Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 30, 1977 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 14
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14 GREELEY (Colo.) THIBl'XE Mon.. May 30.19T7 FTC probes car monopoly at airports " I m l I by THOMAS JOSEPH - By MirilAKL J. CUVLON I WASHINGTON iCPl) - The ^Federal Trade Commission is Investigating whether 59 air- J ports in 33 stales and Puerto \ Rico have cooperated in i monopolistic practices by car * rental firms using their premis- · r} FTC officials said the invest!- "gation is an offshoot of an earlier antitrust case against the three biggest car rental agencies ·-- Hem, Avis and National -- which were accused of monopolizing business at the airports by conspiring on Monday evening p.m. 6:30-2 Dick Van Dyke 4 Hollywood Squares i ABC News Special 6 Aisha 7 World of Animals 9 Baseball 7:00-2 Adam 12 -1 Little House on The Prairie 5-7 Je'fersons STheBible- The Source 7:30--2 Hogan's Heroes 5-7 Pilot 6 MacN'eil. Lehrer 8:00-2 Movie 4 OIL-Town 5-7 Maude 6 Decades of Decision 8:30 5-7 All's Fair 9:00--5-7 Sonny and Cher 6 Pallisers 9 Mike Douglas 10:00-2 News ·! News 5 News 6 Austin City Limits 7 News 9 News 10:30-2 Movie 4 Johnny Carson 7 Kojak 10:35--5 Kojak 9 Mary Hartman 11:00-6 Black Journal 11:05-9 All That Glitters 11:35--9 Sts. of San Francisco 11:40-7 Cool Million 11:45-5 Cool Million 12:00--4 Tomorrow 12:15--2 News 12:45--9 Toma 1:00--! News 1:15--7 Marcus Welby contracts and agreeing on car rental prices. That case was settled with consent agreements from the companies in which they pledged to slop the alleged practices. But the commission still is looking at possible involvement of airport authorities, said FTC officials who confirmed the inquiry after it was reported in the newsletter "FTC: Watch." The newsletter said the agency "has been examining its jurisdiction over municipally owned airports and has concluded that it at least has the authority to investigate if mil bring an enforcement action." . The resolution ordering the investigation says it is to "determine whether various airport authorities are or have been engaged in acts or practices in violation of... the Federal Trad* Commission Act, including contracts in restraint of trade and price fixing combinations Involving the rental of automobiles at their respective airports." At the-time of the complaint against Avis, Hertt and National in June 1975, the FTC estimated the firms controlled 96 per cent of the car rental market at airports. Fraud hampers moving Americans By LOUISE COOK Assoclted Press Writer Millions of Americans will move to new homes this summer, and consumers who shop carefully can save themselves money and trouble. The Interstate Commerce Commission says preliminary figures show there were more than one million interstate household moves last year. The cost of the relocations was over 51 billion. One moving company estimates that 35 million Americans change their residence every year and says more than half of the long-distance moves are made between May 15 and Sept. is: The government recently announced a crackdown on interstate movers who engage in fraudulent practices, but you don't have to wait for the government to act. You can protect yourself. Ray Atherton, chief of the ICC's Household Goods Branch has several suggestions. First, make sure the mover gives you a copy of his 1976 perform ance report. Check several firms and compare reports. The ICC requires the companies to file annual reports on such things as the number of shipments delivered and the number and type of complaints. Copies of all the reports are available at ICC regional offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Fort Worth, Philadelphia and San Francisco, as well as at the agency's headquarters in Washington. Note: moving is expensive. or have the company do it for you. Packing your own furniture takes time -- Atherton suggests setting aside every evening for a week or so. You also may find it harder to collect for damaged goods if you have done your own packing. On the other hand, the service is costly ; having the movers pack can add J500 or more to the cost of an average move. At least one company now offers containerized moves; all your household goods are packed in a single, weatherized container which is sealed, put on a flatbed trailer for shipment and is not unsealed until it reaches the other end. The containerization method cuts the amount of handling and the seal adds security. One target of the government's latest investigation is the practice of adding weight to a load, such as bricks, or falsifying records so the shipment seems heavier than it really Is. Since long-distance movers base charges on weight as well as distance, the extra poundage adds up to higher bills. The ICC said that records of moves by military families showed that the weight listed on the bill was greater than the actual weight in almost 9 per cent of the shipments. To avoid such a problem, make sure you get a weight ticket when the furniture is delivered. This tells you' the weight the bill is based on. If you don't get a ticket, be suspicious. Atherton also advises consumers to watch out for a ticket that has obviously been altered, has no signature or is undated. If you have doubts about whether the weight on the bill equals the amount you shipped, ask for a reweighing. Many movers have their own scales and some communities have public scales as well. Watch while the truck is being re- weighed, ask to see the contents and compare the results with your bill. The consumer has to pay for the reweighing -- about 520 -- but (lie money will be refunded if the weight listed on the bill is 120 pounds or more greater than the real weight. DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE- Here's how it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES A K G K W L N I Q K D S X H P U K - G I L K A K S W D K X D : W T S X F C T u e s d a y e v e n i n g Atherton said that a cross-coun- A l 5 J ^ * « L n H I A « R « U K p.m. 6:30--2 Dick Van Dyke 4 Candid Camera . t r y move f o r a three-bedroom T I Q K N W Q W H A S I S W D K N ' house with about 7,500 pounds of furniture will cost several H I X N K N . -- T M L X F T I H H I F F M · 5 Laverne and Shirley thousand dollars. . Saturday's Cryp'°qu°le: I PLACE ECONOMY AMONG THE 6 Open Channel 7 Match Game 7:00--2 Adam 12 Once you have selected a FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT OF REPUBLICAN VIR- mover, decide whether you TUBS. - THOMAS JEFFERSON want to do the packing yourself ° 19 " Kln « F """' SyuJicii.. inc. 4 Baa Baa Black Sheep · - scsr Daytime TV Schedule 7:30 2 Hogan s Heroes ^^ / 6 MacNeU, Lehrer 9 Laverne and Shirley Monday through Friday 8:00-- 2 Movie 4 Policewoman Denver channels: KWGN (2); KOA-TV'(4) NBC; KRMA-TV (6) PBS: G National Geographic KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) ABC; Cheyenne: KYCU-TV (5) ABC, CBS- 9 Rich Man. Poor M 9:00-^ PoliceStory 9 Barbara Walters 9:30--5 Pilot 7 News 10:00 -- 2 News 4 News 5 News m a - m - . 9:00-- 2 Blinky's Fun Club 5-7 All in the Family 5 :20-7 Pastoral Call 4 Phil Donahue 9 Edge of Night 5:30-- 7 Summer Semester 7 Here's Lucy 2:15-6 Electric Company 6:00-5-7 CBS News 9 Happy Days 2:30-2 Denver Now 6:30-- 1 Romper Hoom 9:30-- 2 Howdy Doody 5-7 Match Game 9 Lone Ranger 5 Love of Life 9 $20,000 Pyramid 6:35-- 2 Farm, Ranch Report 6 Sesame Street 2:50-6 Villa Alegre 7 McMillian and Wife _ 6:40 ~ 2 News ? Tattletales 3:00-2 Flintstones 9 News 10:30 -- 2 Movie 4 Johnny Carson 7:00-2 Cartoons 9 Family Feud 4 Lucy Show * Today 9:55-5 CBS News 5 Tattletales 5-7 Capt. Kangaroo 10:00-2 Father Knows Best 7 Dinah 10:35-5 McMlllian and Wife . 9 Good Morning Am. 4 Name That Tune 9BradyKids 9 Mary Hartman 11:05--9 All That Glitters 11:35--9 Movie 12:00 -- 4 Tomorrow 7 Marcus Welby 12:25--2 News 1:00--4 News ··£" jsSSllii^ JH1*''% ^ t j IIP *£fi ' §[ ' t-i,-* 2ik.: /^»l?^ / . JS|x]||i · / ' · -^v^^^^^^^^ \. X-^alpj««@|Sp ' '" y ·"· '^Sla · ''·'tie^iEianM tEaUHSHrr. ^ '· : ·' ·',- · ^ · I · '-V · · f · ·;"··. 1, ;/ '-l g£a5ssi|gg|gggji§i 7:30-2 McHale's Navy 5 Young, Restless 3:30-- 2 Archies 8:00-2 Flintstones 7 Price Is Right 4 Brady Bunch 5 Here's Lucy 9 Second Chance 5 Variety 7 Cartoons 10:30-2 Not For Women Only . 6 Variety 8:30-2 Variety 4 ChicoandtheMan 9 Emergency One 5 Price is Right 5 Search For Tomorrow 4:00-2 Superman 7 Corner Pyle 9 Ryan's Hops 4 Star Trek 1 1 :00-2 Perry Mason 5 Little Rascals Mrs. Ernie (Mary) Garcia, 37 years old, mother of 2 lost 27 Ibs. in just 6 weeks. You can do it too! 1 -m lit Uic U s - \ ^ *^1--- -- ·Ll' '*!· S\ ^i DIET ^ \ * [-*j *"·( /~*T"'"\T f T l T' l |J / ' * ;^; UtfitiOttp SisUMtntfi For information or appointment eg! Call Lola Mathenjr i New Owner .and ^ Difil Counselor f 351-0491 or 353-4546 i 1020 2m Ave., Greelej Plan 1 By West Albertson's ; Also Ft. Collins and Loveland ^ 4 Gong Show 6 Sesame Street 5-9 All My Children 7 Merv Griffin 7 Young, Restless 4:30-- 2 Gilligan's Island 11:25--6 Electric Company 5-9 ABC News 11:30-- 4 Hollywood Squares 5:00-- 2 I Love Lucy 7 Search Tomorrow · 4 NBC News p.m. 5 CBS News Noon-- 2 Movie 6 Mr. Rogers 4 Noonday 7 News 5 News 9 News 7 News 5:30-- 2 IDreamof Jeannie 9 News 4 News 12:30-5-7 As The World Turns 5 News 6 Variety 6 Electric Company 9 OneLifeToUve 6:00-2 Andy Griffith 1:00-4 Another World 4 To Tell the Truth 1:15-- 9 General Hospital 5 Variety 1:30-5-7 Guiding Light 6 Variety 2:00-- 2 Love, Am. Style 7 CBS News 4 Days of Lives 9 Mike Douglas movie schedule Tuesday Noon, Channel 2 -- "The Monday Wastrel" (BW) with Van Noon, Channel 2 -- "Name of n e flm the Game" with Ray Milland g . M ' p.m., Channel 2 and Lee Grant. "Blackmail" (BW) with 8:00 p.m., Channel 2 - Edward G. Robinson. Name of the Game" with 10: 3o p.m., Channel 2 Fernando Lamas and Vera "China Seas" (BW) with Clark Miles - Gable and Jean Harlow. 10:30 p.m., Channel 2 I1: 35 p.m., Channel 9 "Chained" (BW) with Joan " Puncn and Jo dy" w jth Glenn Crawford and Otto Kruger. Ford and Pam Griffin. ACROSS 1 Military camp 5 Store up 10 Movie dog 11 Entrance IS The commons (2 wds.) 15 Not him It Cockney's castle 17 Dickens character 18 Suffix for host 19 Roadside sign 20 Miss Merkel 21 Bolivian export 22 Famed architect 23 Hearty's call 26 Huntley and namesakes 27 Pack closer 28 Evasive 29 Prior to 30 Shinto temple 31 -- rosa 34 Demeanor 35 Brooch 36 Yoko- 37 Attacking (2 wds.) 10 Concert highlight 41 Way of walking 42 Candle 43 Suburb of Paris DOWN IWash 2 Lenten symbol 3 Moves about 4 Hearing aid 5 Missing link S Role for Charlton Heston 7 Anagram of tar 8 Prominence 9 Imitation silk 12 Racing car site (2 wds.) 14 Goof off (2 wds.) 21 Recipe abbreviation LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Saturday's Answer 22 Child's favorite word 23 Drill command (2 wds.) 24 Differing 25 Samuel F. Smith mote it 26 Trolley sound 28 "Mouse" 30 Tower top 31 Tracking device 32 Up to 33 Plunder 38 Cut off 39"- to prepare a place" (2 wds.) 5 I S 7 1 9VS 7 VQNVd 'fr 'H3M01 E NOi313^S Z Vm - I - H M O O '1VB '/ "nWdNIM 9 'N001 S 'dOl - E - S S O J O V :SU3MSNV 7 . Did you know that... In 1976 the Weld County Division of Social Services' budget totaled $5,818,230. (Prepared by Greeley League of Women Voters) FERD'NAND* byMik TUMBLEWEEDS by TOM K. RYAN PEANUTS By Charles M. Schulz HERE'S.AN AP FOR 'ROtWTHEUMRlC'CflJISEl UWfRWTW TAKE ONE, AMP DON'T COME BACK? ANSWER iW5ELF..." TO KEEP fOORMfll/TH SHUT" HENRY By John Liney HI AND LOIS By Dik Browne IT'S ALMOST NOON,THIRSTY/ ARE YOU eoiNe TO MOPE AROUND IN YOUR BATHROBE AND DRINK COFFEE ALL DAY? REX MORGAN, M.D. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT IRMA TO SET UP AND eoiNe. I'M WORRIED ABOUT MR.BELMONT; is HE IN HIS OFFICE ? MAY 1 CALL HIM THERE, JAKE? PLEASE, DON'T.' WHEN HE GETS HOME, I'LL TELL HIM YOU PHONED WHEN MELISSA EXPRESSES HER CONCERN THAT PAUL BELMONT MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE, JUNE DECIDES TO CALL JAKE.' YES,MISS GALE-AT A BUSINESS MEETING.' By Dal Curtis YOU WERE THE LAST PERSON I SUSPECTED, LEONARD.' YOU NOT ONLY HADGARRITY KILLED--YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR ELAINE'S DEATH.' YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE fc^ ' 4 *T^ SAYING--^

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