Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 3, 1975 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1975
Page 14
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The Idaho Kree Press 4 The News-Tribune, Monday, February 3,1975 - A-l Falcs win showdown Quarterbacking again .,. Bv Dub O'Connor '.' l'.ALDWK.I,l,-"\Vlien we play ball \u lf *jln play w i t h anyone." remarked Vallivue /fv, ^ 1 ' ac ' ·' onl -' s evaluating his teams ·itecislve 7-Kii) Saturday nighl victory over Snake Itivur Vallej League foe Kmmeil. '.'·''Wilh the w i n . Hie Falcons SHV league ''f°edord now stands a! 7-2 placing Ihem one ·game in front of second place Payelte. ' H a v i n g once defeated Payelle. 63-5!i in 'ejirly January. I'allivue will face (he ·'Mrales I'riday nighl in the all-important SUV mnlcliu|i. on the Falcon's homecourt. , ..(jiiting Viilljvue In their win were Hie ,ltirco double-figured shooting efforts of .Shane Whitney with I B a n d Mark Williams ;ijijid Mike lluler with H points apiece. '..'.pninictt countered with Hod Soper's .,l'i|rrid 24 point performance wilh Dave ,fii ; f|v,ar2 Hie only other effective lluskie j.liiarksnum wilh I I tallies. .,;,ripening action in the firsl (|uarler saw bountiful turnovers by each leam resulting from what had l« be pressure due to Hie importance of Ihe game for the Falcons. ; : Dul, earli team seltlect down by the end of Ihe firsl period will) ilie score standing at 17-16 Allhougli Vallivue held a substantial height advantage over Emmctt-wilh the Huskies tallest man of 6-2 marking Ihe size of Vallivucs smallest starling guard--the Falcons were not able to take full advantage of Ihe mismalch-ups until the second quarler. Afler finding 6-5 Shane Whitney under Hie basket, and developing a consistent running offense, it was almost impossible for Ihe Huskies lo stop the Falcons. Commenting on the effectiveness of his leam. Jones staled, "Now (hal Shane has come around, and we have started playing like a team, our height is going lo be hard for many teams lo handle." Jones continued, "We were unconscious, for us. from the freethrow line. Our previous best was G-l per cent. Tonight we were 12-IG for 75 per cent. Boy. when il rains il pours! It was jusl one of Ihosc games that everything went right," No! only was Vallivue victorious in the final outcome of Ihe game, but they also won Ihe statistical battle with Kimnell. Converting :JI of 63 field goals for a phenomenal -17 per rail as well as 75 per ccnl of their charily tosses, Die Falcons topped Emmett's conversion of 25 of W attempts from Ihe field for 31 per cenl as well as (he lluskie's'free throw loss percentage of 10 for 18 for 56 per cent. Wilh Ihe loss Emmett remains in third place in Ihe SUV with a league mark of 6-li and 88 overall while wilh their win and Payelle's loss (o Kuna, Vallivue now controls (lie league lille with a league mark of 7-2 and 11-5 overall. SMMETT Thlilin BryAn Schwm Olitn If 000 Sopcr TOTALS VALLIVUE Knigge WilKl Hughei Waller* Seamons William* Huler Wlulret TOTALS Emmtlt Valljvue FO 1-1 Ml 44 3-S Ml H FT rr T 04 I Ml 15 H FG WO l-l 14 :-) 0-1 11-11 I M o-i M )·) )·! I! 11-11 Rams drop Meridian UyHolillifh MKKIDlAN-l'n spile of Highland's loss l;ri,day lo Capital. Ron Kress knows he has a potential champion on his hands, and he expecls a lot out of his team. "We didn't play real sharp defense." be complained after his Hams had put away Meridian C9-57 Saturday nighl. That should come as news to Ihe Warriors, since they certainly had enough (rouble scoring otf Highland. But if Ihe Rams' defense really was weak Ihey more than compensated for lhal flaw with an overwhelming inside attack. Led by Scott Gould, who went 9-U from (he field and 9-13 from the line for 27 points and grabbed 9 rebounds, and backed up by Kevin England, who added 13 more points. Highland seemed lo score effortlessly inside in spite of Meridian's sagging zone. Par! of Ihe problem was lhal Meridian really didn'l dare sag very much. [They shot better from outside than «'e had expected." admitted Meridian coach llordemann. "But I don't (eel thai bajd. I feel a heck of a lot belter than last night (when Meridian lost lo Skyline)." Actually Meridian shot slightly better (him Highland, hilling 50 per cent lo Highland's -(8 per ccnl. The difference carne in Highland's greater number of al(empls. ^lany of Gould's points came on offensive rebounds as he led Highland to a 37i2G rebounding edge. kress's Rams also managed to squeeze 22 turnovers oul of the Warriors in spile of their "dull" defense. Meridian made Highland work for (heir victory. The Warriors repeatedly crept up on (he Rams only to see (hem shool ahead again. "We'd gel williin Iliree or four points and Ihcn they'd surge on us," complained llordemann. "They had a lot of poise. They are really experienced." The two key periods for Meridian came in Ihe firsl and last quarters. In the firs! quarler Meridian started well, trading baskets wilh Ihe hoi Rams. But Highland wenl with a full court, (rapping defense Ihe whole game, and at first the Warriors let it shake (hem up. They gave the ball away nine limes in the first quarler, but afler (hal settled down and worked the ball down-court carefully and successfully. But Highland had its lead and Meridian could never quite catch (lie Hams again. In Ihe fourth quarter (he Warriors were still in hot pursuit. They came within two points before Highland made its final surge. Two things worked against Ihe Warriors in the fourth quarter--first, Cioold. and second, Ihe (act lhal they were oul-rebounded 10-2. Meridian migbl have fared belter inside if their big forward Dennis Rasmussen hadn't gol in foul (rouble with less than two minutes gone in the second quarter. The rest of Ihe game Rasmussen was eilher on Ihe bench or trying to be careful-which doesn't work oul loo well against the likes of Highland. England also got in foul trouble for Highland in Ihe second quarter, but Kress jusl sent in 6-8 sophomore Mark Stroud who filled in very well. Meridian's center, Duke Jackson, although somewhat overshadowed, had a good nighl himself. Pulling in high, Bill Walton-style passes he scored 15 points. Highland didn'l let Rob Elaine shool very of ten. but he slill managed to score 16 points lo lead the Warriors. Neal Stuart added ten more from oul around the top of the key. The win ups Highland's slightly tarnished record (o ll-l in the Southern Idaho Conference and 15-1 overall. Meridian is now 5-8 and 7-9. MERIDIAN FO FT SUart S-10 M Johnson 1-S 04 Bliint ·» l-S Raimulien M !·! Mellon 1-1 0-1 Jahniton 0-0 «-« Chapman 1-1 1-1 TOTALS 1141 (-14 I HIGHLAHD FG FT P Marshall 0-1 0-0 Renliurs 1-7 fl-0 McFadden 1-11 II England · ·« M GoolH M4 Ml, Harding Z-t 0-0 ' Slroud M 1-1 Smilh 4-s II Allton M fl-0 TOTALS H-SI 11-11 REBOUNDING: Mtrldlan ». Highland 11. Ll Meridian, Jackson 1; Highland. Goold ». SHOOTING PERCENTAGES: Mtridlan S3 ft Highland 41 p«r ceftl. All-Star football signal caller Randy Knigge does his thing with a basketball against the .Huskies. Connors puts Rod Laver away easily Vikes topple Kelly MIDDLETON-A 30-poin( explosion in the third quarler S a t u r d a y nighl propelled Middlelon High's basketball leam lo an 82-64 romp over Bishop Kelly as the Vikings kept alive (heir flickering hopes for a shol al the SHV League championship. Coach Dan Pero's Vikes now are 5-4 in thcSRV race but own a much-belter 11-5 season record, while the scuffed-up Knighls took another bow to 1-8 and 2-14. Joe Ihli's 20 points paced Middlclon's onslaught, which also featured 17 markers from Randy Hopkins and another 13 by Kendall Hopkins. Handy bagged 13 points in the third quarler fireworks as Hie Blue and Gold set off ils victory ship on smooth seas after a 16 quarter lead and a 39-31 halftime margin. "II was a great leam victory lor us," said the happy Pero. "We got all the kids into Ihe game, and il's always nicer lhal way. We want lo keep the club hoiied toward tourney ball in three weeks, and it will be good when we can play at Payelle (Keb. 14 in a SRV conlest)." All-Ihe SUV League teams except Emmetl will comprise the Class A-2 Valley District the winner of which will go on to Stale al Idaho Falls March G-8. B.Kelly IS 11 4S M Micalclon II 1) » II BK -- Allen I. ArtLS t, Alboraq 14, Scarlan s. 0-jrkan i. Bruce 10, Rusl 1. M -- IMilO, K. Hopkins 13, R. Hopkins IT. Hollman 1. Johnson I, Markwfll 3, Meltver 1, Murray 9. Davis 1, Ouenier 1, Sager 1. National sports wire Was Frazier doped? i NEW YORK -- If you thought George Foreman looked 'sick in his fight with Muhammad AH, you may have been right. \ Tlie former heavyweight champion said Sunday in an jinverview with sporlscaster Howard Cosell -- his first since 'losing his title -- that strnngh-sapping weakness struck "him a week prior lo Ihe fight. J Whatever Ihe cause might have been, Foreman said lhal ·had the iighl been in Ihe United Slates and not Zaire, it would "have been postponed. { Tlie former champion had no firm explanation for his 'fatigue, but said lhat he was so lircd lhal he could "hardly 'gel up from Ihe dinner table without being embarrassed." ! Foremen slated thai several days before the fight, he jhoughl he might have been drugged. When Cosell questioned jis lo whether he was charging lhal he had been drugged, he said lhat "something happened," and thai "I was never in that figln." · Foreman said lhal under normal circumstances, he would have expected (o win (he fight in the first three rounds. i PALM SPU1NGS -- Haul Ramierz has his own priorities in his tennis career. Money's nol one of them. The Davis Cup is. j His priorities gol No. 1 attention Sunday and the result Jvas only the second Davis Cup win over Ihe United Stales by Mexico ever as Ramirex downed power-hilling Roscow (Tanner, America's No. 1 player. 7-5.7-9,6-1, 6-2. j "I'm very, very happy." smiled the former University of 'Southern California who didn'l earn a dime for his win. "The Jlhing I want mosl to do now is win the Davis Cup (or my '.country. I warn the best wins in Ihe Davis Cup." j Ramirez may have cost U.S. lennis coach Dennis ;Ralslon his job wilh his victory. Ralslonsaidaficr Ihe match "that he didn't expect to be invited back as coach by the U.S. tUiwn Tennis Association as coach in 1976. j "There will be a lot of people pushing for a new captain so i J i m m y ) Connors will play," said Ralslon. Ralston ·coached Ihe Uniled Stales leam lo five straight Davis Cup ·wins from 1968 through 1972. 1 POMONA, Calif. - Big Daddy is slill just lhal. Don Garlils nf Seffncr, Fla.. perrenial national Drag racing champion, did it again Sunday with a triumph over Dave Settles of Dallas in the lop fuel eliminator finals of Ihe ^National Hot Rod Association's Wintcrnalionals drag racing 'championships al Ihe Los Angeles County Fairgrounds. ! Oarlits final victory, worth $13.500 to the winner, was lanli-climaclic, as Settles had iraclion trouble al Ihe slarl and coasled liie quarter milt. Gadils hit a ume of 6.236 seconds and had a lop speed of 223.88 mph. Garlits poslcd both the top speed and the fastest time in Ihe three-da}' event, hitting 5.937 and 244.56 m.p.h. during the competition. Don Prudhomme of Granada Hills, Calif., won Ihe funny- car compelition with a no-conlest win over Mike Miller, of Ml. Lake Terrace, Wash. NEW YORK -- The New York Nets showed lhat they can get Ihe job done even without their doctor. They did just lhat Sunday afternoon, downing the travel- weary San Diego Q's 120-90, without Julius Erving-- Dr. J -playing in the last quarter. The Nets other forward, Larry Kenon. scored 31 points as Ihe fVels win kept them a game ahead of Kentucky, which defeated the Utah Stars, 96-86 in the American Basketball Association's Eastern Division race. Even with his abbreviated playing time, Erving hit 21 points and had 10 rebounds. In other ABA action, the Virginia Squires downed the Spirits of St. Louis, 109-101, San Antonio's Spurs got 119 to 100 for the Indiana Pacers, and the Memphis Sound upsel Denver 120-103. DAVTON'A BEACH, Fla. - Torn fenders, blown oil hoses and loose radios do nol a racing loss make. Peler Gregg, Porsche pilot and Jacksonville car dealer found lhal out when he managed lo out-last a challenge from BMW and take home his Porsche Carrera, along with co- driver Hurley Hay-wood, lo Ihe championship of Ihe Daytona 24 Endurance race Sunday, despite a series of minor mishaps. Al one poinl during Ihe race, Gregg was berating himself for nol accepting a ride with the BMW team, seemingly easy winners midway through the race. But BMW blew a rod and that was all Porsche needed lo sweep 12of Ihe lop 13 places in the evcnl. The Gregg-Ilaywood leam eventually finished 54 miles ahead of the nearest compelilion. NEW YORK - The New York Chapter of Ihe Baseball Writers Association of America presented awards Sunday nighl lo two of baseball's all-lime Rreals -- Hank Aaron and I/iu Brock. Bolh men were honored for setting all-lime records. Aaron received a special medal in recognition of his eclipsing Ihe home-run mark of Babe Ruth while Brock was named Player of the Year by the Association for his record- breaking 118 siolcn bases, bettering Ihe old mark sel by Maury Wills in 1962 of 1W. LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPh Jimmy Connors is silting on top of Ihe lennis world today. The soulhpaw from Bcllville. III., moved up a noleh in everyone's eslimation Sunday by soundly defeating Rod Laver and strengthening his claim to the No. 1 spdl. Before a crowd estimated at 3,800 al Caesars Palace Tennis Pavilion and a nationwide television audience, Connors faced the cool and cagey Laver for (he firsl lime and beat him in four sets, 64. (i-2. :|-C, 7-5. Connors won Ihe Sinn.ouii winner-lake all prize pul up by Caesars plus a new automobile valued at $10,000. Laver didn'l go away empty-handed. He will share in television money and gel around $50.000. Al 36, Laver's reflexes may he slowing a hit. Both are left- handers and thai gave neither one an advantage. Hut Connors hils a (wo-fisled backhand wilh all Ihe power in his 22-year-old muscles and Laver indicated lhat gave him trouble. "It's different playing Ilinse double handers." said l.nver. "You have lo get used to Ilicm." Allai'k is Ihe name of Ihe game for Connors and he seldom WILL HKJOIiV ('IlKi'IT NEW YORK l U P l i - E v o n n e Goolagong, the defending Virginia Slims 1 c h a m p i o n , will rejoin the circuit on Feb. 10 at C h i c a g o , i t w a s a n n o u n c e d Thursday. lei up. although Laver did ace him half a dozen limes. Connors' own serve was often too hot for Laver In handle and all he could do was gel a l i t t l e \vootl on the b a l l . Laver w a s forced frc([i(enlly iriln weak defensive rolurns which Connors more oflen t h a n nol pul a w a y wilh rase, ('minors was credited with only nne clean ace. Laver gol his big serve going al ils peak in Ihe Ihird sel. which lir wcin. liul lhal was ton late. T h e r e d - h a i r e d A u s t r a l i a n , however, did not fold in the Fourth set against Connors, who didn'l slow donn a bit. In the Jwh same of Ihe foiirlh sel. Connors was at match point f i v e limes bul Laver foiifihl him off and hcltl his service in lie Ihe set al five. Connors ihen field his service In K n ahead. G-fi, a n d ' b r o k e Laver wilh a love game In win Ihe (nurlh and final sel. 7-5. Twice during the lasl game, t'minors gtit points when a ball lipped the net and popped oul of Laver's reach. Connors has been accused of arrogance in past victories, but this liiiH- he was a gradnns winner. "II wasn't a one-sided match." he said. "Rod mixed il up very well. The whole rourl was used." Connors suggested a rematch ami a weary Laver said wilh a smile. "Sure, if I got a year younger I ' l l think about il " Someone asketl L a v e r il Connors' tlereplivi'iii'.s.s heal him and he replied, "II wasn't deccplivencss thai beat me. It was just lhal my poor old body couldn't gel there in lime." Funeral Chapels Homedale, Nampa, Caldwell JCPenney Auto Center Karcher Mall Brake Drum Overhaul Special, Save 25% S,:.:t-:v:«:w:-: : :v::::^^ Girls' tourney to resume (iALDVVKLL - Nampa High, already conference champions in field hockey, volleyball and lhc-i regular-season basketball, goe after (he Dislrict crown s l a f t i n f ! Ihis a f t e r n o o n at (.'jldwell. Nampa facrd liishop Kelly at 1;SU Ihis afternoon w h i l e Vallivue and Capital squared off al .i p.m., Middlcton's highflying and undefeated Vikings look on Borah al 7:30. and Boise met Caldwell al 9 p m. The Cougar girls were firsl- round winners in Saturday's evening game by .T5-.T) over Wciser. Capital,' Kelly, and Moral) all picked up firsl-nighl wins, itio The Ragles bea( Payctlc 53-14, Kelly knocked off Kunu in a :l?-25 game, and Horah clobbered Kmmed. -I2-2.I. Dislricl runs today and Tuesday.and Ihcn Ihe learns are idle until Friday's finals. Nampa comes into Ihe mecl wilh jusl one dcfcal on Ihe season and is led by Peggy I'ainler and Julie iVewby. Vallivuc's lopgun has been Lisa Luci Asumendi and Middleton, wilh Iheslrongesl credentials nf any of the teams, has been gelling super rebounding work from Hose Jensen nnd Judy Hopkins. OUR SHIPMENT OF HAND-MADE FAMOUS LOGGERS HAS JUST ARRIVED! · High Strong Arch · Stitchdown Construction for Long Wear and Comfort · Finest Leather Uppers FIHE MEN'S WEAR NAMPA 1309-hM/. So, CALDWELL 9 JO Cleveland Blvd. Stop Action @ drum brake overhaul 44.9 V Reg. 59.88 Stop Action front disc brake overhaul. 52,41 Reg. 69.88 Here's what we do: · Inslall new JCPenney Stock Action' brake linings on all 4 wheels · Rebuild all wheel cylinders · Resurlace lour drums · Repack front wheel bearings · Lubricate shoe conlaclj · Inspect front grease seals · Imped brake springs · Inspect m«ler cylinder · Inspect and adjust parking brake · Inspect rear oil seals (or leaks · Bleed and refill brake system · Road test car ·Moil American cits ami m»ny foreign cars.

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