Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 46
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 46

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 46
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Merchants Beat Cheyenne Teams In Twin Bill 3 Qualifiers in Woman's College Golf Shoot 79s ^CIIRYENNE-The Greelr-y Mcr- fiii/ils tuflhait (ram \von t\vo Ramos here Wednesday by identical, 6-1, scores. The Merchants defeated Warren By PAT IIMMERMAN It is illegal lo entice or attempt (o entice any ;:atnc or iah by artificial lights. CHAMPAIGN', III. 'J! - The! sharpest shooter; of the field -- I judging by opening day scores -MIH eiutiMixr i m c e l jj, , he S emilinals o( the National Women's Collegiate Golf Tournament Thursday. Ann Rutherford of Penn State Falcons Have Athletic Wings Clipped ) Buck Shaw Knows ol No Academy Change 'Musial Cool Setting Record Thursday, June 13, 1957 GREEI.EY TRlBirNE Page 23 . . . . leur champion. \\ e want lo make this point clear Ju[1 . Be!1 o( Arizona s . t o all persons intending lo fish at a ~ a : ' i i~, n AFB in the first same on Al Ceb-' night on Colorado waters. The o n l y ' S i j n V y ' DENVER ». ol Northwestern, Ihe Illinois ama- \i r Korce A c a d e m y Falcons liav- Posi t h a i 1 ins .kuuvv of no thiiiSi- in plan*" for ; l h c Air Forrc Aoricmy's prmvc'.- e d bi5-;inu' l u o l b a l l schedule, iCoach Lawrence T i B v i e k ) Shaw ]said Wednesday r.ishl. j His remarks oame in reply 10 a most valuable, and certainly most: : report by K x r e u i i v e Spori Kdiior popular player, a fellow by t h e , Are the V. S. ' C.' !'.-:.;:.·,, ,,·: T!.,- J V n i . r :;;.;r.i :! S!2B .Vusial. ivil! slt-p 10! ·k h:i been pro- the plate somewhere in a N a t i o n a l 1 League park snd another record Major League P H I L A D E L P H I A !* - In about; a «eek Ihe St. 1/ouis Cardinals' I u " Stuart Sent to Lincoln Ashley h,rji; ,,·,, k:n. TI r~ i' """" ·-------··TM : -- -"·-· -..-only Three of Ihe scmifinalists scored; that's the report heard here. The n a r d l s two-hitter. The Greeley usc of li-hl when fishing al mghl 79s in M o n d B y - s Q u a l i f y i n g round,', naliun's newest service school will team fallim-ori ,viih , i , . . n h , - i , m o e Jack : B-? n the ' " · 1°' Vnri « m p Bill K M , i i ,,, eu "'' nE ?riumnV ""·'"'· cated each other by striking oul nine each and walking none. i Ihe firsl game with '·run innir f i f l h . Sam Danielson's double the second sent two t e a m m a t e s home. Jim Kot-hler singled home two in lhc f if Hi. The Merchants wasted no lime \vinnin; the second contest as they got one *" public The fans, however p a r t i s a n anu j ; i n w h a t e v e r city, wHl cheer and i . t h e y ' l l really m e a n it. And l h c ( ' . sportswrilers and announcers w i l l 1 : .. Iheir athletic wings clipped? posrd. m a t c h e d , George Franco, executive sports Franco wrote Tuesday t h a i , mi- will be broken, cf Kansas, leditor of The Denver Post, says ,| cr ,i, 0 e i i v l a i l m e n i . lhe AFA Thcr[ . w jn bt , a ,, announcement The a-ouid play A r m y beginning in 1959 o v c r ^ public address system. - - - . " 'ind N a v y s t a r l i n g lhe (olluwma The t a n s _ nuwev( . r p a r t i s a n and . '.".the lowesl recorded that day, and Enroll its third class next m o n t h year. Rut he added t h a t lhe Fal- adjusling equip-jthe olher one -- Miss Ashley -- j a l its temporary quarlers al Pen- ·" l . 0 , ls "woi'id h a v c to be salisfiod c n t - ; came in with the next lowesl c a r d , , ver's Lowry Air Force Base. ' w j i h skyline and Ilia Seven Conj. H .. h . i l l 1 w h e n ''sbmg from a boat lhc|.an SI. 1'ar is 76. · . i The A c a d e m y ' s p e r m a n e n t ' f e r e n r e compeliiion to fill out ilicir m a ^ e q u j( c ,, (hinjj ,,[ ;\ ,,°l ",",,. K". 'i!:i.'i..! .'!,''''S 111 nl " 5t s l a v «' ilnin lhe bo;ll 'i M i s s Bailej ' was n ° l f a r °" lhc honu '. complete with athletic yearly schedule." Kveryliody, in fact, will be coin- It cannot be extended over the par standard Wednesday but she | plant, is scheduled to be finished "| was assured from Ihe Pen- mcn |j n '« o n ' i l Fvervbody t h a t is side to a t t r a c t fish, When f i s h i n g ] w a s hard pressed by Clifford Ann by the lall of 1958. ir , S oi] on down, before I look the bu[ M," s i a | h i m s e l f . " ,,,,,,-,,,,: - . l h , . . f r o n l lhc sl '°re it is permissible i Creed of L a m a r Tech. Miss B a i l e y ; In h is "postscripts" column job, thai the plan was lo com-, That's the kind of person he is, mree-run inning in me second and lo n a v c c a n l p , in , ,,,, lhe bank or a : s a n k a twisting 25-foot pull on the | Tuesday, Franco said "The AFA pelv w i l i i Avmy ami N a v y on a n ' l h i s h i K hustling 30-year-old power I lantern. But a g a i n the li.eht must: 1 ""! green lo defeat Miss Creed, I w u,j | n n e ^own ils projected f o n t - ' e q u a l hails," said Shaw from his n i!ter. mficlder, outfielder ?nd all nol he extended ovcr the w a t e r . ' 1 "P- j ball scheduling which, al lhc pros-'home hi-re. ' a r o u n d nice Violations will bring stiff fines. | The 0 th " survivors had easier L n l pacc wou | (1 h ave im-ludfc! '-We have Stnnfr.rd Tulnne a n d ' The sunfish al Ncff lake, north- i s °TM. s m th . e 1 u a r l f r f ' n a l s ' . -y iss | such opponents as Iowa, Stanford, ilowa scheduled in 19SS; A r m y , , S I west of Grecley are beginning t o ! C " J '" an ° n T i N o l T e D " me ' Tcxas ' o k l a h o m a ' U C I . A and Oregon in 1959 and 62-lrd consecutive game, setting . r u n i n l h e f i r s l a u d f i v c ' ; ^ ^ -TM * * i^ ^//^'X' »",,».. '?r±pl ifJE JSTU E L lh Bin cc Koir;iouS ^\^^^'^ i,TM;,.^ xi-SJ ^ ··«.-« .* ·».*-.-»....»«. TM «* ^ »TM ·». ^.s. n TM, h .. - , te ha,,,.«. ^ 'iminnili. W: II11S ^ lii uilil, St. U»ii irounu nice tiuv. i m rs . F ,, Vi , i,i,. J£u . M: Musial apcarccl at Connie M a t k j V o r i . t\-. c,nin r ... nniiiinm lladium Wednesday n i g h t in h i s ; "'iLn!' H w°.",hin t ' 1 ';n'."°6?.""' IIU.MK . Ifl: Uilum.*. ll « h ^ Cilv ami I ' l l V I N N G ( 7 7-1. .HTSr Yuik . K:in 1'irri dm l °B. I'i'iroii. c-i. .33;; two runners in lhe big second. R H Grceley Merchants 030 030--6 6 Warren AFB 000010--1 2 Al Gchhardt and Ulenn Haas; Gralim, Glicker (G) and THluya, R H E Grecley Merchants ISO 000-6 8 I Jack's Bar 000 001--1 2 3 Dill Koehler and John disc; Taloya and Maslrogiovanni. i 0 Ils ' a " ho " r b " llsln S a ^ an . v 1 'P C - Those improving their fly I intcrcslod in 1 f i s h i n g ability can al the same t i m e help lhc Colorado G n m c and Fish dcpl. partially solve the problem existing at Ncff lake! Neff lake is ovcrpopulated with sunfish, and the sun fish population must he reduced. Do not throw back sunfish taken from the lake. i Cynthia Sullivan of Coker College, 5 and 3. .(verbal only, at I I-ongesl scoring play in Syracusi! records; U]livl . rMly fooll)a| , his , ()1 . y W . |S Akins Nearer Shot at Title After Decision si a ^c), lhc li'ric club?, 1 never Ihoiichl t h a t ; Cards later won, 4-0, from lhe AFA would meet, as previously possible. An academy might k n o c k : Philadelphia Phillies, planned. Army beginning in 1959 one OVl ' r nmv an(I llu ' n . 1)lir llic llc 's been selling lluse and N a v y , beginning in 19GO, as academic and physical r e q u i r e - ' a l m o s t as long as he's been Rel-! m . 1 ( | c 1|y (ji ieslt . r Bowman m JD2 1 ! tradition rticlatrs, bill would h n v o n i u n l s are io louh« that it c o u l d n ' t ! linn I host hits. Hut the bored urn j w | lcn jj c carr ; cd a ^^rr lo bc salisfiod with Skyline n n d ; b * lono every year. All I want i s | o f repetition isn't the reason S l a n l v a r ( l s f(ir n | mu ;|,,|, nvn ^\nv ^^«^^--^-^--, B 'B Seven Conference competition I to bc able 10 compete equally w i t h - t a k e s record breaking and o i l i e r ; j j a j n " . mrf '^ a r v :Jnin lo HoMywood of the P a c i f i c ^^^"^^"^^^^^^^^^^ \ lo fill oul ils yearly schedule. j A r m y and Navy. · honors in stride. H's jusl his n a - j J ' J '_'_ | Coast Lciiguc where he hit six With lhc American Association j ( . At thc samc " \\ m ' Ci \\^ s c h c d - j "I don't think any c h a n g e i s . lure to be the quiet u n a s s u m i n g ; I homers -and struck out often, season almost two months old, all ule wouW bc p | aye( ] w m, alhlcles planned. If such a one takes place,, likeable person t h a t he is. indications point to one of I h c j w h 0 ( in e ff c c ( ( wou u be students I would consider my position care-: Al a post-game party in lhe Car Dugout PlTl'SBURGl! Lfl -- The PUu- "·. bursh Pirates announced Thursdj-; ,,,. iha; (ti.jiuiT Hick Siuan, ;he home- [k - run hiiter who c-ouldn-'i m a k e the ·j. .ijraile in the top minors, has bijfn n - rc'Uiriifd lo Lincoln of lhc r!f.55 1(i; A \VesU-rn League. »· T/ Smart was cut loo-a- Monday Aiy ,,1. the A i l n m ? I'rackcr-* of (hr Snm'n- !··. eni Assn. When lie was release;! '."; by A t l a n t a he .-aid he wouWafl po back lo Lincoln--where ho h'ii Go honuTj Ijsl season. . ,, ·fi'.' In s a y i n g he w o u l d n ' t r e t u r n tc Lincoln. S l u a r l declared; un "I'll go !«»* »»' Ihillywond and get movie work i n s l f a d . If thr.t In. can't use me in lhe Piraic or""' "n:ii7..ilio! 1 . 1 M-ijh t h e y '.viuld ref., s . lease me or sell me." "^ ThiTe was no indication in Pills- nd burgb t h a t Stuart had chanqeri his mind about reporting to Lincoln and his present whert'aboul.s was not known i m m e d i a t e l y . Smart gut a chance in the Pirate irainini,* c a m p last spring but s t r u c k out moiv ofien t h a n hf 1 hit homers. And P i r a t e M a n a g e r Roh- Ijy R r a ^ a n w a s n ' t impressed with his fielding. The Pirates o r i g i n a l l y assigned tightest races in the hislorv of the f j r - i a n H a t i i i n i o - cnfnmi But do nol dispose of Ihem on the ^ .,,, j u s t 6V , ', 1B p,.j" r '^ 'S^o a drtlic cur bank, eilhor. Take them with you., r a t j n ? t h ^ IM seven leam ^ on the { ^.^ TMTM ^.^^^ At this time of the year, deer i morning of June 11 . . . The recent j information advisory program' and other big game animals arc I Sur g 0 O f the Bears (six wins in which up to now has included the having Iheir young. It is not u n - j t h e last seven games) puts them I recruitment of athlete-cadets by common for fishermen and others. j n an ideal position lo overtake the the athletic department staff." I f u l l y at the Air Force Academy." ; d i n a l club house honoring their fa- 13 consecutive seasons. M u s i a l A t l a n t a got Smart on May 11. has played in nine full seasons and |] c hit .221, drilled cisht homeri, Sports In Brief NORFOLK, Va. tfl -- Virgil (Honeybear) Akins of ·was a step closer to the welterweight title Thursday following a close but decision over Waiter Byars of Boston, but his manager said his future plans are somewhat indefinite. Eddie Yarwilz said he expected lo send Akins next against either Caspar Ortega or the No. 1 challenger for Carmen Basilio's wel- lerweight crown, Tony DeMarco -a recenl upset victim of Byars. Akins, the nation's fifth ranked welterweight, scored repeatedly to tie head in the late rounds of Wednesday night's televised fight lhat was a sports feature of In- lernational Naval Review Week here. A 1 fans to find fawns that appeared to be abandoned. This is not the case at all. The mothers are generally in the vicinity and will return to care for the fawns. Do not disturb the f a w n or attempt to take it lor a pet. This is not only ngninsl the law but generally results in the St. Louis I death of the animal. a shot at Animals very seldom abandon their young. Leave the caretaking leaders during the upcoming June However, home stand starting on June 12 academy unanimous | j ob (n t n e an i m al's mother. She against the St. Paul Saints . The Grizzlies' defense has been air-tight in recent games, the club Franco quoted superintendent, llj T11K ASSOriATKII P R K 5 S 1USKHALL | Gen. James E. Briggs, BS sayins Ihere has been no change ordered! 1 ^;', yet in the athletic policy. the V a i i W I I L A D K L P H I A . 3 " l s i . l-ouls Cimlinals, Miulal ol Ihe voritc teammate, someone a s k e d : ' 2 . 2 2 9 games since "What's the difference between j c l » b 1J y«»rs Uiis game and the first one y o u ' He needs only seven more in a ever played?" . | row lo pass Yost's record "In this one," came (he typical move info fourth place. Musial reply, "T wasn't nervous." . , , has appeared in 2.192 of his t e a m ' s ; s i r u c ij oll t 31 times and commit- he joined the | P rt eight errors. and Harold' Carter, heavyweight hpx- cr, is in lhc a r m y but still boxes \vhcn he gels the chance. |n h|s bcllercd UIP ol ' 2a 1 making only one error in the hst " Ollr athletic ambition has been eight games ... The Denver pitching staff, plagued by postponements in the early weeks of the iear capacity crowd of 3,000 roundly booed the decision. Referee Paddy. Mills had Akins ahead 98-93 under the 10-point "must" system, Judge Johnny Burton had Akins -in front 99-96 and Judge Charles E. Ford gave Akins a 96-94 edge. The Associated Press scored il 99-96 for Akuis. Despite his victory, Akins was unhappy. "He never really fought," the | St. Louis battler said. "He kept crowding me, forcing me to fight his kind of fight and I could not resort to my style, could not get a chance to set lip a knockdown." can do a much better job than you. season, was able lo lurn in only 5 complete games in the first 29; Br ,'.fp s a l d in the last 21 games, the hurlcrs Howcv . er ° havc accounted for 13 route-going and remains lo be a credit to the Air Force and to the academy, I (JTM^ and to be able to play creditably against our sister academies," lefealiilK Prim Stal 1IASKETI1ALL NEW onu-iAN.s. La. - Jim I performances While flood condilions exisl in Most improved hillcrs .on . the l m '., our alhlelic program must fit in ils niche al Lhe academy and will continue to he secondary lo our academic pro- the Poudre and Platle valleys, please drive carefully, especially at dusk, because deer have been forced oul of lhe river bottoms by high water. These deer are now on either side of the river bottom roads and can be encountered crossing the highways almost anywhere. PITTSBURGH W1 -- Manager Bobby Bragan said Thursday the main reason his husllin' Pittsburgh Pirates have beaten the Cincinnati Redlegs three consecutive games is baseman-fielder Frank Thomas who he called "one best of the most versatile and players in the majors." · "The worm is turning just a little," said Bragan. "We're getting a few breaks that went the other way earlier in the season. Now we've tied onr season's longest ..inning streak at four games and one of the big reasons is Thomas." been catcher Bob Oldis (.333, up 121 poinls) and shortstop Frilzie Brickell (.312, a rise of 59 points) . . . Big Ben Flowers has proven lo be a notable addition to the Denver pitching staff. Besides going the roule in three of his four starts, Ben has walked five men (one intentionally) and struck out 27 in 31 innings. The 6-4 righthander has won two and lost two, one of his losses being ^ 1-0, 10 inning defeat suffered at the hands of the Omaha Cardinals . . . Slan Williams, the Denver East High product who has won 9 and lost 2 for the St. Paul Saints this Byars was disappointed and thought he'd won. The victory was Akins 1 sixth in a row and his 42nd in 58 professional bouts. Byars now has won 15 of 21 professional starts. An outgrowth of the iight was a charge by Steve Ellis, veteran radio sportscaster, t h a t , he had been attacked by Byars' 70-year- old manager, Johnny Buckley. The latter denied" the charge. Ellis said Buckley interrupted his post-fight broadcast on three occasions, causing his network to cut him off the air three times because of Buckley's use of "profane language." He said Buckley swung at him when he went lo the ring apron afler the fight to lalk with Referee Mills. fn Wednesday night's game, won by the Pirates 4-3 in 10 innings, Thomas had two singles in three times at hat to boost his malting average to .338, fifth best in (he National League. His hits drove in two runs to give him · total of 29 RBI's. BenHogan, Out of Tourney TOLEDO, Ohio Ifi -- Ben Hogan withdrew from the 57th National Open Roll Championship li.urstiay after beinfi stricken with severe back and chest pains. After receiving a Si-minute delay in his s t a r t i n g t i m e lo p e r m i t d i a t h e r m y treatment, '.he four- t i m e chanipion from Fort Worth, Tex., returned lo the Inverness Course, dressed and look some practice'shots. Then, obviously in pam, he turned to officials of the U. S. Golf Assn. and said: "I'm a f r a i d I can't m a k e il. TOLEDO. Ohio «! -- A terrific; rain and windstorm struck the I n - 1 verncss Club Thursday and forced j the L'SfiA lo suspend play temporarily in the first round of Ihe N a - ; liona'l Open Golf Championship; lourncy shortly after Ben Hogan, the tournament's biggesl pale attraction, withdrew because of an ! ailing back. The drenching rain started at 11 a.m. and five minutes later t h e ' sirens sounded lo warn the players out on the course lo make lhe positions of their balls and head for the clubhouse. The storm was accompanied by high winds, ranging up (o 50 miles per hour in Busts, and a erew had I to h a n g onto Ihe poles ol the press j tent lo keep it from blowing down. season, is staled to face the Bears I in Bears stadium either Friday or Saturday night . . . Here is Ihe Bears' home schedule for the month of June: June 12, 13-13, 14, 15 ...._St. Paul June 16-16, 17 Wichita June 18, 19, 20 Indianapolis June 21, 22, 23-23 Louisville Special evenls during the home stand include the Central Bank Money Carry-Off between games of the doubleheader on June 13, and the appearance of Jackie Price before the game on June 21. First game June 13 starts at S p.m. Picnic for Pop With A Gift From Jones at Big Savings Golf Clubs Iron AVnods Balls Carls Shoes Tennis Rackels Balls Shorts Shoes Boating Boats Evinrude Molors Water Skis Swim Suits Beach Towels Trailers Life Vests Binoculars Case Knives Guns Ammunition Gun Cases Fishing Tackle Rods Reefs Lines Lures Boots and Waders Creels Tackle Boxes Licenses Camping Equipment Coleman Stoves Coleman Tables Coleman Lanterns Ice Chest Vacuum Jug* Sleeping Bags Air Mattresses Sports Shirts Come in and enter our ?75,000 contest. Archery Croquet Sets Badminton Sets Shuffleboard Sets Horseshoe Sets THE GIFT CERTIFICATES JONES CO. SPORTING GOODS 922-24 8th Ave. Phone 614 team during the past month have £0!.' Robert V. Whitlow, director i _ _ t _ i -n~v, nu;^ / Q^JO I,T, . ' of athletics since lhc academy opened in 1955, recently was given Air Force assignment elsewhere. The ich o[ MarqiloLic lllch In Mil- coacll of Neu- Orleans IjiynU. RACIST. NF.1V Y011K - Clem (SJ.20I »on Hie 3lst S23.U50 Shclvin SlakcE al BelmuiU Park by sis lenglhi. STANTON. Del. -- llilbc.ip (S27.ROK won Delaware 1 Park's S13.650 Clirisliana Slakes. OCnANPOIlT, N. J. -- Chance II 1311.20) i-allic-1 From far back lo heal lhc lavored V. S. O, P. In the f p a l n r e al Monmoulh Park. BOSTON -- D a \ c Deroln rnile a triple, bill nol Hi *L Suffolk Downs. CHICAGO -- Lrnihi Miss (5380) In team nuLton Sit. 80) Ihc SIB.175 JolloL Stakes l Wash- Falcons' football coach isjSS. 11 Park by ' our lpn *" is ov " B ° n - 1NGLUWOOD, Calll. -,, j r - , , (59.30) won Ihp S10.000 Hor college and professional coach. Turn ai Hollywood Park Lawrence ( B u c k ) Shaw, veteran' ion Goilik-si of the Yea Photographers asked him to pose over a display of baseballs spell; i n g oul the number "823". | , "Take a position like you were | i going lu hunt," one ol them called' I to the league hatting champion ' m a n y times over. "Bunt!" he shouted in mock out-| rage, "I'm no hunter." Musial's appearance Wednesday night broke a record set by Gus Suhr, former Pittsburgh first baseman, between 1931 and 1037. Stan started his current siring on opening day of the 191)2 season. The genial Rcdbird now ranks fifth among lhe n i l - t i m e iron men of lhe majors behind the i m m o r t a l Lou Gehrig, who had n record of 2,130 consecutive appearances, Everett Scott, Joe Sewel and Eddie Yost. Gehrig didn't miss game in * AMMONIUM NITRATE * AMMONIUM SULPHATE ' UREA Custom Side Dressing 518 13lh SI. Phone 2940 iet Gates NYLON at rayon tire price mil) 6.70-15 plui tax rtcappoblc trade-in Otfcir ilm and wWttwolli limHarly low. Gates NYLON Guarantee protects against blowouts, bruises, rim cuts, etc.-in fact, ANY tire failure-for the entire life of the long-wearing tread. MO TIME OR MILEAGE LIMIT. Now you get supreme tire s a f e t y -the safety of all-nylon cord construction-for the very same price as first quality rayon tires. In addition to far greater safety . . . in addition to money-saving price . . . you get two other big values in this tire: Tread of 100% Cold Rubber -- t h e "miracle" rubber tint far outwears natural rubber. 5000 gripping edgei in the scientific tread design provide quiet, firm-gripping traction on wet or dry paver--\ Idown with your old recappable tire puts this iuper-!afe tire on your car. SHEDD 532 No. 11lh Avenue AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Phone OK RL'HHER WELDERS 103 N. 1llh Ave. Ph. 984W C. C. KERSEY H A R A f i E 531 8th St. Maurice Burbrldge RAITS S E R V I C E £601 10th St. Phont 3925 WELLS MOTOR CO.. INC. 1108 8lh Avt. Phone 2D96 or any dealer in Weld Co. displaying t h e Gates Tire si^n.

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