Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 36
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 36

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 36
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Pagi IS GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, June 13, 1957, Even So was winoeri bitch. I Marsha Havsclt look bcst-of- [ breed with her Italian greyhound. ; champion Trade Winds Minute : M i n . Local Exhibitors Take Honors in Dog Show Here · enour of Pcct Rock, was first i n ' * the novice doy class. Greelcy exhibitors were iiuile successful in the filth a n n u a l all- breed dog show sponsored liy (he Greeley KrpnH chin at iho Comm u n i t y building last Sunday. There were 334 doss, m a n y from outside Creelcy, entered. Frederick and Patricia Armis' \ German shunt.:, ired point id was i second in the open class. Donald L. Callcn took first it. the puppy dog class, cullies, with Jo-Jo Blue Hoy and f i r s t in j the. puppy bllch class with Milzi Blue Hac. Nancy Cox's collie, G u r y e o u f i , Lady Kit of I'cct Hack, was f i r s t in the novice bitch class. Mildred Snow Colliu Wini llildrcd Snow's collie, Sir Guv- .Mfrl* 1 J)i*"kfns of K»*'n woi 'wo fir.4 in the open Uldi c!i»s i:. (-pllics. -. v j!h Wind-Call's Ila-.;*-- to Itu'hi's and Wind CaJJ'i Whipi-r Tu-K'tilon. The G e r m a n bhephcrd, Duke of liny a I M a n o r , owned by W. It. S!e\ens, was fir_st in the n o v i c e ; Willow G r a n g e Juno, anutlicr G e r m a n shepherd, owned bj 1 Kdna j lloecher, was second in the. A m c r i - ' can-bred bitch class. Churlf-*: K. R i f f ' s d ^ c h u n d , K l i j i Von 1'Yitz, wus (irt in Hie puppy Virgil Potts H a t Winners Virgil W. Pull-,' a f f u u M i i M ' l H r , : W a l h u f »f I l a r n a b a , , w.-i.-, "f hrVfd. Hi.s j c - k i u ^ f s c , V i m ay's I'ikka-SliLy Hoi, \v;i. Iirst in t h e ' puppy dog class, anil Vimay'.s lluo- Ty Huy w;;^ scroml. .Mi-Kcc D a n D(-L- wr.s winner, 1 ; (l»n and Ijcsl o f ' w i n n e r s . Toll's put;, c l i a m p i u n Wildfiri; o f Kven Sn, was f i r s t in the- toy Uroiij). Another pu^, Kin me o f ! tvcn Su, was sLToiul in the puppy i biic'h ;uid .My J-'jiir Lady of, Bruce MacKenzie'a Poodle Wins Umcc .MarKcnric v:as J i f i l i. n . the Amorii-an-brt-d doj; dais, mini a t u r e pooMk's, with White Velvet. Mr. and Mrs. K. K. ilacKenzie look f i r s t in ihc nonsponiny group with their puudle. champion Glen- Jane! Wolfe Shows * Dogi J a n e t V.'ulfe hhowed Anscot Sugar 'n Spice, which was the rc- .scrvc winner, and eliampiun Ans- COL UrL'um G i r l . Miii Wolfe aho WHS Ihc breeder of Anpcol Sylvia. whu was best in show. All Ihesc are blonde cuckcr sponieli.. Ai;a- col Sylvia is o\vncd by the Anscol kenmls of Denver. 5 2 Noted Judgei 'I lie show was judged ly Dr. F r a n k I'orter Miller of I,os Antfc- IPS and Derek G. I t a y n o of Carincl, Calif. 'i'lu- .spiirlinu ^ruiij) v,m \son Ijy Anscot Sylvia, with R i c h a r d ,1. Cotiiu-H's nunn-Kirii Cinnabar, an l-.nMlisli setter, second; Monona S. Ni-iir'.s c h a m p i o n Iticona Hcvillc, p i black cru'ker, I h i r d , ant] Ihc ling- i Uib ipringer spaniel owned by Lt. I Sleracrett'» Doug-Cii] Duke. OUTJ- I Co). George B. Macauley, cham-1 ed by Douglas Clubb, second; Ker I pion Mukilteo First Edition, fourth, ry Blue terrier Sir Galahad, own- 1 Hound Croup ed by Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. i The hound croup wai won by! BlickenstaU, third; Scottish terrier, ' c h a m p i o n Heeler's Heidi, a (lase-1 '-""3 1 ''"P B«" ». uwneo'bjr iir. 1 bund owned by Thelma Uteltr., and Mrj. Pale E. Winklepieck, 1 Second wtnl to the IthudCiion' fourth. I ridecback, champion Bimbo Pon- j In the loy group, the pug, eham- I jola of Kayuar, C. D-, owned b y l p j o n Wildfire o( Even So, owned ; John ¥. Iltariloii, while third w»s by Virgil W. Potts of Greeley, wai ! won by the 13-Inch lieagle Eberl's | victorious. The Yorkshire terrier, ! !J!!k- S:r!o!:ry. cwnc!* by J?nc Biy.1' rtiampioa A^on ll»«!an'! Ls;!y Ir|« AlbiTta Kherl. Fourth went to!(Imported) owned by Theron and Shuraka of Ta Ala, an Afkhan j Belie Trudgian, was second. Third hound, owned by Ona Kyncr. '.went to Ihe Toy Manchester terrlor, I In the w o r k i n g group, first went jrlumpion Wayfarer C a v a l i e r , ! tu the Pembroke Welsh Corfii. Lordi 1 """" 1 b y Florence and John Wehr. Jim u[ Denver, owned by Roy«Ed-1 f'ourth was awarded !o Ihe mmla- ward .Morton; second l o i l o w a r d O . i ' u r e pmschcr, Haymsburs's Abe' Tiinnis' Timbar Taco, a rough col- '*n, owned by Edson B. Miller, hr; third to Ihe G e r m a n shep. A miniature poodle ownca by Mr. herd cha.iipion Willow, Cranuc an l «"· E E. MacKcnzie of Gret Holly, owned Willow ( i r a n g e ken- j n c l s ; fourth lo Tnniara's L'rincoss I Snnya, a samoyed, owned by Ann ! Winslow. ! Terrier Group j A Wc.,L H i ^ h l a n t l w h i t e terrier, ! champion MeTwiddlcs lli^hhind | Trystc, owned by Dorothy M. i PubuU, was victorious in the terrier group. Other winners in Ibis firoiJp were; Scalyhmn Icrricr, ley, champion Glendoune Adonis, placed first; Ihc Boston terrier, champion Chappie's Mambo of Kinfiway. owned by Sijne A. Carlson, was second; the standard poodle, Kirley's Jacona Chiia, owned by Josephine K. Ellis, third; and the d a l m a t i a n Ding Dong Dai's Skipper, owned by Mr. -I. L. Milchell, was fourth. Best of Bretd Wlnntn ricsl-of-breed winner; were as follows: Pointer Jolly Roger o[ Tree- 501 14th Ave. Sauc as Yoii Spend A Delicious Spread For Sandwiches - Marvin's Marvelous Loveland Gateway . . . . For Eaay Serving and Luscious Eating - U.S.D.A. Graded Choice Rolled Rump Cudahy's Gold Coin . . . Ib. Butter Greeley's Own . . . Ib. Pink Lemonade"«-,' instant Coffee t. can . . Folger's, 6 oz. Jar Starkist, Chunk Style, Large can Ellis, 300 can Shurfine All Grinds, Lb. can . . . Short Ribs of Beef Pizza Pie Mix i.*... Real Italian with Cheese Sliced, Dole, No. 1 tall can . Shurfine, Full quart. Salad Dressing Sweet Potatoes D "" ney ' No. 2 1 / 2 size can' . 19c 39c 29c Birds Eye Strawberries Z pkgs. 39c Birds Eye Orange Juice 0 6oz 9KA ^ cans ^vv Ranch House Apple Pies Fresh Frozen Each. . . . I "' f 39c Ruby Red. Tube Golden . Ib. cello bag . California Sunkist, 150 size California Beauties . . Ib. ^ lint, owned by Lcuiie Beckwitb. German shorthaired pointer, champion Baron von WesteoholU, Leo K. Lefler. Golden retriever, Woodlawn's Golden Calamity, James C. Kploe. Librsdor rtlriever, Bo.ija o? Darby, Krijl Sortlaud. English setter, Dunn £U'i Cinnabar, Richard J. Cfinnell. Irish letter, My Desire O'Tulane, Frank and UoroUjy Ball. Brittiny s p a n i e l , Warrior's Windy De Triumph, Clarence J. Goering. Black cocker, champion R icon a Rcville, Monon.i S. Near. ASCOB cocker. Anscot Sylvia, Glady Ann Scott. Parti-color cocker, chnmplon Ellamar's Extrovert, Raymond and Dorothy Mclnlyre. English springer spaniel, champion Mukilteo First Edition, Lt. Col. George B. Macauley. Weimarancr. champion Fl i n t- Flash, Clarence J. Wyall. Afghan hound. Shur.ika of Ta Ala, Lee Ona Kyncr. Basset hound, Vali-Woods Lu- clnda DcBelleau, Nancy P. Evans. 13-inch beagle, Eberl's Little Smokcy, Gene and Alberta Ebcrl. 15-inch beagle, High Jinks Francer, Charles and Winnie I.ou Jordan. Longhaired daschund, Amsel von Make the Amazing M.C.P. UNCOOKED JAMS! · SAVI 100% mat nun FLAVM · NO WOIKINO OVH A HOT HOVI · UlELMIFtUIT-OETMOUJAM Made Only wllh M.C.P. Jam U«l/y PECTINI. der JeelzeJ (imp) Dr. JI»ri» Rupert. S m o o t h dascbund, champion Beeler'i Heidi, Thelma Beeler. Norwegian Elkhoundt, Blue Hate Ui«, '.Villiirr, icd Zc!i E'.drcdst. I Rhodesian ridgtback, champion Bimbo Ponjola of Kaybar, C.D., John F. Reardon. AlaikaD malimule, Snow Valley Storm Analoki, Trevor znd Mar; Lou Thomas. I Boxer, Baron Von Schornhund, Mr. and Mrs. K. \V. Sanrtbcrs- Rough eollie, Timbar Tato, Howard O. Timms. Doberltman pinscher, champion Wslirc's Ilodarle, John and Belty Carlson. German shepherd dog. champion Willow Grange Holly, Isabel Becker. Willow Grange kennels. Great dane, champion Cloud B. of Seerland, Dr. J. (Jlovcr Secvcrs. Newfoundland, Countejs Connie Deux, E. U. Marsh. Samoyed. Tflmara'n Princess Sonya, Ann Win«low. Shetland sheepdog, champion JTcmpost of Tobruk, Joan Poulos JRejholec. Siberian husky, Stony River's Oolah, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hudson. Pembroke Welsh corgi, Lord Jim jof Denver, Hoy Edward Morion. Cairn Terrier, Thornhill Jingle ( C a n a d i a n ) , Mrs. Tom Marlin. Wire fox terrier, Karagheen O'llalloran, Westman kennels. Kerry blue terrier, Sir Galahad, owned by Mr. and Jtrs. II. T. Patterson. Schnauzcr, (miniature) Prince's Pandemonium, Mr. and Mrs. William Itussell Jones.- Scollish terrier, Lucky Top Brass II, Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Winklepleck. Sealyham lerricr, Sterncrest's Doug-Scil Duke. Doug Clubb. West Highland while terrier, champion McTwiddle's Highland m^mm^^^m^i^mm^^^m^^^^^m^^m^^ MUTUAL CITRUS PRODUCTS CO., Anaheim, Calrf. Pliau lind mt, without chaigt. th« uncookid jam r«cipei tor M.C.P. Jam «nd Jilly Pectin. ('LCAAE PRINT CICARLY) 260 ADDHE5L. CITY- NO*[| ONLY 1 COUPON PU FAMILY I ilanca In Moiling Cut put and Paila Coupon en M Pnlcard) Tryst*, Dorothy M. Puboli. Alfenpinschtr, Walhof Birnabti, Virgil W. Polls. Chihuahuas (long coat) Anne- rays' Renzo, Gertrude E. Turner. tih'j?h'.!a; (?ni0*2*^ r*?-^) Or- m«p's Sneezer. Christine Oman. Iltania greyhound, champion Trade Wind's Minute Man, Virgil Potts. Japanese spaniel, Maml-Hikia, Mrs. Dora Wadsworlh. Pekingese, champion Nee Sze Kai Cinw Trii. Gladys Nctce. Miniature pinscher, Harmsburg'i Abeleen, Edson B. Miller. Pomeranian, champion B l a c k Victory of I.ts-Ru, by ArmoniJ and Wynema Proulx. Pug, champion Wildfire of Even So, Virgil W. Potts. Toy poodle. Reverie's Mighty Sen- snlion, Audrey Kelch. Toy Manchester terrier, champion Wayfarer Cavalier, Florenct and John Wehr. Yorkshire terrier, chimplon Abon Hassan's Lady Iris, Theron nnd Belle Trudglan. Boston terriers, champion Chappie's Mambo of Kingway, Slgne A. Carlson. Bulldogs, Sheridan's Bobo, Theo- vian kennels. Chow chow, champion Hollz'g Chec-Chce Ling Sao, Mrs. Forrest McBain. Dalmatian, Ding Dong Dal'« Skipper, Mrs. J. L. Mitchell. M i n i a t u r e poodle, champion Glen- doune Adonis (imp.) Mr. end Mf«. E. E. MacKenzle. Standard poodle, Kirley's Jacona Chita, Josephine K. Ellis. Ask for it by name.. His Counsel Changed TUCSON, Ariz. Wl -- Apparently Juan Carrilo Ortiz believe] that when charged with a crime the best man to defend you is the prosecutor. Ortiz was arraigned before Judge Robert S. Tullar on narcotics charges Tuesday. The judge asked if he had an attorney to represent him, "Mr. Castro is going to be my attorney," laid Ortiz, nodding toward Haul H. Castro, county at- lorpey. The judge explained: "Mr. Cai- tro is county attorney. He's probably going to try lo put you in the penitentiary." Ortiz asked Ihe judge to appoint another lawyer for him. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS It's newt Ifs different! It's mechanically mixed in the latest equipment! It's packaged and sealed by machine! It's Consistently DeBicious! Meadow Gold Cottage Cheese Meadow Gold Dairy Greelev, Colorado

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