Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 2, 1976 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Page 11
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Sheinwoid on Bridge Keep in shape to avoid asp TUCS., March 2,1976 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE II ByALrREDSIIEINWOLD History might have been changed if Cleopatra's noee had been one inch longer, and there can be too much of a good thing at the bridge table too. A simple operation would have kept South's cards in shape in today's hand. South dealer Neither side vulnerable NORTH * K 6 2 ?87 O K 1 0 5 3 » K 6 4 2 WEST EAST + 9 8 7 3 + 1 0 5 ?5 ?Q632 O A 9 7 6 4 O Q J 8 2 + Q J 1 0 + A 9 8 SOUTH + A Q J 4 £ A K J 1 0 9 4 O N o n e t 7 5 3 South Weit North East 1 y Pass 1 NT Pass 3 ? Pass 4 S All Pass Opening lead - + Q The defenders look three club tricks, and East then returned a diamond. South ruffed with the four of hearts, a play that left him with too many high trumps -- too much of a good thing. Since the king of spades was the only entry to dummy, South could take only one finesse through East's queen of hearts. East eventually won a trump trick, defeating the contract. South should ruff the diamond with the nine of trumps instead of the four. Then he leads a spade to dummy's king and lets the eight of hearts ride for a finesse. In Dummy The finesse succeeds, and the lead stays in dummy ·-- because South can play the four of hearts under dummy's eight. Declarer can thus continue with dummy's other heart to repeat the finesse. South picks up East's trumps without loss and scores game. Incidentally, don't try the false safety play of leading out the ace of hearts before taking a trump finesse. This play works if West had the singleton queen of hearts, but loses If West has the singleton 6, 5, 3 or 2. The odds are thus 4 to 1 in favor of taking two trump finesses instead of playing the ace first and then taking just one finesse. Daily Question Partner opens with one spade, and the next player passes. You hold: Spade K62 heart 87 diamond K10S3 club K642. What do you say? Answer: Bid two spades. This is slightly more encouraging than a response of one notrump. You can afford to offer encouragement since you have 9 points in high cards, good trump support and a side doubleton. c) 19J6 Los Angeles Times Hints from Heloise Order of Foresters presents awards at installation dance Uy HKLOISE CRUSE Ail forrespimdence pertaining to Ihc Hclmsi 1 column should be mailed directly Hclnise. King Features Syndicate. 235 K. -l.Slh Sired. New Vnrk. New York 10017. Dear Heloise: aDOU t someone using a large I made draw drapes from family-sized detergent box for a printed sheets and lined the magazine holder, drapes with white sheets. I A large family-sized bought "seconds" on sale and detergent box works perfectly used the parts where the flaws m a pattern file box too. were for the ruffles. Irene Timothy The drapes hang so well no weights are necessary. Dear Heloise: Of course, in order for them ^ ier ii v j n g j n a mobile home to look nice, you must watch for for vears an d having a small sales on the pretty prints in the ^ in a srna n roo m, 1 found it good percale. muc h easier on me and the No one has guessed that they room to put a chest of drawers are sheets. in hi5 d^t for the toys. His Also, I'm quilting spreads, c ] ot hes hang above it. -using the sheets, to match the This way my s^ has a p | ace drapes in my boys' rooms. f or trie toys and doesn't have I am using quilted robe toys all over the floor, material for the under part of Mrs. Albert Titus the spread. By following the stitches on the quilted robe Dear Heloise: material I have a quilted design The feet of my blender were on the right side of the spread -- leaving icky black marks on my Magic! counter top. By sewing from the center out I bought a package of cheap to the sides, you won't end up balloons, chose all one color, with any extra puckers in the cut the ends off and glued the center. Then add your ruffles, ends over the feet of the blen- CarolKoval der. Then I left the blender When unexpected company drops in and must be fed, open a can of tuna and one of cream of mushroom soup. Heat all together and season well. Serve on toast or on a bed of cooked rice. By Abigail Van Buren Tribune N Y. Ni-j S»nd DEAR READERS: Yesterday, my column Included the fit-fit half ol the results of my reader survey on what women first notice about men. ("Physique" won first piece, capturing 58 per cent of the vote, with "grooming"--including attire--n close second and eyes third. Here are the rest of the results: After eyes came the "smile," including the teeth. Women in every state and Canada expressed more interest in the "smile" than the responding men did. Next the voice. Those who said they first notice a man's voice remarked that they find a deep, resonant voice most appealing. About une per cent said they first notice "tell-tale jewelry," such as a wedding ring, a friendship ring, a necklace, bracelet, as a "sign" that he is "taken." (An Arkansas women wrote, "A man who would allow a possessive women to hong such obvious 'keep-off signs on him is weak and immature. She can have him!" A Tucson woman expressed it typically: "First, I notice how he's built, then the expression in his eyes, then whether he's well-groomed or not, but the most fignificnnt part of a man is his reaction to ME! If he shows an interest in me, I want to know him better. "His line of conversation soon tells me all \ need to know. Does he talk about himself, or does he ask me questions about myself? Egotistical men talk about themselves. Generous men ask questions. If he talks about others, is he kind"? Does he gossip? "Does he ever say, 'I don't know' ? (I like a man who is quick to admit that he doesn't have oil the answers.) Is he profane? Is he intelligent? Is he bigoted? IB he informed? After 10 minutes, I know whether I like him or not." Most women who wrote that what they first notice about a man is his packaging assured me that it is what's on the inside that counts. Letter after letter emphasized that what usually attracts a woman lo a man is not necessarily what holds her interest. (i Women placed much more importance on "behavior than the men did in their survey. A Washington Star reader put it eloquently: "The first thing I notice about a man is his attitude toward others. A man who respects himself will show respect for others. A gentle man will listen. An unselfish man will not interrupt. A considerate man will defer. A spiritual man will not use the name of the Lord in vain. A clean-minded man will not offend others by vulgar language, "When I look at a man, I don't look at his 'build,' his clothing, his shoes or even his face to see if he is handsome physically; I look at his 'soul' by listening to him. And if he is spiritual, considerate, unselfish, clean and respectable, he is B beautiful man. Worth knowing better. And perhaps worth loving." For Abbv's new booklet, "What Teen-agers Want to Know," sciid SI to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr.. Beverly Hills. C»lif. 90212. Please enclose a long. self-addressed, stamped |26) envelope. OFFICE ·FURNITURE ·SUPPLIES ·MACHINES Well, I'llbedoggoned! That's a lulu of an idea! Using some of the new fusible webbing to piece the quilted robe material before quilting it to the sheets will make the job easier and neater. upside down to dry thoroughly. Lo! No more black marks. Mrs. Ben Steward Letter of Thought Dear Heloise; Your next door neighbor is always a good neighbor as long as they let you alone... __ H.H.H. Dear Heloise: t stepped on some gooey gum when I was barefoot and if you ever tried to remove gum from anything with your fingers, you know it is almost impossible without making a big mess. Well, I tried the pre-wash spray stain-remover on my foot and (hat stuff is good! It hardened that gum and all I did was rub a little with my finger and it all came off clean as a whistle. Then a few days later my small grandbaby dropped some chewed-up gum on one of my throw rugs, so again I used the stain remover and, sure enough, it did the same to the gum in the rug. Just had to rub it out with little or no effort. This stuff is getting to be almost as good as your nylon net! Mrs. M. Hickey Dear Heloise: I was reading in your column Dear Heloise: If you have a paring knife with a wood handle, paint the Heloise wood w i t h nail P° lish ' The nail polish will protect the wood and keep it from rotting. Charlotte Connelly Copyright, 1976 Xing Features Syndicate, Inc. High Chief Hanger Bernie Murray installed the new officers for Cache !a Poudre Court No. 1336, Independent Order of Foresters, and also presented well-deserved awards and pins. Charles Weber, Cindy Weber and Dottic Chrispen received 10-member pins, and Jim Chrispen received a ID-member bar for his pin. Five-year officer jewels were presented to Charles Weber, Jim Chrispen and Don Steinmetz. and a plaque was presented to Past Chief Hanger Jim Chrispen. Several prizes were awarded during the installation dance intermission. Recipients were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Chrispen, in appreciation of his work during his term as chief ranger, and also to Debbie Murphy, Ken Coursiey and Sharon Flasche. Laura Arens won the handmade quilt. The court will sponsor its annual Las Vegas Night for adult foresters at the 4-H Building at Island Grove Park, beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 27. Guests are welcome if they accompany a member of I.O.F. The Foresters appreciate the cooperation they received from Memorial Hospital, especially Gary Tear, in obtaining an electric hospital bed for Randy Schacfer. Wheeiing-Ramrodders have scheduled an outing to Cherokee Park for March 14, meeting at 8 a.m. at Westlake Center in Loveland. This group meets at 7:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of each monlh at the Country Mouse Campground on Carter Lake Road west of Loveland. The adventure and recreation club has planned a kite flying afternoon and Easter egg hunt, for members only at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 14, at Luther Park. In case of snow, the hunt will take place in the club house at 3102 17th Ave. Kirby Parse, 356-3735, has more information for members. Card Sharks should bring cookies and their own table to the monthly meeting, at 8 p.m. the fourth Saturday in the month, at Loveland Savings and Loan Association. Helping Handmaidens will sponsor the film "Fragile, Handle with Care" dealing with child abuse, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 10, at Madison School gymnasium. The public is invited to attend. A Greeley police officer will also speak on the subject of child abuse. The next regular meeting will be at 8 p.m. Thursday, March J8, in the Blue Flame Room. Transportation may be obtained by calling the I.O.F. office, 35G-G794, or any officer or deputy. Greeley Duplicate Bridge Clubs meet each week at the Greeley Country Club, at 7:15 p.m. Monday and Noon Wednesday. More information about bridge activity may be obtained by culling the director, Mrs. W. D. Loss, 353-1210. February winners Monday, Feb. 2. Mrs. Jim Listen and Mrs. Bill Arnold, first; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Herter, second; Mrs. Jim Mathews and Mrs. Shirley Bush, third. Wednesday: Feb. 4, Mrs. Milly Quinn and Mrs. Helen Kraemer, first; M r s . Betty Colwcll and Mrs. E d y t h e Cannon, second; Mrs. Doris Siife and Mrs. Micky Baker, third; Mrs. Sue Platz and Mrs. Segrid Kline, fourth; Mrs. Nila Shennemen and Mrs. Skippy Freeman, fifth. Monday, Feb. 9, Mrs. Ray Schoonmaker and Mrs. Loss, first; Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Frank Gregory, second; Mr. and Mrs. Art Ewald, third; Mr. and Mrs. Herter tied with Mrs. Nick Jamison and Mrs. William Agan, and Mrs. Mathews and Mrs. Bush for fourth, fifth and sixth. Wednesday. Feb. 11, Mrs. Bridge news Freeman and Mrs. Col well, first; Mrs. Shennemen and Wes Herter, second; Mrs. Cal Logan and Mrs. Bob Benter, third; Mrs. Listen and Mrs. Arnold, fourth; Mrs. Charles Wheeler and Mrs. Dayton Nicliol, f i f t h ; and Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Quinn, sixth. The special open pairs event on Feb. Hi, was won by Mis. Hazel Gay and Mrs. Fran Huey of Fort Morgan. Mrs. M. C. Evenson and Mrs. Kay Scylcr were second; Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Robert Taylor, third; Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Clarence Anderson, fourth: and Mrs. Irene Dennis of Fort Morgan and Mrs. Sheiinunieii tied with Mr. and Mrs. Art Ewald for fifth and sixth. Wednesday, Feb. 18. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Cope Summerson. first: Mrs. Jamison and Mrs. Gladys Agan, second; Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Charlotte Williamson, third; Mrs. Benter and Mrs. Shirley Burris, f o u r t h ; and Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Quinn, fifth. Mr. and Mrs. Ewald were first Monday evening, Feb. 23, and Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Clarence Anderson, second. Thursday, March 4 9:30 a.m. United Methodist Women board meeting in the church parlor. 9:30 a.m. First Congregational Women's Society coffee in the fellowship hall. Noon. Christian Women's Fellowship, shared dish luncheon in the fellowship hall. Bring table service in addition to the covered dish. ]2:30 p.m. Greeley Junior Woman's Club annual tasting lea at the Elks Club. 1 p . m . T r i n i t y L u t h e r a n .Social Calendar. Ladies Aid, Luther Hall. 1:30 p.m. Merry Matrons Club with Edythe Forsyth, IK! 9th Ave. 2 p.m. La Grange Country Club with Helen Swanson. 2:30 p . m . UMW Leah Fellowship in Walz Lounge at Bonell, 708 22nd St., Rachel Fellowship hosting. 7 p.m. Plalle Valley Grange, potluck supper, followed by meeting. Grange H a l l 7:30 p.m. Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, at tlie fellowship hall of the First Christian Church. 7 p.m. Schaefer Hchabilitat ion Colter, Inc., regular beard meeting, 2419 Gth Ave. 7:30 p.m. Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Sororily in the First United Methodist Church lounge. 7:30 p.m. Gloria Christi Lutheran 1-adies Guild at the church, 1322 31sl Ave. 7:30 p.m. Greeley League of Housewives, in the Blue Flame Room. 8 p.m. A m e r i c a n Legion Auxiliary Post No. I Polly Brighi What do you wanl on a vacation? Probably a certain amount of relaxation, a time to be quiet, some good food, perhaps a few nice places to shop, and perhaps something -- a new Idea, a bit of knowledge you did nof have before -- that will last you longer than everything else. A tour of the Caribbean can give you all the comforts you expect on a vacation, as well as a cultural view Impossible to see anywhere else, a vision of a lost civilization, the Maya, to be seen In some of the most breathtaking ruins in the world. Make your reservations early by coming to ADVENTURES AWAITING TRAVEL SERVICE 2472A llth Avenue (Hillside Mall) ... St. George's, the capital of Granada, is known for its narrow hillsidt streets which is why It's sometimes called "Little San Francisco." Be sure to bring a camera because Grenada is the most photo- genie of the Caribbean islands ... Call 356-3311 ... Open daily including Saturdays from 1-4. Travel Tip: When eating fresh fruit that was bought at a village market be sure to wash it carefully before eating, to guard against sprays and Insecticides. NO BETTER SIMMONS BEAUTYREST BARGAIN ANYWHERE! At Homestead House, you will save $70 to $80 on Simmons limited edition of the Golden Anniversary Beautyrest...available in full and queen size sets Homestead House is pleased to offer you this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a world-famous Beautyrest, the ultimate in support and comfort at extraordinary savings. Homestead House has bought out the entire Denver Warehouse stock of Simmons limited edition Golden Anniversary Beautyrest. We have 42 queen and 21 full size sets available at these prices...but when they're gone, they're gone forever, so hurry! STORE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday. Thursday Friday 10 to 9 Wednesday Saturday 10 to 6 - Sunday 12 lo 5 3817 W. 10th ST. GREELEY 356-8383 Homestead ouse

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