Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 31, 1961 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 16
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I ' J I R C ( I R K K U v Y T R I B U N E TUCK., Orl. 31, 19C1 WhatWouldHappentoU.S. If ItCan't Pay Its Debts? By JAMES MARLOW jwluL'h began last ,luly 1--will be Associated Press News Analyst |in the red. WASHINGTON i A P I - A week 1 President Kennedy confirmed it :'.::u former Proiik'iit Eisenhower, Sunday hy releasing a budget re- mmplaining alxnil the Ki'iincdyjporl which showed that for the j.ilmhrisU ill inn's spending, asked l%2 fiscal year government ex- Whal's pjing lo happen to our [tenses will be around $Ki billion i - . - i s n l i y il we can't pay our debts while income will be aboul J82.1 1:1 ilii 1 - t i m e of prosperity'.'" ihiklinn, making a deficit of 56.01 I t ' s a ^ond question, but an old-billion. | .:.,-. l i ' s a question Eisenhower! lie boosted government spend-} i.'.i-t have asked himself at times ing this year and blamed il main-j ;{ '.'.·'·a he w.Ti in the White llmiic, :ly on the need lo shovel oul more; . ::;· President Truman before 'money for defense, foreign obliga-i ' . i n . lions and space development. But' H w a s prompted by (lie rcallza-jlhe country musl lie getting used · ·. ·· :\::f. ihe Kennedy adminislra-'lo seeing government spending : . . : - i » r (lie VX2 fiscal year exceed its revenue. In Hie pasl 31 years govern- menl income was greater Ihan IU .expenses only seven times. | It happened in 1930, In President Hoover's administration; |lhrec limes in Ihe seven years of UK. of Truman's administration; and r.r-.v ·.! n;il Planning Service at three times in Eisenhower's eight i ,,'in.i.lo Stale College, l e f t Grce-'years. I, v Mi-r.d.iy for Anchorage Alas-' ' I1le counlry stayed in the red k:, w h - v ' k e will mcel with Al- without a break through the 12 years of President Itoosevelt, wlx first bad lo cope with a dcprcs- bion. then with a gigantic defense the conference huildup and then wilh the biggest ives of the Ford o( n " wnrs - !',mn!U ion's''icdncatinnal Faeili- 1 . Eisenhower himsclf-who was He* I al«iratorv am! Stanford U n i s w c n l into ° f f i « in 1MZ r o r l l y . v . , ' 'oti Hie strength of a promise lo ^Members c.i the Educational I 1 ' 31 ""TM l h f blld e cl nnd ** {eA Hanning Service are in grcal de- H ^nd,ng-,n 105S had tne ,,-,-,r.d as consultants for sc |,,Jbiggcst defiul m American peace- plant planning and educational 1 """ 1 " slor ' : $i2 ' 4 hlllran '^i'iiniir.Lii^. 1-nst \veck Dr=. r'lcMi NiniuicM nnd Ix'onnrcl Gnr- CSC Briefs Di. P.irlridge To Help Alaska Jill 1):. .V.lhur Partridge ; v'-i.iy. -.late and school officials lo f:c l [p r-vm plan school programs, l i e - \C.l reluni Thursday. AKo attending , , . . lnml: "'', W 10 l TM k . °TM r .. wl ! cn . o^cvelt died m IMS didn t wind 'V"'" " - "If 1 TM TMI 1 .' 1 1 "{'. !e "' * «S«TM » 19". «e shd into Cub Pack 250 Presents Awards Nine 'Frisco Hotels Hit [By Firebug SAN KKAXC1SCO (AI')-A fire- Cub Scout Pack 250, S|Wiisoi'ed by Ilic MacKctizic Co., recently honored o\'er 35 of its members (luring an awards ceremony fill Jackson School. ! bug, described by one witness as Prior to I he awards prosonla- a pimply faced, giggling 0-footcr, lion Cubs held a cake aiidion.|| c rt a fiery trail through down- featuring their own kitchen pas-1 | W n san Francisco Monday night Irics. The auction was conducted! an[ | . ;1 rly Tuesday, by Ernie Austin. j Police and fire officials pressed 'Receiving two-year service I a search for the arsonist, whoi stars from Den One wore J e f f L f t e r selling fires in nine leading 1 Carlson, Greg Korsytlie, Jim holds, moved into another down- Gioimds, Jim Johnson, Chuck MacKcnzic, Curl Samuclson and Jon Skitt. John Townsend received a one-year slar and Forsythc also received one gold and two silver arrows under the l»ur badge. Don Two awards 'vcrc os follows: Mike Arnold, one-year service star; Kenny Monk, two-year service star and silver arrow under bear: Richard Nix, two-year service slar: Lowell Pierce, one- year service slar and' assistant denner; nicky Kickard, one-year service slar, gold .arrow under bear; Gary Wright. Iwo-year serv- ous damage. Fire Murrav said. Bui, lown district antl set several more fires in trash piles. Most of the blazes were extinguished before they did Cidcf William fire on Ihe 14(h floor of ihe Fielding Hotel, started in a linen closet, did nil estimated $10,000 damage. The rash of fires, Murray said, were all sel by (he same person, j The first hotel blaze began a t ' 5:30 p.m. in an unoccupied room on the fourth floor of the Stewart Hotel on Geary Street. Three Change! i i:iiie were workiuu with scl 1 n f f . c i a l s at Himondalc. Mich. , . ,,,.,, , O'hcr communities in which EPS 11 " 1 "f once TMTM In 19 « a " d :1950. He managed a surplus one more lime: in fiscal 1951, Bill by (hen the costs of the Korean War engulfed him and · working on srhool projects are l.a Junta.' Pueblo. Kl Dorado. Km., Greelcv and Harvard, Mass. Dr. Toussainl Spooks In N. D. Dr. Sylvester li. Tmissainl. pro- economy wenl out the window. Eisenhower, despite the op- G R E E L E Y AMERICAN LEGION'S new $170,000 clubhouse began to take shape Monday as cinder block conslruelion moved above ground. The new club will te located just off the norlh entrance to Ihe new Highland Hills Golf Course. Jim Mecbalkc of Grccley is prime contractor on the project. The Legion is helping finance the construction through the sale of debentures. John Corkran, I-egion commander, said Tuesday the sale is progressing reasonably well. He urged any Legion member inlerested in investing in construction with the purchase of a debenture lo contact him. Tribune photo bv Jim Hitch. epe. was a speaker last inurs-, il-.'.y afternoon at the Norlh Dokolajcal L'ciur.ition convention in Minol. 1957 frssor of speech at Colorado -StaleUiniism of his 1062 campaign talk,, i f , j . » | College, was a speaker last Thurs-|didn'l achieve a surplus until fis- I I Id I lf50. lie related in fiscal I . . 1 n Alabama Dr. Tonssaint spoke on "Corn- and I960. The rest fiscal of bis eight years were red ones. He! nnmicatiiic; Ideas" at a mceting;bad bis troubles, too. He got bil of the North Dakota Couni-il of. wilh recessions. Teachers of English, which was] Even Kennedy's estimates-- a held in conjunction wilh the c o n - d e f i c i t of no more Iban $6.9 bil- AMNISTOX, Ala. AP -- The 'Bus Burning Viarriage License* Gilberlo Caslaneda and Daminga Ikrnandes, both La Sallo. Harvey Harold nelz and Dorothy Ellen Montgomery, both Loveland. Harry Elmer Walker, Ault, ami Barbara Jean Grove, Ennlewood. Chos. Bott Hurt At Farmers Spur Beet Dump Mon. lion in fiscal 1962-raay turn oul (rial of eight 'men charged in (he; Baldamar Padillo, La Salle. and 510,000 fine on conviction. They) Hobert Doerr Jackson and Alma also are charged will] conspiracy..Kayo Hopkins, both Laramic, Wyo With Officers Clothing Stolen From Car Clay Chambers of the Sundown Motel reported lo the Sheriff's o f f i c e Monday evening top coal am! suitcase clothing had been stolen out o his locked car while the vehicle the Driftwood 1 estimated the of the articles token at a suit full o 1 In the Courts Municipal Court Eusebio Baca, Eaton, speeding. Jacob Allen Helus, Grceley. and Sally Lea Moore. Evans. , portation. a crime punishable byl Pansy Belle Summerlm. both Den-jinry said. He While in Minol Dr Tous^nint'to be far too much on the sunny mob burning of a hus-the first Lucy Guadalupe Garcia, Pierce, visited wiih Dr ' William Crcs-'side if world conditions worsen'o u I b u r s t of violence against Alvm Paul Ilansen, fort Carson well former member of the CSC and more defense spending isl'Trccdom Riders" in Alabama-land Carol Mae Kmspel, Cheyenne, faculty who is now al head-jneedei). Ibcgins in federal court Tuesday, quarters ollice of the American 1 , He has called on liis Cabinetl The eight face charges of iiv Association of Health. Education and Recreation, Wasli-|administralion has cut expenses iiiGton, D. C. Virginia Lareom at U. of 0egon! crnlncn i- s obligations in a Irou- Virginia Lareom. who received k] C( j wo ,-],} im( j a growing country a bachelor of arts degree from ' Colorado Stale College in 1958, is a graduate assistant in (he Uni- vd'sity of Oregon's department of English. Charles Botl. 57. had four fingers ice slar; James Mcnkveld, denier stripe. Den Three awards; Bobby Dongas, bear badge; Tliomas Ledding-i ham, bear book; Elton Limlslrom,I silver arrow. Den Four: Brad Boblendcr. silver arrow under wolf, bear Ixwk, one-year service s l a r : Gregl Holmes, silver arrow under wolf, one-year service slar: Darrellj Houtchens, silver arrow under! wolf, be»r book, denner stripe and! one-year service star. Greg Johnson, assistant denner .stripe and one-year service stripe; !l Chuck Parson, gold arrow under jear badge, silver arrow and one- year service star; Doug Kcirnes, war book anil onc-year-service star; Randy Rehns, one-year service star; Cr.rl Speaker, gold and silver arrows under wolf badge, one-year service star. Den Five: Clayton Stump, two silver arrows under wolf badge, hear book; Steve Borgens, one silver arrow under wolf badge and bear book. Bobcat pins were awarded the following new Cubs: Randy Thompson. Jeffery Frank, Mark ·Ith Ave MonlS°mory. Jo" 11 Riitledge, Greg minules lalcr. the fire broke out in (he Fielding street. just across ihe SYDNEY--California-Texas Oil Corp, is to install a catalytic cracking plant in Australia. hand amputated as a result of an accident al the Farmers i beet dump northwest of here J day afternoon. Bolt, who is employed al rigll ( Sherman and Roger Schmidt. a 20-year prison term and a'ver. Talking On tJPhone Scoffs dump by (he Great Western Sugar! A i. F ' i r p P l p n Co., was inj.ired by a beet pilingi M l I H e I i c u I KANSAS CITY, Mo. (API--John ^Ycld County was brought General $20. James Tinkcom, 116 9th St., meter violations, 533. The indictments gre\v out of two waves of violence May 14 Ihal first blocked Ihe departure of a regularly scheduled Greyhound bus. then destroyed il. Among the 17 persons on Ihe bus were nine Freedom Riders-- Megroes anl four white pcr- Frank Pcnn and Rertha .Minerva Moixriviiis, both HI. 2, Grec- ley. Nicolas Patric Atencio nnci Irene Josephine D u r a n , holli Gree- v.'hich reported bis condition 'airly good Tuesday. . 'sons -- on a tour of the South' Day Top Speaker Mon. -ucsling bus station segregation. A ,. r _ , i . , D:.,..... r i n k egregation. : i. The defendants, all of the An-i Risers Club John Mala, 303 6th St., meter n j s t n n nreii| are Kenneth Don Day quipped his way to violations, $30 with $!5 suspended. Adams, 41; Frank B. Johnson, I first place honors during Early Pauline Lonhart. 701 25th Ave., 42; Jerome Byron Couch. 25i|Hj s( , rs Toastmaslers Club speech careless driving. $10. |j crry Willingham. 23; William Competition Monday. was parked at Cafe. Chambers value $300. Anti-Tank Gun Stolen Glen \V. fCclson of 1020 91h lEason. 23; Frank Toibert, 14ill ,and Roger Dale Cough, 19. Carl Ebcrhardt, 1145 33rd A v c . , ! c h a p p e l l , 40: Jerry Ronald speeding, $20. Glenrla S. Peterson. 252B Ave., speeding, $35, with $15 sns-. pendcd. j . Hazel A. Daum 1707 fith Ave · j S w e d l S n J f i t limitation on backing, $5. Virgil G. Tye, 1«8 lltb St.. P|an6S P a t r o l °i'i -i iriGenlry ran to the telephone when ilospilal.|| ir( , broke oul in his home Mon Be modern and still enjoy the coziness of an open fire! i e r t r u d e H i c k m a n r»- IJICS On careless driving Ave. reported to the Sheriff's of- tor t r r ,ffj c sclmol. (ice that a German anli-lank j oriml y Montoya «un value at S400 had been stol-| s jg nr - ; light, 5111. fine suspended ! 531 9lh St.,| Do Von Know How To Tell Joke?" was the lille of Day's speech. Day's presentation was evaluated by Dick Talcott. Two other main speakers of the morning included Jim Nichols and Fred Tuck. N'ichols' tille was "Are You Someone was talking on the; four-parly line. "1 told them, 'Please give me 1 the line! My house is on fire!' " [Gentry said, "but a man said j"0h. yeah, we.know. My house is ; on fire, too.''' Gertrude E. Hickmann. 55,,of G c n l r y s wi [ e finally ran to a 1207 15th Ave., an invalid for nei g| ]lmr ' s house to call firemen, many years, died Tuesday morn- B a ti a ij o n chief Robert Howard ing at her home. \^ A ^ e cm \An't tell how much of She was born Nov. 14, 1906, al the $2,200 damage was due lo the Omaha, Nell., where she altenri-'lost time, but the delay "cerloinly ed school. She also attended theiwas a factor." University of Omaha. She was ac-| tive in the Nazarcne Church and Sunday Scliool, which she as well as in the Christian Mis- sionarv Alliance Church. Miss MJoan Will Hickmann came to Grceley froml HOLLYWOOD (AP)--A sellle Omaha with her parents in 1941. mcnt has been reached in the con She is survived by her mother, test over actress Joan Davis' will.'. Physically Readyj] e V r Firm t i e r To f "' n 'Dinting This Year?" Jim! 'AI r r O l l l i e i ' F | y n | 1 evaluated the speech. Mrs. Martha Hickmann, 'of Gree j Her ex-husband, Si Wills. 57, re-' jceives assets worth $52,000. The Arrangements will be announced actress' daughter, Beverly Col- E For These Progressive Citizens Nov. 7th rn from 520 27th SI. Nelson raid the gun belongs lo Richard Hi:das, who is in Australia and will not return until about Dee. 1. Roberts Says N a t u r e M i g h t Control Man T r o P n i m m i F It- r Mo III. AuU, r e c k . A p - mand Tuck, asked Early Itocrs. m »^» PIa " , ot ^^ "^ * "Do! later by Adamsons Mortuary. bert, 27, receives the rest of the more t h a n $l-million estate in a THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS compromise disclosed Monday. Colorado Furniture and Appliance 623 8th Ave, Ward 1 Robert E. Derrington 2229 12th St. Rood less driving, S25. [Tuesday five Swedish jets are pa- schmidl F Larry A. Murray, 1822 6th St...trolling Ihe Katanga frontier to ^""f. " TM] ua | 0 r of the rnorn-1 leaving scene of accident a-vd'"dcler" Katanga planes from ^! J ^'"p^f y nee CassulTMw"s I areless driving, W. Hacking forces of the centra. Con- « ^ [ a .o "nd ^ I^h-1 Gilliert Bernal. HI. 3. drunk,.go government. '' ' . , . | disturbance, resisting arrest. S15." The aimounccrnent did TM t : r T n ^ l m n " l P r of 'the mornine I fines on other counts suspended r,ake clear, however, whether! JJ" 15 "^^ n 00 h" h d I for good behavior. iL'.N. forces would lake any a c .j«as Bill Benedict. Roehucti and, Cart H Dalton, Eaton, care- ,ton against central government T » c k - H b . g u ^ shaker, at less driving. $10. llroop. which the Katanga govern-^ ^TMS ^"' "" Henry Schmidt, Cornish, spe- meats claims have invaded the DALLAS (AP) - "People are ciM ha , aT( , Si S10 . upset about fallout because man Bi | !v D p cn rson. 1306 IGlh Ave. secessionist province and are raz-j ' Tuesday evening. Topic speakers c " the tampering with natural forces| C[ ^ drunk.- disliirbancc, resisting en and children. ing villages and murdering worn-1 **? 1m " rni "g s «TM n "', ere . ° ° . ° - I ,.,^,1,.,,^1, TUMI riihVic \ i n r l that he does not stand." a University of scientist said Monday. under- arrest. Premier Cyrille Adoula an- Coloradoj Rp i, er i MUIK'JZ Jr.. HIS ttli Ave.^nounced a virtual declaration of .careless driving, fine snspcndediWar against K a t a n g a Monday.' any ;Lo'mbiu-h. Tom Gibhs. Merle Hal! ai'.rf Brice Blain. Lemhacb and Gibbs discussed Ihe topic. "Should Meeker Junior High Be Torn Dr. Walter Orr Roberls, an a u - j f o r |raffic school] Ihorily on almobplieric research, al.=o told a reporter: "For ccnlurie; man trolled nature. Now Ihe danger is- I hat man will be controlled ny' nauivp '" , . . . i Dr. Roberts said he concurs jThe premier said the Leopoldvil[c! Dow " ? ". 1 [ . . . . . . . " C l i n i l i_i icv ],. Munz. 2458 25th St. Rd.. government had launched caide'ss driving, fine suspended lice action" to liquidate has con-.,^ ( r a f f i c , ^.ocA. g«'s secession. Jo(1 Cn(7 32n 1011 , s( reckless - "po- with other experts who nave saidj pe|er Rivcra to m a n i Disarmament 'Should We Build a New City Katan- Ha' 17 " "' af ln1 to P' c discussed by Hall and Blain. Lembach was winning topic f peaker. Frr.nk Lowers and -lim Cnw- dery \\ere welcomed a^ new members. Dale Bricker. Don Sehup- back. Ian DeVancy and Harmon Chapman were-visitors. ' Alfred " Earl. MS7 fllh Ave..|Queen speeding. S35. \r-rr . nr J Peter Rivera. t«4 C St., drunk. h t t O r t S I O W O r Q fallCiUl poses r.o danger to m a n | f t v _ e\ccpl in event of nuclear war. | v ','arrv L Schnorr. B17 12th Ave. "My complaint with fall-l,..,^ , ign;il speeding. $10 and! Kai-shek U 74 out is that it clouds up the at- t 1 - LONDON (AP) -- Queen Eliza-' nal :ncr ' l s '^ mosphere w i ' l i radiation whichj"' '^ m . a F R l l l j,_ Greeley, speed- belli II rlcd.rjed Tucs. Iba! Britain TAIPEI. Formosa (AP) -- Na- : Nothing k at elegant n a tevch *f hand crafHmonjhrJf ... ond fhat'j what moVw the Trfumph »»d a »rnort iho« fashion, ' Notice lh« «l»gon» / tow-nmnlng hand i ·(Itched moccasin tronj ...youean w*af th* Triumph anywhei* . · cnytimt.». In good failt} : Ward 2 Charles A. Gregory 1812 13th St. ing. M5. t i o n o ij s t china put om ils flags "*^rk Express ! a massive scale Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Roborl W. W0 «:°£' w-ill do its utmost to achieve World disarmament despite the :Tllcs( i n y f or I'rcsidcnt Chiang Kai- .Soviet Union's "nuclear _ tcsls on s)l( ,j.. s 74th birthday. · dcfiante of -- - - mars our wcatfier experiments, he said. "The way things stand now, more people will die from; auto accident? and air pollution! than fallout." i Dr. Robert? will speak Tires, al a meeting of the Council on World Vabsley of Fort Collins a son on p |lr ', ian , CTt ,, ith hpr tratWional A f f a i r s and the Council o! Scicn: Monday. Oct. 30. al \\eld Coun.y. h ^ Kfn hy p r j m ( M j n j s _ , tific Societies. General Hospital. Macmillan's C o n s e r v a- Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Donald L.'live government, she sard the iPcttengill of 1705 9th St., a daugh-igovernment also will continue to ler on Monday, Oct. ,10. al \Ve!d.negoliate for a Berlin settlement County General Hospital. |"which will preserve Ihe securiu j a n d freedom of the people o! i Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L.^ett nerlin." HOLLYWOOD ( A P ) -- Famous \villiams of 1102 27lh St., a daiiRh-j . _ IIollyvi'ool attorney Jerry Gics!er.| rr on, Oct. 30. at Weld; is listed in critical condition after counly General Hospital. , D l e f e n b a k c r s Return taking a l u i n for the worse at Ml.! Sinai Hospiial. I Born lo D r - and Mrs ' Gcor S c C ' Gieslcr 74 is being treated fonDoxsee of 1409 2.3rd Ave. Ct., a Minister , _ , ~ , · , : U n l · ' J " ""* "' j rectnrju^ nvrtu wjni^.u,,. ..-j was hospi'l-wed Oct. 14. TOKYO (AP)--Canadian Prime .Inhn Dicfenliakcr and Oct. Si. at bis wifp Irfl for home tonight aft |K NOTICEH MKV The sheriff report t ·fc^^* some varmints have bten smugglin' in [ouph, hard- to-chew jr.op corn lhai's lull of icnuhy hulls. He calli^ on h r a v e , honest folki to nnwii 'cm wilh ever- lovin', e v e r - K n J e r , ezsy-ejtin* J O L L Y TIME POP CORN. It'* hulless and pops /a^ier 'n any six gun you ever seen on TV. Help ihe sheriff. Aim fer the best--Jolly Time Pop Corn. _ MEET THE WINTHROP TRIUMPH A SLEEK, TRIM FASHION WITH A HAND STITCHED FRONT Char-Brown $15.95 Clothes for Men and Boys Since 1911 Hibbs Our 50th Year 814-816 Ninth Street We Give Mor-Valu Stomps War i J Benard A. H^rmansen 2042 6th Aye. Weld County General Hospital, 'er a five-day s'.ye visit to Japan.. Vote For Men With Drive and Ambition

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