Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 20, 1967 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1967
Page 11
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Haho Free Press, Tuesday, June 20,1907 -- 11 __ _ juauo new riraa, iucauaj, uu Now Forty Million Fishermen Can't Be Wrong No Ironing Togs a Boon to Vocation Sport Involves Whole Family, Kids and Mom, as Well as Dad More than 40 million people went fishing In North America last year and there were few -- if any --disappointed anglers in that body of people who now take part in America's fastest-ETOWing outdoor sport. Fishing has become one of the most enjoyable family activities, involving mom, pop For most beginners, a good glass casting rod and a closed- face spin-casting reel are excellent learning tools. These can be used for spin-casting, spinning, trolling and still fishing. Even youngsters become proficient In a short while because most spin cast reels are backlash-proof. whether it takes place in the old mill stream back of the barn, on that rippling trout stream up in the hills, on the icy lake in the north woods or in the salt waters that splash against our coastlines. Rapid transportation, simple, inexpensive and easy-to- use equipment have combined with increasing leisure time to attract growing numbers of Americans to the wholesome and exciting fun of fishing. It's a Big Thrill Most fishing locations offer so much In the way of scenery and fresh air that actually catching flsh Is only part of the happy experience. Still, nothing beats the thrill that a youngster gets when he lands his first fish -- even If it's a tiny sunflsh. And dad often gets glassy-eyed when he retells for the umpteenth time about the big trout that got away despite his superior fishing skills. Fishing need not be expensive. Most Americans are within an hour's drive of a lake, stream, river or pond that can provide angling enjoyment and flsh for the frying pan. First rate American-made rod-and-reel outfits can be bought for less than ten dollars. Another few dollars will provide the novfce or the ex- .pert with enough lures, weights, line, hooks, sinkers, bobbers and other essentials to make any fishing venture productive and enjoyable. Family camping trips are often planned to include plenty of fishing for everyone, and excellent accommodations are available Just about everywhere that people go to fish. Major resorts usually offer boat rentals and live bait for sale if the family is on a long trip and prefers not to transport its own boat. Good Tackle Helps Fish have a way of smiling on experts and novices alike. Sometimes people with the least experience and simplest fishing tackle catch the most and biggest fish. Good fishing tackle, however, and some understanding of fishing techniques are bound to increase angling pleasure. Most fishermen find that selecting the right tackle and planning the trip is part of the fun of fishing. Experimentation with various types of tackle is the best guide to what is right for any individual. DIVERS, FOLLOW SAFETY RULES Use the buddy system. Always dive with a companion. Buy equipment with safety releases and get compvessed air foi 1 scuba diving at recognized skin diving supply out- Jets. When using air tanks limit operations to a maximum depth of 130 feet. Know and observe the rates of ascent given in the U. S. Navy Decompression Tables to prevent air embolism and the bends. When skin diving -- without air tanks -- don't try to stay- under overlong. A lack of fresh air for too long can cost a swimmer his judgment. I" order to assure success but are favored by many fishermen, Though youngsters might at first do better with a shorter rod, splncasting rods should normally be at least five fee* in length to assure proper balance between rod and reel Many fishermen prefer the more traditional "balt-cast- ing" reels, where the line is controlled directly by the fisherman's thumb on the spool -rather than with a push button, Here, again, a little practice makes an accurate and successful fisherman out of a novice. Puiience and Praciice Fly casting Is preferred by many fishermen who take pride in landing big fish with comparatively light tackle. Patience and practice can make this one of the most enjoyable types of fishing because the skill of the fisherman plays such an Important role Fly rods are longer and lighter than conventional casting or spinning rods to permit quick and gentle manipulation of the light fly lures, With vacation time just a- rouiul [tip curlier, homemakers would tlu well to Kot acquainted with tbo ne\vesl development in men's :uut boy's clothing . . . a revolutionary process called pevii'.Ltv.c'nt pre.^s, that eliminates ironing completely. According to spokesmen for a leading mill which produces permanent-press fabrics, raincoats as well as casual anil diess slacks, shorts and shirts are now on the market in these new processed fabrics. How is permanent press achieved? r'irsl the falnic is sensitized. Next the Raiment is given its shape in' the designing and manufacturing. When completed, it is put ii'to an oven-like machine and baked like a cake. Thereafter, its shaping and pleating remain intact for the lift" of the (, r .ir- incnt. One of the nicest things about permanent pvc-ss is that clothes made with it remain smooth and crisp in even the hottest weather. -Men and boys especially like the way it keeps them looking neat and trim all day long. Foi 1 example llie in- evitable wrinkles lliat appear in slacks when a man sits down, with permanent press disappear as soon as he stands College men go for the smart, collegiate, tapered-leg slacks anil shorts. They RO through machine-wash ami tnmble-diy cycles w i t h o u t flagging.Among olhor form?, campus sportswear offer a representative group. Permanent press conies in a wide v a r i e t y of fabrics, including poplins, gabardines, her- ringbones, tropicals, twills, linen types anil cords. Sl'MMER I I A K G A I N S It your vacation budget's straining at all the extra things you need -- children's play- clothes, swimwear, equipment for outdoor living -- check your local Goodwill Industries before despairing. Shops feature a vast selection of bargain-priced, almost-new apparel and miscellaneous items, all repaired ami rcfmished by skilled handicapped workers who restore donated merchandise. BRIDCESTONE ''·WVM'^VWU TW1H "This ii the biks with all of the EXTRAS." See the "LION HEARTED" today! MARY'S SMALL ENGINE 411--3rd SI. S. 464-2571 Acreis From W»t Jr, High Despite the ancient man's alibi that "you shoiild have been here yesterday" or "the flsh are biting on the other side of the lake," it is possible to catch fish on almost every excursion. Of course, if Happiness is cali-hingn l u n k e r b u s j i m d t h c l m p p y fishermen caught fish with ev- nn Sl« displaying his cutch is une of fort)- million Cry cast, the great sport would Americans who have experienced llie fun of fish- lose much of its intrigue and '"· He happens to be un expert, Bill Ciillerton, challenge. advisor and field lesling chief for Johnson Keels, Touring is Open Sesame To the Great Outdoors Inc., and the fishing pro on ihe Johnson Sea- Horse Sports Advisory Hoard. Cullerlon, who has fished popular fresh and suit water localions all over the country, loolt (hi* linns nenr Cypress Gardens, Fla. Fay some extra attention to your health and safety! Have you tried our "Famous" RANCH FRIED CHICKEN? ARCTIC CIRCLE DRIVE IN 1008 3rd ST. SO. Notnpo l lo I'roriilrnl FederalSai-ingt) One of the most popular of all American leisure time activities is touring. Yet few people stop to think of touring as the open sesame to all of the myriad forms of enjoying the great outdoors. Generally, touring by motor car is considered just an escape from the old familiar scenes -- a way to keep moving through an endless panorama of new and stimulating sights pleasing to the eye. Yet today's concept of tour- Ing has broadened vastly. In the first place, touring, perforce, takes you and your family, too, out Into refreshing open space under a beneficent sun. Leave Tensions Behind Second, because touring is planned for some specifically alloted period of leisure time -- usually the annual vacation -- all the work-a-day tensions may be left behind once you're in the driver's seat -- and from there on, the great outdoors is yours. Plan right and you'll start out relaxed, You'll be fancy free to go in any direction over routes of your own choice, at your own pace; to stop when you feel like It; to turn off the thruway any time you wish to explore whatever along the way strikes you as Interesting. Touring makes it possible for you to give added purposefulness to your driving: -sheer fun, If that's what you want; participation In a great variety of sports such as flsh- Ing, swimming, boating, golf -- and even learning in a most palatable form, especially if you're taking the kids along. Rewarding Objective Making the natural scenic wonders in one or more of the national parks a tour objective Is most rewarding for the whole family. Choosing to show the children the nation's capital or the state's capital can be an exciting and instructive adventure for all. Planning on sampling the fishing In the lakes and streams in the area through which your tour goes is something many women now enjoy along with their men folk. Choosing some glamorous summer resoit where all modern sports are available as the objective of your tour might be a special treat for the wife. And If it's all the way back to rugged nature that you want to get -- touring is the high road to camping, with facilities to your liking the boast of every state in the nation. Yes, the highways and byways for touring lead inevitably to the unlimited opportunities for recreation In the great outdoors. More than 50 percent of the population -that's more than 100 million people -- average 500 miles of touring a year in search of rewarding pleasure outdoors; 25 percent average a thousand miles of driving. See New Vehicle. 1 ! Grandest part of all about touring to enjoy the great outdoors is that you are the captain of your own ship. If you're going to use'the family car, be sure it's/fully serviced before you start. On the other hand, you may wish to explore the great new modern family of recreational vehicles built and thoroughly tested to meet the most rugged demands of back to nature travel and also to provide the comfort of the sedan. You may want to inspect the motorized campers and the new trailers which provide on wheels just about every convenience you have at home while they free you completely from dependence on hotels, motels, and even restaurants. Hazy sunlight on a white beach or pavement can cause more discomfort than very bright sunlight on n green field. It's not the amount of sunlight but the amount of reflection that causes discomfort, report researchers for the Murine Company. In a green field, sunlight is mostly absorbed and little is reflected. On a white surface -- snow, beaches or roajs, for example -- as much as DO per cent can be reflected. LET'S PLAY GOLF EVERY GOLF GAME STARTS at HERB'S BETTER EQUIPMENT MEANS BETTER GOLF! OR A BOATAND TRAILER SUMMER CLEARANCE FOR REAL VACATION FUN! on TOP GOLF EQUIPMENT Big Saninys Haw! RODWELL'S HERB CARLSON RENTALS 114--13th Ave. So. NAMPA SPORT SHOP AND TEXACO SERVICE 1007-3rd$t. Sa.-Nampa DRUGS LET'S GO FISHING Silverside SALMON EGGS RUBBER HIP WADERS SI 1.95 Value SC37 50 Value 27* 24" FOLDING BARBECUE S 8 95 Value $519 $7.95 Value, Closed Face REEL AND ROD R«g. $2.19, All PlaiNc TACKLE BOXES C * 4 1 $3.19 Value, Level Wind, BAIT CASTING REEL $199 1 GefF/SH/NG LICENSE HERE CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 87' value. 10 LB. BAG CHEST COOLERS STYROFOAM Reg. 77' 57° 1 gallon size PICNIC JUGS $167 1 20" BREEZE BOX ···H · --r~ ii'fmri" Two Speeds $ 27.95 Value COPPERTONE SUN-TAN LOTION^ $ 1 27 $ FIRST AID KITS 87* Reg. $1.30 W I DRUGS

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