Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1955 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1955
Page 10
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Pa£«'10, GREELEY TUIBIJNE Monday, Dec. 12, 1!!S5 George Predicts Individual Tax Reduction Bill '·': WASHINGTON IB - Sen: George (D-Ga) predicted Saturday the · Democratic controlled - house \vill move Immediately toward a reduction in individual income taxes when Congress reconvenes next month. But he said il may be some' lime before the Senate gets around lp considering the issue. '·'. Heorge, . a veteran member 'of · Y O U R FAMILY GIFT CENTER OFFEN HARDWARE 9th St. at 18th Ave. the Senate Finance Commill tew from fls senli- said in a telephone inlervi Vienna, Ga. that he- fee.., -v...- mcnt for lax cuts will be so strong among returning legislators that the House Ways and Means Com- miltce will arl quickly. That is where all lax bills must originate. While there have been indica- lions thai President · Eisenhower miphi point lite way jo a Mure tax cut in his J a n u a r y ' s t a l e of the union message, administration officials generally have'indicated they wanl lo hold off o n - a n y 1 specific recommendations until (here arc clearer indications lhat the budget will be balanced. . George who has said budget ba aneing al hand, indicated Iha, ho expects (he Dcinoer?is to gel Ihe j u m p on the administration in tax culling. "I am muter the impression there will b? an immediate move in' Ihe House and l h a t action wil be" t a k e n there, rather promptly, 1 George said. He added be tbinkj tbc move M i l l have the full ap proval of House Speaker Sam Ray burn of Texas. Because of the lime lag involve! in hearings and House .floor ac lion, George sasd'lhc Senate ma nol get around to considering-the tax issue for some lime, He saic this Japse of lime will provide more Information on whether the budget is going to bo balanced. 1 hope M'c*can increase '(he in- lividual income lax exinplion from rGOO to at_ least $700," George said, 'Thai will benefit Ihe low incomo group mosl bul it will help cvery- iody. Also, I think there should tc some adjustment in the rates on middle income brackets." The middle brackets gci-craiiy arc regarded as (hose ranging from SG.OOO; u p - t o about $50,000 a I'ear. It has been George's contcn- ion thai many small businessmen .n this bracket have been, hard hit and need tax relief.' WHY NERVES? The rapidity wilh which a person moveJ depends on th* kind of' has. and also the condition of these nerve*. This It why we say of * -nervous perion, "He U all nervei," or of a ilow going person, "HI* nerve* never bother him." But-nerves do more than get the muscles of the body together In fa»t action, They enable the vital organs to work together, keeping the body healthy. They are Ihe means by whfch the stomach, lungs, heart, and nutritional cefli work together In supplying the body with fuel and air. The great "power line*" through which nerve energy 1* distributed to the various organs ot the body branch away from the iplnil column, r^any times vertebrae of the spine become missioned, choking the'normaf flow of nerve, energy, and to a degree InterferrlnQ with the efficient function- Ing of vital organs. If permitted to continue, this condition wFH produce 111 health. 'Chiropractic Is a morfern healing science that recognizes the Importance of this life force, this vital principle, this Inner flow of heallh Impulses, Chiropractic serves to open up'th* nerve channel! of-the body so that this Inner power can carry new health to every part of the body. · . . . - HOURS 8:30 to 12 -- 1 io 5 Monday thru Saturday. . ' Open Monday, Wednesday and. Friday, Evenings 7-R p.m. . C H I R O P R A C T O R Gre«iey Building 1'hont 1034 Benson Pushes Study of Role of Middlemen WASHINGTON «, -- Secretary of .gricullurc · Benson Saturday or- 5 olice Convinced Boy Kidnaped, Burned 3y Any Other Persons CLKVELAND W -- Police Thursday dropped an investigation into the case of a 17-year-old boy who told a slory a bout havlng 1iccn burned, whippet! and stripped by tcen-agc kidnapers. Detectives said the youth's parents would nol reveal the result of apsychiMric examination given him.last .March. "I view of the parents' negative attitude on the medical report, we're finished with the case for al) practical purposes," Detective Capl. DaVkl K. Kerr said. The youth, Earl R. Fryman, remained in critical condition . al 'Fairview Park Hospital, his body covered with burns.. He has been there since 1 Tuesday, when he stag gored "in naked and chained to a tree limb, saying three youths had stripped him nnd burned him with turpentine. ·Kerr said: ','We will arrange with the hos pilal officials to inform u£ when the boy bqs lucid moments. We would like to get the t r u e story of what actually happened from his own lips. But from our invCsli gallon of the case we are satisfied we have the answers and no one v/hs concerned in the burning bul Fryman himself." Detectives suggested F r y m a n "burned himself perhaps as an ex CUSE (or not having to altcnc school. ; The hoy's parents,- Mr. and Mrs F.arl E. Fryman, said they be ieved their sons's story. They said ic had been undergoing treatmen with Dr. Wilfri'd MoXiill, a psy chiatrist: ;. · - .: Last January the boy fled, fron i Illinois Catholic- seminary where he was studying to be a priest, and showed up in Florida, lie invented a kidnap slory that time, too, Capl, Kerr said." ered ermine stopped up study to de- whether middlemen are aking an excessive bite out of Ihe ·onsumcr's -dollar before it reach- is Ihe 'farmer.. Bcnsen said he had discussed 'this vilaI problem" wilh President Eisenhower and both were agreed- it must ne determined 'whether or not prices paid by consumers contain improper or excessive marketing charges and profits." Benson ordered his department experts. to push a s t u d y of the spread between marketing \ and 'arm-production costs. · "We know th?t some margins are too great and not-justified," 3cnFon said, "although we recognize that-in some .instances nroces- r and distributors have incfeas- mg costs which they must pay, While farmers 1 ' prices for foot aroducts have "been declining, Ben snn said,' average ·rclaiUpriees ol food " h a v e actually risen-slightly "The failure of retail : food prices is a whole ~ l o reflect the declhie in f a r m food prices during the pas yoar is recognized by the depart ment as a real obstacle t o - a solu lion of the f a r m surplus prdu'cm/ he said, i ' The secretary-said farmers an entitled to receive "the very rhaxi ·mum" for tbeir products Ihrougl efficient marketing service. The department recently eslimat ed t h a t civilian consumers in thi country paid a total of ?46,30Q,OOp 000 (b) for farm food" products" in 9M. The farmers received. $18,00,000 (b) of this, it estimated, nd 28 billion dollars went for mar- tehng costs, * -This marketing bill was dc- cnbeJ by the d e p a r t m e n t as 44 per cenl higher 1 than the 1947-49 ·m-rago - t The department said, for in- that prices received by arniers foi food products ;in the hird q u a r t e t ' o f 1955 averaged-7 per cent less than in the same wriotl i n 1951.. ' . _ ' ' · But, because of the-, increase In marketing charges, · less' than half of this decline was passed on to consumers. The increase in marketing charges while farm prices were falling las reduced the farmer's'share.of he consumer's' food dollar, the department sakl. This share was es- imated al 41'cents for 1955 compared with" 43 cents in 1954. And, he department added, in Ihe year ahead the farmer's share may average about 40 cents. . Tfie department said the m a r - keting bHl has increased substantially in recent years as a result of rising costs and expansion in the volume rif products marketed. Continental Oil Has . Advanced -Three Men '* .DENVER' Lfl -- Continental Oi Co. announced Friday the promo ttori 'of 1 three "men to new positions in its Rocky .Mountain region ex ploration department. 1 J. W. Licldcll,.vice president ant reg.tonal general manager, said A W. Black, Billings, - Mont. ,· division geophysicist, was- promoted to as sislant regional geophysicist will headquarters' in Denver. E. J Grlvetli, BUlings, geophysical su ·pcrvisor, was named to succeci Black. -John W. Strickland. Denvc research geologist, was promoEec lo assistant division geologist will headquarters at Casper, Wyo. Report oh Rail .abor Due Mon. CHICACO [ffi -- An emergency act-finding board is.scheduled to eliver a rc|»rl to · the White ouse Monday on (he dispute be- vcen the railroads and about 800,K non-operating union members. The' hoard, assigned by Presi-, cnt Eisenhower, held hearings rom Nov. 3 (a Nov. 30. By trad.i- on, its findings arc not made pub- c ' u n l i ! they arc received by the Vliile House: ' Eleven non-operating Bunions-- .ade up of telegraphers and oth.- rs who do not actually man trains --asked for a wage increase of 25 ents an hour. They also asked for icalth' and welfare insurance irogram to be financed. by the ailroads, The present average wage 'is il.78. an' hour.· The. monthly em- )loyc insurance premium' of ?8.80 now* is. divided belwcen 'employe and employer: · · The unions rejected an offer.oi a raise. of IQii · cents ah' hour, a The water system of the Mississippi lUver wilh its tributaries f a n d tbeir tributaries) cxceedsJZ,- 000 miles. : - . - 'J 4: .. COMPLETE AtTTUtfOTIVE SERVICE · Auto; Painting · Body and Fender Repair · Auto Glass Installation · · Factory-Trained Mechanics -- Genuine . . . Lincoln and Mercury Parts. ' , WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR SERVICE DEPT. Warren-Mylander Motors 1412 8lh Avenue Phone 615 raise in the patttra ol »jreemcnls reached earlier in IKc year with operating unions; . ·' Glass-Mosaic Used For the first time in South At- rica glass mosiao designs arc be- ng ' u s c f l ' on' a $75,000 D u t c h ' R e formed Church being built al Sfan- darton West. Glass mosaic, in- Irociuced by a Gcrmiip I migrant. is used .in place o f . g r a n i t e and face-brick for internal decoration, Transmissions -. ;·. · FLINT, Mich. -- Automatic trias-'" missions appeared in the late 19M'» and as laic as 19J9 were .Installed n only one car in four,.Some M per cent of ail the passenger cars ' nadc in 195i had.automatic trans- · missions. ; ' . " ' -^ * ' : Crowding NZ .. Islanders flocking lo New Zei land from Its South Pacific Island Territories are becoming a serious problem. JSomo l,5ty of them are in imuniclpally rented'houses in Auckland alone. A housing inspector found 18 Niu.c Islanders, including children, end two aged Europeans living in five rooms and a kitchen. Nice Selection o'f Room' LoU of WALLPAPER Reasonably Priced . MOFFAT- Paint Glass 1115 8th Ave. Ph. 319 Rabbit- Prices BRISBANE -- The price of rabbit, skins lias been boosted so much by Ihdr scarcity that they recently jroughl higher prices per pound at an auction than high grade sheep'fleece. The skins arc-sought after by hat manufacturers and fhe fur trade. ' . GIVE Imprinted Playing Cards I t GIVE THE . "BRANDS" He Buys Himself VAN HEUSEN MARLBORO V/EWBLEY CHAMP OPEN MON. AND SAT. NIGHTS CURLEE CLIPPER-CRAFT CAMPUS PARIS BELTS DICKIES . W.' L. DOUGLAS LEVI'S WRANGLERS ACME BOOTS ESTATE- SETTLING REDUCTION SALE WEDDING BANDS PLEASE HER WITH A PRECIOUS DIAMOND . . . . . .Men's and Ladies', 14 K Gold . . A Diamond Ring Is Just The Thing For Christmas Nationally-known brand names . . . . your assurance of-quality. These are all perfect stones. At (hese low, low prices, these'diamond rings are the investment, o fa LIFETIME! NOTE: WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS We are clearing brand-harrie merchandise at SACRIFICE'prices . to settle the Gafretsbn'estate by Jan. 1st. This is your opportunity to do your .Christmas gift shopping at.savings up to 50%! SILVER PLATED TEA SETS .,,,'32,00. ..,« 49.95 · 4-pc. Tea Set , . , Reg. 4-pc. Tea Set . , Reg. $72 . '· All li^vvy SllvflrpUte lor that touch of elegance . .'. marte by Silversmiths fl-hoae names you know-- and trust. MEN'S JEWELRY 50% Off! STEMWARE Sparkling . .-.-distinctive ,.-, for a warm I welcome' during the holidays.,- OFF SILVERWARE h F a m o s 188L Rogers "Del MarV 42-pc. Silverplate Service for 8 Reg. 47.50 "'OIT Marked down t o . £i I * - No Fed. Tax Silversmiths : 52 pc. Silverplate Service for 8 . .'. "E'laniation" Paftern . . . 1881 Rogers Reg. 54.75 Marked down to . - '· · No Fed. Tax-- ; ' = ' '· · ··· '' ''··'-' .'! ·' 'i . FOR HIM! STONE F O R M E R . SETRIMGS Dinner rings Hirlhslones. Emblemalif Rings "50% '0 OFF PEN and PENCIL SETS . . 25 - 50% OFF Cultured PEARLS OFF $ 25 FOR YOUR OLD WATCH Regardless of Condition Nationally Famous Watches .. guaranteed for one year by Garrettons and the. factory ELECTRIC CLOCKS and CHIMES GIFT ALUMINUM HOLLOW WARE DRESSER SETS _ ' _ 25% ,,·,, 25% oit 50% 0( , GARRETSON Ladies' Jewelry . . . . 25 50 Off COMPARE! VALUE for VALUE . . . DOLLAR for DOLLAR . . . Then Shop for Christmas at JEWELERS 8269th Street Greeley

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