Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 19, 1970 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1970
Page 5
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British Bookies Make Wilson 2-1 Favorite on June Ballot By ARTHUR L. GAVSHON Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - With the national election formally set for June 18, bookmakers on Monday night made Prime Minister Harold Wilson a 2-1 favorite. This followed the line of recent polls indicating a surge of popularity for Wilson's 5!i- year-old Labor government. Belling establishments, which are legal here, reported heavy betting on Labor. fjan in 1832-and lhe first in which 18-year-olds will be allowed to vo!e. Until Ihis year the right of franchise began at 21. Wilson's main challenger for power is Heath. It will be their second contest. Last time, in 196C, Wilson was a runaway winner. They do not run against each other, but the one whose parly wins the most scats in Parliament becomes prime minister. The prime minister is 54. Wilson followed a traditionaljHoalh 53. They arc politicans of evening meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace with an announcement from his 10 Downing St. office that said in part: "The Prime minister has asked Her Majesty a postwar vintage. Each held high government office before becoming party leaders. Both stem from relatively humble origins--Wilson is the son of an industrial chemist. Health's fath- the queen to proclaim the dis-jer once was a carpenter. There solution of Parliament. · "Her Majesty was graciously pleased to signify that she will comply with this request . . . is little love lost between the two contenders. State of the main parlies in the House of Commons as il an"Polling will take place on proa'ches dissolution May 2!), Thursday, June 18." about a year before ils legal flation induced wage increases THE LOCKHORNS by runaway threatens fur-:, ler price rises. i On lop of these factors I h e j i government feels menaced by international pressures, the Indochina crisis and lhe Mideast povvderkeg. There also are possibilities of trouble in the slrecls of-Britain's cities next month with the arrival of an all-white South African cricket team. En-j emies of racial discrimination; have vowed to wreck the contro-. versial lour. . ! ·SAME ROLES AS LAST NIGHT?" @ U.S. Endorses Jakarta Peace Plan for Asia .Tiics., May 19, 1970 G K E E L K Y T l l l U U N E PiiRe 5 i "" i Just Like a Ski Slope By TAD BARTIMUS Associated Press Writer M I A M I BKACH ( A P ) - Mar- csl. It was the most revealing thing I have ever taken . . . "But the best part was when Then Wilson called in the'five-year span ends: leaders of the opposition Con-1 I-abor--346 seats, scrvative and Liberal parties. Conservatives--262. Edward Heath and Jeremy Liberals--13. Thorpe, to advise them of the Others--8. decision. i Under the British system, Wil- The queen went off to attend a. son has lne ri ? ht lo P ick his own flower show. Only a few hours! ballot date wlthln lhe five-year earlier a threat to shoot her had:' 01 TM for TM lch Parliaments are been telephoned to a British | elected, news agency. It was passed on 1 IIe chose June 18-Walerloo to Scotland Yard where officials. Dil - v - al a moment when all the were inclined lo regard it as a ' i n d i c a t u r s - from P olls tr llis own hoax. Tlie ballot will be the first in , ... June since British elections be- 1 . · . intelligence reports, suggest this is the best time to make a dash Demonstrators Plead Innocent : His popularity rating has be- igiui to zoom as Heath's was div- |ing. Opinion polls indicate the ! Labor party can win a 50-seat By CARL P. LEUBSDORF AP Political Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans trying to wrest con- .rol of the Senate after 16 years as the minority are taking careful aim at a trio of liberal Democrats: Frank E. Moss of Utah. Gale McGee (if Wyoming Quentin L. Burdick of North Dakota. | WASHINGTON ( A P ) - The ; United States endorsed Monday ;a call for an Indochina peace conference issued by 11 Asian land Pacific nations meeting at j J a k a r t a , Indonesia. A proposal for re-activating j international control machinery Ito preserve Cambodia's badly. ,bat(ered neutrality also gut; __':American backing. : j A State Department state- jmcnt said the United States i"does not wish lo seu any 'change of Cambodia's long- Islanding policy of neutrality ancl ill has no intention of interfering !in lhe internal affairs of Cambo- jdia." lions against gun'control and for, Western stales lo have one! " The u - s - ('.""'rnmcnl." "'' the oil depletion allowance ap-Democratic senator, one Repub- st alem( ; nt continued, "also sup- pear lo have balanced a liberal!lican. McGee, noting that moreiP° rts . lhe . conferences call for. .1 i : _ i :.. i.:_ i _ _ , 11 j u _ i i :.. ,., : _ _ '· rpaftivji inn o in I l i c n i a inn:i Wyoming's McGee Among Vulnerable Dem Aspirants domestic record in his contest with Rep. John Wold, the Republican he defeated six years ago. Sen. Burdick banks heavily on his name--his father was a Re- than half the land in Wyomingj is owned by the federal govern-: reactivation of the International iConlrol Commission (made up; ment, explained the voters' of India, Poland Canada) thinking. "They regard having and for consultations looking tonne mpmhpr frnm p:ir.h nuriv oi'ward the early convening of an one member from each parly as * - . insurance. That way you have international conference to find publican congressman for 2(i access to whatever door is need-! 3 J llst - effective, pcaeclul res.v .years--acid the unpopularity ofied to protect the stale's inter-' 1 " 11011 ° r ""' present situation." If they can win in these races!the Nixon administration's farmiest." " the GOP will be a long way to-jprogram in a rerun of his 19C4; ] o addition these are stales R p r n n H p f f P ward gaining the seven seals it;race against Rep. Thomasj w h c re the personal touch is still; "«««= lt needs to control the Senate. JKIeppe. |essential, where imagery a n d j D r a W S 3 - M o n t h On paper all three Democrats: Helping each of the incum-! television appeal is less impor- appear to be vulnerable. Tbeir; benls is a gr0 wing trend in I tanl than in the larger states. i stales are generally c,,nscrva- McGee claims ,A avp ! , 1 I l l f P n l live, with a strong Republican tradition that only out 1 Democratic presidential candidate,, . Lyndcn B. Johnson, has broken /\g in the past 20 years. Two of them. Moss and McGee, were elected to their first terms in 1958, a recession year D R X V E I Resigns s Safety Manager DENVER ( A P ) - More So persons arrested in demon-iLabor's majority in the House of Cnm-|,, lat foum , a Rcpublican in ' thc Safety Manager mo " s - ! White house, and all three wcrejMon. announced he was quit- ban I here has been a lurnround in rc . e | eclcd in inj 4i the year of'ting the job he's held the past; standing after more McGee claims to have shaken j 114.000 hands--Wyoming only : O.MAGH. Northern Ireland ihas a population of 325.000--in'fAP) -- Bernadette Devlin, firc- 1958 and now spends his lime,brand lawmaker representing. I when (raveling to and Irom the Northern Ireland's civil r i g h t s ' jstate signing personal messages!movement in the British Parlia;lo honor graduates, golden wed-ment, received Monday a n . in .,p,J (lin S anniversary celebrants andlhree-monlh prison sentence/ uunu o U l c | . s w||ose accomplishments suspended for two years. · have been noted in newspapers. Miss Dcv lin. who was at the So does Burdick. who counts center of many of the events i n , garet McAleer from Maine saysjit asked you what you would do the Miss USA runway is j u s t , i f you came to a wall you like a ski slope on a tall moun-jcouldn'l climb over. I said I piclain: "You must conquer il anditured the wall as bright and not let it conquer you." jshiny, full of little crevasses The 35-24-35 green-eyed bru- with trees draped over il. nettc says she loves to ski be-j "I wrote that J would climb cause "I'm an individual com-jup in the trees and get inside pctilor. Out there in the snowithem, look lhe situation over, and silence, it's all between you'and then if I didn't like what I and that mountain. That'sjsaw. I would just climb down, why I enjoy fencing and gym: "That's really me - if I can't nasties. It's up to you to makejget over something, (hen 1 will your body perform lo ils unjust get down and be content most. 1 giiess it's lhe same way with what I have.'' here," she said. The 20-year-old girl says s h e - a n n u a l C a t t l e began entering beauty contests . .. last year at the urging of her D r i V B U n d e r Woy falher - . GRANTS. N..M. ( A P ) - The "He felt it was a good way to a n n u a l L .. )Ulc d r j v c of (hc , G| . cat meet people and would teach Weslern Land a n d cattle Co. me lo handle diffcrenl situations began Sunday and lhc | lml ,, f with more poise. I agree with 700 ycar |j|,g s covered IK miles him now % and that's one reason before bedding d(W1 , in t | 1e A m- 1 m here." brosia Lake area 24 miles north Peggy, who comes from Wat- O f Grants, erville. says she is slightly su- Only eight cowboys are driv- perstitious and reads her h o r o - j n g {fa j lcl d t h i s ' y e a r , coin- scope almost every day. iparcd with twice that number But I don't intend to read it last year when the cowmen any day this week." the Capri- first made t h e i r overland drive corn said. "If it told me some- from Grants lo Pagosa Springs, thing like, 'Stay in bed all day' 1 Colo. would really 'be nervous and Great Western officials say uneasy. That kind of grief I they expect to reach Pagosa don't need." Springs by May 29. "I am a romantic sort of per- The company chooses to drive son, as opposed to a practicalthe yearlings to summer pas- one. 1 just took a psychologyjturp rather than truck them test which asked you lo pretend hoping they will gain weight you were laking a walk in a for- along the way. strations near the state capitoljthan three dismal years. In con- building and at the Univcrsity'trast, the Conservatives, who of Denver pleaded innocent to a j h a d seemed almost certain win-! variety of charges in Denver;ners until the turn of Ihis year. re-e eclccl in 1)04 tie vear ot une lie jou ue s neiu uiu M;IMI . . -- --^...._. ~. ........ ... ,..v. ...v..... .... Johnson's landslide vWriv ov°r 17 months because he's wlaryj!* l 'TM^'.'ITM , a TM" lo " strife-torn Ulster last summer.; nonnhiipun RPITV rnMu.nim- Unr! rlnpsn'i want in become! pean leeq i \ alley Uty pop-pleaded innocent lo four slumped to a third s point County Court Monday. In addition, in District Court 'Resting Judge A'eil Horan ordered a| ,,;. University of Denver student J Christopher Trenkle. to appear:*' , . , TM ,-.. ._ .I...., callse w j lv ] le -gerous autumn and winter iahead. The Wall Street slump is Republican Barrv Cnldwaicr. ; ,and doesn't want lo become! '^" 1 ^ un4 '"TM7 ^ *°P- pleaded innocent lo four · MeC ; cc nnd shorl-lempered in the sensitive ^" ""."'° 4 ' l h a l al " acled onl - v *««?« arising from a t o n n n k are on their own as^Job. IA pe ' S °" S ' :" lra "°» " sl wrel TM""« » been Finally, Wilson has been !swayed by prospects nf a dan- This lime. Moss -- -- as : J°b. ...^, Campaigns lor a third 1 Koch recently has been i n - j 1 . term. Nunthcless, interviews:volved in a controvery withj\V e || Guarded I with key political figures of both former fire chief Cassio Frn?.-! parties disclosed that each oflzini, the Woodstock West demol-. LIMA, Peru ( A P ) the three, for varying reasons,'ition last week on the Univer- Thursday to show ' is in a strctig position. Each emphasizes his senior!- sity of Denver campus and the allegations of Mexican-Americans that four policemen brutal- should not be ruled in contempt.·«"*«"· " L """ D1 -,-' ."'""'P, lb j lv .,.,,,), ,,;,,,,. . rccor(1 .,, - c i , . i i -it · ' frifjhtpninp Pfnnnmisl*? MPTP Tn- L J i ""*-" Liiun ii i ULUI u ui JL- Trenkle is charged with vio-j l r l f- m e n l n g c ^J^lTM e :Jil complishmcnt attuned lo state ized two young Hispano men lating a restraining order 1 . . . . the campus;Q re p| ev d b author!-" e c l c / interests and each hopes lo capitalize on the Nixon administra- Despite the recent controversies, Koch said they didn't fig- againsl going on sfter being ordered by authorities to leave. i N o m e d About a dozen persons, including Elaine Bland, 19, a student Of SeCrpfdrifx; at Southern Colorado Slate Col- W JC1 " C l U ' l e : lege, were charged with disturb- FonT COLLINS ( A P ) - Mrs.:well aware of it's potential im a news conference that Koch mice and unlawful assembly. .M a r ( a L an dgreen of Coloradojpacl. "If he (N'ixon) gets had done an excellent job as They were accused of sitting Springs lias bcen chosen region-j bogged down in (he swamps of'safely manager. In the street al Co fax Avenue ; ,| SC crelary of lhe year by the 1 Cambodia, we're all in deep' McNiehols said he hasn't de- and Broadway and blocking tra -.Colorado, Wyoming and Mon: trouble," said Rep. Laurence J.'eided on who might replace Hie fie. following a peaceful marclr l a n a division of the NationalIBurlon of Utah, the likelv Re-|f 0 nner attorney Ihrough downtown Denver to the: Soc ,. clal . ies Association. j publican candidate against statehouse May 9. , The group, winding up a | Moss. three-day annual convention 1 In Utah. Democratic Icadersilion becomes effective June 1. Sunday, also selected Mrs. Dora 1 ;i,P counting heavily on a Re-' Hildebrandof Denver as runner-.publican scandal in'Moss' Salt ihp""ihc.y"-n:i'i 1 i!v.i Vi'i/iV." U P f l "' l h c D^' secretary award.jLake City stronghold plus a 'Omagh Urban Council. She also was fined S48. The 2!i-ycar-okl l a w m a k e r ' When also is appealing a six-month Roberto Suarez Oliveira. seeomljai] sentence for her part in riot- secretary of the Brazilian al Londonderry lasl August, bassy. parked his car beside Ihe'The appeal is to be heard in the- U.S. Embassy and walked in- Ulster High Court next week, side to see an American diplo-; She lold a news conference mat, there was the usual police Sunday: "I have already made sidewalk guard armed with sub-iplans lo direct my election cam-' tio^s" glwing'^oWemr''^^^ u7e in'hi's resignalion'from the machine guns. When he came.paign from a prison cell if nec-i daily in the economy. j$22.0(IO per year post. ; o u ' a s l l o r t " TM later lhc essary. While most of the interviews; Mayor Bill McN'ichols saidi^;. 11 ^,^ ^,' cl , ? e "" M " S | were before the Cambodian cri- lhe resignation came as a "com- ' . ' ' . . ... . Isis erupted, the politicians xverc'plcle surprise" lo him. He lold; USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS FOR THE BEST BLOOMING SUMMER YOU EVER HAD PLANT GLADIOLUS DAHLIAS NOW! Our latest imports from Holland are in stock. Choose the varieties and colors you prefer. Start weekly planting now and have a beautiful garden all summer long. ,,,,,-,,. ANDERSON SEED CO. { 7M Hlfh Street Koch said he had no imme- diale plans after the resigna- Minri-: 'i'i niKiHTims XD. i'-iifi.-,r, K s m i f or AN.VA .Mooni-:. n I l l l r c i l I" f l l " 111. MI IMP nisiri.-i . n u n lic - clecled president was Miss f"u-"w i - o n m y . i-oiorniio. on or Lavoinie Ilcnninger of Greeley. Democratic registration majority in Burton's home city of Og- ' · iiiiri-.-ii. i:..tij»inii I ""K«NI\V''"' : ' S ' f . AIII|I-. "AU..I-III-V s, uny s, i:. i". !"Vo. \o-i'irt-- or I' M-:TTI.I:HK.\T | Xo. I ' - l l l.v.i Estate of F R K n K H M K K . Deceased. X i . t i r f Is hereby Klven t h a t 1 have filed my final report in the. I M . v t r i r t Court of We.ld Couniy.'i-aiio. n n d t h a t any person rle.sirinfr to object to the Faille M i a l l f i l f f w r i t t e n ohjertion w i t h the .said rourt on or before. May "'"' r '' 7n ' Khner H. K h m h . K x c r l l l u r J o h n AV. Henderson. A t t o r n e y The Gret'lev D a i l y T r i b u n e . A p r i l US, May f.. 1 L'. 1 !'. 1 J 7 0 __ Mince: or |.-I\AI, M-:'r'i-i.i-:jiK.\T xo r- u-ioii K s t a l e of r - L A I ! A C. SI.AP- 3'1-:K. Doreased. X n l l i - r - in hereby c l v e n t h a t 1 have f l l o d in}- f i n i i l reiiort in t h e IHstrkM Court of \ V p l d f:onnty. Ciilorado, and t h a t any person i l f K i r h i E to obj.M-l to the. n l i a l l f i l e w r i t t e n o b j e c t i o n the s a i d court on or b e f o r e J 1, 1 U 7 I I . .Mary K l a i n e K.'i-rher K x e c n t r i N o f said K s t . i t e T\'alclo and Waldo. A t t o r n e y s T h e Greeley D a i l y T r i b u n e . A p r i l 2S, May 5. 12. 1». I'.'.O. Other officers chosen were den lo counter the congress- Miss Mary Subanlo of Colorado! man's expeclcd majorities else- Springs, vice president: Mrs.|where in the stale. Arlenc Sualon of Denver, secrc-i In Wyoming, lhe hawkish lary. and Mrs. Georgia A. Her-1 McGee is under pressure from a jnandez of Riverlon, Wyo., trcas-lsmall but vocal group of anti- ;urer. 'war Democrats. But his pnsi- 501 Nylon CARPET Reg. 6.95 3.95 H Yd. L Wholesale 914 11th Av=. wilh MAY 26, 10 a.m. on the Premises NORTHERN HOTEL Fort Collins, Colo. HOTEL . . . choice going business . . . 41,576 sq. ft., on 14.545 sq. ft. DOWNTOWN site at 172 N. College St. Brick, four stories, barr.-ment. BO units, 100 beds, 57 baths. Excellent mgr. quarters. Street level commercial spaces bring excellent income. Spacious lobby, f u l l carpeting, mezzanine Could be adapted to choice apartment h o t e l . GOOD TERMSI Write for free brochure or call COOPERATING C O L O R A D O B R O K E R Ernest Maidanado. Lie. 5847 300 N. Commercial Trinidad, Colo. (Ph. 8464183) K. S. WATSON, Lie. Colo. Broker fM, Appiciiieit. Coniullcinli NORTH CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY DALLAS, TEXAS 7!!9i (!M1 S!«.»«! /^^ t Every! \ is Everything I Lik is either Illegal, Immoral or Un-Cafeteria Most cafeterias aren't much on splurging . . . line up -- Over Out! But Farm Fare thinks dining ..--·'. ""v---TI should be an affair to remember. P^"^\, /n Thus we are un-cafeteria with our nightly buffet -- where you may select all your heart desires from a beautiful array of home cooked delicacies . . . for less than two dollars. Buffet From 5 to 8 Every Evening Monday thru Saturday 9th Avenue at 11 th Street For People Who Don't Like Cafeterias goes r ^ w Westingh WPP' Headquarters tor: , APPLIANCES TELEVISION STEREO 1 .V!; 1 ) Slh Arc. 353-0(125 SIDS-BY-SIDE REFRIGERATOR COME IN AND REGISTER for DOOR PRIZES and GRAND PRIZE! No Purchase Necessary. 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