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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Thursday, May 3, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN The Lions Club.Hurly-Uurly Revue opens tonight. If you attend tonight you'can get it over with until 1052. If you wait, they'll have more practice. Attend now! VOL. 71-No. 25 SUNMY NewswiPCA seAmt SOVMKW t/ew MX/CO THE WEATHER LAS 'CRUCES 'AREA: Generally fnlr lyith rising, temperatures today, tonight and Friday. Koine afternoon winds, today and tomorrow; Last 2'l hours: Las C.'ruco:,- 70-37; State College 72-32. Powerful House Coalition Seeks To Oust Acheson By Cutting Off Pay June 30 . .' . . «. Republicans May Tie Up Entire Department Fund , WASHINGTON, May 3 ---A potent coalition of House / Republicans a n d . Southern Democrats is gearing up a driye. to try to force the ous- ' ler of Dean Acheson as Secretary of State. Sorne administration supporters are openly apprehen- I sive the move may succeed Leaders of the 'coalition pio- . pose to deny any funds, to pay Ar-licsoiT* sulary after June 30. They arc even discussing tying- up [ the whole state department budged (or 1352 until Acheson resigns or is replaced. To Iteview Budget ' - The State Department's -budget, financing its activities for the year starting next July 1 is due to come before the House- late -this month. A subcommittee con- eluded hearings several weeks ago but has delayed sending the budget bill to tho House floor. "We are just afraid to try~it now." one committee member who asked not to be named told newsmen. "They would tear it to piece in order to embarrass the admin stralion."' . Rep. Arends of Jllionols. Rcpub lican whip, said he was certai such a move would develop. Will Head Drive Rep. Lawrence H. Smith . ( R Wis), a foreign affairs committe member and a leading Acheso Clitic, said he would spearhea. the drive and offer the neccssar amendments if noione else does, lie predicted . their avenvhelmiii approval by the House.' ""'· Hep. Rooncy (D-NY), chairmen of the appropriations subcoramlt tee which handles state depart mcnl funds, said ho fears a movi to tic up department money "w-oulc cany by a substantial majority.' Rep. Cox (D-Oa'l, wno olten'uc speaks the views of southern Dem ocrats generally, said he' woul' support any drive to force Ache son out. So did Hep. Rankin ID- .Miss).' "Have .To Qull" "This will cut the ground out from under him and he will have to quit or President Truman will have to fire him." Cox said. "The vote in the House will be so overwhelmingly against Acheson that he will have to get out." Administration leaders privately expressed doubt they could stall tho drive. There main. chance, -is' they see it now, is, to delay consideration of the state department money bill in Ibe hope 1 that sentiment about Acheson will change. Mr. Truman has . consistently supported Acheson against all demands for his replacement. At his STANLEY AMB'ORSKI, 21, Chicago soldier smuggled I out. of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., by .his family after Amborski complained he did not get medical attention. Examination a t G r e a t Lakes, 111., Naval Hospital, proved he was suffering from a /'form of pneumonia." . · · Crime Probers Ready Shackles For Criminals WASHINGTON,. May 3 w -Senator O'Conor-(D-Md) said today Senate prime investigators 1 hope, "within a couple of weeks," to introduce bills to carry out th'nir proposed shackles on undenvorld syndicates. Stressing; they were anxious "to strike while the iron was hot." O'Conor said ' committee lawyers will set to work immediately with ' Senate bill-draft ing; experts to i vhip their anti-crime proposals nto shape. O'Conor, the new, committee ·hairman, also told reporters a hicf counsel- to succeed Rudolph Jalley may be selected before the nd of the week or by the first of next week. li'Iley ItefirttK Halley returned to private law practice after the crime probers submitted a report to the Senate Tuesday. O'Conor said decisions on f u r - ther lines of inquiry, such'as the PRICE FIVE CENTS MacArthur Says Joint Chiefs Approved His Korean War Plans, Issues Papers Showing General Marshall Okayed Yiews Truman was asked whetherlle had tallied with former economic .lid chief Paul Hoffman about becoming Secretary of State. No Conference The President said he h3d not done so. The President went on 1.0 say he has. a Secretary of State with whom he is very'well satis- {Conlinued on pair", four) Las Cruces Driver Goes On Trial For ChiltTs Dealh PASO, May 3 W) - - The cose of Albert, A. Pcna, 29, of Las Crnccs, charged .with murder while 'driving: intoxicated, is expected to go lo a 34th district court jury today for decision. t Pena was charged with murder after"luV pickup truck* MJhicU 'the car of Mrs. R. P. Burchcll of Anthony. Mrs. Burchcll's two-month old daughter, Busan Gall'' Burch- cll, WHS Itilicd in the uraKh. In testimony yesterday, Sheriff a deputies Ray Gardea, and Gary Ingram testified t h a t ' P u n a was drunk when they arrived at the accident scene in Cnnutillo. was having u hard time valking,"- Ingram 1 said. "I could smell a very strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He had trouble choosing hts words." Gardea said Pena passed out n a Sheriff's car while being taken o El Paso. Rafael Glron, a passenger in 'ena's truck a t , t h e time of the ccident, said that the lights from he Burcheil car blinded him. He denied that. Pena was drunk t Hie time of. the. accident, al- ioug-h he admitted'both .had had three or four'" drinks of Cequilla nd a bottle of beer in Juarez bc- orc the.accident. The defense produced three wit- esses . who testified as to Pcna's mractcr in Las Cniccsi where ives. narcotics traffic, prostitution and the fixing of basketball games and other sports events will be made later. One member of the crime committee, Senator Tobey (R-NH). said meanwhile that "the saddest feature" of the group's probe has hcen the revelation of "collusion and corruption" among public officials and underworld leaders. Crime, Politics M|\ In an article for the current issue of the American magazine, Tobey said that in New York the committee found that "boss racketeer Frank Costello and others of his ilk' were chummy with' high city officers and politicos." · ' , The crime committee, in its r e - j port to the Senate, accused O'Dwyer of. contributing to ''the growth p£ brganized crime, racketeering and gangsterism" in. the nation's largest city. , · in 'Mexico. 'City, O'jiwyer . do qlarcd in a statement last night that his critics .are trying to discredit him -"for reasons-unknown to inc." He said he had "no fear" nnd referred to "achievements" .is mayor of New York City and to "smashing murder Inc." while he was district attorney. O'Dwyer said "a few minor and Isolated incidents -- have been NEW AND OLD chairmn^oi tne Senate Crime Investigating LOrmmltcc look over ther^ensalional committee report m Washington. Left to right: "Sen. Herbert- O'Conor (D) Maryland, new chairman; and 3em Estes Kefauver (D) Tennessee, retiring chairman. '(International Soundphoto) Unemployed Worker Shoots His Children, Then Commits Suicide LENOIR, N. C, May 2- UPl - j lasl . moiltll . . An unemployed sawmill worker Nci s hl;ors told the sheriff shot his eight children to death last night, then ended his life with a shotgun blast. The bodies of Ralph Gragg. 3G, and his eight children \vere found in. their blazing home 10 .miles, north of Lenoir. Only n few days [ ago Gragg told.ti deputy t h a t his wife would never get custody of the children. · the house "lit up all of a sudden 1 about S:15 p. m. They and fire fighters rushed to, t h e hous ( e but it WHS burning.furiously. - Uragg- had been unable to work since an accident last November. His body was found in a hallway Beside it were a five-gallon ftie ell can and a shotgun. The chil WASHINGTON, May 3--(XP) .--Gen. Douglas MacArthur I said today the joint chiefs of staff endorsed his Korean war I plans last January, and he must "assume" they were vetoed by President Truman or Secretary of Defense Marshall. ,· ! To back up his words to investigating Senators, MacAr- I h u r produced a document which he identified as a war study submitted by the joint chiefs of staff lo'Marshall.' " ,'·'" Dated Jan. 12, it emoraced ? ~ his proposals for economic' B.V OLKN ci.KMH.vrs | a P cl n a v a l _ blockade of China, | 'OKYO, Friday, liny 4-i^,-j an ' operatiun.s over Mnnchur- letl tank-infantry patrols, IHH- if, and supply of Chinese Na-' --(i 1 .... _,- ,,..... tionalist forces. MacArthur testified before Korean Fighting Slows To Patrol Action By Tanks OI.BN TOKYO, Allied tan ning northward out of Scoi.. foURht a series of shni-p cnBiigo ..,,,,,... ^i.^uu uu.u.u menis ThursUay with Chinese Reds the Senate Armed Services " """ f 'TM' " c . Ol " and Foreign Relations committees. They are investigating the whole question of Far Eastern policy and MacArtli- rou^iily Korean eapital. One patrol went iiitu Uijoiifibu, key road point some 11 miles north of Seoul, against onlv minor Red re.sistatu'c. (Field dispatcher implied t h a t this patrol then pulled h a r k southward.) I Ui-lnriiK Tanks Ryan Witnesses Hy lilh) ROUSE Nearly a dozen ·.yiLnpiistijj lined the corridors of the Dona Ann. court house today awaiting turn to testify before the Donn Ann were. county grand jury. All of those .subpot'juu . one time or another, _ . ,, . « , _ _ . the investigation of DID death Elizabeth Ryan carlv in dren lay two in a bed in the si.t- ,,., L , room frame d w e l l i n g . Coroner Mar- T h e sobhmg. heart-broken moth-'j ,,,,.,,, Khlc , li(i KH ^ ^ " Ma er came lo Lenoir this morning and | skulls « bo rc fractures. lewed -the charred bodies of the i Ki nn .,i,i ,.,,(,, ...,,,, ,,, , ... , .. children - Aged , 5 to 3. She had j chndTM m°e ' th °, e Id' h en been living with H brother for the | shu . ),j,, 13clf ." Senate Small Business Clinic I To Feature Government Experts blown up into exaggerated proportions. . .reaching the fantastic conclusions that somehow I »m to blame for not having wiped o u t , all vice in my community. . .not I having- removed the human im-1 pulse to gamble, and for not having eradicated the defects Inhcren in our political system." A clinic for small businessmen i T o in southern. New Mexico will be[l\OScU"y OCVVICCS A I'C conducted here liny 11 by Federal -pi " 1 T 1 * 1 experts under sponsorship of the 1 J U H l l C f l .1 0111 Iml- i n n a u ..nn,_ ~r-\ -* _· ... _ ,ror Mesilla Woman U. S. Semite small-business mittee. "- Heading up 'the committee for Ihe Senate is Charles Shaver general counsel for the congressional committee.' . : The session's board of experts will include John C. Outliers, red- real supply service; Hcryl Warden, National Production Authority small business office; Leonard C. Eth re. deputy chief, small bu.s- D of the Defense Depart County Schools To Graduate 150 Eighth Graders Nearly 150 eighth graders in Dona Ana county rural schools will participate in commencement exercises late this month. Eight schools will hold commencement exercises for the graduating classes over the county In addition to Las Cruces Municipal, Ciiulsdcn district and Hatch muni- cipnl schools. White Sands Proving Oround school will hold general-promotion exercises for sixth gradeis leaving the military base school, The schools in the county which will have commencement exercises, | the date nnd the number of eighth i-. graders gradunttng'are as follows: i Garfield, May 23, 9; Rlncon, May I '2-1, 8; Snlem, May 25,. 0; East Pf\ carho. May 24. 12; West Plcacho, \ May 23. 14; Mcsllln, May, 21, 16; Dohx Ann. May 24, 17; nnd Wesllla · Park, May 24, 58. · All schools except MealllH Park ''jwill hold commencement ncrviccs : ftl night. Mnsilla Park's ceremon- Jca win be «t 10 n. m. Only $130 h". '·'··- Needed NowTor Alhlelic Teams The first $20 of Ihe needed $150 has now been donated and H is hoped and expected that the remaining 5130 will be available before t h e ' m i d d l e of next week in order that ample funds will be available for sending the high school baseball squad to the state tournament at I^as Vegas. The track squad and tennis, team, left Las Cruces Thursday for Albuquerque for the state meet to be hejd this weekend. liny Uniform The high school, athletic fund had ample money for the .spring sports until they purchased ba?e- ball and track uniforms. When these had been paid for it only left $200 for the expenses of i.hc two squads. It is estimated It will cost some I $-150 lo send the teams to the state ' meet. · . . . . The Booster^ club put up $111 -- all they had (n their funds. H was agreed an effort would vbc made to raise the other $150. A $5 domitlon was made first. Some five members of the Rotary club made gifts to the fund Wednesday, i cave Xi-.\t Wee-It Gifts or contributions can be left or mailed to CIco Roberts, president of the Boosters' club at the Hcrndon hotel or they can be sent direct lo The Sun-News. The baneball tetim Is scheduled to Ieavc:lntc next weekend for the state tournnment to be held fn Lns Vcgn.s where some eight trnms have -been'entered. Truant Teen-Agt Girls'Lark Ends In Auto Accident . Three tfcen-age girls had quite an adventure this morning, but fortunately, without disastrous results.' In the space of about -15 minutes, they (1) stole a car from a boy friend; (21 wrecked the cai on a local street by hitting a truck' (3) fled from the scene: M) wcre arrested after a chase by police ind (5) exposed, themselves to prosecution by breaking about every law in the book, including truancy from school. The girls nan a busy day. The three, all under 16, "borrowed" a car from a Mesilla Park man. Arid it wasn't much of a car. Oops! No brakes When they reached the intersection of Amador and Mclcndrcs streets, they made an interesting discovery: The car didn't have any brakes. This sudden discovery cyme as a surprise to Jacinto Chavez, SI, Of Fairacres. He chose to cross the intersection when the teen-age driver wus considering the lack of brakes. The truck driven by Chavez was caved in by the resulting impact and the borrowed 1935 Ford ended in the middle o£ a lawn at the Graham Funeral home. Flee From Accident Scene The girls fled on foot toward the business section. City Patrolman Rucbcn Florcs observed the girls a tempting: to hide from him us .he passed by, so investigated, together with Pat- rolmflii Gnbe Guzman. Now, t h e girls arc pondering the day's activities with a citation lo have a little session with the juvenile officer In the morning. Slill AIW ment's munitions board. Also U. K. Army .Maj.' Margaret R. Warden, central military pro- O . in cu.ement office of the. munitions m ' cnls Jire bein board. Defense Department; Jnolm l s o n - s jr unura | Laferty. defense manpower nnnin- ; istialor; and PorLer .Waring, as- ' sistant to the director, Office of Price Stabilization. All small .businessmen in southern New Mexico aro urged to attend the meeting, wliluh vill out line the relation 'of smaller businesses to the government. Questions on the Office of Price Stabilization rulings will be encouraged., The. hoard of experts well diversified and qualified -,o answer any questions businessmen may have. The experts will cover tuples that will be of interest to everyone from contractors 'and archf- :ects to Kami Bureau members. The meeting is to begin at 10 :t. 'Rosary services' for Mi-s/'Rof- ugia Telles, 36, of Old Mcrtilui, will be held at 8 o'clock tonight nt her home. She died at 8 u. in., Wednesday morning in Memorial General hospital. She is .survived by her husband Drigidio, jtnd eight uhlldrcn.. They arc Adeline, Lydia. Drigido Jr., mmagloria. and Irma. Funeral mass will be sahl jit 9 m., Friday. Burial will be in ur's dismissal from his Fnr iUrn commands fur publicly j iinvornting the very steps lie s i i U I ' He testified In-hind rlosed doors. of _ v Another ptilrol · southwest of but a copy of his U-stimnny--! A H , Uijongbu brought buck to United | passed first through u m i l i t a r y i , . " Nations lines two Allied tanks | cenaor us a precaution «gain's t ' l n r I U l l w I »mon f f . witnesses who t h a t had been abandoned previous-' disclosui-u of secret mil'iUrv info'r-1 U M I · · IS moniln fi' WGre Chief l.v- mnlion-wns given lo ncwa ,-P-i " f . r °" ce S(intos **mlr*z. Cnpt. The dny'.s most sizable action! porters j J o l m · Moorc ' D^'O' Jim Flanii- .Hs.-U.-ed -that " ' »--l R i 1 1 1 ' who ^vcatlgntcil the .lenth was a two-hour fight east-north-! cast of Seoul. An Allied armored ; force hit n Red regiment, k i l l e d ! an estimated 200 men and b r o u g h t ; buck 'Z\. prisoners a f t e r !i b r i s k ! fight. "We probably killed more than ,, , , - f , J lle TM l * w * -" f " v « i m m i 1 tl '°°P- s «o«'fl Cummunist China such as he has ""·We probably killed more than ^^ ^ * 200, but we onlv reported what we ^^ c f l l i n a Ml actually knew," tin- patrol c u m - 1 mnmirr related. I Kiissln Can't A Urn-It. iMoetfi Vmiiru.'iri! 2. Ho hcliovi's Hi is A r t h u r I O f y ie 5^ VC nr-okl Cincinnati wo- ; man, and others who were condition- 1 cenied in the ca"se -- bartender.*, id up | hotel personnel and hospital em- kr-d up | ploycs. . navitl .iction against · n r4l ,i |.'n ( . H H Vmigii'tn] SU1I flnolhrr piitrol of Seoul run int.ii hclievus Ku.ssiii is . It was believed that the. jurv completed n rrndlnjr of SlicriffV dopnrtmcnt files on the 1 cnse Wednesday before making- n . routine loped to hold while regrouping for a new drive. While the Reds were digging in. the officer wnrned. "they are not foing on the defensive--the enemy ias. nut quit yet." 'latics Downed j Shooting Star jets i by Red g u n f i r e recorded. Another matter believed to In- presented bctore the. jury tnilav concerns H mnucr of locnl jjam- blintf. Notlilnjr offlclsi on . n n v source 1ms boon diaclo.Hetl by t h u body. ' iVitmes Are i^i-ld . , or | Asst. Dist. Atty. E. K Clinvvr.. downed made, in those reports to give them ,' u ' no ' s l»mfl!in£ leffal matters for I a "political sl;tnt" favored by t h e : l ' 10 J u! '. v - Hfll( ' today nnmcs of wlt- llio troops over the mum communicii lions line, Lhu Uuns-Siberluii j-all- roFiil. This is already heavily burdened, M n c A r t h u r . wild.- ·· 3. As United Na,lions.cnmniamU or. he made reports to the Defense- Department iinct then; was · In t h e air, two American l r -801 sometimes changes asked RhootinT Star icls w*er«*. dmvnnil ' made, in Lhosu ri_Miorts I n rlvr cemetery. Arr;i ircctcd bv . n. in Ernnigan .Memorial .luditor- 'lim. It Is one of three io be held Duck Marsh B u i l t Oil Slate Randi. . SANTA FE, May 3 i/pi --Twcl nrti-es of cluck marsh is being bu on the state-owned Washing t anch, near Carlsbad, Slate Game Department officif. said the project, under the dire lion of asKistfini ''-·-"···tmont engi ecr Charles Bcran, will be finish, in June. State Department before they wcr p.issed on to the U. N. The Gen- r " rc ' h °.V l"«d been befor ,,.,, eral said- these reports passed I Sroup. through the State Department as! ' °" c otllc1 ' mutter which may On (he centr;i;.' front ground troops fought a six-hour skirmish with 100 Red.s dug in ntop a hill. ComniuniHls kept*the I hill. Out an estimated two-thirds of.-them were killed. A great flow of w a t u r over tor- ~ ..., - palocd Mwnchon dam is forming Untied lo demiiml that the liciir-! ·7' I n i s t offensive on the [ W h i l e Senator Ferguson l R - M l c h ) ! IllM ' sUmll "8' or the law by a rural II .front. was ur K liiK this, Senator Kerr ID:C "1'; I ' s are makinc no at- Oltln) broke in to sav he was L Mcmhcra . ° r .»'« J" r y »wil out- Fercusim I Pencils and scratch pads early , i, ', j lodny. an Indication that they will m.'BCAI'S AltE STO1.K.V Theft of three hubcaps froi an auto owned by Andy Lu'cei was reported to police late Wei icsday nighl. Luccro toM officci the hubcaps were, removed froi _ M , , . _ " ·" ·"- ·"··« in" uuuuitps were, removed froi n the stale. Others are scheduled the car while it was parked o or Albuquerque arid Clovi.s. ' North'Water Street. (II'I'OSKS OI'K.V M K A K I N O S WASHINGTON. May 3 UPi -· Senator Andcrnon (D-N.\I| was one or 42 Democrats who voted with the majority ycntcrrtny lo ro- ceas nnd stall n Republican attempt lo open lo t h o public tho hearlnRj starting today, on the oliater or Genera] Mac Arthur, Lions Club Member Admits Jlnrly Revue To I3e Offered First Time Here At 8:1.5 Tonight. Will Be Entertaining lly A Lion .It Is again time for the Las Cruces Lions Cluh and the Svmnatiu orchestra to present their third annual H u r l y . B u r l y revilp, which i' a new _1951'version of the "same old stuff". . ' ' . During the past year the Lions club 'sympathy orchestra has taken in some now members, namely, Bill Padflclll, John Meklas Doi Carroll, and Eldon Hanson. Unfortunately these new members ar. very good musicians, who .read music. Now Heady However, a f t e r several weeks rehearsing'tlie'y li'ave been lowered to the itllol level that is required to bcconw a monitor of Uili orche.s. tra and any possibility of I hen. gumming up. the works has now passed. If they should accidentally revert back to actually plavlnc music as it Is written, it will be purely accidental. ' There la an old saying t h n t there Is "no fool like an old fool" and other members of the Smypathy Orchestra me now one year older than they we.e last year. So It goes without saying that the old members will put on one of the most foolish shows of their entire career. Orchestrii Members Those who appealed in the first two shows include Sigurd (washboard) Johansen, ,, college professor: We« (Solo) Martin, "oil dlslilhutor: Paul iBolton anil Hows) Jones, Ostcopalhlc physician and surgeon; Henry (Fiddler) Gnlncs, city gia ami water superintendent; Jlmlnlc' (Sandwich) Prlchartl. Insuriuico.nml rcnl estate;. Lloyd (Sparrow) Ituffntcdlcr, clonncr and prcsscr; L. H. (Hnipo) McDonald/El Paso Times distributor; Pete (Egghead) Thornbcrry, Cruces Motor parts; c. H. Salmon ·( Yoilcllng), manager lumber company: Harry (Continued on page fnur) ' j e ear- a ' b a r r i e r ' I n "aiiy' quick ' renewal Ings he thrown open to the public. of the C o m m u n i s t central -Ivorofin -f Chinese Reds arc mnkinj! no at tempt to choclt the flow from the (Continued nn ;jage l o u r ; Ex-Jap Riders Hail Law Cutting Long Island Rule well n.s Ihe Defense Department, j IH * P^'Bscntcd to the jury concerns i Mie arrest of n Dona Ana lii tho Senate. Republican, cm,-:' w i f c «·'«» W M - h o h l In jail nnd nut. - - - - ' permitted to make bond. The tinao result of an erroneous un- Okla) brolco in to say he "wondering" wheUitr Fe. n . "is trying to make It ennlcr" .for inforni'ition on MucArthur's tes- i tinmny 'to reach the enomy". Ferguson shotitt^t thai he ru-1'' ucntcd such an "absolute false-1 hood". Thi: commiltecs holding t h e ! TOKYO, May 3- «/!?- icmpenn- Hiroliilo and his empress gave --^ *···.· i-«iij uv-n.-uuu three bnnzias .today for the Japan- tlin '- o»'y cnnunittee members esc constitution t h a t strips them should be present. Most of t h e ' of their, ijnp^rinl powrrs. .Senators who were In tim*n tuiik Bltnzai means "Jive 10,000 j a d v a n t a g e of Hint to spend at least years!.". . a part of the morning listening The roytil couple yelk-d it three j t o L ' le Oenpral. times before 12,000 Japanese eel- j Sumo Views take notes on various testimony from tlic appearing witnesses. Stilt IVndiiiR- The flyaii d e a t h - I s stHI In th« i pending file.s, but WHS termed "nn { f o u l play believed involved" by hearings voted/Just "befn'rc theyl 0 1 ^ At V« n ' .«· ^"^^ «""r Hoirai. In |,t all Senaton, n r t . n , " th "': mi ' h '"vosligalion by Iho begun, tn li-t all Senatocn attend. This leversud their curly dcclnlon ifcp'urlnicnt. Tho county jail, proliubly nn- 1 if lliu rlc.-uipHt nnd bMl-kC|t in ' stnH'. has been shliml up (or t vl.llt. No rrptirt l U l l c i l . ebrating the fourtli anniversary nf :ht; dociinient.', ' Uist Annlvt-rwiry · This may MacArthur. when bringing n j the recommendations ho .suid the joint chiefs imuje last Jnnu.'iry. that .Japitn cclebriites as an-occn nntion. By next year, the 83.000,000 expect to be running their own government. A er Is New Member Of County e.icnbcil Ihtmi »» Urn same he hnil _ 1 " ·* resented to Congj ess on April 1U. I K f l l l P a Hfn In t h n l speech tu ConijrMi. j ^"UL-ClllUll nnivcr«ary [ (tcs-crihc.l lliem n.s Urn same lie had ijr MacArthlir hnd sfilil he unde . - " " -stood his vicu-s u-i-n: fully s h a i t i d ; ' Joe Medingor, Jr., Ourficld, ha* waco tre-ity. f u l l y giv!nn them j In the pnsl by the chiefs of staff j replaced Fountain.) Poiter on' ihi- hat rlclit, Is expected tn be sl«n- j from the m i l i t a r y slamlpoinl. I Donn Ana county uirnl sehool T^ 00 "' ' '"' L ' DL ' fL1|lsc lieparlment Inter i Board of Education. The dripper little m o n a i c h , in Issued a n t n l e m c n t snylns Ihe | McillnRci- ultonded hla f i i s t ray-striped trousers nnd morning White House had authorized it to ' incctlnil of the board last week. TM. .'.."'"* ."' c il " rl " ! " 0 n »' n eon- say President Truman's decision: Supl. Hnsltel, 1). Snillh said the ti t u t ion day ceremony on the before his p;i|;ieo grounds. chubby' N a K a k o . sriilliiiff Km stood at his side lie worc I h e ' rigidly prescrlbci ourt ilrcsa. which lookn like an 'li.t SK«'n- of .the joifla. mid Oiimtltlitlnn One aft'or unotllcr, .Inpan's civil adcr.s .stejiiicd forward, bou-cil to he Enipornr.niHl. then lauded the institution. Each turned hl« ick on the man they once called vine and spnke directly t o ' t h e J.OOO facing them. A a each finished liia upocvh. lie owed again to lllrnhllo, The mpejor nmlilcil In reply. A t the of the ceremony n okyo aH.scmblyinan led the crowd Imnzals for p constitution. Iflrllillo n n j lih wife shouted nzal and raised tholr hand« ice times In the traditional sal- A hundred labor demonstrators oko out In song once during the roinony--tho only untownrd Incident. Police cnrled 28 of them o f f . to Jnll, one by thn heels. . , . to fire M i i e A r t h u r from his com- j hoard now is conij)0serl of I-SB mantis «Ms unanimously approved i Weir, Clarence \V. Stringer. ' A l - hy his principal m i l i t a r y and civil- i boil Fountain. McdhlBcr and tha '" ................. "iipcrlntcmlont. The supurlnliMiilunf.s offices nt. M a c A r t h u r t e s t i f i e d to the SHn-,i ate Armed Services and Foreign j tin: court house art umlergolnr, a lU-lrtioiiH committees. They are ' colorful making an inquiry Into his ells- 1 Walls n o s e s - 1 a s n n c e missal and Into Far Unstern pol- 1 painted in simil ' - cnovatlng. nnd ceilings are being Icy tew of pastel green ! and tan. In contrast to the former In his testimony. .MacArthur a l - . color scheme of white or ivory o predicted t h a t a few ground- Smith explained that the "new troops could wind vip the fighting j color design is being ircommcnilnl In Kori'H If backed up by the air for classrooms In schools by tcch- n n d niivid effort agiiUist China which he h:is urged. M n c A i l h u r said the Jan. 12 views lie nltrlbtlted to tho Joint chiefs wcre arrived at In conferences between his headquarters and Washington, -adding: 'nil Agreement "I was In full agreement with hem nm! now." The Five-Star 'General 'quoted lo the Senators the following recommendations t ho said were presented by the joint chlcfa to the Secretary at. Defense: 'That we arc- to continue and nlcal groups, nnd the- educational offices will shou- teachers and bonrd members how the new colur schemes appear when completed. COTTON .\IAKKKT May July Oct. Mch High 40.30 4J.06 30.53 38.8Z, New Dec. 35.03 New ,M»y 38.70 Now July 38.30 (Continued on pago r o u t ) New Oct. 36.33 15.33 43.01 39.23 ..18.68 38,78 38.1(1 36.18 CIllKl) ·13.311 I5.UI 311.52 ,18,011 ClO.OSn 30,3811

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