Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 6, 1962 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1962
Page 8
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EY TRIBUNE Thura, l*c. 6, 1962, Steel Business To Finish High At End of 1962 NEW YORK (APi _ iron /.,,,. _.,,. ,, ..^ magazine predicted Wed. that the heavily upon autos steel market will dose out 1962 on * "^ al1 ri« rather than in the dol- reseen only a fa »- Mks Scaring auto sate deserve chid! credit for the new strength the publication said, but there are al-j X) aigus this »eek that orders mrei increasing from a broad range of steel userj Steel demand still rests tou however, to. Iron | m, moo A /-.oo Ir LUCRECE IEALI (AP Newsfeaturesl Age said. And abyjlute production totals arc still far short of a gen- Imported TULIP BULBS Prices Slashed FRANK'S SEED and HATCHERY 70S 10th St. 352-10»« uine b o o . But for the moment, the metalworking weekly said the industry seems to have ai least postponed the expected downturn and is enjoying strength from the dual factors of low inventories and high confidence. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AOS Ulna's cultured pearl* look- *«« tht txqulilte, Cultured Pearl Look by Lajuna. The thtpt, tht ihlmmer, th. luitrt of cultured ptirli--but not tht prlct . . . nuklacei from 2.00 to 8.00, bracelet, from Z,00 to 8.M, djuitabl t slip «ck tirrlngt from 2.00 to 5.00 927 9th A v t n u e 'Simulated Chaffer four A Bc«r in Trwkl* "No." said a voice close by "You're not out of your head!" Turning in astonishment. Mr Shnoo saw a fat little man perched on the fence. He was dressec all in red and had rosy cheeks and a white beard. He was smok- in» a little white pipe and nodding and smiling as he watched the reindeer spuming over head. "Why. you're . . . " began Mr. Shnoo. S. Claus," said the little fat man. "From the North Pole." Mr. Shnoo nearly toppled over with surprise. "You mean-Santa Claus?" The same." said the little fat man. He sucked at his pipe and blew out a cloud of smoke that almost hid him from sight. When he appeared again he was of the fonce and standing beside 5!r bhnoo. "The reindeer arc mag nifkrnt," he said. "You m u s be very proud." Bul-I don't understand," said Mi Shnoo. "Whim i left them y ° u tonight they couldn't fly at all I've worked with them for days and days with no success at ai: To Icll you the truth. I hai Riven up hoping." He looked up in wonder as the deer did a triple somersault through the stars am Horace, the leader, carried awa by the sheer joy of it all, finishe u off with a full gainer layout a« a swan dive besides. "Pshaw!" said Santa. "Getting them to fly was nothing." He reached into a little bag he car ried over his back and pulled small blue jar. "Flyinj he said. "Very uscfu things to have. 1 took the liberty of giving one to each of the deer. To Horace 1 gave two because he seemed a bit down in the mouth. "This may have been L ....... take," he added as Horace suddenly swooped low and buzzed Mr. Slinoo's head. "My word!" cried Mr. Shnoo, ducking out of the way. "Whal wonderful pills! Do you suppose Molly the hippopotamus, aw Henrietta, the elephant, light as feather pillows, sailing througl the air. Santa shook his head. Wouldn'i do at all," he said. "Every crea lure would be flying off and the whole nature of "things would be turned topsy turvy." Mr. Shnoo had to admit this was so. "Although," he said long ingly, "It would be a wonderfu thing to make all the animals in the zoo as happy as Horace." "Your animals are happy,' aid Santa, "i have never seen so happy a zoo." "It is not mine yet," said Mr Shnoo. "I must pay 1,000 golc pieces before Christmas day or 1 shall lose it. However, I am not worried as I hope to have the thousand in good time." He told Santa how the Queen -- ' 1 the zoos TREMENDOUS MILL PURCHASE to 12x16 FT, ^IT^T^sWii^Vt,-^ j fe ^;.f'.'jW^-vru".-^g ^V^S'T^TfflR'^w^ - vV..f O» jl -j'·'·-irltvfifT'C'iS *?^ **-3C,'v1^^:*^ *-".; i .^:*'i:-,.' ! / '*·' '^ Mok. no miltoktl Th.l. or. liwvy My TM«' loom to Hi. T«l»r«( 100% S.m. doukli |u» Ixicki. Som. eelotit Tiny'TM Mmllcl DICORATOR COIOR51 Htrtu finish^ *ff with · hill ftliw. _ leave me some? Jus what a zoo I would have!' He had a sudden vision the antelope pastures, past th- prairie dog hills they tore unti they came to the cave« of the bears. There was Nancy, the polar bear, and Daisy and Hen ry, the black bears, and Erneit the hybrid. There was not a sign of trouble. Then there came that tearfu roar again and Mr. Shnoo ciapp* his hands to his head. "It's Honeybun!" he cried as a little brown bear came totterin) on two legs out of her cave. Tomorrow: Poor Honeybun FDR Jr. Cited In Traffic Case WASHINGTON (AP)- Franklii D. Roosevelt Jr.. 48, son of the late president, was cited for two traffic violations after a collision at 1:15 a.m. Monday, police reported Wednesday. Capt. Albert Clark said Roose- Zoo, said he. "The.. . ,,,,,,, pay off Crookshank and the zoo will be mine." Santa nodded. Then he said "Day is breaking. 1 had better be off. I'd much rather stay here for I dearly love a zoo but I suppose there's work aplenty waiting for me at home. He placed his fingers ... .,,, mouth and whistled. The flying deer wheeled about and coasted back to earth. "I'll leave them here for the Queen lo see," said Sanla. "I'll L back for them on Christmas eve." As he spoke there came a terrible sound. Somewhere an animal roared in pain. "It's one of the bears!" cried Mr. Shnoo. "Oh, goodness me!" He turned on his heels and held in the upper temple, presided over by the Fort Lupton as sembly worthy advisor, Miss Phyllis Sickler and her corps o! officers, including Mrs. LaVeme Andersen, mother advisor. Balloting and the ceremony of The auto driven by Louis Sotzsky, 50, at a Washington intersection. Nc citation was issued for Solzsky. Police said Roosevelt's license was suspended Sept. 23, 1960, be cause he had accumulated It points under Washington's penalty system for traffic offenders. They his said the points were based on a series of minor violations between August 1059 and April I960. Mandatory suspension of the license was for only 20 days bet a condition lor its reinstatement was attendance at traffic school. Police said Roosevelt did not at- lend the school. A hearing on the case was scheduled for Dec. 21. Roosevelt's office said he was out of town and not immediately Ft. Lupton. · r MRS. C. A. LI Ot-kfit . - 7 V V ~ "** '·"· --" ·'"·" "·«·««»· MH*I uiai ai »r. and Mrs. (Joiumbus I tina Scogiand of BouWer, grand ioecwclmiw of her service, Mrs Pherson left WetaeJa7Dee northv advk/v nt ika /.-j ,,* rw*-*.. u .»,.u i L u ,L .»- , _ . . . ... * ^^ «ente4 witkt We membership in J.D.: LaVeroe Aadersea $ S the ckapter. Mr, L. K. A«der«oo Jerry Hamiltofl. « · 'frail »** the prifevUdou with coo- Ewert. marshal: C. A Ltd gratulatious in behalf cl the chap- chaplain; John M Hansel, i ter. Mrs. Aodersoa stated that at " ·» »=«" -- -- -"--v- v» uvi »iice, .-.iis rnrnun Mat wecncvaay lee i R 0rthy advisor of the Order ol Decker would have held the office (or Chico. Calif. to visit thei, Rainbow for C iris in Colorado ol sectary longer than anyone daughter, son-in-law aod grandchildren. Mr. and Mis. Ted Hi* son. Lonarae and Tyler. Mr«. , ,,- an wyoae made her official visit to Fort in the state. The meeting, presided Lupton Assembly No. W, lues- over by worthy matron aod pa . , - aron ao pa- son. onarae and Tyler day evenmg. ,t the Masonic Tern Iron. Mrs. Stanley Knoop and Hixson is the former lladjel Jlen Davenport, followed the an- Ine meeting was preceeded by nual family dinner of the chapter banquet in her honor at 5:15 which was attended by 65 mem- p.m. which waj Utended by 85 bers and their families, people, served by the Rainbow The committee was composed of Mothers Club at tables decorated Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Mr in the grand worthy advisors col- and Mrs. B. E. Kocppen 'MTS' ors, her emblem and flowers. At lending the banquet in addition to the girls of this assembly and lU. I rr- J *- ---_ --«*».... VI j ti»u ·»··· «. mv 'uuciivdll ncVOlUUOD grand officers were. Miss met at the home of Mrs C A ' Lederer Friday with dessert Scogland's mother. Mrs. John Scogland of Boulder; M rl . Mar garet Hascall of Boulder, grand deputy of District No. J of Rain »w: the advisory board and their lasbandj or wives and the Rain »w Dads and their wives; the senting the Masons. 1 M A M · «P« Following the banquet, a meet uncheon at one p.m.. followed by a business meeting at which rtrs. S. E. Stiles, regent, presided. The program. "Correct Use Of he Flag." was given by Mrs. Homer Mayberry. Mrs. Stiles read the report of he president general of DAR. Mrs. F. L. Godd»rd discussed current National Defense News. The ng. attended by a large number next meeting will be held on Dec of eastern Stars and Masons war - · - · · · SI at the home of Mrs. Ben Counter in Brighton and will be he Christmas party of the chap- Forl Lupton Lodge No. 119 A. p . and A.M. held election and installation of officers at a regular meeting, Monday night. Dec. 3. nspectoion of the grand worthy advisor, who complimented the girls on their work. Introduced and eicorted ,, places of honor were: Mrs. Hascall, and grand officen, Ellen Shtrpe of Fort Upton, grand Nature; Penny Col« of Greeley, nember of the grand executive ward; Mn. C. L. Lambert and ler daughter, Barbara, of Brighton, mother advisor and worthy advisor o- the Brighton assembly, An. Stanley Knoop, worthy ma- ron and Glen Davenport, wor- hy patron of Bountiful Chapter; and the Rev. Smith. Mn. LaVerne inderwn Is also « member ol he grind executive board. Also introduced were two past worthy advisor!, June Smith eacher in Fort Lupton schools, nd Connie Andersen. Miss Andersen Is now serving thl« auem- ily as musician. Introduced were wo members of the Brighton as , jnd a past mother advisor, Mn. H«el Reect of 'rescott, Iowa. Miss Scogland, a junior at Ihe University of Colorado, spoke In- piringly on the subject, "I Beeve." She was followed by Mrs. Hascall, who reminded the girls f district No. 2 conclave In Boulder March t and », and the tale assembly in Colorado prings June U and 13. Mrs. Anersen reminded everyone of the Cidnap Coffee lo he held Dec. 15 n Fort Lupton. Following congratulations, all retired to the low- r temple where a reception for veryone was held. Hostesses were he ladles of the advisory board and mothers club. Mrs. Sophia Decker, who served ountlful Chapter OES as secre- ary for .13 yeart, was honored by chapter «t a regular meeting . . . . . '. A. Lee and Custaf Higgstrom. Fort Vasquez Chapter, Daugh- eis of the American Revolution, nitiation was exemplified for the The following b a list of officers "--·'-'-- -' "- ' ' ind the positions they will fill for he 1982-63 term: Andrew B Sharpe. W.M.; Homer D. Jennings, S. W.; Burdette L. Cain J.W.; C. M. Whileslde, treasurer:' I B. Riley, secretary; Oliver K. Warden, S.D.; Allen D. Sandberg, Mr. Mrs. Columbus Me Pherson. They will also visit otb- r relatives in California before ·eturning home. Mr. and Mrs. George Krink and wr brother, S. D. Philip, are spending sometime in California. They went to Concord to spend Thanksgiving with the Frink'f son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simon and family, where a reunion of several rela- ives living in California wu held. Philip continued to San Diege where he will spend the winter at the home of his brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mn. Cedl ',. Philip. The Frinlu will r»- urn home later. 1,401,000 in Hospitals CHICAGO-On any given itj ,«1.000 people are under care ta he 6,800 hospitals in the Unlt«rf Stales. About one fourth of them are in privately supported hoiplt- als. I LOVE A HEEL A Heel that Is put en In 3 minutes. (hop a t n,ri, r 111 Ith Avt. thoci Oytd to Mttch Our Liberty Bell Ringers I Ktpt Out- American Farmers Frt* In '62 Helped Rtapportlon Our Colorado Legislature Brought Blue Crou-Blue Shield Self.Help "Medicare" To MOO OFFERS YOU NOW: $39.40 6 mo. SAVING on Colo. Farm Bureau Strles ]2-I'referr«d Family R*le Plan: No limitation* on age or health. No waiting except on maternity cases, for new I Members joining very soon. "Keep us free in '63" ' NO RIDE 'EM "fiKAVE-Y TRAIN" BOARD OUR "FREEDOM- I TRAIN" I WELD CO.: FARM ! COLO. : BUREAU ! A M E R I C A N : I FEDERATION ! 7lh Ave. Ph. 352-9-IOR Greeley, Colo. 910 10th Street 352-9187 WAICH I-OU* M A N KIGCIHS." WtONESDM HIOHT. A«C TV ' * . A . . . . - · Now... a car that's even nicer than the 'to Pontiac T,« can tall |u.t b, looktag ., ,*, ,,.,, ^u. tt.t tk. Pwttoc. Wtm, ,,, ^ ityta llh . ,,, .« I.*, * b« «., u .,»» In , crew- ,,* ,W, ,««. Wb. .to wMw WM«.T, M k, « .r«n .UkU, rM. «* *-,, TMm h.*, aTM,* * wkta, ,* h^w. ta ,, ,,*,,,, ,, ttttm .LT h .r,n, «m » fltet Oft. M t T*, tf. ^ M w.,, u., *.«« ^J fot |t JJ § 'wiS^cV SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED PONTIAC DEALER FOK A WIDE CHOICE OF WIOt-TRACM AND OOOO USED CARS. TOO, the '63 Pontiac 810 Tenth Strt.t WELD COUNTY GARAGE, INC. Ort*lty, Colorad*

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