Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 27, 1976 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 12
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TVld.hcKreePr^Th.NW^K,.^ Krjda , ftbnur . ?? |!fffi _ ^ Scoreboard Little League group is a start PRO GOLF rniia " ' - ' PRO GOLF TOUR ! LAUQCRHIIL, Fll - First r*jn« , KWK in th* ftgrnamtnt pl4rtri ch«m i piM.hip (Mt including pliytn an curie 1 *hen pltf wit ,v*p«r*dfj by darhnmi · Fr«j M»rti 1J Jl-4* Don Jiiujjry ]].)4-4r } c $i««t jj J4-*; Tom Waricn } ] » - * / Ed Silted 3] IHW · George Burnt 3S 11-W Bob Girder R34-M ' John M*h»lfey H 34-41 ; Jerry Hum 1134-41 Bob Pjyne 1].]*-- it L« Elder li-JJ-4» Ken SliH 37-J7-49 MiM*r Sifter M )J--M Johnny Miller 34 H~;o Leonard Thompson 1MJ--13 *r1 Mall M1(--7C Jim Denl 1|.H-JJ David Graham Ji ji-io L*i»y Zieqifi JMI--JJ Eddie Pearce J H S - J ) Roger Maiibie 14.]4--;a Tommy Aaron Jt-Jt-ii Gary Gro) H-J-f-jj Haraeru BUrcis 3I-)1--II Bobby Nicholi ]J l»-Jl Bill Rcgeri lS-Jt--71 Sim Sread 13 34--Jl «»y Floyd IS-Jt--n Chi Chi Rodiggoi 14-JS-- 71 MirV Ham ]*-3S-- 71 4lan TAJIK 3J-Jt--M Grit' Jonei JS J4~J PREP DISTRICT III. A - t Capifal |t Emmftl II Mountain Home 11 Borah M 8o.« 41 CalS*ell u Meridian if Kampi S3 D I S T R I C T in, A i Bisnop Kelly it Piyeii* u 0 l) , Valhvuf 44 Weuer iJ D I S T R I C T III, A - ] Pdrma 41 Marnnq SO Mojtr oull Council ii Rimrock i (later ouM D I S T R I C T 111. A t Nalui 4 1 Garden Valley U | loi«r oull Fnendi 74 Nampj Crriihan *3 ( l a s e r cult R E G I O N IV. A 1 · Highland 41 Madncn « Bonneville it Idaho Falls H (CM D I S T R I C T I V . A 3 , Bufll 14 Jerome 4i Wood River 61 Good ng jj D I S T R I C T I, A 1 Lakeland M pcir F a l l s A* W a l l a c e SS PrieiT River *t D I S T R I C T V. ft-J Marsh Valley (7 Maldd j DISTRICT 7. A-J · Prairie 4 3 CleaiwaFer Vilify jj Geneiee il Kamiah 4] D I S T R I C T VI. A-J Firth SI Chains 4 3 (loser out] TeTon il Suqir-Salem 59 DISTRICT IV, A-4 Dietrich to Bliis j* Richfield JS Cooking Siaie to D I S T R I C T I V . A - 4 Clark 47 iVackiv Si Rortland i] Leadore 41 DISTRICT V. A.* R*I1 R i v e r II Murlaisgh 41 Qaklev " Namen *j DISTRICT II. A 4 Cuidtsac SS Elk River 47 ; COLLEGE L E A S T 1 Ccnnftlicul » N*w HJmpshirf 5* , Fairmcnl It SJlem [W. Va ) It i Holy Cross il N'EaHern ( W a t t . ) 7! i M a s s II Providence J9 (OTl ' Mit B/ Worcetler Tech 79 1 Ma nh i Han N Ford ham 57 , Selon Hall 9S SI Peter's 77 . Veirconl 7; Rhode island M SOUTH 1 Beihel Tear. 44 Caricn-Newman i; ^ F l a . Tech IDS St. Leo if ,Georgra So 11 Arkansas St. II , 'Iaward 41 Delaware ST. 57 -Ml. SI. MATY-I !» Safijbury ST. .S (Norfolk SI. 101 Johnson Srmth I? ' N C. Cent 31 S C. ST. li ( Q T ) jP'keviire II Berea n , S f . Auquslinfi 78 Vi. Union H -Shorter 59 Georgia SW I] irKxirnai More lo4 Wilberfprce « ·.Towsan^Sl If Ci|h*lic ll ;Vi7qIriia St 6» ihaw 131 (l OTl "" ' 'Wintlon-Salem 77 EEuabeih C»ly M MIDWEST CCTII M«. SI. H Lincoln (Wo.) si Cent. SI. il C«darville 4 t 'lll.noii Coll. 67 Mac Murray 44 'Indiana 91 Wttconiin tr LouiaviMe 7] So llliMis n VanchaiTer n Taylor Jj Pmsburq SI. 47 F T . Ha»s St. S4 Ouircr i' Ci/lvfr-Sfoctlen »l SOUTHWEST Crughton 74 Oklahoma C i f y SI N M. H'Lardi 17 W'Mmsler lUt J» New Me*ko ST. 105 Oralte »» T e t a s El P«o SI Brigham Ycung SO Teiai Soulhern 1U Southern 9) Terai Tech 9] Houston li Tul;a 10 W Texas ST. 7t Utah 73 New M*nta 41 W E S T Fresno S) 17 San Diego ST. ll L. B e a c h St. t| FuMerlon it [) OT) Oregon SI. 49 WasM : ngfon SI Si San Francisco 111 Lovo'a (Cal ) M Aashinglcn 47 Oregon 42 THE NBA E a s t e r n Allanii Bc-slon B u f f a l o N e w Y o r k C e n T r a l C l e v e l a n d H o j i f e n New O r t e a n i A r i a n T a Midwfil M i l w a u V e e K a n s a s C i T y D«lroit C h i c a g o Conlerenc* Division W L. Pd. IS IS .51! « Ji . S S 7 19 31 .411 1 h V I J I O f l W. L. P(T. 34 13 .410 3 11 .593 1? 30 .49? 11 37 . 4 S B 74 II .413 I 1! 34 .414 n 34 434 Galden S t a l e Lot A n q e l e i Phoeni* Ponuni 13 H 104 13 17 .173 IB 43 .310 iv.jien W L Pet «} II .m 31 1) 117 101 1U New Or lei m Phoenn US A N l f i N 4] FndiK'1 G a m e i Seattle al Boston H o u s t o n it BuHalo New Vork it Detroit K a n t u i C i t y at Loi A n g e l e i Salurdiv'i Gimei C*ncjqO it New Y o r k Phctnn it W«inn»loii K a n s a s City j f Portland Milwaukee dl Nnw Orl*»ni THE ABA Denver 4 ] Ht# Y o r k 31 J3 4 Sar, Anlon.o IS 33 ( K e n t u c k y 11 II -I' si Louts n 34 4: V i r g i n * * II SO II T h j r i d i y ' s R e i u l l t f No g a n i e t scheduled^ F r i d a y ' s G a m e s K e n t u c k y at New York inoianA al (l Louis i l t u r d j y ' i Gamn Kew Y o r k al K«niu(ky Indiana aT V i r g i n i a Denver *\ San Anlon0 H ' i M J 3 i j Nampa tries to improve rec situation Y-UII'A - .\ nTM iirgiinizalion has been formed in \ainju fur the express purpose nf "nssisling Ihe citv retTi-alion ilejuilmenl ami older nimmunilv iirtiiiiii^lions willi Ihe fjiiantiiiu. prumotiuii anil «rgiini2alioii nf youlh allilelic aclivilies." The Nampa l.mle League Alhk'lk- Associalion ai't-urdmg lo presicleni Hob O'Hsrra. has been formed in order to develop move commimily support for Hip programs on the pre-junior high level. "We'd like lo crane a stronger inluresl in not only ihe youth programs." says O'Harra. -liul also in Hie kids (ncmsclrcs. H'e waul [n encourage Ihcm lo par- ieipate m Ills' sporl of llieir choice and we lio|io lo help rovide them a means lo obtain Ihe level nf skills necessary for them lo appreciate Hun uariicnkir sporl " O'Harra anil liis group feel thai boiler organi/alicn nn Hie pre-junjor high level can lead In hetter par litipalion by young alhleles when they do reach the junior high and high school programs'. While Xainpa already has extensive little league- ty|ie programs in most major sports. O'llarra feels li provi that there is room for improvement, lie says lhal one of Ihe things he hopes his group can provide is the help necessary for lhal improvement. "The reason we're trying this," said (VHarra, "is that some of Ihe members, Ihrough helping out wild the programs in the past, have found that Ihe programs al present are under-manned and under- funded. ··What we'd like to do is augment the existing programs - provide some of Ihe help that's necessary hy getting people from the community oreajiizei! to help nut." So far. Ihe NLI.AA has helped out with this winter's little league basketball program and O'llarra reports that ihings have gone well. One of the innovative ideas put louse by the group with Ihe help of city rec was Hie "drafting" of players, rather than the signing' up procedure that has been followed in ihe past. The reason was to get an even distribution in talent and O'llarra says the experiment seemed to work "though there were a couple of teams that didn't gel in on Ihe draft because they joined the league after il was Trebelhorn named to pilot the A's organized." One of the ideas the group hopes lo promote is the need lo make sure that all liltle leaguers get plenty of playing lime. "We don't want any kids spending much lime on the bench," says O'llarra. The "draft" helped alleviate lhal problem in basketball and O'llarra feels it can do the same thing in baseball. Football, however, is a different story "The numbers there create a problem. What might work, (hough, is having more teams and keeping Ihe rosier numbers down lo about 22 (o 25 kids." "We just want to make sure that the programs lhal already exist have all the people and help they ean use in bringing about Ihe best conditions possible for the kids We want to make sure lhat those who come out get plenty of opportunity to play " The association has a growing membership but o'llarra encourages anyone al all interested in anv phaseof the Nampa little league groups lo contact him or other monitors of the board. O'Harra can be reached al «6-51W or 467-1102. Olher officers include vice president Dan Carl (466-6286] and secretary treasurer Carol Snyder i«6-299l i. "Wereally leel lhal alt the parents in and around the f-'il.v of \ampa should investigate the association." saysO'Harra. "and we'd like them lo become a pa.rl of its achvities. The association needs the support of Ihe who]* town - people, business organizations and civic groups. "We really feel lhat a total community involvement will lead lo a higher level of athletic education and accomplishment for Ihe young people of ihe community, whether Ihe person is after competitive ac- fumplishmenl or just self-salisfaclion." There's already several activities being organized and O'Harra says the group would appreciate help in any of them."They include fund raising committees, concession committees, team mothers and team commillees. coaching ("a high priority thing." says O'Harra . awards committees, promotion and advertising committees, group liaison committees, statistics committees and membership committees. - "Any donations." says O'Harra. "would also be greatly appreciated." From Untied Press Inlernatlonal TOMTKEBEl.HOR\. (he man who piloted Ihe Boise A's Ihrough their initial season a year ago, has been rehired as manager for the club's second season, according lo the parent club offices. Oakland Minor League Administrator Norm Koselke advised the Boise club yesterday thai Trebelhorn, who led the team to a 39-39 season in 1975, would again be back this summer. The A's were third place overall last year Sports wire and second in the Soulhern Division of the Northwest League. THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP of Tennis? That's right-al least that's what their calling Ihe scheduled meeting between Jimmy Connors and Manuel Oranles at the Sports Pavillion of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The (wo met for an official "weighin" boxing style yesterday and will square off Feb. 28 in a best three of five sets lo decide [he winner in $250.000 winner-take-all match. Oranles checked in at I70'z pounds and Connors at IS5. THE SOUTHWEST C O N F E R E N C E Thursday night declared Texas A M basketball players Karl Godine and Jam's 1 -Williams ineligible Ihrough-uie 1976-77 season for violating NCAA recruiting regulations. Conference officials imposed the penalty on A M's two freshmen sensations following an eight-hour, courlordered hearing. RICK BARRY, a lot of NBA fans have noticed, has lost much of his spark in recent Golden Slate games and it may be due to the fact that the 6-7 slar is a borderline diabetic. Barry has laken tesls for diabetes yearly for a long time but because of his recent lack of energy, team physician Dr. Robert Albo put him Ihrough a new series of tests this week. MUHAMMAD ALI has signed to fight again, apparently, and this one should be interesting. According to Ihe Los Angeles Herald- Examiner, Ali will battle a 6-t. 265-pound Japanese wrestler in Tokyo sometime in June. The details of Ihe match have not been finalized, bul each man will use his own slyle. Ali will throw punches and Antonio tnoki. Ihe wrestler, will go for wrestling type holds O.J. SIMPSON' says he definitely wants lo play football again this fall, and although he won't say how much money he wants, "You want to make what Ihe best is making." And thai, if one wanted lo figure New York Jets quarterback Joe Namalh as "the best," would be in the neighborhood of $-150,000 a year. THE CITY OF BUFFALO'S corporalion counsel Thursday accused Buffalo Brave owner Paul Snyder of trying to "renege" on a commitment to sign n lease for use of Ihe city's Memorial Auditorium. Snyder said earlier this week (hat he was still planning lo sell the NBA club, hul he was having difficulty finding a buyer whn would keep it in Buffalo because there is no lease agreement. "In my opinion, he is attempting lo renege on his commitment to sign a five-year lease." corporation counsel Leslie (',. Foschio said DM. JllllX C.UNK. as expected, has been named Oregon's a t h l e t i c director ami predicts the Ducks are headed for greatness "I Ihink the University of Oregon has potentially ihe finest athlelic program in Ihe United Slates. They arc on Ihe verge of greatness. So much of the field hasn'l bicn plowed yet. however, and I hope to help do that. The people of Oregon are begging for it to happen. "Theingredicnlsaren'tnecessarily all here yet. Thai's my job. I'm going to gel them here." IIII.I, VF.KCK'S decision to open Ihe Chicago While Sox training camp with 25 minor leaguers and nan-roster players Monday drew some polshots from officials of other clubs, bjt according to American League president Lee MacPhail. Veeck is not violating ihe owners' private agreement. "Our ruling is that as long as Veeck doesn't have anybody from his 40-man roster in camp, he is not breaking any rule," said MacPhail. "There is nothing wrong if all 24 clubs wish to allow minor leaguers in their camps." THE FHKXCII CONNECTION - Gil Herreault. Hick Martin and Rene Robert -- is back together for the Buffalo Sabres and il took part in four of five goals as the Sabres dropped Toronto 5-2 lasl nighl in NHL action. In other league games, Boston defeated St Louis 4-2, Philadelphia dropped Minnesota 32. Detroit and California tied 1-1, the New York Islanders tied Kansas Cily 2-2, and Chicago dumped Los Angeles 6-2. In Ihe WHA, Houston defeated New England 5-2. JOE KAPP'S case against the New England Patriots and the NFL, in which he is seeking S450.0000 in back pay and damages goes lo trial Monday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Kaup refused to sign the standard NFL player's contract with Ihe Pats in 197] and CONNORS DONS THE GLOVES. He meets 0/an/es in duel Saturday was suspended by Commissioner Pete Ko7elle. CKN'K Fn.l.MFH, Ihe former world middleweight boxing champ, now al West Jordan, Ulah. Mink rancher, has been in- dueled into Ihe International Shrine of Boxing and Wrestling in Long Beach. Calif. Fullmer was guest of honor at a banquet Wednesday night aboard the Queen Mary which many former champions and lop contenders allendcd, including Archie Moore, Ihe former light-heavyweight titleholder, and Mike Mazurki. former wrestling champ. MICHIGAN STATE has formally declared seven football players ineligible for their roles m a recruiting scandal lhat ended in the Big Ten school's placement on three years probation by the \CAA. College officials said they will seek to have Ihe players reinstated before the football season begins. Jazz in a zone? They get technical Thursday Ry Inilrd Prtss International The New Orleans Jazz, a young learn in search of its first National Basketball Association playoff berth, had dropped a not- so-close decision, but all Coach Hill van Breda Kolff wanted lo discuss wns the technical foul his club drew lor pliijmg mnc defense. "All of ,1 sudden, w e ' r e playing a zone defense." he fumed Thursday nij!ht. after the Washington Builds' 118-108 victory. "After 5H games, we Ret a warning and then a technical. FINE HOME FURNISHINGS... REASONABLY PRICED! DOWNTOWN NAMPA 1302-lstSt.S. mm 467-3241 OPEN DAILY 9-10 SUNDAY 11-7 $2.00 CASH BACK y mail hom Chesebrough inc ii»«ibuian,loLiol »» pioOitii Gtl leqj trl l . c a t f * l o i . r o o FURNACE FILTERS VASELINE® SKIN AIDS Your Choice - 3 Days KIPPERED SNACKS C A. Vaseline 9 Intensive Care Bath Beads 16-oz.' B. 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