Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 2, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Remember When Money Was Loved? Bui; Everybody's Mad Al II Mow LAS · Hy HAL MOVl.fc NEW YORK UPi _ Whatever happened to money? Everybody used to like It. Mow evei-yboJy Memu to lie rnad ut It. Money, onto held tl| head no hlRh and was no rcspcclcd. Ha member? People used to marrj for rnonoy. They had un nwe in their tone when they talked abou money. They liked It In their hands and Jingle It In their pock- eta. . · . . Tlip highest Irllmtc one rran iviulit «ny iihuiinl unntliiT win, "why UI-'H money to hum." Minify cvrn hud u voice nf ltn own. At ln«l folks IIHIM! In say, "rntm- py tidlis." A«il tln.y also hiul a saying, "miincy'll geicha anything In the iviirhl." A prcson who didn't have a proper regard fur money wan looked down on. U was aald of one who wasted It -- "he.'i'niist lltlnk money grows o n treeH." · ' · · · · Today money lias lost UH trip hat. It iij nn e.\-hcrn with big clay 111 need to tit such a fine friendl foc\. Money IB shabby. Money is thing. 3 hate. to sec It In the stat It's In. Some folks still stoutly say nothing's wronp with money They say It's just as good as it ever \vas. They say t h n t , w h a t is really wronn Is a thine called the high cost of living-. Well, jill I say Ifl, ttomfhriily'd In'tU'r ilc'i smni'lhlnj; t h a i diini cost of living then. Unaium- rigiil now mnncy -- rlRhl nr wnuifr -- is gelling ail the hill mi*. Medtem To Speak M GiP " - ' Meet In BATTLE SMOKE BLOTS OUT IMJIN ^RIVEJTLANDSCAPE y 2 (Special) Oovcinor Edwin L. Mcchcin of \'e\v Miutlco will he a featured speaker before the Republican Na- lonnl Coinmitle's Tulsa, Oklahoma nii'ttlnj; on Friday, May 11, II W.IK BATTtE SMOKE almost blots out the landscape in the Jmjin river .in American ranger company In action against tnemv mortar area north of i in ,,,, ,, - , ' ° Ot o bum. a no-good. JVri)ilo 'we money now and they. ray, "what j;tin ( | | a H?" They try I will apeuk at the Mil it in their hand. . .and it j Innc-homi at llir .Mayo hotel. Ap- announced toilay. The recently-elected Republican Is /roniyXmnd thny lay. "whnl Imp- prncd l o - | t . j _ d l d H evaporate?" The man wlui iiMd (o hmg lir had li.ldlng numi-y Dow wanK !i Jiiiim- if.miine.v In folding. Shiiln-s|i|..-iri' saw It earning yer. Ill'll U ' l l i l l llC UTU«1., " M l l l l stl-alB my iiiirw Meals Irmli." A n y l i m i y hi'iinl mimes' talk l a t e - 1 I v ? It I ' l ' i l n l n l y Isn't dwif pearing with him on Hit program will he forr other governors -Dan ThoiT.lon of CoHn-ndo, Nor- iiinii -JJiinudale uf Ilorlh Uakuln. lluwui-il l-ylc of Arizona, and Waller .1. Krihlor. Jr., nf Wisconsin. Tin- meeting, which continues thi-our'i K a t n i i l a v , Mny 12, ,vas (mallei; to decide I h e time and plnei: II.c 1SI52 K'pulilleiin National AifasoiDefeiub E. Frank Adams J!Wyi!?rly (cm ' unu '' lf " Elected To Head Las Cruces Lions Ranchers, Oil, Gas Operators To Meet AlFarmington SANTA'FE, May 2--Wl--Mutual difficulties between ranchers ami oil and gas operators will be ironed out at Farmington May S. The ranchers and oilmen will discuss construction of cattle rnards, fences and roads. They also will take up conservation measures to pi-event gullying, mainly along abandoned roads and pipelines. - · . 'The meeting was announced by Jonald Bailey, area manager of he U. S. Bureau of Land Management. New U.S. Citizen Committee'*! Aivaitn K.\iilanaili, Eefore releasing the tl (he connnitlee ir. w a i t i n g to get an explanation from On. Omar Brad- r- r- , . ' ·' ley. chairman of Ilic .Tnini /-i,i,.r.. · Frank Adams will hi (Continiiecl Horn page one) . -hali-man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an to how the report was prepared. The M n i t l n - V l n s o n radio,.TM over the possibility of Ho Inpi wa.i hy letters. · i i i i i i i i n i j r i ^ i i L u!»itj t'litjlf,' '" ' 'I; tn-jf. \ }iiium un ^viiiionill (yon' 1 1 knotv. A fivr-dollur b i l l ' Conv-iiillnn. It f.icluilcf; confornncoi; ' ' ' liiila;: wouldn't dan;' lift llu voice I "f I-"" N n l l o r - i l Crjininlttee ,,,,,. In ii fl'.-i'-and-U-li-ceiit moie. Who-l''''Publican Iriidcra of the Middle '.r,'.; to build up the Party for ::t yonr'H vital c-impaign. K p i a k e i u iin the two-tiny pro- am ahio include r,c Milllkln, ehairman of the He. '".IT anymore nays, "well you'll have tn miilie IhiH money g o ' a i 1'me, u-.-iy." Tlllll'il J'.ist nn ·:!.'; j'.kc imw. A K-n-iipot onn't g.;t| I'liitl two eoiinteiH ; i n a gnK-oi-y i i.'.nre w i t h o u t llin|ihir;. I \Vh.-'.tevi'i- hrippent'ii 10 money*'I I m l It ju:il u n l old ,mil tlreil? UK' |ie(i[il|. (let kle.ll nf l i u i H i n i ; at )f. ·I'lu-y don't even e a n y u aruiini t h e way they did In the old days They jn.-t trade paper rheeha h-ck i.inl loilh.. ami h n i d l y ever m w h a t iinei- wim i-alk-d "the )·(·! Uiliiii." .Money. . .money. . .niniiev. A mil lilr; PI «h In ehnlie an n\ ii" Ii :i|;er mil |,y ,, ,.,,|| ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ineiil. I f ynii njien your hlllfnhl anil lell n lellim, "that nln'l hay," he htin an answer. "I ean't tell It n i n l hay," in. M iy s "inii Jii-l ivliai Is II V" Hi- iiin'Bii'1 even leenirnbi. It. ·iV!mii:ver hnppened lo innney' Sup; Legion Tliiink.'! mid appreciation were voiced li,, re Wednesday morning by Ihe uTMl American Lfghm post ior the fiiic allendiince and in- l e i e s l - nhnwii In their Enclilladn i,U|.ppr IK-LI Tni.Kdiiy iilulil. II In Mjiei'tcd t h a t from Slf,.l lo JU.'i w i l l hnvi.. been elearod on the .'itlppi'i- and ihls will j;o I n t o thi'ir Aiiu-i ieiin I.i'Rlon J u n n r l)nse- hnll i'lllid. · j The Li-^oii poi.t vnlc-ed its tluinks lo the l.erjrm nuxllliny, tii o l l w h i l n n n l n l for dinner, t o radio K I Inn KOHK. the ni.wnpiipurii and tn Holi M c M i l l a n til the hlld I h r fin,. hn,,,.bi|ll illsplny. Thinilui n!;io wne voiivd to vhe I'nti'itiilnei.'i win, appeared for the dlmii'l. Utlu'i siippm are i'X)ii.i'tiil to be held to raise t h e Imlanre of Iho $1000 nvi'di'd. for till- ti'Sm. It Is .·iillinati'd t i n . i-iiih I,.,,, ,,,,,,,,, woo now - W:il left over iiom hint puhllean t'onferonce. whn will drcn.'i the coiiiiiilttee'n hanqnet Fil- day nielli, and Itepirsenlative I'l-ann-H J". llnlton nf Ohio and Cliarlen A. llalleek of Indlanit. former "IO::KO ninjorlly lender, ;he Coni;reiii::!ii enon Hatur by. npcnk at lunch. Other members u.' Conpieiis who have indicated they will attend eeting, and v.-ho undoubtedly w'll be Invited to i -"'IreHH It, Ili- cl.ide Sena: .11- I!U|;h U'.i'.l t .r O f Nc' n a s k u anil Ccolfie \\'. .Malone of Nwniln. Jo , ]ih H. Fnn-liiKlon, diil- from Mawnll; Hcpn.::"ntn- H i i i n i r If. Ulld|;c' of .Idaho, Mai tin made public n letter lo Chairman vinson ID-Go) of the House Armed Services '.-onimlttee and Chairman Koe. (D-W Va| of Ihe House Foreign Affalr.i committee In which he said: "I feel compelled to mjje t h a i the Hoiinc Armed Sen-lccn and Foreign Aflaira commlline.-, loin in an open inquiry i n t o our forel-n and military policies no t h a t the House and the American people shall have the facts to which tho v · " guns. What they do can he. that hart. , C'lin't Hi! StO|)|lG!l president of tin L '° ' hQ n ° U ' ""' " h! " ^"^ tl( ' rinitel .V clnh for 1051-52. .. | these crazy performers. They ar Election f}f Adams was oomplot- i K°' n £ "gl't 1 ahead with (hat Hurl od together with other officers -mil I Bui ' ! ' revlle fJI ' ""'ee nights lv..,, ,PIH»«»... r... ..... ...: - . - . . . i «·"' if yon want lo defend an yotirai-ir--mnybc the- wis .in I tv.'o directors for the cl'li) at'-.the 1 A m l lcKuli11 ' luncheon meeting Tuesday ; I"'" 11 '" -- n y c e. wis otl 'er officers named who will i lhi "S to (i ". is go. And after yo take office July I, are Haiiy P u r - | havc . we are sure you can an sons, i ' sons, first vice president: Clint I wi " n PPl'eciale some of the thing O. Smith, uccond vice prc.sldcnt · | u '° Imvo Dccn telling you. W. Byron Dai-don, third vice preai-1 Tou 'U understand then why ev dent; Hugh Newman, reelected Ir) '°" B wl l' s '' is th : craziest, sil secretary; Sammy K'aye, Lion ' l i p s l and " 103t ah-'«rrt tiling you Tamer; UuBsell I.ndv.-iek, Tail | 1 ' ;ivp (ver soen ' n .vonr life. Twister. . ' ' If you don't care for the ridicu entitled Republicans Two director/] named for the i l c u s - llan ' 1 a 'l.e»fl. There will ht tc.rm \vcre Ell Rawlingn and ^Dll! "° '' es em»lance to anything 'long \Vunaeh. - nr, ired' even approached durin It mis annoiineed at this meet I thc nh(nv US that Cov. Eiiwin L. Medie-,, : . . and George U. Schwnbe and J' IMi.hcr. both of Oklaliiiin ye endinj: tho meel ':"|ilihllcan slato . nepiil'llcan Imidors at- contended that If the public ami eiia liiul known the rnntunlu Wedemcyer report on Korea they mlRht have prevented many ComnninlHl advances in Ai:,a. Warns InviiMon TILS report, prepared by IJ. Oen. Albert C. \Vedemeyer in in-17 warned t h a t "Soviet - Inspired" North Koreans ml|;ht Invade .South Korea. Kepi p \vi-f, Exempted i Mileage Tax (Continued from-page one' "'I consider this the final end t h e Red offensive. C'nn HII Again Coimmmist forces, he :;A;-:TA FE, May 2--UPI-- only : (^i' meichants and haulers of : · · n- .'duelr, nrc exempt from ' -t-ir'.; mileage tax, the at' '.ci'iicy jreneral's office says. : Ally. Oen. Joe L. Martinez said from other states with -p; W'lll Include ehalrmai ·fee -chairinen, repreiienlative.1 he Young Rcpubllcnn Nallonn I'Vdernllon. a n i l Die Federation of Women's Hepiihllcnn oliihn, all 'rom nialea weal of the JllaohiBljip.I Amateurs Urged To Enier Conlesi Lns Cruccn 20-20 chili ·innonnced diiy Its A m a t e u r night ]irograin -·!'. at Junior high school gym. .,_,., i.n'i-tuumy unucr a · "J'' a l labi:il J' of h i t t i n g again an wli'cli New Mexico has a rocipro- "Ir.p-Eocret" lahel, the report was! """'." s "efcre or harder. However.! "1 agreement on license plates given out yesterday by Hinlnnnn ' 11,""' conrldont llle results will be . '·«. exempt from the mileage tax KUKsell ( D - C a ) of the Senate ll ", sl "" c -' : TM'.v If they come under the pro- I'.vcry Red a t t e m p t In the drive visions of the two laws setting up yea]-.and $1 i.llla Moloi; the Legion leani'. ilimnlnl by Hie Mc- .s nf Smokes, Eats Has Fun! / a.c ...~ Senate Armed Services committee an n preliminary lo t h e Mac/Arthur Bacliera of MncArthnr'n views nn Far Eastern policy prcuniitly elalined Ii proved nilmlnl.stiation policy In Korea and China was wrong. The Aimed Services with 1:1 members. fl ,,,| tbr . Foreign liclatlons eominlllec, w i t h 12. arc lo quciillon MiicArlhiii' tomorrow in the first witneia In a general Inquiry I n t o Far Knstern plliey. The decision In- the two commlt- peiHonn in Dona AJia'coiinly \ n * ."' t ' lo ''" : "" ' :oilra " other ui-ged to write lo the 2IKIO I ''"i" I?''"' "! lrL "''' S 'f" mc "" !l l l m l only these Jr, .Senatois of the s:tl Teamsters' Strike Halls Trucking West Of El Paso EL PASO, Tex., May 2--UPI-Transcontinental trucking west of El Paso was at a standstill to'clay. Ixcal AFL Neiv Mexico-Texas teamsters struck .for higher pay. . The old contract wiUl truck firms operating here expired Monday at midnight. Eastern movement ~" of truck [freight by Southwestern freight lines, however, still was continuing, a company spokesman said. About 600 employes of u ma. jor truck lines operating between Poenix and "Tucson, Ariz., and E! Paso are affected. American. Casualties Iii Korea Raised ],055;Dur]ng Week WASHINGTON, May 2--I/PI-Announced American casualties In Korea reached 62,700 today, an ihr crease ( 6f 1,055 In a week. The. total "includes. 0,603 killed, 42.240 wounded . and 10,950 missing in action. It. covers co'mb'at casualties .reported' to. the next of kin th'rqiigh last Friday. · · RIO teNOE if TODAY ONLY RAOIILLAND I PATMtlA ROC ff/Hfif or Proving Ground Asks Applications For Base Positions The executive-'secretary. Hoard of U. S. Civil'Service .Examiners White Rands Proving Ground, states-that applications for exnm- notlons for cleiks, typist and stenographer will be accepted until further notice. Persons interested In these posi- lons should submit Card Form )OOOAB to Mrs. Sands, executive ocretary. Board of U. S. Civil Service Examinees, W.S.P.C.. Las Cruces. * HIM STAB V i v e e a L i n d f o r s , ' o t Sweden, smiles for the news cameramen after she became an Amor- lean citizen She look,the oath ot alleelance alone with 150 others In FeHeral Court, Liu Angeles. The actress, who 'came to the United States five years ago, Is the wife oj Donald Sfegcl, a motion picture director. (International Soiindp/ioio) The National Geographic Society says Russia has taken in territory more than equal to New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina in area since World War II. Examinations are to fill present and f u t u r e vacancies at W.S.P.G. and other federal agencies In the i Las Cruces area. Full information as well as card form 5000AB may be secured from the hoard at W.S.I'.G. or from Secretary, Bosrd of U. S. Civil Service Examiners u t the Las Cruces and El Paso post offices. SS with SONGS GALORE "StAND:'UP =^-':.;,;YANDsitfG", S T A T E D Tonight Thru Sat. ·TECHNICOLOR! TECHNICOLOR! TECHNICOLOR!! Kipling's Imniorlal "JUNGLEBOOK" =T5-.,..-. ' ^ iih Sabu PLUS =5 - "THIEF OF SiE BAGDAD" P L A Z A S IT'S ;ALLABOUT WOMEN-AND THEIR MEN! dull, rare 1. O. liux 12H. Las Cm. ceil, Hi -leeliri. their entry blanks fur t i n contest. Ulnnks are .'Hso avnlla 1 '.o lit the Smi-Ncwii office. D '.dllne for y.ecnrlng entry III" i-(» and inlerln,; u,,, fonicM w ii lie Wcdn ·inlay. May 2.1. 'rhere I". 1 0 enlry f-jc and all' piirniini in i lr..iii Ana coimly who nrc not pro . i-11-iiomilB are tllglhl,. i ( , ,., lU , r The \v-inner of this contest will possibly he the Horace Jie radio pro-fi am. '.riven I y uditl 'Illlip Mori Is F Blue Sox WorkoiH. Team To Bt; F No Sour Stomncli Tli.tnks (o TUMS! ?J^'^ ««i u l l llitlr Imnriir.lnnili"nnil^luf. !i«ii(J)--cm hkt I'.iinl). '| u in\ M\cvirn inr w i'iri'i,iTSi7H"TM'''" hU '^"TM n.l l,rb,ir lii'iliimc. No inii,lii K , nn «lir' riiin. I n hoi,., (;,,,! Tuin, urenuJc . · IIIHU-II lur llir I uiiiiii). (;cirt Las Cruccn Blue fjox bauebnll lo.iin had oiin of the best ,Vork- oilts yesterday since the first cuil for priH-tlce wan Irsued. Almost :'N ball pluyn's repoilcd ',,,· ,|. ni .. at !ln (.Minium!) diamond yea. I t : thy .·.Mornnon. j Tryotiln for vnrlmin jwnlllons .' llfll!;; miTIIEwl S1 , t| M t a toaill b; fil r.lfil by this ,\-eek-rnd. · !i« n: tin- nil,,- ;'.,,, wl || , ]n nii'inbcrs of Congress will hcai' the Chairman Connally (D-Tcs) of Iho Senate Foreign lu-liuloiils rominliu.e lold a reporter t h e decision to Ilnili ihc hearing 1,1 com- mlttci' inember:i "wns gciieriilly agreed In wHliniit a formal vnlo." ao far has ended like the battle of the rlvera, The Communists closed the sluice gates Monday night to lower the level of the two rivers. That would make them easier to'cross. The water level dropped sharply llnilili r.ntes Skyr.ildcra from the Can-let Princeton opened Hie gates Tuesday. They swept In across the reservoir mid skipped 1,000-ponnd honihs Into tv.-o flood gates. Cue OT the IS floodgates was destroyed. A 30-foot hale was rip. pcd In .'mother. Now the Reds will have to build lirldges lo cross the river. Anil =^ THURS. - FBI. - SAT. -\T^ Technicolcir y= "GREEN GRASS of WYOMING" 'Furnace Creek' iiimrontHt IUMMV r ".'I liii'l'.IK'i.'l ill Hi,. U'lllll 31V iiiliinl lo report for practice ,.\vrv .iHiinioim Ililn week wlih the ex'- cr|itlun of Kntlinluy. l^irih,.r no . lieu will lie mud,, O j Bun)1 . ,| mc Sunday nftcrncmn and the stiut- liiff llni'iip for tho team. I H 'STARTING THURS. A L L ·· M Admission SPc - 40c -'lOc Phone 413 .Th?h-Fishiest Yell! WED. -THURS; Pulso-pounding Realism!! targets for United Na- blasted the drive out of the nine rlny-old Cummunist offensive. "Cassino To Korea" Yugoslavia has six province. ."peophfs republics". EXTRA! 3 COLOR CARTOONS! Phone - Ri 0 Grande 430 , Slaie 457 .- Pi aza I:IM« Viiur innanrlitl Iturilfn! iillli n pmnnal loan Ironi Clilltnn l.onn .V Iiisiinuico Co. I N S U R A N C E u iM^i-oiai --'iiAiii ~ Ai'TOMonniic ' COM'ENTS ~ J'EHSONAL PKOPKHTY LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO., INC. 117 E«t GrI 93 , . . , p hon , 968 WORKHORSE IN THE FIELD! Get cxaclly the power you want for your off-ioad jobs ', . . o Ford F-6 gives you o choice of three great liuck enginesl You haul tor (en money, loo, wllh Ford Trucks and tho rowin rllOT-which givei you tho moil power from Ihe loot! goil WORKHORSE ON THE ROAD! Your Ford F-6 lakes you Ihere faster despite traffic and hills, lhanks lo "a hold- pulling Ford engine with rowin moron unbeatable combination under Western conditions. The 50-million-mll. Ford Economy Run showed whet Ih. row« fnoT can do! FORD TRUCKING COSTS LESS BECAUSE Using lale.l reg/ilroKon do/a on 7,31» 000 'ir - ll/c Insurance expert, p m . f o r d T / mla '? a °°,' S E E Y O U R F R I E N D L Y F O R D D E A L E R

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