Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 19, 1972 · Page 42
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 42

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1972
Page 42
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Wed., April 19,1972 GREELEYjgolo.1 TRIBUNE 43 Stock Market MARKETS Closing Prices York (AP) -Kcnmxmz«'.+ U Ad nil Alian AlidC ,M;dS Allis Alcoa ,Mnll" AmAir York Slock Krcsgc __ Utlon 17%^- V, CtoM Chg LocJJiccd 13 -'r U 23544- Vt l-oiwSfl Z3H+ V* 2i LVO Cp 81i+ 3.4 35*fr-l Mackc, IG^-t- \\ 3CVi-- i Macy 14 ,, it Madis '-A Madis LM Ma fa vox ·ii-ii-- *« Marath 48Vi-- ?fc Marcor 3Hi-- M Mi-Don SJ^'EiM 27Lfe-- ^4 MobllOU 30 + li Monsinl 7»i-l- M Mnr.lDU 2I?H- ?« Muiill'tv 1' ' MlFucl 7!S-- li MISHIT ««+ l| KS 11 22-';+ »i NalGSP 32* 30U- it -!· 11 +M Atlas Avon Itrerh JioisC- fluty ItutW llurlt llurlX Burchs Castle Caltr Clnsc Ccrro Oil-l CMnA Choi Cti«!r CilSvc CocaC CoUI'a Collnt CoKias ComPIv fiwjiCat ConKtJ rnnF! CcnlA Conic CoalO Conlrt C«los O rfo !W+ 'i 117M + W ] in !" + W Occid 46 + '.4 niin 2V.k-- %fc omarls 17^i+ li Oulbd FR 7 V-- 1!l O\ven 111 131k+ W 1'tcGsEI M + J .fc raePw 26 -- Vi PacTT 38VV- 'A FantlKP «Mi+ '-4 1'cnnCcn 3514- Vi 7111-- li 3254+1 20 14 « 8'JB 2 421/4+ li 16V» 45 -- 1814 23^4-- 14 18 -V, 1VA+ 14 34^1+ ,4 «i- 14 !»!'«- 14 r«rmcy- 80'.*+ 14 5514+ =i'i Pepsi UTO-t- li 62!fc+B4 Pliicr 41 -r- li 15^fe+ Ik Pheirs *' 1 -- '-^ 53 -Vi PriilMorr 93 + -Yt 31 , riulHel 23V-- H 30 -r- 3» Prc'cl 90T4-4 li 3?'i + Is FabSC 19}: 132^1 ruesn. HIM 61Vi raltman 41Ti-- J ,4 31 -- «i HcpSll 2j?s+ IS Heyn In 61 + Vi RnnMet !51i+ li HoyUul ·"I --1 Halcway 27?i+ 14 SUoc. Mill- 11 lcM°Cr 1111+ li Spars 12 a ,i-- 1« Shell Oil Cn-nZe 33'ISoCalEd O'rlis 24'.a--1 SoCo DMAHTM Sol'ac W. f li Solly Deere 5Ri-f ?4 Srcrry Diloit -IS StBran Uisny 171 + Vi SlOilCal ·KaslK Kaslofl P^Paso Evans V'rcn ' Kreslr.e FMC FdFr Kurd I-VMCKj Freei) Frucf GAC GaraSk ;an»t GcnDyr n"n^c CrnFd CcrMili GcnMci! GnT'KI UcnTre GaPac Gille Glpn Gor.rlrh fiw-iK/ CUVnL'n Cm Gn[ GUI! Hcela HewTYk IlolySilE Hmslko Hnynl IdaPw Irltal l[Cnt IBM TntHav ·15U 2014-- J .i 15Ti-- U 11514-fl 501H- 14 10.1V,-h li so' --if! 56 -- 14 6Hfc+ '.* Tr/ii-- 14 43 51 + li 42 - li »W .. 24K SI011NJ 172 + 'in Slauf 29?i+ 14 SIcrLUrg linli-- ii SludWor 4814 SwUt ITVi Tektronx ?7M1-V Trtedyr.e IVA-- '.i 37 7 '« - Tcnncen 25 : !-t,-- \'t 26 - I'A Terficu 31 -- Ik 2G'A+ *4 Te_\GS lb^4-- Vi 13!4- 1* Tex In U11V- 1* 7M4+1H Te.vlrun JH6+ It 25 + li Thiokol lUVi+ li 2'K-- 3 -i Timken «K+ li Tod Shp 211i-- "4 12T«-- li TWA Kin--Hi ,rt -- 14 Transmr · 22Vi-- 14 71 +1« TriCdl] 50 + '.4 32 + « TRW I n . 3M,+ IS 6H 7 'i-- m T^enCen 14V;+ !fc 27-lt-- 14 UAL 33W+ % W.+ 14 UMC In 2814+ 14 BBi-Wi UcCarb 481S+ V4 2" UnE! 1714-- "/, 2914+ li UnOUCal 231i-- 14 ·1714+ '.4 UnPac 5SV 4 -- "· 45 + li Uniroyal 1874 + 11'*+ ^ llnAir 3314 -- 2Dlis+ 7 ,i UnBran 1314 31". UnCn Mi 1314-- ?i UH.M.M 25 US Gyp S5!i+ .i US In 26%+lH 161=+ W US Ply 27«+ " SM«+ IS US SraeK 29i-l . 151i TS Sll 32=i-- 14 22^4-- 'A UtlivCrrg 2314-- ?! Ijl'/i-- ^fe Varian - 16^ 3114+ li WarLain 91%+ V 19V.+ M NVnAir 46W+ '! 37^i-- Va WnDan 3454-- 1' 3S5yi+ *i WnUn ram 2V, 31 + li WeslgEI S4 + li lntj\kl 32^-- 14 Wryerhs 52^4+1^ IniPap ra^ii \VM Mot 2 4 -- 1 4 Ir.lTr 5514+ ':H Woolu-lh -1214-14 J w c l H) -- V, Xerox 135 + 11 .Inn Tan 17?i+ i' n Zenilli 4VVi+ li Kaiser 25!a+ ^i Sales 19.410.WO 2M 12?i-- '.I 314+ '.* IS'/)-- 1.4 7» - ?4 27!t-- 14 17*1+ ?i 111 --4U £i!5-- Vt ruih Hni · BRUSllT Colo SL' l Jf"j__ ";y -- Wedncsdiy 10, 300-KB, 2-1. 1-3, heilers in. i.TMii VTM cullcr ""I "Iliily 22.00. ilv?^" 5 "* 26 '" 0i '" ' rice Irenil; s 32.CO. Jl.00-50: Ill enoQJih lo nil; lull}- choice ai»d prime spring or Tfiurstlay: rafile 2 OW alves 200: hoes 5.MO; sHc«l 100. CHICAGO UP) _ 1USDA) . 'olalMs arrivals Wednesday. 23; , total U.S. thlpmeins 213; nlU ^·; market dull; carlot Irakk CTnar.d ·"OTATOES ' - M ' lrkcl :o]Drarto M. loo H). tvaslwd' u S ft" «her«iio slaled. Colorado 7? M'n^MlS'jii""* 4 .' 0 lb. film ha ulllily 50-60; ' rn n bags 40-45, occasionairy' iSrt iilm baps J» lb. ul !|i( v rilm bacs 45-30, some hlij'ri Greeley Police Log TUESDAY a.m. V:43 Woman reported her 14- yesir-old daughter was missing. 7:45 Abandoned auto impounded. 8:30 Stalled auto reported causing traffic hazard -- officer lelped push auto out of street. 8:37 Man reported he wanted an auto impounded; officer id vised. 8:51 Accident at 1817 28lh St.; i50 damage to auto driven by ?al Holbrook, and $150 damage o parked auto belonging to Lewis Diverbiss. 9:22 Auto impounded at Country Side South Mobile Home Park. 9:28 Man reported a fight in srogress; woman told officer she will press charges against icr husband. 1 0 : 4 1 Missing persons reported. 11:00 Prisoner taken to county jail. 11: 13 Galen Kane reported windows broken in house under construction. p.m. 12:05 Fight reported at Hitching Post Trailer Park; man heating his son- Officer took 4:56 Tickets issued to owners of autos causing traffic hazard. 5:32 Two persons arrested for arceny from auto; arrested by officer from Northern Colorado Detective Agency in parking lot of Weld County Hospital. 6 : 0 7 Motorcycle rider reported in Sherwood Park. 6:34 Woman reported she had not seen her neighbor for several days and she thought an officer should check to see if woman is all right. Officer found woman had been in the hospital for several days. 6:45 Man reported attempted burglary of his parents' house. 8:08 Emergency message delivered. 8:37 Speeding auto reporter at John Evans Junior High. 8:45 Bicycle reported stolen. 8:57 Woman reported receiving obscene phone calls. 9:24 Abandoned auto reported. 10:26 Assisted Fire Dept. on alarm. 10:45 Cancelation received on missing juveniles; located in Sstes Park. 1 0 : 4 6 Martha Benevidez reported she found her missing urse; recovered properly, flW n cash still missing. 11 -ftO Man vnrvnrlorl Imirl T»*irli Chicago Grain Marke! CHICAGO (AP) - New crop' soybeans futures advanced ;ome 2 cents a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade today, but nearby options lost 2 cents. Wheat futures also fell 2 cents a bushel but oats declined nearly Hi cents and corn 1 cent. At Ihe close, soybeans were some 2 cents lower to 2 cents higher, May 3.50; wheat was down 2 cents, May 1.56; corn was 1 lower, May 1.23% and oats lost nearly 1'i cents, May 66% cents. » losing Board of Trade Table lower as' M.jfalher to Ihe Half-way House. | 12:14 Man reported someone roke Ihe rear window of his iilo at Harrison Hall. 12:16 Accident at 1903 7th \ve. 1 2 : 5 2 Abandoned aulo eporled. 1:38 Abandoned aulo im- wunded. 2:25 Suspected shoplifter p p r e h e n d e d at Hillside 'harmacy. 3:18 Hit-and-run accideni eported at 825 16lh St. 3:23 Assisted Kire Dept. on larm. 3:31 Dynamite caps found and 1 urned into station; taken to r ire Dept. for disposal. New Vnrk (AP) -- FcdRsrs Tuesday's sekcteriFroiiticr American stockGenPly Exchange prices: Husky Ch» ChgKaise'r Arnjt Sfl^i-J- V, MldWin ArkLG MVi-- 14 Scurry Awunr 211i-- 1« Syntex Cinram 3»4 Techniclr IataCo.i -PA-- 1' 4 CHICAGO day: WHEAT May Jill Sep Dec Mar CORN May Jul Sep Dec ilar .lay OATS May Jul Sep Dec (AP) - Wednes- High Low Close l.SB 1.46'/ 8 NEW YORK (AP) -- Dan- Jnres sioik averages Omn High Uvr Clou N.C. Indns. 966.47 977.72 961.62 9W.92 +2.33 Trait 274.W 277.20 273.29 275.3C +0.32 Vlils. 110.45 111.00 109.41 110.27 -0.10 65 Stks 3.T3.47 336.40 331.23 .333.74 +0.52 Transactions in slocks used In averages Industrials l.lfiO^X) Transportation 467.700 Villitlt! 356,800 An old forest, filled with ag- Ing trees, consumes as much oxygen as it creates. 1.57ft 1.56 1.47% 1.4G 1.49V4 J.47% 1.47% 1.53'A 1.51'/i 1.51 1.54 1.52V4 1.52% 1.24% 1.23'A 1.23% 1.28%1.27'A 1.27=A 1.30% 1.29V4 1.29V4 1.29% 1.28% 1.28','e 1.34'/4 1.3314 1.33'/4 1.36% 1.36 1.36 .m .08% .69 .71% SOYBEANS .66% .00% .67% .71 .67% .71 May Jul Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar 3.53'/j 3.-19',4 3.50 3.58 3.54 3.MV. S-SGW 3.52% 3.53 3.39 3.35 3.35 3.23'/4 3.19 3 4 3.20 1 ,' 3.27 3.23'A 3.24 1 / 3.30',-i 3.27'A 3.27', Stock Market In Review By DAVID BURKE AP Binfncss Wrtttr NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market prices closed a touch higher Tuesday after early gains eroded near the close. The.Dow Jones average of 30 industrials ended the session up 2.33 at 968.92. At one point, the )lue-chip indicator was ahead over 5 points. Analysts said the market received n modest push from the continuing flurry of higher :irst-quarter earnings reports. Reports that American warplanes had . ceased bombing Hanoi and Haiphong also aided the market, brokers said. However, investor uneasiness was a major influence, and prices weakened as the day progressed. In the news background, the Commerce Department reported that housing starts last month dropped to a seasonally adjusted annual rale of 2,36 million from February's 2.66 million pace. This was sIH higher than the 1.9J million rate a year ago. Volume on the New Stock Exchange totaled 1st Quarter Economy Up, As Is Inflation n house next to his; officer 'ound sorority mecling in progress; persons quieted at request of officer. WEDNESDAY 1:01 Man reported someone attempted lo steal his bicycle. 1:12 Prowler reported; gone on arrival of officers. 2:04 Prowler reported; gone on arrival of officers. 3:30 Information received of theft in Fort Collins. 5 : 1 5 reported. Parking problem York 19.4 million shares, compared with 15.39 million Monday. Trading on the American Stock Exchange was unusual! heavy, with 6.26 million shares changing hands, compared will 5.79 million Monday. The New York Slock Ex change index of some 1,301 common stocks gained 0.11 ti 61.24. 01 Uie 1,788 issues traded 01 the Big Board, 765 advanced and 687 declined. There wen 131 new highs and 74 new lows. The Associated Press 60-sloc average closed unchanged, wit 3:41 Stolen auto reported; 964 "gray Chevrolet Chevelle, lack inlerior, license number JA 5741. 3:42 Missing persons reported and later report canceled. 4:08 Motorcycles reported making loud noises behind Albertson's Store; gone on arrival of officers. 4 : 3 5 Woman reported juveniles carrying lumber; she bought it might be stolen. Officer found lumber was given !o boys. 5:41 Loud Music reported coming from Gibson's Slore; music shut off by janitor. 6 : 3 4 Woman reported aurglary in progress; unfounded, officer found man watering lawn. 6:46 Murphy Lumber Comp a n y reported attempted burglary; burglars attempted lo open safe, but were unsuccessful. industrials off 0.7, rails up 0.2 and utilities up 0.5. Rails, chemicals, wid air crafls were lower. Mail order retail, metals and oils wcr mixed. Most other stock cate gories were up. On the Amex, the price change index closed unchange at 28.49. Of the 1,242 issue traded, 456 advanced and 50! declined. when the in front of She swcr the other skidded ac [lie highwa traffic la shoulder o the pole. The pol( P u b l i c damaged a By BILL NE1KIRK Atsociated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The ation's economy recorded a rong gain in the first lliree tonllis of the year, but the osl-freezc rate of inflation sur- ed to a sharp G.2 per cent, the ovcrnmcnl said today. Tlie Commerce Departmcnl enorted that Gross National roducl, market value of the rowlh is supposed to be a non- ose $30.3 billion in the amiary-March quarter, ad- ancing at an annual rate of 1.8 per cent. But well over half of the in rease was attributed to in- lalion, as prices soared follow- ng the close of the wage-price reeze and the onset of I'rcsi- ent Nixon's Phase 2 economic ontrols. GNP is the' broadest measure the economy. The Nixon ad ninislration has projected tha 1 t will rise by 9.4 per cent for .11 of 1972. Auto Damaged In Accident At Platteville A 1059 car driven by Rebecca Hawlcy Wolfley, 2420 2«h St. vas damaged about $700 wliei t ran off U.S. 85 and hit ilillly pole !.3 miles norlh o /"laltcville about 12:30 p.m Tuesday, the Highway Palro rejwrlcd. No one was hint in the ac cident. Patrolman Dan Bradley sal :he Grccley woman, soulli bound, was passing another ca other vehicle piillci ' her machine, rvcd Irer auto to nvo'u vehicle and her ca across the median tl the northboi went of f Hi of Hie road and hi '., belonging lo Hi Service Co., w. The (30.3 biljion gain brought NP (o a seasonally adjusted nnual rale of $1.103 trillion, ic department said. The increase was about no with administration projcc- ons although the rale of in- ation was sharply above the recast. According lo administration rejections, about two-thirds o! ic expected 9.4 jier cent rowth is supposed to be a no iflationary gain. But the figures for the firs · :i ; l.j- luarier showed that the g»lnl5~ hat period, with Inflation dis_-_. counted, was 5.3 per.cent. . ',,-;" This was slower than the'.5$;,; jcr cenl recorded in Ihe last three months of 1971, when thj;'* economy quickened afier -a ... mid-year slowdown. ..'".}"' GNP increased ?19.5 billion.In.,- : the last three months of last year, but the rale of inflation,, was only 1.7 per cent. ....'' The 6.2 per cent figure cnT- price increases the first quarter. . was Ihe highest since the 6.3 :i ' per cenl recorded In the fourlh.;s quarter of 1970, Commerce officials said. j.;7 In March, wage and salary!., oaymcnls increased 52 billion. '·'/· SILVER Investment Seminar Today you have a rare opportunity to double, triple or even quadruple your money in silver. Now, iti uur FKKK Silver Iiivrsdm-itt. Sumin:ir, you cnn learn: · Why new silver iirotUiulinn lins NOT kc. i |L pace with consumption; · li IHjwerful forc-cs nL \s p ork lodtiy which JHO spccdirig Aincr- k'a lo\vnT(ls furllior moiioinrv crist's: · Why a sU'L'p ri^i 1 in tlu 1 iirii-e of silver srnns ini:vit;illc: · 2 c(uni]ioit mistakes in silvor invL'Htini; -- aiul ho\v yuli r;in tvisily avoid them; · How Ui usa silvtir to lictlijc ;i|,'ainst inlhiliuii: · How ii'now SIIA'KK investment B'IVOS yon 1'OWClil'Til. J.KVI;HA;K with COSIII.KTK I-KOTIXTION uiinsi margin c'alls atut [iKccd Ii|tiicla1it)iis: · Why now is llir time [o invest ia silver. I'or your fortVf-'ait'iK'u, our Silver lavestiacnt Seminar will he held ;it Iliu iDlluwinj; 3 ililVerenl Im-aliuns ami (Idles: Demcr Monilay, A]Kil 'a. 7:.TO pnl Clii-ny C l i c k I n n . l-'liuna Hocm GUU Su. Coloinlu Ulvil., 1-kiiU] '1'iicxt.iy. April M, V : ; w » pn Hi-wcnrs-'lnil. W;ili:rliNi Houitl yJUO Kbti Slrccl. Dt-n^cf I I I I i r ii t i Colorado Springs TluirMl.ij 1 , April '27. 7::W i»n lliiltdny ln». llcil KIKIIII fill f L'uiiniriKi, Ci)lumtl] S|irkn|js Mr. liicliurd Thies will conduct Iho .Seminars. FREE ADMISSION This in your l''l{l£li Admission Tickel l« our Silver Investment Semiaiir. I'leiisu t u r n it in at. Ihe iluor when volt comu. Nt restrrvalitjn is needed. I3ut space id limited--BU please uotau tarly. l'AC;U''JO COAST COIN K X C I I A N U K 3711 IxoiK Heach Blvd., I.onj! Dcnclt, Ciilifornin 9«807 GTR-19 Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) -- Wheat No 1 hard red 1.G7'/jn; No 2 soft red l.G3'/m. Corn No 2 yellow 1.24%n. Oats No 2 extra white GSlin. Soybeans No 1 ycl-|t'e' low 3.4914n. Soybean oil 12.02n. CHICAGO (AP -- Futures trading on the- Chicago Mercantile Exchange Wednesday: Prev. Open . H i g h Lew C10M CEoM LIVE B E E F CATTLE Apr 35.20 35.J2 35.00 35.05 35.17 J u n 34.40 34.4o 31.20 31.32 34.22 33.370 33.70 33.40 33.60 33.50 Ocl 323.75 32.B7 32.72 32.72 32.63 Dec 32.70 32.75 32.57 32.57 32.50 Fell 32.85 32.90 32.R5 3-2.85 32.8i Apr 32.72 32.72 32.72 32.72 32.70 Salrs: April 12B; June 1474; Auc 755; Oet 300; T)rc ]35f Ffh 19; April 1. FEEDER CATTLE Apr 38.90 31.90 B38.75 838.75 39.00 May 37.75 37.75 37.75 ?7.75 a37.7j Aug 30.10 36.50 36.10 30.50 36.40 Sep . b35.85 3:j.8i! Ocl · . b35.40 35.50 N'ov 35.50 3550 35.50 3.V59 3552 Snlc-s: April 1; May fi; Aug 7: Sept 0; Od 0; Nov 1. IDAHO roTATOES May 5.10 5.11 5.05 5.10 5.06 Sales: Mar .1:1. L I V E HOGS Apr 25.00 25.00 2J.BO 24.95 V. B7 .Inn 27.97 27.97 27.70 27.72 2700 .Illl 2B.20 2R.20 23.02 M.15 ?B.22 A n * 27.B5 27.B7 27.55 27.35 27.S7 'Ocl 2(5.75 26.40 2R.27 U26.30 26.50 26.75 25.75 25.62 26.52 26.60 20.Z5 20.27 26.15 2C.20 Z6.37 Sales: April 114; June 183; July 95; Aug 38; Oct 31; Dec 115; Feh 37. Arnold To Try To Get Land Use Bill Restored in House DENVER (AP) - A bijl which started out as an "environmental Policy Act" in the Senate was stripped down in the House of Representatives and emerged as a vehicle for putting teeth in Ihe Land Use Commission Tuesday night before being killed. But Rep. Sandy Arnold, R- Bouldcr, who has carried a majority of land use -bills in the house, served notice he will Wall Streei NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market prices edged lower today, reflecting investor uneasiness over the Vietnam situation and rising inflation. The Dow Jones average of 30 Industrials al 2 p.m. was off 0.30 at 968.62. Declines led advances on Ihe New York Slock Exchange by 7 lo 6. Trading was moderate. Analysis said many investors were jittery over the possibility of further escalation of the Vietnam war. Also, Hie Commerce Department reporleil that although the economy was showing strong . yains In Ihe first quarter, inflation was also taking a sharp loll. A'block of 268,800 shares of Pfizer traded at AOYt, down Vt. seek reconsideration of the bill within a 24-hour period. This gives Arnold until 6:30 p.m. Wednesday lo try lo change' Ihe 24-34 vole which killed the bill on preliminary approval. The action came as Ihe House concluded a long work day. Gov. John Love included an Environmental P o l i c y Act in his call to Ihe lawmakers at (lie slart of this session, but as the bill came over from Ihe Senate it did little more than recommend state agencies file environmental impact statements before taking action of any con sequence. The acl had an intent of protecting the quality of Ihe environment and set goals of assuring healthful surroundings and sn forth. Hep. Richard Lamm, .D-Den- vcr, who sponsored Ihe first environmental policy acl in the legislature several years ago, was defeated time and lime again as he attempted to amend the Senate bill to make t stronger. Arnold, however, was successful in inserting into the bill an amendment which would al- ow tire State Land Use Commission to slep in if they saw need to halt anylhing that might seriously threaten public h e a l t h or the environment. The amendment would have allowed the LUC to bring an action or injunction lo District Court and it in lurn would decide whether a cease and desist order should be granted. "If we don't get this control, I believe we truly are negligent in our duties to the state," Arnold said. Local InrcresS- Stocks (As of 11 a.m. Tuesday) Bid Asked 10 28'/ Monfort Bayly Geriatrics Itcl Skaggs Alf. Bank Shares Hewlett-Packard JO 14 27li 8- r i» 9 V.i 10 V) 2914 37 59'A S9'/» Fannie Mae, down PA to 23; Republic Corp., up 5 A to 8H; Armco Steel, up 1 to 23'Xi; and American Broadcasting, up 2}i to 69'/4. American Slock Exchange prices included Harvard Industries, off ·;« lo 2V»; Venice Industries, rinwn 1U to 12^; Syntax, off !'/ lo IWc Champion Home Builders, down 3 (o f2; and Coleman, up Hi to Chemical Home Ll. Power 6 27 'A 6A 28V Local Market Tuctday, April 18 Beans 11.00 Wheat -.- 2.1* Oals (38 lb. or better). 2.3fl Barley _. 2 IS Corn 2.25 Hey! It's spring. Get busyThere are things to do...gardening, golfing, cranking, reading, sprinkling repairing, day packing, frying, edging, sleeping, pruning. And the things to do them with are free for making a deposit at Mountain. C-arJ of Jk (iAUVKY / Wo winh lo t h a n k everyone whir hafl been so thoughtful .intl klnrl tlnrlnf! Jotm's rnccnt IllriCBH. Ksprdally wn want lo Itiank Dr. K m i t h and nil (hn MiifHCH, niOnii and fitaff fin 2 i m r l h at Weld Co. H c N f i i l a l . TliiinkB ajBO lo our many fririiris, nclKliborn * rclalives nrnl raprrially all of iinr fcl- luw aBsnriales Rt 1'onnnyfl and flraylinala for the cardn. c:nllB, flowers and prayers. Thanks lo Itov. and Mrs. Matthew* anil our many frifincls at First Jfaptisl Church for Iholr srir clal prayers, cards . calla. Kincerely John Kvelyn Garvcy KOHI.KR To the BIrrh Avenue Manor. In fcrnlcfiil appreciation for th wondftrful homfc you m a d e for our Dad -- a home with Hie )rAt of care and klndnchn. n n d fjfipnrirtlly n linmn of Invc. Our »lnr(rrf! l l i n n k d for m.ik- inx J'apa'n Ji'javen on earth. 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A loaf of braad, a bollleof v/ine...whatever... fils handily In the Colernan Day Pak. $500 Deposit Plol your next world lour... in your easy chair wilh Iho Itloal V/orld Alias. $2,500 Dsposll Edges crooked?Tho Molnor Deluxe Adjustable Lawn Edger will slraighten Ihom righlup...ovon around ICODS. $2,500 Deposit 1 dozen of Ihe finesl Spalding Unicore® Golf Balls. $500 Deposit 3 sottings on Ihls Mnlnor Deluxe Prunor...priino your lourjliost bur.hos or mosl delicalo roses. $5,000 Daposil Let Iho Pacer i quart Eleclrio Ico Cream freezer do the work. All you do Is enjoy homemade taslo. $5,000 Deposit Automatic, irnmefsiblo, portable...Iho Mifro Eleclrio Fry Pan Is a mlni-kilc-hen all by ilself. $1,000 Deposit. Say no more.,.look il up in The American Herilasie Dictionary ol the English Language. $5,000 Deposit Toko Iho Williamsburg 1 quail Ice Cream Freozer campincj...or whenever you want homemade Ico cream made Ihoold-faihioned way. EARN 6% $5,000 Minimum, 2-10 year Certificate of Deposit Ono Qitt per account per year, MOUNTAIN SAVINGS And Loan Association«Resources over $66,000,000 Boulder Office: 2300 Broadway, Boulder 442-1080/Croatroads Center Office: Arapahoe 28th, Boulder 442-1080 Fort Colllni Office: 2105 So, College Avenue, Fort Collins 493-3300 e: 1000 Ninth Avenue, Greeley 352-6128/Lonflmont Office; 401 Coffman Street, Lonflmont 776-1362

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