Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1955 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1955
Page 18
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I'agc JS GREEI.BY T K I H U N B Monday, bee. 'l2, 1955 . Classified Adve Classified Hales CASH i V J T L l O K D E H O*i OU1 A OK C O U N T Y 'ADS /A St a » c i a -- J eCD*«utivi iniertloca ' \Zt » word--* ccc.HC-.iUi* Lr.iii- A t tier* Vil U : t r t i ? n cr ntte. re (3.1W r-ei i*; l:nr p«« cacolii Mm- LTLQ ol wo lire* · C0 Uliio bci (.umber* 2bc extra. IIC E « r o i f c c r c!» «di lo c* charted n £ a: 3T.e J a y rite. 5C all maun ad 1» woiil. Micimttra jjp e l i a n f 6-'je U-*^ d:vcL«i (rono s | h.^rlicr- Ada oriltitfl ti.l d*:ur!jed, l ia 10 r«c«al diicotm if paid iajr ol CT c*- -JUtioa f [j. - C L A S S l F i i - D D l S l ' L A Y - cr Sic per crlLtan met or,* L c i e r L i o o . MiniK-jm oc* i n c b . Sl.fJ C" c c l u m n '" iccb oui ol C o u r i j rate il (Voi-jrce rate* upoa appUsilion] y CllHUHS 10 UK KKl'UKTED Al T OM!E T h t T r i i i a n e « i l l ro»ke r.o al- j, ir.nut.oa cl vr ««!*erlls'nitrit. C Lott and Found 1 f - -- .r ftl wri-7 vir.f-h. c-iVansijn I Hn. C»rL \VaUcn, . V i l l i k e n , Colo., ^ LOST -- I b s u H i y ilUrrooTi n plra-'e r e t u r n bi!]MJ \ i*lc» l j:e iarc:* and k«fp«»J=«-v Keep Ave. Ph. 4129J. Pcrspnoli 2 FOR d r i n k i n g proUeraB c o n t a c t Al- ^ coboJics Amnnnei.1.. 260= Tlh Av*. . I'; O. Box. 1*05 I'h T I S W . SS93J I Announcement! 5 I VALLEY I n t j r a n c * Savinp* j in tr.i'jcAr.ce 1?21 9lV St P h . 162. W H I T E CTC-J r!a«. W a i v e We In mew- /.TTENO t h e Sunr.y V i e w chcich of l the Na IAK r.o. 3019 S. 1 1 th A * r. SL-Tidiy «fh«pl 9 ;+,",. u n r s J i i r 10:45 ami 7:30 r-m. E ^ t r y o n e w^kon:*. Ftw t r i n s i - c i t a t i c n . Ph. 1P:U. 3W?J TOYLAND-ISOPEN AT WARDS M down 1 holds nnj- toy Up lo J20: until Dec. 15th. Choose to- 1 day from our huge assortment. Montgomery. Ward E K R V E C E for all beirlfiK .Hi. Ua[- t Sl'lA Gr'«!e7 flMe - · Help W a n l o d 11 for* GM :«TI. Writ* Box' B-D, e / o Tritjr.e. RASEUAI.L rivets, capal-lc f o r no ·\VANTED-Wam:in for UcM fciuf* *«*X »nl to ..i^V witS. tnv.V. W^B. 'ijiKenX. I'h. 41CGU or £331. P»~H. So. Arr.cVi:., T h e ' lilflnHi. 1 E. U'rl'.e PfpL E-ll N'atksnml. 102 Bn»i. N=»-»tV. N. J AIRLINES NEED Young women 17 to 39. See onv n! under classification 12.. . National School of · Aeronautics Salesman Wanted New and used trucks. S o m e experience preferred.' Permanent position. Weld County Garage AIRLINES NEED Yo'ing men 17 to 3S). See our ad under classification 12. National School of Aeronautics I WANT TO TALK TO A RELIABLE MAN Wiil "assist you to get estab lished in the best one-mat · ·· business in America withou captia'L investment supply ft rural families fn this area wit NATIONALLY AD\'EHTISEI ' farm and home nrcfPsK CB Stock furnished on credit. Ex peri n ce not nccc s sa ry . 1 n come of $5EC0 and more po= FULLEN*. 4SOO Colorado Klvd Denver JC, Colo. INSPECTORS (Male) Part-time \Vork Jnu ranee and feroanel re jiorting. IntereEting and re munerative. Paid by the cfiFe H your regular job tekes yo about town and vicinity, yo caD handle ours, at the sam time. Tell us joyr oc-^ujiatioc fc£ fc » piin :ie nu rr.lj e r, n nd t i m tivallrihU-. Tickle-? are conf dentiaV O'H.inlan Kc-[ioriF, 16 W.-.JackBon Blvd. Chicago, Jl! . ROD in 73r. SALESMAN WANTED . Increase your income n job that otters opportunity (or advauixment. No expert t nee necessary-- Ttt teach you. Medical and retirement plan, paid vacations. Established local bufineEE. Apply at 908-A Sth Av*.. Wonted To P.«nl l*4ns.rf. te^v. P=. W11R1. 01* r,-.' r.'tir t-u. W/JK *x i i - l l f e Trjbur*. \ WANTED TO KEN _. .. ' Wfieat land to Bummer fall lor'"7)i" ^iave modern equ '· , . meet and capital to opera ·. liE ilh Are, or Phone 3202 ii'- . 'Edueoticn'-Tnitiucticin 1 2 I R L I N E S N E E D || )STKHSKSs -- S T A T I O N ' ur JKNTS, ticket agents, roser- Jl tion n^enip, i-omitiunication ^ cuts 'iraftii; nmJ sales rep- ^ s e n t n t i v c s , ctr. 'i lie major t o nntiercinl airlines urgently * ed VOUIIA ni on ruid women. Jes 17 to 39, v.illi n high *° 1OO cdiicallou anil a plPiiKJHK ic rsonality for iieiinaiipiU i't T\ ions ii liic ijaEt=e:iger de- » rltnents. Airline employees ~ joy security, htplier vaj". 'ree f ^ ivcl aRseE f social and re- 1 eationak activities, retire- pc cut and insurance n d v n n t - ^ A N C K M B N T OPPOHTUNI- D ; KS. A short low cost train- p K lieriocl Hut will not Inter- N re w ill your present job cnn jr an exciting glamourous i-ae cer. Write givinp phone mnn- * or, lo Airline Training. N'a- i- ona School nf Aeronauttcs, · S t u o t c o n i Wonted' 1 3 ' I L L Jo it my htm-.e. M*«1« y Li-iri. t-02 ith 5U "A NT KD -- Wft^h i r e » n r t ijonbp. U- the pxc*. Ph. 31TQM. «15 21 51- VAN7XD-- Hoj-'cuork b j h o u r or day. Ph. 2219. OT SmllK Mold No. 7. ,MJV s i t t i n g In mr horn* or youri T J K K R R J 1 A K 1 N R . «1Wt*llani. I'Koae I A D K Co o r r ? f r f » b i r . f U , r c m c d e l i i i K . ' K. It. C a l i b a n . I'b. £v*ni *!61. V A N T K O - I r o n i n g . 4lh K1. V A N T E I - I r o n l n , . I'h. 3 0 S I J . l b J . 7th At*. r - f r t - i Jchi. Ph.' 3178 «i-*ninci. · A P F . R H A K G 1 K O *nd f n i n t i s i f f -Che I Kctbc*. Ph Sf=SW T AINT!NG~ pirxttunKice. i p r » j * trncV 1. M f t h n e r Th S256. r i l K K S I t i m r r e d *nd reiroven. tn: jrei. Floyd C RonfM ESO T X I ' K R I K N C K " h f r r l i m i i n win Li j u b on d a i r y . Mirrled. W r i l t U a x IM2. efn Tribune. Br.J ri[n[5r.£. HeA3on»b!» C» ] 4101RI. fjreJ, ro»er eq ui p rr.e nL Cainr.iJ TCM Skrvi« PA. 4I18W 'h«n!iinB. Dor. Moore." Pb. SUJ er 23C1R. Fr« e»tlrr.»^i. L A H R V ' 5 w l n r t o n f!c««. bomt ck»rlr-K. with, c e H i n K i . f)«oTi «.-»^ed. Tjirrr Ncel. Th 31FJ. mcdiit* leirk*. Frre *-ilirfint*i, K I FM- VANTEI) -- A n j l l n i i K n huiHmtr. home*, *:liUlfofli. rerr.r^plir.x, eab- M C n!ii! "slIllkA UlAr. rh.' L E»11« EMPLOYERS! Need Help? Let Us Save You' Time For pnrt time or permnnen personnel . . . Call 2011 Only qualified applicants ar referred. G R K E i / K V ElPLOYIil SERVICE (Jlra.) Gwen Craven, Jtgr. 322 Greeley Bldg- Th- 2011 JKE? U-tr.etir.», lOiS Stb St. J'h. iSS. Windtor 974R4. CUSTOM ro rn p i c k i n g . r.«r I rc«- J r . t c r n a t i a n i l . Ph. 064R1, CUSTOM cora i h t l l i n c . I'h. 4115\\. CUSTOM ttj C i in ding, «qLippd for lyrup. nil] S^er Ph. 012-J2. CLTSTOU tiT triad rar- A'n HfU ' tinrt'i. Phosf ZI1GJ. ' C U S J O M L*j rriDdmt. Lcthtr. Ph. 1 4549W. t Ct'S/OM h » y p r i n d i n r , h»j U l i r y . Ko f U i u r d e y uL^. Ph. Gikmi 4*1 ' T 2», ) £7 diyt. f k r r i n z * 7J1 'or I G l M . nttcj- Urof.. La Silk. Foi Rent -- HOUJCI J 5 -· FOR REXT -- K r A r l j r.*w E Kxvra hci.K-, (il. C»]l WJ1. TWO t*droott; bo'Jt* »bii Kt;«rc 'OUR nx-ra ho-jip for rtnL Pa* · r.: Arm Drivr, Ev*t», Colo. J-OK R K N T -- 1 room to-j*«. FOK R E N T - l Udrooro barr.«, r f » . . ctatk.1,. iran:«3i«t* iofiuiKn. C»L FOR RENT-- Ck«:i J Udrc^m. n o J c^-n ISflJ "S:li St. J o a u i i * »t I t C , f:Js St, PL. ITiSW. = - U R N I S H K D » trtrooa r.ortt 1 I 12 rcon'Jj Icaie. Poi^iiioa Dtr. ti± 1110 p*r coolh. C»ll Bob Kill i e S635J cr Sh»w R«»jtj. Ph. Ell. 11 ith Ait. f o r Rent -- Apartment! 1 rOfi R K N T -- 4 room f e m i F h u J «p«r FOR R K N T -- Four rtx-rt, u t f t f · ['.., 10, l n q u i / « ItOI TtL L 'DiRLK rex: re Mmi-biitn-.tnt tp pm«'^ Uth. 111? t'.b St., A p L N E W L Y d'eor«'.M tt* *; Ch« in. K1B lOtfc A**. Pb. 3'tlii I-OK R K N T -- Bueura* »pt- i 1 F^tcn SCJJ. FOR RKNT-- Clean I - fdoa ·;* rr-tr.t, rent reatimaUc. Pb. 1»'.OH FOR RENT-- At Pi*rc«, two S-roc FOR RENT-- Apt- t rosm* Ut Pb 1124. ' FOR P.Elfl-- room furpjiV.ri t^u * ·ftVW-M p.TK. . FHR R F N T -- Ttrr* room f u r n . A Privkt*. Uth. J3t, Pe.. 161tJ. j:ih St. * /I 70 H RKN'T-- Law. t - e fc*ir f L r n . b*xir.rt« apt. Cbildr*» * ffff.f. H5 pliw. oUli*J«, Pk. t5 f U R N I S U K D S Tc*rr. Ui«r.«t » rp Priv*'^ « rt f*.r.t*. 20»7 tit A JW FOP. RKNT-- First |lx.r front [p- i:*. 1037 Tih A\e. e WANTED-- Workin a «Jr1 PT Br tutc itiidtrit to fh*r* nk* k p i ~ WI ·ificina " rwisirt^ -- f For Rcflt -- Aportmenti , 1 7 I l H K N T -- K u r n i i h c d ·r»rt^i*nt. i v A t r lilh. »lc-mi h f « t . TV ,\nirn- T "KENT-- 3 JOOJTI f u r n w h f J ur i. U 36-'lM f r W3J. WLY i f d c \ - o r « l « d nr.J 2 ih, Ut 1 door a p t . New ( u r n i t u i f . w[ l U U w . Cfc»* Io. Th. SWW. 2 K Rf.NT-- 3 r«XTi tutr.nhrd a p t . co 9J. 11=3 :ih St. v f ^ h ' A v t TM J " ra ·U room *pt.. dccirle rcfr!*. P r i v - « p h«lK a n J h»-«t t o n t t o l t , r f j s o n - g,i F nut. i'h. S331, X ~KKNT-- N k f t h t r * ror.i (urn. 9 m i h x r r r r n t »pU Real can blr. E Z t t, R ih AV*. It H K N T - Loielj *l*an apirt- · nt ·l«am hc*t Utl]il:M p « f d . TV tr coVL-r. f A r « f ( . 19(1 1C tli Ave. I S K M K N T apt., f u r n l j h t d . 3 l a r K * - a.W. 1530 K-'.V. Ave. iv « r i n i r . l e M t .. utilities ra'd. I'h. 4C 070 btla-ecn « and 1 p.m. v - o ec*. P r i v a t e *r.tranre. buth. I'h. I I 4 M . L [·arlrr.ent. u t i i i t : M r*W. 1C51 25th 3H HKST-- C « r i K « . u n p l c or /Inn. ck)!f In. A i d tlu« r n r m f u r n . OH R E N T - C l e A n S-ioom. nirr.. j p i t a l r . .i'f. H a l h - Prjval* *r.- \f.38J. R t f r i i r v r i i t i o n . Utilities. A - ! u 1 t * unly I ' n v a t e rrlrar.ep. Cloi« in. m O . A I h Si- OR R K S T -- Nicrly t u r n . ihrre ro-.m bi»cnier.t apt. Prlvilr en- t r a n c e . «rrf b a t h . Tcr couple. C»H -1J41R a f t e r 6:30. : furnish*.] tuJroora a p a r t t o e n t . «a- r* g r «rl-i!l*. C*mpui L'o-nl Ar«rt- tr.*nr.-. 1728 *li Ave. ' \ OEl RKNT-- Ta-o rrom t u r n . *Pt. Sntcial Ir«li:ecrr.en(, * m P 1 o y f t roVpV Tiled t i t r t n e n t . S«. 1424 7 t h S'.. ' ^ OR RENT--I rTM^ u n f u r a . fc»"- i«nt » p t . P r i v a t e t « t h and r n - J nir.rr. U t l l i t r u p » M . l* mantb. | \ RGE 4 ro"m upstairs n n i . 1 TM" J i^lrCArri. ititable for »«i»l( f « m t l r . 4S t:«r rr.o C.ll 19" f«m 6 to * OR K E N T -- Furnhhed 2 rxdroom i H-ni-bi^mfnl Rpnrtir.rnt. priva-.* ' ntr«ncps, u t i l i t y I-«HT.. hathrocm. f o jtcps n*«r A r l l n c l o n . collccw . r.d bn«. uiiHUra 165 I PARK PLACE AFTS. Furn. or imlnrn. buftet apis. Steam h e a l , hot water and utilities. ?30 per month. A p p l y S27 Sih St. Hiu. 210, Ph. UOS or Optlvlie A E o D c y. Inc., . Ph. 604. Cottage C j m p Cobini 17A OR R K N T -- f-i:«\. *pH- T n u d r d M a l e . North l l t h ATP. HMT*r"Mctc]. 213 lltb A \ f . OR RENT-- Moriern cotta s «i. Pn. 'OR HF.HT -- I.nrce cabini w i t h Ht^preltc. 1l«»r Mot*]. ?13 l l t h A v e . Pr- 6fti. fO H RKNT-- lice mi , apU.. ti*ll«r *?ae«. Utilities paid. Wkrr, r»lc*. V i c t o r y Mn'.rt. Y O U ItKNT -- I.»rc« ciibini vii kllehencltr. Hoorrr Mol*l, 211 lit Air-. Ph. B«, FOTl flKNI -. M w i f r r k l t e r . c u r l i UlllltU* nafd. PK. 4I01W HUar w«t- Kite* W* M o t t l " Trailer Spaci 17 RASP'S f r a i l e r p.rk. A.*U»ble lo vo-jr rnrhrn t r a i l e r 1C01 tOlH S PLENTY of §r»crs n v i i U b l e Co^rt? C»inV«ld County Kealty. 951. Foi Rent -- Rocrr.i 1 8 FOR RENT-- NIC* q u k t room, rround floor. 16DS 10th St. W A K M room M » r fcMh to erapoitJ ROSS ROTT.I ilnsl« or iouble. re*- I'D K R EN'T -- N ;re *lei n i leep LAK YOU RENT -- Room* for «rapkr*iJ Ciiii K I D 10*h SU FOP. R E N T -- I ' i n i floor i t n r l e room 17-41 I C t h AT* FOR RENT- Slofpinsr ivta-.t. w i 1 · tow hot plat P. F r l v a l e Falh and Virat conlrel. Itosona^!* rat«. Ph. S J S f c TOR R F N T -- L f s h t houi eke pir.T roon;. f-jra.. u'.iliUei / u m . 602 llth FOR R K N T -- CJ*»n. «mr«rt*M« rcom* rl«- l a . Kitchen pri»il*iu If detlrcd. Ph. 43SO. ROOMS f o r r«nl to p*m»nenU Rtajonabl* rates. weeWr or monthly Hot*] Swrllnj. Pb. 932. HOOilS for i « n t to p*rrn. r^«« Al! conv*nfer.r*», modern rocre cheaper ihiu prlra'.e tamt. IATM\ c i t e b*fcr« jca uttle. C»mf!e! K6-H. BoorJ and Room 2( ROOM ar.d boarJ for elderlr P«P in my home. 6I( ICth AT*. Pt IS5IW. bosK iftiirible p U r e for p « n i f o E ' *M. 41 12th £U PB IESEJ. ConvaUsccnr H o m i i 20; TWENTY-FOUR bwr ^·J 1 "^;"^ ^"iwt^t^Hoae' ISO* »th 'et. Office Spoc« 2 FOR EFNT-- D«irat!i off;'* ·*« · vAiliblf ID Grtt'.rr R o n d i n f . Zl rater write A p ^ l r HI Cr**. ; B a iJdrtr. Ph. ». ·*·' " n * * . 160 D A I R Y *ann witb rood kr 1 «.r.d lite. Wiil F «7 tor rellkSc C n n t U *jrxrite^ d«1r7«» Writ* Eos E-7, e/0 THbun. 7 Reel Eiltrtt 2 ". SHAW REALTY "· Realtors-Insurers t'. SIC 6th Arenye Phone C U ' _____ h! No. 2 * ANTELOPE DR. Wst f town. North of A n Root Beer SUnd. JSOOCi f _, t h l e nice 3 room home. Bin do^-fl payment. « 1642 7*,h AVENUE WD1 try t t*0 down p« y m .p. for thii 4 room home. £ iril 14th AVENUE 51WJO down payment, th on move JD .Call ue to seef fj- . 6AI-EBMEN Dob 0w!d-- (ES7 ii* ' Don J. .Bbaw-- 2675 Bob Hill -- 2S38J rt- A: E. Ritchie-- 7T5W * TV. D. 'Bracft-- 1618J Real irt.n' 23 LL li*f« to acif*. I r r l r i l k i B w t J I . I'O m*. rJ|r* of Cr(*!ey for h o u i t I B l- x*!«y. 'b t\31J- 3T »V LIE y. RULER . REALTOR » Stli SI. ' Ph. 161 bedroom hnjuf. gns h c A l , 111 2 bedroom bnseincilt ftpl. cnr Ear.ige. Very ool In- nio on your i n v e s t m e n t . ^ \v S bedroom home, nttrnc- e reorealion IOOIH, 2 cur page, 1 acre o( ground, cily ite'r nnd «ns nnd nniiUe trrl- 6 lion water. bedroom home s'itb 4 room · Keineul apt. near College, w gas furnace, lovely lot, ex- a arse Rnrase. . · ncre tract, 500 head feed cor- , 5 room modem home, Rood ·uer vishts, iirlced to sell. ifl acre f a r m , 160 acres cnlti- lec , rest in 'good pasture, 4 E oin niodfrn house. Can se- ro good loan. Sales Personnel E. J. Handleman, rh 3327W Nya L. A d a m a . Ph. 2030 Sylv a L. Mitchell. Pb. 2452 o and Insurance [ 08 8lh Ave. Ph. 780 ° n · s 125. Sth -SI. 2l/ v A. li-acl. n ^oss, in 10 (la.vs of this i 'Hi-age, and otliev hltlfs. n f you want to live in town i net still have room for a [ iony and chickens, .this i ; n idea! set up. Out of 2 own owner, wants offer. ! Across from t h e H i g h chool, very nice 2 B.H. ome wilh extra bedroom i the basement. Owner eavinp town. 01 ICth Ave. 2 B.R. home, nick poas, SJG500, $1500 own and onlj' $40.00 per lonth. ''or Sale or Trade. Vei-y 3oo Substantial s t o r e niilding, with Modern 3 ·com 'apt., Ige. gar., IRC.' ot and plenty of parking spnce, in good t h r i v i n g , nearby town, on the new highway No. 85. For rmick sale ; this bklg. is priced at only ?3000.00. Realtor Service · ' PAYS IT DOESN'T COST Enrl J. Tvrtst. 4078 Perle FranU, 3S23-W 11. C. K i l k i n B , 4123.1 Geo. Graham, ItQjj-J W. C. .S'ye, 3S95-W Cnllen Hildenorandt -- Farms 2775-W WELSH and ANDERSON REALTORS 811 10th Street Ph. 124 · THIS CHRISTMAS : GIVE *. 7 i*esent they have eve | I l l i U A HOME i - Drive by and call us fo * particulars on the one c -i your choice: '·' ' 1840 12th Ave. 5 1021 19th Street. 927 24th Street 2405 12th Avenue Ct. 25109th Street 3J 2310 Sth Street BUSINESS BLDC 9th Street shopping cent( location. B u i l d i n g 20x' w ft. with room for expa o' sion. Priced to sell. Wou 111 make good investment. FOR RENT nl 4 bedroom home. Near cc lege. 185.00 per month. \ * e a * · · M. s, ANDE'KSON 'n««. Pb. 38 JOE W. MURPHY .Hts. Pb. 9S2 J. LYLE'ROBETITSON Ret. Pb'. flOt ·KM! ItUti 23 | R SM.K-J WJtv-Mu Kyi... (jlli r.-^l^. k t t i t b M time*. I'k. Jilt. F O L 8 R E C H I S1 I'hWl* ?*^$ H u«Ho i-oriipp lut, U»nu ; i\iAle possojskni. l*rk*t j^.OOO. c.l Voih'ixnii buus^low Ui Glen- iii pro iUsl., very R t t r a c l l v e with unusiifit renlures, snr- fO attflcliod. Price $17,500. 1P sh rootu hungalow near (bo col- lepp ami In Cameron tUst , very pa oil condition, owner is. moving from Greeley iiid s imtlous to sell. Price $13,SOU. esinible building' lol. west front, m o u n t a i n view, I25x -* 155 feet, price ?3,2?0. II, Folbrecht. Res. Ph. ,1362 B. El'dred, Res. Ph. 4427-W 1 Austin 'and Austin REALTORS ,, I 19'/ 2 8th- Ave. Ph. 4804 a J Ve sell the earth at auc- t tion or private treaty. . tie of the larger motels and offee shop, would take farm 2 r ranch ns dowu pnyment; [ asy lernis tin . balance; 70 ; aodern rooms and apartments, year average $35,777 net, 'wo bedroom home south of eu- bospftal. Total price $15,50. Has H loan of $6,300, ^wo bedroom home, basement pertinent, hill IdcalEan; price o sell, $14.500. Q% down or will irflds for ood incotne property. Ray Larson 3707-W ^ouis "Bill" Warner 3398 LOOKING FOR.. A . HOME ·FARM TRACT "\VE HAVE THEM JUST REDUCED To $16,800 this ranch sly e 3 bedroom home in Maple wood, likrueled lis'ing roinn: disposal unit aitd other nice features, 2 car giirage. Call Harry Re m- ers H M ; Res. HbOJ. ' P R I C R D TO SELL 'his 3 year old 3 he d room homo M i L h . f u l l finisher] base- en t. Cariiet and drapes in- nded in price, lias -1 VTM c 'o loan. Ask Jav to show you this. Phone 651; R'es. 4S2!1. CHOICE LOCATION i blocks Trom colteRe and near ilgh -scliool antl C a m e r o n jrade school. A nice 2 heri- room home wtlh basement apt. All In poml condLlinn, Musi be sold quickly. Call Harry Reimers, 551; Res. 1-150J. A MESSAGE 'o you who want a home with ncome. 2045 6th Ave. i3 a nice 2 hcdroom home with 2 bedroom basement apt. w h i c h renls for $60 per mo. Call Helen Williams 551; lies. 1236 WILL TRADE OLD I.OVEI/Y VAItl) ANT LARGE GARAOE FOR D A i m K A J i M . PHONB JAY 4823 OR 551 FOR DETAILS. IT'S A DANDY Nicely flecorated, designed To modest' comfortable l i v i n g BudKCt iiriccrt nt S10.SCW. Cal Helen Williams, 551; Res. 1236 D A I R Y FARM 40 acres with modern h o m e Moilern' milking parlor. Goo water rights: all under Irrl^s tion. Priceil lo Fell at on {23,000. Call Jay FuUord, 551 Res. 4S23. 320 A. IRRI. South o[ Wiggins. Price ha 'been reduced to 149,500, Grart A milk setup. 8 room home an a lot of other good outDiiil ings. Call Gilbert Danley, 551 nts. 28«J. £ 160 ACRES 120 acres crop land, balan asture. 1 right water Supt and Storage, plus Grand w a t e r . Fair improvement Will trade for f a r m close In ipll Price S25.0GO. Call Gllbe Danley, 551; Res. 284SJ. 15 ACRES Irrigated. 700 gali well. Mo ern home. Taxes only »S9. Th Is a dindy tract. J16.0CO. C ' Wilmer LewJs, 551; Res. J^va 2. r . ' 80 ACRES , " n In early potato district. T u 1000 gallon wells and d l t c 1- waler. -Level aa a table. Go d production record. Full pri 113,000. Call Wllmer L e w 551; flea. Evan» 502. 80 ACRES IRRI. i 5 mllei west or I.ucerr.e, E r l ~ modern home, Grade A m aelup, with a new steel st chlon 1 milk parlor, possess 1956, JJ5.00D. Call P. J. St .'Tnti · REALTOR 2305 10th Street Phone 561 or 129 , «.«!*«*· 23 . · re HAYS REALTY. ·! yo 2 Sth Ave. Ph. 752 * KXCKl.LENT ' LOCATION ; is \VHler, K*S. and electricity. .^ SMALL HOME * oso n, small Oowu payiuoiU. SAFE DRIVERS PAY LESS /20/5 llaulllly. .No member-. Ip fee. .^7.12 each 6 months. C. E.-Coojier, 359111 7 C. O. Milhoan, 4433W Elmer Moore. S53W Merel C. Haya. 2171 G 1 t . - ' h REALTOR a 107 Slh.Ave. Phone 4144 c 112 5th Ave. S . bdrm., hill asc. IVj garage. Nearly new. j urnlture can be had for $550 ddlllonal. . p 7500 Lilys tills 2 bilnn. nearly ' eu- home. Has half base., ' enced yard. !*/£· garage. acre. 6 r n K ' h o m e with full nished base. 2 car gar., low axes. 204 l l t h Ave. 5 rms. knotty ' ine. 2 bdrnis. Garage. Fenced ard. 1100 sq. ft: 3 yrs. old. laplewood. S. W. of hospital, rms., 3 bdrnis., full partly f i n s icd base. 2 fireplaces. 2 x:ar. arage. Good loan 'commit- nept, . . ',, rm. bungalow in N. W. part )[ town. 53SOO. NICK BAKI, 022S-J1 H A R R I S H. MITCHBM,. 2558 STAN S M I T H Agency Real Estate -- Insurance 1019 Sth Avenue Phone (i86 YOU'RE MISSIN' The boat if 3' on don't take a look al Ihe line two 'bedroom home with lar^e Hv. rm., ilti.. rm., line kitchen, bath. Full basement and a double garage, too. WHY NOT Let us show you the rtandy three, lied room home with full i;iEenient. Ciarage. lively yard. Vligh Kchool locaLion. Bargain. §9,000 Will buy very nice home. Big home features in this low pr ce lorne. Hetter H U R R Y . YOU CAN Move in before Christmas If you act no iv on t h i s (3 n n i! y 3 bedroom in Glen more. Priced to suit yon. Slan Smith, Ph. H074-J L. V. Moore; Ph. U93M REAL ESTATE- · 'REALTOR' 828 9th St. 512 CENTRAL EVANS lere is a lot of cheap l i v i n g low taxes, 3 br., gas heat, mod ·m, 808 15th ST. A very nice 2 Br. 'home clos In, zoned for business,' hn spot. 3008 llth AVE. 2 Br., Lr., Dr., \V to W carpe f'car. att. gar.; all large room This is nice. 1127 14th AVE. S Br., large kitchen, -lovely 1. e This place 1s clean, base, ap ,« 1211 14th AVB. .JP 3 Bdrn7, home, near all school r t W-to-W. Carpeting throughou Finished baa«, 2 car Gar. Tre and b e a u t i f u l town. See this.' 4 . - 27 A. ' Is Mod. J- b d r m . home witri fi 11 base, near Greeley. Lots of OL na buildings. 2 irr. wells, so water well, with pressure sj tern. Real .town and count ' living. " .3 BDRM. BRICK I « DERBY I K to trade for OREELEY RE DEXTIAL property; ONE - A . TRACT 1^ wilh 2 Bdrm. home. ln * 4 A. tract n e a r - E v a n s , * on ' ·· ' 511 Well improved. 160, lots ' water. SO A; to «ell to settle esta 33 A. Tract, with nice hon fxts of nice homes, both lat and small. * Off ice. Ph. 24. · K..I I***- H I R SALE or U*J«. (ovcljr b«d' 01 xm ham* for i m i l t e r hcmt, low B x c j , nlci DelEbborbood. Pb. 3432 H K BALK-- t O l l ISlfc St. K*w S ,, ictt-.rnl. 2 fcolHi, w to w e*rp«t. {c H SAl.K fr tfailfr-- Ir.rome prop- ^·oulh^l'uf'^rt* *y. WiLle llOJi -U. e / n TriV.or.f. A U K - K x e h i n x t . -Tr«d« lour home. rm. bu»1nr»* L l i l j o y r ' p r o p t r l y our i.'fflRl (lit. No tmd« n o '·f"5(»i tl St B r'h fln |8t! i '' *" 0 "' inuM r -\MpCT *; REALTOR 2 f i 9 l h St.- ' Ph. 223 SOUTHWEST. . p et inimedlnte" iiossesslon of - ils cconoitik'al new 3 heilrooni ] rick ionic. Small down pny- lent. Price ¥lf.500. ."ALLES ACRES nrpe 3 - 'bedroom u U u r b n n ome. Superbly landscaped 1 ere plot, owner moving out f slate. Price ?26 J OtfC or will - onsiiler t r a d i n g ; for . rental ] j'jiQ property. . B E L A I R P A R K Cew 2 bedroom brick home, irge living' room, den, 2 fire-, dishwasher, garbage isno'sal, 2 car attached RR- i r ce f23,000. CITY. PROPERTY (en Carlson Ph. 1102-.! rohri-West . Ph. 0228-J3 FARMS I'ernon Fry ·· Ph.' 4H1-J .Rea t o r 40 Yearn In Business In Greeley 822^ 9th St. · Ph. 760-76J 1931 18th AVENUE 2 betlrooms,-' large HvInK-dining room. Slen-SJiver kitclien w i t h tnble spaoe; roomy utility, f u l l finislied basement;, attached 2 car. garage, beautifully landscaped. Owner moving, linnie-- dhile Yxjssossion. 5 UNIT A P A R T M F f i N T Completely furnished. Located at 1455 Sth St. Owner will con- BH er t r a d e for 2 bedroom home. Call today. 14 UNIT APARTMENT" Income $60fl per month.' Excellent i n c o m e t o investment ratio. Call for particulars. 1230 7th ST. 2 large bedrooms, -full basement. Call - for price and details. N E A R . COLLEGE 3 large bedrooms, new bnlh. 2 apartments. Peautiful family home plus good income. 4 BEDROOMS 240 Sth St. Just beliiR finished. Excellent [i Ian for easy living. 1-ow down payment. FAIRAURES- Excellent location .to schools. Located on quiet street. Call for address and price. Realtor - Insurer Ernie Scott. Res. Ph. 4177J Carl 'J. Anderson, Pb. 44S1W M. 1 E. Hasan, Ren. Ph. 1S\ W E L D C O U N T Y . R E A L T Y ISth Street Just East of First Avenue Phone 951 SPECIAL Choice 'location, t w o bedroom, l a r g e living room with huge picture i window, wall-t o-w a I t carpeting. Lovely kit chen,' nice utility room attached garage. Close to new hospital. Excel lent loan. . ..' : 513,500 SMALL DOWN. ' '; PAYMENT ' on this near new tw bedroom with, g o o a- basement apaf t m e n '· Located on 'East 161 Street: NEW 'HOSPITAL n location for this lovel t- two .b e ' d r o o m brie! j. complete with carpefin r- and furnitur'e; Full fir ished basement. Price T for immediate sale. EVANS. 51- Very neat two badroon Only |8500; . ATTENTION . Trailer Owners. Call 95 for-information on ho ^ we share our parkir , profit with yon. le - WE. NEED LISTINGS \e. · ··' : .'im Beydl'er,' Phone 2559-V Clauda' Redman, Phone 884- J. Oonna Xfnj;', Phone ; 4S13-^ Ralph Vrfiite, Ph'.: Evans 35 ,' · - jacld«.Arihur,'-Ph. lil2^A -Rt.l End* 23 L LMHt ana .' ror«lll» M«l U. K fdmcer. K l a a v r Bids. . Pb SS. .G are, JS(0. , ' T pt houir, MT](hV«t Crc*ley. 2 v Jrocmi. ficfptice, r'^o. 1'rletd l . i qukk i.k. I'h. 5107J. . · _L . FOR SAtE. J Hoover's' Motel r · ' -. """I,- . · . i . Shangri-La Cafe j rrlteil. llensonablo iT Phone B64 Money' to Loan . 25 4 ONFY to k.«n oa real V»t»l«. FiiJl For Home Loans . · See your Midland _ Savings Repfesentatlve - C. L. LOTT .. ·· ' h. 102 .835 9th Ar«. ""arm Ranch Loans * . Long Term, Low Rate ASA T- . JONES, JR. 1019 8th Are. Set ' CHIlor.d G. Cnmpbell . ^ Manager' · . IEAL ESTATE LOANS Hotter Homes: 6% Better Farms:' 4W E. S. ROSS OS 9th St. · . ' ' · · ' Pho'rie 60 ' FARM LOANS Prompt Appraisal .£ No Red Tape - o n v e n l e n t ' p.ivinentR, ached- lied lo 'fit your marlceliu Low Interest, low closing costs \I. K. Hngah, Phone YCO L O A N S ' FARM and CITY. ' Low Interest rate. .Courteous and ..Cast service. 316 Creole; Bldg. Ph. 601 Representing: THE M U T U A L LIFE INS. CO. OfcVN. Y. M O N E Y · Lois of it -- lo buy · or re- Low Interest, ionfi t ' e r m 6. F.H.A.', G.l.^or CodventionaU .Stan.Smith Agency 1019 Sth Avenue, Greeley- Phone 686 ,, " - L O A N S / . Farm and City Long Term, Low. Interest, . Low Coat- ALBERTS/KEYS AGENCY Ut Nat'l Bldg. FhDba 11 · .Representing Equitabl LUe Assurance - " -MiicrJIaneoui . l . 27 rOR-SAI.E-- Amsrican 1 flyer clcetr e train, enjtir.N, ] i k « new. Ph. -J1SIW, Ph. -391 I S M :I3lh Ave. FOR SALE-- Roy'* 26 J n . bicycle, *10. Th. 012SR3.. 10 t .SALK-- M.n'i IU..^L-. iiie 3. FOR SALt^Uoy'i 21-inch' lieiclt. good condition. IJh. 3032S! evrninsi. FOR SAI.K-- Par»'nipj. *1.60 busY.r] ; FOR SALE-- Hand crochet lace t«b!«- cloth. 76 x 5(. BU4--J-!th Sr. FOR SALEr-- Uwrl 111-B scinliMatOr. GOOD U5cd bicye:»; *l! sizes Ph. 23KW. c^et. FOK SALF^-iloy'i 16 [a. Li cycle.-. 121. Ph. 133IH, or Green i t a m p j , Ph; 3ifl7W. P I N G PONG Tables. The K i n * U:m- R ALETGH P r«d'j cU d (Jiver*!. S»3 4th St. Ph. 4259W. FOR SALE-- 41 eal. mnA K pal « EC- tric wMer b»te». C.ll 1»3I. cifl] l.iimlx-r Co. Ph. 667 'or 6143. . dirt Ph. Brans 8SS1. for n e w or us«3" tnsclrj ' · . - n n t c , 13 each, slit 0. Slacks, lii new, (5. sire 24. 1321 l l t h A\«. FOR SALt^-Ur-derwocd -S'Jr.«tr«r. 10 kfjr Jwldir.K machine, almost »cw Ph. 38 or can be s«n at »1I It St AEAT'M,' upright ptanci. Ph. O l f l i J USKD itorm wtndowj. . IS and up atorm rfoorj, !7.Si. Lew D a k a o an Co'., 2219 9tb St ' M A D E to ord«r CAbinetJ. ' «eie*n wir.1air» r parts, De!ta PUpSnz U L 81k. \V. cero. on Ifitb SU Ph. 2*0 HYDHAMATIC. Djratlow. . To** GHd«. Ko/domatie adjust or Oft fcacl.^Ph.^760. .Ac!o Trans. Co. 0 GLASSES repilTtiL Brokpa duplicaUd New Crtt\t \ Optical Co. 912Vi S'.h .Avt. Ph 15 troJien or overa[!i. (c · Ih. Gi«eh h Tribane. FOK SALE-- % h-P. Citric tnctor . Voar chalfp, J-S. Grtelej ' M a j U 1011 *th Ave. Pb. :«6; FOR SALE-- 5-10 ytir old b2 f* y hratir. In v*e at present tim f 1TC3 ISA Arc. Pi. SH\V. ' FOR SALK-- Lady'» t tilt 8. m a n ^~ 24?* 12th Arc, CtTM Ph. 4609. U T E A R I N G |Jown Eoj'ie al 1624 S Avr, All material - f o r t*lt,- plTim · in*, k i t t h t n rahinf^, hot w»t t a n k , furnac*. Also B*J-»K«-,(or i* Ph; 125.7J. n GIRL'S iv#d 16 In. biV, bor'i ^0 bike, tor wh««)bario». wagcn. roc fr, . t r i i n i n x eh»ii and Lijti) cha .. .· Loop F u r n i t u r e , t?i Sth AT*. FOR SALE-- 1 Din! mnd^rn frey t\t - office tlcski. Kx*)ltat conditio 1 anil t Murphy," U-a-door bed · a mitlrwj. Urri very litlle. Call 2 W or fee at 1004 Sth St * . AUTO/GLASS ! Cut am! Installed ' ''· ·'- by'-. ' , . Trained Mechanics ^[ ' Specialty-- , 1 GREELBV GLASS j . , ' SHOP '· . l»17 ISth'St Ph.'1005 MH»l[«.~n r rtelcy Glas "Shop. Ill l l l k ' t * . - hon« IOfl5\V. . - all ui (or pii«« on c*r* porU, . · Kth». or permanent a w a i n g i , P". iSB. ,cy D a k » £ Co., J«l» »* *»· It SALK-PIt run trarcl. laorwr and graded - raatciii!*. M-5 L.OBB* ar.y/lhrec blocki «st of taJUoad ttf* at Rvani. Ph. E v a Q k E » l . J«d prices. Creelej Bfauty School. 201 E t h SL " .ECTltlC MolQ'ra. all U«*-- rrt* . ad r e b u i l t . Uacnoi FJtctrleal Vortc». 6?1 F t h " St.. 2 ttoek* *»*t f Post Office. Pb. 1219. IL FAHMKIt-- Bring your we]l and u m p lroiiS]«s to Ui. MeMllkn Well Yorkj tnr.. Eaut 161h EU Rt i. Hox 69. Ph. 249i. ' · . s n l y ', *kftrle, 10 jr. warranty, filled right. Urrrll] - H a r d T r a r i and a r m - Supply. - 130 ISth St. P^M S . ' . . - . - - . · ' · · · · ; OR NEAT, derenddWt iTlatInf 701 , . i-il] fled Ihb modern ttop »B- u 1 * client'. ivIictioD. We follow c o p y , a r t f u l tj a n d w* ftr* jrou' qjatlkr rroik at reasonabre coat - t f r i n i " «' r u j r p r i n t i n g work .tcniij. .Phor* S ' Triburp.HFpibllcaii Pnblhias' _ C*. KOjtctori. flush «iim«rai. '·Vteo · ir.rr«u. *(«rKi r-rojrctore.- tap« ·- nrdcv. /lira editor and'-olher ·lt«nii. W i son 4 Wilwa Cirara^ flrwp. 1513 Sth Avt. Cwley'a Pboto- c r a p h i c . Hfad^iiart^ra. ,. p - . . . - ' RW fcaniTYr* cuaianteed oni T*«r. JB.B5. ji*htr.jE*. Rebeilt b*«*iTw;- IJ.B3. Slow ar.d fast charr'ir.(r« bit'.try' rentflli. P a t t e r s - ' rcpalrlne. r.*- TMilt ccoccators and · B«r,*ritor- r*- pa r i n g . Radiator eJ*anTnr.''Pp"S^ Ing. Uied radiator?. John Thorap- ipn Car»Rf. HE Norti Cta AT*DU», Thonc AHO. . - ' · · Ghmtmoi Gift Guiit Z7-A OR SALE-Hand «ml[gider«d *M towels. I'h. 1746J. · - -i ' Woihing Machinii , ' 21 JSED.washeri. Tj.M'and up. R*pp'« Inc. 1B3S Eizhth Arpnue." Weilinjihouse and Thor, J12.EO up. Looti F u r n i t u r e , 623 Blh Are. V A SH K R S. wasner repalrin?, all rraVu. Work guaranteed. Kicslcra Vf Shop. Ph. 17«R.' COS 10 St a n j uaiU fcr all mahu. RpAMTi»t.U prirea. All war** Riifirar.tecd. .JoSa ThnmpMtj, UB ciorli Elh A»«««. Phone, ii^O. Sew j\9 Machintt -- Vacuumi. il? H C C V E K C ] t a n « r - S a l u ar.d Sfr^fc.. xnr as (66.03 R^h^Hta I1D.2S vf. Reno'i Ir.e. Ph 1920 ·· . . Builnni Senrki ' "· 10 COWLES bwkkc*pipff tercet.. Sara. Ph. 3SS9W. ., . . G R E K L E Y ' C u r t a i n ClfanetJ. No fhi 'marks. 1C6 StV ATE. Ph. UK. · . M O V I N G , or. itora»« probI«a-.iT Call TREKS. trimmed ar.d rcmcred. Rrarr r-civer equipment Insured.' Floyd C. ' Bowlej, Ph. E». 1329 llth St. " - - ·Rodioi. TV S*U · 31 TV «ick1 Cat! TV Hospital. CWpiM- -.. ^ r v i r f , all mak».,Ph. Evacs .£031- E2S7-S1S7. 12 H 7lh St., Evans. · ' U S E D .TV leU. f u l l y Kuaivr.End : *tM r.ew Sylv.nia T V i*'j. TV HospHal, I Z l i 7th Sl-.-ETani. Ph. ET«n* Mil- . . S2ST-E3S7. . , - , Have That-' Repaired-, Now-,' 1 ·"'. " ' * --.-'. * ..' .' ·'·..' Ward's, tecfaiciaris . .art, experts in the repair "of a l l makes o f .TV. . ' . · = . . · Prompt, courteous seryic* All work guaranteed Cail.403(T. · Mpnt(7omery.Ward. 815 10th r St. ."· "_'. . Aih Haukrs 22 ·ervEce.'-Ph. Bob. 1KB. .' '. ASHES snti trash hauled. 1 day «rr».- ASI1 and trash h i u l f n r . Fred OUra*. Ph. 2E7R anjtirac. : - v ASH ar.d . t r a i h hinTIng. ' ~ X e i i i U » service FranV QueiaiU-.Pb.- iB90«. CESSPOOLS.- «»p[5e · tatilu,.. irea»« .Ira pi. - MoOern equipment, ' PboM * 2179M or ICOiW. R, S-.Afchott. ; -"_ free Inspcctton. Ph. Evana : 886« «» 8839. Rejt v CunninBiaM: .. . - · · ; - ^ (ran, out!obi toilets pnmp-cd. McxS- ern r^Mipmeat. Carl Kuna. 2t)G Sta Et. Ph. 21 W eolltct. . /-. · ' CESSPOOLS, leptte tanl«, treasa lr»p» puraprf. Ash and traah kaolin 7 Proci pt red jonabl* MTVM*. Whittaker, Pb, C10SJI .or Wllll. FoTm Equipment' . : ; 3J Seasonal-Equipment , Used No. 1,-A Bearcat . grinder with auxiliary -en- . One John Deere Hammer- mill. . ' p Four used' Farmhand's; i One Sargent loader 'with forage and manure fork. , ' One used Farmhand pow- '· '· er box with feeder itiount- '' ed on -truck. A bargain. ' , ,' Good selection of all -. "' makes of manure spread- £ ers. Priced to sell. *' PLEASE LET US HELP ^ YOU/ PREPARE F O R ' . I YOUR SPRING WORK. . Bring your Oliver tractor* ' : and other farm machinery '' to our shop how. Our *r trained mechanics have °j' time now to do an excel- » lent job of 'overhaul,' and machinery that you know., . is in tip-top. shape. 11 MlS"; ; Implement : o. .' W|717 6th St. L . :VaoM.Ui'

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