Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 2
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2 GREELEY TR1UUNE Nov. 1, 1961 Ideas Inside CSC: 61 Factors Influencing Children in School Besides the previously noted relation between dropouts from scliool and the education of tlieir parents, oilier family factors were disclosed in research of tlie DCS Moines public schools conducted by Dr. Howard Blanchard, r.ow associate professor of psychology »t Colorado Stale College. Three out ot five of the dropouts were (lie oldest or next to the Oldest In families of five or more children. A spotty attendance ' record frequently preceded the student's quitting" school. The tardiness record is also significant. . Thus it is plain that the placement of a child in his family OIK! the attendance-tardiness record ought to be a port of a child's cumulative record. Wlietlwr tire child comes from broken family, taA why the amily was broken should b* in eluded in the cumulative record with the child's age at the time of the break, according to Dr Blanchard. Studies of school be lavlor of children from broken rallies have been made without disclosing the reajons for th* jroak. Dr. Blanchard reports research showed death of a parent often results in redoubling the efforts ol he survivors toward * common £ss! with a rapid maturity of out ook oh the part of children ·iorties appear to be f«r more die .urbed .by the absence ol the 'alher in the armed forces than by death. VOTE FOR STANLEY R. SUTHERLAND Re-Mftrch »n Br*ktn Conclusions from a research pa per on broken homes are here quoted: "The percent ige of collegi Teshman year dropouts from hbn jrokcn homes Is two-and-a-hal imes as great as woken by death." "The percentage Word Ceuncilmtn Vote for Sutherland . . . is a vote for effjj|ent and economical city government Cornmlte-e for Sutherland from homes of college freshman dropout? .Jrom homes broken by divorce is'five time as great as (hit from hom broken by death. "In contrast to the welding fore of death, divorce seems to 'blow up' a family as a unit," t)r Blanchard said. Wh*n Matter Wortu "When bdth parents with 2 com inon goal and purpose work, bom life can be far more beneficia to tlie children than when the mvliie'r !: a b«Hc'rfly. .gaddin about all the time, with hardly moment for'Iwr family. "Note that 1 qualified the parents as having R 'common goal and purpose,' This depends, ol course, upon the quality of the parents. The mere fact that the mother works certainly does no necessarily make it a poor home (or the older school children. H*d All iut Affection "in Iowa, a lad with well-to-do parents who had given him every material thing'a child could want said in a paper at school some thing to the effect he didn't krow whether his parents loved him or MISTER BREGER State Hospit?! Tightens Rules DENVER (AP) -- . Dr. James ialvin, stale director of institutions; said Tues. regulations for tersons working in wards il the Colorado. Slate? HosplU!.. already have bccn'tighfebcd as the result or an .outburst t the institution' which leaH to the death of a not, he thought they might not, and he wasn't sure that he loved :hem. · .. "In counseling'with the boy and with tire parents privately, ,11 was made very clear the lad had cvory- ihing'.from his · parents, except their 'time- and al(ention. The "All the teacher needs to do is a direct the inquirer to the schoo administrator. Many'requests to see the file are received from old vicious custom known in pris- agcrits of fraudulent sales pro pitieht,. 57-yea;--«ld Ernest F. Wil son o( Evergreen. . ."I'm afraid -it has to be .here were inadequately 'designed regulations within the ward," Tr, Jalvin said. "The possibility exists,*' he said, "lh« rules were not slringenl enough and the ward person IK not as careful as they should have seen." Wilson was strangled by some teenage patients in the ward and; murder charges have been filed by the district attorney, in Pueblo against Uueeof them.' 'In tBe v rpelce a blanket was tossed over the victim's head and he was beaten. Dr, Galvin described it as "an Namt Keeps Growing TAMPA (AP) -- He's only'6 months old, but he's a hardy little fellow with a name that just keeps plowing. I He's Martin Ben Manuel Julio Luis Bergeiv. It began with the measles, Martin;-son W Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Bcrger, caught them at'the ago of four weeks and was taken to Ccntro Espanol Hospital. Next he suffered a dislocated arm, then » severe intestinal disorder that required an operation. Then lie had to have his appendix removed. Martin pulled through them all, and so captivated three doctors that they gave him their first names -- Manuel. Julio and -Luis. And they placed a slip »f paper on his crib reading:' "Martin Bc-n Manuel Julio Luis Berger, adoptive son of Centro Espanol." "I'm going to see to it that his name is legally changes to include .he names given to him by the doctors," his .mother says'. Clem Is Returned BARRERTON, Ohio (AF) -When Gary Suit on, 14 and Carl Bishop, 13, went on s( shopping trip, they parked Gary's pet, Clem,'in a telephone booth. When the boys came back, they foum Clem stuck In » coin return wi!h only his tail showing. A telephone repairman res cued Clem, a hamster, by dis mantling the coin box. Minerals Imported ' WASHINGTON - Strategic ma- . :erlals from other free natkxu are essential to United States industry. Eighty-four per eent of its bauxite for ikmkuin, 92 per cent of its muganes* for steel, 90 per cent of Hi cobalt, SO per cent of ki chromium, 91 per tent ' of its nickel, and So per cent of its copper is imported. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS RUDY-MIX CONCRETE [ ·' $11.00 Per Yd. ' M-yXM^P ANYTIME Plaster and Brick Sand Top Soil Gravel NORDELL HOMES INC. ·104'/j 18th St. EL 3-2090 parents were amazed at the at llude of their son. They repeated that they had given him everything a .child could want. They had -- everything except the immaterial things that prove affection." Dr. Blanchard believed the parents would adjust their lives to give the' child the attention he needed to make him a well adjusted person and a better student. A »«rvte» T» T»»ch«r« The guidance office is nothing it not a service 'organization to assist teachers. This applies re- nnrdless of. the guidance level of he teacher's training'or. whether she has released time for guidance or counseling. The guidance office usually Conducts the research necessary to determine the content of he cumulative report. It contains he grades of the student through all subjects, this being basic among much 'Other material. The entirft cumulative report should be kept under lack and :ey. A file so equipped costs about p-mor.e. Access to the report shouldVbe. only for the teacher, guidance 'personnel, and ac" Islrators. .The child should (tiow his intelligence rating as ,uch. It shoukf be changed into the percent Me figure lei be m»de a art of his record. Only an administrator · should decide whether an outside inquir- should see a child's record. Granting Ihis permission is def initely not the .privilege of the teachtr. Rul* Prefects T**eh*ri 'Teachers objecting to this fell differently about it when it was explained tlie rule was for their own protection,". Dr. Blanchard said. moters, uncredited colleges, ai* unethical firms offering learning .' mail. Wlicn told they must pu to the administrator their plea to see the files, they usually drop the matter. They would havo relent-; lessly pressured the teacher were it his right to'''make the decision." Specific guidance revelaiions of benefit to the child and school personnel gleanecT from the Colorado State College's professor in his Iowa experience will be presented next,' He .said attendants, in the ward were no* aware it was going on, adding "nobody would tolerate it." He said careful instructions" have been issued to all ward personnel about their duties in the USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS The hospital superintendent, Dr. Willis Bower, "has ifad to deal simultaneously with policy matters of great importance and with microscopic details of ward man agemcnl and hospital adminislra lion," Dr. Galvin said. He added that his investigation is C9ntinuing. FIRE SALE! Ladies' Clear Plastic RA1NDEARS Price _____ I«fl4 BOYS' OVERSHOES 4 -Buckle, 3V, to 6 1.88 Children's Plastic Pull-On OVERSHOES Sale Price ___ 144 Ladies' Black Plastic _ 1.44 Children's One-Snap Pull-On OVERSHOES Sale. Price . 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