semi SO cents in they usually hale men and use way ID avoid a fifth such oc- lass a fourth-grade English coin wiln your request ana a their bodies lo punish (hem. If I regard whatever for (lie agony and frustralion of the poor fellow who was expccled lo "cool il" on demand, (iirls who behave that way arc hunch. isworscr. + + Is (here any hope for [his girl? Dear column aboul purse-snatchers: . After having had mine snatched she get lo be a high .*. -L »i_ la UK 11 HIM uuyt i u i i i i i . i £'* ' Ann Landers. Re your VVhal can he done to get her to i aboul purse-snalchers: speak decent English? How dit self-addressed were in Ihot dude's plate, I'd shove off. NO girl is heller than a lease.-In The Know Dear In: You're right about the mail. I heard plenty aboul the "lease" and most of the letters came from high school and college students (males) who called her names the papers wouldn t prinl. Thanks for your letter. II was the best of the By Bi! Keane currence was not to carry one. grammar test 0 Please answer long stamped. MY keys change and a few these questions I'd like lo help envelope lo Ann Landers, t .u. - ' ' dollar bills go into one pocket, my lipstick and compact and hankie go into another pocket. My credit cards I leave home unless I intend lo go shopping, then I put the two or three I might need in my shoe. I haven't been robbed since, and I feel a tot safer, These days a junkie in "Fun City" would jusl as soon kill you for your pocketbook as look at you. It's amazing how much stuff women carry in their purses lhat they really don't need. Sign me-Fearless and Happier Dear F and H. I agree. Jusl for the f u n - o f it. ladies, look inside your purse righl now and you'll discover the writer is correct. Too many of us are staves to habit. The habit of carrying a purse can be broken if ii woman puts her mind to it. + + ·*- Dear Ann Landers: There is this neat girl I've known for, quite a while. She is cool, with it, and has lots of friends. Everyone enjoys having her around. She's the kind your mother would love. The problem: Her grammar is something you have lo hear to believe. This chick is a high school sophomore yet she says things like, "Me and him went skating," or, "We was walking arm in arm." This hi-r.-Embarrasspd Friend Dear Friend: I'd like an answer lo that lasl question myself. I receive letters every day from high school students whose grammar mnd spelling is out of this world. The only solution for your friend is to gel private tuloring, work like a dog, and keep at it until she is able to overcome her deeply ingrained speech habits. 1 hope she is willing to do it because il she isn't, she is destined lo go through life sounding like an ignoramus. Rax J400. Elgin. 111. GOI20. - - - · · · -- . ^^^^^^~~ · «n.T niuMiL£ injij 111 arm. jnis "When you see a dot on the ceiling that wasn't there aflernoon she was showing me rWnrP then .hot', n «,,." tW ° P° C TM SllC llad . Wrillen an(1 before, then asked if I would tell her "which Program Highlights 7:30 121 M+A+S-t-H- llawkeye has an altercation with Frank liurns which causes Frank lo place him under "house arrest," confining him lo quarters until a courl-marlial can he convened. 8:30 (·)) THE ASCENT OF MAN -- "Music of the Spheres" This film traces the evolution of mathematics and explores Ihe relationship of numbers lo musical harmony, early astronomy, and perspective in painting. II follows the spread of Greek ideas through the courts and bazaars of Ihe Islamic empire to Moorish Spain and Renaissance Europe. 9:0(J (G) MARCUS WELDY, M.D.--"Dark Corridors" After the death of a close friend. Dr. Wclby becomes emotionally involved with an inexplicably ill musical !!:IIO 12) THE COAI- TUESDAY jewel thief in Hie hope he will n.-«5 121 CUS LATE MOVIE- Icad him to a man-wife team "Madigan-Thc Manhallan who is suspeclud of planning "-Hichard Widmark. a million dollar jewel rob- Itonny CON, Tony Lo Bianca bery. Cat hitches ride underneath auto BEAUDSTOWN, 111. ( U P I ) Beany, a Ian Persian cat wilh a nick oul of his right car and a chipped front tooth, is back home, with Rusty. He has seen enough of (he grimy side of life while clinging to the axle of a salesman's car. Beany disappeared lasl Dec. 20 when Nancy l-Yakes and her family were moving from an aparlmenl lo a house in this town 57 miles wcsl of Springfield. Thai upset Kusty Krakes, 12, who regarded thc'nearly 2- year-old male as his properly. "We had given up all hope." was the architect of the surprise atlack on Pearl 'TM? ei ;i a ! Ju ? a ^ ScNa ^ * salesman for a Springfield wholesaler, pulled up in fronl of Hunter's Cigar Store. Wilcoxson told Charlie Hunter the car sounded funny, like a cat meowing. Unable lo see a n y t h i n g , Wilcoxson wenl over to another Harbor. U:tin i f ) POLICE STOHY- 1'ernell Roberts stars as detective Sal Grosser who trails a brazen but inept One of his customers, Tom Penwarden of Tom's Standard Service, to show him the car thai wenl "meow, meow." "I Ihoughl he was kidding because he is kind of a joker." Penwarden said. "We pul the car up on the rack and (here was this cat clinging to Ihe rear axle. He was kind of dirty and greasy." Wilcoxson said he was cerlain Hie car was meowing all Ihe way from Arenzville, a good 10 miles lo the soulh. Off sped Wilcoxson lo Arenzville lo see if he could locate the owner. This lime Ihc cal rode inside the car. In Beardstmvn, Penwarden told the slory of (he traveling cat to Mrs. Frakcs, who works in his grocery store. "I wonder if that is our Persian?" she said. Wilcoxson compared noles with Mrs. FraXcs by leiepfionc. A tan Persian w i t h black markings, a nicked ear. a broken tnolh. Safety Council cites kite danger I.aura Asner. Devon. I10ISK--Shop owners and prospective buyers are warned by Ihe Idaho Safely Council as to possible safely problems with a new (ypc of kite according to Holier) T. Cooper, president. When assembled, the kite is 45 fed long, said Cooper, and because it is made of aluminized Mylar, it poses serious danger of death or injury !o a person F.dwani "' in K il "ear overhead eleclric power lines Livestock, Produce Several incidents involving Ihis type of kile have hcen reported nationally which have involved injuries, damage lo electrical facilities and interruption of service, according lo reports received by Ihe Idaho organization. A request has been made lo the Consumer Product Safety Commission asking for a ban nn the sale and use of kites made of aluminizcd Mylar, Cooper said. The Idaho Safely Council believes lhat all persons should be aware of Ihc possihle dangers of kiles of this lype. MO VI f pt'tn "·ay* com El PG H ®* «,««,c E RATING GUIDE ir firtifs utf Till} PitpU 1 iOOal t'-r tV'Ifd-'-l^ e f"l f"*-t*vfOfr*trrt-iiJ'er AIL AGES ADMiTTCD Gt1ll|1AjC«ncfI « -| SUGGESTED S j U h * f o i P.* Trrr-^e.l -80!- RiSTfllCTEO 43! '" DONE U'fDtR 1/ADMilTLL ;SS!1 CHICAGO (UI'll - Chicago Mercanlilc Kxchangc closing price range: 0|'«n High !x)w Close Sales Live Caltle l-'eh 35.70 ^5.7S 15.02 35.65-.75 972 Apr 3C.95 35.DO 36.90-.8fl 4MB Jun 37.10 37.3f) 36.35 37.20-.3fl 2023 Aug 37.10 37.31) 36.40 37.30-.10 450 Ocl M.90 36.90 36.10 3G.60a 77 Oec 3C.«2 36.90 36.55 36.80 51 Fro;cn i'ork licllies t'ctl 6490 GC.45 63.65 66.40-.451) 1816 Mar 64.95 66.50 M.87 66.50-.50b 3140 .May 85.55 67.40 64.90 S7.40b Jill 66.25 07.95 65.60 G7.95b AugB5.00 66.70 64.50 66.70b 65.20 Fch64.70 65.251) 64.50 65.10 66.0Ca J29C 498 49 15 JOUST. HI. f U P f ) -Livestock: Cattle 5,500; trade slow; steers and heifers .50-1.00 lower: choice and prime slccrs 35.50-37.00; high choice and prime 31.75-34.00; choice 34.50-37.00; good and choice 31.00-34.50; high choice and prime heifers 35.00-35.50; choice 33.50-35.25; good and choice 30.50-34.00. Hogs 1,000; Irade moderate; barrows and gills .25-.50 lower; no. 1-2 215-225 II). 40.25; no. 1-3 215-250 Ib. 39.00-40.00; r.o. 3-4 350 Ib. 35.00. Tuesday's estimated receipts 300 cattle; 1,000 hogs.. I'OflTUNU (UPI) - (USDA) - Livestock: Caillo and calves 500. Slaughter steers small lot good 780-955 Ib 28.00 · 32.75; heifers standard-good 22.00- 29.50; cows utility- commercial 18.00-21.25; standard 22.00-22.50; culler H.2,i-I7.00: canncr 11.0014.25; bulls 1-2 1100-1500 Ib 24.25-26.75; feeder steer choice 835 Ib 24.00. ENDST FORTHKSAKE OT YOUR SANITY. PRAY ITISNTTRLH:! ' "HOUSE THAT VANISHED" "APARTMEJITON THE 3rd FLOOR" 51-3792 TM *^^^rf"^^S BMICHT A Sun rrHflrnawxva" P/oducior.i Release TbeUfeaadTimefof GRIZZ1Y,; ADAMS 11 " cotonev DELUXE' InBfimioiul noaxKK. Inr THEATRE DINNER SPECIAL FOR TWO! Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Nights $Q99 ForT-o V Plus Tax Choice oM Dinners Dinner of the Thoroughbred and Thealrfl at Th» Karchsr Mall Twin! THOROUGHBRED Restaurant-Lounge Karcher Mali--Nampa ; fABULOUS HASH OflHl 50's Plus temptuous co-hit DiledUI-l!iifeil8gcliMlM T O I ' C I N K M V Doors open at 5:30 4 5 4 - 1 7 3 1 Oeof Paiior IF yoj * C u'd bs oi- Fended by a I!TI o^ a sexual na' yo u r pa'ior-cge is r.o' so'niied. The Managmtnt ENDS TONIGHT "GROOVE TUBE" $ "LOVE AND PAIN" STARTS WEDNESDAY n nrwsrrmi splendor... Hiemosnmtfjiilimit ]it(iirt' nor! GONE WITH THEWMT CIARKGABLK LESLIE mm OmiAdcBAVILL Times, 12:00-4:00-8:00 EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT Buy 1 delicious Finger Steak Dinner at the regular price of 53.20 and get the 2nd Dinnerfor 'A PRICE! Kj'rfs . . . We Lot* 'em. Sptrial Plates Upon Request! COUNTRY INN 803 12th Aye. Rd., Nompa fAcross from Alb«rtsonsJ NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES! In tlic year 1843. John Sifcr. a toy ol 13. wi'tli his brothers ami 515t cr s ineluJin,; an infant set off on on.: of tlic most i'ncrcJi'blc journeys in American history. Tin's is a true account of Ihcir hazardous 2000 mile trek alon^ the l^Jary O«(onTrji! in pursuit of a dream. A TRUE STOflY ,,,,,, . . Proudly Presents L£j Seven Alone ' aJOTTDMTfflntess Storing DEWEY MARTIN ALOO RAV - ANN COLUNGS · DEAN SMITH a n d - STEWART PETtRSEN as MnSapr' UIIDM:-.! m. i t ''·«"'' f '«»" Mm HRK . , IT I U W W H V 3 MKJITDtS MKJ 'MI-5:

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