Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1962
Page 7
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Monument Enshrines Dec. 7,1941 Memory r MALCOLM IARR PEARL HA1UJOH. Hawaii AP) -A gleaming white monument, eaU-hing bright rays of the sub- tr-jpieal -Mia cnshrino forever the -- T -- _. --,,,,,,,,.,, I U ii.ici vi«c -- *""M"v« auiiau aUu 3 QaUlt* memory of men killed on a Dec. 7 ground strewn with dead and morning 21 years ago. The monument, built atop tht sunken hulk ol the- battlethip Ari- iona at Pearl Harbor, marks the and in the famous They recall that the Sunday morning began like nearly every Hawaii-l a Hue other s fcv getting wanner ai the tun row grave of 1,102 fines entombed . . - .-.. ww Bvttuig n in IIItT as warship. It also is a memorial to a light lrad wind all others who perished in the 7:53 a m. Japanese attack on Dec 7. 1911. Pearl Harbor has not been for gotten. The new nuclear subm* lines, the giant auvralt carrier* the swift destroyers, all pipe a salute to the Arizona as they glide by. Thoie who were at the huge naval base west of Honolulu tha CHUCK WABON DINNER SATURDAY NIGHT All you c»n eit, 4 M tea or coffee Included lifc Restaurant Enlarjed Dining Room For Private Pirtlti Wett Fair Shopping Ctnttr 2003 9th St. ·acific, hat this to tay : The at- l»ck was executed with the ob- ective of neutralizing American naval power It sank ships, it tilled herns tieteoders. It did not. however, subdue the spirit o( America and the will to win on the part uf Adm. Nimitz, Habev sunny Sunday remember the ter r- - ^^, ..««r. -ifying a*ne. a nightmare of *" Spruance and Gen. Mac- raging explosions, black billowing smoke, sinking warships. Arthur." , . ·--, - -·-, r mashed aircraft and a battle- l ^ sm plots to neutralize the superiority of American military power and the resolve to use h when needed for «tlf-preservation. The plot is a big bluff. in Red Then, from out of the mountains back of the harbor, small dark shape* darted toward the low-ly- «g base. They flew toward Ford Island, in the heart oi Pearl H^. bor's vast installations, and toward Hickaro and Wheeler fields ·s well. The raids lasted about W minutes and, whin the waves oi planes departed, 2,403 men lay dead. Nearly hslf of them were in the tunken Arizona. Another 1.300 were wounded And ther »ere some 1.000 others »ho neve were found again Four battleships in all were sunk. One \va.- heavily daraagec and three took lesser damage. The question this year--repeat ed out of the past--is: Was the tragic lesson of 21 years ago wasted, or is Pearl Harbor safe now from surprise attack? Adm. Harry D. Fell, command er of all military forces in the . . , , , , ,. m e ns In today, war world commu- ^ refugws USm oloLt tci nei4rali7j tVi* cnn»_ .i_t, ^ Indian Hopes Rise With Aid From U.S. NEW DELHI, India AP) Prime Minister Nehru told troops Mines Thursday that India is wilding a defense machine that will drive back any new Red Chinese advances Mao Tie- is willing fur 300 million of them to be sacrificed in a war to destroy the United States?" Pope Authorizes New Rules To Speed Council VAT.CAN CITY A P I - Pope S".. ftnhCr John XXIII today authorized new JFK To See Nevada N-Blast Site on Inspection Tour He told reporters later he to"* could lee no can ,,«, s of Amer : , d . ers may be requested. Neither, ht said, could he foresee any radica changes fai the arms India is re- Friday. Ptc. 7, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pa(t 7 WASHINGTON (API-President Kennedy will view a nuclear-fashioned hole in the ground in Nevada on his weekend tour of military and scientific centers in the Midwest and Far West. The White House, in anonuncing Kennedy's schedule, said be will fly over the U.S. nuclear weapons test ground u. southern Nevada on Saturday Among other things he will see the crater--1,100 feet across and several hundred feet deep--that was dug by a nuclear detonation equivalent to 100.000 tons of TNT in a test explosion July. questinf from the United States."?! Ju J£ . ,, , , . . _ . . ··rK:«« \a e 4, r · I Kennwiv !eav»« Waslnmtmt cv;. lliina fits done Ui a favor in . - tTM*-- ..__!.,,,,-- ... "China has done us a favo a sense by waking up the whole country and by uniting us all," he said. "We will not let the Chinese ad- " ** Stopping at Charduar 50 milet i . j i .' ,-- oiuppuig ai Lnarauar 50 n regulations denned to apetd the mu, Q i^ vn Red chinese work o the Roman Catholic Ecu- .Ufa,,. Kehru said ^^ M _ ironical Council by using its nine- es-being bolstered bv aid from month recess to redraft almost all he United States and Britain - H-m-m-m good! Those Halibut Steaks Baked Potatoes Are Delicious! TRY -EM ON OUR FRIDAY MIGHT IPECIAL INDOORS Itl You it tht FROSTOP DRIVIN Hlghwiy IS--Evini WELD COUNTY FARMERS UNION Firmtr - Butln«ttm«n'« Families Annual Banquet TiMfay, Dte, 11, CoMMHity Blig. 6:30 I.M, Guest Speaker Lee D. Herring Enjoy this humorist creditor «ood will between th« t»rm«r and Inn builnetiman. Mr. Herrlai coimi to Oreel«y from Crnnd Prairie. Teim, where h« li Vic« !r««ldent ot lh« Ornnd I'ralrl* Slau Bank. Sponsored by WELD COUNTY 'BANK and ending Sept. »-were ounccd to the 2,200 council lath- rs at their session in St. Peter's. Many council fathers have said « council, at its current pace, ould go on lor years. Preparatory India eventually would victor in the conflict with ai - Communists over disputed territory. : 'as more than a border dispute "It 1s a itruggle for the inde pendence of India," he said. Speaking to thousands of sol . , - f --' upwAuig lu uiuusana rnmissmns wrote more than 7t, diers and6re[u6MS who rdWTlS fir I K o C O G tnv « w n « . : _ . n . -- . . . r O J e C ' ion of a commission, lay morning, landing first at Of- int Air Force Base in Omaha Neb., for a tour of the Strategic Air Command underground head quarters and a secret briefing. He goes from there to Santa Fe N.M.. arriving early in the after noon, for a tour of the Lot Alamos scientific laboratory where he'l get a briefing on the Rover nu clear-powers;! rocket project. the 1^. J r -hi ' «," amma - «« "iinese attacks in northeast cZtoft mWfa d ' Cr " 5 * M «. N** «M ^ia would not p'lTr: , · .,«. faU toto "y Communist trap tha Pope John · rule,, iHued Tnuri. mav fe ^ by Pekin ., ^ , aid the council's commuiions t during the By helicopter be travels to Kirtland Air Force Base, near Albuquerque. N.M., for another tour and more briefing, this time at the nearby Sandia Corp. plant where many ol the items used in nuclear bombs and warheads are made. He will stay oieruight at Albuquerque, attending Mass at the jase chapel Saturday morning-a Kcmtn Catholic observance o: !he Feast of tie Immaculate Conception. After Mass. Kennedy will fly to Indian Springs Aii Force Base in Nevada. Than K. i s ^ K a hcli copter ride o\er the nuclear test ing grounds en route to a tour ol three installations oi the nuclear development station near Las Ve as. Nev. After that Kennedy skips over to Palm Springs, Calif. for a da\ and a half a! relaxation. He wil Dennis Crosby Third To Hove Marital Trouble HOLLYWOOD 'APi - Dennis, Crosby, third of crooner Bing's wys to encounter marital problems, reportedly has embarked on a trial separation from ex- showgirl Pat Sheehiin. She told a newsman: "It happened about a week and a half ago. but I am sure it's not serious and we will get back together." "I don't know where Dennis is slaying at the moment." she said. Dennis' twin. Phillip, reportedly lives at home with wile Sandy only part time. Youneer brother Lindsay has been suied for divorce by wife Barbara. Elder brother Gary and his wile are reportedly very happy. The four are Bing's sons by his first wife, the late Dixie Lee. He now U married to actress Kithy Grant. 2 Kindt of Truth PHILADELPHIA 'API-- "Logic 2nd Faith" is the title of a lew study of the relations between science and religion, by the Rev. Dr. Walter E. Stuermann, a Presbyterian minister and mathematician, published by Westminster Press. He concludes that both religion and science are compatible uests for ruth. fuller integrity and Everyday Special BROASTED CHICKEN Sl.OO Also Steaks and Shrimp KERSEY INN Kersey, Colo. Open Til 6 p.m. Sunday! . stay at singer Bing Crosby's home leaving Sunday night for an overnight night back to Washington. Madagascar Fourth-Largest Island Nation in the World If VIRGINIA THOMPSON TANANARIVE, Madagascar i APi - This is officially tht u'w a oilu iciugCTS f*IIQ SUTVlVro --. -- ---..· »..». Red Chinese attacks in northeast M »»« t5 y Republic, free from - Franc* »inc« 19SO. hut its islind home is itUl known at Madagascar. withdrawals. FronUiM . i n , ^ r o n M "P 0 ^. i M a a w i . edraft the schemes, condensing indicated Red China had not yet " lived "P "nipletely to its pledge "oops fron^ 5 V anced positions Indin It is almost a Texas-size island, actually the fourth largest in the world -- alter Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. It U off Africa, but the Mala- [asy people regard Africans as olorodo Ready Spruce To Trim , road on the north At White House WASHINGTON (APl-A 71-foot blue spruce tree stood ready for ,,,, M lights and trimming in the ellipse na(i mere |., Behind the White House on Thursday ai Washington got ready for Christmas. President Kennedy will light the tree--the 1962 national Christmas tree--to open the Christmas Pag spokesman said Peking itself hint- td that Communist forces were ·till holding positions in Ladaxh on the northwest frontier. . . 0 out theu- ad- cattle, at least for of prestige, and for sac at weddings and funerals. He also feels he must have a rice field, from' the proceeds o which he can feed himself and liis family. This rice field and his hronic nomadism that has hurt I onomic productivity. Although besmen from the drought-rid-1 south often have to seek on northern pantations and IMS. many other individual dis- acements are purely voluntary id curtail the output of rice .·Ids and Dlantations. jl The Malagasy people have little I terest in events outside their U wn immediate environment. The | overnment, more aware of the dangers of Isolation in the modern || orld, has joined the Union Afri aine et Malgjche with the mod ate, pro-Western French-speak-i ing African states. But tyj is only a diplomatic ignment and even Madagascar's overning group has little interest n other peoples, including those in nearby countries. into ruin while he spend large sums for the embellishmen eant of Peace on Dec. 17. The tree-estimated to be years old-came from the San Is able National Forejt near Salida, Colo. It will be the central feature in the annual two-week Pageant of Peace observance. , K withdrawn them as they said they would do starting last Saturday. Indian troops havt not advance toward the Chinese pwitioni, apparently holding back M u not to break the Chinese cease-fire ol '* Nov. a at a forerunner to withdrawals. The Chinese said they would withdraw their troops 124 miles behind what they consider the line ot actual control on Nov. 7, 1969 Voted Against COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Sen. Thomas Worthington. ,v'«se home has been preserved imd opened to the public in Chillicolhe, Ohk. was the only Ohio congressman to vote against the declaration of the War of i8i;. McDonald's America's Favoim HAMBURGER A Boulder Woman Acquitted on Assault Charge BOULDER (API-Mrs, Patricia Anne Collins, attractive 35-year- ld divorcee, was acquitted in Gov. Steve McNichols. The slender brunette showed no emotion when the jury of six men and five women announced its verdict. Mrs. Collins was charged with assaulting John S. Carroll, mar ried and a father, with a knife on the front porch of Carroll's rame here last July 23. The pair lad been dating for some time. Mrs. Collins said she drew the inife and was attempting to lake ler own life when Carroll told her ic would not see her again. During a struggle, she said, the knife was deflected and plunged into Carroll's chest. He suffered a punctured lung. T h e defendant's attorneys. Charles K. Williams and Edgar Ixicke Jr.. said Mrs. Collins has iried several limes in past years to commit suicide. She has been divorced since 1S3T. Carroll, recovered from his njurles, attended much of (he Ihrec-day trial with his wife. Carroll. 31. works as an administrative assistant to McNichols. Mrs. Collins formerly taught at Adams State College in Alamosa. V.F.W. 2121 Commander-in-Chief's DANCE Friday. Dec. 7 9:30 p.m. Members and Guests (entucky Big Smoke LEXINGTON, Ky (API - Bur-l ey tobacco sales in Kentucky last I season totaled nearly double that I Jimself into debt for years to h can properly celebrate funerals and rites (or the dead. It is often said that of Madaga car'j Sij million people, a millio are Protestants, a million ar Roman Catholics, and most ar ancutor worshipers. A man will readily leave his work and travel for miles to a tend funerals and tht rites con nected with the periodic rewrap- ping of corpttt in new cloth, What would strike the Western er as gruesoma and mournful occajions are welcomed by th Malagasy as opportunities fo sociability, feasting! and drinking As many cattle as powible ar sacrified at a funeral, and their horns ' are placed on the tomb Such celebrations provide plent ful meat and drink, and supposedly good fortune for the year t come to the one lucky enough 1 get a bit of the shroud. All this leads to a kind o of the combined total of the seven other hurley sales states. Kentucky markets sold 3tt,632.S46 pounds while all other states sold 1M.01I.M8 pounds. State Porki Ahtad WASHfNGTON-National parks allied 79,000,000 visits last year; State parks, 259,000,000 visits: national forests, 102,000,000 visits. OPEN I P»NC»KE MOUSE 5 to g p.m. Clostd Monday 615 26th St. 1 TU:- e i-- . K t A 1 CLUB LIDO LAST TWO DAYS To See the "All Girl Revue" Opening Monday, December 10 Bill Goodwin and his Western Swing Band Featuring a SQUARE DANCE KICKOFF with One of the Country's Finest Callers B ot Gilcrest, Colorado Again serves their Salad Buffet as a prelude to your Sunday Dinner. Come and Bring Your Family and Friends Serving From 12 Noon to 8 P.M. MCDONALD'S "ALL/AMERICAN" Come to Mi-Donald's and Re! Vra ... they're Am«ric*'i Knvoritf HnmbtirRcr . , . ihll only J5r. Comt as vou are In MrDnnnld'* . . . and hring » hwrty apptti**, l i f t fast, rhrcrful. rnuriroat srrvlce . .. plenty of fret pArXirtR . . . no cnr hops , . . no tipping . . , plus the tnjtiri't ftxxi in town. iti a pleasure every family can afford/ USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS HAMBURGH* SHAKE -FRENCH FIIIES · · · McWKAlD'S "AH AMERICAN MEAL" ONLY 47c FDR A FAMILY OF FIVE $2.35 - \'.'»'', \'\irt Hi-ff H i j m l M i r K r r f . only IS.- . i r r a m y . i r l p l e - l h l t k M i l k Plukcn, only JOc. Jiili rirh , ... iTls|i. dcllc loin Krcnrh KHM wily Ur. A family uf fhi- ran (-n)uy MrlVinnliU "All A m r r l r a n Meal" fur onlv t:,s . . . » [SUM of f u n , fooii, nnd frrjli air . . . at r x i r n t h i i f t r-ritf-i McDonald's the diive-in with the arches 2440 I* ATIKIM »uy rturvtd tkktti In Ore«l»y it Th« CAMFItLO MOTEL DISK 721 8tv«nth fttrett GRAND OPENING of the Red Rooster Restaurant 3 Miles West of Greeley Todoy -- 4 p.m. to 12 Midnight Sunday -- U q.m, to 12 Midnight Specialty . . . Fried Chicken Buy 1 Chicken Dinner, Receive Another Chicken Dinner Free! Open * * 4 p.m. - 12 midnight - Tues. thru Sat. 11 am. - 12 midnight · Sunday Closed Monday DAMN THE DEFIANT! starring ALEC GUINNESS Color LAST DAY AND i open 1:00--Show «tart« 1:30 STARTS SUNDAY "A FINE PICTURE I SALUTE IT" *|fti« --The New Yorker MARK t+4 GRMFfl MEMORABIEI" 9ft MARIA SCHEU. STUART WHITMAN "THE MARK" ^j ROD STEIQER

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