Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 30, 1977 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 15
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Mon., May 30.1977 GUEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 15 Artist Donna Raub honored Local artist, Donna Raub, recently was awarded the purchase award at the Poudre Valley Art League Kth Annual Regional Art Show in Fort Collins. The jurors of the show were Thomas Berg, professional painter currently working under a fellowship PIZZA DELIVERED SANDWICHES and PASTA 356^847 . . CABLES - END 1105.26th Ave. HICKORY SMOKED BBQRIBS 53 Favorite Sandwiches THE DELI 27018th Ave. 353-3ES5 from the Western Steles Art Foundation, and Richard Luster, assistant professor of Fine Arts, University of Northern Colorado. Her oil painting, entitled, "The Green Door" will be donated by Poudre Valley Art League to the City of Fort Collins to be hung in the new Lincoln Center. Also exhibiting from Greeley were Rodney A. Barnes who received third prize for his ceramic "Pedestal Pot," and Norma Cardiner and Lydia Ruyle who each received an honorable mention. The show was held in the new Fort Collins Public Library, May 7-27. Mrs. Raub is a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Northern Colorado, a current member of Studio 10, a fine arts cooperative, and gives private art classes for children. Candy Clark cottons to candid closeups Family Day Special Tuesdays Only! Justa little Scrumpdillyishus · willgefycua BIG BRAZIER for only 49 C ~ r *$®r ^%4°-* fft With DAIRY QUEEN' Scrump. dillytsnus BRAZIER- Foods d! these prices -- II pays lo bring the whole family. C'mon over, lo participating DAIRY QUfcbN BRAZIER stores. Dairii Queen brazier 1635 8th Ave. and 2077 Greeley Mall ig. U.S Pa). OH., Am. 0.0. Corp. k) Copyrighl 1976 Am. D.Q. Corp. By VERN'ON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Among the most fascinating studies in self-torture is the actor watching himself in a movie. There he is, bare faced and 10 times larger than life, up there on the big screen pretending to be someone else. A few performers, simply can't stand the sight of themselves and avoid their own movies. George Raft, for instance, never saw himself on screen. During a preview of "Mister Roberts" the audience was dismayed by anguished moans from a man every time Jack Lcmmon appeared in a scene. When the house lights came up there sat Lemmon, a study in misery. A good many actors attend "dailies" during the course of a movie. Dailies, once called rushes, are the previous day's footage shown by Uie director to gauge the progress and quality of his work. Other stars assiduously duck dailies, sickened or terrified by their celluloid likenesses. Superstars have the power to kill scenes or demand they be shot over again. Candy Clark, the bright young actress who won an Oscar nomination in 1973 for her performance in "American Graffiti," doesn't have enough clout to demand to view dailies. But she sees herself over and over again in theaters. Currently she is starring in "Citizens Band," a film she hopes to watch at least a half dozen times. "A lot of directors won't let the cast watch dailies any more," Candy said unhappily. "So you really don't know how you're doing in a movie while you're in the middle of making it. "I think they're afraid our performances will be affected by what we see. But studying dailies helps a performance. "For instance, while we were making 'Citizens Band' I was afraid my makeup would look orange on the screen. I wanted to set my fears aside. But they wouldn't let me. It was in the back of my mind throughout production. "Well, I finally saw the finished picture and the makeup turned out okay. But I wish I'd known that while we were shooting." Candy must wait until the studio holds a preview or the movies are being shown in theaters. Then, time permitting, she becomes a steady customer. It's not that Candy suffers terminal narcissism. She's simply determined to become the best actress possible. She saw "American Graffiti" nine times and "The Man Who Fell to Earth" seven times. She saw her first picture, "Fat City," several times too. "I Will, I Will, For Now" was a bomb which Candy saw only once -- by accident on an airplane. Sometimes she slips into a theater alone. On other occa- sions she is accompanied by a friend. "The first time I see myself in a picture it's a shock," she said, laughing. "I seldom do anything but sit there and watch myself, stunned that I look so big. "The second time around 1 watch the other actors and see how they are reacting to me. It tells me if I'm relating to them and they to me. "At the third screening I see how the story evolves and by the fourth time I manage to see the whole picture in it's proper perspective. I have to go through those four stages to see the picture the way an audience does." .What about the fifth, sixth and subsequent times? "Thats when I really study what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong as impartially as possible," Candy said. "I think I can be very objective about my performance after the first viewing. Really, seeing my pictures that often has nothing to do with ego. I look for things not to do next time, like slouching or using my hands too much. "And even though I'd like to see the dailies, there's more to be learned from watching myself in a theater full of people. I like to get feedback from the audience to see if they like what I do. "I can tell if they respond to me. I learn a lot by what they 'Knights of long Knives' Is tedious THE NIGHTS OF THE LONG KNIVES. By Hans Hel- Imut Kirst. Coward, McCann Gcoghegan. 579 Pages. DRIVE UP fora PIZZA Call 15 minutes ahead and pick up your order at our drive-up window! 110526th Ave. Carry Out and Delivery This is a tedious novel. In addition to being burdened with a plot that wanders aimlessly about before being resolved in a slapdash manner in the last few pages, the book also carries a numbing load of : cliches and cumbersome 1 phrases. Consider: "...they stood poised on the lonely but commanding heights of human existence." "The words amounted to an order, and one that was destined to have dire consequences." "The late afternoon sun streamed in, alchemizing the 1 champagne into liquid gold." "Heavy of heart but true to the dictates of his conscience, Norden drew his 10.5 magnum." The heavy-hearted Norden just mentioned, by the way. largely is the figure around whom this ungainly novel revolves. It opens with Norden being found shot to death in Switzerland, many years after World War II has ended. The reason WW II is mentioned is that in the years prior to its outbreak, Norden was one of a six-member team of super- Nazix. The team members, young and incredibly violent, were brought together to do Hitler's dirty work, i.e., killing anyone who happened to incur their leader's displeasure. Phil Thomas AP Books Editor laugh at. I also check out the age group in the theater. I like to appeal to young people because they make up the bulk of an audience. "Very few people recognize me in a theater. I'm usually made up to look quite different on screen than I do in person. In 'Graffiti,' for instance, I wore a blonde wig. "Maybe the best reason for studying myself on the screen it to try to avoid repeating my performances, falling back on familiar patterns and mannerisms. "1 accept one script out of every 25 my agent sends me. 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Come on in to Sirloin Stockade any Monday or Tuesday from S^^*:*. 5 P.M. til closing and order up our · . '*: %, -.··"·· Stockade Club Special; - P s " ' " : a tenc ' er ' delicious i x ··''"' c l |J b steak, your L^--. choice of potato, a . thick slice of Stockade only ... THE FAMILY STEAKHOUSE 1542 8th Ave. Ye Greeley Village Inn 5912 W. 10th St. May 31st thru June 3rd TUESDAY... Barbecue Beel Ribs, Corn on the Cob, Sauteed Potatoes, Salad. c/* PA Includes Glass of Wine 2,50 WEDNESDAY.. .Mexican Special-- 1 Beef Burritos, Spanish Rice, Chili Relleno Casserole, ^ _ Salad. Includes Glass of Wine S 2.50 THURSDAY... Ravioli with Garlic Bread, Italian Vegetable, Salad. » Includes Glass ol Wine 2.50 FRIDAY... Fried Shrimp, Fried Potatoes, Green Beans, New England Clam Chowder, Salad. - rt _ rt Includes Glass of Wine 2.50 "ItH GlMlfll" UlB HBhi.Tr.iJ lli plijlri hinielf Bu£itlr.e. Jchn Unit). llcid HjjitH Sp«ul AppeinKtt Ej RcStrt Djill, Bfn IafciK.1. 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