Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 4
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Page 4 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., Nov. I, 1961 Farm Support Operations !n July Cost $74,673,000 Gamble Benedict Left Income From Trust · y OVID A. MARTIN · WASHINGTON (AP) - The Agriculture Department's new system of bookkeeping on crop surpluses showed Tucs. Hint it cost $74,873,000 to carry out farm price support operations during July, or more than. $i million a day. The department said tlili compared wKh $150,!M.OOO in July last year under the Eisenhower ad ministration. A year ago, llic department had reported July loss « at only 417,424,000. ion of surpluses In the government's hands were aided to the nvenlory value ot Ihe" commodl- ies. TtW costs ot handing did not-show up until (he comrnodi- fes were finally disposed of. Under the n«w system, which Secretary of Agiictilture .Orville n June, the handling costs--slor- age, transportation and the like-arc not added lo the inventory value of the surpluses, but are Under tlie old system, costs of O f losses. handling, storage and transporta- U.S. Families To Get Booklet On Fallout WASHINGTON (AP)-Thc Pentagon hopes lo begin mailing to every household in November a IK-pnge booklet of ndvjce and instruction on family fallout protection. ' The booklet will suggest methods of improvising lioinc shelters, for $1SO or less, and offer suggestions foe apartment liousc thelters and cooperative neighborhood projects, a spokesman said Civil Defense said today most of the 60 million Illustrated booklets probably won't be delivered unit December or January, however because of Ihe massive printing and distribution job. 2 Million Guest* Pay LONDON - About 2,OoO,K!0 people paid to view stately homes in Britain last year. Woburn Ab bey, home of the 13lh Duke o Bedford, led all such homes with 0" paying-visitors. -- - '----. KOTICE TjT) RED ITOH S : IB |BC CoHBtr Cnurt In and foi · (Be C»»r · Wcl4 a«d Stalf lit C«I» No. SS62 Estate of B. F. MURRAY. He ceased. AH persons havinr claims aralnst the above named estnt are 1 reautred to f l l o them for allowance In the County Cour of Weld County. Colorado, on or before the Kth day of April 1B(J, br eaid clalma.shall be for. MURrtAV, , · A d m i n i s t r a t o r The Qraeley Dally Tribune. Oct. 18, 25, Nov. J, 8, 13(1. , ever barred, HAROLD · ICE TO CREDITORS Co'ttBlr CB«rt · Bail far 1 By ARTHUR NEW YORK (AP) - Kalhcrine Oeddes Benedict bequeathed the ncome from a $80 million trust to her granddaughter, Gamble Benedict Porumbeanu, whose runaway nardage ihc bitterly opposed. 'In a will discovered Tuesday in a. safe in her five-story East TSth St. mansion, Mrs. Benedict made Freeman ordered inlo .effect provision for an estate eslimated at $50 million. -Douglas Benedict, Gamble's rolher, was willed a similar income from two-fifths of the estate. kept separate under the leading The remaining one-fiflji, or about Thus, the department said, the islimate of losses of .$17,424,000 for July 1960 did not reflect handling charges. The latest report showed that it cost the government $36,938,000 lo landle the surpluses in July -more than $1 million a day. On July 31, Ihe department had ,1,614,766,000 invested - i n price support loans on commodities being held off markets by producers and $5,500,887,000 inverted in commodities owned by the government as a consequence of price support operations. Wheat toppec Ihe commodity invc-slment lisl with $2,826,000,000 in loans and government-owned stocks. Corn was 'next at $2,452,000,000, sor- A spokesman for the .Office of ghum grains were Ihird at $776 million,. Ghost of Ocean Born Mary Fails To Appear Tues. HENNIKER, N.H. (AP) - The (jhost ol ocean born Mary failec to appear in her "haunted" house on this Halloween night but the man who' HaVJived in the olc Georgian mansioi;.-W years saic he'd!Sn't~min'd.~~ : ~\ "She's really here all Ihe Urns," Louis Maurice Augusts Ray tol visitors. "She's so close I can almost see her on Halloween nights." The., photographer and painter expressed regret that'a medium from Weymouth; Mass., wasn'l able to drop bna's planned. NOTIC IB' Uf ' . . IB* C««.Btr ot *Wr1a »n 1 i.'ltBtt et OlltTBBB - No. «!80 Kslate of MTRTLE A. gAUN DERS, Deceased. · All peraoria h a v i n r clalma a galnet the above named eslat arl required to file thenv for allowance In -the County Court of Weld' County, Colorado, on or before the JOth day of April, 156? or raid claims shall be forever barred.' : - - l,EON'A W1LCO.N · ' ROBERT M. GILBERT .\ - Co-executors CLATTON AND GILBERT ·Attorneys .at Law Harvard Building- Greeley, Colorado The 1 Greeley Dally Tribune. 9«. :5,--Xoy. lj S, 16, 19(1 KOTICK OF rlXAIi PAYMEXT OR o r - a f t e r November 7, 1961. the COLORADO DEPARTMENT OP HIGHWAYS will m a k e f l n n l payment to Slcgrlft Construction Co..- of Denver, Colorado, contractor for the construction ol Colorado Project No. S 0030(10;. consisting; of- grading, stabilization,- . structnrca and asphmltlc b e i n g ... State Highway Jso, 63 Prospect East, all situated In Weld County. Stale of Colorado. File claims w i t h AUDITOR. Department of Highways, before above date. XAUK U. WATROUS, Chief Engineer, Department of Highways. The Greeley Dally Tribune. Oct. 11, H, li, 2t. 27, I!, 50, 11 Nov. 1, lid. surfacing, total length 7.6*1 miles, located LOOK! JOLLYTIME IN THE BIG ECONOMY SIZE! _ NEW ZIP OPEN TOP Health News By THE ASSOCIATED PMISS The concentration camp syndrome, a new technique that may aid brain surgeons, and drugs hat do double duty are subjects [or focus on health: Concentration Camp-Syndrome So many former prisoners' of World War H concentration camps .complained of aches. and pains, fatigue and lethargy ·many one-crop' economy, are building years after ..they were released .hat'doctors began to-call H the in vast Everglades areas which ;10 million, was bequeathed outright to s niece of Mrs. Benedict, Mary Graham. Mrs. Benedict died of a heart attack at her home Sunday night at the age of 77. In an original will dated in 195f, Mrs. Benedict provided for Gam)lo to receive part of her inheritance in a ' l u m p sum at the age of 25 and again when stie became 35. However, in an 'amendment dated, one week after Gamble's marriage to' Andre Porumbeanu on April 6, 1960,-Mrs. Benedict cut her granddaughter off from any of the principal, while continuing lo provide her with an income from the legacy. Meanwhile, Gamble decided not tj on5i io. fly here from Switzerland for tier grandmother's funeral... She has been living in Zurich with her husband and their" S-month-old on. Gamble had defied her grandmother in marrying Porumbeanu, a Romanian-born former chauffeur. At 37, he is 17 years-older than Gamble, The two ran off to Europe together while he was it ill married lo his first wife. Later, he obtained a divorce and married Gamble in North Carolina, The source of the Benedict fortune was tlie Remington Type- Sugar Cane Is Being Raised In Everglades MIAMI, Fla. AP)-On« of the sweetest economic developments of south rto.idj U ng«r boom touched off when Fidel Castro's revolutionary antics cut Cuba out of the U. S. sugar marke', Amerkaji sugar men, and many onner biglime growers in Cuba.'^ refineries and planting sugar cane concentration camp syndrome. The cause has been i punk. But now a group of Norwegian researchers bra detailed study of former ^camp inmates feel the problems · may be physical-- liused - by real · damage ta the brain. Researchers point out that prisoners were often struck on ihe Mid during work'periods or inlerrogiflon (W of the first MO studied had been knocked irocon- s:Ious during Imprisonment.) -All endured long periods of starvation and exhaustion, and many suffered infections that could have affected the brain. Cool It. , · · · · . :, The brain can normally go without blood for only three or four riiinules at normal body or centuries produced little but sawgrass and snakes) Their tlOO-millioa sugar expan- SJOU oss«s which Cubans and Americans · suffered In the Castro ex- mprlation of Cuba's sugar Indus temperature before damage sets in. This is a serious problem for surgeons In delicate brain opera But, now Stanford University surgeons' have been able to deprive the brain of blood for up lo 10 minutes in operations without harm. They first circulate cold Hoot through the brain, 'dropping ' the brain temperature to SI degrees 30 below normal. This apparently slows the brain's metabolism iux eventually may enable bloodless brain operations up to an hour in length. Daily Double ' The new oral drugs that help diabetics .conlro the sugar in widow of Her.ry Harper Benedict,!, once president of the firm. Gamble also will es- limaled $500,000 next Jan. 15, when she becomes 21, from the estate of her late mother, Josephine Sharpe. , Mrs. Benedict's will directed that upon the death of Gamble $239 two years ago may worth $506 now. Owners of choice land near Lake Okcechobee are gelling as much as $900 an acre. TWA Pilots Call Strike CHICAGO (AP)'-A strike of some l.SOO Trans World Airlines pilots has been called for 11 ! 59 p.m., local time Thursday. C. N. Sayen, president of the Air -Line Pilots Association, said Monday night the National Mediation Board has been notified of the strike deadline. Appointment of a presidential fact finding board irecoup would prev . ent . walkout (oe days. . TWA has approximately 1,508 pilois and'tbe air. line, serves 63 cities in 2J stales, plus II cities Eleven mills are either in oper-jin Europe, Asia and Africa, alion, under construction, or in Sayen said most of the issues "" -'----- -'-- [blocking the way lo a new contract involve working hours and conditions on jet flights. ihe planning stage. Florida's sugar production, only 80,000 tons 10 years ago, is expected to be more than 300,000 .ons in 1962, and 900,000 annually within a few years. Land prices in the new "sugar »wl" have jumped. Ai-acro that BUENOS AIRES - Consular fees and consular Intervention on import documentation in Argentina has been eliminated. U.S. AND SOVIET ARMOR FACE TO FACE -. American Army tanks, foreground, and Soviet Army tanks face each other at Fredrichslrasse checkpoint in Berlin, Oct. 28. They faced off at 200-yard range for '16 hours before withdrawing from the border front line, easing tension at East-West checkpoint. (AP Wirephoto via radio-from Berlin) s We've grown into them! Hoy said he had hoped to paint and her brother, the $40 million Mary's portrait from a descri£ tion furnished by the medium. Silling beside an old wood burning stove in the rambling house tie says Is haunted, floy, 79, told newsmcj and a group' of students from nearby New England College the legend, of Mary, and Irish wauty said to have, fluttered hearts in tha 18th century. She was born at sea in 1TSO to the wife of a sea captain whose vessel was boarded by a pirate crew off Boston : Harbor. The pi- rale chief, spared the ship and all aboard when the captain's wife promised lo name the baby Mary after the pirate's mother. ' Many years later," when ocean xrn Mary became a widow with four sons the pirate captain invited her to keep house for him ' ere. Mary resided in the' house until her death at 94. "She's here with me. all the lime," said Roy. '.'She twites care of me because I'm /.aking care of the house she loved." "Ive never seen her because I'm psychic," Hoy said sadly, "but my mother saw her ; once during the 1938 hurricane, she principal of their estate will be divided among their children and thoce of. the niece, Mrs. Graham. ies in the same people. "ince Ihe drugs effectively low- blood sugar, they cannot be id for controlling atherosclero- or hardening arteries in non- abetics. But biochemists hope ·vat * new chemical agent might designed that retains the athe- osclcrosis control but leaves bod sugar alono. was a white." tal| woman dressed in Soviet Accuses U.S. of Spying On Rocket Shots MOSCOW (AP)-The Soviet De- ense Ministry complained Tues. hat U.S. planes and ships spied nlensively.on the just-completed series of Soviet rocket shots Into the Pacific. The ministry's paper, Red Star, quoted the commanJer of the Soviet observation fleet as saying: "U.S. ships and planes" did not leave Ihe target area and the Soviet ships in peace even for a single moment. "U.S. aviation daily buzzed So viet ships, flying dangerously few. These planes flew virtually a few inches above our aerials. The U.S. ships maneuvered in such a way that they interfered with our work." The article added that the rocket shots landed with great accuracy in the predetermined target area after traveling 7,500 miles from the launching point in the Soviet Union. A giraffe'i bia+d prtitur* It more than 13 times as high as man's. , . · Do Hogs Worry And Get Ulcers? LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) - Do hogs, like humans, worry themselves into having stomach ulcers?. Purdue University has been given $45,000 U find out. The National Institute of Heallh granted the money for research by Dr. G. D. Goetsch and Dr T. M. Curl in of the Purdue Veterinary School. H is hoped !he A CHMU ^l^-^TT 11 project also may result in some- ~ ' ' thing to help prevent or treat ulcers in humans. e. Guard Patients ROCHESTER, Minn - .Engi working with M»ye clinic ihoritiei have. developed , a ody-functioa recorder. It meas- I and record* a- patient's .emperature, pulse rate, breath- and blood pressure. And it tomatically »ouodi an alarm m any readinf tignlfict iaa- XOTICE OF FORECLOSL'R] SALK IB the D l e t r l c t C»mrt IB a n a Fnr Ike COBBty «f Well State · C.l.raX. Civil Action No. -H7CJ BEL-AIR OIL COJIPANT a) Colorado Corporation, P l a i n t i f f , ) THOMAS J. LEVIN. SIG MAXNHEIMEn, 3IRS. ANNA.HOSNER MANUEL HOSNER, and STORM DOORS WINDOWS ELCAR FENCE KOOL VENT AWNINGS CLIFTON'S HOME SERVICE GREELEY, COLO. EL.2 6006 Cold-Weother Starting Problems Are On The W a y . . . You start orwpay .,, Skilly's Bonded Starting f\an" \\ Defendants., under and by virtue of an order of sale and decree of f o r e closure l.tsued out of the Dlstrlc Court of t h e C o u n t y of Weld State of Colorado, on October 9th .9(1, In the above entitled Ion,, wherein the above na, p l a i n t i f f obtained Judgment an Iflcree against the above named lE-fendants wMch decree TTAS on July 21th, 1961, recorded In Jud* menl book 8 of aald c o u r t , a ages set out below: I Km c o m m a n d e d 19 sell th olio-Xing Interests In that cer tain Duell Oil and Gas Less* sit u a t e In the county of Weld an State of Colorado upon land described as Township £ North aance 60 West, (th P.M.: gee lion 25: S/2 SE/4. N/J SW/4: The .008839!! Interest of THOMAS 4. LEVIN _ Page 152 The .OOSS39S3 Interest of SIO MANNHEllrEH--Pare 171 The .00813581 Interest of MRS. ANN'A HOSNER-rage ill The .03S7S130 Interest of M A N U E L ROSNER _ Page Z17 The .02209999 I n t e r e s t of RICHARD S. 3ESNETT ; Page Z47 Kolice U hereby given t h a t o Nov. tlh, 1361, at 10:30 a.m. o t h a t day, In f r o n t of th* TVel C o u n t y Court House In the Coun ty ol Weld, 1 will, In obedtcnc Lo' said order ot sale and decre of foreclosure, .sell the abov described p r o p e r t y or so m u c thereof an may be necessary t s a t i s f y p l a i n t i f f ' s J u d g m e n t t h e highrftt bidder for c.trh l a w f u l money-, o f . t h e U n i t e States, Dated October 10. 13«1. ROBERT A. WELSH Sheriff of Weld C o u n t y . By PRANK JL. DSrFKE Under Sheriff Attorney for P l a i n t i f f Edward T. Borda, Attorney at Lw 7X1 West Colfax Sullt 711 Denvsr 1ft, Colorado *he Gre't4r Dallr Trlbuni dct. 11, if (, Kor. lit, l!l Foot by foot, so to speak -- end year by year ; -- until our farm neighbors have know us as their kind of people. That's pretty important when financial problems arise. You can safely confide in us and rely on a banker who sees things from, your standpoint. Come in, any time! .: . . _ . SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS ' UUELD COUUTY BflllK Member FDIO Pioneer Stamp WISHING WELL 5 Winners Each Week- Drawing Each Saturday Night Winners May Choose Any Item In The Pioneer Stamp Redemption Store Up To 10 Books Value REGISTER AT ANY MERCHANT GIVING PIONEER STAMPS CHECK YOUR- · GROCERS ·CLEANERS · DAIRY · DRUGGIST · SERVICE STATION · And All Other Pioneor Merchants VISIT THE WISHING WELL At Miller's Super Market WE INVITE MERCNMITS TO JOIN OKI PIONEER PICKRiN Contact Pioneer Stamp Redemption Store 1S28 8th Ave. ^ EL 2-3468

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