Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 48
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 48

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 48
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Page 24 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, June 13, 1957 The Greeley Daily Tribune oiid The Grtelfcy Rupublican EXECUTIVE STAFF J i l l Hi:Cl f IM.VSt.V LEO G. K O S I S I G - - Hi J A K V ESTRICk J R tuaei I H.'JYl) t. HLKUH.L .· ML-I A L P E T E K S K N - - . Mzi 1 C l . A K K I'AT.k - . Tilt Ollic T-* M.r'c Urn, . . ail n u u i d u of Colondo. nonib 11/10 FVrtlED im I'UIU.IL KM HUM i 3iHi word* .nird «ilh i ami "lie s l i c i n g ;ui for llu j Lonl Cod -1 I ' h r . 2S.-2U. Ponder: -- "Trusting a Hie Days Go By" f p l n n i i M f i r . . . I'V:ir not nni 1 he i(i-m:ii'fil; .wui. lie \ull not f a i l you or forsakr ynu." 19 Years Ago Junt 13, 1938 With «'-h""| /·!'!««*l for !}·* « u m - i HUT vai-rtlion, many of (he teach: cr at fircclcy I l i ^ h have- left on 1 trips or are p l a n n i n g them fur l a t e r in the summer. Florence Dumkc. home economics, will spi'ml three wepks in C a l i f o r n i a and then return to suin- ipi*-r -ihwil i! CoJ.'jrifio State CtA- IcHf in Forl t.'ullins. Lois Hallnriay, public speaking will he in K i r k s ville. Mo., u n t i l J u n e 18. She w i l l return tn be^in tier work as a in cm her of Lhc pro Dulles Not Consulted on Girard Decision, He Says viewed all the facts in Ihe case --which would have to include the Monlana To Sell Bonds Korean War Veterans i four years. The one-tent Korean I War bonus tax his yielded nearly '$130,000 in three months. | A Iwo-cents-a-pack cigarette t»I iis paying lor the ;2-mil)ion-doU«r ·. Worldi War II veterans' bonus, ret By JAMES MARLOW A. P. HEWS ANALYST W A S H I N G T O N mfnl backing up the original ciiiun lo lei Jiifwn liave Clirard.: -- Secretary Girard's family sent into Keder- jevenls before and after Girard's :dclainmcnl -- in order lo "con- , up Lj liic VOi it was right to let the; HELENA tf-Mimlima uvdnes-; successfully. Japanese have (iirard. ;day called for bids on six million One ° lile Bui Dulles in his affidavit wi-nl! dollars in bonds to pav bonuses 'lions likely lo be asked by a cig- o( Stale Dulles, never accused of ai Court a n j as i; C d the judge not further: He saiij he had n e i t h e r ' o f up lo $500 lo 1U estimated 15,- :areite taxpayer is: Can Ihe Mont a l k i n g too little, doesn't want lo i ( j n , l(J on]er , h( , iMti . r brought made the original decision norloOO Korean War veteran, or their lalla I-eaislalure create a debt of t a l k at all about W i l l i a m S. (iir-,, ) a c k (0 , 1|js t n i , n , r y hut in b r i n x ' b c c n consulted about it. That was !survivors. Payments will be de- six million ddlars without Ihc vot- D-!!e = "·' W j l = nn inm ro'.in o M r a n g f . since relations w i t h - Ja- 'laved, however, until expected ers ' approval? The same section 1 consmuiiunal f i x l n e a ITM-TM 1 « lllnR w ' ! " uul ard, Hie American soldier charged with k i l l i n g a J a p a n e s e woman in J a p a n . lh 'ijc qiicMioncU about the pan were the dominaiinB factor in icourl · ti-sting ' Hut probably a mon.- u n u s u a l side to the story Is the fact i h a l 'Icttin" Japan have Cirard. 'question;. voters' approval includes a war- There was f o r t h a t : obvious reason The 70!) Eighth Street Theater (lucliun stall of the l.mta Theater of the Ilockirs at CSL'K. Kvelyii Iri'y nnd Helen Mc'irew. K n K l i s h ami Susannah Moss, r t i r n - nii-rrial, are t r a v e l i n g tnjjftlier i" the Northwest. 'Hiry will visit J'orllajii] and Senllle brfnre t u r n i n g here. Ivan Miller, hanil anil nri-he.slra, 'Japanese is now in Chicago but will return to r;rprlcy snon Karl Nick 1 ;, mm- Proved. ·n,, ' m i n i i i i , hail said l h a t lhe « asol (or t u r n i n g Girard will be ordered to deliver the preme Court. I), l e 3 W l o "cirefulv re ' o v e r lo lhc J a p a n c s c wai to ?=*'' """Is ^oul Au;. 2C. !ie»cVall t h e n v a i b W e facts in ""·"',?"" m a i n t a i n «°° d "lations; To pay for the bonus program iRmpCror's . t h e ease" and added, "they h a v e now concluded" the decision to (Jirard was all right. with t h e m . j t h e Legislature added one cent of The judsc decideil nulles and! slate lax to each package of cia- Wilson didn't have to be called, i Jircilcs. Dulles, in charge of A m e r i c a ' s foreign rcla'.ions, says he wasn't consulted about a dcri'ion i h a l very seriously concerned foreign af f a i r s . That was the decision on whelli. n er to mrn (iiraril over 10 ths J a p - ; " l r " c ' ,, 'ancse for t r i a l or keep him in I'ullcs bossed off. lie swore jn c u s t o d y The decision to let the ··»' a f f i d a v i t filed wilh (he court i Ruj'SllOCS A f t e r 4 P.M. have him was m a d e b y . l b a t il would be useless for h i m ; ; i t ;hc Defense Dept. Dulles lali-r a p - l l o testify because he had no "per- DF.TROIT W -- A man who h a s 1 sonal knowledge whatsoever" of; s o | ( i S | 10PS f o r jr. yenrs says t h c j The Eisenhower a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ! July 29 was set for the bond bid connected exception. This never almost bluntiy admitted in court .opening. The successful bidder has been tested in the Montana Su- HorSC DJCS TOKYO 'Jf -- Emperor Hiro- Thu law provides that iMiilo's favorite while horse, on any part of it, such as the bond- · which he was photographed count- financinii, is outlawed, the bonus ! less times before and during World shall be paid anyway, Of course, |War II, died at the age of 23, it would lake longer -- perhaps was learned Wednesday. A l l l i n i i K h mi one can n a i n i - Hie r a r l y miiiinii p i c i t i r e I h e a l c r across i lncrt . ia| w i n a l l r n r i , u n l i n r r ' s t .| l n ( ) |: ( ;j,.., r ,i had shot Ihe w o m a n in ''\''" U ll ' il , ll " lf ;. IIP ' ''TM«1 i ^-. next lime you buy a pair wail from lhe Grcelcy T r i b u n e , two confliclinu recent reporl!. cnncerned I I . , . , , cs( .|. : A , lna |,,,| p a r k Kniilish 'Hie back w i t h n n e m p t y c a r l r i d R c . l ; i m m t ' n t Ior k l l h n B lllc woman. '. u n l ii 4 p . m . "Your feet stretch out A c t u a l l y il was Incaled when- the l l n w l n r a d i i alleys are located, possibly w j | j spplll | n ,, r s ,i m m p r ,,, n ( . n v er' case - he says he d i d n ' t mean That he couldn't have had "per-; a full size after you're spent most even in Ihe east p a r t . Also il was a very early t h e a t e r , as Ihe f i r s t , w h i l e Gladys Parker, fiirls' physical [ to liit her and only intended lo sona) knowledRc" of the ovenls of Ihe day in them," Morey Crcn- rcpurl uf il indii-iiK'd. Tlial placed il as early as I'M, the earliest of 'education direcfnr, will spend I h c ' s c a r e her »iray -- while flic i ' i h e a l e r here. I s u m m e r al her home in Iowa. . p i c k i n g up e m p t y shell:; on any motion p i e l n r e earliest nl ;my motion p i c t u r e l l i e j t l e r here. No one r e m e m b e r s the n a m e ol H i i s I h e a l c r I l i i i t probably was located ,M about 7(l!l I ' l i n h t h s l r e i ' l . I'ossibly it nuiilil h a v e been Ihe M a j e s l i e . A u n m a n who a t t e n d e d the t h e a t e r r e g u l a r l y says il was operate." Ethelynr llhiner, n i a l l i e m a l i c s . firinj! raniie lo sell for s c r a p , trim-ling i" -Minnesota now a n d : This happened Jan. 110. l!nd?r ^ i l l r e t u r n t o Credey n e x t week a f o u r - y r a r o l d a g r e e m e n t with ' j j l l i r h a r d Sorhy, art i n s t r u c t o r , will J a p a n on whether J a p a n or t h e ' a t t e n d art school in C'hicaKo. Ger- U n i t e d States could c l a i m jurisdic- ^-as leading up lo Girard's d c l a i n m c n t mcr, a dealer's salesman from a i w a s obvious enough since h e ' B a y City, Mich., said at the .Mich hadn't been in Japan. But t h c i i g n n Shoe Fair. hy .Ine Coslierl. who l a t e r operated Hie l e h a l e r »n the second floor o i l , rui|e S|) ., M |, linl , j s n u w |n Nl .« , linn over Ihe Park M e r c h a m l i s e b u d d i n c , almiit 7U7 K i t h i l i avenue, lie said d ' Y n r k visilinR r r l a l i v e s . Helen T a n - i Ihal, 'this was prior to the Jackson li.'tl), in Hie I'nt'k .Merchandise, which JKI.S been rl (. ri I'dc,-^ w j|J a K c n d northwest- diclion. laid lo h a v e been the Nickelod Joe Cosherl is f i r s t listed ii (ireeley '1'riliunc directory in 11108 as proprietor of the Electric Theater, which was on the north part of the soldier in a case like c o u n t r y claimed jnris- thcy ern U n i v e r s i t y . ; T|,,. Japanese insisled Robcit Cilchrisl, p r i n c i p a l w i l l ' s h o u l d h a v e h i m for trial on a be a member of the Kuril f a c u l t y j charge c n u i v a l c n l lo m a n s l a t i s h - sile of the Chief t h e a t e r , lie ran Ibis i h e a l e r a f l e r he had operated the n L CSCF: - A1 present he is i n : | f r . On May 16, alter weeks of Park Merchandise Imildin,: show in Jackson b a l l Ihere. The patron o f , ^^^'wm TliemK^nodv''"'TM 1 '' ^"^ """* "" il " t "' Cti " nS fl '° m the Seventh slreel l l i e a l c r says posilively thai il wiis Joe ( :o! ' u ' rl ' s ' | ns |j|,||' c 'j n cnj r ai; n f n r ' f o i i r ' \ first motion p i c t u r e operalion here. I K |, C w j|| 1( . avc ncr( , , u n c 16 The palron of the KlgMh street Ihealcr says il was located on lhe I site nf Ihe Ahlslrand m a r k e t , w h i c h is listed in the 1WI7 direclory al von ]9or and Fraf House Cbsfs Barred from Mill Levy HP 01 l i l t 1 All IS LI ilIKl 111 i l l K U l , \ V I I U I I I ft l l M U l l MI 1111- j ;iii i mi i-i.iui j ··!. | 0!l Eiuhtli street, but which is not listed in Ihe ISOU directory. In the | 90. r directory the 70G address is Meyers (Irocery, and lOOVii, the Woolf b u i l d i n R , apparently r e f e r r i n g to a s t a i r w a y to the. second floor. The first reporl,on this Ihealer placed it in the Wnolf building, and said it was run by .loe Woolf. Probably C.osherl operated il (or him. The patron says she attended regularly on Saturday alternoons. Scats were w h n l miclit have been called k i t c h e n chairs, in comfort at j u E N V E f l W -- Ally. Gen. Duke least, hut they may have been foldini! chairs. As for doshcrt, she says j\v. Dunhnr ruled Wednesday prop- she remembers word tor word what he. said niter a reel was finished: l e r t y lax money cannol he used to " will now be a chaii K e. of reels and the show will then no oh." .pay architects for p r e l i m i n a r y The Kirls thoiifiht it f u n n y l h a t he never varied in Ihal statement. She j planning for dwmilones thinks the Ihealer was on the uround floor. Therefore, Us operalion £',"» _ nmls ,^.. ill . 1 TM_, could have been ilurine a part of JtinB, since ill Hie 13015 directory there. Defense Depl. here, the A r m y in J a p a n decided to let Japan have Girard. On May 17 Secretary of Defense Wilson blocked the release nf Gir- ird lo Japan uulil he checked the ase. On June 4 the Defense and Slate Depls. issued a joint statc- n n t h l n g for the 709 address, which had appeared earlier. The next archilecls for and fra- Colorado School o[ Mines at Golden. Mines officials had requcslcd , t h e State I'lanniiiR Division lo ap- ycar it was lislcd as Ahlslrnnd's Grocery, which people seem lo atfroe p r o v c $5i0(JO or building mill levy was the site of Ihc theater. I f u n d s for employment of archi Verv few of lhe. early "flickers", as lhc Ihealers showing movies jtccts to plan t h e . living areas ir were, then called, lasted long enough lo get into a cily directory. The ithc master plan for the school, directories show l h a l ' b y failinc. lo mention several known lo have ex- Dunbar said in his opinion l h a t i Ihe s t a t e s mill levy fund for long The IMS Tribune direclory, lisling Ihe "Halls, Blocks, and Build- ;""8° ( J 0Url1 n li "jJ ic /" 1n! .J al J 1 * Ings" in Grcclcy places the Woolf building nl 709-711 Main slreel, which | hmi ,. c ,.,, OR co |, cg( . C I l m p u ^, was Eightli slreel. . I The attorney general added Anolher informant appears convinced t h a i there was no theater in i s ( a t ( , | aw ( | ocs prpyjjf, a way | 0 the 7011 block on Eighth street, saying it has been confused with the one j c o n s l r u c t such campus buildings. Ross Tiller operaled above the present sile of the Meyer h a t c h e r y , and ;This is by revenue bond issues. t h e n moved to a hall above a l a u n d r y at 013 ICifhth avenue. We believe The bonds in filch cases are .paid he is m i s t a k e n since the palron of Ihe Kighth street I h e a l c r is positive by revenue received from the of the operator of t h n t theater, and olber sources Insist Ihcrc. wo, one dormdoncs and houses. al about 709 Eighth slreel. The writer has been asked lo list lhc early (healers syslemnlically. This he intends lo do, bul slill hopes In gel positive information on more names -- Ihc Ninth slreel open air Ihealcr, the 703 Eighth street Lhca- ler, lhc 700 block Ninth avenue Ihcaler, Ihc one at Ihc corner of Ninth avenue and Ninth street, nnd wishes to know where lhc Idle Hour and the Majeslic were located. The. 1S05 and 1307 directories were obtained from Ihc Weld County Law library, and the IMC, direclory was presented In the Tribune by Chief of Police C. C. Hunter. The Law library has n 3903 and a 1901 Orcclcy Tribune direclory, and also a Weld and Lnrimcr county direclory o( t8!8. The. Tribune put out ils first directory in 1301. Modernizing Municipal Governmenl Advocated by Leader of U.S. Bar PIP YOU THAI membership in Jha Gres- Ity public tchoolt at the cloie of this year wai 255 mor» than a\ the clot* of school lasf year? BUCKLEY out oC governmcnl, lo study tlic w n y in which tlio city is porforni- inq its functions now nnl whnl j changes ' 1)R made in t h e f u - ; lure lo enable it Id perform ( h e [ new functions t h a t will he quired of, il." he said. H L E N W O O D SPRINGS i,Iv-Tlre' Earlier, Ihc league elected president-elect of the A m e r i c a n ' president W a l t e r N. LyharRrr, | Bar Assn. addressed 400 (Iclr.giitps prcsidcnl of Ilic Lovcland City to the Colorado Lcasue .Council lie succeeds John Banks, al the. closing session ot its a n - : Denver city a t t o r n e y . Mayor Wil- n u a l convention Wednesday nijjlil. i l i a i n Wliillier of l-'ort .Morsan was Charles S. lilivw of Washing-1'' 1 "'"' secrclary-trensurcr, ,i,,d Ion n C. i,r R nrmoderni/.alion nf ""'""! " p w d.rcdors «vrp Mayors hv a d m i n i s t r a t o r s ' w i l l l a m A ' i r n l l ' ' D ' l l n n nf '· i) - r i l y g o v e r n m e n t and citizens alike. He said cily governments arc being sliflcd by what he called anliqualcd methods. "I sucfiesl thai each cily d r a f l the best brains il can find, in nnd mar and Joe Kint'cnbach of Jlontc Vista. MISTER BREGER rleu 3,000 MEN ' 6U1LD1WS1H6 PftMhMh CftMW. USED trie uewrt-iN9Tft',i5D SHOWER* FOR trie FiReritWE, IHEIR Hftlp. CKte OUT w -me HANDFUL- DOS to ^ FoRclBM ELEWENT IN1H6 WflTEK... CF)MBE'nJjfKP'WPTOISTRNCE OF KHSST/0-WKES, hND THE KVERDERftTlON'S KEEP D1W6 WD, aw BE DEiecreo loo MILK WHY/ HALF ACRE CASTLE Sliffhtly Sarcastic \TS THE MOST ' WEIGIfT HE'6 TAteH Cork ran ho stripped from an evergreen tree w i t h o u t killing the A YOU MEAN THAT'S ALL?' · It's t r u e . . . you wear tin's nmnzinc new Sonolonc hearing aid ALL I N YOUR EAR! No cord, nolh- inp; worn anywhere else. This smallest Sonolone ever weighs only half an ounce, inclmlinK battery. S O N O T O N E E A R L W. M I L L E R CLOSED ON SATURDAYS JUNE. JULY AND AUGUST OPEN IN SEPTEMHER Res. Phone 0!)1R2 1'lionc !W!)-\V 311A Grcclcy Uldff.--Occlqv, Coin. T "SORRr,NO CHOCOtATE FUDGE, LEFT. " M O D E S T M A I D E N S "No Irlcnd of mine Is (toiup to call ipe a big bum and get awiy with 111" IS PAPPY ABOUT AU OVERHS SUNBURN NOW? 0001HOUSHTR3R COUPLES. OCVNIZE AOROUPOFMWBE 5EVEN NEIGHBORS "D Buy JOINTLY ' NOT BE ABLE TO AFFOfiP INDIVIDUM^ SUCH A? POWER MOWERS, OR (JQBBt ALBUMS., EACH Buy ONE AMP. . CIRCULATE. 1H=M. JOE PALOOKA ALL SET? BY HAM FISHER SCOKCIIY SMITH Close Call HALT.' THAT IS A6AIN5T | THE LAW.' I WILL HAVE TO CHECK WITH THE NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEFENSE fOU HAVE PERMISSION TO ENLARGE THE OPENINS BY PRECISELY ENOUGH TO ALLOW VOU TO ENTER.' GOOD." NOW WE CAN GO...WHERE'S MISS GANNIS THE VOLNS LADY VANISHED WHILE WE WERE OCCUPIED.' THANH 6000NU55 I 60T TH' RIGHT TOOLS FERTHlS HERE EMERGENCY.., I'll CHOP W'WAY MUCH OBLIGED... I'LL BE EXTRY CAREFUL.'.' NELL.WEeoTOueFlBST LEAD CN THE CASE-BLIT ITS MOT MUCH! I'M ST'LL ALIVE! Lost: One Temper THIS is AH you/? /WOT, SAV SHE SHOOTS H£,\ WOULD... HO, . GONE-\7HATWOULDN'T HOW WOULD I WORK. THAT GET YOU W MONEY? i CAN'T COLL HO DOUGH OKAY, SO I OONtWANNA GIT MIXED UP lU NO LAW OFFICE/- BUT fOU, LEJUHE, yo WATCH ROBEY.. my, you'Ke GOHUfi PAY DIClvlE D A K E L I ' I . A U . N K K WAR DEPT REFUSES TO ORDER TROOPS INTO CENTRAL PARK T! "In my opinion" uyi Secretary of Defenit "the Llurd of Ooze ii unkillible. The b e l t the Armed Might of the U . S . A . cm do ii contain the monitor in Central Park, and itarva il to death". IRREGARDUESS.'/- ) BUT THET LIZARD AN'ME I \TL\. IS GONNA MEET, ^ BE MAN-TO-MAKJ.INA / VQISF. ' FIGHT TDTH- ·* *wi*fc- DEATH -ON ACCOUNT THIS ISTH'TIME T' USE. TH' VOKUM FAMBLV SECRET WEAPON"--WHICH WEVAH WAS

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