Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, November 1, 1961
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750 Women Peace , Wrltttn by Horact Crtthy In 1»7t AMD THE OREELKY REPUBLICAN VOLUMI M-NUMMR M OR MLIY, COLORADO WIDNESOAY, NOV. 1, )M1 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED UK U, S. Rushes Food, "A \ . - .- ' -' · t . ' Medicine To Belize /MIAMI, Fla; (AP) - The first relief'plaoe landed safely at Belini ojday with food and medicine for the hurricane-battered British Honduras capital. , 'tint. Dean. Rieker, pilot of the Tan 'Airlines mercy ·flight which took off from Miami, reported from'fth* _;iir 'that.'the Central Americao seaport "appeared to be "»': ; to" TS-.iter cent destroyed" by- rampagingxburricaii Hattie. J-.'I^jniitige .WBsjrelayed to Mi- anu 1 - iria Honduras:; ,''.AV. ; ,. . · Tin U.S. destroyers ·- assigned to relief tasks arrived in the Harbor o( the stricken city today, 'the Navy reported.'The British frigate TrowbVidge also, was' expected'to reach the city during the. day. -Tan Airlines' Miami office said ils airplane was placed at the disposal of the governor of British Honduras .to fly, injury victims to Bypass Under oved Is Installation, ot a drainage by- storm .water under neatfr "the ··! No; 1 ;· canal;wisj';a Greeley, 'at'fan' -^ '"-^ -' o 'cost .of ...._ Council jTueiday._em However,'f.thV, insta he thej GrWey Irri - f atioii Co. before the work can - bi'.ftaHed.,. '.'· \- ' -·; = '" ' '- " '*'' °SH Feet Lena .:iSe bypass; would be a ' metal line about about '5C9 feet long, 'starting: from an existing drainage/line'hi the · Broadview Acres subdivision area east Av«. and running north un ospltals in Guatemala and Hon- uras if'advisable!.-'. . Fl»* To High* GnwU Most of sea-leyel-Belize's'tnittibi ants apparently' fled to higher round before Hallie,, the season's ghlh tropical storm, flung 9 to t feeUof water info the city. U.S. G*ti N» Word The State Depariment ad received no .word from U.S. plomats -stationed . in'.-Belli*. rhey;.were identified as tot_.. ichard Geppert and Vice,Consul ichard Connelly. Both have their ·ives.wlth them and each family . sald'to'have a baby. '-.'. . , Rockwood Foster, West. Indies esk : officer at. tXe'. Stale Depart- nent, said thj ,onsulale was in a i'0-slory. wooden building i less iari 50 yards from the shore. He aid the lower floor was \ised as n office and the upper as living uarlcrs'for the U.S.'offkial fain- The 'State '. fiepaiirneat .-undir- loo d that Ihe' two u!s.' destroy ers sent to Hit stricken Honduras apitar arrived about 'midnigh nd sent srrtali boa! s into the'cit ut no reports had been receive! y the department'on what was pund, · -· ··- . - . . . Hal' Holler., operator, of radio taiiph'HR3HH .for tHe"Standar( 1 Fruit Co! at La Cieba|-Honduras' said x oolv -twh itnhwn' 'rasnaltlp derneath the, canal to a ditch .'to th« TicWty t W. wast int« the.'canal;'.then to«i : dpmped abo± »' into the waste'ditch by i two known' 'casualtie: had been reported but" that Belize with 31,000' jwpuiatioo, was. vir ually destroyed. - , The' government radio'-Jtatioi and the tower at Ihe.' air : -fie.l smashed, .Holler report*? Kit a police "emergency radio was operalion. 'The damage is appalling" sak a radio message from tbe'.gover ' nor of -the crown coloo'y. to two .rniiej long , wuth; of the has 91,309. inhabitants; The coun- gate in the canal..The bypass wffl try's chief, exports are mahogeiny eliminate' the need for 'opening and lignum .vilae, an erbemt the gate tact ^tiroV tt'itonra.' hard and heavy tropical wood. wffl iretan'ttri. bypass - Hurrican- Hattie detfroyiid her line itadf and trie wnrk will be self in the. rriountainous terrain done as joorras tiici ditch com ' p*ny approves the install utiod. after; striking Beh'ze with wine up to 100 miles per bore in gusi Brazilian Airliner Hits Hill, 43 Die R!0 ; DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) --A Brazilian airliner smashed info » hiBside and burned in a cife suburb';Wed. 'and an airline spokesman said 48 .of tbe 35 pet sons aboard perished. He said 35 of the 76 passengers and two of-the" crew of nine survived. ..'.': tttnj were : no U.S. citizens atoard, the airline said. ' The plane, a Panair do Brasi DCV'was.en route from Lisbon. Portugal, and was corning in for x stop at Recife, on tne northwest coast ·£ Brad, btfore mstmg its final .tdwduicd stop ha-e. Tht tw» crewrneB who escaped were the'porter and a stewardess The plane was making its Ian ag approach when it hit the hill op near : the Recife airport. Witnesses said two explosior occurred before the plane hit t ull and burst into flamef. Tk« ., -..LISUfBNAttT CW.ON6L JALVlN E, EVANS,.professor: of Air Science at Colorado Stale College, recently- sejeclcd Ihe above cadets.'as.distinguished cadets.-These cadets are eligible foVregular commissions upon graduation. They are in the upper one-third of their class on campus, of their military' subject and of their;Air-Force ROTC! Summer Training Unit. Pictured'from left, Evans, Cadets Charlie Hastings, George Vosmera, Ronald Crispe'and Kenheth:Niedl'a. ' ' ' St^nton Siren Wi!! . . . : ' ; · . , - / · , $ft o t h^lr Chance Kansas Cos* . . · Youth's Tale Admitted As Evidence RUSSELL, Kan. (AP) - A statement by a 19-year-cld Texas ,'outh to FBI agents admitting he fatal slxwting and robbery ot a Kansas railroad man was ad- 750 women, a few youngsters and a collie-dog marched in front of he While House Wednesday bearing signs urging peace and disarmament. The demonstration, one of a score in cities throughout the no tton, was part of a women's "strike for peace" designed, as one sponsor put it, to demonstrate to President Kennedy that "We support his 'race for peace" anil milted as evidence today in tlic his belief lhal in the developmenl WASHINGTON (AD - About Mrs. Nikita .S. Khrushchev, wife murder [rial of two AWOLi soldiers. The statement was signed, by tomes D. Latham, Maurlceville, Tex., before FBI agents at Sail Lake City. Latham and George R. York, 18, Jacksonville, Fla., ; are beinp tried for murder in .-the death ol Otto. Zieglcr, 62, Oakley, Kon Thoy are also accused of six other slaying in Colorado, Florida. Tennessee and Illinois, Tnlrcductipn of the statement was permitted by District Judge Benedict 1 ?. Cruise after two days of legal arguments during which the jury, was excluded from the courtroom. Its introduction' was protested by defense attorneys. At issue 'in. the .arguments has of Ihe United Nations rests tho only alternative to war." . , "5«« My.Ctilldrin' Nuclear testing was pait ot the theme. The demonstrators' signs bore such slogans as ''Save my Children." The dog wore a sign "Please, no more strontium 90" reference to one of the most eared ingredients of nuclear fallout. A delegation left with Sgl. John 1 H. Bobbins of Ihe While House wlice a petition lo Mi's. Kennedy asking her lo join the women's campaign. Go To Sovwt Embasty Others headed toward tlic Soviet Embassy several 'blocks away. Tlrcy carried to the embassy a petition similar to that, left at. the of the Soviet premier. .Earlier, a delegation of five women had gono to lire Soviet Embassy by previous appointment to talk about pence. Tfie women were in the embassy for an hour, and 10 minutes and said they talked lo thu first secretary, the cultural attache n'M tHo English teacher at the embassy. "We had a very good, long conversation," said Mrs. Donna Allen of Washington, · City ..'· Council : ;;;'agreed '..Tuesday -.' evening; to taking-action egvding: obtiiininc yensergency warnfaig-'eijuipnVerrf for'the city until another.test: is made of the SUntoti «iren^ .. .·,.'· However, the council also instructed City. Manager B. H. Cruet to obtain estimates of the :oct of purchasing and installing ederally approved. slreni for a warning system here. The coupcU agreed to another wt o/ the Stantpn mrnd.the airen; wai no sutffcieat i prOTide^ wianung\ o anternrfgericy for'fti^crry;''::'"''^ He added Si ant un is; now re: building- » -ji-cyUnder ..Lincoln motor he hat at his machine and welding shop here arid wanted ttu city lo test the siren again as sooc.'as the motor is available f operate K. In the test Oct. 24 a'"K horsepower .electric motor proirarf too* small to operate the siren- ; «t"the speed necessary to produce the maximum volume of sound.. , : Cummings said, if tbe Stanfon siren proves insufficient in tbe second, test to provide adequate waning for the entire city, th corincU would be justified in going _ahead with the purchase of mechanical sirens of a type ap proved by federal civil (fefense officials. Mayor Gordon' -Rissler .asked urhmirigs how long it would be ifore' the second!-.t«t/'could -be lel'd'.' Gumming reported Stanton ad said he-would rebuild the «· in his spare time. The ·ouncilman'added he assumed the ·building work would be com eted as. soon as possible. Rissler said ..he felt, and also raught local residents believed tat Ihe 'city should have a warn ng system of. some kind. He sug- ested Cruce be authorized to'pro- ceed with preliminary pUra for an alternate warning i^iUem': which coifld W'ibtained · the frenf V* ku^M'^tfSw^B M^^MA "*!miiltf' T I " '·^····U.IM'j-ptwTip MBBX1CHD iattheraeo«iia'teiitV:''r''iV i; -^';.-":- ^^jgftiSiyiiiijjiliiji'l :fe^ 'A federal ciyil -defense"' tflicia recently recornmeodeij the cit mrchase foui', large warning sir :r]f. Cost of-purchasing and insta ing the sirens hai been estunatet) at between $20,000 and $25,000: Th. ederal government would pay ha thecost. . ' Stanton has offered to give hi iirea to the city. However, th city would have to provide motor to operate it. Ekst-West Tension Relaxes in Berlin By RICHARD C'REOAN itry !to ,»Kls the Berlin issue ir BERLIN (AP)--The dangerous rts./fjvor rttn at the rkk of period of high'East-Westrtensioc nuclear war. Tbe threat of such The temperature at 1 p. m., Wednesday was 63. Local fer 24 hours ending 8 a.m. Wednesday. Great Western: ffigh, 51; tow, 27.. Publk Service: High, X; tow, a. COLORADO--Partly cloudy lo- in Berlin appeared over Tuesday night, at least for the time being. High American authorities in Berlin ssy there is always dang« of new Communist harassmeats of the Western powers. On the other hand, the Russians may have decided to let the Berlin crisis cod for a while. Pr*c*vtwM Takrn US. and Soviet tanks stand im mobile on either side of the to- flamed sector border. US. authorities are inclaied to night and TbursdRy; snow flurries believe any ne^ harasiments will mountains twiight and Thursday i be'ef nature-. The V.S cooler east Thursday; lows tonight Army is not gambling oa this and 3Mt lower elevations, ID-JO mountains; highs Thursday 40s north east 50s west, 60s southeast. COLO. FIVE-DAY FORECAST- Temperaiures will average 6 la 12 degrees beloiv seasonal; colder latter part of the week; fnqtxat temperature changes thereafter; c«osiderable cloudi- ·ess with frequent precipitation; kifht » «*·« w«t, IT'S in east, loweri* to »'« aad JT» raider is faking precautions. If they are major, U.S. authorities express belief it" may meaa the Soviet'Union has 'decided to 100.Viet Cong Troops Reported Kitted Wednesday SAIGON, grata VM KMB (AP) . U-2* . ftXrth:.hi«BS Tbmday »-» mrth « jouiJi war may, however, . have dc creased as a consequence of th atest Berlin crisis, these »urcM hold. This is the picture they draw: When U.S. and Soviet tank came face to face with each othe ast weekend, the Russians wer shown that the West was dete mined to resist with force an major interference with its righ in Berlin anl this may have dii couraged new perilous moves lhat could lead lo nuclear war. ,rt it of major significance th. the Russians seat their own I anl atber than theac of the Eas 3enna» rcgim*--to · face U. anks last w«ek. This means it Russians have accepted the r sponsbility for crisis moves in the inflamed city and is, in effect, a Soviet backdown from the previous position that the East Gtr- mans were sovereign. The atmosphere in American quarters in Berlin today is considerably different from two weeks fit. that time, there was a sense of.ihfiii ion. Tbe and Candidates Running on |rrfyTicket lhre« candidates for eounc seats at the Noy. 7 city electio are running as representatives o be Progressive Party. They are-RotertE. Derrington 2229 12th Si. Rd., candidate fo Vard I councilman; Charles. A Gregory, 1»IZ' 13fh St., Ward cwincil candidate: and B«nard A lermansen, J042 6h Ave., can diate for councilman in Ward II Br*churil C4v«i PMft A brochure circulated by tb Progressive Party urging voter :o register for the election carried ihe following pledge by the three candidates: "We pledge that, K elected, will approach each and every sue pertaining to the progress an future of the City of Greeley wit an open mind. "Our judgments will be guide by a profound respect for the de sires of the citizens of Greele to have a progressive, prosperou and pleasant community In whii lo live," So far as is kiwwn, Dtrringto Gregory and Hermansen are th only ones of the nine candidat' for ward council men running : a party- However, Glen Vantine. who seeking reelection as Ward XHincilman, and Bob Cummin^ candidate for reelection as cov cilman for Ward It, original were elected in 1357 as candidat of the Citizens Party. «**!»· ·orVa ,, VMtFtnunday; ruucft north «f Sa*» «ut tl Continental Divide rebel forces toa^liri the pranfr ttarrfay aftenoga; lows Utifht ciai capital if Stfttmtr ii · at- hW forces of 'pr»-We«t«ni D'inh Diem. wtii tittle ·· nad, r»0 or «fr al Ihls lln-!-. i been" wlielher constitutional rights ' of the youths were protected when ley "were_ interviewed by FBI , and Kansas Bureau of Investigation officers »l | Salt" Lake. City " ast June, the day after their capture, '" : ...,:-'...:.. .'" ·FBI Agent Charles H. Olson tes- Sed Tuesday that 'York and La- lam signed the statement without c jluctauce after talking to each her. He said the youths agreed o talk (o officers on a "we" basis -:"We did this arid, we .did .that." Olson was questioned on wheth- · the two had been told of their ght to have an attorney, whether 'Statements could be used as evidence against (hem and wheth: er .any relatives had .been notified.- Olspn said York and LMham were told of their rights, but 'that J' .-itj - -j ^^- .· V l l ^ u i ^ r . j * ' _ 1 tfeSpSSv' L*t22^ir« ; being ri«d- 1 «ei»:rfsiit«*of:fir»t'deerK murdw. in ' the · ihoolinj "«£ Otto Ziegler, a railroaSntaij, .- B e a r Sharon Springs, Kan.; last June 5. '-'The state has sfcd'- the 'death penalty. Trie 'defense his. indicated it will plead insanity. '" Rayburn Shows 'Perk Up' tin Return Home BON'HAM, Tex. (AP) --House Speaker Sam Rayburn, ; 79, ravaged by cancer, "perked up" 'on lis return home from 'a hospital Tuesday. · . The Democratic parly leader was brought lo this northern Texas town by an ambulance from Saylor University Medical Ccnler in Dallas, where exploratory sur- jery revealed the cancer. He was taken to the small clinic and hospital operated by bis personal 'physician, Dr. Joe Kisser, One of his first 'visitors was lobert Bartley Jr., .J3, grandson of Mrs. g. E. Bartley, Rayburn's sister. Barlley said the speaker "looked up at me and said, .This ts the damndest thing that ever ;ot hold of me.' He seems happier ww than he did at Baylor Hospital. H perked him up quite a bit to be. here." vnue House, out aaaressea 10 ^cNichols Asked To Help Halt Nuclear Tests DENVER (AP)-- Two groups f women and children asked Goy UcNlcliols Wednesday lo use his nfluence.lo halt nuc'ear testing- Hit got little encouragement from he Colorado 'chief executive.- Merhbers of the groups said hey were part of nationwide 'strike for peace" movement. Hie first group (o sec the gov- srnor was headed by Mrs. Laur- snce Currier- of Littleton and was imposed of 14 women and a lit- Ita . girl; ·;·;".' ',y;., : .^ ,;wV'-..i -·'. ·:. · 4;:vVr of ; more .than, 50 wotntn, many with young- children, entered tbe governor's office. ·::./,"..- ··-' They; called 'for an end of- the world's, ""race 'toward : annihil 1 km" : and 'suggested lhat. M Nichols form a state commissio for- peace arid, bring the mall before other 'dbrernors.' McNichols told the group Jhnl as a veteran of ten World W If invasions and as the father o five children, he sympathizes wit their objective lo end war. But, he said, if Russia and other Communist nations continued to tes nuclear devices and if (he Unite States feels it needs additiona tests, he will not oppose it. Lefferdink, Bank Heac On Fraud DENVER (AP)-- A f e d e r a l i grand jury indicted . a Boulder judge, a Brighton bank president and four others Tuesday on charges of fraud in the sale of securities. Tho indictment accuses them of scheming to defraud the public by the sale of more than $1 million worth of Denver Acceptance | 472 Register Tues., Final Total 3,622 A loUI of 472 persons registered al the City Clerk's office Tuesday lo vote in the city election Nov. 7, Barton Buss, city clerk reported Wednesday. The 472 raised the total number registered to 3,622, according to unofficial figures. Tu*Uiy W« Final Day Tuesday was the final day foi registering for lire election. Buss sa:d seven ucrtons working in hi; nil-rt w»r« 'fta. Ivjiv thrmighou he day registering tlie late reg- strants. The city cltrk said he hoped to complete the official count of the number roistered sometime Wednesday. Abwntu Btllott Av*il*U* Buss reported applications for absentee ballots for the election can be made al his office up to noon Saturday. The absentee ballots must be returned to the clerk's cilice by S p.m. next Tuesday in order to be counted in he election returns. Soion Urges NeutronBomb Development WASHINGTON (AP) - ,Scn. omas J. Docld, D-Conn., sale 'cd. Ihe' United States Viiust cedily mako "every possible ct- rt to convert the neutron bomb oni a theoretical certainly lo aclical rcalily." DocM, member ot the Senate jreign v Relations Committee ged resumption of U.S. almos leric testing ns .rpnrtHc 1 lhat any' siich test might in- ilve experiments wilh Ihe ricu- on, death-ray bomb. Such a bomb lias been described s producing, death without dc- uclion of material matter by asling oul unseen, unfclt neu- ons capable of penetrating as luch as tlirec feet of .concrete, lippostdly, it could wipe out Ihe opulations without doing major a mage It large cities. .'T»«ttn9 Sought From Sens. Clinton 7'. Antler on, D-N.M., and John G. Tower ·Tex., there were also calls for U.S. atomic tesls in Ihe al mospbere. Jay W. Gildner, assistant White ouso press secretary, in reply to ueslions about U.S. policy'on at jsc^^-- adferencV.' on Early In the afternoon, however, i second delegation to the em- . mssy met with a rebuff. .They run the bell of the ernbas* i'y, : .'a' man.,opened the door, and heyj^xplalntd their mission. . . ".Union hours! union hours," trie nan said w i t h . a smile, arid.then wlnted nt his Wrist watch. "Now s lunch time. Come back." So the women sat down'on the steps nixl waited. . The women gathered at the outdoor theater on tho grounds of he Washington Monument at 10 a.m. , ' ' ' In other cities, demonstrations, motorcades and meetings with local and federal .representatives lave.bjecn arranged. -V .-· Everyone r has been asked to sond telegrams to Mrs. Kennedy W Mrs.'. Khrushchev..' . :.; A ^'-'. Tho'idea sprang' from"a meeting a t - t h e .Washington bomie »f Mrs. Dagmar-WUsori.-an .or for children's books. · ' "We felt we had 'to do .liing," .she said. She added they . togah contacting friends and or- ganizallpns. - -. · 2M FUlly In N, Y. .' NEW YORK (APt-Mpre than 500 women, rmuiy of 'theni*push- monslraled Wed. against nu- car bomb testing. : . - . " . ·':'· ':.- Scparaie de.morislratkm8 were aged outside the .Soviet Union's nited Nations delegation buiM- g and -I ho Atomic Energy Com-' ission's New .York operations : flee.-'. · . . . About 123 women pcketed on . - · ic north side of 68th St., between ark and Madison avenues. Tfi6 .evict U.N. delegation building Is · . the northwest corner of 68th . and Park. Another, group of ioie than 100 women inarched ' n'front of the AEC offices at S7S. Xidsdn St. ; : The demonstrations were spon- ored by the Women's Direct 1 Ae- on Project, a group protesting uclear testing. The. group der p:t.. : ,il.;'At lhal imeKermedy said the Soviets ha mtducted more than 20 tests ir .he alniqspnere and added, " have to make a. judgment as what is in the best interests of 01 security." . ' - ' ' »*« Wr* ' . . Anderson, a former chairman the Senate-House Atomic Comm: tee, linked defense against mi siles and resumption of nuclc, tests in the atmosphere. "complete weapons systems anc proof-tests of large-yield weapons cannot Jpe tested underground," lie saidjin his statement. Important effects informatioi can only be obtained through at- . Jribcd .the prptesti here : : » 'natioTtwide "women' "women'? itiikt' or; peace. Report Few Incidents On Halloween mospheric tests, he said. ($· ·*rli*r ttery on 7} Corporation slock and diverling Few incidents were reported In Greeley Halloween night. Greeley Police Chief Earl Towninj called it, "a comparatively quiet night." One unusual leftover, of Ihe celebration by trick or trcalers was a greased pig running loose in the vicinity of 6th Ave. and 17th St.-"-. Mrs. Marie Parady of 1700 6th Ave. called Greeley police at 7:48 a.m. to tell them a small porker, heavily greased, was foraging in her yard. Pig-C*tch-lt Coo««»t It look City I.'umune Officer Harry Kilmer, a ' rope, and the assistance of several police of- 'icers to capture the greasy fugi- ive. The pig was coralled, how- ' ever, and. was being held for its owner. Five other incidents of vamlal- 5m or disturbance were reported The stock sale funds were di-jduring the evening. verted in an attempt to prevent! the collapse of various firms con-' trolled by Boulder promoter Alien J. Lefferdink, U^. Ally. Lawrence Henry said' TJtie six are Leffcrdink, Boulder County Judge Horace B. Holmes, President Leslie L. Sayrc of the First Bank of Brighton, account ant Caryle A. Pete/.son and Jack 0. Robinson, both of Boulder, and Mrs. Marian L. Livingston, secretary and director of several Leffcrdink companies. Lefferdink, 43, who has been Council Candidates Give their Vjews *4 I wffl W fowl today on cilmen are to be elected in the R«w do the candidate* tar dtjrj couodlmni Tiew tht VV'UH* the city? The Tribune will amwr that quettkn startiiu today by niog statements from each of ta* candidates. There an three candidates couric umaii in each wsrd. State- v,?nls from the three candidates ytgtit. candidates in Ward D, irffl be prexnted Thurs- d*y, those friera U» candidate in Ward in on'Friday. In the election Nov. 7, each ward" will cheat* «ne councilmai) Flghl *t Tlnrl.r Grcelcy Police Officers were called to the Chief Theater at 70S 8th Ave. at 1 a.m. Wednesday to halt a fight between ushers and two patrons of tho . theater. Charged with assault and disturbance! n the fight were Jerry Le* Monson of 2300 24th St. Rd. and Martin Dale Jensen of HI. 4. The fighl was reported by Mike Gibson an usher at the theater. Hub Caps Stolen Kcnry Laush of l»t 10th St.-re- JJtilCl U l J i r V , T - J , m m *I*I3 l/VCll t r r - J · f L . i l president of the Denver Accept- P» flcd Tuc5da y ev ; c TM n « , lhat t *° e Corporation, was released:"" 11 caps were s.plcn from hjs $10,000 bond after appearing!'«« sedan while it was parked xforc U^. Commissioner Harold" 1 /ront ot hls horn(! - ' a jj CS I Screen Dew Broktn Sayr'e, Holmes and Mrs. Living- Tom Opdykc of 1633 Glenmere ton were released on $5.000 Blvd. reported to Grcoley Police The city clerk said he planned o publish s list of the precinct wiling places again next Monday, a that voters in each precincl would know where they should vote. 4 to B IkcM A mayor and three ward coun- eledion. Mayor Gwhm.nnbr k fcrdtak Tu«day marked the. unopposed as a candidate for mayor. There are three candi date* for councilman in each a the wards. The mayor and council men year elected Nov. 7 will be iworn In * and * Biayer. Wayor Gordon Rlss. the first regular rouncil meetini \ff a unopnoMKl 'or ri-elecllon. folloitii UM clccson oa ftv, U ' jonds. The other two have not seen arrested yet and were re- aluminum^ »rtcd out of Colorado. L "~~ J The indictment lists n ; ne eged violations of a federal se- Continued on Page 9 at 11:03 p.m. Tuesday that an on his house had been broken by van- al-'dals.. Window Broktfl Greeley Police found lhat a window had been broken al the office the Phclps Construction Co. building at 420 6th Ave. sometime Tuesday night. Can D«m*f*d Gold's Auto Supply al the corner of lllh Ave. and 6th St. repotted to Greeley Police Wednea- day morning that some cars had BOULDER (AP) - A federal [b**" damafrf during the «!£. Indictment against Allen J. Lef- A '*2 **» TM *· '^ - - - ^ - - - ''--·'-- out, a 1W HdM kiw th« Lefferdink Says Charges Are Not True est d«vt)»pmeBt In his legal battles to keep his various business right front door gla** and ta« windshield broken out a«d a 1«4 LefferdiJc, 43, who earlier Ihisjfor a total oi..»hs!t »1» danuge. year (old a rjporter "f am al-lRocks were throw» at On wfc- ways optimistic" about his financial veniurts, said today the fed dow causing breakage.

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