Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 43
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 43

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 43
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Pi.5* 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, June 13, 1957 ...» L: ,.* Paul Motontr, Editor Estes Park Forfeits to Legion-Elks, 9-0; Bomiiers Tip Lovelanil lopsided g a m e , and F.ste, P a t k ' s F.ste, P a r k at Boulder. La Salle M u r e to -how up for a g a m e w i t h at Wind-nr and L n n g m n n t at l-nve the Grrcley Legion-Elks highlighted land. the opening nigM schedule of the Lo..l.nd, (J) John Hogg, Joe Edson Sign Pro Baseball Pads Major League Hi THE itxxutin mat NATIONAL LEAGUE w L. rn I." ·imiii _ 51 n m *,,. ··".::-·. .»» j.. ;. aatipBia . . )l II .)ll I l»jii . - - - »4 II "I I . v*,b i: n in t .171 II 111 II Cards Whip Phils for 8 Straight; Pirates Thump Redlegs 3rd Time; ile Sox Thump Yanks, Pad Lead J n h n Hogg and Joe Edson. Colorado State College pitchers. - i z r c d professional baseball con- Ir.ii Is early t h i , week with the P h i l a d e l p h i a Phillies organisation, M"::. reported Thursday. ll'Cg. w h o nwni-d a »3 rrourd for the Hears, w i l l report Satur- d a y to the Sal! Lake llee» of the , il.ns (* Pinnrer league on op li-r f r o m Sehenectady, N. Y., Ihe p h i l l i i - s rl.iss A Eastern league ^_ | a f f i l i a t e . »ntk?iin'i'i"aiiirkaii' ' pitchers and i cr i F.dson. a l e f t h a n d e r w i t h a 52 ' r '^"^ SJ Ji In ilJ ii i named Stin Mus TH« ASSOCIATED P R E S S \l\ t vlnt Johnny Podrei, needed re- By ED WILKS |, r f himtelf to win hit (int. Thr St. I.ouis Cardinali, rockrt-. The Redlrgs blew a 3-1 lead. A ins along while the rest of the hot-'tingle by Gene Freete belt re- finally have them-llievtr Tom Acker. Roy Face won t in the National!off the disabled lUt, hit into a ii n h,,.|. II II Thurtdiy't SchfduU l t i l « i u l » » at Brwjkhl - Ttn«btHl. ihotl' fitzled, l-Oi n KM I H I » IWt"-"" (( ,| lts , ,p M,.,. .i M. Y.I. - niMa. · · \ ftfut - t | lrlt " division - a 4th-'forceout in a pinch-hit try - his rinb«'ii - is, p l j t f bfrt | 1 ,1^,,, on) , , game tint appearance with the Redlegt removed from the lead. ^since April 2!. In a wrek't time the Cardt have Manllt Sctrtt So won eight m a row, making u p j Mantle, who now hat II home i'i games on the leaders in a runt after hitting seven in eight msaill II ritubMfl* - J»ffri*t · *t»»d t j T i at r-hi!ii1flp*ii 'it'lh't I fcc Until II Ii ti aar«rd U'lis !·· Wtdrwidly't Rttultl ., lat ai* IMA--I t |,,t ai» Mq mi-4 4 ' rush thit't been cirried by three couple of old prot | r curd fur the 3ear, will report garnet ano four in hit list three, wat 4 for-S. throwing a late scare into foot the Soi with a 2-run, 42S- homer in the ninth. Walt Hll r.« and district g r a m . 3 A m e r i c a n Legion f r o Scoles. M c R a r ; 2I p Churchill, ss R a m i r e r . 3h 2 II BB4 R*rr P a r k , newest entry into the l e a g u e , s u f f e r s a 90 forfeit de- teat by not appearing at Forbes I.empe. 2b field for Ihe game. La Salle. 19V league c h a m p i o n s . H i i r k n r r , e came up w i t h a 12 run fourth in- mnc 'hen beat I/ivcland. IS 3. Ft. Collins lost an I S O g a m e to host l.onftnnnt. Roulder defeated Wind for, 7-2. at Windsor. Four s t r a i g h t singles, a w a l k , t h i n a double by John Root, a triple by Doug G r a f f and two more .ingles accounted for the La Salle ; Morgan. 2b run. in the fourth. Altogether the ; M a s t , rf . Rnmbers got eight hit. and five ! Root. If v. alks combined with two errors in ; I l e c k m a n . It Ihe inning. Eighteen men went to j G r a f f , c Ihe plate w i t h Herb Rrnke col- lecling two straight single, and driving home Ihree run,. , . R e n k e finished the game w i t h ; three hits in four trip, to Ihe p l a t e . ' ·He drove in a total of five runs. T La Salle was bolstered w i t h the .Vturn of Allen Ileckman to Ihe Tiomher roster. Ileckman. a left"hand fastball pitcher, will proh · My se action aiainst Ihe Denver Jled Shields Friday at La Salle. · The La Salle hich school band ^entertained Bomber f a n s prior to 'the game. ' Sunday's district 3 schedule finds the, al C a r m i c h a e l . If -. Slrnh, e . . . . Rerb. p Frichel, cf MrConnel. rf . La Sail. (II) Raines M a y e r . Ib Schmidt, i f e . Alles. 31. Renke. cf Vannest, cf K u r r y n a . Ih .. l,ove, rf 2b . Retr. p MM' Wednesday night they defeated ! Iiropo bitted in three for Chicago, Philadelphia 4-9 to glin I shue of with a 2 run homer that tied it fourth with the failing Phils j i n the .econd and a tingle that brought acroit the firtt of two 121. ,, t..,. MI «n "«-l t a anil H Umitlli HoMrtl. Hoi.- **·! il' aM l^pala MIlBlakf* I 1 * I M .Ii-- t It S ., , BrUtirV «· :- «·-« " ' tint-place ~ - - - - - - - rmi'). Kurn'M. in. .J'lJ..'";..TM'!' slugged a third time in tuccess'on Scs '.se. lead Rid Ctrl to i Points C i n c i n n a t i it me tixxittrD ram AMERICAN ASS'N. St. Paul 000 000 300- 3 7 2 Denver 3M 030 Wi-lS II 1 Scott, Wfllt 2, Schlatser 5 and Ilowell. Napoli 6; Monroe and Oldii. Omikj I. Hmu.l»Ul 1 U»ii»ill» I. wvkui 1. CklrltttM It. lidlaxpnlu r (ill ic ro««t ixacrE K«.ttl« I. Portlind A. HO!!)»IM*I S. V«atn,»rr t. »irrim*Dt« J. »·· rt.»«ic» 1. t«. Di'ta I. l^t Anirl^l 1. I Mitv»tioMU ir.«r,rt Bo.kf.ur S. rtlumbui 4 111 UiciniK. t^. Temitt* 4-] Mofltml 9-1. H i r « R I 1-S. Buffll. 3. lllrhmMiil 4. THIS Lni.rr K i n ABtou. I. ftkltlwml Cltr .11 tanuili.. Dallif 4. Houiton T Oiher I.mri po»1piB*4. AOL'THCBN ASSN. Nulmllf 11, Nrw orlfio. It lit tn unit.. , Ol.tUBo*!. t-1. Uobi]« 34 ftirnkilshaTn t. Littlt Rork I. frinphi« t. Atliftla I. Robinson Bows In Jaycee Net Tourney Wed, Al Robinson, College Hilh'l lop tennii play" duril " lhe p " p '"' ton. bowed out in the temifinaU of the ttale Junior Chamber ol Commerce net champlonshipi »t Denvrr'i Tennis club Wednetday. Robinson lost to tecond seeded Johnny Hough of Denver, «, «. Hough will meet Tag Gro«srain (or the itale title. Robinion earned the semi finalt Wednesday by beat- ins Richard .McAllister, W, H, and Lee Dyer, 63, 6-1. wis i4th-inning mirkert for Ta.lor Uhin. ill and Piwlrn, 1 I ir pa- that gave the|"Ui keeps. Yankt by 7th place Pittjburgh. thit t i m e 1 Hank Baue rand Bill Skowron and in a 43, 10-inninj decision. That!Jim Rivera of Chicago also ho- llarshmin fiiled to finish. AMERICAN LM.U- '.«:»- (runt of Milwaukee and Brooklyn, but won his second m 10 decisions " _____ n it ' " ' ..... n « ."-"."'."....»» Albuqii.rqu. I. Colorado Toprka t. KKIU, fjtr 4. I-utblo I. Aniinlli I. Unroll) J. p*t MplMI 1. notcrit tEAM-r tall Laat tlly at Mane Vall.T. pr4. iln. BillJili t, Mnaoula I (railed at fBd I of Sth by rain Jack Wheeler Places I2lh in Denver Golf Championships Wed/ 1*110 S. rXolM S. I fall! «, Grtat Thurtday't Sthtiiult 2 3 1 X ...... 0 fi 4 .__.. 4 2 ..... 2 - . 2 . ... 3 _ . . 1 J ' hnH '" al !»tr»t -- Mwn* talk T - 4 . at IVtrlanil -- Rrr»rr in IT4i. ntum at Kaatu fitv 'it'll 10-101 »· t'rban ll-oi. W.dn.ld.y'i Rtiultl K.lio.f. . ·!· l»l «"»-l p«tr*ll I*" «"l a«t--I lrrar»li. F«rr.l.l»i II ~ Thandnii Bunmni and , iM ni deadlocked for second after the .with the Yankees, Johnny Kuckt "» ' .Dodgers put an. end to a 4-game lost it. I"M "I'M -'kid w i t h an 119 victory over the Moiii Gttt Hit Fourth jijn j'u ii'i Brnes. Cleveland scored five runt in the 11 u . m i l Thc N f w y ork (;i lrlt ,_ w ;ih ill^econd, four of them uneirned as their run, unearned, defeated the'loser Bob Porterfield uncorked am Chicago Cubs 4-3 in the other NL error and also balked. Al Smith | tingled home a pair in the big Millers Take Over First; game. '·*'[ Wbitl Soi Now S Ahtad ii _! In Ihe American League, [Chicago White Sox regained i game leid, defeiting the i frame, which brought Don Mossi a the fourth victory. i S- .Jim Bunning fanned seven in i 2nd- 6-hitter agiinst the Orioles. He , J I place New York Yankees ^·6 de- walked none, but give up homers! Millers a« , p i tf , 4.RBI, 2-home-run t h o w j t o Bob Nieman and Boh Boyd in \vj c hiti By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS It took six weeks of first divi wirfare, but the Minneapolis have -finally dislodged June 2d to Johnson City, Trnn.. of :"","* 1(J the A p p a l a c h i a n Roi.kie league. | rt.,t.if,.M. 'unarm Fdson will accompany Hogg to ,«««, ·"·' ""·«··· Stlt Lake City and will work out I ».i»i.iu« «,».i«««_i i i la j nr d S ! 7 . * spite a 4-RBI, 2-tiome-run m o w ] by Mickey Mantle. Cleveland re-[winning his . beating Boston 6-1. smacked 8 mum i Fourth-place Detroit stopped Bal- Art CeccareHi. Itimore 4-2. Kansas City and Wash 11 · ington jplit a twi.-nicht pair, the _ from the top rung in the sinth. J. W. Porter American Assn. 2-rim homer off loser jhe Millers overhauled Wich- ita't Braves Wednesday night and moved in front by a half-game, trimmed Omaha, 32, Jack Wheeler, Greeley junia golf champion, finished 12th in thi champonship flight of the Denvfc Junior Chamber of Commerci golf tournament Wednesday at Citj Park. Wheeler shot scores of n-H-H for a 261 tally in the three-day competition. Gary Baxstrom of West Denver high school took top honors with a 7-7»-72-220 tally. Sandy Zisman, last year'i champion, finished second, 11 stroke off the pace with a 75-7876--231. Don Heitler wai third and Larry Brow-n fourth. These four earned placet in tht : Jaycee state tournament. Miyi Scorti Winning Run Willie MajV 3-run homer 4, in in rn2 (12)") n i x - i R R u n , R a t t e d In -- Churchill. Raine,. Root 2. C r a f t 2. Schmidt. R e n k e 5. K u r r y n a 2. Retr. 2B -- Iceland _. La Salle Ihe Reos before reporting to " I Johnson City. i °! lln;g c l i m a x e d » brilliint col- n legiale c a r t e r last S a t u r d a y , lo,- \ ® I in^ a l i e a r h r e a k i n y , 4 fi. decision - ' t o C a l i f u r n i a in t h ' Nt:AA World V s t r i i s npener. Cilifi-rnia toik the ... »t n,-4 . t Vl winnill g 53. "then losing 3-2. lit for the Giants in the sixth. while lllt p ], c e Louisville sur . Then he stole third in the ninth ** !!' !"~i ! * Musiil and Ennis have batted land jogged home with the winner tne f i r s t (i me g u, ce April 25 that 18 of the Cards' 37 runs, l a s catcher Cal Nceman threw wild W ichita has been out of first champion»h,p Wednesday In me three ,r Dr. I. C. State, r r a ' s he worked ( P e t e ) Butler's a»r; n'anVr. rnir» in arji tmitii I Wednesday night Musial tingled, on the theft. Al Worthington -x/.. New York ... .. 110 .fill 002-6 14 0:, n ( j rf ou bled. tcoring a run, while his seventh in relief. C h i c a g o . . . 020 212 Mx-7 11 0 breaking the league record for i Lou Skizas. C,us Zernial and Kucks, Cicotte. S. Byrne I and i c o n s f c u ti v f games played set at Hal Smith homered in the A's vieHoward: llarthman, Keegan «, !p22 by Pittsburgh's Gu, Suhr from'tory. Reliever Truman Oevcnger, prised the Braves, S-3. It marked Denver't Beam slugged St. Paul 15-3, and moved into tilth place! Cloverleaf Resulls Results of Cloverleaf Greyhound races Wednesday night: 1. Pilot Boy 14.20, 6.00, 3.40; Clever Venture 300, 2.60; Mountain Factor 3.80; quincla 38; time 31.71. 2. Bracelet 7.80, 4.40, 3.80; Lucky Mayor 560, 3.20; Collegian 4.00; J.aPalme ». Unwell 9 and Lollar. . , ,,,_,;,,,,. vanne.t. Sac- ,,,,, ,,,.,,,. ,,,,« w , m ,, s , '· See our a d v e r t i s e m e n t in tmliy'i Tribune on pate 14 fnr a h a r c a i n In air conditioning. Cummings Fheet Metal -Adv. ( Deaths and Funerals 1 ^^^m*^mm--m_·kW j MeRae. DP--Heir to R a i n e s to | K t i r r y n i 2 Lotl-l-oveland 9. La ] Salle 13 Rll-Reeb I. M r R a e 3. Retr 4. l/ipel 1. Wolfe 1. S[)Reeh 7. M c R a e 7, Retr. II. Ixipes 3. j Wolfe 1. HO-Rceh 12 in 3 2 3 i n - J ' p i n g s . M c R i e 4 in 4 1 - 3 innings. Retz 4 in * innings, Ixi'pe, 2 in 2 ,t the to:/; A only six. lie wa, named to I t h i r d t r a m All-Anerica in righthander. ll":t throws lo Shreveport 1931 to 1937. ,,.. unbeaten, won his fifth in the see.-] p envcr -, t wo big guns, Norm F.nnis, batting .V3 ih the C a r d j O n d g a m e _ a s Rocky Bridges hit a jsicbern and. Marv Throncberry, 2-all tie! l c c o u n t p ( j f or jrj Tum between lecord CKtS'.S'RR M.rths Klla Skinner. 1.1:4 t n t h A i e n u e . Mother of Ixiren ? k l n - nrr. N u c a r n Kal!«. X. Y., M y r - tle Itohme. l i e r m t n y ; I'lic ( r i n i i r h l l j ; f l M e r of Frank MrCanrtle^s. Humealon. Iowa «n1 H a r r i o t McCandlets of r.treley. s*rvi(es S p.m. P* d a y . Unnilolph Fun»r»l Home Hi Allerton. lo««. Interment it Allrrton remeterjr. M. K»ri. nf 1M4 T»eltlh men.i'. Wile "f I'. M Furl*; mii!h»r ot II M. Karl-, .tr, .it l i r f H e y : "i-ter rt Vr«. K ?. H u n t e r of Pimm- I n c t n n . Mr.. James Ken- porty of JUnomtnKlon. Ind., Mrs. Klnely F a r i t of Creeley aril C. F. Mi-ore of C,r»»lev. Also M i r v n e d t'T three Itrand- r h i l d r e n . Servliet 2 r ni. Frt- oay. Ferord F u n e r a l Hr-me. I n l e r m e n t Linn (Jrote. s j n l r r _ lh .|,. r n, ,,-,\ c»alnrna cot to h j , , h a n c e up pre"y well, h u t ^ o t h e r w i s e he had th? Golden Gru- surge, walloped his fourth home!sacrifice My to break run in the streak, a 3-run job in the ninth. t h a t bagged it for good against i SHREVEPORT, La. f -- Relief , R o b i n Roberts. pitcher Charles G a r m n n , property L, rr} . j a c kson, a relief pitcher UnJOfl 10 of the D e n v e r Rears, has been op-' conp ,q u ir e , won his eighth of t h e ' · · · ·- ~ «" »··* » ' i i ' i 4.p* ·« -, ..-.- ..»».. .-,- jjonr (isjUil^r. witii ins t j ^ i i u i vi mi: _ _ , ... | |«| to.»l f a s t ball, a belicr than avrr- tjori( . d to ( n p Shreveport Sports of ',,,,,,,, with a 9 hitter. The right- K g WflQe HlKfi ji'i s i n k e r , l f a i r f h i p £ e up and a thi. Trva, I r a r u e . i.. K ^« r t... ,.- nn i,.n i n m a fl.aim* " " innines. Wolfe 1 in I inning. R u n , z | r , prr (| y wf || h a f f l i d . and Earned Run.-Rcch 17 and 10. McRae 1 and 1, Bet: 2 and 0. 1- pei n and n. Wolfe 1 and 1. HP-Reeh (Retr,I. WP-Rceh 4, Mcftae 1 r n -- R u r k n e r . Winner -- ReU (201. I/iser-Reeh ( M l . I'mpire, | r i m --Stern and G o r m a n . Time-3:3S. Southern ' postM a California Cops NCAA Baseball Championship Here i, a clanr* at llogg't col leiialc rrcord: lie hurled 211 i n n i n c s , allowed i inces 1C2 h i t s . 117 run,. US walk, and 7H earned run. for a 2 8S earned aviT'te. He struck out 30*. Hi, best j r a r v;as his junior sca- · nn in which he won »c\en agiinst ·· i one d i f ' . i t . He illowed 14 earned ,{^ t run, in fi7 inning* for a l.M aver-; -- the Texas League. hinder has won two in the 8-z.,.ic . G a r m o n compiled i .V2 record str ing. is have vetern M u r r y A I g g ) in relief for Denver list yeir ind nj c k» n n and bonus kid Lindy M c - i a 5-4 Denver record in 193.V He Daniel ' ! ha. been with New Orleans of the | Dodjtrt T.kt Early Ltid WASHINGTON' Ml - The wige-, The Dodgert had a 9-1 lead aft- P°"7 committee of the United er two inning, is wmles, Gene Steelworkers Union Wednesday Conley took his fourth "defeat, called for "substantial wage in- Chirlie Neil drove in the finaL«eases" and a m a x i m u m two- Assn. this season a n d ] 1-1 record in 18 appeir- Fichts i.u«iiir nr«i u i w . t tit *»iv .,.«·, , , . four Brooklyn runs with a triple !«r term for labor agreement, · nd home run. Frank Torre, E d l ' o b* negot.aled this year with Mathews and Hank Airon hit,J;»° fabncating companies em- I" home run, in the last two frames some 200,000 workers. | for the Braves. Ed Roebuck, re- The union's apparent aim is to j make the fabricating contracts ex-i _! ahead of Indiinipolis, which lost quinela 23, 13 00; Daily double 33, to Charleston, 10-4. 57.40; time 31.38. 3. Reliable Max 55 60, 19.60, 9.40; Wes Miller 4.00. 300; Across the Line 7.00; quinela i-5, 93 SO; timt them in the Beirs' rout of St. 132.2:. Paul. Both homered -- it was No. j 4. Bold Dancer 13.40, 6 80, 3 80; 11 for Throneberry -- and Siebern j Sugar Bear 980, 4.00; Red Rustia added a triple and two .ingfci in 2.fio ; n uinc!a 1-2, 43.40; time 31.57. four at-batt. | 5.1/iveland Course fi.20.3 60, 3 20; The Saints, who collected only] seven hits off Zack Monroe. er were in the game after filling' 6. Vic Power 13.40, 9.40. 500; Dot Bettie 5.40, S.60; Tally Up 6.40; quinela 2-5, 53 60; 'irnc 31.80. 7. Real Girl 8.60, 5.20, 3.60; Orvan 10.80, 6.00; Send Money 4.60; quinela 1-3, 49.00; time 31.45. 8. Fluffy Kit 11.20, 6.40, 3.40; B. Mills 12.20, 4 00; Buddy Wnpkls 6.20; quinela 67, 37.60; time 31.35. | P a c k Trai i 12M , 5M . p os t Tim« 4 QQ. qu j ne i a i^_ jo.M; time behind 8-0 in the first two innings. Hawks Regain League Margin THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Land Lease's Transfer by Two State Senators Given Approval AI.rtF.KT M r » . l/M.lse On-line All-ert rf 1113 "th A \ e n u e . M i - l h e r of Tele A l l ' » r t i-l Kutene. Oret n n Inhn nm! A l i c e A U ^ r l rf Greeley. liny All'-rt ,^f Fhnshnn'. W ; o , W a r r e n Al- l'»rt nf K v a n s . Kohert a n d Kl 1. M a » A l h e r t . l"-lh i-f l/-s Anselej. Mn. .lale l l r u i . l t i-t K a l o n . c i a n c h l e r i-f Mrs l ' « n l - 1r» U r m V n p r . f i l t e r i-f V t i « . ( ; r a i e P n u V n e r of .lr»-elev. M r - filer. Seelmfer. I/-s A n - ,»., Mr«. Joe A t k » n a o( E r h r a l a , \Vaihinit.-n. . Arr s n c * m » n t « later. JtonillS M r « , . I n i f p h i n e ^'orris i-f Fl. Cnllms. * V . f e of IH»1(1 ^'. M f t r r i s . M n i h e r of I * a \ l d W. M o r r i " . -I'. n-l Jn«er " J. M n r r l s . » i « t r r n* Mr*. l.aur» Ilranri'n i-f I ' l a i e n l l l e . Calif. and Mn \1ah K e r n of O»V- l » n d . «'»1H S e r l i r s !:".'. p m. F r i d a y . T r In I t v Krl«roral Ch-:n h. InlTir.ent I.'nn Oroie. R O I . I . H K I S K r , M a l l R i - l l h r l s e r i-f Keeni-.- h-irs. Arr.ins»inenl« l a t e r . O M A H A !JP -- California, w i n - ner of the first NCAA Cnllcsr R a » e b a l l World Series in 1!17, is once a g a i n the champion. The Rears marched into the throne room Wednesday night w h e n they blinked Penn State. 1 In 0. lor their f i f t h straicht w i n of the 19J7 series and their third · i h u t o u t of their f i v e g a m e s . ] And the w h n l e West C o i » l ] cheered when the R e a r s »nn. R i g h t f u l l y so it was -- for the West Coast t r a m had won hut one of 11 games in the f i v e series he- fore this e a r . A c h e e r i n g as the win w a s fur Ihe West it was just as b i t t e r for the F.a»t. This becaue Prnn St.ite w.m 22 o 21 game, this ,sra»on w i t h the f a t e s r u l i n g the lfi,.rs should be two shutouts -- 80 and 1 fl -- at the hands of California in the double elimination series. The game that ended the si-ries was California's touches! and the Rears had to heat the t o u r n e y ' s most o u t s t a n d i n g p l a j e r award winner in pitcher-first b a s e m a n Cal F.mery. They got the run t h a t w n n in I h e f i f l h inning w h e n F m r r j ' s cun ,trol slipped and he w a l k e d Pernie Kelly. Kelly proceeded to srcond and third but he cmild h a \ e left out liie larceny because he Salt Lake City is presently in t h i r d place in Ihe Pioneer league w i t h Cliff Dapper Ihe manager. The Hee, will return to Salt Lake S a t u r d a y fnr an eicht-gime home, at w h i c h t i m e Hogg will m.-iki his debu*. Gilt won nine and lost five last \ r a r fnr Salt Lake. He i, pres- e n t l v in I h e m i l i t a r y service. | . . . . Hogg follows to,- imlslep. of inflection to two ttite senators trans- , . , - r r Rear pi.cVr. M Oil!. G i l l ; ' e r r i n g to private interests a lease . o m p l c l c t l hi, ,.IV r ,a,e career i th'V recently obtained on a huge T. Ti.'ih then rrimrtr.! lo Salt Lake C i t y -vhcre he r i t c h c d well. At'*"* Colorado. fir-"t ('.ill was used as a relief I l i i c l n r . M i d w a y in the season r t l ' he ,,,. elevated to , starting r n l r l j TM ^ ^ J j m f s M o i r h r l y ( D '"·" ··---· ··- --.-- ---- -" i Topeka's Hawks regained their P5_ e '!. th !. fl . m . e .. U .T5. m .i 9 . ) . 9 ..^ customary power Wednesday night Ihe present three-year contracts in the basic tteel industry. As lo contract terms to be negotiated with the 1200 firms this St. after a brief slump and built their Western League lead back up to j pjm* ' M * n w h l j f , s(i[( btllf ,,, d ,t the other end of the stand- as a minimum, at least as much DENVER if - C.ov. M c N i r h o l J ' I n i m ^ f L h ind game m a n a g e m e n t as ^ basic steel wage increases Contract Committee has no ob- arr , and benefits for the applicable period or periods. . . . The basic steel contract! pro- a S y e a r total increase and fringe benefits ot . · - . 11 | U U 41 U I C U U I t . l u l l 111 U l r B i a l J U * 1.200.000 member union said ev- " } ery effort shal be made to obtain |, e , m , No. 9--Dance A Bit. 23.80, 6.80, 3.60; Merry George, 4 60, 2 80; Aly Can. 4.60; quiniela 5-6, 66.20; time: No 10--Nell'* Blue, 11.20, 620, 4.40; Sports Shop. 9.20, 6.80; Mr. Dubuque, 4 00, quiniela 4, 61.60; time; 40.04. Attendance--23M. . NEW YORK un -- Stan Musial. H a w k s dumped Sioux City I a veteran of 13 all-star games, while 2nd-place Amariilo was appears well on his way to gam- to Sth-runner Pueblo 9-5. :i"5 a starting berth on another In both cises the only unsolved question is whether the person, \ ^j^ [ or Lincoln strengthened its hold on all-star team, third place with a 2-1 victory over; Figures released Thursday by rac, nf s,.,e,wned land in north- ^^^^^i* ^^"V^n^'L'/!^' i^^k Vrii!" Ford^ Frick give Musial more west Colorado. n( imftmtmntVs ». h ich will make "."^ ra ^vj",,^ by u,, u n l ' l n M victor - v ov " TM«"* n ""*" th " n y n t h t r Na "° nl1 The committee approved Tues-1 ,, f J Mf f n f , h( . new ,,,,,_ , ai( , iTh..«_ «« ^"J 0 TM.)'.?'.TM,^ , Spring.. IM-i.n hurled two seasons S t n t e College w i n n i n g · e \ r n a g a i n s t t w o defeats. H i t t \ u i e a r earned run a v e r a g e was 2 ST. He throws a lively fast ball and has a good curve, hut like m a n y l e f t h a n d e r s , Fdson showed SI;T.S nf M i l d n e s s d u r i n g the 1W7 sr.i-nn. Ikrd Vi in M i n n i n c s . lie n . \ s r.utlrr's No. 2 pitcher. nu:h p i t c h e r s w e r e sicned in ( i m a h i by D a n n y Itiggan, Phillie, U r t Ciia«t scout. te.n.fee nf the lease froir '" lu A Ubl r.'"A "t" "7 " ?Sl ! , aitl ion to 20 cents the first year. 12'i transfer of the lease i r o m , [ ponald Daily, administrative; , ,w. .,, nn H rear Howard Shults (R-Grand ' l s , i s t l n l tn r.ov. McXichols . D a i l y '""" "" " C0 " d y " r is a member of the Contracts Committee, which ha, only ad- Colorado : votes t h a n any League player in the fan poll. The .tar first baseman of the Delti) to Ros, C. McNeil Clyde B. McNeil!. The McNeil], entered ·nd ! ! visory powers crr.ts the third year. The policy stitemcnt slid b a s i c , , . steel workers received a three!'"' 1 ."" 1 ' cent hourly cost of living adjust-j 1 pufb]n , . ^ i Pueblo's victory and the losses' M "1 by Colorado Springs and Des St. Loui, Cardinals has drawn a Moines put the three teams neck- total of 12.185 votes in the poll's the race for sixth '""' cumulative vote total. Willie Mays, New York Giants' brilliant and center fielder, is second with H,. U.S. Accuses Russia of Harmful Meddling in Middle-East Crisis pnmirily for deer and elk refuge, -hf ' t * ; h , | f h ,,,,, lrt)ul r e l r i n g , t ,, inn . arency decided to grant lim ted » J o n f s C o n t t n i c t l o n Co cattle graung privileges for five ,,._,,,, years on the property. "' A l l m n - ' - I^ase of the land to Shulls ind ipproved by Ihe Strike Is 'r,ll n j ,1 Called 9l Mowhriy wis Time ind Fish Commission ind their subsequent transfer of the lease lo the McNeil!, also was ^^FinanV",; 1 ^nd '^- «", Pi-km h.tchcr, Shults held Ihe pnst when the Leg- '"^ n n w °* r ' fd b ' nf Midille F.:tst m t e r s e n t i o n w h i c h islaturr w-as controUed by the Re- comliined t h r e - i t s , .i-^versinn and publicans. pious tj'.k of p r a i e . . L. Donald Daily, a d m i n i s t r a t i v e If R u s s i a rcalh w a n t , to p a c i f y The contract for the Lake John improvement is w i t h Vern W.! Smith E x c a v a t i o n Co. PORTLAND '4 -- A strike au- The Contracts Committee ap- thoruition, vote by 50.000 mem- proved expenditure of $32 by t h e ' h e r s of the Lumber and Sawmill c h a « e of about 4.7 acres of land Wednesday by the union't execu- t i v e board. E. L. ar.d It would j f f c r t workers in Ore peka's homer total for the sea- Des Moines. son this far to 90. i Albuquerque starter Dick Drill- At Lincoln, the Chiefs were rail- ing had a shutout going against ing 1-0 in the bottom of the eighth Colorado Springs before giving up when Reggie Grenald knocked out a single run in the eighth ind i single with the bisej loaded, i three runs off of Rudy Arias' horn- The. hit pushed in two runs a n d ' e r in the ninth. By W A R R E N ROGERS JR. W A S H I N G T O N ^ -- The Vmted Senate Finance Committee ,,,,! State, W r d n e s d a y accused Ri.ssii Shults held Ihe prM when the ,.,-s- ^ y _ ^. ( j( ·,,,,,,,,,,. , ot ,.,,,, w ,, nin( . lnl ,. Idaho, Montana, the expansion p r o g r a m . N e v a d a ?nd Northern California. - - - - ' far! Hirtlry, ······ ·"»»··*··*········· F U N E R A L P I E C E S ! On Short Notict ' "\\ C r o w The Flower." | H A N S E N ' S G R E E N H O U S E ' So. tin Avt. Ph. rex , -- f r t t D e l i v e r y -- · cored oo pitcher Ceorse Ster. ·'"ste'rl'm'g 11 ' 1 .''shutout w a s his , f r . . t h e Middle E a . t . ' t h e fmte.1 Stitet t h e attorney general', office had end of the series, the R e a r ace suggested: approved Ihe t r a n s f e r from Ihe 1 h a v i n g blanked Coioriido State in "» TM M ''" '" "' » I ,V 1 '. ln « ""' " n " tn " to lhf McNeills. . t r u c t u e U w i t h i n the I nited Ni- for the solution of f u n d a m i n - DENVER if -- Contracts FRESH F L O W E R FUNERAL S P R A Y S "Consi.iently (h« B»H" Freo Oeltterj Loveland Rd. 1 Th 401 The Came and Fi«h Dept. i, seek- Ear! Hartley, executive secre- . . . ,. ,, v-ii..i. ..,* ing approval of the job, in time t a r y nf the union's Western Coun- sistint to Gov. McNichols. ,,,d in \J\ hfm ,,,,,,,,. ro ;, ract hrfor , ,,,/ s i j l , th( . , u , hnr , z ,, ion would ·nd nf June. Money for thf bf tn utrik,* firms which have not \rork is availably during the cur- nirnrd new contracts. The union , , T p i n I n - , _,,., ^ a rent f x r a l year, endinc June ,V), ha« a«Ved a 5-ccnt hourly pay in- I 1 ", v" 1 , '"" Jr."'n^h'/'mo'ir I ' TM"i i" the ,, ",, on V f u n d a m i n : D E N V E R ,f - Contract, for";.'! «" n0t ^ «" illh «"" crease ,nd most employer groups .In! .'I h'at ,t wa, hi. firsT h- '»' Pr-M".' '" "" "«- '^ong four ma^r project, of the Coio- ltoj- · ha^e^refu^djncreasev ., ' , si . ...'.. ' w h i c h the A r a b - I s r a e l i dispute is rido G a m e and Fish Dept. were in 12 ilit-U tin, season. ou ,, Un ,| int ." held up Tuesday by the Gover- A t'. S. .ute was made public by nors Contract Committee, but one N E W YORK l -- A field of ihe State IVpt. a f t e r its delivery of it, members said the joh« proh- s e v e n colls, s m a l l e s t s i n c e t h e ln MOSCOW Tuesday tn the Soviet ably will be approved soon. great N a t i v e Danrrr beat f i v e r t - Fi-rnsn M m i s t r v . Parilel Rntish The committee decided to put vils in I3.V1. ippeir to be at.oilt J n d French note, ilso were de- directly up to Gov. McNichols the the sue of it for the Mh n m n m c Ini-red. question of ipproving JlW.ftnO for of the tioo.oort idded Refmont They were in reply to i Russiin purchise of 509 icre, in Ilmsdile Stike, Saturday. proposal nf last April 19 that the county, not fir from Pigosi A Better MEMORIAL ot LOWER PRICES r *tmf^^ Men.. 1011 from ('.arrowing i. d o w n f u r t h e r .it tug Four nations issue a declara- Springs, for i new fishing reier- looks llVe a 2 h o r e duel between tmn c o n d e m n i n g the use of force voir. the Wheatley Stable's Md K u l e r , n settling Middle Kast di«piile«. The land is being pirrcha-rd and R i l p h Lowe's (lallant M a n . The R u s s i a n idei was rejected from four Dolores county mi- plus · battle of skill m a t c h i n g a as ··unnecessary." dents. Charles D. Snjder. Avis O. v e t e r a n Relmont c o m h i n a l i n n The A m e r i c a n reply said I'. S Snyder. Walter B. Snyder ind A. ' a g a i n s t i t r a i n e r ind jockey t a V - p t j i r y lung had been to swear off Ovella Snyder. ing their first t t a h it t h e f a m e d the use of force in settling ill in- Also turned over to the {over- ,3jeir-old classic. Irrnitional proMerm. Indeed, it nor fnr final consideration' was 'sii.l,' Russii prrsiimihly agreed purchase (or 110.001) of M* icres Sahara Desert jetn its n a m e to t h a t policy w h e n it joined Lhe in Bent county from Fay A. l.ei- from · p r i m i t i v e word m e a n i n g t'mtfd Nations since it it embod- bert rf Lai A n i m n . Th» depirt- "wild Undjood only tob« crossed."!led In th« U. N. Charter. 'ment ij'inti thi lind for iti Carey i V GOLFERS! NOW OPENI SUNSET Driving Range Free Clubs · Huckcts 2or, .iOc and 1.00 Location -- West on Hiway .11 opposite A W OPEN DAILY Weekdays -- 4 p,m to 10 p.m. Saturdays and Sunday"; -- 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. ATTENTION. FARMERS! POTATO DUSTING · ALFALFA WEEVIL · WEED SPRAYING · CUTWORMS Call Nolan's fnr Control and Kre* Inspection NOLAN'S CROP DUSTERS - Phon. 1544-4117

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