Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 47
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 47

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 47
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raj. 21 dlEELEY TOIHUXE Thursday, June 13, 1937 The Greeley Daily Tribune ohd The Greeley RcpubUcon E X E C U T I V E STAFF M I I D K U ) F H A N S l - N · · Pijkluhvt LLO G. fcOEMG · · · · B«I»*M N i t J A k f tSTRICK 19. - Tir Mrr M-OYI P. M t K K . L L , A L rtrtrRsr.N · . CI.AR* PAr.l I I I til it* SI k D»t ». tn PurJ (rf»*l»» ·*4*f U* An t i l l * « ·.null.* II.M. »** It. II ror*ir» «**w * r«rrt*r I1H ··* I M I K I . I C M I K U M eu»l. m.,.1 ** no Inujrr t h » » 1 word* C«rw» , , It r put. Jin it P · » I Pause and Ponder: -"Trusting "He s t r n n s and of ::» for Ihe Cod i w i l l i -1 Chr. 2«:20. tht Days Ce By" »l e t m r a ^ e , . . . Fear not nor be d i s m a y e d ; s o u . He w i l l not f a i l V"i "r forsake you." C»J 19 Years Ago jun« i). mi With ichool doled for the mm- mer varalion, man)' ol the teach- rn at fireeley Ilith have left nn Iripi or are planning them lor l a t r r in the summer. Dulles Not Consulted on Girard Decision, He Says By JAMES MARLOW A. P. NEWS ANALYST ment bitklaz up Ike orijinal de- cuion to let Japan have Girard. joint Statr-Deftnie Oepti. announcement had laid: Dulles and Wilton carefully reviewed ill the facU in the ciic --which would have to include the rventi before and after Girard'i detalnment -- in order to "conclude" it irai right to let the| HELENA *--Montana Wednes- Montana To Sell Bonds lo Pay Bonuses fo Its Korean War Velerans Japaneie have Girard. I day « i ^ A l l . called for bid on lii million Florence home eeono- nome erono WASHINGTON ill - Secretary Orrard'i family sent into Keder-| Bu , j, ul | M in W| l f f i i i v i l went dollan in bonds to pay bonusei of Slate Dulles, never accused of ;,| t - ourt , n j ,,ked the judje not |further: He laid he had neither of up to UOO to iU estimated 15.. miri. will spend three weeks in California and Ihen return to s u m - , K: r^iir s "" w :3?"« · J ' pinf " woman -^ ,side to the story Is the fact lulles, never accused of ;,| t - ourt , n j ,,ked the judje not |further: He laid he had neither of up to UOO to iU estimati i little, doesn't want to ; o n j y , 0 or( j tr the »oldier broucht; made the original decision noriWXl Korean War veterans 01 I about William S. Gir-| h l c k , 0 , hi , f0 ,, n i r y hut In hrinZ'been consulted about it. That waiJiurvivan. I'aymenti will I mrrican soldier charted il)u || fl nd \vii, o n 'into court tolitranje, lince relatloni with Ja- layed, however, until ei j a Japanese w o m a n m .. ,, , n u f itjoncd about the; pan were the dominatine factor in court · testinc of constiti ifour run- The ea«-«*Dt KoretB lw«r bonui tii hai jrlelded ne»rl/ ! 1110,000 la three monthi. A twixenti «-pick dzirette t» it payint Ior the a-million-dollir World War II veterini' bontu, «t up by the vote.' »nd eourt-teittd tueceilfulljr. One of the conititutlonil quei- tioni likely to be aiked by a til- arette taxpayer U: Can the Hon. t a l k i n c too little, doesn't want to · t a l k at all their tana legislature create a debt of ^ de-'iii million dillari without the vo- ipected»' "Pproval? The lame leeUon flu'lii'le questioned about the i pan were the dominating factor in court -testing of constitutional !'i lin 8 » 1100,000 ceiling without 'lettins Japan have Cirard. 'questions. (Voten 1 approval include! a WIT- The Eisenhower administration! July 23 wai let for the bond bid I connected exception. Thu never June IN. She will return to begin her work as a member of the production s l a f f nf the Little Theater of the flockies at CSL'K. Evelyn Irey and Helen McCrew.i « ( Dullej. in charge of America'i for- Ior l n a l i-ign retationi. tayi he wain't con- Thr joint italcm almost bluntly admitted in court . . .. that the reason for turning Girard ultid about a deci'ion that very IuKe« and Wilson "carefully re. |over tolht Japanne was to picify IIU UiU - - - - - - - . opening. The luccessful bidder : h»» ·«» te$ltd m "* » ontan » Su " will be ordered to deliver the P« me Court bonds about Aug. 26. seriously . ' them and maintain good relations. To pay for the bonus program. ! Emperor's HorSC DlCS concerned foreign at- viewed all the available facti in wjlh l h f m the I^sislature added one cent of i -- ·.... the case" and added, "they have English and Susannah Moss, com- " . . . . . ,,,,,, mercial. are traveling together in That was the decision on whelh- the Northwest. Tliev will visit in " to l u r n '·'" rd ov " to l ^* J anese for trial or keep him custody. The decision to lei ...Japanese have him was made b y , t h a t it would be useless for h i m , Ihe Defense Dept. Dulles later ap- to testify because he had no "per- DETROIT un - A m a n . w h o has proml tonal knowledge whatsoever" ofj i ( ) i,i , nof , for 26 jears says the Girard had shot Ihe w o m a n in ".'»" '". din « I!" to_0irard'i de-, ,,,,, timt you buy a pair wait Portland and Seattle before ret u r n i n g here. I v a n .Miller, band and orchestra, is now in Chicago but will return In Greeley sonn. Earl Nicks, commercial, will attend s u m m e r school , ,,, Dulles besced off. He swore in i the an a f l i d a v i i filed w i t h Ihe court Buy ShoCS A f t e r -1 I'.M. ir^^^istVr^yT^i^"'-' - TM».:«» ~ Cyp'm.^ct 8 ,rc,h. er in Denver cate - he says he didn't mean That he couldn t have had "per- a full size after ou re (pent most rr in i * r u » i I , . s ·'« J . . . i i , I...', ,,» ,!._ - ,. i _» u- .J... :_ ,k. M '· tl n ».. r*r A ... decision" to 1 Tl " ^ dge c!ocWf1 " ullf » and stale- tax to each package of cig- ! TOKYO (Ti -- Emperor Hiro- H Vjht Wilson didn't have to be called.jarettei..The law provides that ifihito'i favorite white horse, oa ' I any part cf it, such as the bond-1 which he wai photographed count- financing, is outlawed, the. bonus i less timei before and during World shall be paid anyway. Of course, j War II, died at the age of 23, it it would take longer -- perhaps wai learned Wednesday. The 70!) K i f h t h Street Thi-aler - - - - - - - --..«· -- A l t h o u g h no one can n a m e Ihe early motion p i c t u r e t h e a t e r from t h e Grecley Tribune, two conflicting recent reports concerned it. i,) c.SCE. Annabel !'i A c t u a l l y it was Im-ati-d w h e r e the lluwlorad'i alley j are It.cated, possibly j t t j u , p f n d h p r , l i m m r e\en in Ihe e a s t part. A l - n it was a \ e r y early t h e a t e r , as Ihe first , w h i l e G l a d y s Parker, girls' physical to hit her and only intended to report of ,1 i n d i c a t e d . T h a i p l a c e d it as early as 1W3. Ihe earliest o f ! education director, will spend the scare her a w a y - wh.Ie^he was leadinz up to Girard s dctainment mer. a n motion p i c t u r e theater here. | s u m m e r at her home in Iowa. p i c k i n g up e m p t y carli!--! of any m o t i o n p i c t u r e t h e a t e r here. Nn one remembers the n a m e o( t h i s t h e a t e r l h a t probably was located at about 70S K i s h l h street. Possibly it nnvlil h a l e been Ihe Majestic. A w o m a n who attended the t h e a l e r rejiularly says it was operated l,,, fnrt , n j c h o o i i n Chicato/Ger- I'mled .".tales could c l a i m jurisdic- hv Ji.e Gushert. who I j l e r operated the I c h a t e r nn the second floor o't r u de Spaulding is now in New lion oser a soldier in a case like t h e Park M e r c h a n d i s e bmldint, about 707 E i g h t h avenue. He said i t ; y o r k visiting relatives. Helen T a n - , l h a t . this country claimed juris- w a s prior In Ihe Jack.son hall, in the P a r k Merchandise, w h i c h hai been ner, vocal, will altend northwest- diction. ern University. The Japanese insisted they Robert Gilchrist, principal will shouU h a \ e him for trial on a as pn.pnclor of the Flectric Theater w h i c h was on Ihe north part of the ' *e a member nf Ihe Ruest faculty ;rharse equivalent lo m a n s l a u g h s i t r ' n f the Chief t h e a l e r . He r a n . his t h e a t e r a l t e r he had operated Ihe ','J^'E. A t _ present he i, i n t e r . On May 16. after week, of shells on a Ethelyne Ilhiner. m a t h e m a t i c s . ' f i r i n g ranee to sell for scrap, is t r a v e l i n g in Minnesota now a n d : This happened Jan. 30. L'r.drr will return to Greeley next week, a four-year old agreement w i t h Itichard Sorhy, art instructor, w i l l Japan on whether Japan or Ihe sonal knowledge" of the e v e n t s ' o f the day in them," Morey Cren. a dcalci's salesman from since h e ' B a y City, Mich., said at the Mich- But t h e . i g a n Shoe Fair. was obvious hadn't been i enough i J a p a n . s a i d lo h a i e hern the NirkrUlron. Jr- (io'hrrt \\ first lisloil in the (Jri'dcy Tribune dirccliiry in Park M e r c h a n d i s e hmlding show in J«k«,n h.ll Uirr,- The p,tron of ; « ^^'J, .lip.d Mnnrl, : Rochester, Minn. Violet Johnson · ·*"· .-,'·"." -, - 'registrar, w-ill attend Moody Hible the S e v e n t h t h e a t e r s a v * positively that it was Joe (,o«hcrt l , , ntj| , ||f (n C hi(., tn f o r ( n u r wf( . k ,. first motion p i c t u r e operation here. She will leave here June 16. The patron of the E i c h l h street t h e a t e r s a v s it was located cm the Mte of Ihe Ahlstrand m a r k e t , w h i c h is listed in the 1907 directory at | 7113 Eichlh s t r e i t , but w h i c h is not listed in t h e I'jtf, directory. In the I lf« directory the 709 address is Mc.vcrs Grocery, and 7U9'i, the Woolf i . _ M r; I h u i l d i n g , a p p a r e n t l y referrmc to a .stairway to Ihe second floor. The fJIIU r l d l HUUiC L05I5 first rep'ort.on Ihis t h e a t e r placed it in the Woolf IniiMmg. and .aid it D, r r p f | { mm » a s run by Joe Woolf. Probably Go-hert operated it lor him. U U I I G U I I U I M The patron says she attended regularly on Saturday afteinoons. | · Seats were w h a t micht h a v e been called kitchen chairs, in comfort at I DENVER * -- Ally. Gen. Duke least but they may h a v e liccn foldmc chairs. As fur Goshert. she says ,w. Dunhar ruled Wednesday prop- »he r r m e m U - r s w o r d for woid w h a t he said alter a reel was finished: ,erty lax money cannot be used lo -Thtrr will now be a chance of reels and the show will Ihen go on" pay architect, for preliminary The cirls thought it f u n n y lhat he never v a r i e d in l h a t statement. She ( P|at t h i n k s Ihe Ihealer was on the ground floor. T h e r e f o r e , its operation could h a v e been d u r i n g a part ol I!**, since in the I'M! directory there s u i n g and on in-tructions from the Defense Dept. here, Ihe Army in J a p a n decided to let Japan h a v e Girard. On May 17 Secretary of IMense Wilson blocked the release of Gir- to Japan until he checked the case. On June 4 the Defense and Stale Depts. issued a joint ttate- jl'a'd'o i, is nothing for the 709 address, w h i c h had appeared earlier. The next ^ ^.^ ( ^^ Mmf| o(fici ,,, hj( , rfqu ,,, M , , he S(i|( p|, nn i n|! nivision to ap- v e a r it was listed as Ahlsirand's Grocery, which people seem to acrce. j p r 0 ve M.OUO of building mill levy w a s Ihe site of Ihe theater. I funds for employment of archi- Verv few c.f the early "flickers", as the t h e a t e r s .showing movies jlerti to plan Ihe living areas in were then called, la«ted lone enough to get into a city directory. The ;th^ master^plan lor the school. ^ directories show t h a i by f a i l i n g to mentiiifi several k n o w n lo have ex '" Isted . PIP YOU mtmbtnhip 'm tht Grt*- Ity ps;blie tchMlt at tht clest of this y»«r was 3SS m«rt thin at th« tloit »4 icKxl last ytir? x. .L . M ii in .L. .,,,! n,,ii.l range Running programs ex- The 1!»« Tribune directory. M i n g t h e ' H a l l . , llloeks. and II mid- ^^ ()(|rmjlwir!1 lnJ , r a t r r n i | ,ncs" in Greeley places the Woolf b u i l d i n g at 7U9-71I Mam street, w h i c h ' hnl|(rl .. OR fol|f|(f c , mpl ,, r , u a s Eichth street. . I The attorney general added Another informant appears convinced thai there was no theater in ,,,,, | aw Avrt pro ,i() f , w a y lo the 701 block on Eighth, street, savin.: it has been confused w i t h the one jtonstrurt such campus buildings. Hoss Tiller oncrajcd above Ihe present site of the Meyer hatchery, and ,This is by revenue bond issues. Ihen moved to a hall above a laundry at r,13 Eighth avenue. We believe The bonds in such rases are .aid he is m i s t a k e n since Ihe patron of Ihe Eichth street t h e a t e r is positive off by revenue 7r"t"r it houi'eV of Ihe operator c.f t h a t thealer, and other sources insist there was one or ' n ' " " * '_ MISTER BREGER at about 703 Eighth street. . The wnier has been asked to list the early theaters systematically. This ho intends lo do, but still hopes lo eel ;.Milise information on more names _ the Ninth .street open air t h e a t e r , the 7»9 Eighth street thea- ler the 70(1 block Ninth avenue theater, the one at Ihe corner of Ninth a v e n u e and Ninth street, and wishes to know where the Idle Hour and the M a j e s t i c were located. The 150. and 1907 directories w e r e obtained from the Weld lounty 1 aw library, and the 1900 directory was presented lo Ihe Tribune by Chief r.( Police C C Hunter. The Law library has a 1903 and a 1901 C.reeley Tribune directory, and also a Weld and Larimer county directory of IMS The Tribune put out its first directory in 1901. Modernizing Municipal Government Advocated by Leader of U.S. Bar C.I.r.NWOOD S P R I N G S rs-Thr BUCKLEY ail N. !.)harger, | Ixivrland City out of government, lo study Ihe way in w h i c h Ihe city is perform- ins its f u n c t i o n s now and w h a t j c h a n c e s n.ust he m a d e in the future to enable it to perform t h e , new luncliims lhat will be r e - j quired of it." he said. j Earlier, Ihe league elected pre.'idcnt-elcrt of the American prvsidrnt W a l l e r P a r Assn. addre--ed 4UO d f l e j a t e s president of Ihe to the Colorado M u n c i p a l League Council, lie succeeds John R a n k s , ! at the closin; session of its an- D e n v e r city a t t o r n e y . M a y o r Wll-1 rrul convention Wednesday ni;ht. W h i l t i e r of Kort Morgan w a s ' Charles S. l l h v n e of W a s h i n g - elected s e c r e t a r v - l r e a s u r e r a n d , ton D. C. u r c n i ' m c i d c r m r a l i c m of name,l new directors__WTre M a y o r s c i t y g o x e r n m c ' n t b y a d m i n i s t r a t o r s an 1 r l l u e n s alike. HP a i d c i t y c o \ c T n n i r n t s are Vein: slilicd bv w h a t he called annotated m r l h i K l s . C.-ri. can be stripped from an "I succc-t l h a t each city d r a f t c v c r a i e n I r r e w i t h o u t k i l l i n g the the best b r a i n s it c a n [mil, in and tree. W i l l i a m A. ( P o l l y ) Dillon of l.a-| mar and Joe I t i ^ c n h a c h of Monte Vi-la. J I TOU MEAN THAT'S ALL?' 1 Z-jf ' A-. · It's tnit'... yi'ii \vc:ir t h i s a m a z i n g '"'«' hoarinp aid A M - IN Y O l ' K K.AU! No oinl. notli- ine worn a n y w h e r e else. This smallest Si m. tone ever weichs only half an ounce, i n c l u d i n g hattery. S O N O T O N E EARL W. MILLER CLOSED ON SATURDAYS JUNE. JULY AND AUGUST O P K N IN S K I ' T K M I I K K s. I'hnn* 0!)IK2 Phone'.W-W .111A Crfflev Illrlc.--(Jreeliv. Coin. r JOE I'ALUOKA "SORRy,NO CHOCOlATEfUDGE, IffT. " M O D E S T M A I D E N S l-is --. S'o friend el mint Ii pilng In eajl mt i bl{ bum ud £rt i»iy »1Ui ttl 1 ' (| I RRWTlWE, Tri'lRH^'RWV.SCUT Hii«us, cm* cwK«K3w»i WISEST KMItet, fts;3 TVJS Kfo^SBERflTirNS KEEPasiSto. Can M mtm 190 Mill* A'tUft/ HALF ACRE CASTLE Slichtly Sarcastic IS 0*.Ppy ABOUT All CVER HIS SUN BORN NOW? PI ITS THE MOST 1 WEIGHT HE'S TAkEH OFFINAYEAR/' OF CKCNW BEACH ACCDUPOFUWBC iCVCN NOCHBOS NOT BE ABLE TO AfRSB KWIXlAa RJCHAffCWCP. AUJUMiltACH ALL SET? BY HAM FISHER SCOKCHY S.M1TI1 Close Call fJO HAVE ftMUSSON TO ENLAR6E THE CfWNG BY PMCIiELV ENOUGH TO AlUJW VOU TO ENTER.' GOOD · NOW r¥ CM GO...WHERE'S MISSGANNIS! THE'OJNG IAW VAN- rSMED WHILE WE WERE OCCUPIEO HAIT.' TH»T IS AGAINST TH{ UW.' I ma HAVf TO CHECK WITH THE NATIONAL SKURITY AND DEFENSE THAN* GOODN165 I CCT TIT ftGHT TOaS F(K TrtS HERE HJCH OBLIGED.. ra K EUTRY CAREFUL !! THIS IS Ait VW? ffJJCT, ROBE*.'-ST IF YOU BOKE- ton WOULD THATGTT YOU My IP 1VJ HO LAW OFFICE/- BJT JW, UJUiE, YOU Kill DICKlK U A K K Ixist: One Temper l.ri. A H . N K K NKUzli.. VJAR DEPT REFUSES TO ORDER TROOPS INTO CENTRAL PARK!! "In my epLaioa" itya S«cr«urr of D«f«nl "th« Llurd of Oot It unktllahli. Tkt bell Ik* Armtd M l f K I of IKi U . S . A . oa do t« cootaU th« rr.onlttr U Ctntral Park, »d mr»« it I* dfltK". IRREQARDLESS.V- 1 CUT V fO, -CM*COX)NTTHIS ISTKTU.1CT' UC-t TK VOKOM FAMALV UCCRCT -WHICH U£MA* WA USED BEFO', tsECUZ WENIiVAH F*CCD MOTH IN' UKC THCT U2 ARD AN" ME I COMMA MEET, MA.N-TO-MAXI.INA FIOV4TTDTH' DEATH, AfiNER."

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