Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 5
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Scariest Word in U.S. Days Is ^Fallout' ALTON BLAKESLEE · , lft*rfr«M SC!«K« WrhV : NEW'YORK-(AP)-Th« scari- in; the fallout slory, and you' can udgn better for yourself what the :.tst wrd.c-l-lhe day is fallout. ·'·; But e'xperts one can point to any' 1 -; hum an being and declare: "He's been hurt by fall:out from bomb tests." Or' ".That woman's baby will,be born fe- icctive because of fallout, or her ··' The odds are practically nil (hat present amounts ot fallout .will.hurt y o u ' a s an individual. · Yet it is,equally true that some people - somewhere will be damaged or will die loo.soon--possi- bly ultimately thousands of people--from fallout already loosed by Bomb tests. The' Spyiet 50-rnegalon bomb , jest, could add perhaps hundreds '.'K' even 'thousands of polential Victims to the list. But one fact must be made clear. AH such estimates, mean 'thousands-out of hundreds of mil- jlions or even billions of persons who would be born in the next 10, 50 to'100 years or more. ;.. "Fallout' triggers a , host of . other scary words: Radioactivity. Mystery. Bone cancer. "Poisoned milk" . for babies. Children doomed from bad genes. Leukemia. Strontium! Ashes' of death. Fallout stirs vast emotions, including worry thai testing of weapons increases chances of nuclear war. For 15 years, scientists have been gathering the story about fallout. ,' - _ ... But they.cannot yet answer key question: Exactly how lillle radiation does i t ' t a k e , to cause human cancer or leukemia? Or to damage the .genes which determine the inheritance of our chit dren? This is one basis for statements by scientists 'which seem'confus- ing often to the public. Some-say the effects from past iix! present fallout arc. Ics- I svcr. Is rr.cEsurs. Thiy. do not ', deny there will not be some ef '. fects. - - · : Oihers estimate -number!.-Thus Drl Linus Pauliny, Nobe! Prize-winning chemist, estimates 40,000 children would be born with physical and mental defects as a direct consequence of a single 50-megaton bomb. He lay* thi: would happen during the next sev eral generations--60 to 90 years or more-^among an estimated 100 million chikfcen born each year all'arpund the world.'-.·:-', ."·.£·,' ·; Falloiit ! even- from thi" Soviet . tests, .jays ·'» .V. S. Public - Health ' StrvTC*: official, .'-li ai cause for concern, but not yet for alarm." Look at the lignificant details tuizards .are. ·First, fallout can be a lion or mosquito, relatively speaking. NASA Calls Off .Launching of Test Satellite CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP --Techncal difficullies forced poriponement Tues. oC an attempt t* launch a satellite to test the worldwide U.S. man-in-space tracking network. .'·.. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration called off the shot when the countdown had reached 10 seconds. An sruiouncc- ment said something draining electrical power out of; the booster and it was discovered that not enough remained to sustain the booster during the flight, Black S«a ii Deep ODESSA, Russia -- The-darkness of the- Black Sea waters, contrasting sharply with the clear blue of the nearby Mediterranean, is partly due to this sea's great depth. It is set in a huge bowl morn than 6,500 feet deep. Termites? Terrninix For FrM Intpeetkn, Cull BESTWAY BUILDING CENTER EL Tennyson Beard Pleads Insarii^' DENVER . AP) - . Tennyson Beard, 14-year-old junior high school student, pleaded iiinoced by. reason of insanity Tuesday to a murder charge. · · Dist. 'Judge Saul Pinchick ordered I he boy sent to the Colo- rado Stale Hospital for a 30-day observation period. Beard is charged with the slaying of Deborah Humphrey, -14, at Moroy Junior High School Oct. 17. She was : struck by a bullet that passed Ihrough the chest of William Hachmoisier, 15, another student. Hachmeister is recovering at a hospital. Radiation Fears Causing Mass Hysteria in U.S. DENVER (AP) - Two doctors neurosis, nlmost psychiatrical · in said Tuesday many Americans are degree, which occasionally pre- Dr. D. W. Hemtrlckson of Wlch-Wed,, Nov. 1, 1961 GHEELEY TRIBUNE Page 5' Ha addressed the convention of -· ?--_ the American College of Osleu- pathic Surgcorv;. · said "l|e i eration has developed a radiation suffering from "mass hysteria" brought on by fears of radiation. Dr. A. G. Hood of Tulsa and vents a patient from agreeing lo any diagnostic procedures involving radiology." Dr. Reed said radiation; Is in-ih.azards ot radiation," Dr. Hea[dispensable to medicine today drickson said, and .a physician can obtain max- " e str essed that bodily dam- imum benefits for his patient withl^'f 1 , 0 " ' " suU . from car ^ TM r untrained usti ot x-rays. Ha criticized the use of fluoroscopes for a minimal harmful, effect. "The American' people are in Ithc midst o f ' a period, of''mass |hys!cria over the tissue-damaging fitting shosc In! stores. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS HAND LOTION 2*99c Fratiant, crwtny,' Umiin-ricl?. Not sticky. 1.M CKI'. CtlMI, 4 or ·- *:^r ^^iV \Rexali\ LORD MtTIMCMI PLAYING CARDS 2*1.01 Rexall QUIK-SWABS 2*60c SHAVE CREAMS Bcctrex HEAT PADS 2*5.96 Slits jrou all lhos« vitamins normally needed. 4.H MHOYlTt .ill. . Kuril!. ' ...._.S Rolls on; no wtste Gives 24-r.our t-roh tion. R reliable an " penplraM. Reiall lavender, Laven- jjer Menthol, Ready Shave, or Reidy Shave Menthol. Waterproof, 3-speed. »t«o¥tW« pliid cover. IU Rex-Roy HEAT LAMP 2*1.80 REXALl BUFFERED ASPIRJN 2 for 99C Infra-Red Ump helps n- litvt imnculw »ctws. TKtRiAOMETERS 1.BI HAW BRUSHES, Half-round or professional styles. 2 for 1.01 tfc LATIX SLOTS, Belmoflt. S, M, L'_-- -- ~-- 2fOf .90 regular, or wave.--- -- ; ---- 2fof .11 2fOf .70 1 for .55 '1le HAIR NETS, Bob, Be MTT8M BAUSi 1 Re*alJ, Sterile, 130's 55e REX F1M, high'speed'. 120, 127, or 620. ISe RS *UGR BUBES in disp«nser, 20 douWe.wige.2for. .70 Me AEROSOL SHOW for decorating trees, etc ------- ;2for .99 4k TOOTH MUSHES, Ktenzo. Nylon bristles -- 2 for .50 Ifc HIYUOPES', commejcial style ------ ------ - -- 2pkS. .11 IMIMMME CKAM NT SON CUMBMI -OKMitan Norn Uqutd Cream.. 8 oz. 4k MTTM HOMES, Kuall. .art. WHY WK, recibtr tipped. _ 2 Cards .11 M« CKAM SWUIMO, Silqut , , ,, letves luir silky soft. 2IOT .« Me -TUMH, "V»f. Ptwiul tin 2 fof .90 \3 FKI MHO, Cir» ton. , f n r 1 «c t ilwies, -:.~ -ZtOrl.rt JOO'j *«».«« f i tor For relief of simple headache. Less likely to upsej stomach. i, . BiXAU .-M!LK of MAGHES!* 2for 6UC airi or new 'tdiiit favored. Wild laxative, antacid. - Rexall Glycerin SUPPOSITORIES 2for54c or infants'. IV, H.g. Choice of adult MONACETAPC Tablets Combination' of Ingredients to eite ^M simple htadactw, cold diwjomlorts. 59c ALCP-REX RUBBIN6 , ALCOHOL pint . _2 for. ,6fl FUNSI-REX for athlete's foot. Tube 2 for .99 U5 CHERROSOTE COU6K SYRUP 8 or. ...2 for 1.2S 35c REXALLJACCHARIN TABLETS Me Emol^LbTlo¥~^ - sooihes, eleansw. 8 or.-.. Troches of Lozenges i_ 25c REXALL KROXfOE · 6%, 20 vol. 4 or. _; 69c CETROFOL MINERAL OH tasteless. Pint. ,,.. Jfe REXALL BORIC ACID * CRYSTA1S 3« or. 98e REXAIL AEROSOL HERTHIOLATE (rhiniirosai-lilry) 3fc GAUZE BAHOKi; 2"x 10yds. «e auk-BASOS True-SkivZl'*. 79c KLENZO MOUTH WASH pint".... FAST DANWjUff 1IEATMENT SHAMPOO! ··f. ttt 2f*99c Medicaledto relieve infectious dandruff. MIST COLOGNE n O Cf Mi tar mat*·· BATH POWDER 2*1.76 MttOFI.f*f 2.08 NEW PMOVITE CHEWABLE MULTl-VltAHtNS 6Crt_ 2.59 REXM-L VITAMIN B COMPLEX CAPSULES 100't..-.;.....-: 4.85 REXAIL VITAMIN B12 CONCENTRATE 25 meg. 100's, 5.95 REXALL MINERALIZED B COMPLEX JOG'S ...... ____ 2 for 5.96 1.39 REXAU. DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE 2.09 POLYDROPS infants' liijuid multi-vitamins. 30 cc. _ 4.75 TrIERAMrNS . hi|h potency multi-vitamins. Sr/ ,1.33. REXALL BREWER'S YEAST 'TABLETS 250-s. ...,, ____ TM 1.88 REXALL BEEF, WINE t IRON TONIC pint.... -59e RlXALl HAIR TONIC Cream,Vita, orCc-nditltntr.2 for 59c HEADY SHAVE AFTER-SHAVE LOTION 2 f o r We REXALL BAY RUM pint 2 for 3.59 HOT WATER BOTUE Victoria, 2-y«ar piarantee. .2 for 3.60 29e SHOWER CAP plastic. 1 2 for .30 1.00 LEATHER WATCH STRAPS Re*. , 2 f o r 1.01 89c MOTH FUME CRYSTALS Hibys. Pound 2for .90 89e REXALL BABY CARE LOTION 10 °' 2 fOf .90 Me AIR REFRESHER Enays aerosol. _ 2 fOf .99 4.59 WATER BOTTLE t SYRINGE ,, eft ' COMBINATION Victoria 2 M 4.60 ROM WAGRAHCS 1 .i., «·» V* CHRISTMAS CARDS WRAPS RIBBONS VmTMGTAMETS ·rJENVOOKS POUND PAPBt ·r MVECPES Elite Crushed Ripcle. Ger.troire quantity. Elite Unen. Note or liittr iiztt. 39e TYPIW TABLET i M x _2 TOf 1.31. ' gfl BU 1.H BOffD STATWMY Tfc STATWKW · UH4 nclo. CMM · 2. 5e LEAD PWCILS DEUOWAJtt TAPt 400"! 39C BALL roWT PM Kc IRUJE tIFI »«*f, ,* itetli. Me ILUMINIW FOIL CIFT K X 55". M CUILIMC 1IIMK, 5 cdBK. 7i-lt. NOTES *.,. jr.oo 2 1« 1.01 Tinted, Modem Trend, Friendship of Winter Wonderland designs, *c BALL PEK KFILLS Fil ov« 150 f«i TREE LIGHT SET 1.09 Seven Christmas tree Tamps for in- use. Bum independently. ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE 6.99 6-ft trrt with staml. Us* year after HX-WkY TOASTER SteM or Dry IRON *·*. 0 00 wti O.OO Rex-Ray md by Uruwrsj*. FLASH BULBS 1JI W FM Mb, 12's. KM ADWTl AHO IA«4U 2*1.70 Oral, rectal K stub. E«J ta r«ad, .2 for 2'fdr 2 for .70 2 for HXAU Mi-31 ANTISEPTIC MOUTH WAMI 2*90c Ms contacted terns, nmtm breirh. Ital a iarrl«. 2for 1 for 2 for 2 fOf Bfl POIYMUISIOM REXAIL VITAMIN C 100 ·«. loo-, Uutrilc AcW) 2 h, 1.60 GER-RITE 2*2.80 Stock up for the vrtole'vear it tftis savin?. Other strengths it similw REXALL VITAMIN Bl HAIR SPRAY 2* 1*26 REXALL LIVER BILLFOLDS 2*2.01 «id wontn's h new, met fifll^T ^l/ QUALITY VITAMINS _2 for 2.01 .2 for 2.60 -2 for 4.86 'f^ Fancy GHH Boxed STATIONERY ^2*101 Buj now for |itt-fMnf. 7 styles to choose frooi. N«wl SHIM COMFORT SUPPORT NYIONS «·*. HM A pair 4.96 .te.SMtt **?· "i*I* MX WRIST WATCHES · · J? J?J? J!2.»5 O.OO Men's or Ladies' with luminous dials. Tiylx'i Kilcktn KtflU . CHOCOLATES «j» 1.69 Dirk and milk chocolates »ilh various centers. VAPORIZER vz 4.99 EiUon, sinflc sp««d with aulwatie shut-off. 3.00 YiiH vans. IATH 3 boifi ( 20 puclttl ».. 1.59 3-PACK TOOTH PASTE ItnXI, H*-«. tobl. 1.4) ValM IATH SCALE Mi NYLOMS Kit v dick MOT, (0 itoit. __ 43c aUK-IAMDS ·Itrili «Mihi bud IK. ai _ 1.N STATIONERY 18.S3 V*IM'ELECTRIC JLAHXIT 72 x M', un|M CMtrel. ' 3.M SYRM6E : iuiroidwc;^ fc«u 28e FACIAL TISSUES 75C.MOKKAL OIL 3pr.2J1| .13.99 3for.79 SiLBEflT-BISHOP DRUG CO. 820 -8th Siretl WaDORADO DRUGS 800 9lh Street GILBERT WESTVIEW PHARMACY I Wwlview Shopping Onler · : · GILBERT HILLSIDE PHARMACY · HilWde Shoppmr Outer * - . · I TM 1 1 ? , - . . , . ,jp..

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