Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 31, 1961 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 3
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Ideas Inside CSC: 66 Dropouts Prevented By Counseling Skill Ghana Okays New Laws Against Political Offenses "A higher uerccnliigo O f drop, mils were students from homes of parents who had nol finislicd high By D E N N I S N E E L D ACCIIA, Ghana ( A P ) - President Kwame Nknnnah tightened venting dropoiils has been dis-j»'s S''P "' Ghana with passage closed by comprehensive rcEearch.dlnough Parliament Monday of a summarized briefly here, based bill selling up special courts whicl school than from those who did," on the experience of Hie Des Dr. Howard Dlanchard. associate Moines, Iowa, scliool system. After using counselors witlij . professor of psyctology. said . discussing acquiring information - alxnit lhe child's family to assist teachers and guidance personnel in the school. released lime to work with can mete out the dcalh penally ]i f o r I 10 " 1 ' 03 ' offenses. indi-; Only five voles were cas .idual students, Ilic peak dropo«tj !l B ainsl th e bill-all by member occurred in (lie eleventh grade in-M U" opposition United parly stead of in the lenlh grade, as iil'riiirly-six voles were in favor. Research on wlial slwuld go inlo (litl P r i o r lo " ie » sc of guidance.; The new Corn-Is are lo be made a guidance questionnaire lo ob-j' 1 ' llc sludcnls quilling sclxwl werc,up of three judges appointed pert a i n facts for lhe student's cumii- getting one more year of ednca- sonnlly by lhe president, There i j r i · i prcvenl a surplus of animals suf-.Tuc.s., Oct. 31, 1961 Ideas tor Animal rci . illt! j romcol(l . imIhutlBCr . j Producer Dies ^Shelter Outlined 'For Society Here t h a t nimal shelter G H K K I , K Y T R I B U N E Page 3 Annual dues lor iidivc and assiK-ialo members may be mailed' N K W YtmK (A( ., lo Miss Dorothy Camcriiii,treasur-; M l . C | i | l i i t ._ M m[clt i| lea | r i ca l ,McClinlic and Miss Cornell were 'associated in theatrical produc- - tirtli''"!, ion , ( | lal worl [ or cac h high hon- Humane So- must in 1 · at 71B 17th St. ors. Miss Cornell was * star in . jproducer and husband of actress jg 0 [ | nc jj productions Mc K a l l i a r i n r Cornell, died Sunday of Clinlic directed. He wai bora in jcicty animai snciiti i* ·· ""^ ··· · ' K a t h a r i n e Cornell, died Sunday ot Clinlic directed Grceli-y. Dr, Eldrcd, velcr-| U S E T H E ,R | B UNE WANT ADS ! ,; R1K . cr . for more than « years/Seattle, Wash, l i n a i k m of Greclcy outlined hls|, 'shcller ideas lor Humane lative record revealed four out o f , ' i o n than previously. five drououts were from homes in 2 - The percentage of students will be no jury and no right o f appeal. ; which the parents, had nol finished who quit sclwol licfore graduation] Majority decision by the special'. high school. i u ' as nls ° reduced 5 per cenl ofler' c o u r [ 5 nf'ihrce judges is sufficient "The result was very surpris-l 10 '"* 01 '*, luld rclc f ctl linie l o j l o find a prisoner guilty and the ing (or most of us had thought worl! Wltl1 Stlu1cnts ' or ' OL11 ' years, existence of any minority opinion parent wlw had nol finished high "^ vo bencfieial results of guid- will not be disclosed. i a " ce arc ° bvl °" s - mme e ' !uca -l The bill was drawn up at Et-hool would be doubly determined lhat Iheir children would." Dr. Blanchard said. "We believer Ihis would occur despite Hie lower lion for dropouls and fewer rfrop-; Nkl . umah . s ciil . ce , ion by leftist ln . outs," Dr. Blanchard said. Drop-' (crio outs arc students who quit school I a((cl . MARINE CPL. R I C A R D O L. Mor t «o, son of Mr. and Mrs. l/H'ciizo Moreno of Kersey is taking parl in Exorcise "Warm- Up." This is n joint, naval- marine amphibious operation in the Okinawa area. Moreno is serving with the Second Battalion of tbe Third Marine Rcgi- (crior Mimslcl . K w a k l l noalcng! tccmi wavc of Discontent, ment. The Battalion, average income level of those who after "icy reach an age at which , a s ,,, ikc by Takoradi'railwayI did not finish high school. But such| TM. s i n , c ^ "" IO " BCI ' ret l l " rcs |men protesting the harsh new * 1 was not the case. It proved to the education level of parents is| significant information for ai , , ,, , . , , child's cumulative record." iTM 00 lon "" cail , be ° f v( ! Ulc °"' P | The value of guidance in pre- lf considered will, a 1 oilier fac-l tors and inlerpreted by personnel, according tc Dr. unit of lhe Third Marine Division, is one of the division's components participating in Hie exercise with units of lhe Seventh Fleet, budget which cut wages and hiked -Anecdotal Record |lh e ~cosl of living an estimated The anecdotal record is a guid-!,^ p er ccn ^ Bridegroom's Alert members al their meeting recenl-j ' l v ill the l!lue [''lame llooin. Frank I | Bowles was chairman. I Dr. Eldrcd stated Hint Hie vel-j 'crinarians of Weld futility are| jhijjhly in favor of a Humane Society shelter iintl urged thai it j l m established ns soon as possible, .'.cither as pail of the now dog j 1 pound or as a separate unit. Also emphasized were features^ of construction that would provide high standards of sanitation, dis-! ease control and ensy expansion if needed later. Dr. Eldrcd reported lhat tbe Ineiv humane officer, the Itcv. II. W. Kilmer, had improved conditions at Hie present dog pound. Kilmer described some of his i work as humane o f f i c e r and some I of the difficulties because of i crowded conditions al the dog I pound. It was (minted out lhat Iherc is no provision for caring for stray cats in this area. C h a i r m a n Howies called attention to the supply of literature 0 CORNING.^ WARE .,. ,.,,.. 1" * Prefix l» U« '"". B ° alc »S T U L S A (AP).- So'TM"TM 5 ! available a , 1|lc ^^ __ skilled'"PT lhe c o u r l V llcal "'"I 1 !marriage musl wail for nationall,ribulion, particnlarlv in regard to _ ."offenses against the stale such ' . . . f _·,,,..:,:,,,:.,,. to Illancbarc], He said: as Ireason and .sedition and of- defense. liie importanc "An untrained person can do . . more harm using an instrument' 1 !? m '"' he doesn't understand than by| 0lhcr ,. smolls fcnses against the peace such as' Bobby John Schullz and M.irsba. unlawful assembly a r i d j A u n Cheek were being married of the'wlien a practice alert sounded. passing up its'use. Never use a''-- i^ 1 ' 1 ' 11 * ; ""' l TM 1110mbo '- s . of lllp . guidance tool unless Y O U ' k n o w ; N k m m a h is also given power! wedding party arc memlwrs o | how to interpret ils remits " !l ° SC11(1 anyone ^'ore the special lhe 45lh Division of tbe N a t i o n a l , Record i n Thre. Parts jcourts f o r unspecified offenses hc|Guard. , , , , ,, . Tiie anecdotal record recounts' 1 'TM"" might in future prescribe.' Wlicn they dashed o u t , Miss incidents in the life of (he child. Linked with the existing prc .|Chcek waited and wlicn they came. Storm Doors and Windows An i'Jeal reporl is in three parts, ventive detention law, which can back the ceremony resumed a m l j VOTE FOR GLEN H. VANTINE (a) Tbe observation or factual send a man to jail for five ycarsl s h c became Mrs. Schullz. statement of what happened: jwilhoul trial, the new measure is| Johnny had a fight on the play-:Scen by political observers here] ound with three other fourth-'as a powerful weapon with' ·ade boys. which Kkrumab could inlimidalej "Ib) Inlcrpretation: Johnny ap-.opponents. j ears desirous to assert bis lead- Rut one of Nkrumah's nioslj rship by force probably due lo powerful foes.^Komla Gbcdcmali,' rapid growtSi recently. Hejformer finance ministei 1 disinissedj ^parently has nol been accept-',TM a recent Cabinet reshuffle, has' d by his classmates. I already slipped out of the country, "(c) Recommendation: Watch according to diplomatic in- olinny closely and if this becomes formants. The threat of arrest pattern of behavlnr call him in hung over Gbcdemah's head and Ward I Councilman -H« hos four yeort exper . ienee as a Councilman an knows th« problems of on .Word. Commlttfo for Vintln consultation." it Muit Avoid Biai one Dr. Bianchard believes a file ofjdefendants. mecdoles on school behavior | :ould be very helpful in umler- itanding tbe ch'ld, whereas a re- porl on a single incident might nol significant. In any anecdolal report, precautions must be taken, and teachers should strive to avoir las. Tbe observation slwuld be imiled to facts put down on paper as soon as possible after the incident. r,co. A. E|.[ The fila of anecdotes should be Clary * D kept separate from the main body The r)reeler Dn of information on the child, and ~ ' its use could well b« more restricted. To be of value tbe anecdotal file needs skillful interpretation. I Dr. Blanchard will next dis- ( cuss from his experience further content of the cumulative file onj the student. · ' likely he migbl have been 1 of the special court's f i r s t . xoTicr. OK r i X A i , 'NO.'8m" KstiUo of "\YILT.1AM S. Mc- PHKRSOX. Deuenaeil. Notice Is hereby civen t h » h R v e (ll«il my f i n a l report In the C o u n t y C o u r t of Wold County Colorado, and t h a t .my person destrirur to ohject to tlifj aalne shall file w r i t t e n objection w i t h the said c o u r t on or before. T ~ JR A d m l n l n. D n n ^ l r t F. M«J- L,. ItobertB, Atily T r l b u n ' 1961. Oct. 10. 17, 2(, !i ORNING.-WARE Compltlt B-pI«t t*l el Coming* V/ore, mod* l/o* fryoccroM You get T ql. lauecpon and lid. 1% qt. iauc*poa and lid. 1% q. and lid ... plin hand It ·nd credit CORN INC.* WARE Parly-pie 1% laucepan completi serving ttQd'.t and warmer. Corning Woie keepi food hoi. AMractive fi)«rj on fotign. CORN INC. 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