Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 45
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 45

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 45
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Merchants Beat Cheyenne Teams In Twin Bill CHEYENNE-The Oreeley Mrr- chinta Softball team won two tames here Wednesday by Identical. C1. iccrei. The Merchants defeated Warren AFB in the first came on Al Geb- hlrdt's twohitter. The Oreeley team followed with a twohit vie- INSIDE C0ioi*»o u»i AN USD i IKItxIUT r tuisicr Bf PAT ZIMMERMAN It is illegal to entice or attempt to entice any game or fish by artificial lights. 3 Qualifiers in Woman's Falrnnc College Golf Shool 79s raiCOnS Have Athletic CHAMPAIGN, 111. ID - The sharpest shooters of the field -judging by opening day sroirs -meet in the semifinals of the National Women's Collegiate Golf Tournament Thursday. Ann Rutherford of Penn State i pitted against Meriam Bailey of Northwestern, the Illinois amateur champion. lory over Jack'a Bar in the sec- Aiding boat, and adjusting and game. Bill Koehler hurW the : ment. triumph. We want to make this point clear j j udy B .n ,,·' Ariiona a matched to all pertont intending to fish at I lt , lnit j. In A , n | ty ct Kansas. night on Colorado waten. The only' use of light when fishing at night i is for baiting Ihe hook or O f lnf , era ifinalisti scored Wings Clipped " R A " S. Buck Shaw Knows of No Academy Change ATIIEHTON, Calif. oP - "I know of no chance in plans" for the Air Force Academy's projected big-time f o o t b a l l schedule, Coach I-awrence T. ( B u c k ) Shaw said Wednesday r.isht. His remarks came in reply to a most valuable, and certainly most report by Executive Sports Fditor'popular pla)er, a fellow by the George Franco of The I)en\tT!name of Stan Musial, will step to Musial Cool at Setting Record PHILADELPHIA I* - In about a week Ihe St. I/ouis Cardinals' Thursday, June 13, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pig« 2S Major League =Leaders= N 4 T I O M L L S . « ; l l : RAT11SU UBO al b,l BrookDl. 171. Mu...l. S Cr«at. 1'ituSurf.B. HI R U N * - Aaroi. I J « t u ··. CliKlnAatl Stuart Sent Lincoln *Y*,';; : riTTSBunnii on - The **' iVTM'"' """"" "" B: " 1 "" m «. bursh Pirates announced Thursdps that Dick Stuart, the ing their athletic wings clipped? po«ed. George Franco, executive sports Franco wrote Tue«day that, u n - | w i l l be broken, editor of The Denver Post, says dcr Ihe curtailment, the AFA League park ind another record i «··'"·'"·"· ,,!!!,'.£ », Gebhardt and Koehler also dupli. cated each other by striking out nine each and walking none. Greeley won Ihe first game with When fishing from · boat the light must stay within the boat. Hfll. ( i f t n n H a l . i. 71; HiKlgfi, . L · ...v.i will be an announcement.";..,.... ,,...,, _ . ,. ^halt the 'eport heard here. The'would play Army beginning in 1959 o v f r y,. public , rfd ress system. I M....I. '».. i« u ,,. n. M.,, , in Monday's- qualifying round, nalion'i newest service school will a n d N a v y starling the- following iy nt , fans however partisan a n d i N " v °" ·* d """"· M '' · o r itrre lowest recorded that day, and enroll iU third class neit month year. But he added t h a t Ihe Fal-,j n whatever city, will cheer and 'rtauJ"*,'. ;'!. d |'V."j".Vk.TM "-'" other one -- Mist Ashley -- | a t Ita temporary quarters at Den- cons "woi^d h a \ c lo be satisfied 'they'll really mean it. And the l " 1n ,u°°,' Ml 'l!."Vi, *a r ^.*""'t * with Skyline and Bic Seven Con- jportswriters and announcers wilplrst M m f in with the next lowest card, ver's Lowry Air Force Base. " It cannot be extended over the side to attract fish. When fishing from the shore it is permissible an II. Par is 76. The A c a d e m y ' s permanent ference competition to fill out their ml i t q u j( t i thine ol it " Mils Bailey was not far off the home, complete with athletic yearly schedule." par standard Wednesday but she I plant, is scheduled to be finished tvsrilc A\ I I l i . ( I was hard pressed by Clifford Ann ; by the fall of 1951. was assured from the Pen- Ever)body, in fact, will be co:n-1^ mrnting on it. Everybody, that is' ·'· hree-run innings in the second and ,,, fiave firc M , he bank of _ iflh. Sam Danielson s double in , lnlern . But ,,, in th e light must he second »ent two^ teammate-., ,,,, ^ fxttnd( . d over , he w l t f r . Creed of Lamar Tech. Miss Bailey j i n home. Jim Koehler singled home two in the fifth. The Merchants wasted no lime [not Violations will bring stiff fines. tsjcn on down, before I look the but Musial himself. - , | "Postscripts" column job, that the plan was to c o m - , Thjt's the kind of person he is.i«nd i « , sank a twisting 2Moot putt on Uie j Tu , 5 ] 1Vj f rln( . 0 ,,jd "The AFA pete « i t h Army and N a v y on an t n i j hig hustling 36 year-old power ,,",," 51.17th green to defeat Mist Creed, | wil | ton , down ju projected foot, equal liasis," said Shaw from his hitter, infielder. outfielder and all:".. N'- Jack's Bar .. onoooi-1 2 3 Bill Koehler and John Gise; Tafoya and Mastrogiovanni. Akins Nearer Shot at Title Alter Decision NORFOLK, Va. ur -- Virgil (Honeybear) Akins of was a step closer to fishing ability can at the same time help the Colorado Game and Fish dept. partially solve the problem existing at Neff lake. Neff lake is overpopulated with sunfish, and the sunfish population must he reduced. Do not throw bark sunfish taken from the lake. .Miss from Marria Band of Ohio Wes-[ leyan. Miss Ashley lurried back Cynthia Sullivan of Coker College, j S and 3. Denver Dugout | With the American Association, ^ season almost two months old, all u j c vo ^^ ^e indications point to one of t h e ' wn0| m (f!r c ,| J^y bf , t u j t n l s i would consider my position "care- I I U M t : I U N S -- Uattl*. II; H i i i a m , . h.,Mon. M; 1 lai t in anrt S i r t r n . Wa rnoiiM; · : D^rti^rn V o i k , 7 1. i:j; H^rn.ri. lirii [·|,rr». I h x a i o . 102. .SJJ k. M; _ , ball scheduling which, at the pres- home here. around nice guy. I "mi"'- ''!'" it', The other survivors had easier ,.,,,, paee wou]ll h ave included; -We have Stanford. Tulanp a n d ' Musial apeared at Connie M a c k l v - r k . «i; ;a,dn.,. The sunfish at Neff lake north- I 01 , 1 ) 8 '" j 1 u ««erfinals. JIits,, u c h opponenli as Iowa, Stanford, :| 0 wa scheduled in 19.-.8- Army, !stadium Wednesday night in h i s ; "' "'' "" Bell enjoyed an ( and 7 victory ,»,·,,.,, Dlme , Teias, Oklahoma fCI.A and Ore:on in 1959 and 823rd consecutive game, selling : -- 'name' teams in the both A r m y anJ Navy in 19CO. National I/eaeue record -- and Rutherford won. 6 and 5, | n f l t f t w , fl soni. .. A , f, r ,, competing cn r q ul | promptly hashed out a single for "I'nder the suggested curtailment basis w i t h the nation's best col- the first hit of Ihe ball game. The ·erbal only, at thi« sta;e), the 'cge clubs, I ne\er thought that i Cards later won. 4-0. from the -TA would meet, as previously possible. An academy micht knock Philadelphia Phillies, planned, Army beginning in 1959 one. oier now and then, but the, He's been setting these records' and Navy, beginning in 1900, as academic and physical require- almost as long as he's been set- tradition dictates, but would h a v e ments are so touhg that it couldn't! ting tho*e hits. But the boredom ! tthcn h(% carn( . (1 , ki , kn(f 100 to be satisfied with Skyline and be done every ! ear. All I want is'of repetition isn't the reason S t » n ' v a r d , f(|r a tourh ,. ,ramst Wil Thf '''""'' n r i c i n a l l ' »«*'««' Big Seven Conference competition to be able lo compete equally with takes record breaking and other 1 j jlm ln(] M l * him to lloliywood of the Pacific to fill out its )early irhcdule. A r m y and Navy. :honors in stride. H'a just his na-| ' ; C'oast League where he hit six I don't think any change is lure lo be the quiet u n a s s u m i n g , homers--and struck out often. . . . . . we«t of Greeley are beginning to " r " """TM '" ' and , 7 J ic !, Dr) 'i Notre " Dame, Teias, Oklahoma fCI.A and Ore:on in 1959 mnmnz the second contest as they *., -P ii. .-i: ^S .over Cynthia Sawver of Purdue.!, n j ..n,., got one run in the first and five h " fll "- T ?" e '»h can produce ,,,.. Bl ,, K . r ,^ ;,,,,,, . ,,, , and other in the second. John Gise tripled S " a t deal of sport to the fly en- «nd Bill Koehler doubled borne """"V 1 - "« "" * vr . ri|:e · bou . two runnera in the big second. ' ] » f l i j « ho " r ^ u ' lns ' if"' 11 R H E ' v ° 'I" 10 " ln ' ')'P*- Th° s Greeley Merchant. 030 030-« 8 0 ! i n l t r e 5 t e d in improving their fly Warren AFB COO 010--1 2 4 Al Gebhardt and Glenn Haas; G r a h m , Glicker (6) and Tafoya. R H E Greeley Merchants l.V 000-6 i I k. :j: grade in the lop minor*, has hVn «··«!«. returned to Uncoln of th( Tlf;.5i »*. i; A Western league. ' * *'"".' Stuart was cut loose Monday4iy ,»i"td. the Atlanta Cracker! of the Pi'ith- i I/.UI,. ern A.n. When he w a s re!ei r '£d 'i.'»'»! ^5' A t l a n t a he said he »«:«Vt fa b a r k to Lincoln--where h«"!ut 6G homers last season. '. « . ' ' . J T I . In s a y i n g he wouldn't return tc Lincoln. Stuart declared: 'no."il "I'll t" back lo llolljwood srd Ret mo\ic work instead. If they i M,V can't U't me in the Pirate O jo .«1 janijj'.ior. I » i h (hey would rc- Fi *,, w le«se me or sell me." ;i!uam. There w a s no i n d i c a t i o n in Pi1t*- " "" harsh that Stuart had c h a n g e d hi! ^' o t k - mind about reporting to Lincoln an K * j a n ( l n '* present wherraiiouts was i. Nr» not known immediatt-ly. '' J!li Stuart (ul a chance in the Pirate trainir.c camp last sprin; b:.t I Lon tt . s t scoring play in Syracuse s l r u c k out m n r c " f ' on t h a n hp h '' '1'niver.ity football histury was h o m ( ' r s - Ani1 r ' r ?". l l a n j =" Bo1 " made by Chester Bowman in 1923 ^ n "" n " n ' ' m P r ""' d Wllh his fieMinj. "At the same time, this sched- with athletes planned. If such a one takes place, .likeable person that he is. (13 consecutue jcasons. Musial A t l a n t a got Stuart on May 11. But do no, dispose of them on the , «g£ TM '"^ "^ «,£.''*««* ^ «cond bank, either. Take U,em you. j ?Z'^«TM i.mtVn'S, 1 . i ...^ of °S ^FA',"" ,'ndi^ At (his time of the year, deer | morning of June 11 . . . The recent information advisory program,' and other big game animals »rc I u r t t O f (he Bean (six wins in j which up to now has included the having their young. It is not un- the last seven garnet) puts them [recruitment of athVete-cadets by common for fishermen and others i i n an ideal position to overtake the ! (he athletic department staff." to find fawns that appeared to be j leaders during the upcoming June j However, Franco quoted the abandoned. This is not the case at, home stand starting on June 12 academy superintendent, M a j . all. The mothers are generally inj against the St. Paul Saints . . . . iGen. James E. Briggs, as saying the vicinity and will return to care', ^ t c, r j,jij es ' defense has been;there has been no change ordered the fawns. Do not disturb the , ir . ti , h t j n recen t games, the club ] yet in the athletic policy. making only one error in the l a « ; ; "Our athletic ambition has been a 'i Sporls In Brief ... a post-game party in the C a r - j b " played in nine fun seasons and He hit .221. drilled ei;ht homer!, fully at the Air Force Academy." dinal club house honoring their f a - j n s appeared in 2.192 of his team's 5 truck out 31 times and connil- .vorite t e a m m a t e , someone asked:! 2-229 games since he joined the ted eifht errors. "What's the difference between club 14 jears ato. this game and the first one you He need* only seven more in a ! Harold Carter, heavyweight bnx- ever plaed?" . ,row to pass Yo*t's record and er, is in Ihe a r m y but still box?! "In this one," came the typical move into fourth place. ' w h e n he gets the chance. Musial reply, "I wasn't nervous." Photographers asked him to pose display of baseballs spell-! ing out the number "823". "Take a position like you were p fawn or attempt to take it for a pet. This is not only against the law but generally results eight games . . . The Denver pitch-: »" remains to be a credit to the St. Louis death of the animal. a shot a t 1 Animals very seldom the welterweight title Thursday (hfjr young. Leave the caretaking complete games in the first 29; SU.OMI - cv j on fn Aa following l close but unanimous decision over Waiter Byart of Boston, but his manager said hii i } . ou future plans are tomewhat inder inite. t h e ! l n g staff, plagued by postpone- Air Force and to the academy, ^^ fa ,,,,,,,,« I m e n t s in the early weeks of the » n(i '" ** » b 'f '" P'» P creditably ,,.,» a N,. nu M I- abandon season, was able to turn in only 51 »S»mst our sister Brucs said. the animal's mother. She, in ,h e last 21 games, the hurlers 1 "However, our athletic program r y TlA ^ 0 ^ £,'"" much better job than have accounted for 1J route-going I m u s t w TM '.I 5 nlchc " th ' " Jd- :.°". """"·' r " i performances . . . ' em , y lnd * nl1 con " nut ,'" *«· st ,'i.^ sroRT . N , . , , , ondary to our academic pro- mi sot While flood conditions exist in Most improved hitters on the BT Tun »«ornTin r»r»« R A M B I L L Hll-ADr.l.riHA -- Slan M j n a l of th» 0 ^ ,-r l4iutf Card Ball, p l a j i r c in h i « lllrd urutii' ram*, briurrd thr old N a al Ix.n,. rank J i:i ul bv Gua iiliiA 1 ^"t-ai!'iTM"'»°B J °M'AA t"«'. goine to bunt." one of them called 1° to the league batting champion -- j,m iiaid.n. many times over. R4tKI:TltALL M-.\\ ORIJ'.ANS. ,.i.. ...» gram. Fddie Yarwiti said he expectc-1 tl " rmldrf " 1(1 r ,', al " v ".^*': ( " m d u r i n « ""· P J5t mnnlh h i v e Col.' Robert V. Whitlow, director Eddie -iarwitt said ne expeciea ; p]( , as( . driv( . c j rf f,,|ly, especially'(,,,,, catcher Bob Oldis (333, u p | o f .. ' , lif-d f r o m V. S. n. Talk BOITON -- Ua*f Denver pitching staff. Besides going college Akins. the nation'i fifth ranked welterweight, scored repeatedly to the head in the late rounds of Wednesday night's televised fight that was a sports feature of International Naval Review Week hire. * A near capacity crowd of 3.000 fan* roundly booed the decision. countered crossing the highways l most anywhere. PITTSBURGH -- Manager obby Bragan said Thursday the lain reason his hustlin 1 Pitts- main burgh rea Pirates have beaten the Referee Paddy. Mills had A k i n s , . ahead 98-93 under the ID-point I «^ "must" system, Judge Johnny Burton had Akins -in front 99-96 ; a? JUd L e0 f h V'"^ l° r o Akins a 9691 e d g e T h e Associ Cincinnati Redlegs three consecu- baseman-fieldtr I Frank Thomas who he called one | , o|t 2 , Qr , he s , pJu] Sjint , lhi of the most versatile^ and best s( . json {f l]j(( , d (o f j c e , hf B ., r , players m the majors. _ Bf _ the route in three of his four starts, j Ben bat walked five men (one intentionally) and struck out 27 in 31 innings. The 64 righthander has won two and lost two, one of hit losses being a 1-0, 10 inning defeat tuffered at the hands of the Omahl Cardinals . . . Stan Williams, the Denver East High product who has won 9 and ^ - - · · this ars in Bears stadium either Friday or Saturday night . . . Here is the Bears' home sched- . lio.ono llo Ho^lTwrod I ' a t k . rage. "I'm no hunter." Musial's appearance Wednesday night broke a record set by Gus Suhr, former Pittsburgh first baseman, between 1931 and 1937. Stan started his current string on opening day of the 1952 season. The genial Redbird now r a n k s fifth among the all-time iron men of the majors behind the i m m o r t a l n m u n i I-ou Gehrig, who had a record of at w a , n - 2.130 consecutive appearances. Ev"" *'"' erett Scott, Joe Sewel and Eddie GolV.t YOt. Oehrig didn't mist a game in lnp, * AMMONIUM NITRATE * AMMONIUM SULPHATE · U R E A Custom Side Dressing 518 1.1th SI. Phone 2910 ,'we've tied OIT teason't longest (winning streak at four games and I unhappy. "He never really fought," tl St. Lotiii battler "He kept |^-.-.j,; bi g reason, i, Thomas." srsj'ivrar^u 1 ^! «·»--****«-' «·-·· resort to my style, could not get a chance to set up a knockdown." Byars was disappointed thought he'd won. June 12. 1311, 14, 15 -- St. Paul June 16-16, 17 Wichita June II, 19, 20 Indianapolis June 21, 22, 23-23 _Louisville Special events during the home fc (Jle pjrl , M tt in ,,, in '_ . . . _ : _ _ , _ .-. tional bouts. Byars now has won 35 of 21 professional starts. An outgrowth of the fight was a charge by Steve Ellis, veteran radio sportscaster, t h a t - be had been attacked by Byars' 70 year- old manager, Johnny Buckley. The latter denied the charge. Ellis said Buckley interrupted his post-fight broadcast on three occasions, causing his network to cut him off the air three times because of Buckley's use of "pro- f a n e language." He said Buckley swung at him when he went to the ring apron after the fight to talk with Referee Mills. total of 29 HBI's. a Price before the game on June 21. I First game June 13 starts at S p.m. Ben Hogan, III Out of Tourney TOLEDO. Ohio .r -- B f n Hotin withdrew from the 57th National Open Golf OumpinTuhip Thursday alter bems ttrickrn with » f \ e r e hick ir.d cheit p i n . Alter recemns a 54-minute Ar- I»y in hii lUrtins t i m e to permit diathermy treatment, the four- time chan.pion from Fort Worth, Tex., returned lo the Invemeji Coursr, drested and took lome prarti.'e.'»hot«. Thpn, ohviou.Iy in frrat pain, hr turned to oflirUU of the I'. S. Oo!f As«n. and «aid: "I'm afraid I can't make it.' TOI.KDO. Ohio .f - A terrific ram and uimWorm -truck thf In- vemrM Club Thursday and forced the USr.A to »upend play temporarily in the first round of Ihe National Open Coll Championihip tourney shortly after Brn Hnzan. the lournamrr.t'i bits-it ial« attraction, m i t h d f e w becauie of an ·ihns back. The drenehint rain started at 11 · m. and f u e minuten later Ihe · ireni sounded to warn the plaer« out on Ihe eourse to m a k f Ihe pnsi- lions of then- balls and head for the clubhouse. The slorm wa« accompanied by hith winds, r a n f i n i up to JO mi!fi per hour in justs, and a crew had In h a r t onto Ihe pol" ° lhf P rr " tent to keep it Irom blowing dawn. 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