Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 18, 1970 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1970
Page 28
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Classified Advertising TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS R a t e : ?1.60 per column inch. \'i)liiuie rates upon renuest. M i n h i i u n i siiace 1 column inch. Screen borders cuts may be used on ada of 2 column inches or more. Deadline: 3 p.m. Day Prior. CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. RATES M i n i m u m charge (10 words) 80c First insertion per word .... Sc Additional consecutive inser thins of same ad, per word 4c Sixth day free. Jlonth rate, per line (2 line m i n i m u m ) -- -.- $4.0( 10 c ; discount on reader ads If paid w i t h i n 10 days. Evury other day ads to be charged at one day rate. Blind Box Numbers 50c CANCELLATION Ads may be cancelled by calling before 9:00 a.m. insertion day. (One time service charge) MOltNlNi: loutt-s oi'ft tain NVws. 358-U160. Help Wonted A'ANTKI)-- yi-ar ruiinil man mid dairy work. 363-2305. Kanitary Ijiumlry. Help Wanted HiH-ky M COOh. watiloi!. morniriK shift. Call i.m. only. 352-1622: 2M-9t;y4. M A l l t S wanted. Apply in poison, Ka- year around farm irk. I'huiic P34-222D. WA'miESSES wanted. A l l shifts. Apply in person. Kainmla I n n . RN or LPN. full or part time. 333-1)536. MAK!tlE~D~man expt-riciu-od in RWI- enil f a r m and dairy wnrk. Cnll 2S4. 7 it 1A after 7 p.m. TOV department muntiKur wanted. Cood benefits. Apply I'orsonncl Of fice K-Mart 2829 W. l»th St. F R A M I N G carpenter -- Man capable of supervision nnd layout. SS.300. Ca_n_U»Rw._S6S-Bl)(16. K ami H. WA~NTKlf~^~iliil)y siller, my home ft dny week. 3 m o n t h old baby. Call 3fi«.93B!f. S U M M E R wnitresKos wanted ' 3 p.m. Apply in person, M'uMahan'E Restaurant. LaSnllc. R A N C H hand, married. Tom Trefny, Kt. 3 Box 139. Fort Collins. 4?2- J A N I T O l l : ImniwHately available. On veuJent sliiff upvniiiK. Krlemlly. N«« $·1,71)0. Call Fied Kick, 353-4743. SiH'lliliK anrl Siiellinn, Hested lltdft HOSTKSS--Like to meet people? Thi; is the job f u r you. Choice of hours if you hurry. J21C. Call Juuu. 363- lilllir.. It and It. MOCRF/l'ARY. inventory and invoic clerk, short hand required. Permanent, tiuwl pay, m a n y friiiKi* benefits. WiitOKnul's. 431 5th" St. ·:XIM'fUl'KNCK.I) ninrried man for Ken FULL or part time. 7-Eleven Stores. Apply 2331 23rd Ave. before noon. No_ uhone_calls. WANTED -- F.\'periencetl hired man 5 room modern house. 7:t2-43,H Keeneslnin:- N E W company lookinc for manant 1'er.sonnel. ^alesKirls. For intervipv Call H. r ,2-:l.S07. The Tribune assumes responsibility for only 1 incorrect insertion of any ad. Please read your ad the first day it appears. Call in correction before 9 next! day. RN NEEDED for full or part time position. Phone 362-GOS2. Honcll Re- tiremont Community P A R T time: Office m o r n i n K s ; sules nfternnons. M i n i m u m waues. Open now. Call Charlcene \Vhitmore. :l-i 4743. Snellinc and Snelline. Hest HldK. WANTED P A I N T STORE SALESMAN National company. Experienced Salary and commission. Appli catious confidential. Send qua! ideations to Box C-39, c / o j Tribune. farm irk. 4 rinmi mudfrn n t l y furnished, 'j, mile east of (ialuluit. north side uf road. 454-2S70. I HAT cutter: Friendly established company desires fill! UK of career sput. Sti.OIHl. Call Tom Wond. 35347-13. Sncllinti nnd Snt-HiiiK, Hcs- T l O R T M A N n and t y p i n K skill land you this » to 5. 5 ilny w,-ek position with prestige concern. $321 Htlp Wontei :il(I. Friday: MarveloiiH boas needs eauer person who likes variety. $325. fail Charloi-ne Whitmoro, 353-1743. Snellini; ami KnelliliK. llesteil llliln. F,[.KCTI«)NlT! trouble shiHiler--Exper- ience ncolcd "ill, local company. tli.OUO. Call Donna, 353-UOUO. 11 and 11. CI.EIIK isliier: lla lileasant work, l.i liour; iffiiT. $2115. Cull Charlevnc Wbitmore, 3M-I743. Snrllinv: and SnellinK, lifted llMit. [ANJJY~"iniui-- Mature, well Kroomed man with the ability to do minor repairs in various ueldn. $4,600. Cnll Uoilio. :tt;t-tOtG. » and t). U I M C K V I S O H Y position for mint w i t h experit'iii-e in water inniiik-iut ami c..iiKt ruction. $9,000. Call Dodie, 353-61166. U and Jt. RE1.IAI1I.E lie laundry C A R P K N T K K work, ull klnda. Tilliijc floors. Five ntiiiiHtw. Call S53-6403. ALTKHAT10NS fnt drwsmnklnir. 303-01)21. L10KNKKI) baby sitting, my home. I'lii-k-WuithJMicUm aiva. 353-747'J. AI/L'KK/.TiONS -- LndlM and men's, Gravtf'0. 812Vj 8th St.. 353-1U73. _ ^^ klll( i s _ Frw ^tj, .tc». D*.'* TeKtman. 353-0518. INTKK10K and exterior painting. Call ·cniiiKU. Stanley Uedan, 284-63.1C. KEYNA tret? trlmmlnK. Lowest iirices. Firewood half price. 853-8180. P A I N T I N G -- Interior, txterlor. Fr limuto. C. E. Myrick, 4C4-2617. C O N U K K T B work. free estimate*. 352-8113. Jim Morehead. honsekeeniliK work. 40 hour week. Itirch Avenue Manor NursinK Home, ' TIRE shop and Has eUition attendunl. I'orniaiiLMit job for riKht man. Ke- tirement and hospitalizatlon. Weld Co. GaraKe. W A N T E D -- Dental assistant, offio hours S-5, Mon.. Tuc«.. Thurs.. Fri- ,biy. S-12 Weil, and Sat. Write C-3 1 'I'ribunp. Plus Kood frhiKc benefits. Call Don- --rrrr ,---.. . , ,, ... ,-, -i-.'t ;m;i; R «ud II H A V E red white blue Cahfronia retr- __n._i ; j..,l-faOl.i,. Ii ami II. lsl(!ml ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,, nl | W(s . j,,.,,, 6 ,, nlt .. ·'OREMAN: Cattle Iwu-kpround. Fine f i r m ufintiiiuiiiK expansion. Capable man. $7.200. C:ill 1'rcil Kick. S5S- 47-13. Sncllins nnd SnellinK. Hosted SbPUfSTfcATB--Mature younK man with ability to meet the public. Great potential--Salary plus commission. Cull Donna, 353-6066. B and H. r N l l l N E K R I N G A i d : Sueprvise and schedule projects. Prominent f i r m . W i n ! Sfi.GOO. Cnll Fred Rick. :!;.:!- 474K. SnellinE and SnellinK. Hested KhlK- VNITOR -- One of Grecley's employers needs n mature nil 1 able of wurkiiiK vithnut supervision. K.MH'ri.'iu-f preferred but. not noi'wsary. S-1.300. Call June, 3J3- CWifi. B and B. J A H N ^ e x t i a money part time or full Unit! ihuwinc new line of Bio dp- Kr:nl:ibl« i-tannin ? chemieiils and liiundry comiiound. ABC and education no barrier. For interview phone 352-0-1 SO. C H I C receptionist--Who ean please the public and has a f l a i r w i t h hai . $21)0 plus commission. Call June. :i5:l-W,G. It and It. SERVICE station attendant and nit- rlmnic. Must be experienced. A p p l y in person. Dale's TUKHUII, Sth Ave. aml__lilh__Sl. H K A V Y equipment operator--Excellent opportunity for the experienced man. SV.200. up. Call LoRee, 353-1 r.tltiG. It and B. R E A L uslati' salesman -- Must he licensed and experienced. Host commission deal in Givoley. Time Realty. :!r.2-s?^s. MILK HAULER NEEDED K you like truck operation, nnd w i t u t to be your own boss, apply Vern Whilmore Carnation Co.. Johnstown, Colo. 587-1500 PHONE 352-0211 714 Eighth Street Office Hours ? a.m. to 5 p.m. Classified Index Announcements A u i i t -Service and Supplier -- llnrird and Room Bo-i'-i :uid Supplies I t u i M i n K Materials business Opportunities IlurtiuoES Services Coal and Wood _.. Construction Equipment CiMom Work ,.50-A _ 11 K REGISTERED OR LICENSED REGISTERED NURSES S t a f f positions, and operating room (circulating). Top pay line to take care of same. At 1501 1st Avc. Call Hill Wickwar. 352-5031. Situation! Wanted 10 For Rtnt--HauMi UOH1LK home, 2 bedroom PAINTING -- One wno cares. Inter. ior, exterior. Free estimates. 352-2386 CESSPOOLS, grease trap: I'h. 353-H6S. Mrs. Re.t C pumped. ininRham. PAINTING"-- Resldcnt.'.M a jpecialty. L. b. McDanicl. Ph. 362-0250. COrJCRETE~work. Freo estlmatea. I'hone 352-0601. EXTERIOR paintinar -- brush u r spray. rAlNTINff"^ Interior, exterior, and inn painting. Free estimates. ( er Hichon. Charlie Ilrchuti. 352-2027. H A N D Y M A N . Trim, transplant shrubbery, roses, cvernreons, lawn sod- injr. clean up. 352-0161. POWER rnkinB. power aweepinK, ferti- 11/iiiK. All at K low, low price 353-1459. CARPENTER -- expert. Remodeling repairing, cabinet work. Call 686- 20fil after G p.m. JT'AND A Faiiitinc, interior nnd ex -. Norm Swnnson, 35H-5345 Ainyn, 352-400). Bl'jTTER paintinc -- Farm?, homes roofs. We guarantee nil work. 2S4- U O L D K N ..ppi.rtnnity--Attractive fire nerds a irirl who likrs to meet people and have a variety of duties, evcell.-nt benefits. SiiW. Call Dddic, :t5:i-l(l()li. It ami B. COLLECTOR; Customer contact job. Permanent stuff, l i t t l e supervision. Neat! Sn.IiOO. Call Tom Wood. 3-VJ- 4T-i:i. SnellinK and Snellimr. HeatfHl lildc. PAINTING -- Dependable for 20 yeai Interior imd I'vterinr. I're.e estimati f.l Pbunu 3S3-1C1G. ·ried, nee AK experience. Avnil- 21sl-Scpt. 16th. STUDENT Pilot, 29. ma parl-tini? ranch or f a r m renl/wac _ able .lun WASONHY. conrrote and plasterinR. Professionnl work at below professional cost. No job too small. 352- SMU ask for Bill. E X P E R I E N C E D Bookkeeper and sec- day. 3 .lays a For personal business. 2 hours n wwk. 5nr,.0d per week, interview, R.V-62o7 be- retnry ilui i full time position in or near Crocley. Write Box C-40 c/o D I I I V K K : Gal Friday for desirable t f i r m who likes c h a n c i n g routine.; ;i A A A. S32fi. Call Lois YounK. 3A3- WILL do house ami yard work. Tools d to he furnished. Call us Fraternity Hous . . a os ounK. -, ---- -- , ,,. 4743. Sncllinc and Snellinc, Healed WO" 1 ' 1 ' llkc . General office or recep. HELP W a n t e d -- Self help housin c i (·, r ,. l .|cv !,. lender. Most speak Spa n ish I -ArT^T . tionist work. Some experience. W nu Bartara Williams. Rt. 4. Box IDS, and EnKlisb. Salary . . Colorado Mit-rant Online: Colorado S0620. ..WANTED -- Lawn mo P r a c t i c a l nurses. 3 to 11 a n d ; a n d .raod benefits. Call admin- T E L K P H O N K : Enjoy helnim; people? 11 to 7 shifts. Full or partlstrator at Memorial Hospital, time. Fairacres Manor, 3or.-03 LADIES APPAREL SALESLADY Applications beitiR taken. ;S--IO. Experience only. Pennanenl position. DODO'S. SS4 3th St. EXECUTIVE SALES ?(300 RtailinK income, if performance warrants increases to S700 after Ii months and $S(lO K.iiuivition and Instruction I ' j u o f Eiiuipment For KVnt-- Aparunenta .- 17 K i r Rcn.t-- Buildinus 20 Fc r Rent--Farms and Tract* 19 For Rent--GaraKM -- 18 For Kent--'ileuses 15 For Rent--MY. Homes. Cablni 21 For Kent--office Space 22 after 1 year. Three year inten- isive training program. .Major } stock insurance company, no ravel. ^lanap:ement opportunity. College preferred. Call Ulr. Mitchell at 322-7766 la Denver, For Rent--Rooms Fruits and VetrctahlTM H n y . Grain. Feod. Straw .. _ HeatinK CoolinB Help W'anled H'uisehold Goods I r r i t a t i o n Systcma Let'. Swap -Livestock Lost and Found Miscellaneous Wobilo Home. Money to Loan Money Wanted -- Mot«ls -- . MovinK ond Stornn* _ Musical InstruraenU _ Nursing Homea J'ersonala Pet Stock P o u l t r y Professional Service* .-Real Estate ItoofinB and Insulation _ S(?e,!s, Plants, Flowera ... - ._ Sowing Machines-Vacuums _ Situations Wanted Eportine Goods Trailers and Campers Trailer Space Transportation Trash HaulinE TV-Radio Services. S«le« U'ed Cars nnd Trucks 61 Wanted to Rent . 14 Wsshinir Machine .... SO 49 SD 1 1 17 48-A 11 B2 E4 IS 47 26 2 48 . 42 6 4S 33 Colorado. ... 44 ... 10 S5-A -- 63 _ 23 _ 3 12 46 Lost and Faur.d LOST--Black Poodle, unshaven, Bo* hi S n k i . 4th AVP. und Cist St. 36H-7331 T'OCNIJ--prescription Kla.iscs in black ra.-i-. Jou-nlmvii. 3.'.3-7S2S. i'.UST -- 2 ndult black Labs. Reward. F D I J M ) -- Blnck female Cocker Span- ii-l. Cnll 3li5-3ll6t. LOST--A Rharp C(IK. on yc.ur ncisaora, \Vi H h a r p e n 'em. Tinkinc shears, too. ...r .--.,, .... lnost Alkire's. filH Sth Ave, Personals ALCOHOLICS A H.-52 for help or K.-ISJ- duties, linacinativc fj^n. Call Lois Ytiunn. HFS3. 474:1. Sm . nd SnellinK. Hosted SALES REP ·RK.pmF.XT OF ORF.E- LKY NEEDED. SOME S A L E S EXPERIENCE. . M I N I M U M START 5400 PER MO. PLUS CAR EXPENSES, PLUS BEN- EFITS. SEND R E S U M E JOB ANALYSTS, INC., F I R S T NATIONAL BANK ULDG., FT. COL- LINS, COLO. lai-Kor la cade, Glenme: 5 p.m. . Prefei Cottonwood. Cas ·as. 352-2571 afte: ATTENTION WbrkinK mothers -- Li censed. Kiddie Land Nursery, 505 17th St. Hours. 7:80 to B :30. 353-JONG bedroom furnished will. Av*i1ttlili child. $140 per month. Jim*? 9. 33-S5U7 eves. CI.KAN 2 bodi'ooii. truilvr. LocnleJ ZW " N. lltli Ave." and (ItfiHwit r Htli St. s" bedroom r Unfurnished except frljiemtur. Small feii (Iron wtdi-onif. tUO. . family. Uefwr- iiUl In G-plex. nlove and re- wl yard. 2 i-liil- iier niuiilh. 3 _ _ 1OMK in Orwley. Three bednHiriiB In »llit level liotinc. Newly carpeted and dri»i"'»l. Itiuiiro nntl triirbntri* disposal. Southwest area. Dwiire cmiulp ur i-uiiidu with small family. M i n i mum of urn- ycar'n lousy itt $1 Oft. 00 inunthli'. Hume available un J u n e 1. Cull 1-28S-43U5. Denver. For Rent--Rooms 16 ROOMS d«y or week. 1521 8th Avc. Kl Knncho M'otol. 353-1911, ROOMS for colleKe men. »5!l-3794. NH bedroom unFuriiiahcd and b u f f v t itparliiii'iits. Two bedroom unfuvnish- cd aiiartment. June. AdulU only. No |iet«. ISIS 7th Av«. 352-3SSC. 1 JEW~ 2 bedroom aptirtment with i pet, drapes, rmlge, rcfrineralor, disli- wttHbcr. (1C5 per month. Cult 3521212 for appointment. TWO bedroom unfurnished apartment. Available J u n e I. AdulU. Carp air conditioned. Hollywood Apis., 2 22ml Ave. I'hone 3f.3-J!50 or 362- D6GO. 3NK anil 2 bedroom unfurnished npls. Ciirinib, diniies, eleetrie kite-lien w i t h (lislnvasher and self eleanillK o\ Adults. No pets. Cranford )'l Apis. H52-025C. I K A U new 2 bedroom apartment 4-plex. UnfurniBhed except ranno ami refriceratnr. Complfle electric kitchen. Wiishink' facililies avaihiblc. Jm- hiediatc oecupitiicy. No chihiren 01 ROOMS -- $3 niitht. Kales, wk.. mti. Comnu'rcinl Hotel, Kalon. 454-2203. CLEAN nlccpintc rooms for me-. 1H 9th St. rooms -- non smokers only. ZW yth Ave. UAI.FTY larfce rooms fnr cirls. Com plvtu homo. 1527 12th Ave. 3ft:t-57! for appointment, M O D K R N furnished roomi. Utilltta paid. Television. Weekly, moiithl; rate*. H5K-2916. HAVE~roon7 for 4 college women fu summer cchool. Across from culletic Phone 35U-30CS. For Rent--Apfs. 17 ROOM for 1 or 2 female boarders Cookinj: and wash facilities. 352-2101 TWO trirffl for summer quarter. 2224 l l t h Ave. Call 353-0322 a f t e r 5. UNFURNISHED apartment. 627% Sth Ave., imiuire apt. 2. A P A U T M K N T for summer quarter. people. ?I2ft. each. 363-7964. ONE bedroom furnished apartment. 1025 Gth St. K()ir~KKNT^-hnuse trniler. 2 bed- TWO bedroom unfurnished apartment in 4-plex. :i52-!521. COTiLtTGB npaiiment for summer Close to University. 351-201S. ONE bedroom unfurnished Apartment Appliances furnished. I'hone 352-07P3 A P A R T M E N T unfurnished. 2 bedroon :lose to downtown. Phone HfiZ-SSG' FOR RKNT -- Apartments and rootni 602 l l t h Ave. FOH~~RENT--to colleKe pii-l*. 2 bed oom fm-imheH apartment. Near -ol ent'. 1"19 fitti Ave. See a f t e r ft p.: UPSTAIRS furnishes) apartment, rooms and bath. Utilities pnitl. 352 4SIM. 1007 5th St.. KveninRs. UNFURNISHED 2 liedroc for couple. No children per month. 352-492.1. Al'TO mechanic. Kxperiencpil. Paid vacation, liniup i n s u r a i i r r , s.-ilars-rMii- misFion Inifi*. Contact Kd Hunker, Ih'Hrown Chrysler I'lymouth. S17 7th St., irceley, Colorado. 1 ' U l t l . l C conuict: Friendly person w i l h ,leire to establish permanent job. fllllll. Call l.ois YimiiB. :t.''3-| J 7 l : l . Sm-llint nr.d Snelliiiw, Hesteill Hide- | D i R K C T O R of N i i i s i n K sevvire for 7 I I J hed nui-sinK home. Hood salary w i t h ) friiiKC iK'liefils, with new i-orpuration.j W r i t e "r rail Vern \Vi-bi-r. H i r r h - .,..,,, ,,, Ave. Manor N.lrsina Home. 3S3-OMS.J · ' · ' - ' · · S w i f t L1CKNSBD. ~ncrr«Hed Veterinarian , MH-kint; einplnyrnent in Mhmtion allow! UK timi- to attend University dnriiin purl of diiy. l-jirly mnrnint;. ovi-niiiK mid wwk-enda could be uv«t for iinifcKsional enrlenvo]-. CSU i;i;iilnntt.', 12 years oxpprirnre in 1 livestock prai-tic,- nnd mil innil, CO/40. Reply Hox D-l Custom Work sharpening. 11 Trenchinc and 7 j ^ 1W ^J 352-4S64. t l |'in""i:rind ir *4 ""'" I'all T"in W n . ) d . j M A N U R K baulinR. srreadinp. ploy :if.S-474H. Pn.-MinK and SiH'lHns. Hes-' in^JJ«clilnB. J. Bprnhnrdt. 352-ri9fl7. ti-1 t i i A C K H O E . hlnile work, baring, Tlatle Valley T iinpie i'1-i-ferr^-d. no n p n r t m e n - pets. $14 a p a r t m e n t iildren. tu APTUITMKNTS available for summer tudent*. See at lf39 10th A- Phone 3r3-S'JSP. hpdroom apart men t rler for 4 cirl« TWO InrK Mini men 13 IS l U l b Page 28 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., May-18^ 1070 For Rent--Apts. 17 Mlseelloneoui n WE luy used TV» and it«r»ia. 362-7200. UIJSTOMKU Satisfaction, my motto. ommy'B llarher Shop, 11)0 7th Ave. WANTBO--Old or unusable care that ,re towable. Phone 862-D313. l ' U I N T I N O - - S m a l l jobs " specialty. Lowest prices in town. 8i»3-^J27. I'OUTKAIT In oil color from your snap-, shot or olher photo. SI. 363-S327. _ SUMMKK quarter furnish- cd apartment, couple with 1 child. ie furnished - - - ith 2 i-hll. ?:{00. or 4 or 6 Kirls, $100 J2S5. or :t Kirls $:(00: itimrtrm'iit for cotijilo APARTMENTS AVAILABLE 2 bedroom, completely furnished ami air conditioned. Call 353- G03G or Gilbnugh Agency, 3527037. ROYAL GARDENS APTS. 2ion 23rd Ave. One bedroom furn., 2 bedroom furii. or nnfurn.. furnished buffet. Adults. Xo pets. 352-0152. AtlTltORIllED Skl-Do lin Cycle Sales. 352 Uealer. Frank- t'Oll your Studio Oirl Cosmelics, call 363-1670 a f t e r B. NKUITCHAWLEKS. native and Texas; earthworms. 11103 Sth SI. :I52-'.I021. ANT18UB -- 1MO 0 band short wavt radio, \\orks KOod. 363-2'J46. Fo"R~SAirB -- 4x8 ft. rabbit pens. I'hone 363-20'J". EXKKC1SK bike. $30. :[52-782J.._ TOlTsALK"- TOP oil for Kardcn and lawns. _Cnll_S5S-l7CS. We dism^ntlr and haul away inciner. alms. 1'hime 352-6270. l7t. v Y~s7h»~nnd Servire at lirumlcy'l Floor CovcrjtiK. 1331 " h sl - CLF.AN I-UKS like new. so easy to do with Kun-Miiti-. Kent i-ln-lrln sham- pooer S I . Kornac I'ainl Store. \V(i"sp"n7e"in Sunset Memorial tlar- deos in CardTM of The Coral Shepherd. :t5.'t-otjir». itiliO H A I I L K Y Davidson 45 model. Rc- huilt enuine and transmission. J350. r,SC-V735. DUALITY canva work of all kinds, recovcrinK of t i n r k scats, etc. \\iod9 Canvas Produi-ts, 193!l Reservoir Kd. FOK~SALK -- New Olympia s t a n d a r d 'lerlrie. pica t y p e w r i t e r with and carbon ribbon. 352-S3S7. For Rent -- Garages TWO or 3 car space KnrnKC suitable for mechanic or other commercial purpose. Reasonable vent. Cal! day time. 352-0134. f a b r i c _ H O N D A s'nbr 4,600 miles. Heavy duty liiKKnse rack. Leavim: for Alaska. J1usl_«c]I._$5S5. 284-7S15 after 0. " I p A S S r T N B K I l ' f l l i t s -- fl.25 vulcanized repnir. O K. Rubber Welders, S20 !ml Street. For Rent--Buildings 20 B U I L D I N G S for rent or lease. Retail or warehouse storace. 163-5846. Office Space 22 CARPETF.D and air conditioned office space on tub St. Approximately SOO su. ft. 1'hone 352-1400. Cowan Realty. O F F I C E or store space. Air conditioned, carpeted. paneliiiK and drapes. U t i l i t i e s furnished. J175 month. IBM !lth St. 353.SV8S: 352-5251. OFFICE space 400 snuare ft. of Johnson Buildim;. 1019 10th Ave. Off street parking. Air conditioned. J a n i t o r i a l service. Ph. 352-253G. O F F I C E space at 712 l O t b St. POO so ft., street frontaKo. t ' r i v a t e office*. Could hanK IOKII. 352-4ilu, days. 352-55151 eves. WATCHES -- Rood rci ies' and mcns'. S15. S17.50. S2U. S26. Graybeal Jevvelurs, 81S Sth St. 7~CASF, 1'epsi soft, drink vendor. 150 chanKer. Good condition. Phone 2M- f.r.r.I after 5:30 p.m. wl:~NO\\~have corral poles in stock. 51.10 each. HoRsett Lumber Co. 131 Uth Ave. WANTED -- J u n k cars, trucks, trae- turs. We tow away free. We also buy cminMYle cars. 353-S6:'2. LIQUIDATORS ot all mcrcHandiss. Gary Greenwood, Auctioneers and Liquidators^ 2606 6tb Avc. 352-4S22. OH creener and healthier lawns w i t h Ins water. Apply Procal now. 2606 Sth Ave.. Creeley. HODAKA Yamaha, B.S.A. and Cush. man. Authori7cd dealer. Franklin Cycle Sales, 2S25 S. 1st Ave. 352-IOT2. FOR SALE - rulvcrirci! !:.-r. » r j Earden fcrtilirer. Farntll's 101 Slh St. 353-5S58. TWO room office, urollnd floor. 2,',0 .-,-7.----. r. , ,., , square f, et. Utilitlcf, air condition- " ° .TMllrond layout, u n f i n i s h e d I in.-k. inn and j a n i t o r furnished. Very ren-l "will-lies, p.iwer park. l.» "" , nt. Joed Corner. Call or!_ r '_* J ^ f t ., ,, ,, . , i - ! JlSO.nn ,i.,.i..-,l24. . . _ _ Dr. Haefeli, SOt 10th Ave., 352-;tMLLECTOR'S Den ·- A m l n u r s : arei ·ailer. 10 x 50 foot. -. Call rvrnitiRs. 353. »"·»· I '-'020. loUTSTANDING -- Near-new office l,-' Coiipli-. No pi 0267. NICIC. clean, rurnished -'pstnlrs apartment for working lady. No students, ehihlren or pcta. .152-9501 brtorc 6. TWO bedroom furnished semi-basement apartment for summer nunner. Util- ilies paid. 1921 6th Ave. H1S-I217. FALL quartrr -- 2 hedn-im rle.ui furnished a p a r t m e n t s for 4 or fi _ciill-in'_«irl«. 363-3132. FuiVNis'lIEI) 2 bedroom aparlmenl. MOBILE HOME SERVICEMAN We are in npod or an v i r t u a l capabli' of liiiinlllni; War-; 1 '"?^ 'llAcivHOK. F.xc.'ivatlm:. back fillins:.! · il "" m '' r ouarler. Clou. Paul Formal.. 2S4-Cr,3f,. CUSTOM rototilliiiK of new lawns and _BnrnVll". 3".06SO. Jim Hewitt. llTvNnKLioNS spraynl. Cni.iant.-ed re- I suit*. Cem-ral Spray Serv. 3. h )2-10r,0. ! l i o L . I ) A Y Tn-c Service. Trimminc. Imli- loppimr. rrmovilnt trees. 35S-12P8. ! CUSTOM plowinu. W. L. Helier. 352- U l l a r t e i F l ' R N I S H E D b n f f e t apnrl ;Ci2-31(i6. LAK(!K 4 bc.clr. 1700 Kith AVI H'RNISHF.~D"npt. Oinple or bachelor. Also mobile hnme. 302 13th SU N. I l l l l Ave. 352-76HO. . t i n l . a j Nil jifts. f i n s . 3.VJJ ·d in Witt Grceb-v. feature pctinir. w a l n u t panolinc. air -nmli- t i i n i n i r . h a . k K r o n n d music, plus si'tt- arate patron and employee parkinc. LiKbtcd oiitilnnr sik-n. 352-56S7 .lays: 353-2021. eveninc. Phone 353-3Ufi:-'. - ' R O C K HOUND -- int. furniture, books, livntc uFPortmont. 92fi n^ntrnl. KMinn. On«-n Sunday. T R A l f i E U P In $1.00 fnr 2 hours. O.K Tn _Rpnt^!s. KO 2ml -St. M I S C K I . L A N K / t n s f u r n i l u r o amJ lilinni-o.-!. Lt'nviitR town, must :)..:UGI::IS. Trailer Space 23 o n t h . No TRAILER spun-. S22.50 per i pets. 352-1013. HOUSE trailer lots for .ale .t Hill 'N Park. Ph. 352-4BJ3. LI.WTED n u m b e r home spaces for pets. 353-5S45. .\VoillLF. Home api lay,. Can I n k , - of new mobile rent. Adult-s. No available In 10 Sail.. 2 n . l n l l r 1(1311. Mradown Mobile Home Park. A.Julu i iinly. no )ints. lf.1 \\,: ' CiniUiet Mr. Hay. SIIHCV Miicolloncous . Call =s ^^ = ^___ ===!= , ^1^ --------------- -- i r a i u y service work on mobile|,.;j, AM Tj;"-," : ,,Viom nm.inn. riowi.iR.lfunKi-r'm.m Sn.l (l,v, OLD ESTABLISHED COMPANY In business over 20 years. Needs 2 freezer food salesmen. Verified appointments, good financinfr, top commission. Work Fort Collins, and Greeley areas. Phone: Mr. Crawford for appointment. EATON LOCKER PLANT 101 2nd St. Eaton, Colorado 454-2240 or 454-2306 !lumt?s. Must be capnlilo of do-; in?; various types oT repair work,· iiu'lmlinp: shoot m o t n l . i 1'iirllv . ,,,,,,, tll T I R K bulnnclnff -Only 11.25 Dtf-r i^a«- RonAvr tin-. Weights free! 0. K. Kullwr_ Wcldent. S^O 2nI Ht. AUTO"VtTiV.iKP. by wfok or month or w i l t buy »nlvnif(.". 71R N. H t h Ave. 3;i2-7fi6fl. M O N B Y t" li.nn. W- buv, «.-ll nnrt trtnlr for n n y l h i n j ; nf vnluc. Grrrii-y Pawn .«h(ip. Hfi.'i-UHV. -10'^ J l l h Ave. G1HSON n-frivriTHii'il n i r m n t i l t i n n v r , umi. W i r i i i K nml l»»x inolurl.-l. ·onililiun. Sl^.'t. Slit I'll) St. 97|RKf)iT(:fT«.7£ nnil fiiM w i t h (»iKi-nr . _ tnhk-Is n n l K-Vaj) "wdU-r |ii!U" n » R SAI.K - - l-'.ii.l ?r.O V-P, J M '«-J ( ; i l l M i n I'lmrmncy. H:I:-'.. :::.n-cp:r. aftci f. ' \ V A : ; T I : H - JI.I.L c«j.-. :i;..:.». HAC" ,, or , ,,,,,,,. tnr.. Cull »» f l w l . -c ,,ny i,. t . . K n l i r r l y uri-'.-".'. 1 ^."--':':':.,., ir ,,,,,.,,. $,;». W.SNTKI)' 352-697!i. S97-2219. jplumhi,..'. cabinet a n d f i n i s h c^o^farm^crvic, W work. Phiiiu- tivpniiiKii. 3sa-78S2. Thi* position involve, considor-j^^^-^-^- ablc travul. Imlividunl must IIP; fi Education and Instruction 8 Education and Instruction 8 NKW' 2 'hiilnutii m m i t i n o n l u i t h rar-' LHATMKlV lu.r w i t h M..ol;| I- ' n j* ^^^''i^ 1 ' 1 " " n '\,^' i "^ 1ni .'' ml jj'^ ' T..U* of ' lous. Ph. 352-1 HIT information T H I N K I N G of blcyrle repRir.s? Thinh of Alkire^ 613 Slh Ave. 352-9501. F N I l ' K E T T K bras iinri pirdJcs. :ifi2-7?f-2. Is~Yo"UR shaver sick? Cnll the Rn7.oi Clinic. Alkire. fi!3 8th A v e . 352-9501. K I ' R S I N C niothere. for help nnd i l l four; in ion, call 352-2PM. LnLwhe I.'-:i^l£.___ FLi.M ( i Y M -- F o r free hnme demo with] ,1.1 (.liH^aUori, jihi.nt- Tim Swedlund.j :i.i2-i(i_19_ lifter 6 p.m. j r i C H T f n t i k ' i i e with 7.ippies, the Krent iu.n pill. Only $!.»*. Gibbon Phar- ni;u-y. Auto Rental Transportation 3 C A K rentah -- Dailj, weekly, monthly. flivolcv LensinK Co., 1100 Slh Ave. :i.VMU74, aft. hrs. 3A2-9127. :{5:i.o629. Professional Services S. 1C accounting. Jantz Biwikkeep-j and Tax Service. 3".;',-")-lii5. , Business Service 6' Q l ' A L I T Y upholsterind- j SAW sharfenmE. A l l kinl5. One l a j j Ft-rv. Alkire's. fi13 Sih A V P . :ifi2-8iiO].; h"lt!"i : L"EY~"C!"irt-nln Clrnnt'rs. O i r t n i n o . . ' i i n p r f . tahierlolha. 3920 ?th St. ' I I O U S E W I D K cleanlne service. Brewer! . Sfrvircnut-irr. l-'rce «.stimntcs. 1324, _2nth Si 1 _:^'.V^Hi.'. MO'.VKIl shnrponlnp nnd rrpnir. A u t h - «ri7C«J Torn dealer, An-Ierstm Sr-ed; (·-.. 71-1 10th St., Phone Sf.3-fil!*8. j ST(I\VKR Kluirpcnini: and repair. Pownr r-ikr-t tn rent Oprn Sunday 0-3. Alex W]!inn nn-1 Repair. 'JSO'.l tith Avc.., :ir,:M712. Pickup nml drliver. j ., ledpcr. stmta. supervisory; part l i m e o n l y ; prefer new company., Itox 23. Hrwhton. No BKt-ncieK. Itu.-'i- npxs Aide. i Help Wonted 7' KXCELLENT opportunity for now n m l . upixi car snlfi«man. WeM Co. (JaraRc.. 11 ys transportation, 1 W A N T K n M n l o r routi- r»rri«r. Ijl Sallf. I'or Rocky M o u n t a i n Npws. Cnll 353-OlfiO. TVANTrfn yrar aronti.l m a n . r.xvrr- iir,cotl in (rrnrrnl f a r m work. ModVrn I hn^Sf. Cmnl "·«!"«. S52-.1S2T. . , ("nil I.oHw. 35.V60iJh. H anH H. AVIATION CAREER j MEETING PLAN TO ATTEND THE SPECIAL CANNON AERONAUTICAL CENTER AVIATION CAREER SEMINAR Are you interested in a career in aviation maintenance and would like to find out how you can be an important part of this rapidly growing, high paying field? You can learn about this exciting job opportunity and about where and how you can begin by attending a free seminar SNYDER AIRCRAFT WELD COUNTY AIRPORT Thursday, May 21,1970 7:30 P.M. Sponsored by CANNON AERONAUTICAL CENTER Cheyenne, Wyoming America's Newest and Finest Training Center for Aircraft Mechanics Cannon is V.A. Approved w i l l i n g to be away for at It 1 ; two weeks at a time. Apply in Person Only, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday--Friday CENTRAL HOMES, INC. Division of T.S. IiidiiPlrlcs. Inc. 2;t7-~nri Street fircclcy, Colorado S0631 TRENCH IN(i. ditch clcnnlnit nnd l J4-GZ31. Srhacffcr'i Di 10th St. No iihon nnill CTLSTOM plowniK, iilow down anhydrous unit f u m i K n t i o n . Gnrj- Jcffprs, r,Pfi.'^2t):{ )nj'M ; CSG-2SG2. CUSTOM iHiuiurp BprenJInc nnd Inm). ork. :in^-7134 evenings. Dcrold i^on. MCUVIXr, -- I'rofr-wional sen-ice. Have _ · TEMPORARY home. compK-trly fur- niwh(s). 1 to ;t brHrnom kitrhonctttii. Daily or wwkly rules. M m i n t a i n View Motel. - - - - - - - - - P U R N I S H K D hns wn.sher r,,up!e i.riferi,-d. only. R miniilrs fron: K. If.lji St.. nfUT I p.m. N K \ v i , Y ri'rironratrd 2 bedroom n i m r m.-nl. Clupt- in. U n f n r n i « h e i i I-XITI ftove re frtce rat or. S'.tl). f l n i e m l o i VOJ Mil St. nr rail BSL'-MHfl liefoi S:;t(l p.m. j C O N C R E T B work all types, Hat work, -laininc walls, restoration n:d ·pnir. Free est. Ph. even. 353-2J.-79 · ;)riH-7! l :!. r i. Duran Bro?. ·arry-all work. Of. aS4-5.SOl!. . I). Krecmyer, and Education and Instruction L I M I T K D opouiiiK fni SMALL U- Hnr-k In). Hob Lurs 3V.MISTM. TKKNCHINl". find insinuation of water lines, septic tanks or leechinc field'. Lu Snlk Pliimliinii, 737-2916; Jean Ill-own. 7372277. - I 4HH.1. Mrs. Kre.l Trash Hauling s. .ln.l-.jj, , rs trni(hi wo n n u t ; L I J u h n Kline. 352-1673. JUDO i n s t r u c t i o n . Hen. women and! mVTfurr rliilclren. Fnr infnrmation call 352-j " , , ' ' * 1CSR. I - -~.----- KKSTWAY Disposal Companj. PRIVATE Riiitar Instruclion. i n i t i n t i n s lessons for all luu re.-iident artist. Rick Schcid 3!)3-70S:(. incl haul away inciner- 352-P270. No 352-7543. nun. THE WAY rulibiah removal. 352-6124 ! or 352-0566. SWIMMING LESSONS All ARCS (Irerley's Finest Slim Swim Club Call 352-IM88 Wanted to Rent 14 TWO fiirls nped furnished apartment, f u l l , w i n f c r , s|riiiK. ;inl-1146 after ii. TWO boys need furnisheil npnrtmcnt. f u l l , winter, cprlnic. 352-4273 n f t e r 7. U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-Women 18 and over. Secure _ . . . . . . . . . FOI1 SALE -- 3 ptr,-,. u t i l i t i . * imit.|poH inn-r i]Uitrt -- HOY'S blryclf. W. Pl.ince mil SR3- - .lapnn m.-.d( s. r»n :c.L'- ( .':ii)7. HlU SAIJ-:" Ki»Mitlhnl ohltiH. rompt.-to, nerviiiK pi'Tt-rt. He.-isonalile. 3.i:i-lS13. fnr u l r rilflhiom-il '"rt. "· -"· Smith. Phiin- 35S-2K17. " . _ FOP Rent--Apts. TWO ifM*r*i-J tirket.-* t.i .^hi rus f»r 1 pint l!m.,{ du Shrine Crippled Children " APARTMENTS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY For Slimmer and Fall Quarters WHEELER REALTY COMPANY 353-03-16 2 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES TWO ailults wnnt house, apartment or ilnpli-.v hy J u n e 8. 454-3047, a5H-630!t. W A N T 3 or 4 bedroom home in country or nearby town. 353-2740. W A N T E D to rent--r,lcjm '.! car Kft- raur, B m o n t h s to year. Thone 3f'J- fiS ( .i2 after Ji. W A N T lo rent--2 or 3 bedroom home in country. Small pasture rind build- in,^ if pnsRihle. 3r.3-7H«I n f t e r 4. jobs H 1R b starting pay. Short ^^.^5-^ rent flirniRhed HparU hours. Advancement. Prepara-l ment fur J pirl. fall quarter. $4n.-?fiu. tor\ r t r a i n i n g as long as required . . . . . ,; . M A R K I E D Thousands of jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary. FREE booklet on jobs, salaries, re- q u i r e m e n t s . Write TODAY giving 11:1111 e, address and phone. Lincoln Service, Box A-12 c/o iTribnrifi. Business Opportunities CAFK for sale. CfMxl husinosa and location. Ray's Cafe. 2M-9K01. FOK SAI.K -- ilnkery in Fort Lnpton by owner. Illness forces anle. lOfti biisini"is. Call Fort Lnpton, l-Sii7- r,s:t4. Situations Wonted 10 F A M I L Y Innn.Vy, wash, fold, iror .iriS-oi ' 1 7. IRONIST, nnd RrncAeuUlnnr. 353-1017 anytime. WANTKI " -- Ironing. Phone 3R2- _i^- ___ lRONlNC. bfthy nittinjr and crasx ciit- tin*:. ]J14I Cherry Ave. 3fi3-4!H7. CARrF.NTER nnd conciete work. Gen era! contracting. Phona 353-201*0. I.TCENRBl) hnhy littine, my home G A N D B PnlntlnR. Fre# estimates. Reasonable. 3S3-5749. 352-3270. S -- Tre!.(imjfkinK. 1740 APARTMENTS Xo\v taking reservations for 2 bedroom apartments completely furnished. Cunningham Apts. 353-6026 or Gilbaugh Agency 352-7037 I.OKTY pi ni-t rl.-JM (-t-. ]Jc wn-h. misrellntipinis f l . n o per hun.ln-,1 p.-un.l«. initrhlniii. typwriters. nil niiikers, now nnd iipcd. Salf-;. fervii-f, eunriintred. Kd Foldttau.i. 1201 l i i h ne Cir- :t-.] tn N K K D money-- Hurt Tawn Shop. Buy, 5fll. Irnde n n y t h i n p of v n i a p . Kurn., rtc. Han Trndinc 1'ost. .115 N. l l t h _Avc. ;f.3-59T3. H R A C K yniintclf fnr « t h r i l l the f i r - t tini*- you use lllne Lustre In clean I-UKS. H'-nt del-trie ehiimiiiwi-r SI. A Miscellaneous Miscellaneous 27 FOK h e t t o r cleiminB, to ki'pp enlom Klrnminc. UKP Mini* l.'islrc v n r p p t cti-aiirr, Kent, rlt'clric fihiini|noer f l , Kaiirh WhoK'sule. KfiO-O-MATIC WK Pin.lor, two pickup Fide tool lioxe* ; cn^li r.'Kist*r ; er i)o»r. 353-7'JU d a y s ; 3riH.ii-2i" c \ e - IS--New and used. 1'Ute vl»^^. window clnss, ^I'ri'ens. KveninK windshield ?ervice for your cnnvcn- i.-nre. Call for a p p ' t . Karl's (Irctilt-y ( i l f i s f t (Tenter. HI»» Ulh St., H. r ;t-2H3. PII.K"iii~wifr and lofty -- coWs rr- Uiin brilliaiu-e in i-arpots rlratied wilh Ulue Lustre. Kent elortrii- *h«m- St. or'aM? l l t h Ave. ELMER'S I'mvn Shop and Frontier Self-Serve Gna. Used f u r n i t u r e . \\"a buy, sell nnd trade. Come in nnd browse around. Elmer Dflle, 200 N. l l t h Avc. 3A2-2774. iTEKP your rarpets Iteaiitiful dr-ipit* constant footsteps of a Im^y family, (let Blue Lustre. Rent eleriric nham- pooer $1. Hes-ti-d'a H t h Avt-. and Mh St. nr 2S47 IHh Ave. POR SALK - Cheap. Lndy's. new and lined clothimr: baby and toddler do thin i.- : new misrpHanenis items; Swinper camera, $7.du : I'lnytex bottle set. extran. Si..'iO; Flerilizer, S'J.nd; rar bed f H.75 : new car seat, $1.00; .·iirpet lile.«. J10.0«. 123 So. 2nd St., I,a KM!IP. couple needs furnished it near rumpus, fall, win- HK. 352-4273 after 7. WANTED - - 2 or 3 bedroom fn home, with placo for hoR pens. 454- r K A C H K U -- f i r a d u a t o student m ?lmip m V.!th. l r N«nI ; y W t Wi!liJfm.' 's26 I D i a r i l o n . KmK'nutn, KaiiRiLS 67068. 3 T(l 4 bcdrirfim housp w a n t w i hy res|innsible Incal hutinena man and family. (Jeneral (Jieeley area. HH- O'.^fi. :IKH bedroom iinfurninhed house in reeley needed immediately. David! ricksiin. Kt. 2. Box f»7, Fort MorK«n.j WANTED 2 or R bwlronm apartment or house by J u n e 1. I'et.s. W r i t e Hartai* Willinms, Rt. 4, Bot IflR. (ireeley. I NKW family family nwds to rent 2 J to .1 hwlroom house or apartment I partinlly or completely furnished. I' 3G1.2348 between 8 to week-! W A N T K I ) -- 4 hcdrnnm or R h«lrnoni| with fininhed hnscment. 3 children.! H. 11. Ci. Occupancy in June. Onn- tart Itnh Arnold, llninbow Motel, 3S2-, IflflS. For Rent--Hous«s 15 OLT)KR 2 l.edr.wm hou Phono 2-ft?91. ily with on* child. ftU.Z47ft. drvrr. MnrriH couple. No pelf. ATTENTION FARMERS NEED EARLY CASH-PLANT PICKLES DREHER PICKLE CO. For Further Information Now Taking 1970 Pickle Contracts Large or Small Acreage CALL 484-4168, 284-6274, 482-4803

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