Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 2, 1976 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Page 14
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14 PRESLEY. (Colo.) TRIBUNE T»ei.,M«rcht,lf7t Both lion and lamb weather greets notion By Untied Press ilMennillonal Six to eight inches of new Washington's prized cherry snow piled up In northern Utah trees were blossorm'ng, I *it they and eastern Nevada. Ely, Nov., might take a lesson froin elms and maples in Chicago. The elms and ma pits', also were in premature bloom .when March, in a leonino atebut Monday, coated them w ith ifour inches of wet snow. reported six inches of fresh snow. Heavy snow warnings were issued for the central mountains of Arizona and much of the mountain areas of Wyoming , L «, . ., j . , he Pla lns Monday and «rl.T c · 1-1. ,, j- Springlike flooding was blamed for three deaths M t «- ^ R o c k l e s o u g h the north- er " PIains and Portions of the Great u^ ^ Mniy ^^ ^^ , n East and the Southern of the children drowned and a fourth was rescued. The ,, Southern Plains. A car carrying a woman an d . four young children went out at '^ control near Rosiclare, III., and ,,,,,,,,,, ^^ ,,, Wa5hing(on Miri'dle Atlantic Seaboard flew Kites'. Flowers also were In . . . . . . . b'looni i n Indianapolis. woman, who had been driving g , the car, managed to swim to , h r M t safety and call for help. A potent winter storm assailed the West, the Northern The mercury hit a record 92 Plains and the northern Mid- Wichita Falls, Tex., wes t and .a record 85 at Oklahoma Rain and snow stretched over cit y. flkla '- Monday. California and Arizona and other records included an 80- heavy snows socked Idaho and degree rea ding at Washington the Rockies, occasionally ac- D.C. and Raleigh-Durham, companied by freezing rain and N.C., 77 ,at Louisville, Ky., 73 at drizzle ihat stretched through Evaravil.'.e, 1'r.d., 72 at Spring the Northern Plains and into field, m.,,66at Dayton, Ohio, 71 Nebraska, Iowa and the upper a t Cincinnati, Ohio, and 71 at Great Lakes. Indianapoh's, Ind. It's done liter by liter HAYWAKD, Calif. (DPI) -It's gasoline by the liter at Jack Holland's service station in nearby Niles. "It looks a little complicated at first, but actually It's easier once you get tbe hang of it," Holland said in an interview. Holland, president of a company with stations from San Jose to Lake Tahoe, has started California's first pilot project to familiarize customers with the metric system. "Now, when a customer drives into the Niles station for five gallons of gasoline, he'll ask for 19 liters, the closest metric equivalent, and it'll shov. on the gas pump," he said. Holland is conducting the experiment in cooperation with the Alameda County Department of Weights and Measures which has responsibility for the accuracy of gasoline pump computers. The department will use data from the project when drawing up regulations for metric computers. Holland said most nations adopted the metric system long ago because it is considered simpler and more accurate thar. older methods of measure ment. The system was developed by French scientists and adopted as France's legal system of weights and measures in 1799. Congress made it legal but not mandatory in the United States in 1866. "Conversion was slow in coming, but now it's upon us," Holland said. "Many government agencies, major corpora- CASH for SCRAP METALS · Copper and Brass · Aluminum · · Batteries · Scrap Iron, Steel Andersen's Sales Salvaqc 1 Mile East on 8th St., 35! 7797 Junk Cars Picked Up Modest Charqe tions and .state education systems curre.ntlii' use or have committed themselves to use the metric syysf em. slurry pipeline company Monday said killing the Senate bill granting the firm eminent domain may have been the final blow for a proposed Wyoming-Arkansaspipeline. Wichita attorney William Farmer, lobbyist for Energy Transportation Systems, Inc., said rejection by Nebraska, and now Kansas, leaves the company with no feasible route for the line, planned to carry crushed coal in water solution from Wyoming strip mines to a proposed Arkansas Power Light Co. plant at White BLuff. He said attempting to run the ETSI line the next closest route -- through Colorado, then east across the length of Oklahoma --would be too expensive. A statement from ETSI's San Francisco headquarters expressed regret at the Kansas Senate decision. "Coal will become increasingly important as a fuel for generating electricity and slurry pipelines are a highly competitive method of holding down the costs of transporting that coal," the ETSI statement said. "Eventually we hope the railroad coal hauling monopoly in Kansas can be broken and those consumer savings can be By MARGARET GENTRY Evaluators from the Mitre rical evidence that could be at- "arc highly fallible as meas- made available here as well." Associated Press Writer Corp., a private research firm, tained," the report said. ures of crime." Most studies Kansas lawmakers killed the Political pressures to achieve show that many crimes are proposal on a narrow 19-17 the goal and to get specific never reported. vote. An earlier vole to pass projects started quickly ham- Based on the FBI figures for the bill [ailed on an 18-19 vole, pcred the program by discouraging adequate planning, the report said. But some cities were able to overcome the handicap, the researchers Kansas may have dealt last blow to coal line TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI)-The for the pipeline's chief op- Kansas lobbyist for a coal ponenU, the railroad*, watched from the gallery. Almost an eagle Dan Higginbotham of Point Pleasant, W.Va., soars over Charleston and the Kanawha valley in his hang glider Sunday. (AP Wirephoto) Crime advanced in 8 law target cities Midwestern railroads mounted a strong campaign to block construction of the line, which would take away lucrative coal hauling business from the trains. The eminent domain authority -- the power to condemn land for the pipeline right of way -- basically was needed to cross railroad lines in the state. . Sen. Jack Janssen, D-Lyons, who made the motion to strike the bill from the calendar, said his main concern was water depletion. He said reports the pipeline would use brackish water, no good for other uses, were wrong. Janssen said the pipeline would divert 15,000 acre feet per year from the water supply beneath farms and ranches in South Dakota. "We worry about one area of energy, but we're ignoring a prime need, water," Janssen said. "I don't want to waste any." Your Dai fromthtCARROLL RIGHTER INSTITUTE WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vio- concluded that the "high im- lent crime has "considerably pact anticrime program" failed worsened" in eight cities that to fulfill the Nixon adminis- the Nixon administration chose tration's promise of a 5 per for a multimillion-dollar anti- cent reduction in street crimes crime program in 1972, a gov- and burglary within two years ernment-funded study reported in the target cities. The cities are Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Newark, N.J., St. Louis, Mo., ad Portland, Ore. They FORECAST FOR WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 1976 GENERAL TENDENCIES: Ewsrythini is fine now for putting in motion a new course of action. Uncertainty could cause trouble 10 proceed with confidence and conviction it thii time. ARIES (Mu. 21 to Apr. 19) Some limitation could keep you from advancing now, so be sure to get rid of it. Improving your appearance is wise. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May M) Don't confide in one who goisipl too much or you could lose much of value. Conult a higher-up for the data you need. GEMINI (May 7.1 to June 21) Show co-workers that you will cooperate with big plans ahead. Attend the social tonight and mike worthwhile friends. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) You are now capable of accomplishing a great deal where career affairs are concerned. Show devotion to mate. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Good day for any worthwhile changes, whether in business or personal affairs. Make necessary payments without delay. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) A new system can help you get rid of your obligations more quickly at this time. Strive for more harm ony at home. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Discussions with associates could laid to better arrangements for the future. A business matter needs more study. SCORPIO (Oct. '23 to Nov. 21) Attend to those tasks early in the day and improve your position in life. Forget recreation for the tune being. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Put your creativity to work and make a fine impression on higher-ups. Think slong more constructive lines. CAPRICORN (D«c. 22 to Jan. 20) Try to establish more accord at home and be happier. A friend can be helpful to you now. Use care in motion. A Q U A R I U S ( J a n . 21 to Feb. 19) Making appointments with those who can help you in your career is wise. It is wise to save more than you spend. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Using a new system could add to your abundance in the future. Forget that social event where armiments could start. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he or she will be one those pioneering persons who cannot be daunted and should be given the finest education possible in order to meet the challenges of life. Don't neglect spiritual training. Stress sports. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sign for March is now ready. For your copy send your birthdate and Jl to Carroll Righter Forecast (name of newspaper), P.O. Box 629, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. ((c) 1976, McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) 19C8 through 1974, the research- Senators debated for two ers found: hours as Farmer and lobbyists --"Long-term, generally severe crime-rate increases in Atlanta and Portland." --"Declining or concluding that crime rates generally increased, the report said the increase might have been much greater if the program had not been in operation. The evaluators also con- The Law Enforcement Assist- c i uded that lhc program gave in p or t| on d but remained reia- ance Administration operated officials in the eight cities valu- lively low in Cleveland, able (raining in planning and carrying out crime-fighting projects. The evaluators said it's difficult to judge precisely what impact the program had on the cities' crime rates. They based considerably worsenedover-all: their conclusions on FBI fig- whereas in 1970, four cities had ures for crimes reported to po- rates under 450 per 100,000, by lice in those cities, but they 1974, all rates were above that cautioned that those statistics figure." PET SUPPLIES FRANK'S Seed Hatchery 709 10th St. 352-1096 have received $140 million in federal funds for 233 anticrime projects since the program was launched in January 1972. the program, which ends in December, and paid Mitre $2.4 million to evaluate the results. The report suggested that it was foolish for administration officials to launch the program with the claim that it would bring about an actual percentage reduction in the crime rate. The promised reductions were not "based on any empi- generally stabilizing trends in Dallas and Denver" except for rape in Dallas and burglary in both cities. --An increase in murder rates in all cities except Dallas. --The burglary rate doubled --"Baltimore was the only city to show steadily decreasing rates for rape." --"Robbery rates increased" in all eight cities. --"Violent crime rates had ATTENTION Kmart Customers! Our March 3rd full color advertising supplement In today's paper has an error on page 6. Our 12" Cork Panels are incorrectly advertised as "12 per pack" for 2.44. Please note the count should be "4 per pack." We apologize for any Inconvenience caused our cuslomers. Kmart General Manager 2829 West Tenth Street 'High on the hog' charges leveled against money chief WASHINGTON (UPI) - The comptroller's office is Comptroller of the Currency financed by fees from the 4,700 James E. Smith has been living national banks it regulates, "high off the hog" and has Proxmire suggested Congress been lax in his job of regulating could better control its ex- banks, according to Sen. penses if the money came from William Proxmire, D-Wls. congressionalappropriatlons. Chairing a hearing of the Proxmire has induced a Senate Banking Committee bill which wou | d abolish Monday, Proxmire said Smith Smilh , s offlce and have banks has spent almost as much lime regu , ated by onc new ^ traveling as he has in ins(ead of thrM The Federa| Washington, including many Reserve and the Federal inoslo attend meetings jointly ^ ,, Insurance c also sponsored by the American |ate banks Proxmire accused Smith of "laxity" regulating hanks and Bankers Association. He produced a list of Smith's travels and expenses and challenged items including Mid there is evidence four $1,213.30 for "meals, lodging, Mures of national banks since 1973 could have been avoided if his office had taken a tougher stand. Smith denied the charges and said bank regulation will work better if there are three competing regulatory agencies than under one "monolith." $1,213.30 for "meals, lodging, other" during a three-day meeting in Houston. "You're living too high off the hog," he told Smith. Smith said he would check his records, but he believed the Houston bill also included four or five of his staffers. 4 NOW OPiN J SPORTSMAN'S nJWW Wrcra ^'niy^-rT^ Sieving Quality Processing TIPS ON FISHING T FOR STEELHEADS " f ------· m "i ' ' '_. . Located on Farmers and Ranchers Livestock Commission parking lot in Fort Collins. Call For Appointments 493-6221 Custom Slaughtering Beef, Lamb Pork Beef 14* Ib. Dressed Weight No Slaughter Charge STEELHEAOS (SEA-RUN RAINBOW TROUT FROM CALIFORNIA TO ALASKA) PAUSE IN UPSTREAM MIGRATION TO REST BEHIND CURRENT OBSTRUCTIONS OR AT THE HEAD OR TAIL OF POOLS, ALWAYS CLOSE TO THE BOTTOM, FEEDING ON CURRENT'S OFFERINGS WHILE OTHER STEELHEADS SWIM ON UPSTREAM. IF A POOL IS FISHLESS, THE NEXT ONE MAY PAY OFF/ Single school grants eyed WASHINGTON (UPI)-The to consolidate school aid administration has proposed programs in elementary and consolidation of 24 school aid high school education, aid for programs under a J3.3 billion handicapped school childrei,, block grant freeing state and and adult and vocational local education from "an education, excess of control by the federal "it is time that we reconciled government." our goo( j intentions with the The plan, unveiled Monday, recognition that we at the would require states to spend 75 federal level cannot know what per cent of the block grant is best for every school child in money on aid to deprived or every classroom in the coun- handicapped children, (he (ry," Ford said. White House said. He said control of schools President Ford said in his should remain at state and message to Congress he wanted local levels. STEELHEAD FfSHINS METHODS ARE SIMILAR TO THOSE OF ATLANTIC SALMOK. FARM SEEDS FOR SALE Top Quality · Barley and Oats Seed · Spring Wheat · Alfalfa, Clover and Grasses lANDERSON SEED CO.| 714 10th St. 353-0188 or 353-0190 WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY FRIDAY ONLY, MARCH 3-4-5 Brownie Delight Bargain HOTFUDGB BROWNIE DELIGHT Wind up this week with a Scrumpdillyislius Hoi Fudge Biownic Delight! Dig in and enjoy that "tower" of DAIRY QUEEN' lucked between Iwo fudgy nutty brownies, downed with hot fudge and whipped lopping. Have a Hot Fudge Brownie Delight toi only b9f. Ihis Wednesday. Thursday Friday at participating DAIRY QULEN stores. Dairy Queen Greeley Mall and 1635 8th St.

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