Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 3, 1975 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1975
Page 17
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The. Idaho KreePna, * The Xe.vsTribune, Monday. Febru.,-,-3 ,975- A -4 Dr. Lamb M.S. cause uncertain Berry's World B) Lawrence EM Lamb. MI). DEAR DR LAMB - I have iusl been lolii iliai I hav» mulli- pie sclerosis icuss. cuss' I would appreciate any inform a t i o n lhal you can provide. Particularly what are my odds of living and {or hoiv loiig' 1 Of course. Ihis question refers lo the average multiple sclerosis p a t i e n t . W h a t can I do for myself 0 DEAR R E A D E K - Cuss, cuss is right, because il can be a r e a l p r o b l e m . M u l t i p l e sclerosis is one of those diseases that is poorly understood by medical science. We still are not sure whai causes it. There is some evidence lhal it is caused by a slow virus You are probably used (o t h i n k i n g of v i r u s e s c a u s i n g sudden illnesses, as with ihe common cold There now appears to We a whole group of very slow-acting viruses that cause problems even years ader the infection starts. But. we still are not sure that this is true, of multiple sclerosis. Characteristically, multiple sclerosis, called M's. for short, causes the outside cover of nerve fibers, called the mvelin Hf'nfs from He/oise Cloth remnants can be recycled Dear Heloise: We are learning more ways to love the earth, to maintain a delicate balance, and to return what we are given and be thankful. In this connection, here is a liltlo ecology tidbit for anyone who sews. If you have ever wondered what to do with all those odds and ends of fabric left over after cutting out a garment, don't throw them in the wastebasket or put them up and never use them. Recycle them! There are many dubs and organizations that would be glad to get them to make into quilts, etc., or they can be taken to a rag processing plant If you have access to one. They eventually end. up being made into a variety of things we use everyday. Carol Ann · · * The old adage "waste not. want not," seems to be especially apropos today... Thanks for the tip, Carol Ann, Heloise « · · Dear Heloise: Do you have someone important to you who calls and chats for an hour daily? I do! Here are some tips to keep those calls from bringing your housework to a standstill. Have a nine or ten foot coiled receiver cord attached to your kitchen phone -- the cost ia negligible -- so that you can reach most any. spot in your kitchen while chatting. I save my morning dishwashing for her calls, then I dig right in. Seems the chore is done in no time. If you finish and she is still talking, polish the silver, clean the stove, cabinets, or refrigerator. You guessed i t . . . my kitchen is by far the cleanest room in the house. Talker P.S. Please don't sign my name, Heloise... she reads your column, too! · · * Dear Heloise: Just discovered a tip I'd like to share with you and your readers! You know how, when you've browned the chicken, and are ready to add a bit of water for steaming, you're liable to have your hands sprayed with hot grease? Try an ice cube! By the time it melts, the lid is safely on, your hands are in no danger, and you're smiling smugly for being so smart! Ada Lee Smith » « * Dear Heloise: Here is a very simple hint that I, as a young bride, did not know and thank my mother-in-law for passing on to me. My husband loves biscuits and I use the ready-made mix. The instructions tell you to just spoon-drop them, but they never turned out really great like hers. All my mother-in-law does is lightly roll out the dough with a glass dipped in flour, and cut out the biscuits with the glass. It makes all the difference in the world. Cindy Abernathy · * · Honey, you are so right. It is so simple when you know how and such a revelation when you don't. ·., That's what this 'column is for: to pass along tilings that we assume everyone knows, but so often do not. Heloise · · * OUR SPECIAL MAILMAN Heloise's mail paid my salary last year... now if she would like to work on my chiropractor's bill... * * * He's really a nut, foks, but beautiful... Heloise * * * . Dear Heloise: ^ Here is a hint for opening jars... Don't sprain your wrist -- just take your ice pick and punch a little hole in the lid. As the vacuum escapes, Ihe lid will come off that pickle jar like magic... Trudy Dettle sheath, tp degenerate. When Ihese defects occur Ihe function related to thai nerve is imp a i r e d . T h i s c a n m e a n p r o b l e m s i n m o v e m e n t , paralysis, visual disturbances, or any variety of symptoms capable of being produced by i n v o l v e m e n t of the n e r v e system. If only a few fibers are affeoled. llie defect may nol be very great. A common characteristic of M.S. i s i h e w i d e s p r e a d , scattered involvement. With brain tumor you can usually r e l a t e the s y m p t o m s to a special part of the brain. The same is true wilh other nerve diseases. Hut M.S. may cause symptoms Ihat indicate a patchy involvement of the brain and spinal cord. Another characteristic of M.S. is ils tendency lo cause sudden attacks, ihen clear up 'and.disappear for long periods of lime Curiously M.S. is more common in the northern areas, or colder areas, than llie warmer areas. Il is six limes as common in the northern United Slates and Europe than in Ihe south. One theory is (hat il resembles polio in this regard. Polio caused more paralysis in Ihe Norlh than in the South because polio was much more c o m m o n i n w a r m t e m p e r a t u r e s . T h e v i r u s affected people early in life and conferred an immunity against Ihe paralyzing-type (hat occurred in Ihe Norlh. There isn'l much I can lell you to do for yourself, except follow good general health measures and avoid excessive fatigue. The course of ihe condition varies enormously. Il usually takes a while for the doctor lo observe the progress to say a n y t h i n g u s e f u l about a n y patient's outlook wilh M.S. You will be interested lo k n o w , h o w e v e r , lhal some patients live more than 50 years after (he first attack. By five years after the first attack 70 per cent arc still capable o[ employment. By 10 years 50 per cent are still employable with intermitlenl interruptions. By 20 years after the first atlack 35 per cenl arc still capable of employment. Considering Ihe v a r i a b i l i t y of Ihe age M.S. starts, these figures are not bad. So. you had best plan on being around for a while and being part of the aclive scene. "Bring me a hot fudge sundae -- I just learned that the health club I joined has declared bankruptcy!" Only Indian JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.dJPIl - Stand Walie, the only Indian lo serve as a Confederate Army general in the Civil War was the last officer of his rank lo surrender al the end of Ihe war. He is buried near Noel, in southwest Missouri. Mining program PITTSBURGH (UI J I ·· Tte University of Pittsburgh, in response to Ihe energy crisis, has revitalized its program in min- WIN AT BRIDGE Monday. Feb. 3. (975 It helps to see all 4 hands NORTH A 1062 V 5 » Q 9 R 6 4 A 9 7 3 2 WEST A K Q J 9 8 7 5 V 8 7 3 4 5 Easi A 4 V K J62 · A l l ) A A K Q 10 6 5 SOUTH I D ] A A 3 V A Q 10 9 -t » K J 7 3 2 A , I .N'orlh-Soulh vulnerable We-,t N'orlh Easl South Pass- Dblo. 4 A Pass Pass Pass Pass Psss Opening lead - K A I V 9 4 Pass By Oswald James Jacohy .lim: "Here is a hand from ihe 1974 Fall Nationals whir-h gave some East players a chance to make a mosl unusual defensive play." Oswald: "II wouldn't be loo many o( ihem. because al most tables Soulh would eilher be playing four diamonds or West playing (our spades doubled." Jim: "When Wesl jumped lo four spades and Soulh refused to sell nut. il was automatic for East to double. Smuh would win the spade opening and [ul the king of diamonds on the table'. Bast would take his ace and lead out two lop clubs. South would ruff the second club, lead a irump to dummy's queen. take a heart finesse against East, discard one of dummy's spades on Itie ace of hearts, ruff a heart, ruff a dub, ruff another heart to set up the last one, ruff another dub, discard dummy's last spade on the last heart, ruff his three of spades in dummy and make his contract." Oswald: "I see Ihe unusual defensive play. East can beat Ihe contract by letting South's king hold the first diamond." Jim: "Let's leave il to our readers to see why this duck play will leave Soulh one Irick short. They are looking al all Ihe cards. No expert at San Antonio looking at just his own hand and dummy made the play " 'NKttST.M'KU JATKEli-lilSK \SSN i - 3 " ! l i ' * f r W i l The bidding has been: 3 Wesl Norlh Rast South 1 + I A 4 A Pass I » Pass Pass 3 A Pass Pass * * Pass You, Soulh. hold: A A Q 7 5 » 2 » K J 5 4 * A Q S 2 What do .you do now A -- Jusl bill lour spaict. You have marie a slam try. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid four spades. Your partner continues to five spades Wli.ll ito you do? Answer Tomorrow Send SI torJACOBYVODERH loot' lo 'Win ?l Budge, ic'o this newspaper! P 0 Bo* '180. Radio Cily Station New Voi*. N Y 10019 Astro- Graph f -- Bernice Bade Osol For Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1975 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Ader you've reviewed the situation, you'll see you weren't entirely blameless in a misunderstanding with a loved one. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Something you're involved in with another is going to taKe more concerted effort by each of you to be successful. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You'll accompf'Sh much more today with a partner or companion lhan you w.H on your own Co-operation's the key word. CANCER (June 21-July 22) If y o u ' r e d o i n g p e r s o n a l decorating at home now, don't use materials or designs that are more artistic than functional. LEO (July 73- Aug. 22) It you let your heart rule your head tn,s evening, you'll make some moves you'll later regret. Use your sharp logic instead. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) A chum is not in Ihe besl position to advise you regarding family finances. Her impractical solutions won't help. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Ocl. 23) You'd be wise 10 keep some dislance between yourself and anyone working for you now. Make il a stnct employer- employe relationship. SCORPIO {Oct. 24-Nov, 22) il your present budgel has a Mile surplus, use il to pay oft old obligal'Ons before buying anything new. SAGITTARIUS (Mov, 23-Dec. 21) Feelings of a family member will fie r.url. She believes you i~e mnre considerate of a friend lhan you are ol her CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan, 19) You Itimk you'll have 10 beat about the bush m a situation you're reluctant to lace The direct app'oadi is your best ionic. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) impulsively, you re go ng 10 do something for a Inend lhat will deni your Mallei. Relied a bit belore volunteering a'd PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) A goal important !o you will not be achieved on the tirst try II can be reached il you're pcr- sistenl enough on me second. Feb. 4, 1975 Contacts ant) new associations you'll moke this year through a group interest will be ol immense value in lingering your hopes Gel oul and mix The program, started al Pill over 100 years ago. was dp- emphasized in Ihe mid-6fls Tiger greets crew SKW YUHK l U I ' M - A ligor which was bcliiR broughl inlii Kennedy Airpoil from Frankf u r t , (ivnminy alioard a Can American iMrjjo jel got oul of ils cane 1 fiirly Salurday and scared (ill frrighl handlers at llie iiirliiiv's I'iirgn leniiinal. nl- ficials i\'|im'U'(l Nip line sviis injured. Tin- tiger was one of five which were sliiprtmii uver here en route lo Siinlii l)iniingi). All of the unimals were confined in Ihe .liriTiifl. a HovinK 7H7. Tin- ri-sl nl tbe cargo consisted nf m a i l , .liilm iJiwile. 1'an Am's cargo |HTUlHins supervisor, said var^ii liuiullc'i's approached tin 1 pl.:»c;ti riirjju l)iiilliii£ i7 in llie i'an Am Cargo Termiiiiil at ahout 12':',] a.m. In illl»,id it "When iveopened Ihe door. «e aw llio lieacl and shiniklers of this ^1 c;il big tiger looking al us Irnm m-er one ol the cargo container.-.." Duarte said. "It was jnsl sitting Ihere slarinK at us. Well, we jusl slanuiied down the plane's door and ran off like ,1 cove\ uf i|iiail " Muarle said, "we called Ihe AS1TA ;ni(l they ^avc 1 us smnc lunnhi'rs In call the Uron* Xoo anil we evpccl In huve a guy I m i n (here in romr ()ms)i with a lraiu|inti/iM gun lo put it In sleep." 1'IIO.NK -Itili-Tleil or -LiSMHii-l In place ynur classified ad r RBSCO Fabulous Fabric Clearance 100% Polyester DOUBLE KNITS Textured polyester double knits. Solids in crepe, jocquords and novelty weaves. Yarn rlyed double knits in duo tones and fancies. Yard Reg. $4.99 yard $ 097 fg yd. South Sea Imports 60" wide 100% acrylic plaids Your Choice $100 1 yd. Reg. to $2.99yard · 45" shirley fabrics-plains solids. · 45" polyester crepe NATURAL LOOK This group of 45" materials with prints on natural backgrounds si if! commands an important position in I he fashion look. . R e g . 1.99 yd. 133 I yd. COTTON BLEND FABRICS An assortment of 45" fabrics in o variety of prints. Some in this assortment have retailed to 1.79. ^ | I 77 I yd. _ , . · j Reg. lo ChOICe I yd. $3.99 yard · 60" Trend Leader-Solids plaids · 45" polyester crepe · 60" Enn Bee Fashions--Stripes-plaids-checks · 60" Enn Bee Fashions-Acrylics YOUr $088 Reg. to C/lOICe «J yd. 55.99 yard · 60" Enn Bee Fashions 100% acrylics · 60" velours 50% OFF Any $3.99 yd. Up DOUBLE KNITS Coupon Expires 2-9-75 GOOD AT RASCO-TEMPO Hurry In While Quantities Last! J TEMPO SPECIAL FEBRUARY BARGAINS PRtiL 7 oz. IMPERIAL SIZE CONCENTRATE SHAMPOO 1 ^ W;ih Coupon . . . ^ Without Coupon $1.44 Expires 2-9-75 'S., WITH THIS noupoN /WE: 16 oz. P R E L L L I Q U I D § SHAMPOO i With C o u p o n . . . Without Coupon $1.44 Expires 2-9-75 £ WITH THIS COUPON CREST I 01. i REG. O R M / N T M^ ^TOOTHPASTE 1 5 Wiffi Coupon . . . 5 Without Coupon 13' m Expires 2-9-75 2 COODATRASCO-TEMPO 4 ^% I II I V WITH THIS milPON WMtKM Box. BODY ALL POWDERY SPRAY DEODORANT With Coupon . . . Without Coupon 75' Expires 2-9-75 GOOD AT KASCO-TfMPO 571 WITH THIS COUPON Mrs. Butterworth's SYRUP 2 4 f l . o z . Bottle Now 119 ALL DISHWASHER SOAP 50oz Box I I I Only | 22 oz. Lux Liquid DISH SOAP How 66 32 oz. Dove Liquid DISH SOAP Now BAR SOAP SALE! Both size bars. Your choice of Lux, Lifebuoy, Dove, Caress. LKarcfcer Mall Nampa

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