Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 16, 1969 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, October 16, 1969
Page 6
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Page 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., Oct. IB, 1069| Red Space Ship Soyuz 6, Crew! Soft-Land on Earth After Tests! MOSCOW (AP)-Soyuz 6 an (he two cosmonauts aboard returned safely lo earth toda after testing several types of ex perimental welding technique in space, Radio Moscow ai nounced. The announcement said th first of (he three spaceships sen up last weekend made a sol landing in a "preset area" n 12:52 p.m.-5:52 a.m. EDT-10 miles northwest of Karngnnd The two cosmonauts "fee fine," the announcement said. The return to earth of Soyuz i left two manned spaceships am five cosmonauts still in orbit. The welding experiment wai. (lie chief business announced so far for the troika flight. Wilh i the Soviet spacemen sougiit to determine the best method o pulling together the permanen space stations which the Soviet; plan lo assemble. Leaders Vow To Continue By MARK BROWN Associated Preii Writer W A S H I N G T O N (AP) Bone-weary but elulcd, Ihc youthful leaders of Moratorium Day have pledged to carry on the Viethain protests "unlii Hie boys come home." "If (here is no change in Vietnam po'licy, if Hie President does not respond," spid coordinator Sam Brown, "there will be a second moratorium." The students, (he long-haired, acne-scarred kids in (altcre blue jeans and (lie ordinary cili zens who joined Ihem on Mora torium Day aren't foing (o le up unlil Presidcnl .S'lxon give "a firm public commitment (o total withdrawal of nil U.S forces from Vietnam," 13rowi promised. Plans call for two days ol demonstrations in November Ihrcc i/i December, four in January. Already the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam 1ms printed Ms new buttons: "Vietnam Strike Nov. 14;" "March on Washington Nov. 15." Before the last of Ihc estimated 35,000 candle-bearing marchers completed night's march (o Wcdnesdn) the Whifi, House, 'organizers 'of Ihc war movement faced reporters at (he crowded mobilization headquarters in Washington. "Oh, wow. It was spectacular," said Brown, the llarvarc divinity school dropout who conceived Moratorium Dny. Bulletin boards in the shabby, eighth-floor office that had been a nucleus for (he antiwar movement since mid-summer turned yellow with telegrams from participants in other cities. "A quarter of a million people turned out in New York," announced Marge Sklencar, one of the quartet who has coordinated efforts of the movement. "We had 100,000 in Boston and 30,000 in New Haven. "Twenty thousand turned out in Chicago and no violence." "What was that Marge?" asked a reporter. "No violence," she beamed. A miniskirted girl ran into the office and threw her arms around a reporter: "They're still marching. They're s t i l l marching out there. They're even picking up the litter." Mother Dies After Reading False Obituary WOMBOURN'. England ( A P ) newspaper obituary said Early in the mass flight (here, had been speculation that two of' the Soyuz spaceships would be Joined together and left in orbit lo become the world's first space platform. But prospects for (his declined as (he flight progressed, and the return of 3oyuz 0 seemed a clear indication that construction of Hie space platform will wait for another flight. "The mission of Soyuz C h een successfully completed Moscow Radio said. The announcer reported Hi :osmonmils Georgy Shonin ai /alery Kubasov were met 1 ·escue teams as soon as th nnded. There was no indication win Soyuz 7 and Soyuz 0 would r urn to earth. Soyuz G blasted off last Salu lay at 2:10 p.m. Moscow tim 'he flight lasted 4 days, lours and 42 minutes. The spaceship landed on I! teppes of Kazakhstan about 3 niles from the launch site Jaikonur. The welding was done in a d iressurized compartment of 11 :iip in conditions of high va um, Tass said. It was the first lime orbilin paccmcn have attempted eld melnls' together. The other two orbiting spaci lips and the five cosmonwil lanning them took no part i ic welding experiments. Tass said Valcry Kubaso\ iglit engineer of Soyuz I vitchcd on the welding equif cut after one compartment o c two-room craft was dcprcF irized, creating conditions sim ir to those outside the space ship. The commander of (he ship Georgy Slionln, remained in the command chamber piloting tin spacecraft. There was no Immediate wor( on (ho success of the tesls, the techniques employed were not described. "This is a unique experiment," said Tass, "of great im- mrlnncc for science and tech- lology in working out lech- liqucs for welding and assem- )ly in space." Afler sleeping "quietly mid soundly," Tass, the Soviet news igency, reported, the cosmo- lauls began their third day of oint maneuvers, orbiting within light of each other. The commanders of Hie three iliips, Vladimir Shnlalov, Anato- y Filipchenko and Georgy Sho- reported to ground control stations that all crewmen "feel veil" today. As usual, no details of the light program were given. The mission so far lias been meventfiil. Soyuz (i entered its sixth day in orbit today, hearing for a Soviet flight duration ·ecord at midday. Soyus 7's in Is fifth day in orbit and Soyuz 8 in its fourth. Must Leave Viet: Monfort (Continued from Page 1) lourish and profit immensely rom our presence." No Total Victory I consider this a dishonorable war since we can only fight it with the use of spies, Uie use of napalm, the use of defoliants and Ihe daily occur- ance of accidents that claim the lives of innocent men, women and children," Monfort continued. "' consider it a dishonorable war for we dare not win a total victory--we cannot morally pay the price of how to win, nor do we choose to substitute American imperialism for that of the French." Monfort went on to say that not only was Hie war dishonorable but also stupid. GRIEF AT MASS FUNERAL FOR 'TET' VICTIMS -Women cry over coffins during mass funeral in Hue, South Vietnam, for 400 victims of enemy massacres at Hue last year. The skeletons were found last month along a creek bank at Nam Hoa, just a few miles outside Hue, where the victims were seized when North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops held the city during February 1968. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Saigno) Zoning (Continued from Page 1) ly Zabka and the members o lie council. William L. West, attorney fo lie plaintiffs, and Bohlendc resented evidence and argu icnls regarding Hie sufficiency the petition at a IVi-hom caring before Judge Wolving in District Court Tliursduj lorning. Contends Petition Insufficient West contended the petilioi as insufficient on ils face and s u matter of Jaw. Citing spe- fic deficiencies, West said don't believe you could come wilh 11 petition with any less fficicncy than this one if you t out systematically to pre- re a petition as insufficient possible," he said. Among the defects he cited ire that the petition was head"an initiative-referendum lition," n contradiction in it- If; that it did not ask the unell or anyone to do any- ing; and that it failed to rry the warnings required by nle statutes regarding per- ns signing it who were not alified electors. More serious still, West said, is the fact that it failed to ect City Charter requirements at a proposed ordinance ecify what ordinances or sec- DIIS of ordinances it will The attorney said he hsd rc- ewcd the city's present zon- ordinance and found the oposed ordinance would ange it in at least 10 differ- t places. 'It is clear this proposal mid make tremendous chang- in Hie zoning procedures of e city," West said. "Yet no e, including the people who ·ned the petition, know what these changes will be." iolilendcr surprised everyone, eluding (he witness, by'call- ing Cecil Harlman, Denver at- lornoy who had assisted the pe- lilioners in drawing up the pe- lilion, lo testify. Harlman said he had assisted in preparing the petition at Ihc request of some of his cli- enls who were signers of a previous petition Hie Sherwood Park Homeowners Associalion had circulated against an ordinance rczoning land along 35th Ave. to a multiple-family zone. He said he had tried to follow the requirements for a petition set forth in Hie Cily Charter and also had followed the of Greeley Police Nab Five in Meat Theft Five men were arrested in Jefferson County early Thurs day morning in connection will he theft of a Monfort of Colo ·ado trailer truck loaded will meat and the sale of some ol he meat in the Denver area. The arrests were the- resul if a cooperative effort between jreeley police and Denver Metropolitan area law enforce- nent agencies. The trailer truck loaded with about $27,000 in beef and mut- on was discovered missing roin Monfort Packing Co. Sun- ay. It was believed by police :ie truck may have been tak- n somo time Friday night. The ruck and its contents were val- ed at $45,000. Grceley police sent out an all oints bulletin on the missing ·ailer and meat. By Monday 10 department began receiving ome information from Denver rea departments and Tuesday ight a call was received from is Adams County Sheriff's of- ce that it was believed the uspects were selling meat to fraternal organization in that ounty. Hirsch and Patten went to .dams County and joined Lt. lene Hodges and four other fficers of Hie Adams County Iheriff's office. They followed Victor Glenn Russell, 44, Arva da; Lynn Gerald Morrow, .51 Arvada, and Jim Albert Joha son, 32, Thornton. They were booke.d in the Jefferson County Jail in Golden and then transferred to Greeley where they are being held in th City Jail charged with grand theft. A fifth person, identified as Anton Knill, Thornton, was arrested and charged with possession of stolen articles and was being held in the Adams County Jail in Brighton. Also recovered was a trac- .or truck belonging to Livestock Transport Inc. (LTI), of Gree- ey which had been -stolen in Denver Thursday. Hirsch said Thursday there ad been a partial recovery of some of the meat. He also ex- ressed praise and satisfaction vith the cooperation received 'roin the Denver Metropolitan area departments, especially Adams and Jefferson County Sheriff's offices. m suspects bounty where into they Jefferson found the lolen truck mired in the mud 'ilh meat strewn about. Taken into custody were four .en identified as Raymond 'rancis Traver, 38, Thornton; World Series Sox Score NEW YORK (AP) -- Official oxscore of the fifth game of ie 191)9 World Series: ALTIMORE uford If _ _ 4 lair cf 4 . Robinson rf 3 owell Ib 4 almon pr 0 . Robinson 3b 4 '. Johnson 2b 4 Itchebarren c 3 clanger ss _ 3 IcNally p _ 2 :oHon ph ... 1 'alt p _ 0 Totals _ 32 . ab r h b Gertrude Thomas was dead.! "Stupid," he said, "because Her mother, 67-year-old Alice McDermott. read the notice, had a'., heart attack and died three days later. The obituary was a hoax. Hie U.S. fights Communism in a hostile environment; because it is unworthy of the vast amount of money being spent because of the amount Mrs. Thomas, alive and well,:° f American lives being lost in said: "Whoever put that 'nolicci vic l»f"»- "id a stupid war for in Hie paper killed my mother.! 113 nalion t ' 1 '" 1 u ' in wium il is It is almos! murder." j divided in purpose." Detectives discovered the no-i »!"i»ort closed his remarks; "-'' a plea to President Nixon; lice was telephoned lo the papcri ,,. a "' c by a man who asked that the! 1 0 '- lstra ' bill for ihe announcement be 1 sent to the Thomas familv. · which Citv Council had accented. ' New Procedure Is Aim "The whole purpose of instituting this petition was to institute a new procedure for zoning to give the electors a chance lo approve a change of zoning EW YORK gee cf _ Ilarrclson ss _ -. ab r. h b in their area," the Denver at-l Totals lorney said, adding that presently such decisions are entire-1 Baltimore ly the province of the City Coun- C. Jones If ...._ 3 Clendcnon Ib _ Swoboda rf _ _ Charles 3b _ Grote c Weis 2b Koosman p ... "Please Mr. President," us out. An ell. Bohlcndcr, he arguing the · S'orious peace is belter than r ; dishonorable war. Qur.llty Workmnnshlp. Ont*n Sundnvs rw appointm-rot f J R E E f - K Y MONUMEiY/' WORKS, In:; Ralph Hcllistcr ( Li: iv r:'. it.- -i city should be allowed to place the proposal on the ballot, admitted the petition did not meet I charter and .statiilc rcquirc- Imcnls in a number of ways. No ll TM'iinrd''« r nii l " e rcn teiided, however. Ihn xn"_ 3 uo'"..: issue was whether or not the us 1 . !"! petition W as sufficient enough ·nil"'"." 1 ' c ' '' l(i c ''- v °' cl 'k' c ''y toun-j 3 i.'is'iVcil and Hie public know what i!| ivr: .\ 0 i w ' ol| ld provide and if il met Hie, 11 "· :minimum charier and statute 'requirc'menls. "We submit that! : it does," lie said. i Citing Ihc Supreme Court's! i lower, decision in regard to ;i sales' , Clole lax referendum here, Uohlcn-l j.;; (!cr concluded by asking a lib-| i iB-, era! interpretation of (he re-- 1 | Jj' H (|iiircments by the court in or- l:r t'j pcrmii city electors to ' ' ' . - , l f ; ('· r- -).V-n ;i]. New York 003 000 000-3 000 002 12x-5 E-Powell, Watt. LOB-Balti more 3, New York 6. 2B--Koos man, C.Jones, Swobada. HR-McNally F.Robinson (1) Clendenon (3), Wcis (I). SB-- Agec. IP H R ER BB SO 7 5 3 3 2 C . I 2 2 I 0 I 5 3 3 I Mt-Xally . . . Watt L.0-1 . Kinsman W.2-0 !) 11 Is I'-by McNally C.Jones T rw -2:14. A--37.397. ££- day: Prnv. Optn High Low Clou Cklii LIVE B E E F CATTLE 1 M.ifl 28.91 2a.80 28.82 28.95 c J«.«7 28.70 2 8.50 18.55 SB.7S h 21'.W 29--)0 29.05 29.05 «30 I" C9.70 29.70 2(1.62 29.67 29.77 n ?9.7tl 29.72 29 55 29 fi2 29 75 ! ».57 29.S7 29.40 29.40 25.55 Ihicago Grain Market CHICAGO (AP) -- Declines of '. to 1% cents were posted in wheat, corn and soybeans fu- ures on the Chicago Board ol Trade today on selling attri- uted to prospects for the 1969 crops and profit taking. Prices had opened on a weak .one in the majors but eased under some early profit taking If the advances in the previous ession. Late in the session, when news eports became known that the ieace talks in Paris had taken a milder tone, some buying and hort covering developed. Howver, profit taking set in. Near lie close some of ithe early loss is were trimmed. At the end -of grain trade ; wheat futures were up to 1 cen lower, December 1.36%; corn futures were down 1% cents December 1.19%; oats were down about Vi cent, December 63'/s cents; rye was around cent lower, December 1.14% and soybeans closed around VA cents lower, November 2.43 3 /i. 2 hard yellow 1.38% n; No 2 soft red 1.36% n. Corn No 2 yellow 1.26 n. Oats No 2 extra heavy white 57'/4 n. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.39'An. Soybean oil 10.40 n. Board Seeking Correction of School Light MARKETS LIEVSTOCK riENVKB (AP) (USDA) -- Cnltle °°wf:fkly feeder cattle nucllon Wcdrc day: 500-700 ib fnder tteer» 23-50 lam 700-900 Ib weights liteady to 25 lowe heifer* weak tit SO lower. Calve arre, but about Meady in imlU lot Feeder steers choice W5-W5 Ibs 90.3 33.01,. «OMM lbl';».«K!:.». L 70q 810 1U,' (wrtjMd 9M Ite.aeXl! low 500400 lb J5.7S.M.50. MO-S25"Uj» 24.90 27.80; flta.ndard'-and lov food MO-B75 Ib 23 10-24.10:' Blailxhter heifers -'choice fil 075 Ibs 27.10-2S.50; mod tat' choice S3 C40 Ib5 26.00-26.50; good 22.75-23.CO; diolc 30Q-SM Ib atMC calvei 34.25-38.25: 420-49 Ib«.31.i0.33.60; standard 325 Ib Holstein 26.00: choice 290'Ib heller calves 34.00 60-385'Ibs 32.70-33.50i ~ 3060; good 26,25-29.00. HORI 400; banp»«-ii 1 anil 2 200-230 Ibs 25.50-25.75; 2 and 200-240 Ibs 25.00-25.50; sows steady: 1 lo 300-400 Ibs 23.25-24.00, 400-000 Ibs 22.50 23.25. LIVESTOCK OMA11A (AP) -- Cattle 1500, c _ . . _ loo; not enough slaughter steers and hel ers to make a test of the- trade, llmite les steady; cows steady; bulls steady 1 lighter steers choice 975-1500 Ibs 27.2 28.25; good and low choice 25.00-27.25 BlnilKhter heifers choice with end prim t74 Ibs 27.00; choice 825-975 .Ibs 25.75-26.25 good and low choice 23.50-23.75; cows uti ity and commercial 20.00-21.50: canne and culler 18.00-20.00; bulls utility, com merclal and good 23.00-24.50. Sheep 300; slaughter lambs steady daughter ewes steady: wiwled slaughte inbs 'choice, some lots wilh end prime 112 Ibs 28.25-28.75; Ms mostly choice some'with end good. 85-115 Ibs 27.50-28.00 shorn slaughter ewes cull to good 7.51 8.50. Hogs 5000; barrows and gills steady t 25 hiuher; M 200-240 Ibs 25.00-25.50; 2-4 240-270 IBS' 24.50-25.00: 3-4 270-325 ID 24.00-24.GO; sows steady, instances wea lo 25 lower on weights over 400 Ibs; 1230-400 Ibs 23.25-24.00, 2-3 400-625 Ibs 22.50 23.25. LIVESTOCK ST. JOSEPH'(AP) -- Callle 1600, calve 700; regular market liltle more than clean up affair al sleady to weak prices choice mixed slaughter steers and heifer 27.50: high good and choice yearlin leers 27.00, with heifer end 26.00; ntillt tnd commercial cows 19.75-21.00; cannc md .cutter 18.00-20.50. Hogs 5500; barrows and Bills strong ti 25' higher: 1-3 200-2GO 'Ibs 24.50-25.25; 2250^280' IbS 24.25-25.00; sows unevcril steady; 1-3 330-000 ib mostly 23.00-22.75 The District Six School Board 20.50. CHICAGO (AP) -- Thursday: High WHEAT Prev. Low Close Close Dec 1.38V4 1.36% 1,36% 1.37% Mar 1.41% 1.40'/4 1.40% 1.41% May 1.42% 1.41'A 1.41V4 1.42 Jul 1.37% 1.36% 1.36% 1.36% Scp 1.40 1.39 1.39 1.39'/4 CORN Dec Mar May Jul Sep OATS )ec Mar lay Tul !cp RYE 1.21% 1.19%' 1.20 1.26* 1.24% 1,25 1.21% 1.26% 1.30'/t 1.28% 1.27% 1.20 1.32V4 1.30W 1.30 1.32 1.27% 1.2G 1.26',4 1.27 .G3*s .63 .1)7% .67 .69".: .68 .6G'/s .66% .63!a .63% .67% .69% '.68 3 -4 Wednesday night directed acting superintendent Frank Bres sler to establish correspondence with the city of Evans in order ;o - correct a malfunctioning school light at the corner of 9th Street and Golden in Evans. The school light, which r )ortedly has not been functioning properly for some time, was brought to the attention of .he board by director William Ankeney. Ankeney said he was contacted by Ken Blue of the State Highway Department. Ankeney said Blue' asked if he school board could not install and .maintain Die . light, ocated near East'Chappeldw Elementary School. The board discussed the possibility of installing a light, and decided such a move was unprecedented and would involve a significant expense. Ankeney pointed out that installing a traffic light might set a precedence, and that the school board may be held responsible for installing many ights around town. Director Robert Singer point ed out that the board's first responsibility was to 'the safety of the students at the school and that something should be lone to provide for this safety intil a proper light is installed, iinger suggested someone to lelp the children across the street. Bressler pointed out that em- )loying a person for such a purpose might result in a greater expense than buying and in- tailing the light. Director Rudy Marich then mggested that Bressler contact Chappelow Principal Paul Rutherford and see if someone can be secured to oversee the situation during school hours. Marich suggested that the person be provided until at least January 1970. CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 4,000; butchers steady to weak; 1-2 205-230 Ib butchers 25.Y5-2G.50; 1-3 200-250 Ibs 25.25 25.75; 2-3 200-265 Ibs 25.00-25.25 sows'steady to 25 higher; 1-3 J30-400 Ibs 23.25-24.00; 2-3 500 GOO Ibs 22.00-22.75..._ Cattle 400; slaughter steers and heifers scarce, not. enough :o test trade; supply mostly slaughter cows steady to weak; 'ew'high dressing utility 21.2521.50. Sheep 300; wooled slaughter lambs steady; few lots choice and prime 90-100 Ibs 29.00; mostly choice 80-100 Ibs 28.0018.50. KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Cattle 0,500 calves 500; feeder steers and lieifc] steady; -.early sales calves 400-500 1 steady to SO lower than last Thursday calves under 400 Ib not established; feede leers choico 525-650 Ib 32.00-33.50; 550-73 b 29.50-32.00; choice 725-900 Ib 28.00-29.50 good 500-750 Ib 27.00-30.50: VOO-950 Ib 26.00 8,'00; feeder heifers Rood a d choic 90-750 Ib 24.50-27.00; choico 635 Ib 28.20 tecr calves choice 400-500 Ib 32.00-35,00 HOBS 4,500; barrows and Kilts stronp- tc 25 higher; 1-2 210-230 Ib 25.15-25; 1-3 200 50 Ib 24.75-25.00; 2-4 250-270 Ib 24.00-75 Z4- 230-260 Ib 24.50; sows' 50 lower; 1300-400 Ib 22.75-23.50; 2-3 400-000 !1 22.25 23.00; 50D-600 Ib 22.50-75. Sheep 50; M'oolpd lambs steady; ewe: scarce; wooled lahibs mostly choice 27.5C IE4NS . . DENVER (AP) -- U.S. No 1 19G9 crop plntos 7.00, No 2 C.50 FOB Denver rate basta Great Northerns U.S. No 1 1969 crop 6.50. U.S. No 2 0.20 FOB Nebraska lie basis. DENVER (AP) -- Market steady, demand fiood, offerings odequale. Trices paid for consumer firade eggs deliverei m Denver, loose nr In cartons (carlons [urnlshcd by buyers) cases Included: ergo AA 40-45, mostly 42; medium AA 37-41, mostly 37-38; small AA 24-29, moit- y 26-27; largo A 39-44, mostly 41; medium A 36-10. moslly 30-37; larKC n 28-31, mostly 28-29. POTATOES DENVER (AP) -- U.S. rail shipments [40; Colorado 2. Arrivals: Idaho 1, · - oadcd 1, diverted nnne, on track n Truckins: Colorado 24. Market ftrm-100 Ibs U.S. Ko 1 sbo A washed unless otherwise stated; russets, 6-14'oz Colorado 5.50: 50 Ib cartons 90-100 count Colorado-Washington 3.60-4.00,: Idaho 4.00; Colorado red McClures 2'/.:-3V4 In. 1.50-5.00; 214 In. minimum Colorado 10 b sacks round reds 52-53 cents; russets Colorado 55-58 cents, round reds Colorado 20 Ib sacks U.S. No 2 80-85 cents.. CARLOT DRESSED MEAT CHICAGO (AP) (USDA) -- Trade Slow, steer and heifer beef steady to 50 lower; cow beef steady. Lamb steady lo 1.00 ower Steer beef choice 500-700 Ibs 44.505.00; 700-800 Ibs 44.0IM4.50; 800-900 Ibs 3.00-43.50; good 500-800 Ibs 43.001 Hol- tein type 500-800 Ibs 43.00; standard 50000 Ibs 42.50; heifer beef choice 500-700 bs 42.5043.00; Rood 500-700 Ibs 41.00; cow beef commercial 39.00; utility; aner and" culler 42.00; primal beef cuts leers and heifer fores 130-210 37.50, heir- hinds 120-170 Ibs 49.00, heifer rounds DoW Jones a Three-Month Record High - NEW YORK (AP) - The Do* Jones industrial average spurt; ed iO.?5::to 841.01 ,fhursday-tiie highest'level tlje st*ck';.mark«t has hhViti three months^ Trading jumped 5 .' million shares within an hour following a statement by. U.S. Ambassador Henry. Cabot Lodge; that'the "o(lier : ' side" in the 'Vietnam peace negotiations had made a surprise proposal that "the U.S. engage in direct and private talks with the delegates of the self-styled PRG Provisional Revolutionary Government--Viet Cong." Stock Market Closing Prices (Associated Press) NEW YORK (AP) Kaiser -- Thursday's selert-Kencott ed New York SlockMad Fd Eixchancc prices: Magvx 3VA+ Vt 4214--ITi 27%+ Yt 41 SOV4+ 'A 4344--1% 58 -t-Uf, ;olg Pal 4214+ 14 Hoy Dut ?olo Intst 4214+ H Safeway 00-85 Ibs M.50. Lamb choice and prime Close ChB. Ken- Admiral 201*-- % Kra/tco Alcan Al 28-l'4+ Vi Krcsge Allied Ch 3056-- V, Libby »u-- *.* Allied Sir 32+Vitt Locklld ' 23U-- Vt Allis dial 24Vi+ 56 Lone S C 24-T4+ 14 Alcoa 7414+1'A Lone S G 17-14- - Vi Am Heis 3G/4-- 44 Macy 36M + Yt Am Airlin 3414+ Vj Marathn 37 --1 Am Brnds 36 -r ",'4 Marcor 493.S+ % Am Bdcst 57 + : ii Martin 20' I- Vi Am Can 47'/4+l McDon D 2716+114 Am Cyan 29 n ,4+ ^ Merck 103 -H'/s Am ELP 30T6+ A Minn .113V4-«I A m ' Fciy 22% Mobil 0 i 52!*-- «i AMct Cl 3016+ % Monsan' 3956-- Yt Am Mtrs ]0%~ IS Mont D U 3014 + V4 Am Smell 32%+114 Monl Pw i 2714-!- Vt Am Sid 33».4+ Vi Ml SI TT 21%+ 14 Am . TS.-T 51V4+ !d Nal Cash 145V6+l'/4 Ainpen 4651--1 N.It T)ist 18'/i-- «,, Anacbnd 28 -- A Nat Gyps 2C',S-- y, Armco Sll 2814+.% Kal Ld , 33%+Hi Armour 47'/t-- Is Nat Sti 45 + *i Ck 4016+li,i Niag Mp 18V4-- ii All Rich 985/4--156 Nor Pac 43W+ H Alias Corp 4%-- U Nwsl Air 32V4-- V4 Avco - Cp 29'/4+ 'A Nwl Dane 34W+ Tl Avon-Pd 163 +214 Occident 25y ( --Hi !cat Fds 33 +' 'A Omark 23 -- ?i leedi Air 23 +25(i Owens C6I/4+2 Bell flow 7M,-- Vi Pac G E 341^+ U Bcndix - 4 3 + ¥4 Inc P L WA+ S4 Ictli Sti 28 3 4-- % 1'nc T T 1954 Boeing 33« Pan Am.. 16 Koise. Cas 71 +1V. Parke ; 36 Brlsl My C9V4+ % Penn C ; 37'/5 lruns\vk 19te+ "Jl, Penn Dlx 18^4+ W Jucy Er 21 +',i Penney 53'/4+l!4 Budd Co 1614+V4 Pepsi 52M+ ',4 iurl' Ind 38 +2W Pfizer 95M--2 Burghs 154 -1% Phelps 50V4+ '.4 Case Jf . 15-5J Phil Mor 30M+ 'A :asllo Ck 32Mi+l'A Phil Pet 27M+« Calcr Tr 44%-- '/it Polrid' 132'/+3Vn Cclun Cp 66'A+2 Procter 102 +H4 Cerro Cp 25-16+ 14 Pub S Col 20!i-- 14 Cert-Id 25IAf V Puc Spl 29%+ '/« 'ssua A 25 --1 Pullman 46?8+lVf! Cl'I Sti 20%--1 nCA 44H+ "4 Chcj Ohio 591/4-- 1.4 Itcpiib Sll 3854+ 1/4 Chrysler mtt+l'M Hep Sll 3B»i+ V4 Cities Svc 40!4-- !i ncy Met 36 Cula 79 ncy Tob 45V4-- M - - · 46i/.+m . olu Gns' 25'A ' " Si".lo's"ll 36W+114 :oml Solv 22%-- Mi St Hg I* 41 +1 omsat 49?*--m Sa fo Ind SOVS+ltt on Edls 28%-- Vt Schonly 2431 on Foods 4456+ H Sdirlnu 57W+l l /t .ont Alrl 13!t-- V4 Scm 30 -- U ont Cnn 77 -- Vi Scott p 3I T /B+l'.i ont Oil 28%. Scars f,9V4+l!i ·lit I) 146 -- Vt Shell O 50W+ '/4 owles 12V4+ »'i Sou Cal E .l-M+l'A row Col 30V4--Hi Sou Co 27 + « rwn Zell 36%--1 Sou Pae 36TI+ '.i urtlss W 181!^- Vi Snu Ily, 48?4-- 16 art Ind 50V1+ Vt Spcrry, 1 ' 44'/4+ '.4 cere Co 30J1+-T4 Std limit '45'/i+ '/« el Mnlo 27 Sid O Cal 57vi+ '/i t-HGW 10!S-- 4 Std O Ind 52?i-- ?4 llsncy 103K+ % Sid O N.f 69'/l-- =t uw Chm 7114+ Vi Std Pack 11%-- M. . ress Ind 31%+lW Slauff ' 34'/4-- y, UPont 119/4+H6 Slerl Ti 42M+1 East Air 1714 Sludcwlh 47 -- % Kodak 75T4+ W Swift 2814-- Y Eaton Ya mk-- Vj Tcktrnlx C8Vi--M IPnso N 19U+ V. Telcdyno 40V4+ »4 Aans Pd 43%+l% Tenncco 2514-- i4 vrshrp 25H+1 Tejnro 32«4+ !4 . alrch C 82-16-- »4 Tex (i Sul 2614 irestne 5016+ Mi Tex Ins 131-14-- "t ood Fair 231/4+ 14 Textron 3014+ «4 ord Mot 4416 Thlokol 1211-- '.4 . or McK 29 + i)6 Tlmk . 32W+ 14 rcep Sul 2416 Tndd .slip 4B -- V4 rueh Ci 43%+,li|6 TWA ' 27!4- i am Sko 23 B /4+ V4 Trans Am 28-l«+ T4 en Dyn 24',1-r- li Trl Cont 3316+ '/· en Elec 8C51+ ',4 TflW 38?'.-- 14 en Fds 79K+2H IV-ent C 2IVi+ V, en Mills 3514-J /. DAL '· .WX+ »6 en Mot 73W+ « Un Carl) 4134 Tel Et 3516+ '/a Un Elco 19 + !4 en Tire )8«4-- 'A Un 0 Cal 4315-- ;» n Par. 49*+|l/4 Un P»p 42M+ V, illcttc 45%+ 'A llnirynl 2114+ 14 len Aid 914-- V, IMl Air 44%-- «t joodrch 3211+ Vj Unit Cp 11%+ li oodyr 291/4-- V 4 Un Frl 52 +11^4 t Norlty 44 +114 US Gyp 69H+1 t Wnlln 48 US Ind 28-16+1 rcen Gt 3] US Ply We reyhnd 1816 US Smlt 44 --1 ulf Oil 3114+ Vt US Sll 3714-- A eela M 2OT4+H6 Varinn 3416-- «, oily Su'g 23?6+ Vi War Ijim 70%+l«i omcslk 2.116+ V6 Was Wat 2214+ ,4 onywl I47W+ It Wn Air L 2514-- « aho Pw 31S+114 Wn Bane 40 + Ti deal Bas 12W+ M Wn U Tel 4794 I Cent 33 +2V4 WcslB El 60 + »» Ml 351=4--21/4 Weyrshr 3914+ ?ft I Ilarv 27*6+ «4 \Vhile M 3 4 -- ^ 6 I Nick 3756+ »i Woolwtb 40»/4+ »i t.Pnp . 40 Xerox 107H+2V4 t TT 58%-- K Zenith 43%-- Vi ewe! Co 53 +1 Tolal N.Y. Slock one L 221i+ V4 Sales: 19,500,000. 35-65 57.50-58.50. Lodge Says 'Other Side' Wants Talk PARIS (AP) _ North Vietnam proposed "private and direct" talks between the Viet ^ong and the United States on the Vietnam war Thursday but i Viet Cong spokesman said J.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Ix)dge rejected the .offer. Lodge suggested immediate private talks among all four jarties involved in the war, in eluding South Vietnam. The Viet Cong rejected this. · Lodge said the proposal from Hanoi came as a surprise. Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market exploded with enthusiasm this afternoon on the announcement by Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge of a surprising proposal for peace talks by the Vietnam CommunisVs. The Dow Jones- average of industrials shot to a gain of 12 at 842.07 by 1:30 p.m. after I NEW YORK (AP)Data 1IB4+ ! Today's selected Fed Rsrcs 6 -American Stock Ex-Frontier 9 + clmnse prices. Gen Ply Close Clige Husky Aerojet 16'A-- 1/4 Kaiser Ark L Ga 27'/«-- % Mid Kin having noon. been up only 1.65 at Nude Casf Wears Black Arm Bands SAN FRANCISCO (AP) | 67 ^IPcrformcrs in "Oh! Calcutta!" .68-li .68 1.15'X; J.14',i l.Wi 1.14-li i.nvi. \.nvz i.:sv41.19 1.2314 1.23 Vlay ul !cp SOYBEANS 1.23 - 1.21* 1.23!i 1.21% iQV an Mar May 2.44?i 2.43U 2.43'A 2.44ia 2.50U 2.48*s 2.48'i 2.50V4 .2.54*8 2.53% 2.53% 2.55 2.57^8 2.56% 2.56% 2.58'/ 4 n wore black arm bands Wednesday nighl, their only apparel in Hie.nude slage produclion. The black bands signified support of Vietnam Moratorium Day. Power Gone RAWALPINDI - The Official As soon as the news reached Wall Street that ihe Communists lad suggested direct and private talks between the United States and the. : Viet Cong, Uie market sprang ahead and trading surged. The strong rally of Monday and Tuesday had been triggered )y hopes of concrete progress in ifforts to achieve peace in Viet- lam. Earlier today the market had dawdled as profit taking whittled at gains scored earlier in the week. Analysts said the profit taking (hat developed Wednesday after the big advances Monday and Tuesday was continuing. But (hey said it was to bo expected TM in the wake of such a strong gain. Asamer O 21%-- % Scurry 14V4+ « 205)1+ '/« 1054+- !(, Cdn Javu 13T4+ Vj Syntcx 64»i+ 6 Cinrama 11%+ u Wn Nuclr 10 -- Vi STOCKS IN THE SPOTLIGHT NEW YORK (API-Sales, closine price ml net chance of the fifteen most active slocks traded on the NY Stock Ex- chanRC. .296,800 23Vi -- Vt 218,500 30»(i +21k 112,600 -2914. -- 1.4 .36 ··· + ?6 , Parke Davis. 222,700 Sjierry Untl 172,000 City Invest Chrysler Imp Cp Am 167,800 149,500 . . . . 118,200 Oecldcn Pet 143,80I Am Tel Tel 141.100 Webb Del E 132,300 Lykes Ynjrs .130,100 Ashland Oil .. Transam Kraftco Cp 34 41% SS14 --I'. 5114 + 1 127,400 123,900 3014 .. . 28=6 + 43'A -STOCK AVERAGES Compiled by The Asioclattd Prm 30 15 15 (I ladui Rilli Utll Steckl Vet Chanse .... A4.9 A1.9 A1.3 A3.3 Thursday 419.1155.1137.1294.1 Previous Day ... 434.2 153.2'135.8 291.0 Week Ago -. 419.5 149.9 130.6 281.9 Month Ago 432.3 153.8 134.9 290.3 " r AKo 516.2212.1147.0356.2 NEW YORK (AP) - Dow'JonM StncK Averages Optn Hljh. Low Clou. N.C. ndus. 829.79 848.14 825.50 838.77 +8.71 Rails 1911.05 200.96 197.02 199.51 +1.62 Utlls 114.74 116.92 114.10 I15.C4 +0.74 Stocks 279.G7 285.06 278.20 282.2S +2.56 Transactions in Stocks used in averages ndustrials 1,477,700 Rails 208.100 Jlillties .162,100 s S Stocks ,.. 2*17,900 Mail order-retails, farm implements, oils and drugs were mostly higher. Steels, motors were generally and airerafts ower. Among Hie most-aclivc issues on the American Stock Exchange, Equity Corp. advanced Vt to 514, Inflight Pictures rose 1 Gazelle has announced the can- o 15%, Poloron gained Pa to collation of the Ocl. 27 holiday 24'A, VTR.declined 1% to 18%, honor : On 753: !,,. wu'ra, H n : ip,.',',!,' r.'- 2.^; Aim KG; (Vt'Tii, ft; IVr'7f,' c of Hie day Avub Khan former seized 2.59',i 2.57 5 s 2.57 3 i 2.59'ijPresidcnt 2.55'i 2.54's 2,r4 ? 4 2.5,V!j power in a bloodless coup d'elal T?OMK ".- 1 5"i 2.44'i 2.45 2.45'U-i,i !!),*. '-iii? !i' and Solitron was up 1 to 4314. NEW YORK (AP) .- Associated Prcsil Stock price averaffes range of 60 Mocks ""hurs. High Low Clost N-Cl 44.1.0 431.4- 4M.1 +4.5I 15 Hails 156.4i 152.7 155.1 +!.!) 15 Ulil -....-138.0- 1.15.2, 1J7.1 +1.3 GO Total 297.6 289.5 294.3 +3.3 Wheat No 1 hard'winter ordinary 1.16-1.19; N o . 2 cwt sorghum lio orferirigs; : 'yellp'w com no offerings. ' · · ' Ordinal Flnrit i s j priests. ' Local Market (Corrected to Oct. H) Pinto Bean Crop: New Crop _ _ Old Crop ..'.. . Wheat Oats .._. Barley _$7.M 6.75 ...._-._ 1.04 2.00 .. .. 2.15 * ..' 2.00

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