Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 2, 1976 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Page 23
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Stock Market UPI MioMay stocks Tucs., March 2,1»76 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE .73 Ctosing Prices New York (AP) - Uckhd 7V.+ , Monday's ctotlnfl Loo SI I im+ i, New York stock M»cke 7 + '. AlCJnAI AlldCh ArnAIr ABrnflt AmBdc AC Ml ACyin AmElp AmMol AmSlrtd Am II, I 1 Am pex Armco AtlRch Atlas AvonPd B*»tf=rJ! BeechA DfllH Bendix BoiltC BrlstrVi Drunswk Budd SvrUn BurIN ' Burghs CatTr Celanse Crl-td Cessna Oimpln Chrysir CltSv CocaC ColgPal ColGas ConEd ConFds ContAIr Con Can ConOII Con Dal Cowln CrwZI CurtW Oarlln Dcer« DetMon Dillon Disney DowCh 43'.-- 1, 10fi-- li «i-- B !iH ll'/i 33*14 4i in/,-- i/ 4 J»i* + i/i 2SV»- V, 15*4+ '/j 31"?+ 'i lojv* 4 lii 8( + 1*1 S3 + 4k m» + V, 25 - 4t !«'/» + li 41 Vi-- M W*i + 31/4 I4H+ V* 16H- A 20*i- I* 63 'i- !'» I4H + t/i » - 'A M -IM, 14 -- Vi 37 + Vi tt!»+l»t 37 4- i/I SJft 111 4- '/, Mir (Ma McDnld Merck Mobil Moman M0nf*v rVltSlTel NUDiS NatGyp Nallnd NatStl NCR N13MP NwtAIr NwtAir NwtBnc OcclPt CHInCp OMARK OuiMar Owen III PacGas PacPw PacTT PanAm PanEP Pen Cent Penney Pepsi Pepsi Pdzer PtielpD PhllMor PhllPt Polroid ProcGm PSvCol Pug Sfl Pumn RCA RepStl Rcylnd ReyMei Rockwl RoylD Salewy SIJoMIn SIR eg SCM S col IP Sean 20*i- V« «Vi-- i/j Si 4 v »S" 4 2 29 - 'A 37UH- '/i Uli j '/4 14H- '^ IOH4 ij a +'5 1J1'»-- '·( 311*- U 31 H- V* W»T 4 30 'A r- Vj jgjj i'/i*- U 3?'/i4 V* JH-- li' S4'/i- H 70'^- 1, W4-H'* 37 41H 39'A 4 IV) 16Vj^ H ·g-^ «'··( '4 4/lj 48','i 4 1 TMii *; v» itieiiO 4B'/i- ; EasKd Eaton El Paso Esmork Exxon FMC FdFalr ForMcK Fr«pM Frucht GnmSk Canet CenDyn GcnEI CnFood GenMI CnMol CPubU GTHEI GTIre CaPec Glietc Goodrh Goodyr Grace GrGlanl Grcyhd GullO tlecla Hewitp HollyS Honeywii Idaho P IdcalB IBM IntHar InNlck IntPap IniTT Jewel KahAI Kencot Kralcn Dresge LlbMcN 101 36V. 37*4- v» 88V1-M 41 J '. I4Vi 17'44 '/· 3S*»4 ft 39 4- '/i 17*14 '! j; -- n MM 4 Vi 16 a h4 *» 33 - V* ISM-- v. 40! · 4 ^ I7U+ '-» 31 - '/. 74»i4 »» 3?'.^-- '* 3S'»+ »% 1 Souinc SouPac SouRy SperryR StdDnd StdOCal StdOlnd SiauiC SlerDg SluWor 4 IMrnx Tcledyn Tennco Texaco Toxins Textrn Thlokl Timkn TocJShp T,VA Tricon" 1 TRW TwenCI UAL UMC UnCarO UnE-lec UnOC*l UPac Unlryl UnllBdi Uniicp USGyp USllKJ USSII UOP Utahln Varian Wnrnr WnAIr WnOnc WUnlon West El Wchrr While Wolwth Zcnllh isS- 4SH 3D 42 - 101% -1 171. 4 S4 l .l 4 Wi- ll '4 10H 21'» + 34'/i 4 IJVi 4 14',*.- It'.'i 1 1 9H4- 11 '.'i 4 SV4- 79V, 4 11 f IS 1 33 ·* 20'.1 24 4 67 t 37 4 Vi ** V, '/. s» i '* Vi M» ill NEW YORK (API - Dow Jonr itock Trnni Ullli tVSStKt Opitn Mloh low fin'* cf; 973.71 911.1* *iU8 »?i.3i 4-3.7J MS. 57 704.7S JQM7 WSJt --0.38 87.37 87.V7 84.64 87.39 -0 IV Ttt.14 300.3S 7M.14 Itl.U i 0.1? actions In i locks uswJ In over Industrial Transportation Utlllllet . . .453,600 300,100 1,29 J,/M NEW YORK (UPI) -Dun 4 Bradstreet's daily weighted price index of 30 basic commodities, compiled for United Press International (1930-32 average equals 100): Monday to come Friday 594.82 Week ago 594. 17 Mnnlh ago SR2 23 Year ago 556.63 1975-76 high (9-26-75) 607.73 1975-76 low (3-3-75) 556.63 NEW YORK (AP) - Domes!ic lug*t luturM Mondny on the New York Codec and Sugar Exchange. Open High Low Close Piev. SUGAR NO. 11 (50 tons) No trades. Raw sugar spot nlS.55. SUGAR NO. 11 (JOtont) May 14.00 Sep 14.10 11.71 IS 13*7 14.13 13-74 UQ5 14.11 13.97 14.1 D 13.75 14.10 14.13 13.9? 14.11 13.79 14.07 14.04 13.9! 14.0S 13.71 14.00 14.05 13.1 14.01 1401 14.20 n!3.# -- Futures I rod ing on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange MHV day: Open High Lew Clott Pr«v LIVE BEEF CATTLE (40.000 Ibt) old Apr 37 30 17 30 36 SO 37.00 37.70 Jun 41.55 4)60 40.50 40. M 41.80 Aug 43.50 43.50 47.70 b«.TO 43.75 OC1 43.75 43.30 42.90 543.10 a43.45 Dec 41.70 43.97 43.50 S43.97 b43 90 Sal»: April 534; June 31A; Aug 144, Ocl 48; Dec 61. Open Interest: April 7355; June 5«5; Aug 3133; Ocl 1230; Dee 737. LIVE/iEEF'CATTLE/40,CHX Jbi) Apr 37.00 37.00 363? 34-60 37.40 Jun 41.15 41.15 40.50 40.50 41.5S Auo 43.00 43.00 4294S 43.13 ».»0 OCt 43.70 43.10 47.90 43.20 4] 40 OK 4J60 43.97 43.M 4397 43.97 Fen 43 80 44. 10 43 AS b44 00 A44.00 Sain: April 3114; June 438!.- Aug 653; Ocl !90; Dec 1W; Feb 5. Open Interest: April 5307; June 30*S; Aug 1844; Oct 460; Dee 17*: Feb 4«. FEEDER CATTLE (41,000 Ibt) Mar 3705 3*01 3 8 4 5 18.75 D39.70 Apr · 39 00 39.00 38.75 38.80 *39.tO M.IV 39 ?5 3??J 3840 3B 85 -i39 80 Aug 40.00 40.75 39.75 40.75 40.50 Sep 40 45 4045 39.T3 40.01 40 7S Oct 4075 '075 3f.75 39 TO 406! Nov 4000 40.00 39.75 39.90 40.50 Sales: March 14; April J4; May B}; Aug II; Sep 1; Ocl SI; Nov 13. Open mier«l. March ?OJ; Apnil97, May 671; Aug 17; Sep 71; Oct 7U; Nov 37. LIVE HOOi (30,000 Ibil Apr 4790 4797 47 37 n41 37 4 3 7 5 Jun 44.00 44.10 41 30 43.40 44 B5 Jul 4S.43 41.40 «.JO aJJ.K 456: Aug « JO 43.30 '770 '7.7! 4350 Oct JUi Jl./i 40 : J3. 33 4', 3i Dec 41.75 41 » 4055 40.rOa41.fO Fb 41 00 4100 4000 bJO 10 b41 45 Srties- April 7415: June 1547; July GtO; Aug 143; Ocl 10S; Dec 49; Feb 5. Open Inlfrcsl- April 5600; June 3144; July 7IS7; Aug 958, Ocl 511. Dec 347; Fet 75 IDAHO POTATOES (IO.OM Ibi) May 1130 1140 11 ID 11.40 bll.OO Ifll!", Mnv 14 Oprn inlffMT: Mfly 335. PORK BELLIES (3t,0r» 151 1 Mar Si 9i M 95 AS SJ *« 93 47 »3 May 6 / 5 0 6'. SO 44 71 *** H '.I 85 Jul 61 IS SB 35 ft7 15 af 15 69*0 By United PreulMeriuUoul AmT4T3.80 66H-V4 Blue Bell 1 «(4+ y t Braniff .20 12% Cel»nw2.80 52%+ % ChryslerCp uy 4 + y, CitS«rv2.40 41%+% Colt Indus 2 4i_ 1,4 ContinllOilZ 63 + y, CrownZ 1.80 45Wi-- % DeltaAir .60 42+ 1,4 DowCh 1.60 111%+ % EastK 1.56a 107V«-- n Exxon 1.25d . 8814+% Firstne 1.10 24!4 FordMo2.40 51%+% Fruehufl.W 24%+ 'A GnElecl.60 52%+% GnFoodl.50 28%+'A GenMot.eod 65'/«+ 'A G T E 1.80 27 GulfOil 1.70 22'A- Vi Hallibtn 1.68 150+ltt HarrisC1.40 45%+% IntlPaperZ 74%+"A JohnMvl.20 30V4+% JohnJ ,80a 85 Kencott .15d 36V4+ % KerrMcG 1 64%+1'A Motorola .70 46V4-- 'A Penney 1.16 55V+% PhilPetl.60 52V+y 4 QuakOat .84 25 + % RCA Corp 1 25% SafewaySt 2 47% Sears 1.60a 72%+ % SunOil 1 28 + Mi Teneco 1.76 26% Texaco 2 25 + Mi TxGsTr 1.88 32+ Vi Tex Instr 1 117'A- 14 UnCarbi.uO 7-1 VBT- 'in USSteel 2.80 80 + '/, Local Interest Stodu Tuesday, March: Aft. Bank Shares 12% 13% ARA 59% 6Wi AZL (Farmland) 5% 6 Bayly Mfg. 10V. 11 CNB Hfc lf/t Comb. Eng. 37% 3tVt Coors 25% 26% First Natl. Bancorp 22'i 2414 GWU 27 27/i GWUPFD 18% 19 Hewlett-Packard 108% 109 Home Ll.iPr. 1114 1314 MonforlofColo. 5% ev Skaggs 25% 26/ United Bank !6'i 17 Vipont Mining 1 m Vipont Chemical 1% 1% NEW YORK (UPI (-Standard Poor's closing stock indexes (1941-43 average equals 10): 425 Indus 15 Kails 60 Utils 500 Stocks Monday (o come Friday 112.0243.4346.1099.71 Week ago 114.13 43.88 47.17 101.16 Month ago 113.12 42.57 48.10 100.87 Year ago 92.85 38.81 40.25 83.03 1975-76 high 114.07 44.13 48.37 102.10 1975-76 low 77.71 34.02 35.31 70.04 NKW YORK (API - Wool futures Mon flay on the New York Cotton Exchwige. Open High Low Clote Prav. WOOL U.ODO let) Mar 164.0 166.0 166.0 bIM.O 163.0 May 16S.Q 165.0 I6S.O D164.0 162.0 Salt*: 6. bbld. Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - The stock market shook off its recent interest rate worries and put together a strong gain today. "Hie 2 p.m. Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks was up 7.40 at 982.76. Gainers outpaced losers by more than a 2-1 margin among New York Stock Exchange-listed issues. Trading picked up from the pace of Monday, when the day's total dropped to an eight- week low. Analysts said the market appeared to have been heartened by Federal Reserve moves in the money market Monday which had the effect of braking the recent uptrend in interest rates. The Fed's action seemed to convince investors that it did not want to tighten credit more than a modest amount. United Brands was among the day's most active issues, down Mi at 9%. A 159,100-share block traded at 9M;. The NYSE's composite index of a!) its listed common stocks picked up .26 to 53.76. At the American Stock Exchange, the market vahie index gained .49 to 103.90. SMART CHART »/»- bySttnsbury Tony Wu opens photo sfuefio of 925 16th St. Tony Wu had always been interested in photography. It was jiat a matter uf sorting out his priorities in life to choose it as his profession. Wu, who recently opened a photography studio at 929 16th St., was born in Chungking, "You thouMn't nan caHtd them "nouvtau rfcto camel drivtrs." Jessen attends Denver meeting Walter Jessen of 2621 21st Ave. Ct., Greeley, was among about 165 delegates from Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Utah who attended a two- day Lutheran Brotherhood Branch Gathering at Stouffers Inn, Denver. The introduction of a poison safety program and Lutheran Brotherhood's Bicentennial film, "The New Patriots," were fetured at the session. The poison safety program and "The New Patriots" film are both available to interested school and community groups. It 75 A 7 1 Aug 78 Open m!fr«l Mflrdi July 7439, Aug 80} M 75 (4 75 6170 cold By The Astociated Press Selected world gold prices Tuesday. Lui.Jun Morn.'iMj (ixing llJl^ii, OQivn U IS; Afternoon lining till 40, down W.90. Pnrlv Altrrrvwn market quota lion J133 44, down «71. FrAnklurl: Fixing 11)9 4|, down 10 43. Zurich: 1131.00 bid down 11.J5. 1131 7S hvdy Marman base price, New York: S13I SS, down 1070. Engelhard selling prices, New Vnrv Mil 90 rtnwn 10 W NEW YORK 1AP) -- Spot nonterrous mplfll priCCS Tuesday. tOppW 61»» Cetllj n pound U S. dest^nnlions; lead 19 cents n pound, fine 37 cents a pound, del-v- (·rwl *in *1 (TM7 » (.mirrl New Vfi'fc · (jnifl 1137. 4S per iroy ounce. New York; silver TonyWu China. In 1949, during the Communist take-over of China, Wu's family fled to Thailand where his father took a job with the United Nations. Wu's interest in photography stemmed from his father's dabbling in art as an amateur photographer. Wu received his education at the International School of Bangkok and Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Ind., where he received a degree in business administration. After graduation from Indiana State, Wu went to work for State Farm Insurance in Indiana and was later transferred to the agency in Greeley. Wu said he transferred to Colorado to take advantage of (hearea's photographic beauty. Wu's photographic experience began when he was seven years old, helping his father in the darkroom. Since then he has been to numerous photo conventions and has a ken classes from the "masters." He has also done some photographic work in the State Farm laboratories. Wu has been doing freelance work since 1970 for weddings, in porlraits and commercials. Wu said he has invested in some projecting equipment which he is experimenting with his studio. Any slide can be projected onto a screen, creating a backdrop for the subject being phtographed. Through this method, a person can be made to look as if (hey are standing in the woods or the mountains without leaving the studio, Wu said. blame but the photograptter," "I can use different Wu said, backgrounds to create different Wu offers photographic moods," Wu said. services for passports, wed"1 use the best equipment; dings, portraits and com- that way if something doesn't rnercials at his new luTM out right, there is no one to photography studio. Downtown Jackpot winner Elizabeth Corissant, center Rt. 1, La Salle, the Central Greeley Development Association Jackpot winner, receives three J100 bills from Dorothy Karbs, president of the Downtown Association, as Rich Erwin, manager of the Denver Dry Goods Company in Greeley, looks on. Mrs. Corissant was announced us the winner of the weekly jackpot Saturday. (Tribune photo by Rick Shaw) silver ! New Yfi'V; ciirlffc nominal per flask. New Irny o ^MARKETS DENVER (API - Tu«day's quota- iloni, hoot 75: barrows and gilts moitly 1.00 hlghw; U.S. 1-3 TO 730 ID W.WM7.H; 1-3 330-150 Hi JJ 5044.00; 7-1 753780 Ib; I»rs ittlriy, 1.3 MO-UOO Ib 31.00 43.00. Brush HOflt BRUSH, Cold. (AP) - Ti*sd«y'S quota lions, hogs 500: barrows and gills Steady to IS higher; U.S. 1-7 700-2]$ Ib 47.00 4S.QQ. tew «.?5, :.3 MO-?* Ib .4S.OQ-«.7S; J-4 350.J80 Ib «.00.«.00; lows U higher. 1 3 300 WO Ib 38.50 41.00. OAWHA.Heb. (APKUSDAJ-LivwtOCK quolalionsTuesdiy: Hogs: 3,000; barrows ard gKli fairly active. IS-50 higher; U.S. 1-3, 1W-IO Ib *«M"48.50; sows 50-1.CD higher; 350-600 Ib 43.5044.75. Clttle and calves: 3.300; steen and hclfcri ralher slow and deliberate, steers una neiten sleMy lo su lower; cows noderate'y active, Heady, some strength on high-utility and commercial; load choice and prime 1,72$ Ib stcen 35.00; Choice V7S-1,300 Ib 34.50-35 7$; choice 8751,050 Ib heifers 335035.00; utility and commerclnl cows IB.DO-7B.OO, a few high dreiilng 7B.50 35.00; tanner and cutter M.W 36.00. Sheep' 600; thorn slaughter lambs 1.00 higher, other classes scarce; *W head choke, end-of prime, 107-117 Ib shorn lambs 51.00,- few utllily wooteo ewes 13.00. Estimated receipts Wednesday: Cattle end calves 4,000; hogs 3JOO; sheep 200. Eggi DENVER (AP) - E«s: market steady; demand fair; olferlngs ample. Large AA 53-54, medium AA 4|.4|, small AA 34.35, large A S7-53, medium A 47-48, large B 34-36. Beans DENVER (API - Beans: most dealers at 14.00 for U.S. No. 1 plntos ana 33.00 for U.S. No. 1 great northerns: FOB Denver and Nebraska rale basis. USDA Bvtttr.Etis CHICAGO (AP) -- (USDA) -- Butter steady; wholesale buying prices Tuesday unchanged; n score AA 16.00; 97 A 15.00; n B unquoted. Eggs mixed; sales delivered warehouse, cartons unchanged; A extra large St-61; A large 57Vi.59',?; A mediums ST.iSi. Grain KANSAS CITY (AP) --Wheat 377 cars: off 5c 10 up 3c; No 2 hard 4.0! t 40; No 3 40S1; No 1 red wheat 1.76-3.l*n: No 3 1743831). Corn 150 cars: Up Vi co off 3^C; No 1 White 1.45 2.8$n; NO 3 2.35 3.7Jn; NO 2 yel low 3.7;"i 2.78; No 3 1.7*'1-3.77 Oats 1 car: Norn, unch.; No 2 while 163 I ?3n; No 3 1.53-UTn. No 2 rtillo J 504.tfn. No I rye 7.47 2.«n. No 2 barley 7.27 7.37n. NO 1 soybeans 4.50-4 AO^n. Sacked bran ft.009f.75 Sacked ihortl9?.15fa.OO. Danvcr Caih Gr*!n OENVFR (AP) -- Wheat No 1 hard winter ordinary 3.30; yellow corn 4.W 4.BS; No 3 cwl sorghum no quote. Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP)-Wheat No 2 hard winter 3.81'^n Tuesday; No 2 soft red 3.79'^n. Corn No 2 yellow 2.73n (hopper) 2.70n (box). Oats No 2 heavy 1.62 3 ,in. Soybeans No 1 yellow 4.6^'in. No 2 yellow corn Monday sold at 2.74 V 4 . Local Market Tuesday, March 2 Barley 4.50 Oals (3811). or teller) 5.00 Corn 4.65 CashWheal 3.15bu. Pinto Beans (new crop) ncg. One source indicate* a $14 based price for pinto beans. \ VonSchoock names Douglass assistant VP E. H. (Doug) Douglass of Greeley has been promoted to assistant vice president of Van Schaack Co., the Denver- based real estate, insurance and property management firm. Douglass is in charge of the c o m p a n y ' s p r o p e r t y management and leasing activities in Northern Colorado, including the Greeley National Bank Building plus apartment complexes and office buildings in Ihe Greeley area. He is a graduate of Duke University with a degree in psychology. He is a member of the Colorado Apartment Association and the Greeley Kiwanis Club. Before joining Van Schaack, he was affiliated with Multiple Properties, a Cleveland, Ohio, property management firm. Douglass and his wife. Susan, have two children. The family resides at 1959 26th Ave. Del Jones E.H. (Doug) Douglas Stapleton Airport DENVER (UPI) - Officials at Stapleton International Airport credit a boom in ski business and an upturn in the region's economy for increased passenger traffic during the month of January. Airport spokesman Robert Stapp said passenger traffic during the month was 16.2 per cent more than the figure for the same month in 1975. During January, Stapp said l,0%,110 persons flow in and out of the airoort Grand opening winner Beulah Heneger, left, manager of Fashion front west corner of the Gibson's store, moved Fabrics, presents Edna Morgan, 1418 9th St.. a from the Wilshire Shopping Center. Tlie grand variable stitch sewing machine as the prize opening celebration will be extended through given away at the grand opening drawing at this week. (Tribune photo by Rick Shaw) r'astnon Fabrics. The store, now located in the First of Greeley employs Elbert to promote kids' saving program Del Jones joins Whee/er as salesman Del Jones has joined the Wheeler Realty Co. staff as a sales representative. Jones has been licensed since 1970 and sold real estate in Boulder for 3',fe years before joining Wheeler Realty. He resides at 1818 12th St. with his wife, Lee, and daughter, Surah, age 19 months. He received his AA degree in liberal arts from Northeastern Junior College at Sterling, attended McNeese State College in Louisana and Colorado State University for 1'^ years and is presently majoring in management at Aims. Jones is a member of DECA (Distributive Educational Club of Amprirn fhp Grppley Bnarrt of Realtors, Colorado State Hoard of Realtors and the National Board of Realtors. His hobbies are water skiing, camping with tiis family, and fishing. CiLANCK NEW YOHK (AP) - Markets al a Stocks--Higher. Cotton- Lower. CHICAGO: Wheat--Sharply lower. Corn--Lower. Oats Lower. Soybeans--Sharply lower. The invention of the doughnut hnlc lw f'np; Hnnsnn Gregory is still commemorated at Camden. N. J. The First of Greeley has "employed" its corporate spokesman -- Elbert the Bighorn -- to promote an intriguing savings program for kids in the Greeley area, the Elbert Club. The club is designed to give youngsters a financial head start on the future. For as little as five dollars, children in Greeley can open a savings account at the bank. In return, they receive an identification card with their picture. When deposits reach $25 in a new or existing account, the Chicago Grain Market CHICAGO (API-Profit-taking, the possibility of abundant precipitation of winter wheat and a slowdown in export business combined to produce a bearish sentiment that sent grain futures prices skidding on the Chicago Board of Trade today. · Wheat futures lost 16 cents a bushel, soybeans 9, corn 6 and oats 2V4. Soybean meal declined nearly $2 a ton and soy oil lost £i points, or '/4 cent a pound. At the close, wheat futures were 12 to 16 cents a bushel lower, March 3.72; soybeans were 5'.4 to 9 lower, March 4.73'i; corn was 3 to 6 lower, March 2.C8 and oats were 'A to 2'.'4 lower, March 1.59S. Closing Board of Trade Table CHICAGO (AP) - Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Tuesday: High LowClose WHEAT (5.000 bu) Mar 3.79 3.a'A 3.72 May 3.88 3.75 3.80% Jul 3.94 3.80 3.82 Sep 3.98 3.8814 3.8914 Dec 4.08 3.99 3.99 Mar 4.17 4.06'A 4.08'A CORN (5,000 bu) Mar 2.70 2.67V4 2.C8 May 2.76'A 2.72',4 2.73 Jul 2.80% 2.7614 2.77 Sep 2.80 2.75V4 2.75'A Dec 2.741,4 2.6S 2.6914 Mar 2.80 2.75 2.75'A May 2.79 2.79 2.79 THE FAMILY CIRCUS youngsters receive an official Elbert T-shirt. And, to provide further incentive to budding entrepreneurs, the bank will give a free stuffed Elbert to any child whose savings goal reaches $200 by Oct. 15, 197G. First of Greeley President Royce B. Clark said Elbert is the perfect medium to reach children and acquaint them with sound savings habits. "We're happy to have Elbert on our team, helping us develop a "kids only" savings club," he said. Clark announced that Greeley children and their parents are invited to meet Elbert and enjoy refreshments and free balloons in First of Greeley's lobby through March 5. Lobby hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EPA 'not satisfied' with nuclear wastes DENVcjU (UPIj -- me Environmental Protection Agency is not satisfied with the available estimates on potential dangers of possible leaks and disposal of radioactive waste at nuclear power plants, according to an agency official. "Nuclear energy, the most well-known nonconventional energy source, bears close study," said John A. Green. "A single mistake or accident that involves a release of radiation cannot be tolerated." Green is regional EPA director for Rocky Mountain suite anil bjjiMt Muiidaj Lu an energy meeting sponsored by the American Nuclear Society. Green said the EPA needed answers to questions dealing Weld offices interrupted phone service Telephone service to the Weld County Courthouse and county offices was interrupted Tuesday morning when construction crews at the new county services building cut a cable. Mountain Bell crews hoped to have phone service restored by 5p.m. Tuesday. Untilservice is restored, emergency calls may be phoned to either 352-6305 or 352-1519. By Bit Kcnnc with possible teaks ui radioactivity, the treatment of radioactive waste from nuclear generators and on proposed methods for disposing of spent fuel. "The time is right for nonconyentional energy resource development but history and the concern for future generations dictate energy developmenl must consider the overall public health and welfare," said Green. He also said the geothermal energy probably would not play a major role as an alternative source wiiiiiti the next lu years but said "it is believed that geothermal energy may make a substantial contribution ... by the year 2000." "The amount of so:! cover needed to prevent contamination in a mined-out area, the exposure of individuals to radon gas, the treatment of mill tailings to eliminate infiltration of radium into ground water ... all deserve intense study to avoid serious contamination of the environment," Green said. NOTICETO CREDITORS Estate at Cleo Virginia Corry. D*«3(«. Cat* No P.llitl All pfrioos having claims against the ibovt named estate art ttqj-rtti to DiiliiU four! of Weld CoLTiiy, ColwjrJo. « or briore Junf ». 1»7». w tflid (ifllms NOTICE 'OCIBDITOHS Ei'stt of WAL", Efi W. W Y A T T , aka W.WYATT,0«f«M. urt Ol Wtld CDtnly, Co'orad i four monini Irom oalt cl lit or uid t'airr.i lhall Mfortvt SamiftlL. Wyl C-'O t;*g»r H Br*nrtwi6u'g Jn PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE COUNTY COURT IN A N O F O R THE COUNTY OF W f LD AND S T A T E O F C O L O R A D O C I V t l f t f T I O N N O f V ' M T * I N T H F V A T T E R O F IMF P C T l T i O N F O R C H A ^ E O ^ NAME O f J U U I 1 H A N N J O K O A N G f c H PE I l i l O N t Tij!}! ( NctitC ii her pay q.ven "You're not s'posed to eat anything near Daddy while he's on his diet!"

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