Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 31, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 4
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-1 GlttiKUiY T I U H U N K '1'ues., Oi-l. 31, H I G V j T l i i s is to .seUki the location of the new stale. A name, HnniiiiiG.slun, was adopted by a gypsy confess two The Greeley Daily Tribune and The Grcclcy R e p u b l i c a n E X E C U T I V E STAFF M I L D R E D I1ANSEN _. I' IlllilKln w i n l . D N D K.IHn But what happens if you reply, "TrlcX!" Probably nothing. The 11 n y were In fu)l revolt againsl autliorl- the excess ot juvenile spirits mloladull world under their (humb the . . . . i · j i A i i" 1 WJai/iT iLL/iJuuK- 4*it \ i i* ·s a K o, line! they also decided to have a green imd| lcl : s look uncc| . lainly . al cac ; LF/0 R KOrNlC. , J A K E EST1CK. JII. - A. L 1'ETEHSKN C L A R K TAI1K H1ANK OATl'A - Publlli(d Er.rj W««k Oir b The T r l b " p c . l t f p u l l i r a n l ' u l l i » V On Ortk« 71t Klshlh SI.. OrcrltT. Colo! ..Enttna u «rco*d r-Uii r n M i i r nt t h * pott oldft «t G r t t l r r . Colorado tindrr - lti» Acl iUrrb I. Ii7». l'rr«i A l i o e l l l l n n . In AnirlltlOTi. A u d i t 111 tlon. I'reit. Colorado «rM DMlr Trn K-au or Circuit . lively to th* uu of t « r " h H c . i k n of .LI Ibe k-C5l nrwi |rin'.r,l in Irili nc p*r*r Al will · » .1] AP rri-p Sln»l« ropy prlr* _.. ' u W r l n l f o n p r l r i _ It; m u l l la t-lo. ] J*-«r llu.F.Q. C rroruhi ne m o n t h 11.20 llr m i l l ','UUI r w r IU.OO n: e r tr Coin |blue national flag. If the gypsies desire some sort of political union, be hoping to avoid f u t u r e wholesale mas- '.s such its H i t l e r inflicted en them. But it will be 1 try to sec the proposed gypsy state before really in it. In the larm areas robust teen' agcrs took a particular Joy in otiior, then go away. They are so pushing over outhouses. In the used to getting treats Ihey don'l.cllics they spilled garbage pails know any tricks to play on a on front porches. They foaped householder lo force him into store windows, cars, home win- ea F c r t l R n l.r Letters to The Tribune granting their demands. I don't know when this less harmful forms of fun. This might ho giving grownups credit for more wisdom than Ihey deserved. Possibly a heller explanation: Why should children rebel any longer on Halloween--since the rest of ilio year anyway? or treat" ultimatum got started, but a generation ago it wasn't so many parts ot the dows. They painted or'chalkedilitllc demons already have 'trick defiant messages on the steps or the Most Amputees Malci CHICAGO - Ninciy-four 'per cent ot Ihu estimated 139,000 people in the United Stales w'th artificial arms ur legs are males. popular In jcounlry. sidewalks of *'the old crank" who seemed to dwell in every neighborhood. The old-fashioned Halloween I.K: r t J K U M ' I'LMIc forum [ft.' , , r v , . . .. , icil l.f no l . n t e r th.n «0 .ordt. U.S., Not the U N , ct i l c n u t u r c i ir.Mit 1» print*;! 1 s+ LI I · xi *· it-,TM. Con Hair Communists lo The Trlb. p'.iMif/m I'ul,. Co. t.j Ctco- Pause and Ponder G( " Vs "They sow fields, and plant vinyards, and gel u fruitful yeild. Tly his blessing, Ihey multiply greatly, and lie does not let their cnllle dceroare." -Psa. 107:37, 38 Some Facts About U N I C E F TU Hie Trihune: Isn't it interesting how Ihe gentle liiimamtuikins, Ihe npostlcs of world peace, their hearts overflowing with good will for all mankind reveal Iheir inner nature by branding all who disagree wilh them as "vicious," .1 hale-group," etc? Our Future To Depend On How We H e l p Others To Ihe Tribune: As Slales live our lives, well-clothed, well-housed, well-educated, and well-fed; we seldom remember that we arc a minority of the Halloween wasn't an evening of was a nuisance and an annoyance Harmless fun but the most dread-|lo mosl adults, a time of vexalion cd night of the year lo grownups, and often of expense, as some of Children were generally more the pranks were cosily if not DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS l.ClIt 5. London river 11. Wild ox 12. First aid need 13. Browns obedient to their elders in. those downright dangerous. . days, but one night of Ihc 365| Halloween nowr-likc (he Fourth! M. Smooths ., ., ,, ., . .. ·· * * .1 . i _ _ i »j t _ _ i ! _ * _ _ 1 J-O" iXUmDEt many o f ' u s in the United *»* '"rcw off the halters andiof July-has been gentled into a · · · - · · -lamed like wild thinqs. |safcr a n d more harmless holiday. The kids then didn't seek trcatsiThe little demons prefer to be world's people, that our mice is not shared by millions of others. Further, we frequently forget thai our future -- Ihe future of our civilization -- is in- from adults. Qn Halloween they .bribed rather than play tricks. \vantcd to play tricks. They were There are those who feel this is auund-] ono-ni S' lt rebels, out to ridicule because grownups over tlte years and humiliate the grownups. Thcylhave wisely learned to channel The Letters to the Tribune column on this pagc; k Now we have Mis. Joyce \Vil- cxorably bound to events and con- kinson (letter 28 October) with ald'lions in other nations. Through Jticw piece o[ tenderness for those has bern riuiiiiimlcd the last couple weeks by n controversy over X J K I C K F |above the United Nations: The organization had its bejjinmnR in 1946, when! . * °. , 1 1 1 - , ,.virnslic moles. (he 1,'nitcd Nations Children's Fund was established! by the UN General Assembly under the name United Nations InLerimlional Children's Emergency Fund. DuriiiK the first three years of its existence, the; Fund brought emergency aid to children in M war lot us who honor the United States 'chau- Mrs. Wilkinson is very broadminded for a humanitarian, how' She says it is our privilege luNICEK we have an opportunity to assist children and mothers, less fortunate than we, in other nations. The goal of UNICEF Is a future in which every child in Ihe world lhas and is guaranteed of rights set (orlh in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopt- Americans lo hold these "ill- ed by the General Assembly in Ifnrmed" views (she means views. »»39. This declaration states that, devastated countries of Europe and to China. Distribn-' o l | i c i . 1h . M1 }m . o n n ) ] OTCI1 ttmh lion of dried milk, fats, fish-liver oil, some cheese imdj., i [ is llcil | lcr r i g i lt , roi - justifiable" meat products, clothing, shoes and medical supplies be-' (o] . lls (0 e!i p,. DSS them publicly. K an late in 1947. In the winter of '13-18-19, nearly six. iM[ . s w n k j n s o l l |s inl; , million children in Kuropc received supplementary,^ w[(h m I|101 . c lo go food. ' fm , le harsli words about the UN, In IfJBO, the General Assembly decided U N 1 C K K s]le pj ( .[ lu . cs ,-, black and grisly should be continued indefinitely and that its work n . 0] .|,| u lat -Messrs. Moore and should be directed away from emergencies toward meet-|K C V i" would no doubt build right ing long-term health and nutrition needs of children in economically underdeveloped countries. Assjstance is given on the basis of governmental requests, and governments must agree to accepted-lain responsibili- "Whereas mankind owes to the child the best il has (o give . . . proclaims this declaration . . . to the end thai he 'Ihe child) may liiKuiuii".-. llave a hoppy childhood and en,, 'Ijoy for his own good and for the 0 on good of society the rights and freedoms herein set forth I.HDIAU ' 15 Nor A IT \5 A SALT-WATER ties and commitments, i n c l u d i n g freedom of U N I C E K every child . . . shall be entitled to these rights without distinction or discrimination on accounl ARE MORE THAU 15 M I U U O H PEOPLE ; WHO AK6 6TOCKHOLDEKS z \ DECIDED I t h i n k I can put her mind to rest on this: she wouldn't. m TIME o? AW DAVIGKOUS TO THE LIBERties Of A fKEE PEOPLE" AWD REDUCED trie world's children, the innocent vic- distribution of supplies w i t h i n the : Mrs. Wilkinson also imagines| c j r cumstances staff to observe country. The United States Committee for U N I C E F shows UN1CBK program aid to communist countries prior to 1 9 5 1 as follows: Albania, :?32l,600; Bulgaria, $5,515,900; Czechoslovakia, 55,622,1)00; China ( M a i n l a n d ) , ?1,909,500; Hungary, $2,039,600; Poland, ?18,9G1,500; R o m a n i a , $7,191,200; YiitfsolaviaJ ?3,G33,591, a r total of ?5,U9,OB1. Program aid to communist countries from 1951 hi I960 wns as follows: Poland, $1,515,470 and Yugoslavia, $3,GG3,501, a tola] of 55,149,061. · Figures for the- period prior fo 1951 represents ' f u n d s actually spent on projects approved d u r i n g the period. Included in the figures for Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia were.amounts of ?fiC,000 and $18,700, respectively, allocated by the executive board a f t e r 1950 ;to cover expenditures for projects Hearing completion. In addition, tho board allocated $700,000 in December, that we favor nuclear war. 1 don't (presume to speak for Mr. Moore, of course, but while I by no means consider war "unthinkable" (I'd prefer it lo surrender, for instance), I hold it neither likely nor necessary. 1 do believe, however, thai we can have neither peace nor the \irospecl ot peace until the Com- mmisl cnnspirncy has been de- stroved -- rmd it seems to me tims of time, governments, and arc now denied minimal standards of life Tiid health, the task facing UNICEF and similar organiza- ions is almost inconceivable. In he years ot its existence, UN1CEK has already accomplished much. The proceeds from the loss sales of UNICEF greeting cards provided enough vaccine to protect 75 million children againsl tuberculosis. The task remaining is stilt a tremendous one and can ARMY Of "THE UI4lTgD STATES TO 80 EHUSTEO MEW AMD A 15. N u m b e r 17. Printer's measure 18. Rock covering^ 20. Fairy queen 23. Attack 26. Peel 27. Charles the Great 28. Wale r container SO. Less difficult 31. Solemn wonder 32. Worn, by Anne Heggtveit 33. Son of Ra 31. Work 38. Click beetle 42. Caliber 43. Move back 44. Solitary. 45. Forsook, as one's friends 48. Pieced out DOWN 1. Portal J. White ant 3. "-- of Songs" 4. Service stripe (slang) 6. Tilt 6. Cavities 7. Abel'i dad 8. Girl's nlcknamr 9. Chemical suffix 10. Compass point (abbr.) 16. Work hard 19. Smooth 20. Three Wise Men 21. "Rule Britannia." composer 22. Thirst quencher 23. Things dono Z4. "Pygmalion" author 25. Rational 26. Mcdl. ocre 28. Post 32. Napped leather : 33. Let It stand (print.) 35. Engage, 03 passage .16. Normandy river QE3H" CUQ SD , E BOG 37. Bam t oo liko gras» 38. Stray 39. Meadow 40. Deed 41. . herring 10 10-31 DAILY CRYTTOQUOTE -- Here's Iiow to work iti A X T D L B A A X K Is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A te used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos. trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day tho codo letters are different A Cryptogram Quotation R P D Y R N T O K D Y R Q B O T O D B N R F Z Y F D X F T Y R B O F T Q T Y R . B I T O D -- Z H Y D O . Yesterday's Cryptoquotc: CHARM US, ORATOR, TILL THK LION LOOK NO LARGKR THAN THE CAT--TENNYSON. O 1901. Kir.E Fetturei Syndlcilt, Ice.) HENRY By Carl Anderson sheer idiocy to think this can he continue only through the volim achieved by an organization in Jary support of governments and wliicli Ihc Communists themselves arc not only rapidly becoming majority participants but make up all :he rules. If Ihe Communists are to be defeated, they will ho defeat- individuals. President Kennedy recently joined former President Eisenhower in commending the work of UNICEF and* in urging all citizens 1956, to meet emergency needs of mothers and children ly means having the will to re cd not by Ihe UN, but by the lo support this organization. Cil- United Slates,, acting in our ownjizens and governments of more national interest. jlhan 90 nations are joined with This doesn't mean war. It simp- the United Stales in the support the craven . rind immoral I proposition that "anything is pie- .|of UNICEK. The days of isolationism are past for t h e - U n i t e d States. A lief in the brotherhood of l a n d a desire for world under ing and the fulfillment of these ideals are essential to the survival of man. Our actions today in support and recognition of Ihe ..other people and nations of lite Bulgaria was admitted to the board, but Czechoslovakia;able to repel it; if we l«i''c "o 1 TM^,^ al all limes' T ' lc ccmtimlecl support of UNICEF ;is one wav we can aid in the so- : in Hungary and of Hungarian refugee children i n j ^Austria. fcrablc to war." . Each nation serving on the executive body has George Washington said: "There ione vote and decisions are made by a m a j o r i t y vote, is a rank duo to (ha United States 'Specificallv, the Children's' Funds executive boardl;TMTM?TM 1 TM 1 , 5 " Ilich "' i!l "; wituh . '» «« ,. , -«-,·» j i i i r . n f i T, i i 'held, n not absolutely lost, by the consists of 30 nations. In .iSo'J, the LSSK, P o l a n d , , . , . ^ , of w[ ,., kni ; ss lf wc (|e . 10-31 JOHNNY H A Z A R D By Frank Robbins ·Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were members. In inGO |S u-c to avoid insult.'we must ·stepped out, thus maintaining the same proportion ofif 0 0 " 1 0 I icacc · · 1 t " Iknown that wo a representation from communist countries. Hip mem- 1 bers of the board are chosen at regular intervals with due regard for geographical representation. UNICEF reports are based on thorough observa- irc tion and are carefully evaluated and studied. Programs These words from Washington | f a c i (he worm lonay u ]s n 1793 embrace more wifdom and wllich ,, as lny organization's 1 foreign pohoy sense than anyj vvho!( ,. hea ,., cd sup £ ort8 «ovds wove had from \\ash,n S - JcaneUe Carler (on, D. C., in the last fifty years. Tom Kcrr 702 Hth ve. UNICEF Chairman International Relations Club Colorado State College. Hal Boyle's Column aro the subject of monthly and quarterly reports. Continuation of UNICEF aid depends on satisfactory performance. The United Stales contributions to UNICEF is subject to the condition that they not exceed a stated proportion of total government contributions. Since 1953, U.S. contributions have been reduced to the point Old F d S n l O n H a l l O W e e n H f l S where this year they stand at 46 per cent. In 1960, ' , , ,, , , .By HAL BOYLE (answer, and if you hand them a, there were a total of 98 donor governments, and NEW YQRK , A P ) _ w h a ( c v c r dime each or some pieces of| in 1960, U N I C E F assisted 10-1 countries and territories.||, apr)enc( ) to the old-fashioned candy, the mollified monsters go The above arc some facts about UNICEF. ItHallowcen? !" 'o "i« next door, usually fol-| should be pointed out also that U N I C E F assistance! This isi the nighl bats fly,'lowed at ,,i unobtrusive distance . . . . , , . .,, - n , . j i ,, ,cs cack e weirdly as they soar, D y " cautions parent, must be dispensed to children without regard to race, lhrm]gh lhe sky ^ jet ., asl Jbroom .| religion, political belief or national status. Isticks, and skeletons dance in Since the allocations to Poland and Yugoslaviaithcir bones in the streets, pursued since 1950 have been approximately 2.8 per cent of^ 11 ricvi!s wi!h rutber P ilch ' the total, a preponderance of the aid has gone to non-' ; Vonr doorbo |i may rjng matly communist countries. 'limes. If you open it you ore likely Without UNICEF, aid, millions of mothers and;'o sec a group of small costumed, children in many non-communist countries would suffer. We agree with the president that the work of U N I C E F should he pursued indefatigably and with undiminishcd support. :monsters, each holding up a container. 'Trick or treat!" they yell in chorti?. "Treat, if Pressed 01 you please." you whether Chrysler Gypsies Seek Political Union Even the gypsies may be c a t c h i n g the nationalistic fever. Paris re]Krts that the head of the European gypsy community, who goes by the name of Vaia Voievod I I I , says that the United Nations will be asked' to sponsor a gypsy state. Me says f u r t h e r that his 1 people are tired of wandering, and would like to settle in a c o u n t r y of (heir own, possibly some ocean island. This announcement is s u r p r i s i n g because tlu gyp-: sies have never had any but purely local chiefs who' exercise no f u n c t i o n s besides deciding when and where lo journey, performing marriages and meting out pun-: ishment for misdeeds. A n y t h i n g more t h a n this m i n i - j murn of government is repugnant to the gypsies. A n d ! if any instinct rivals in intensity their love of freedom,! it is their desire to wander. However, t h e Paris dispatch says t h a t there will be a wqrld congress of gypsies some time in November. Heath Junior High School has an enrollment of SOS students compared wilh 365 when it opened in 1955? QUIT? We'll install · new one that's ^tutomtKc 6AS WATER HEATER AS7HE MEN ItAVE TOE CAFE A MAM AT THE BAK HOTS IMPERCEPTIBLY AT JOHHM Lfcr'560-.BUT KEMEA\E5£K, IF lONS'S MAN ASSISJitP TO COVER MC i PCet K£ 5TICK5 CtOSE WE OKPEKEP TO 7AXE YOU TO PI5CU55 TERMS FOR SALE OF X-RAY PLATE.' HAPPENS TO MS BEFORE WE GET THERE.THATPIATE 15 1OST FOREVSR ' VEK/ VULNERABLE al THE COMPANY IKE By Rob Montana DON'T VOL) HAVE ANYONE; IN THIS SCHOOL WHO CAN k OH, GREAT.' RIGHT OFF THE SIDE OF HIS FOOT/ IT WEiNT RIGHT INTO THE STANDS/ REX MORGAN. M.D. IF YOU HEED ME, VLL E£ AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS 'WITH A LIEUTENANT HI6!NS AND YOU CAD BE. SURt THAT 1DID/ CKDYOUfcETA LOOK AT HI*? WAS AKMEA «Nt .5UT THtKt WAi A CERTAIN EHTLENti5A60«n rtARFULTiWHE'D HARM itw, REX: THAT rf WAi HOT Hli IN1EMTIOM TO HURT *E . ..IF 1 DID AS HE SAID.' Watef Heater DEPENDABLE! tines f**t*r «a any other Mtomstic fuclt · Bryint'j a)l-El«ui lining Iceopa it pure! · Full 15-year pro* tection pSnn! JLI'L A R N E R l Mil Ufa PROMPT Wtlttl EL 2-717) GREELEY GAS CO. "\ SADIE HAWKINS DAY- NoVEfABER 25 i irsri' 0 "" 110 ' Sadie Hawk'ms Days v«r« celebrated more itavi I] ;;nce4henAVi«triin4h»* spread, unti\ Ustvaar there were some [i AO ^eairs tf*- stntcTnsn,»n« intit^ ii*» ^r««;««*,-- MIn i**, -i»-, ·,TM » BOO of -rn«s« grtastl-y eswni-s, ranging all -Vhe way from ftneat un'i to small h'gh schools, -to Jusir scattered groups of eyeless girls. Sftd'ic rUwk'msDaw 'rstr*only Vwl'iJav on vjWich arx^ ijv-1 c»n upa«yJ chase a boy sh* doesn't even know, and stiM baa ladv-. There hav« b«en marrv-soe.'-mirha^as as a result of Sadie H*vjKiVis races, dances, and -thereafter. Some. oT v°° »re grAVcruI. OrViers letters, T.Ke * I wet a boy at a SA*!\«. HawKins Day a*a and rnarrVed Kim. H«.-turned OUTTO be. a bum. ' $?H do about rt ?" (( D«bv r«*itr!,!!er«:j noWm* I it-11

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