Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 13, 1955 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1955
Page 10
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Page 1« GREELEY TR1HUNE Tuesday, Vtf': 13, 1955 Appropriate Gilt Books By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Wl -- When your television set gws blooey, vhal do you do while you're waiting for the repair man lo come and fix -.1(7 . · Do you get cross and upset? Do you fuss and fume over the 'wasted hours--precious hours you · could be spending deep In a coma watching your favorite video "·hows? · Well, why nul protect yourself against these tragic .lulls I n ' l i v - ing? Why not buy yourself a Book, and sit down and rea.d'it? What f it does make your lips tired? You probably -could' use a little more'exercise. Now don't say, "I've already got a book'." Kvcry home that yearns for a two-car garage ought to have room f o r . t w o books, loo. You can find space'for the extra one somewhere. As matter of (act, why not really surprise a Iriend this year and send him a book-for a Christ' mas present? He'll .talk about it for. days and days. To help you pick the right one, \vc have made -up a list of suggested ·.Christmas books Tor folks you've heard about. And so, kij dies, here wo go--all in fun: We Stand between . · You and Loss FLOOD and PETERSON "A Charmed L.Ue" -- President E'scnhowcr. ' "Beyond Desire." -- Wlnslon Churchill. "So Near and Yet So "far."-- Adlal Stevenson. "The Frontier Years."-- So;ihlo Tucker. "The Smiling Rebel."-- Sen. Esles Kefauver. , . . A Man Called Peter."-- Princess Margaret Rose. llo\v Par the Promised Land?" --Carmine DC Saopio. "The Power of Positive .Thinking."-- the governor of New' York. "A Slight Sense of Outrage."-the Governor of Georgia. ; "Run Silent, H u n ' Deep."-- the Governors of Ohio and Miehigan. ".Meet Mister Eisenhower." -Mrs. Eisenhower. "No Man Is an Island." -- Mail me a copy. "The Dawn of Personality."-Fred Allen. "A Good Man fs Hard to find.'" --Mae West. ' "A Good Man Is Hard lo Find." --Chorus repealed by -Leonard Hall, Republican National Chairman. "These Lovers Fled Away." -Tommy Man'villc.' "Personal Power Through Creative Selling."-- Dr. Norman V i n cent Pealc. "How to Live 365 Days a Year." -- your favorite insurance -salesman (and John Wayne). "1 Traveled a Lonely Land," -John Ford for sure, John Houston maybe. , "Why Johnny Can't Read."-Johnny, "The Gods Were Kind."-- the. Brooklyn Dodgers. "We Loved Them Once."-- the New York ^Yankees. "Somebody Up There Likes Me." Harry S. T r u m a n . "The Joker Is Wild,"-- .Milton Hcrle. "Heritage. " Bobo Rockefeller. ling Hooking Made Easy."Willie Simon. "Cards o( Identity."-- J. Edgar Hoover. "Living on tile Level."--Lucky TAlciano. "The Fassinaie Fl't^rmi."--Avd Gardner. "The Open Mind."--Sen. Joseph McCarthy. "Behind the Picture Window." --Mololov. "The Merry Partners." -- Rul- ganin-and'-Khrushchev. (Have tux, will.lraybl.V ;'. . ' . 5 v'J'lie Liberal Tradition in ·Amer- ica."---The nearest bill collector to you. "All Through the Night."--Your nuisy neighbors. . · ."I Love Her, That's Why.-Your- favorite wife. - · · ) ' -_ ' ' '"-The- Prophet. "--Any w i f e . - ~ ' " A Wife is Many Wonicii."-- Your favorite husband. ' , \ ·/, '·''· "The · Persistent Irnage.'J^Anj' visiting relative. ' . . ' . ,.,j -t.i'JThc, Long. Ride IloiTij!.."r»Vo4r · ! favorite 'bus driver. - ' ' i ' · · i.j4 ·''·"·· "Nothing Too Goorl for a'CoW' boy."--The Jockey in .any cab you ride. ' . ' ' '.'The' Call, to Honour."--One. for Ihe road .alone. . AEC Establishes Atomic Arcade for Education By FRANK C A R E Y AP ScUnct Rtporttr CLEVELAND «V-- The Atomic Energy Commission has borrowed sonic of the techniques of amusement arcades to help dramatize 'peaceful uses of atomic energy'for ,hc layman. The AEC, which limits 1 itself lo sparse sentences or paragraphs when it talks about weapons, is using a city block's length of wall space in the Cleveland public auditorium for a peacetime-uses ex- libit featuring everything from work-it-yoursell gadgets to comic slrip characters. Commission showmen even have managerie--consisting of live turtles--and a chap who makes "lightning" by waving a wand. The exhibit, staged by the AEC's Oak Ridge, Tenn. laboratory, is part of a huge "International Atomic Exposition" being held in conjunction wjth a nuclear congress sponsored by 20 American scientific and engineering societies having" a membership of over 400,000. General public visitors to the AEC's show are doing such things as: 1. Pushing buttons to manipulate a Gcigcr counter which can move up and down alongside a growing field-plant containing a radioactive m a t e r i a l used in the study of fertilizer utilization. By varying intensity of the "clicks" from the counter, you can tell in what part of the plant the concentration of radioactive material--and hencfe fertilizer--is greatest. " ".. · -2. Pushing 'other buttons which cause JighlsMo glow on a big map of the. .world, designed to dhow | where different kinds of u r a n i u m | ore arcJqcaiecK You look "in vain for a light- to. pop" up in Russia. 1 3. ' \Yatchiiig" various grades of uranium'.on! spin" on V wheel past a 'sla£ion'ary"'Gcigcr. counter. The richer the we, the louder the Geiger clicks. When" you get tired o£ this,: you can step to another booth and Ify your own '..hand at picking ;out a radioactive'turtle from among four others.. ;. . i · i . T h e - A E C - a l s o has suchUhings. as .pictorial-.ilisplays of the'tise of radioactive isotopes in studying nu- .trition in callle i and poultry; dum- n'y mannequins to help illustrate IB Use of radioactive- gold as an id-,m ( the; treatment, ol compHca- ions v 'oE ccrtnivi''forms of cartker; We Service Our Sales! Up;to $25.00 Trade-in . Allowance $71.50 J ewelTM ~ r.r -*J - Co.* Next 1st Nat'!. Bunk Phone-872 The quality.of a Grejbeal purcbae coslH no more. Yon may '' · charge, budget or use our xonvenlenl lnyaway plan. nd a model of hn un- Seed Show Has Proven jood Market Place;' · FORT COLLINS--"A good mr-ol g place for both buyers and sell rs of quality crop seed." That' le way Colorado P u r e Seed Sho s'described by. Rodney -Tucker xlensioh agronomist at Colorad A and M College'and manager o be show. The 34tli annual event is schcd ded January 13-21 at Denver, dur- ng the National Western Stock Show. ' The agronomist tirgjs growers ·ho have good crop seed to exhibit their products at the show. Showing helps advertise good seed, and aids (he grower in finding a'good market place for his stocks. Potential buyers will have an opportunity lo see the best selections and the newest in crop breeding, Tucker points out. Also, they can contact the exhibitors of Colorado's best'crop seed. . . . The pure seed show serves a valuable purpose i n - t h e state's-crop production program. Tucker says. 11 sets a standard if excellence and encourages the'improvement and standardization of crop seed. ' isual;tyjiB-ir.rotating devlcj^corq; 5issi6n-"scicntists hope to build for. Possible improved treatment of :ancer by atomic-ray techniques. Another demonstration features he working' of .»n instrument ;nown as an electro-static genera- or which is widely used in atomic research. At one stage of the show, a man holda a special 'wand' 1 near the dome-like top of lie generator; and a lightning-like "spark" is 'produced.. "Kicker" for the AEC show is a pictorial wall panel on which some .widely-known comic strip characters 'give, the lowdown' on atomic ,tljeor'y in easy-lo-understand terms. Among the experts who helped put words'.into their 'mouths was LI. General Leslie Groves, USA. retired, the man who had charge of the original development of the atomic bomb. According :to the Federation of M a l a y a - A n n u a l Report of . 1953, there were 37,515 people employed in its tin mines. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Reg. 9.95 General Electric w 795 . .. . . Now I , 1 041 Reg. 17.95 How I / u 14 85 Beautiful Gift Wrap For Your GIfti . Hallmark «nd Tle-TI« ' Irons Steam Irons Toasters Reg. 19.95 . Now 817 10th St. PHONE 3372 INVESTING FOR INCOME | UNITED FUNDS, .INC United ^ Income -' 'Fund Snares , offer 7ou'nn invelttnent in motf than 100 American Corporation! through a iliveriified l i i l of coir, mon ilotks' selected.·. for' their, income possibHitirl. ' . . " 'For Proipectui and" detcrtriiivc literature, w i t h o u t - . o b l i g a n o n , . fill in and 3ETUIN THIS Ab-. .VEKTISEMENT..- ' , . . . . l WADDELL REfD, INC. It'll B.llinor. l l W l l 9 U n t Kam u Cilr 6. Ho. Nt* YorV I, N. Y. JIM SUMMER Representing' the D a v i t ) · Agency ·, . - . i Ph. 206; V : 712 l O l h l S l SPOUTS CLOTHING Of All. Kinds-Ski, Hunting, Fishing, etc. for the BOATMAN Evinrude Outboard Motors MacGregor . . Spalding '. . Wilson Irons, s e t off five . . . . 32.50 Woods ^_ 10,00 up Golf Balls oo, 12.00 Christmas Packa--3, 6, 12 Top Quajity Golf Bag* . . 9.95 up Bag Boy Golf C a r t s . . . . . . . 29.50 Golf Head Covers . . 3.95 up . . . Pr. 11,95 Fisherman, 5 h.p -- _ 224.00 Sporhvin, 10 h.p. _ 335.00 Fastwin, 15 h.p. _ 376.00 fiie Twin, 30 h.p.,. _ 482.00 'Life Jackets -- - --- 7.95 Water Skis _ . 29.50 up ' Aluminum and Wood Boats S195 up -- -- All Boat Accessories Tow Ropes . . . . ' . . 495 Surf Board . . ' ; ' . . . 27.50 Gc!f Shoes for the TENNIS player : Tennis Rackets Tennis 'Balls ' : .'r:,', TejHiis^SfoLVes u s Sport Shirts 4.9v up _2.15 3,65 U p Spinning Rods Fly Rods __^ Casting Rods · ... · · I wv up 8.29 to 75.00 1.95 ,o 35.00 · up for the SKIER White Stag and Sun Valley j All Sizes for Men, Women and Children Pants ".Ll_L 9.95,15:95 ^ 19.95 Jackets ' · . : ; . : " ' :· 9.95 L Northland Skis' 1 ' »j OL:» edged Henke Ski Boots Ski-Poles j__ 22.50 · Boxer. . 2.75 up Leather'Bound . · Creel. . 4.95 Fishing Boots 13.45 -·U.S.., . . ' . . . . - . Reels 1.49 to 35.00 Lines 1.00 to, 15.00 . Complete Lin* of All Fishing Tackle Goleman Stoves and Lanterns 12,95 Up Pair 4.95 ana 9.95 Ski Cable Bindings 4.95 , 12.50 * · . . . · . i COMPLETE LINE OF ALL OTHER ACCESSORIES Sleeping Bags . ' .' _ Air Mattress Aluminum Gamp Kits __ ' Stanley Vacuim Bottles Thermos Bottle Sets _ 14.95 up 9,75 UP ^_ 9.95 o 12.95 11,95 u P Case Knives and Axes__ 3,45 t , 12.50 KAMK ADDRESS. . crrr " · , Jr : Hockey Skates Girl*' White Figure 10.95 up , Men's Black ' · ' -Figure . 11. 95 up Hockey Stick* 1.25 Children's Skates . . . 8.95 We Sharpen Skate«- ' ' . Holow Grind Method Winchester, Remington, Savage, Colt, ; . ' L, C. Smith, H R ; V V Shotguns / . . R i f l e s . - . , . Pistols All Calibers; antfrfJauges '. .'..' Us« Our Easy Pay Plan ·; · ', :'' Hunting Ammunition-All Coats . .6.95 up size . Insulated ' v . pak« . . . . 13.75 GUN 'SCOPES ·COMPLETE* LINE OF ALL SPORTING GOODS THE CO. S P O R T I N G G O O D S 922 Eighth Ave, Teiephone, 614

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