Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 19, 1972 · Page 43
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 43

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1972
Page 43
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44 GREBLEY (Colo.) TRIUUNE Wed., April 19, 1972 Named Ombudsman ST. PAUL, Minn. (AC) - Thearirice Williams lias been named ombudsman for the stale corrections system by CJov. Wendell Anderson, who said he is tlic first such ombudsman in the United Slates. .·Williams, 37, is black. He lias served as executive director of (he Phyllis Whcatlcy Commu- nity Center !n north Minneapolis since 1965. The ombudsman post is an experiment proposed by slate Corrections Commissioner David Fogcl. lie will have authority to investigate complaints by inmates and make any investigations ho believes arc needed lo promote a belter correctional system. Xishbacfe CAMERA SHOPS Environmental Conference SetApril 28-30 in Denver 'Color Colorado 2050" -- an environmental conference on future Issues and options -- \vtt. be held April 28-30 in Denver at the Downtowner Motor Inn. The main thrust of the conference will be discussions ol how, when and why public ami private administrators, citizens rind students can best serve the environmental c o n c e r n s of 7olorado A Friday evening dinner will tick off Die conference with. a eynote address by John W. Abbot, executive secretary of California Tomorrow from San ·'rancisco. · Saturday and Sunday work- tops include Poverty and Ihe Economy; Safety anil Security or Ihe Individual; the Econ- SALIS... S E R V I C E 711 10th SI. 352-JOH omy; Urban Environment; Land and Water Use; Meeting Environmental Needs Through Politics and Administration; Rural Environment; Transportation ano! Utilidors, and Energy. Co-.sponsoi's of "Color Colorado 2050" arc Gov. John Love, Denver Mayor- William McNichols Jr., Denver Federal Executive Board, Club 20, Trout Unlimited, Colorado Municipal League, Colorado Open Space Council. Environmental Action of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Center ) n Environment, Denver Regional Council of Govern- nents, Federation of Rocky M o u n t a i n Stales, Colorado \ssocialion of Commerce and Industry, and the University of jColorado's Bureau of Oovern- mcnl Research and Service. Further information is avail,able by calling Maurice Arnold jilt 231-3623, or Royal Daniel iSloan Jr. ul 443-2211, c x t . 85SG. Quality Color Prints IWE SHOW YOU HOW! 826 9th St. 352-2142 Your New York Life Agent in Greeley is FRED LEiSLER N»w York Lite Inturanct Company 1411 IMh Avenue Ph. 356-2236 Life · Group Insurance · Aruiuitioi Health Insurance · Pension Plans Compromise RSA Bill Approved By House DENVER (AP) - Regiona. service authorities could be established statewide under a compromise plan adopted by the Colorado House of Representatives Tuesday after much backroom discussion. The compromise bill started as Senate Hill 34, which passed the Senate but was locked in the House Rules Committee. The main point of contention was over water, with Denver's metropolitan neighbors seeking to be included in an authority which would lake advantage of the Denver system. Denver lawmakers could not agree lo that. Tuesday, a compromise position was reached with water not specifically mentioned in :he bill. In short, the bill says there can be planning and discussion about water but it is not mandate into the bill as are such things as sewage districts. Monday, House members had approved on a second reading vole a bill which would have allowed counties outside Ihn Denver metropolitan area to form such districts. The bill approved Tuesday says planning shall be a power rather than a function of a service of such authorities. Hep. Ron Strahlc, R-Fort Collins, said with the passage of Ihe bill Colorado is on the threshold of the local government reform after n !0 year effort. Rep. Hub Safran, D-Denver, said he was happy Denver is being treated with the rest of the state and said the bii! strikes a balance between big and small governments. To Go Home To Vermont ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AI) -- Vermont S o c i a l Welfare Commissioner Joseph W. Betil said social workers would arrive in Albuquerque today to pick up 11-year-old James Oo- Icc, the victim in an alleged kidnaping. Young Golec, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Golec of Bellows Falls, Vt., was a pupil at the Border School in Canaan, Vt., before he disappeared about two months ago. A former operator of the school, Carroll Thomas Collins, 25, was arraigned here Tuesday on a charge of unlawful flight lo avoid prosecution. U.S. Magistrate Robert McCoy set bond at $5,000 and scheduled an April 26 hearing on (lie charge. FBI Agent Wesley Whaley of Albuquerque said Collins was arrested Monday in Santa Fc after an investigation. KAMAKUIIA, Japan (AP) More than 1,000 persons attended a family funeral service today for novlist Yasunari Kawa- 3ala, the Nobel Prize laureate who committed suicide Sunday. An official funeral service will be held in Tokyo later under the sponsorship of three J a p a n e s e literary organ- "zations. Meanwhile, the government announced it will confer the first class order of the Rising 3un, one of Japan's highest honors, on the late novelist. Uranium Enrichment Plant Proposed for Wyoming WASHINGTON (AP) - Officials of the Reynolds Metals Co. .detailed for Atomic Energy Commission members Tuesday a proposal lo build a $2.2 billion uranium enrichment plant In Wyoming. An AEC spokesman described as "useful" the conference between Reynolds Vice Presidents F,td Hyde, Ed Sikorovsky and Dr. Irving Roberts and AEC commissioners Wilfrid Johnson, James Ramey and Clarence Larson. The meeting was held to give the AEC commissioners details the Reynolds proposal, which was submitted last month. The proposed plant near Buffalo would be the first of its kind operated by Induslry. The AEC owns such plants in three states. Reynolds proposes lo organize a consortium of companies to build, own and operate a plant to enrich uranium for use as fuel Jn nuclear powered generating plants outside of Wyoming. Reynolds has an estimated two billion tons of low sulphur coal deposits In Wyoming plus a reservoir and water rights to provide up (o 33 billion gallons annually for use at the proposed plant. Olympic Funds Studied by Congressmen WASHINGTON (AP) - Col- oradans In Congress met Tuesday and hope to discuss again Wednesday funding for the 1976 Winter Olympics at Denver. Tiie delegation hopes to agree on how much federal money will be needed in addition to a $20-million contribution from Denver City and County. Federal fund requests are ex- peeled to total about $50 million. Bills to authorize the federal funds will be offered in both the Senate and House after agreement on the total is reached. APRIL SPECIAL! COMPLETE AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE · Completely t e s t Ihe entire system for refrigerant and oil leaks · Clean insects and dirt from Ihe condenser · Replenish refrigerant as required · Adjust compressor belt tension · Performance test tho system. Up to $12 (depending on condition) plus parts. EDWARDS CHEVROLET CO. 721 Tenth Street Phone 352-7140 See us for Ihe best in Chevy Service rsvs're 8 8'B 8 a a 8 a a » » a » 8 » m 5'a a tt't'tt»»aa'i 1. ANIMALS IN CAMERA. By Jaroslav Holecek. Over 220 exciting photographs ol a hearl-warming bloodless safari, In which more lhan forty species of animals and birds are captured on (ilm.SvjxIl'A Special Import 2. L A R O U S S E E S l C Y C L O P E b I A OF W O R L D GEOGRAPHY. Ed. by Pierre Deffontaines. Fwd. by L. Dudley Stamp. 734 double-column pages, over BOO special maps and photographs, 86 In lull color! Unequalled lor reference, fascinating for reading--the slory of 3 billion people, Ihe wldoly-dilforing lands in which they live, their inler-relationships and Inter-dependence. 8'/?"xH". Onq. S1 »-W Very Special al 9.95 3. LAROUSSE SCIENCE OF LIFE: A Study of Biology- Sex, Genetics, Heredity 8, Evolution. By Jean Rosland Andrea Terry. Clear up-to-date presentation of the tacts, theories, discoveries, and leading figures ol biology. 9"xl2". Special imporl. $15.00 4. MYTHOLOGY OF THE AMERICAS. By C. Burland, ef al. This sumptuous compendium ol the religious beliefs of North, Central ant) South American Indians Is of absorbing interest and striking beauly. 71 full-color Illustrations and over 300 in black and white Special import 9.95 5. THE WORLD OF THE EGYPTIANS. By Jacques Champollion. Pharaonic Egypt, one of Ihe mosl fascinating ol vanished civilizalions, is vividly brought to life. Illustrated with over 200 photographs, many In .color. !Wf!flt" Special Imporl 2.98 4. THE W O R L D O F THE GREEKS. By Victor Duruy. Over ?00 illustrations, many in color. Here is Ihe glory ol ancient ·Greece, a world of harmony and beauly lha! remains on- rival led. 7Vj"x9'/7" Special Import 2.98 7. CHINESE COOKING FOR PLEASUHE. By Helen Burke Fu Tong. Hundreds of Icsled recipes for delicious Cantonese and regional specialties ranging over the entire menu. 100 photos, 22 in color Only 3.95 8. FRENCH COOKING FOR PLEASURE. By Mary Reynolds. Magnificent collection ol recipes--cverylhing Irom delicately flavored meal and fish dishes lo a spectacular gateau. Scorcsof color photographs. $5.00 value. Only 13.95 9. S C A N D I N A V I A N COOKING FOR PLEASURE. By Jylle Hardisty. Fruil soups, smiling Eggs, Smorgasbord, etc. Illus. · Only W.95 10. FAR EASTERN COOKING FOR PLEASURE. By Nina Froud. Mouth-walering collection of oriental recipes, many for exotic dishes requiring only a few minutes ol preparation. Special Import S3.95 11. FREDERIC REMINGTON'S "BUCKSKINS." Slirring paintings by the greatest artist ol the Old West--hunters, army scouls, Indians in war paint. Colorful, decoralive, perfect for office, den and playroom. I3"xl7". Pub. al $7.50. Set of 8'' now $2.98. 12. C175. C H A R L E S M. RUSSELL--WATERCOLORS OF THE OLD WEST. Exciting painlingsof lile in the open plains Ijy Ihn famous 'cowboy artist,' who has won belated recognition as Ihe equal ol Remington. I6"x!2" portfolio. Pub. al 47.50. Scl ot 6 color prinls now J2.98 13. ANDRE GIDE. By Jean Hylier. ". . . Ihe mosl profound and valuable study ol Ihe writer that has yet appeared." Juslin O'Brien,ed.ol Gide's Jounals. $5.00. 1.00- GREAT PAINTERS SERIES Appiox. 90 Color Plalcs In [ath Volume Chagall. A. Weincr 2,95 Dali/Miro. P.H.Walton 2.95 El Greco and the Spanish Golden Age. Eiik Larscn 2.95 Kiee. R. Fisher 2.95 Leonardo/Raphael. G.Finlcy 2,95 Medieval Art. Sharon Gallagher 2.95 ModiRliani / Utiillo Souline. Wfied Werner 2.95 Picasso. R. Fishei 2.95 Rembrandt I The Dutch School. E. larsen 2.95 Renoir. P. H. Walton 2.95 Rouault. Joshua Kind 2.95 Rousseau/Duty. Alfred Werner 2.95 VanEyck/Brueghel and the Renaissance of Ihe Norlh. Karel van Wolfeien 2.95 Van Gogh. G. Fmley 2.95 14. THE AVENUE OF THE PRESIDENTS. By Mary Cable. The history of Pennsylvania Avenue Irom ils design in 1791 lo the most current plans for ils future developmenl. Vividly depicts Ihe many processions that have taken place on it. Profusely illustrated v/ilh photos, drawings and plans. Pub. al $12.50 Sale 4.98 15. Jim Bouton's BALL FOUR. Mosl incisive, candid, controversial and humorous book over written about baseball and the people in it. Photos. $6.95 Sale 1.98 16. THE BRIDGE AT CHAPPAQUIDDICK. By Jack Olsen. Pieces togelher the hour-by -hour events of the tragedy that shocked Ihe nation in July, 1969, including the most detailed analysis to dale ol the trial and Ted Kennedy's versions of what actually happened. Pub. atS6.95 Sale 1.00 17. CHUCHILL IN POWER as Seen by His Contemporaries. By Brian Gardner. True-to-life portrait drawn by famous people--Eden, Macmillan, Roosevelt, Mussolini--and by housewives, soldiers and friends who observed him during the years ol WWII. Debunks the legend thai Churchill was the embodiment of the will of a virtually united people. Pub. at S7 ' 75 Salel.JS 18. Cowlcs ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE, INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY. New enlarged edition ol Ihis veritable one-volume library. 160 outstanding contributors, 638 triple- column pages, IO,QOO.entry iniJex, hundreds of color plates and photos Irom Look Magazine's picture lilcs, extensive glossaries and biblios, more. Current, accurate, fascinating lor browsing or reference, with contents ranging from human anatomy and algebra through new machines and processes. 9"xH". Pub. at $17.50 A "steal" at 5.95 19. DELIVERANCE. By James Dickey. Heart-slopping novel of violent adventure and inner discovery of four men on a three-day canoe trip In today's Southland who suddenly must battle for their lives in a nightmare ol horror and murder. Pub. al $5.95 Sale 1.00 10. DICKENS. By Andre Maurois. Trans, by Hamish Miles. The chronicler of Ihe Victorian milieu, in a lively biography by the distinguished French Academician. Pub. al S.I.50 Sale. 1.00 21. THE EARTH. By Carl O. Dunbar. Engrossing and beautifully illustrated -- a broad synthesis of our present knowledge of man's environment, covering astronomy, geophysics, geology, climatology, paleontology, meteorology, and more. Hundreds of photos and drawings $ ' 2 5 0 Sale 3.98 ??. FIRST FAMILIES: Tho Making of an American Aristocracy. By Nathaniel Burt. Intimate and delighllully detailed porlrail of Ihe Adamses, the Biddies, the rtu Ponts, Ihe Lees and the Roosevells. Tells how these remarkable dynasties look rool in our professedly egalitarian sociely and how they have maintained Ihcir vast power and prominence Illus. Pub. al $10.00 Sale 3.98 23. FISHING MADE EASY. By A. L. Cone, Jr. All-Purpose guide for successful angling anywhere. Where fo find Ihe fish, tackle you'll need, how lo use it like an expert. Illus. Pub. at $4.95 s s | e ).,» 2.1. T f l E FRONTIER IN AMERICAN LITERATURE. By Lucy Lockwood Hazard, Survey of the idealislic and romantic elemenls which the frontier injected into 300 years ol writing Irom Puritans to Sinclair Lewis. Pub. at $6.50. Sale 3.98 35. A GUIDE OF UNITED STATES COINS: 1971 Red Book edition. By R. S. Yeoman. Fully illustrated calalog and valuation list, I616todate. Pub. al $2.75 Sale 1.00 26. Harver READY REFERENCE ENCYCLOPEDIA. Authoritative, up-to-date, 1-vol.referencelibrary for readersof all ages. 1-1,000 concise ,easy-to-read entries covering a wide ra»ge of topics. Full color illustrations, including maps and diagrams, on every text page. 608 large pp. Pjb. at S12.50 Sale 5.95 27. ISRAEL/THE REALITY: People, Places, Events In Memorable Photographs. Ed. by Cornell Capa. 180 fascinating photos eloquently span Israel's dramatic history from pre-WWI settlements, through the struggle for independence from the British and three wars of survival. 9"xl2". Pub. at S13.95 Sale 4.98 28. Nevi York Times: THE KINGDOM ANDTHE POWER. By Gay Talese. Best-selling, immensely absorbing story of The New York Times. 555pp; 34 photos. Pub. at $10.00 . .Sale 1.98 29. THE LONG, LONG T R A I L . By V. W. Johnson. Personal reminiscences of the people and land of the mountain West before the coming of the bulldozer, intensities! logging and air pollution. Pub. at S3.95 Sale $1.00 30. Arthur Krock's MEMOIRS: SIXTY YEARS ON THE FIRING LINE. Inside portraits of U.S. leaders from Teddy Roosevelt lo LBJ, depicted in the context of great evenls by a presidential intimate and political pundit--the N.Y. Times' three-lime Pulitzer prize-winner. 508 pages. Pub. at S10.00 Sale 1.98 31. THE MEXICAN MESTA. By W. H. Dusenberry. Colorful sludy of the government-controlled stockmen's association that regulated the ranching industry in New Spain and lelt a lasting impression on ranching in Mexico and U.S. Pub. at 55-50 Sale S2.9S 32. THE NEW POPULAR SCIENCE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SCIENCES.'Complete, one-volume reference guide for students, scientists, general reader. Over SOOO entries, !00,000 words, 300 photos, charts diagrams. Plus special study guide for home education. 768 double-columned pages. 8Vj"xllW. Pub. at $5.95 Sale 1.98 33. PACIFIC DESTINY: An Informal History of 1he U.S. in the Far East. By Richard O'Connor. Exciting narrative history of the men and events that shaped "our ocean of destiny"--Irom the Golden Gate to Hawaii, China, Japan and Vielnam--sometimes with guns, sometimes with books and bibles, sometimes with opium or worse. 33 illus. Orrg. S10.00 Sale 4.98 3i). Budd Schulberg's SANCTUARY V. Dramatic novel of men and women driven by the fury of Revolution lo the point of madness, violence and depravity. Pub. al $6.95 ... Sale 1.00 35. SARTRE: IDEOLOGUE OF OUR TIME. By Thomas Molnar. Brilliantly interprets Sarlre not merely as a philosopher but as a chief witness to his age, inquiring into the influences of current history on his work, and the trends ol modern thought il embodies. Pub. at $5.95 Sale 1.98 36. SCIENCE NEWS YEARBOOK. 400 informative reporls and articles, profusely illus., covering 1969/1970 develop menls in 50 branches of science from astronomy to zoology. Pub. al $8.95 Sale 1.00 37. THE SCHOOL OF FENCING. By Domenico Angelo. Facsimiles of three rare and valuable 18lh century works on fencing--Domenico Angela's "The School of Fencing," Henry Angelo's "Hungarian and Highland Broad Sword," and "Trie Angelo Cutlass; Exercises," Illus. with etchings engravings by Thomas Rowlandson. Pub. al $10.00, SaleS5.95 CAMEO SERIES Approximately 68 Full Color Plates In Each Volume African Masks. Franco Monti 2,95 Chinese Painting. Mario Bussagli 2.95 Decorative Iron Work. U. Zimelli G, Vergerio 2.95 English Silver. Judith Banister 2.95 European Porcelain. Mina Bacci 2.95 Glass: from Antiquity to the Renaissance. G. Mariacher. . 2.95 Greek and Roman Jewelry. F. Coarelli 2.95 Maiolica, Delft and Faience. G. Scavizzi 2.95 Musical Instruments: Renaissance to 19tti Century. S. Paganelli 2.95 The Nineteen Twenties Style. Y. Brunttammer 2.95 Oceanic Art. A. C. Ambesi 2,95 Oriental Lacquer. 0. Luzzato-BiliU 2,95 Pre-Columbian Terracottas. Franco Monti 2.95 Tapestries. M. Viale 2,95 38. UNDER COVER FOR WELLS FARGO. The unvarnished recollections ot Fred Dodge, the Wells Fargo Iroubleshooter who witnessed dozens of stage coach robberies, train holdups, pursuits through the badlands. Contemporary photos. Ed. by Carolyn Lake. Pub. at $6.95 Sale2.98 39. YOUR CHARACTER IN THE ZODIAC. By R. Gfeadow. Informative book on the different interpretations given lo the 12 signs of the zodiac; with lists of famous personalities. Pub. at $5.95 Sale 1.00 40. FRENCH IMPRESSIONISTS. By M. Serullaz. 102 drawings, many in color. Dazzling survey from Delacroix to Cezanne and Seurat, reflecting moods and movements that ushered in modern art. Pub. at S5.95 Sale 1.94 11. GERMAN DRAWINGS: 16th Century to the Expressionists. By C. T. Eisler. 100 exquisite examples, many In color, of Germanic draughtsmanship from Cranach and Holbein lo the Inlernational style and Jugendstil, Pub. at S5 - 95 Salel.JS 42. ITALIAN DRAWINGS: 15th to 19lh Century. By Winsfow Ames. 101 reproductions, many in color. Widely-varied treasury ot masterpieces, including data on tools, materials and techniques employed by Guardi, Canaletto, Piranesi and olhers. Orlg. S5.95 Sale 1.J8 A3. JAPANESE DRAWINGS: 17th Through the lath Century. By J. R. Hiller. 96 reproductions, many in color. Lovely nature sketches, exquisite landscapes, and portraits by Utamaro, Hiroshige, Hokusai,others.$5.95 .Salel.93 ' «. SPANISH DRAWINGS: 10th to 19th Century. By F. J. Sanchez Canton. 102 masterworks, many in color. Glorious manuscript illuminations, dramatic scenes from history and everyday life by Velazquez, Murillo, El Greco, Pereda, Valdes Leal, Goya, el al. Pub. at J5.95 Sale 1.98 45. PLANNING THE PERFECT WEDDING. By R. Brody. Covers engagements, announcements and invitations, wedding attire, showers, arrangements for formal and informal weddings, etc. 100 illus. Pub. at $3.98 Sale 1.00 «. COLORADO: A Literary Chronicle. Ed. by W. Slorrs Lee. Exciting story of the Centennial State spanning 400 years, from the writings of Francis Parkman, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Richard Harding Davis, Zane Grey, Upton Sinclair, Jack Dempsey, Irving Stone, et at. Illus. Pub. at $10.00 SaleS.M Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday GIFTS and BOOKS ""·SX"'·"· HILLSIDE MALL SHOPPING CENTER WORLD MYTHOLOGY SERIES Profusely Illustrated In b. w. and color. African Hjrtholoaf. Geoffrey Paninder 3.95 Indian Mrtholotj. Veronica Ions |' 3^5 Japanese MiHwlojy, Juliet Pfcgott ..'.'..3.95 Mexican t Central American Mjrthofoflr. I. Nicftolsoi.''!' 395- Ntar Eastern Mtfnologr (Mesopotamia - Sjrii Palestine). JoKn Gray 3.45 Hixlh Ameticw Indian Myttolon. C. Builand '395 Romzn Hflholoar- Slewart Perowne 3.95 Seandina»i»n MyiholoBf. H. R. Ellis Davidson !!!! 3^95 South American Mytholo0. Harold Osborne ,'.' 3^5

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