Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 13, 1957 · Page 35
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 35

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 35
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Pap 18 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thur»Jiy, June 13, IBS* Local Exhibitors Take Honors in Dog Show Here Greeley exhibitors were quite luccessful in the filth a n n u a l all- breed dos show sponsored by the Greeley Kennel club at the Com munity building last Sunday. There were 334 dojs, many from outside Greeley, entered. Frederick and Patricia Arons' German ihorthaired pointed was second in the open c!as«. Donald L. fallen took first in the puppy dog class, rouph collies, with Jo-Jo Blue Boy and first in the puppy bitch clan w i t h Mltri Blue Kac. Nancy Cox's collie, Gorgeous I.ady Kit of Feet Rock, was first In the novice bitch class Mildr.d Sn« Colli. Win. llildred Snow's collif, Sir Guv enour of Prct [lock, was first In the novice do: class. Merle Dickens of Katon won two first In the open bitch class in collies, w i l h Wind-Call's Itass to Ilichcs and Wind Call's Whisper To K'alon. The German shepherd, DuVe of Royal Manor, owned by W. R. ,S!c\ens, wan first in the notice dog class. Willow G r a n j r lur.'i, another German shepherd, owned by Edna Hoecher, was second In the American trcd bitch class. Charles E. Rite's d a s c h u n d , Klip Vim f'ritr, was first in the dug c l a s s . Virgil Potts His Winntrs Virgil W. Polls' a f f i - n p i n s c h i r , Walhuf of liiirnalia!, w a s lint n/ limtl. I l l s j f k i n i M ' r , Y j m a y ' s I'lkka-Shty Hoi, was first in the puppy dog class, and V i m a y ' s Iloo- Tjy Boy wai iccurnt. J l i K c c Dan Die w r s w i n n e r s dog and best of w i n n e r * . Pott's pug, champion Wildfire o! Eu-n So. was f i r t in the toy group. Another pu;', I ' l a m e (if So, was s ( c ( , n l in tlu- puppy bitch clan anil My Fair I.ady of E\(D So w a s winntri bitch. Marsha Itassett took bcit-of- breed with her Italian greyhound, champion Trade Winds Minute Min. Bruct MicKtnilf's PwxJIt Wins Bruce MacKcnzie was first in the American bred dog class, miniature po»lles, with White Velvet. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. HacKeniie took first In the nonsporting group with their poodle, champion Glen- dounc Adonis. Jantt Wolff Shows 1 Dogs J a n e t Wolfe showed Anscot Su- gir 'n Spice, which was the re- serte winner, and champion Ans- cot Dream Girl. Miss Wolfe also was the breeder of Anscot .Sylvia, who was best in show. All these are blonde cocker sponiels. Ar.s- cot S)hia is owned by the Anscot L c n n t l * of Denver. * 7 Nottd Judjil The- show was judged by Dr. Frank Porter Miller of I/)s Arise- les and Dcrtk G. Itiyae of Carmel, Calif. I h c sporting sroup w a s won by An-tot Sylvia, with Richard J. Conncll's Dunn-Ell'i Cir.nabar, an K n c l i s h sitter, second; Monona S. N i a r ' s c h a m p i o n Kicona Reville, l a black rocker, third, and the Eng- lish sprinjer spaniel owned by U. Col. George B. Macauley, champion Mukilteo First Edition, fourth. Hound Croup The hound iroup u a i «on by champion Beeler'i Heidi, 1 due- hund owned by Thelma Beeler. Second went to the Rbudesion ridgeback, champion Bimbo Ponjola of Kaybar, C. D., owned by John F. Reardon, while third was won by the IJlnch Beagle Eberl's Little Smokey, owned by Gene and Alberta Ebcrl. Fourth »«nt to Shuraka of Ta Ala, an Afkrun hound, owned by Lee Ona Kyner. In the working group, first went to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Lord Jim of Denur, owned by RoyaEd- w a r d Morton; second to Howard 0. Timrns' Timbar Taco, a rough collie; third to the G e r m a n shepherd cha.tipion Willow, Grange Holly, owned Willow Grange kennels; fourth to Tamara's Princess Sonya, a samoyed, owned by Ana Winslow. Ttrritr Croup A West llishbnd w h i t e terrier, champion McTwiildles Highland Tryste, owned by Dorothy M. Pubols, was uctcrio'Js in the terrier group. Other w i n n e r s in this group w e r e : Sealyham terrier, SUrnemt'i Doui«U Oukj, owned by Douglas Cubb, second; Kerry Blue terrier Sir Galahad, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Bliekenstatf, third; Scottish terrier, Lucky Top Brasi II, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. WlnUepleck, [ourta. In the toy group, the pug, champion Wildfire of Even So, owned by Virgil W. Potti of Greeley, wai victorious. The Yorkshire terrier, champion Abon Hassan's Lady Iris Imported) owned by Therein ind Bette Trudgisn, wai teeond. Third went to the Toy Manchester terrlor. champion Wayfarer C a v a l i e r , owned by Florence and John Wehr. Fourth wai awarded to the mlnla- ure plnscher, Haymiburg's Abeleen, owned by Edson B. Miller. A miniature poodle owned by Mr. and Mrs. E. E. MacKcnzie of Grte- ey, champion Glendoune Adonis, placed first; the Boston terrier, ·hsmpion Chappie's Mambo of Klngway, owned by Sizne A. Carlson, wai second; the standard poodle, Kirley's Jacona Chita, owned by Josephine K. Ellis, third; and the dalmatlan Ding Dong Dal'a Skipper, owned by Mr. J. L. Mitchell, was fourth. Bist of Br»d Winmri Ilest-of-breed winner: were as follows; Pointer Jolly Roger of Tree- SUPER MARKET 50114th Ave. Save as You Spend with Week Green Stamps A Delicious Spread For Sandwiches - Marvin's Marvelous Wieners Loveland Gateway For Easy Serving and Luscious Eating - U.S.D.A. Graded Choice Beef Roast Bacon Rolled Rump . . . . . Ib. Sliced Cudahy's Gold Coin Ib. liai, ovstd br Louise BeckvrlUi. Gtrmia ihoitliiired pointer, cbimploo Biron von Weitccbolu, U» F. Lefler. Golden retrlevtr, Woodlawn'i Coldea Calamity, Jimti C. ttiot. Labrador rttrlevtr, Soaja of Darby, Kriit Sortland. English lettir, Dunn EU'l Cin- Bibir, RIchird J. Conocll. Irish ittttr, My Dtiire OTulane, Frank and Dorothy Bill. Brittany s p a n i e l . Warrior's Windy De Triumph, Oarence J. Gofrinj. Black cocker, champion Rlconi Rerillr, llononi S. N'er. ASCOB cocker, Anicot Sylvia, Glady Ann Scott. Pirti-color cocker, champion EUimir'i Extrovert, Raymond ind Dorothy Mclatyrt.. Enjliih springer spaniel, champion Mukilteo Firit Edition, Lt. Col. George B. Maeauley. Wcimarancr, champion F l i n t - rWse Flaih, Clarence J. Wyatt. Afghan hound, Shuraka of Ta Ala, Loc Ona Kyner. Basset hound, Vali-Woods Lu- cmda DeBelleau, Nancy P. Evans. 13-inch beagle. Ebcrl'i Little Smokcy, Gene and Alberta Ebetl. 15-inch beagle, High Jinks Printer, Charles and Winnie Lou Jordan. Longhaired dascbund, Amsel von Make the Amazing NEW M.C.P. UNCOOKED JAMS! ^ Math Only whd M.CP. lam I. Jtlly PICTINI · (AVI iw* rasx nuii ruvot · NO WOttlHO OVJI A HOI STOVI · UMusinun-MTMoaijAM der JfetzeJ (imp) Or. Wirl« Rupert. S m o o t h daichund, champion Beeler'i Heidi, Thetaa Bteler. Norwtgiat Elkhoundi, Blue Hate Usa. William and Zola Eldredfe. Rhodeslan rldfeback, champion Bimbo Ponjoli of Kaybar, C.D., John f. Reardon. Alaskan malamute, Snow Valley Storm Anatoki, Trevor tnd Mary Lou Thomas. Boier, Baron Von Schornhund, Mr. and MM. E. W. Sandber*. Rough collie, Tirabar Taco, Howard O. Tlmmi. Doberttman pinscher, champion Walire'a Rodarte, John and Betty Carlson. German shepherd dog, cham pion Willow Grange Holly. Isabel Becker, Willow Grange kennels. Great dane, champion Cloud B. of Seerland, Dr. J. Glover Seevers. Newfoundland, Countess Connie Deux, E. R. Marsh. Samoyed, Tamara'f Princess Sonya, Ann Winslow. Shetland sheepdog;, champion Tempest of Tobruk, Joan Poulos Rejholec. I Siberian husky. Stony Rlver'i Ootah. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hudson. Pembroke Welsh corgi, I/rd Jim of Denver. Roy Edward Morton. Cairn Terrier, Thornhilj Jingle (Canadian), Mrs. Tom Martin. Wire fox terrier, Karagheen O'Halloran, Westman kennel*. Kerry blue terrier, Sir Galahad, owned by Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Patterson. Schnauzer, (miniature) Prince'» Pandemonium, Mr. and Mrs. William Russell Jones.- Scottish terrier. Lucky Top Brass II, Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Winklepleck. Sealyham terrier, Sterncrest'i Doug-Sell Duke. Doug Clubb. West Highland white terrier, champion McTwiddlc's Highland UUTUAL CITRUS PKODUCTS CO, Anaheim, Cilrf. f1««M M«4 H*. »*t*M| tM'l*. X C-'. JOT erf '"! '·«- NCKIl ONIT I COUfON PII IAMIITI »·* U Trritt. Dorothy M- Puboli. Alfecpinschtr, Walhol Barnabai, Virjil W. Potti. Chihuahuas (long coat) Anne- rays' Renio. Gertrudt E. Turner. Chihuahuas (smooth coat) Ormar's Sneezer, Christine Oman. ntanla greyhound, champion Trade Wind's Minute Man, Virgil Fotti. Japanese spaniel. Maml-Hikla, Mrs. Dora Wadsworth. Pekingese, champion Nee Sze Kal Choo Teh, Gladyi Netce. Miniature pinscher, Harmiburi*! Abeleen. Edson B. Miller. Pomeranian, champion B l a c k Victor;' of Lls-Ru, by Armond tad Wynema ProuU. Pug, champion Wildfire of Even So, Virgil W. Potts. Toy poodle, Reverle'i Mighty Sen- iation, Audrey Kelch. Toy Manchester terrier, champion Wayfarer Cavalier, Florence and John Wehr. Yorkshire terrier, chimplon Abon Hassan's Lady Iris, Thtroa and Bette Trudglan. Boston terriers, champion Chappie's Mambo of Kingway, Slgne A. Carlson. Bulldogs, Sheridan's Bobo, Theo- vian kennels. Chow chow, champion Holtz'i Chee-Chee Ling Sao, Mn. Forrest McBain. Dalmatian, Ding Dong Dal'i Skipper, Mrs. J. L. Mitchell. Miniature poodle, champion Glen- doune Adonis (Imp.) Mr. and Mrt. E. E ; MscKenzle. Standard poodle, Kirley's Jaconi Chita, Josephine K. Ellis. Ask for it by name.. r _ D R I N K Gmpette,, tf I SODA k.^^ · A .'/.'A CRAPETTE, His Counsel Changed TUCSON, Ariz, tfl -- Apparently Juan Carrilo Ortiz believes that when charged with a crime the best man to defend you is the prosecutor. Ortiz was arraigned be/ore Judge Robert S. Tullar on narcotics charges Tuesday. The judg« asked if he had an attorney to represent him. "Mr. Castro is going to be my attorney," said Ortii, nodding toward Raul H. Castro, county attorney. The judge explained: "Mr. Castro is county attorney. He's probably going to try to put you in the penitentiary." Ortii ask«d the judge to appoint another lawyer for him. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Butter Greeley's Own . . . Ib. Shurlino Coffee All Grinds, Lb. can . . . Pink Lemonade Instant Coffee T St.rhl.t, I Ulln Chunk Style, Largo can Short Ribs of Beef Pizza Pie Mix Real Italian with Pineapple Salad Dressing Sweet Potatoes M.C.P. Fresh Frozen, 6 oz. can Folger's, 6oz. Jar . Ellis, 300 can Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee, Package . Real Italian with Cheese Sliced, Dole, No. 1 tall can . Shurfinc, Full q u a r t . . . . Dulancy, No. 2 l /2 size can' IOC 1.29 25c 35c 49c 19c 39c 29c Birds Eye Strawberries £ pkgf. Birds Eye Orange Juice 2 -,,'; 25c Ranch House Apple Pies Fresh Frozen Each. 39c Ruby Red, Tube Golden . Ib. cello bag . California Sunkist, 150 size Plums California Beauties . It's new! It'i different! It'i mechanically mixed in the lartsr equipment! It'i packaged end sealed by machine! It's Consistently Delicious! Meadow Gold Cottage Cheese Meadow Gpld Dairy -, Colondo

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