Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 31, 1961 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 13
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The Boloney Prep Football Races Are Well Defined By Paul Moloney Unlike many of Hie seasons in Ilic pasl, ttie 1961 North Central Colorado prep football races arc well defined. By deadlocking Wellington, M, last Friday, Grovcr's Jackrobbils clinched Hie Upper Plaltc Conference championships and awaits ,vord on its opponent in the Col- Missouri Will Keep Practice Sessions Secret COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) -- Mis- ;souri University Coach Dan Devinc ruled Monday dial all fool- AT ROWI.ORADO ball practice sessions the rest o( (liis season will he held in secret'. The ,,,,,,,,,. .,^v ..TM^ -.,,, ,,.,, ,, , ... ,, ,, , .because ot recent informationLigidairc Sales 0; Grceley May- 4 ' Mlllcrs Ii: "' 1cl ' Sh °P 0; Grccle ' OWLING 1 SCOflES One Bid Received On Houston's New Sports Stadium HOUSTON A!' -- ttmMrudloii TIICS., Oct. 31, infil GREKI.EY TKIliUNR Pagt 13 Fights ',', SPORTSMAN'S Moose Lodge CLASSIC MIXED Tlic scores: Ley Trui-king (lordon Komls 0; Shoot's Blh Avc New York--Tony Iluglics. 202'i. Cleveland, oul|xinlc(l Hoilolfo , -Dial, lOl'.i, Argentina, H. ot an $lB.m.ll,o.i domc.l sporls, (:|] . ( . _ ^ ,.,,, i|w . 1(1 £ s , ',, Kil] c . , Sports Brioft good th«t th« Wildcats can win for the first tim« »Inct 19S1. Heading the attack of course is junior Frank Delgado, a coeky, loose-joinled kid. His stride is excellent, and if he sets n good pace for Albert Munoz, Ray Dcl- ?ado, George Tellez and Lewis leaks, which he said, conld prove (^ ^'unnlcrsTciaco 0; "khrlich valuable to opponent and gam- orado Stale Class C (B-man) play uffs. Ert and Ault have clinched at least ties for first place in their respective Class B conferences. Erie pliyi Berthoud at Lovelanci Friday anil Ault goes to Wiggins. Chances for an upsel in cither game are slim. Eric has gone unbeaten thus far, and Ault has lost only lo Windsor of the Tri- Valley Conference. In recent games llicy have been scoring liberally. Eric beal Lynns, 53-8, last "week, and Ault clobbered Weld Central. 51-13. Tiie weekend before, Erie frolicked 'over Loporle. 49-0, and Ault smolhercd Lyons, 63-19. Ault, led by Roger Troudt and Lynn Clary, or Erie, paced by George Melick and Larry Martinez, could win the 1961 Colorado Stale Class B championship by keeping up the present pace. I«nfayetle, which plays a superb defensive game, can clinch Ihc Tri-Valley championship Friday by healing Fort Luplon. But anything can happen in high school sports, »nd Ault, Erie and Lafayette must guard oyalns'r complacency, overcon- fldence or any other psychological satan. A prime example of reversal o form was displayed recently b; the Greoley Wildcats. Greele; played mediocre football, in los ing 49-13 to Aurora. A few day later, the Wildcats, with the ex cep'.ion of two plays, were im pressive in dcfcaling Cheyenne Central, 28-20. * * · Colorado Stale College last Sa \irday once again proved it ha a fine defensive team. But offensively, the Bears wer very inadequate. Unless scorin ability can he developed, th Bears won't win a game Ihi year. Th« B»»r« have )lmll«l «4 fenslve resources, and overtime must b* tptnt In strategy ses slon« to put th«s« resources to the belt ute. Undefeated Idaho Stale, 111 ranked in the nation among sma colleges, will invade Greeley Sa urday. The Bengals, until la year members of the Rock Mountain Conference, defeale Montana Slate, H-12, last week * * * A burst of power enabled Gre ley's Ted Somerville to gel a 52-yard run against the Okl homa Sooners. Monday Ok Coach Bud Wilkinson commen cd about Colorado's "spee backs," and Somerville w among them. Contrary lo repflris prior the Sooner game, Somerville sa limited ball carrying action. Teller, Greeley could win. ' i "° cum ? «TM°!cy biers. Bevine said his staff has evidence of several information leaks to opponents thai have luirl Hie Tigers. Tiiis information, he snid, \vas Milk 4, Sinclair Oil 0; Sobers Service 3, Gill 1; Reynolds farm 2, Austin Austin 2. Tup [cam series: Ehrlich Milk 2520. Service 1; Hill's Mobil 3. Aiulcr- stadium in Houston ran into ii:1 'L,,| W oilier snag Monday when only one ' company made a bid on the cxca-' ' ' valiun \vor* The bid was for atmosl twice ion's Radiator I; Jone.; Spurlingjniissioiicrs expwlcd ami cmc coin- Goods 3, Norton Snccl J; mibsimit'r .said Ilicre Ln Ihe Si.l.W Inlertrtroupti Hindi' «lli:o Shoemaker nxit four »ln- 12(1. San \:cioi Slandard Oil 3, Otfen Hardware l.'cl.ance lhat the hid will be ac'« J 2 !;±TM:!":. 5l" 3^TS "' ·''"'^ *"-"^' Top individual scries: Rciny Aflcrall Hie Wildcats have al- ot lllilt -" of the type which is also ot inlcr-l^'n'lich G03; Maw Reynolds 5M; |esl lo gamblers and "I want no ready beaten (heir lop rivals (Denver East, Aurora and Englc- wood) al least once. Briggsdaie Sets 2nd Volleyball Tournament Sat. The situation came to a Nunn, winner or the E volleyball championship, Salnr- y will Iry fo capture the sec- last week when Devinc and his staff attempted to keep secret the fact lhat halfback Norm Deal hail pulled a muscle in practice last Thursday. Dcvine asked newsmen regularly covering practice lo make no mention of it because Heal might no I be in shape to play in the Big Eight Conference game wilh Nc- Satnrday. Top team head 873. Bewail 539. game: Ehrlich Milk Top individual games: lieiii) Ehrlkh 21G; M m v Reynolds 210; Al Wise 200. Hornung's Status till Up in Air CHICAGO (API - The question volving the possibility of Paul ornung playing with the Green ay Packers Sunday against Balmore remained in the air Monay night. d annual Briggsdaie Invilnlion- championship. Eight teams, including the A tl B teams from Nunn nnd published iggsdale, will be entered. They acquiesced and kept Ihoii word, COMMERCIAL The scores: Harris Oil 4, I as much as Harris County .-,125. San iiny George, 127. it.. R; Mike Ciallo, Dy THE ASSOCIATED PRESI FOOTBALL l-NDATKD -- Mkh!*Jn Sdle «UlH WM jUil No. 1 In n.itlca la "The AP'I illfZe fot/.ball (Kill. '·Hir.\(;n -- t'nta Hay'j ra-j| Nor/iunf n H rnuic'l Crr:il 1-iVfi .Vaval Sfallon Ko«- ' . iiiul Id starl ii I'finlcal examination lo IciSCO -- Henry NlCkv.lil.-iniiiv u!irll-.rr ht Ii »ccjflahle lor Francisco, oiiliininlod.*""*^"!,*; nut Top learn series: Jones , , , , . ,. t): KlltllC Shaw, Cisco, riuil Turn Va, San I'Vaii-^'Vf^n^i^cii'i'irk. Cummins, JtK), I.AUHKI.. _Md. _._- surriiaisa) s«t « Stephens Top leam game: Grceley Tree' Service Ml ^ I Top individual games: (Men, G : ifiralions ,,,,. lllc ,, ir vmk ,,,, Stephens 200: ·' , .. .... .. , Thhlcc-n conlraclors picked u . ' ' i Grcc- Waterman 207; D L. Knhlman 205: IWomnit Stephens 173; h. Kent 170-1G7. Tokyo-- llir a n a d a cto ' f, cw i..!,, ,!c Stars Stopped ley Nail. 0; Horlons 1, Coors 0:1 AT COLUMBINE D. Royer 3, LTl !; Wilburs Marine 3, Moose Lodge 1; Charleys Service 2, Weld Co. Garag Bul by Saturday morning, word I Top learn scries: Harris Oil 2564. The TEN PINS scores: Groelev Tiie tournament gels underway 9:30 a.m. The championship 1 be at 8:30 Saturday. The pairings: 9:30 a.m. Briggsdaie B vs. New aymcr, 10:15 a.m. Nunn A vs. oneliam, I I a.m. Carr vs. Nunn 11:45 a.m. Briggsdaie A vs. orpenter, Wyo. 0; Rasey's 2, VFW 1; Drnncns Gambles 1; Campus Cleaners iCampus Pharmacy 1. Top individual scries: George ·[·_.. i.,,. n K( .,.i cs . VKW 1G37 of the injury was common know- Wolfe 580; I'hil Hunter 569; Ray .r. , i' n Hivi,l,inl ' ledge in Columbia and had been Herrick 544. ' "" midllal Top team game: i,Tl SOS. Top individual games: J. Failing ion stadium lhat will be the home vn,,. .. 'Houston's National League base.,TM 1 ' 1 ' 11 ""' r t) ! h,ill term. '' ' · I The only hid -- (or S857.7«» -! ~ ~ "" . icamc from (he W. S. ])c)lowS| Boyer IS Stopped Beamy conji,.,.,-!;,,,, (:Q 0 { n ol i s [ on AI-- llUlg. Mipplyjchiicds fol . ii, c Cou11 | y 5ail l the ·excavating job could he done for uki Kbihara, .., I Johnny daniilo.' C I N C I N N A T I ( A P ) -- F r a n k 10 (weights unavail-' Hobinsnn and Vada PInson, the Reds' two outfield stars, »ifc- cnmhcd lo Yankee pitching In the first two World Series gamts. Hobby failed lo gel a hit in his Cin- NKW YOI1K (AP)-Wlicii cinnali pilcher Joey Jny held, first six up. Pinson was Missouri played without Beal and won 10-0 but Ihis was below ,he point spread given on football celling cards. Devinc, obviously upset by the leaked information, said o'.her ac-ls, ,\-l[ Cement 0; Caper Club 2, in Nebraska newspa- Sr. 200; George Wolfe 208-200; B. Berry 200. GREELEY LADIES The Scores: D. C. Roycr Ins, Livilies which bad taken place on (he practice field in the past had also become public knowledge that shouldn't. "It made me feel that I was r.ol conducting practice in the best in- Yankee Clctc Hoycr hilloss in the! slopped in his first eight efforts yjcoud game of (he isr.i World, liul doubled in Ihe ninth inning of Scries tile third baseman had a (lie .second game againsl Luis ..... work could slaTr'niesd'ay. l',',".| fou ''-» !ii " 1e scl ' ies l l i l l i n g alrcakjArroyo. Hohinson paced the Na- Schlichling 1 slcaAf ,|, c sinf , ]G birt wns r c f c r r cd''" The commissioners iiati hopcdl ·ard B contract Monday so terests of the football team," he said. A Missouri spokesman said Devine was talking both of information concerning injuries and play formations. Theoretically, Missouri's practices have always been private. Passes were issued to persons Hornung was scheduled to go onl'^ving business on Ihe field. But ctive duty with the Army Mon- nardly any effort was made to Kreiger Accordion 1; Bowlorado Lanes 3, Greeley Lumber 0; J. M. McDonald 3, Home Light Power Co. 0; Sinclair Oil 1, First National Bank 2. Top leam series: J. M. McDonald 2138. Top individual series: Shirley Flol 500; Eulela Clark 470; Mary ohea 4C9. Top leam game: J. M. Me oiiaM 821. Top individual games: Shirley lot 203; Mary Cohea 170; Shizj }gala 167. · Cooper -IGU; Marge 452; Ina Conaway 450. j lo m . c |,i(ccts for study. Top team game: VFW 606. | Construction was supiwsed lo Top individual games: Jane S | a n in April hut it has been held Cooper I (HI; Joyce Redman !(W:jnj, by lawsuits and other difficul- Ina Conaway 163. ities. COLUMBINE BANTAM The scores: 'don's 0; Pepsi-Cob . j l i n n a l League champs ii. hilling. ay. However, 5th Army Head- uarlers ordered Ihe high-scoring alfback to go lo the Naval Hos- ilal at'Great Lakes, 111., for fur- ler examination and evaluation f his condition. Hornung. a 26-year-old bachelor, as been troubled by a neck ailment causel by a pinched nerve. Results of the examination are lot expected for anolher 10 days aut it was believed Hornung will eep any onlookers at all away. ,nend only three days in the hos-|£ , ^ £ -ital. Best Team Won, Says Ute Coach SALT LAKE CITY (API-University of Utah Coach Ray Nagc' coccdcd Monday that the besl team won when Wyoming bea Utah 13-6 last Saturday. Tho Ute coacht old the Quarter tback Club that he "can't think o If Hornung's examination is completed before Sunday and the results will not be available for 10 days then e i tlish^giyorapblbhe deys Ihen it is highly probable he the pfls sible exception of Ulah State, tho could beat Wyoming." "Coach Bob Devaney has thi strongest running backs we wil face all year and they playec their ball control game to perfec tion won. . I'm sure the best leam Mike Walker is a fabulou could be given permission lo play against the Colls. Regardless, Hornung is Army-power runner and Chuck Lamsor ropcrly and Ihe Army will make and Bob Bisacre aren't far be he fir.a] decision. Ihind," he raid. kut^ "*^iiifAin i. r\ · ^* TC,. iio«se 2, GoriLa. Kacinq broup :-Co4;i 2, Guarantee p J I I Mutual Life Co. 0; S';ven-Up 2.OUSpendS Onion Growers Inc. 0. Top leam series: Tea House ! NEW ORLEANS IAP) - The U2 Ixiuisiana Slate Racing Commis- B n d d TM n Mondny suspended jockeys Top 283: AT CLASSIC rb The scores: Woodie's Disl. 3, Greeley Ex. 1; Wheeler Realty 4, Empire Savings 0; Weslern Auto Keyser Const. 1; Ross Music 2, Skcet's 8lh Ave. 2. Top team series: Wheeler Real- y2H5. Top individual series: L. Wilhelm 485; M. Lauridscn 405; F. Scotl 474. Top leam game: Wheeler Realty 764. Owen Ilcadley nnd Ruben T-om- ]cth "for collusion." The commission ardered a heai'- ing for Friday. Tlia two jockeys are currently riding at Jefferson Downs, onernting at night in suburban Jefferson Parish. Lambeth, who lives in Pensacola, Fla., was tho second-ranklnf rider In latest standings releasc Long-range Schedule-Making By Colleges Is Criticized By JACK HAND Atieciated Prisi Sporli Writw NEW YORK (AP)-Pete Newell, alhlelic director of the Uni-jthem." [dnvn until they got Coach Darrell Royal. Six years ago (hey didn't look loo tough and now look at did carry three limes'for 62 yards.iversily ot California, criticized Leon Mavily did most of the lot- ing from the right halfback spot. SemervilU's performance! in th* Kansai Star* and Oklahoma gam*] hav* tntitltd him to i comparison with Lovelind'i Eddit Dove. CU publicist Fred Casolli says Somerville isn't as fast as Dove but Is equally adept on defense. Somerville could become an all- iime great back at Colorado, he concluded. Boulder Camera sporls editor Howard Baxter said Somerville has the same driving force as Hove. They scratch for every inch they can gel, he said. » « Greeley High's vaunted cro» country team will shoot for the stale championship Saturday morning at rhe BouWer Country Club. And the chancei are are not yet born. "We're already \ew York football writers. "Even'Ivy League schools but they are ( we brought a couple of new earns into our conference we couldn't play them on a league ong-range schedule-making Mon- ic scheduling games for kids who scheduled up hrough 1968," Newel! lold the Top individual games: F. Scott 207; M. Cohea 195; R. Chlantia 178. LATE GO'ERS Mortgage Inv. 2, Gordon's Food- liners 2; Lalteshore Supper Club 1, Moore Realty 3; Weld Co. Bank 3, Reynolds Homes 1; Cascade Marine 4, Garden Kitchen 0. Top leam series: Weld Co. Bank 1629, Moore Realty 1609. Top individual series: (Men) Bill Speetzen 550, Al Moore 546; (Women) Ruth Reynolds 432, Al Speetzen 379. Top team game: Weld Co. Bank 593, Lakeshore Supper Club, 592. Top individual games: (Men; Bill Spoctzen 242, Roy Ireland 226; (Women) Ruth Reynolds 168; Judy Eldridge 149. JR. RISERS individual series: Finch Jr. 290; ,'im Lantz Colleen Kinostiita 207. Top leam gaimv Tea House 7C4. Top individual games: Budd Finch Jr. 151; Jim Lanlz 145; Ellene Akahoshi llf. COLUMBINE The scores: Western TV 3, Max Sand and Gravel 0: Columbinc'by the track. Bowl 3, Al's TV 0; Mikels 3. Gen-i William Glcnnou, secretary o eral Tire 0; Jones Sperling Goods'lhe commission, said later: 3, Steelcs Grocery 0; Weld Coun-j "The actual suspensions slen ly Lumber 2, Reese Gear 1; ColoJfrom alleged violations ol the coi Grain 2. Miller Super Market 1. 'nipt practices regulation of Ib Columbine racing commission." | He would not comment when' Top individual series: Willy'.asked if a bribe were involved, Viedeman 588; Harry Brug, 504;i«nl added "a thorough invcsliga- Jcrry Bowen 530. jtion will he made Friday." Top team game: Columbine L...........,,.,,_.».. """ ' Sports Notes Top team scries: Bowl 2,F-'iO. ' Men's nnd Womcn*» MOONLIGHT S W E E P E R Saturday, Nov. 4th 11:30 p.m. $3.50 Handicap 2-125 Slh Avenue Col. Emory S. Adams Jr., athletic director at Army, said he ,, day and said colleges soon will could see r.o alternative to the! TM c s " res: A .gTM tcrs 2 . c ° m * iO; Bombers 2, Pinbustcrs 0; Head long-range scheduling. "The conferences complicate our scheduling," said Col. Adams. "We're very open lo games wilh Top individual games: Ted Burrows 232; Ed Weimer 206; Harry Schneider IK; Woody Scott IOD. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE RIO DE JANEIRO (API-- Peler Allis of England won the Brazili- The scores: Wells Molors 3,:"" Open Golf Championship San- N.C.I.L 1; Monarch I, Wickland|' i a ' w i l h a score "' 272 - I Motors 3; AF-ROTC 1, Century! He wolmci "P tlle 72 ' ll(1! lour - ! Radio 3; Repp's Inc. 1, Kobcl iii" ; " lienl mlh 70-66-66-70-272 over P 3; Greeley Lumber I. N. l h e P ar M ^ avon Country Club Colo. Savings 3; Grceley Electric CourKe overlooking the Soulh Al), Harry's Privin 4. Top team series: Harry's Driv- 1, 2501. Top individual series: Rex Erbes 579: Chuck Jack 578; Bob Arnbrecbl 506. ' lantic. Runncrup was Brazilian Mario Gonzalez with 75-frt-«3-6D--276. KANSAS CITY (AP)-Thc licmal Association of Jntercolle- Igiale Athletics is adding bowling Top team game: N. Colo. Sav-' fo i(s , ist of sportS] A 0 Dllc ,: ings 012. an- 'NAIA executive secretary, Top individual games: W.! nomiccd Mom | av . Brinkman 213; Herb Ring !»!;· 11ic Bow | ing proprietors Assoc Chuck Jack 210. elation of America will assist Ihe AULT LADIES .NAIA in setting up ils bowling The scores: Johnson 0, Helon's!P r °S ram and '"lionnl champion-! Beauty Shop 4; Bells I. Diners 3; sh 'P s ' Dlle1 ' salti - pins 2, Lazy Five 0; Five Pins J,| Magoos 1; Playboys 2, Bobby Sox' Ault Cleaners 315, Clarys Vi; Wei- Tentative plans call for parlici- lers 0, A 0. occupied with their own confer- CL!» OKIS SARGENT SHOP 1015 tth AVI. EL 3-1567 asis, I would guess, until 1969.|but usually Ihe only open dates "The NCAA is going to have to!jr, conference :.chcdi:le are very step in and set up some sort of early in the a moratorium on schedule-making 'or three or four years. We're all[ scheduled anyhow. Then we could fake a new look at Ihe situation. The way we're going now we'll be scheduling games for kids who aren't even born yet." Newell pointed to the 19C1 Call-! fornia football schedule that includes Texas, Kansas and Nebraska among others. "Six- years ago when lhat schedule was made there was no way of telling how strong these clubs would be," he said. "Six years ago Missouri could beat only Kansas and Kansas could beat only Missouri. Now Kansas ranks with the best and Missouri is a fine football leam. Texas was way Top team series: Playboys 1553. Top individual series: Gary Tre- ijii;ia - j . ^ , \^icij j a ,2, tn-i- - Hull Hardware t Imple.ll 131 '"? colle g |:s to take P art ln a 4; Gambles 3, Buimans L |e ogr.inhic tournament in 32 dts- Top team scries: Diners, 1065. : lm \ s ; Tr ; e wmnmg teams will Louise for national champion- hcld m Kansas C1 ". ence games, We try to schedule 6°niig 324; Dick Deeds 257; Tom games on a geographical basis Wormell 244. Top team game: Playboys 790. Top individual games: Gary iTregoning 153; D. Deeds 136. Top Kerincs 484; Wilma Olson 472; Ro Tateyama ·110. Top team game: Diners 575. Top Olson next April. PRATT, Kan. (AP) -- Connors individual games: Wilma Junior College ot Warner, Okla., 192; Eulela Clark 100; has canceled its football game Muriel Falger and Louise Kerinesiwith Pratt J.C. Saturday. Eight of 173, 'its 24 players have broken arms.! Federal Land Bank 5%* ^ FARM 0 LOANS LONG TERM With privilege to pay all or sny part of loan at any time and stop interest on the part paid. FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOCIATION 1008 91h Si. Ph. KL, 2-1561 "Month-End Clearance Sale" I960 Ohcv. 4-Door Sedan. R a - | 1 9 S O Ford Four Door Ranch dlo, heater, Kick ehifl, eco-lwjgon. V8 engine, r a d i o , Like nomy six, one ov;ner. new throughout! '60 Chevie $1788 1957 Plymouth "Savoy" two door. Radio, heater, itlck shift, complete overhaul on "6" engine, "Real buy." '57 Plymouth $688 1959 Buick "Convertible" Cpe, Power steering, braket, dyna- flow, low miEei. On» owner. "A Black Beauty." '59 Buick $2188 heater, Ford-o-matic. L o w miles. One owner. Like new. '60 Ford . . $2088 1959 Chev- "Impala" H a r d , top Sport Cpe. 250 V8, P.O. trans., radio, heater, etc. A real sharp hardtop. 1958 Olds "Starfire" Hardtop, Power steering, brakesj windows, seat, etc. Only 25,- j 000 miles. "A Beauty." '59 Impala $1988 '58 Olds HT $1688 1961 Ford "Galaxie" Four Dr. T-Bird engine, power steer- Ing, brakes, f a c t o r y air conditioned. 10,000 mites. '61 Ford Galaxie SAVE! 1951 Chev. 1-Ton, dual wheel. 4-speed trans., rzdlo, heater, looks and run v e r y flood. Read/ for work. '51 Chev, 1 T $388 1954 Pont lac two door. Radio, heattr, hydramattc drive. This car run* terrific and '54 Pontiac.. $288 j t956 Ford two door sdn. V8 * motor, radio, heater, stick 1961 "Falcon" Two Door Sedan. Radio, heater, s t i c k shift. One owner, Low miles. "Just like new. 1 I 1954 Ford Custom Two Door, VS engine r radio, heater, shift, etc. "Don't let the price ; stick and overdrive. Worth scare you." j t h e money. Drive it. '56 Ford V8 $388 '54 Ford V8 $288 1959 Chev. "Brookwood" 4- 1958 Pfymo-jth Savoy Four Dr. Station Wagon. V8 en- Door* Radio, healer, stick gine, radio, heater, stick shift. One owner. An excel* shift, all purpose unit. lent running car. '61 Ford Fal, $1888 '59 C h e v . . . $1888 '58 Plymouth $888 1957 Buick "Convertible." Power iteering, brakes, win- dowc, seat, radio, heater. None newer anywhere. '57 B u i c k . . $1288 1957 Olds "SS" Four Door Sedan. Power s t e e r i n g , brakes, Jet-away Iran*. A running automobile. '57 Olds 88 $1188 1955 Chev. B«l-Alr Hardtop TM M Buick "LeSabre" Four Coupe. V8 motor, P.G. trans., Oaar. Radio, heater, auto- radio, he.ter. Runt good, '«""«· On! "«""· low m11 "' needs paint. '55 Bel-Air 1960 Chev. Corvalr Four Dr. Stick shift, fold down rear seat. One owner, 8,000 miles. None newer. '60 Chev. $1688 1957 Chev. ''210'' Two Door. Radio, heater, '«Uck shift, test drive this one and you'll buy it! $488 '59 Buick . . $1888 '57 Chev... $1088 60 MORE CHOICE CARS, STATION WAGONS, AND PICKUPS TO CHOOSE FROM BOOTS AUTO SALES 2329 8th Avenue (OPEN EVENINGS) Elgin ,3-0054 in the driver's seat. . . THE CROSSROADS COAT of new Mark VI corduroy by Fashion and fabric news meet in our water repellent "Crossroads Coat" by White Stag. Elegantly flared, thtn superbly fitted at the shoulders with peaked tet-in sleeves ... it's warmed all the way with a lavish Neutratuf; lining arm ( up-or-tlown collar. The corduroy? A perfect six ribi to the inch ... washable and water repellent, tool Si/cs 10-16 (29.95 THE Your Charge Accounts and Lay-Away* Are Invited WOMEN'S SPORTSWEAR DEFT. JONES CO. SPORTING GOODS 922-24-28 Eighth Are. Phono EL 3 : 333I

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