Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 26, 1976 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1976
Page 16
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The Idaho Free Press t The News.Trihun, Names WHOtt 1 Kjiiriedy ,' 5 Cnlefiamer MahfttN ft Lincoln's ion' . Indian 13 PUni U Com [i«j point '5 Sht!*rclojn 17 Saint, [ab.i 18 rVove lurii'vtiy 19 tnietlmai ' in flam mat ion 21 Existence ' 23 Musical directon 24 Have a seal if Ovenook 29 Fr.ends [Fr ) 32 Allire 34 Claim 36 Newspaper executive 37 Access. Mitti -38 Greatest quantity 39 Be'giai/ river 4 1 Town (Cornish prelim 42 Asian Holiday 44 Auinor L«ort -- -6 Rough outer · garment 49 Horritv 53 FOICB 54 Suns 56 Halt.ems 57 And oirers 58 Owarl 59 Ankaran Ind an 60 AM Imished 61 Lo»e god DOWN 1 Modern piarec 2 Algerian seaport 3 Engage for services 4 As-an kingdom ' 5 Smal sn.eld 6 Easier fiov.drs 7 Snvrch 1976 -A~l Misbid blocks spade slam 8 Namesakes o! a princess P Will 10 l:a'ian c t y " Fowln wte' i p l r 16 W !h hands o-i hp 20 European nation 22 igneous 2* Appear 25 inoid ICOm '3rm 26 Saor-ess [Fr t 28 W'ser 30 31 wVered 33 Muslei ne mamma 1 35 Lasso 40 Oman's Oabus b n Sad 43 Recorded in a way ·15 Sieep'e 46 Above 47 Climbing planl 48 Mother ol Apollo Imytn j 50 Decani 51 Year (Latin] 52 WWII boats iaol 55 rs'and (rr.t NORTH »- V - «- *A-2 WEST EAST * A-2 * - » - » - » A-2 *- *SOUTH (D) * - » A-2 Bolli vulnerable West Norlh East Soulh 5« 7 * ? v Pass Pass Pass Opening lead - K * where South managed to play seven hearts, the bidding went as shown in the box excep! that East decided to be brilliant first and made an ins u f f i c i e n t bid of Ihree diamonds before bidding seven diamonds. This barred his partner and Soulh got lo play his hoar I suit. Incidentally if you want lo produce four 13-card suits just take a new deck. Give it exactly Iwo perfect shuffles, cut and deal. If your shuffles were perfecl you will have this ultimate freak hand. By Oswald James Jacob)' Back in the early '30s Ihe late Lewis Osbornc ran an A p r i l Fool one session duplicate. He macte up all the hands himself and il was understood thai the players had to play what they were dealt and that anything went. The hand in the box was one of the simplest he produced. At every table but one. West played and made s e v e n spades. It didn'l mailer how he bid it. but no one ever doubled him. At (lie lable An Oregonian asks: "How often would you expect four 13 card su'ls lo appear as the result of s normal deal." W e m i g h t s e e o n e tomorrow, bill if everyone in (he world played bridge sleadily From now until Ihe crack of doom, the chances are Ihat not one would appear as Ihe result of a normal deal. (Do you have a question lor Ihe experts? Write "Ask Ihe Jacobys" care ol this newspaper. The Jacobys will answer individual questions il stamped, sell-addressed envelopes are enclosed. The most interesting questions will be used in this column and will receive copies ol JACOBY MODERN.) by Art Soruom CAMPUS CLATTER with BIMO BURNS by Lorry Lewis ARID, THERE, IS OUR EASIEST MARKER, * , \ wnA/sy. EveftYONE (SETS AM "A".. ... EXCEPT THOSE VJHO SNORE SO LOUDLV THSV CAN BE MEAftO IN THE OEANTS OFFICE ' THERE GOES BAL.PM T HE WENT TD A MA3QOERAD6 SOT DRUNK AND ON Hi ..AND NOW H£'S A r*RTV DRESSED*AN LVOWJ. WAV HOME, PUSHED SOME RVTKIM6 CRATES FILLEDHfiTh TEA WTO BOSTON fWBc«... by Howie Schneide TOO WAWT TO KWOvU TV IS TiAIS YEAR ? TIME. A TV SET FRANK AND ERNEST il ii I 11 by Bob Thaves ' AS LOMC A5 THEY PAY ^108.76 A To PIZoTECT IT, MADAM, 7 :^N CALL IT ALLEY OOP by Dove Grout THERE'S A'MOUNTAIN ) VEP.' AN' KWST POLKS DONT IN TH' MIOW.E OF ]/ EVEN KNOW ITS THEKE, SE" THE B»S SWAMP?XlCAUSE A IXJTOfTH'TlWE VCAWT ^ A ,,.BUT ONCE IN A \ ...RISIN 1 !?)SHT UP IN WHILE TH' MISTS I FRONT OF \OU, B«3 CLEAR, AN' THERE / AS CA^J 8E.' SHE 19... I TKREUt THEM AT THE CAT NEXT POOR! OH. YES, TriEH' H)ER£ A 816 HELP... I PIP 50WTHIN6 I'VE ALUIV5 TO DO... ! A JUNKER VMM ARLTHVCOOCH SEVRJ FLOORS; BUT, WHERE ARE WE GO PUCKER PUSS? WITH THE GIRLS BBNC QUESTIONED, LISPV, VXIR SKUffirytNTHfl ARAR7MENT ISr^T WORTH A DIME. MARY WQPTH I'D RATHER MOT ML YOU.'- \ BECAUSE IP THE SOrV.eOiE ' WHO INQUIRES IS CRAI6 J FLRCX? I'M SURE XXJ'P6IYE/ VOUIL FIND AIL MY THINGS IN THE YttRDROBE -EXCEPT A FEW HEMS 1'IL NEED ON AN CXJT-Cf-TCWtJ BUSINESS TRIP. 1 MAY I WERE XXJ Af?t GOING? -IN CASE SOMEONE ·· WELL! THIS 15 A 5l)RPfll5E' ARE YOU-? ·MARY RETURNS FROM SHOPPING 10 HND /ElMA IEAVIN6 HER ROCM MTH A SUITCASE--- NfVER DO THAT, MRS. WORTH.' HIM A TRUTHFUl WiSWER.' (__ HAUPS OFF, LOVtR BOY. STICK TO BUSINESS. OUR CERTIFICATE 15 JUST TO fit: ME INTO THE STATES WHERB AN REftL BRIDEGROOM \S WAITING FOR WE. SHOULDN'T I KISS -rue "BRIDE"? FOLKA BE SURPRISE! 1 TO SEE ME. I JUST WR01E AMD 1 TH6« I WAS LEAVING 8AGPAD FOR EGYPT. / K AS L.ONG AS HE ' REFERRED TO A ''YDUR \ ( HIGHNESS REX MORGAN, M.D DOES DR jV.ORG/UJ WANT ME TO SO THE HOSPIW BEETLE BAILEY 'OJ Li^ A?P \ SETT.'NS ^M JP T HAVE SOMETHIM6 THE FLINTSTONES , IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE HE'S I GUESS THE WATER PROBLEMS. FACING US.. ARE QUITE SERIOUS , r ow HIS IS PROBABLY

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