Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 19, 1967 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1967
Page 12
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Cancel Sok f»r» 55 Former's Column DEVELOP YOUR OWN "SWEAT EQUITY" Ir. a nice 3 U-dro^n home. 862 sq. fi, Exterior row complete Hill now 13 year bonded jhl|igl» r')';f. Redwood burl 4- b u t i s Urn;-. Mahogany (runt i rea^r loors. Aluminum slider witWo-A-.. Material to frame Partition; irKl-jded. . ,,ill for $3000 movM on t.; your lot. As liul.. a ^ 3280Gi will com- plptc, iivjlti-iini birch ^abineH, plumbin,-, u i r i n - f and heat, all in^talli-J, plus ·iheetro'ik, floor co7orinL', lumber, mouldings and painl. Callus eviMiin-_"-459-836'i. 1 CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS- BELOW COST " BUILDING SUPPLIES Screen doors M grade, reg S10.95, no» $3.35. . . 2 only Alum screen doors Ilet;, $12.95, now $7,95. , .Alum combination btorni doors, excellent quality, now $25.95. , . 75% off on fireplace screens and wood baskets. . . Rain guttering ret 18 l/2c ft, now only 15c (l. . . Latex Interior wall patnl $2.79 gal. , . .Bungalow paint- Red-Whlte-Green outside, $2.98 gal famous Martin Senour 3000 White outside paint $5.25 gal. . . 50?o off all light fixtures. . . 90* roofing $3.75 roll. . . plastic roofing for awn- ines, patios, only 29c sq. f l , . . Asbeslos. floor Ule, top quallly, only 22c' sq ft. . , many values In our paint sale, . . Buy now i Save. . . Barn.door track reg. 59c, now' 39c lln ft. .. Formica 29c sq. ft. . . 1 sack garden gravel FREE wilh each 2 gallon cerlifledhousepainlReg. $7.29 gal, now $5.79 Gal. McNEEL DISCOUNT BUILDING SUPPLY ! 024 Arthur 459-7428 CALOWELL 33 Uvtstock 34 liveitxk 34 ;Aprs. Unfurnished Idaho Free Press'4 Caldwell News-Tribune, Monday, June 19, 1967 - A3 54 POODLi: GROOMING Appointments not necessary Eve:.. A- Sundays Pli. 466-2664 -r-.AS51FIF.DS GET RESULTS*Poultry Rabbits 11 \ 1'iOt yoijr I's,;* fresh! 8000 daily. Heavy liens dressed. Lynch I3ri»^ '.' Ave. i 7 SI. No. 4C6-4151. Rabbit Raisers - discussion meeting al Virjjil Schuisow's, June 24, 8 p.m. 466-489C. HEAVY ROASTING HENS" LIVE SI each HEAVY ROOSTERS LIVE $1 each STARTED CHICKS STRAIGHT RUN PULLETS DUNLAP HATCHERY Hiway 30, Coldwell 459-9088 42 leal Eitak, Nampa Real E»tate. Nampa CUSTOM BALING FRED SCHWINDT 466-4712 ABC DEHORNING Phone 459-3525 or 459-4049 CUSTOM BALING WcMfall, Ph.40^-2755 t'.u-iiimi Hay Slacking - IiK/7 New Holland ;t by SiackcruiscT. H.iip* must not exceed 38" must lay on i-dgt-. lOc [ill. 46G- MASTITIS COWi. I buy good or bjil! Or old crippled slock. e call 4U6-5390 uullci.1. Matched pr. of Chocolate Sorrels, ready to break. Also I pr. beautifully matched Welsh Pon- 'ies for exp. riders. Ph. 5856672. ANGUS BULLS Dr. E.D. Mattsoil I'll. 4U6- 1461 ur 4UG-1060 Rewcrt Plant* 28" IH1S RHIZOMES, many beautiful varieties to chouse from. Pb, Caldwell 459-9088 LOOKING FOR BARGAINS in antiques? Check Ihe ClossHied Column; nowl Perennials, rook gardenorbor- der planls. 1/2 ml, E,, 1/Z mi. S. of Lake Lowell Service. Lakevicw Nursery. RHUBARB Lazy K. Gardens, 1/2 mile west on Davis Ave.Exl., Nampa. PETUNIAS 69? dozen Nice Slurdy PlantsI Roses, Polted-75f each Clematis 24" lo 36"- $1.35 Begonias . ... 55$ Bosworth's Greenhouse. So.Side Blvd. 466-9335. Open eves. Fruits t, Vegetables 39 WINDROWING" 2 machimrs. $3.50 per acre. Al-,0 balins, l l f . Manuel Perry. Ph. 585-2279 Mid(lle|,..i. BALING WINDROWING with or without cuiidlliunor Pr, 450-774S) or 409-4879. WINDROWING BALING Roy Allen, 466-5061 CUSTOM HAY HAULING and STACKING Leonard Rose, Ph. 466-4918. Wanted: Custom Windrowing new 14' New Holland, Phone 888-7746 or 888-2023. ~ BEE BOARDS " Wholesale-Retail Prices $1.50 to $2.25 Phono 692-5735, Kuna E L M E R M I C H E L .. CHIC-A-DOO-M-liei!. 2 yr. Ap- pjloosa stallioiL by Chicaro, one at his best colls, Dr. li.l). Malison, Narnpa, MERIDIAN SALES YARD l-'ur free appraisal on all your live.slock, pli. 888-1872. Auction every Tuesday at 12:00 iiimn. GOOD BULLS l-'or Sale 01- I-oaso. I'll. 4GG-217!) eves. HORSESHOEING Graduate Oklahoma l-'arrier's College. llonny Martin. 459 -7392_o_r J5£-^2Z5 'lAI»Y COWS FOR SALE Have 35 milking i 20springers. Heifers cows, mostly Holsteiti-j. Terms |runr- alltee. Hulls of all description fur rent. P.N. O'DKLL, across fi'om N.Litipa Livestock Com- itii.-.!.iim Co. Ph. 466-5574. Wonted lo Buy 38 W a n t In buy 1950 ur '56 Cliev. delivery wa^on. Prcfur V / d 4C6-3flfiO afh'i fi:30 p.m. Auction Sal«s 361 Idaho Animal Products Dead Animal SERVICE AUCTION COMMISSION CORNER 120 )61h Avenue Noilh, Nampa KVKKY TUESDAY EVENING _ Alnlllior LJJKC S;il» for J U N K 20lh. \Vhen selling or want lo buy, dial 4GG-4237, It will piy you well. A. K.MALPASS WARD'S AUCTION BUY+ SELL+AUCTION Furniture Misc. Ph.459-3332 or 459-8855 FURNITURE BUYING IS MY BUSINESS! Cash for good used f u r n i l u r n appliances misc. HOUSE OF BARGAINS 5lh A Main. Cald. 45!). 2507 Commission Corner HO«JS«» For Rent, Unf. New I br. stove A relrig. f u r n . $60 mo. 6di H a r r i son, Caldwell 459-83'Jl Unfurn. A furn. 2 B.R., very good, no pels. Inquire 2000 College, Cald. Ph. 459-2«0. U N K U R N I S H E U 2 br. D U P L E X W a l l to wall carpel, fireplace, elec. heal. 459-8546 K E N T OR LEASE O.N OPTION. 2 UMTS APARTMENTS. OWN- Kll leaving Stale. See at 1112. 'Pine ur eall 459-2944. 2 bdnn, apt. Bircli cabinets, w/w carpel, gas heal. Waler a. xarb. furn. 466-5895. 2 br. DUPLEX with wall to w a l l carpeting al 2205 MONTANA A V K , CALDWELL U n f u r n . 4 f u r n . 2 B.H., vt-ry good, no pels. I n q u i r e 2000Col- - lege, Cald, Ph. 459-2260. S.iburban I bdrm. apl., w / w c a r - |ji!t, carpurl, elec. heal. Single larly prcf.'$75. 466-5638 Hoy ins For Rent, Furn. 44 Clean, nicely furn, 1 bdrm. home, w/w carpet, drapes. Garage $60. 466-1685 Jives. burnished home - 1 bdrm. gas heat. $65. 523-13lh Ave. No. Bus. 466-0101, home 466-2602 45 New Sbdnn. home, liirge L.R. dble. fireplace, 2 1/2 baths, carpeting throughout. Covered patio, abundant storage. 2 car garage. Jack Given*, P"- CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS 0 W A N T CliEAPEH A beautiful well Jtepl 2 bedroom llorle ' L ' R ' "rpeted, oil f u r " a c e S 8 "^ 1 f "rporl, thicken .h"^e and well. Mcelyla.idscap- ""· A " °» iboul 1/2 acre. Near . sume contract. 466-9033 or 4r,f,-9060 tor sale-wee I b d r m . furn.- house. Good terms. Near Holly ctuu."- -!CC-15b5 or 466-7044 Large lot, west Nampa. SBdrrn., 1 1/2 balh, utility, fireplace, w/vi carpeting, carport. $15,500. * r.H.A. A P P R A I S E D t Only $400 down on this nice 3 beuroum home ·* ith family room, nat. gas furnace and carpeted L.H. Price $13,200.00. Splinter Agency U03-3id St. So. Ph. 466 6721 iff Eve: Worren 466-3475, Art 466- * 5172 or Sam 466-6778 NEWER 2 Bedroom home, attached carport, £r-.1 JCorthside location $9,000. Good terms. 3 BEDROOM home on 1 Acre, outbuildings, $9,500. Good terms or make offer. 4 1/2 ACRES, 2 bedroom home, almost a full basement with 3rd bedroom, plenty of outbuildings. GI appraised at $14,500, CLASSIFiEDS GET RESULTS SPLIT L E V K L , N E W ! 4 Bdrn.. 2 car garage. 521,500 lerttib. G.I. A C R E A G t 5 Acres, neat, clean 2 lidrin. home, garage, barn, Wuegrass. 317,500. tj.l. ter;n^. F.H.A. .New 3 bdrtn. car|*ting, carport $14,200. F.H.A, terms. MOAD REALTY 122 12ikAve. So. Ph. 466-5281 ED DOOSN --466-9649 l-'urnituro 1 pc, or a houseful. Sato every Tuos. Evening. A.K. \lalpa-ss 466-42:n. 2 Bdrm. house on South Side Blvd. Partly furnished if desired. $60 mo. 466-0446. Room Booid 39 CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS CAUCOLIECT 466-4604 Radio Diipakhed Trucks Wood tomato frames, $7 doz. or _Uv»»t«k 75? each. Cabinet Craft, Inc. ' Ph. 466-7839. 1323 - lllh Avc. No. Exl. 34 Mutkal Mtrchandln 20 STRAWBEHRIKS YOU PICK $2 a crate PAUL STETTLER 459-3842 Slarl Summer Band (MUSIC) Kent applied, Best Instruments available. Reasonable. Norris Music, Caldwell, open llll 8. 1-STUDIO BALDWIN PIANO, like new with BENCH, Exc.cond. low price. 916 N. Illinois Caldwell 459-9464 CLOSE OUT PRICES on cxcel- ·lent used tenur saxophone MU clarinet. GONION PIANO-OKG-VN CO. 224 Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. 1'laylne '" Summer Band? Have , Trombone,, good condition. Also new saxophone;-466-0302. ' Si.T OK USED DRUMS 1 yr. old. Excellent cond, Ph. 466-1719 furniture A Appl. 21 R H U B A R B lOc Ib. Ph. Coldwell 450-7810 NAMPA CUSTOM CANNERY Midland Blvd. at Gavts Avenue OPEN FOB 1961 SEASON Always phone for appointment Phone 466-9981 or 466-5750. ~Fnd t S«td so: USED DEPARTMENT IUSED FURNITURE: Bunk beds ·complete; crib $10.00; 5 'davenos; dinettes; chairs; office idesks; new Sears bicycle; push ·type lawn mowers. 'USED APPLIANCES 4 upright · fresters; 3 chest freezers; water heater; 2 nearly new refrigerators, GE i Kelvinator; Washers; Dryers; Ranges; Refrigerators. · INDEPENDENT FURNITURE 623 Main Caldwell 459-16DI Large size Hotpoint refrigerator, like new $100. Ph. 466-7533 Double bed, including mattress, also; maiching 7-di iwer vanity with large mirror. Ph. 459-T870 U S E D VALUES MATTRESS SETS i BOX SPRINGS. . . Twin and full siie - 6 tochoose from, Froni$12,95, CEDAR CHEST, walnut finish. Excellent condition, . . . $30.95 CASE FURNITURE Nampa 466-6261 200 bales of hay Close in. $21.00 ion. Ph. 466-2003 First culling baled hay, alfalfa and grain mixture, Ph..888-1862. |i : . . , · - Kmsr.QuAi.itY ' CONDITIONED ALFALf-'A H A Y Pli. 459-9160 FOR SALE BALED HAY PH. 585-6602 or 595-6691 1st. Culling HAY IN l-'IKLI) 60c per- bale Ph. Middleton 585-2588 APPROXIMATELY 2 TON OATS 1 1/2 TON BARLEY. $55 per ion. Ph. CildweH 450-7373 Brood marc colt. Also reg, Quarlerhorse in foal Appaloosa stud colt, well colored, sired by Chief Big r-'ool. 585-2570. 3 year old JERSEY COW. giving 5 gal. Ph. Caldwell 459-7056 Shellons: Sorrel yearling $35. Also Palomino mare 4 colt; 2 Sorrel fillies. 466-0250, GENTLE SHETLAND PONY 8 years old Ph, 466-7668 R E A L NICE 4 yr. old Sorrel Gelding. Make good kid's or lady's horse, 466-5861. Quarter horses, kid's ponies or Jusl good saddle horses. 503 7th Ave, No., 466- 2319. Chicken ,feed, horses wanted. , Top prlues paid! SEAL 'BROS. PH. 466-0405 HORSES FOR SALE Several to choose from. Ph. Muidleton 585-2161 HORSESHOEING Ph. Middlelnn 585-2761 :i yuar old Appaloosa marc, sorrel with white blanket. Also 3 yr. old Appaloosa mare, white with black spots. 466-0173. BALED ALFALFA HAY In field, no rain. 318 ton. Good Grass HORSE HAY. Good GEM eating POTATOES. Ph. 459-7117 100 ACRES ALFALFA HAY'! Baled. In field. $20 to S2:i. Ph. Caldwell 459-7185 B A L E D A L F A L F A H A Y f o r sale in field, $21 ton. Kuna 692-5231 200 Ton HAY.'Bale or ton. At f a r m or delivered. Elbert Myers, ph. 459-47UJ GOOD MAGIC VALLEY H A Y Call Roy Harris, Ph. 888-1252. Meridian. Good quality baled hay, delivered. Also hauling for hire, L. L. Ackerman 4f6-712K. 1 Sorrel Gelding, gentle tor Children, Good play day horse. Phone C.ildwoll 459-1013. To Be Sold at The Meridian Sales Yard TUESDAY, JUNE 20th at 12 NOON For this week's sale we will have: 23 head of choice quality Holstein hc-ifer.s, 600 to 800 Ibs., all V 4 T, and guaranteed open. 20 Hereford steers, 500 In 600 Ibs., extra good steers, just off tho grass. 15 Hereford heifers, 550 to 600 Ibs., 8 Jersey and Guernsey steers and heifer calves, 125 to 200 Ibs, 6 Hereford cow and call pairs. 25 Holstein sleers, 300 to 450 Ibs. 10 Holsloin heifers, 225 lo 400 Ibs. 15 Hereford sleers and heifer calves, 200 lo 300 Ibs. 2 Holstein springer heifers, V t T. 17 black White Face stenrs and heifers, 200 to 400 Ibs. 11 feed lot calves, 1 week to 1 month old. 13 Holstetn beef cows from 1 dairy, 43 head of ewes and Iambs. 45 fat lambs. 35 killer and breeder ewes, 40 feeder lamlis. 52 fal hngs. 7 fal butcher sows, 30 weaner and feeder pigs. We are celebrating 40 YEARS of con- tinuaus auction icrvice lo Ihfl livestock industry-- 1927 -1967. Ed Bryce and Harry Bryce Call ui for special free advertising ol your consignments. Also Free Appraisal. Meridian Sales Yard Phone 898-1872 Ed Bryce, 888-1114; Alfred Word. Kuna, 692-5588; Harry firyce, 888-2382; Fred Keller, 888-5553. Nice sunny, comfortable front room, available for couple or 2 ladies or 2 gcnllemon. Also 2 other single spaces. Carter Home, 466-1311. 2 br, modern house, children welcome, no pets. Special privileges ph. 459-2400 Mod. 2 br, home, Close in. Water Furnished. Phone 459-2121 Room for Rent 40 Room for employed person or .student in private home. Ph. 466-3637 Apts. Furnished 41 PLEASANT. CLOSE IN.SINGLE Privale bath. Phone Caldwell 459-2601 Large 4 bdrm. house, 1 full two 1/2 baths, separate laundry room, fireplace many olher extras. Available July 15. $110 per mo. rent. 466-8114 after 5:30 p.m. 3 br. modern house. Close to Park 4 Schools. Phone Caldwell, 459-3167. 1212 In Si. So., 464-8121 ... W.r, 464-0537. Bert 444-0135, V doi met 466-7127, l«i 446-8084 ~ Waco/ftrne 466-0510 JUST LISTED! 3 bdrm. home with bsmt.. garage, on 2 lots. Only SI 1,500. NEWER 3 bdrm. home. Close in. $13,500. Words cannot describe this lovely 3 BR home with large family room, 1 3 '-1 balhs. 2 fireplaces, double carporl, 01 I acre south of city. Pricec right at $23,000. Large loai can be assumed. 80 acres- one of the bettei farms between Nampa Mer. idian. Has 3 BR modern home Lots of good out buildings Asking $20,000, down with balance on good terms. SCHOEN REAL ESTATE 1209-- 3/d Si. So. Nompa 466-7747 Eve: Ernie Scben 466-3832;" Ellii Ai brijSl 466-0168; Frances Coyle 4665155. 7 . AGENCY 323-l2th Ave. Rd. 466-7671 Evei. Ricricrd BuM--466-1405 Completely modern attrac. bsml. apt. for single person, references, 1306 Arlington 459-2079 3 ROOM F U R N I S H E D APT. 1616-8th SI. So. Phone 466-6144 920 16lh Avenue Soutb Thrive by, then call us! A real children welcome. Across from $8750. Separate dining room, School 517 N. 11th. 45Q-R4JO. completely new inside and out. Three bedroom brick home. Phone Caldwell 459-2617 C L E A N 2 B D R M . HOME Garage. $75 mo. Ph. 466-1405 double garage. Better hurry! BRANDT AGENCY 3 Rooms wilh balh, bsnil. apt. Water i lights furn. Inq. 4ZO Maple. r)h. 466-7607. Single lady wishes woman to share expenses tor apt. Near town. 466-7260. 1st. floor, priv. balh, util, furn. clean, nicely furnished. 823 Albany. Caldwell. Ph. 459-8fi7l 4 rni. bsmt. ..apt. Private entrance. Reasonable. 733 Spulh I6lh. Ph. 459-9765. 2 bedroom with bsml., south side $70. Would like steady couple. Ph. 466-5220. Beautiful new duplex apt, Carpeted, private patio 4 Lavn, carport i- storage. 466-9316. Farmer's Column 33 Farmer's Column 33 Clean 1 A 2 bdrm, apt, Clor.. to College, no pets. LUND- CjUIST APTS. 459-1073, Modern 2 Bdrm. trailer houses. Or will sell on easy terms. 466-7170. Completely modern attrac. bsml. apl. for single person, references, 1309 Arlington 4S9.-2079 Two 3 room furn. apts., gas ,ieat. 903 Holly. Water washing fac. furn. $30 each. 4669330 in P.M. 2 br. good location. Corner *lfV\-X520 fivps. 3 or 4 bedroom houjf|jr).Nam- pa. Close to school, good location. Ph. 459-3417. 2 and 3 br. modern homes. Good So. side location. Ph. Caldwell 459-2487 R E N T A L INFO CENTER Landlords- free! Jusl tell when rented. Renler-Info plus'. NATIONAL LANDLORDS ASSN. 466-7688 or 459-9309 Or sell Irg. I bdrm. home, gar- 466-C745or 466-2694. ' Modern 2 odrm nouse, close 215-1Ith Avenue South, 466-7821 Eves: John, Don. 466-5159 C«il McNought 466-5885 3 BEDROOM HOME. . . . with 100* frontage. Lakeview School District (I 1/2 blocks to school and park). Carpeted, completely insulated, garage, base- inenl. A well-cared for older $250 DOWN Small, but neat 2bedroom home. Fine South side location. Just $55.00 per month buys this one al $5,500. DRIVE BY! 216 Ivy. Very nice, older 2 bedroom home. Large living room, Nice yard with lots of shade. 3/4 basement. Garage. Close to Holly Shopping Center. A real value at $8,500. 4 BEDROOMS - 1 1/4 ACRES Beautifully carpeted. Large family room, white brick fireplace. Lovely kitchencompletely equipped with Hot-Point appliances. 2 full balhs. Double at- lached garage. Well located West of Nampa. $31,500. Top terms lo good credit risk. 3 ACRES-$8,950 5 miles East of Nampa. Good 2 bedroom home, needs some redecorating. Large basement. $1,000 down or will trade for 3 bedroom home in Nampa, $1,000 DOWN 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Very neat and roomy. Near Lakeview Park. 2 lots. Double garage $8,250 Jus of flowers. AMERICAN REALTY ' 812AI2thAy«. So. 466-5684 Sporting Goods 23 14' Sea King fiberglass coat i 40 h.p. motor. 1967 305 Honda Scrambler. --166-1775 after 5. 14 ft. ski boat, 35 h.p. elec. start Sea King motor. Heavyduty trailer. Water skiis. Alliitguod condition. Price $455 complete 466-4802 Excellent ski boat with custom built trailer. Like new 40 h.p. motor. $475complete. 466-6150. Waconda fiber glass orut equipped with trailer, 30 h.p. motor. 466-4183 eves. Reduced to clear- Fine furniture gun cabinets. Treasure Valley Woodworking, 466-5029. 12' alum. Crestliner Iiinin; boal, $200. Car top carrier, 325. 466-358-1 or 466-1352. P«U FREE: 3 male and 2 female PUPPIES. See .it 3220 College, Caldwell 45-972T BOARDING--GROOMING .ill bREKD.i by appointment Special pricu on Poodle Trims this month. A.K.C. licensed, West Beech Kennels 459-1084. REG. G E R M A N SHEPHEKDS 6 months. All shots. Ph. 466-5029 Hounds - I Red tick, 1 Hlue tick, 1 Walker. $25 eaah. Ph. 466-1824 FOR SAl.t CUTE P O M E R A N I A N PUPPIES Ph. Narnpa 466-5279 A.K.C. res, 3 mn5 - ° w wlille TOY POODLE.i Ph. 466-4482 POODLE GROOMING. Cbim|i- iuns st stud, illcolors. Puppies for silu. 450-4210. HAY BOUGHT i SOLD SWORD'S HAY. 466-4862 GOOD BALE U HAY DELU'l-.RED STACKING, lOc per Iwlr-. J.D. BENSON. Phono 466-2561 ifarm Implements 311 Ford-Dearborn Baler. Very good condition. Or w i l l trade for pick-up. 466-4964. FOR SALE C JOHN DEERE TKACTOtt -185 ph. Caldwell 459-7MG 1966 1. H. PTO Baler, 47T; 1966 Maisey-Ferguson Rako, lake over pymLs.; Double-3 Herringbone Stalls i Feeders; 3- unit Pirieline Milker, Ph. 4827434 before 8 a.m. or eves. Farmer's Column Inter. Elect, fencer service. Owyht-e Sheet Mulal Pro Hardware by \\ Ave, Sub. Nampa. W A N T E D TO BUY SMALL STORAGE SHED Ph. Caldwi-11 459-1992 CUSTOM BALING Kirb/A. Kindoll 459-7248 WANTED: Someone to cut St bale 8 A. hay, for hay. ALSO: Weaner pigs (or sale, 459-4248 HAY H A U L I N G i STACKING Ph. 466-0774 Gene Blauser BIG SHIPMENT DRAPER CANVAS.. Rubber treated canvas Rubber belting types 10 12 Ft. Lengths · HESSTON · INTERNATIONAL · CASE · JOHN DEERE · OWATANNA · NEW HOLLAND REPLACE WORN CANVAS NOW- SAVE DOWN TIME LATER ... ! BMEQUIPMENTCO. 10th Arthur Caldwell 459-4628 I Bdrm. apt, with full basement. 2l2-9th Ave. So. Ph. 466-3594 Privale enlrance, free laundry facililie.s. All utilities furn. East of Nampa on Hwy. 30, Gem Motel, Ph. 466-2775. able in 2 Small I br. gas furnace. $45 monlh, Phone 459-8391 Caldwell. Ralph Moore . . 446-8116 E. G. "Jerry" Jenkinj Brok«r ... 444-9557 TOP INVESTMENT 160 Acres good row crop soil close Into Nampa grows sugar beets, seed corn. This is one of Ihe besl buys we have had for a long time. Settle partnership. Will lake $85,000. Gooc terms. We have all sizes ol farms and cattle Ranches. 3 BEDROOMS - $750DOWN Near snopping center and £ast Side school. Nicely carpeted. Large utility and storage. Attached garage. Natural gas heat. Recently painted inside and out. $11,250 $85.00 per month. GIESE Realty 1308-2ndSt. So. Phorie 446-70! I Nights Kfilh Giese 466-5339 · BE SELl BUY INDEPENDENT Troiler Space Rental 46 Real clean studio apt. with ceramic tile shower, small kitchenette, washing facililies. Located 5 blks f r o m center of town. 466-9211 before 6 p.m. Nice, clean 3 rooms, close in. Heat i water furn. Privale ont. 1611-lst St. So. 466-2513. Comforlable apts. IHiUties except elo 1 ?. f.'rn, 424-3rd SI. So., 466-3656. Pay 2 mos. rent, get I mo. FREE-now renters only. Large shady spaces. 466-4447. TRAILER SPACES For Renl Ph. 466-7557 Wanted la Renl "Al the Sign of tr-e Bull" , l. Ob- PICKS. · Nampa 466-0206 Mend ion 888-2301 Eve. Bob 459-7048 Clim 46VO?:i. 48 Professional Man needs 3 br. house to rent or Icnsn by July 1st. $100 to SI 15. Write 2815 Alrno, H u r l e y , Idaho 678-8032 All Utilities l-'urnishnd C L E A N C O N V E N I E N T I/iundry l-'acililies. 466-1012 BACHELOR APT. Clean, nice fiutel location, convenient to Oaldwoll shopping 459-8679 1MOGKNI-: APTS. Mod. Closo in. Adults. No pots. 1615- 2nd St. S»., Nampa. Acreages 5 rnom ,-ipl. close in. priv. r n t r , w.ish. f j c . 45fi- s "r 4W-51701 t'vos. HWI 'i nmm furnislii-d apt. Crour.d fl"or, private onlr, ph. Ciild- wcll 459-2C01 NICK ACREAGl;, nloso in. Oiod 2 br. A- could be 3. Carporl, shed, fjood b a r n garden, ph. Caldwell 45fl-ao%^e home \vith 2 br-riroomi* and fi rooms in bsmt. Machine Minp. Abinii I A, I TO.iird in country. $13,000. Would sell nr Inule for homo around l-'rosno or Uakprsfield, I ' n l i f . (knevo Ue.illy, Rouie 6, Catdwll 83605 01 ph. 450-7214. Auction Soles 36 Auction Sales 36 BALING VIRGI1 ROBERTS 466-0985 BALER TWINE Extra heavy duty 185 fl, per Ib. Cash Si Carry price $7.10 per bale. Limit 10 bales pur customer BIG TOOL 502 Main Caldw.'ll 459-1053 t CATTLEMAN'S LIVESTOCK AUCTION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21st Sale time: 11 A.M. Early consignments: 150 mixed short fed yearling'., ucighlii: around 700 Ibs., from Lavon King of Marking. 100 yearling .steer* weight;,!; around 700 Ihs., I! *. 11 Callle Co. of Caldwell. 50 mixed cattle from Melb.i, 40 tnlx^d callle from Nainpj, 12 butcher bulls REGULAR IIORSL .SAI.B, S U N D A Y JUNI-I Mth j( II A.M. KRIUAY, JUNE 30lh at I P.M., WL- will h.ivo .1 cuili|ilrlc dispersal for Olio Wagner's registered Hereford;, cou.sibl- Ing of 22 cows w i t h calves .a sid', 14 helfi'rs and 1 Hereford bull. CATTLEMAN'S LIVESTOCK AUCTION Nampa 466-4671 I br. Duplex, gniuiHt floor, n a n n y hiiiU-ins, mil. furn. 150-7553 nfti-r 6:30 A Sunday I "I IRNISHKI) APT. Close in, iTas' heat cooking. Laundry f a c i l - il'iL's. 46G-7VCC. Clean 2 room furnished apl. 113 12th Ave. N. Niimpa New furnished 2bdrns. apl. Hlrcli cabinets, panelled living room, sop.irate u t i l i t y . $85 per mo., 6 nionlhs lease basis. Call 466921' before 6 p.m. 1609 1/2 No. Indiana, Cnldwell - I'urnislicd 2 bdrm, newly dec- »ra(rd apt. with brand now fur- nilure. $75 mo,, f months lease required. i M l l 466-9211 before G p.m. Apis. Unfurnished . 4} 3 rm. b s m t , apt, R.ingi 1 , rr- frlt;. I- utilllios lurnlshod. 1816 Wyonilui: Avc. 450-3387. ' Deluxe 1 br. DUPLEX apt., w/'w carpet, buill-ln kitchen, Closo lo College i schools. $85 mo. L i m p R I : A L T Y 407 w. Ash. leal Estate, Nampa 54 I^vr-ly 4 br. 2080 .sfT~l7. All the extras, Vallivue A U.S.A. are.i. Reduced price, $28,500 lerms. 466-5787 or 466-4846 HOMI-: i IUJSINKSS under I rnof, corner lot. Only $8,000. 2 bdrm. modern house wilh al- laclied store building A- gas service M.ilion. Also (railcr parking willi board fencing for privacy. Localed In h e a r t of Mid- dlelmi on Hwy. 44. $750 down. $75 mo. will buy It. ROARK AGENCY 1 Mi.E.onHiwoy30 Dial 466-0629 SPACE GAUiHE Jo you need r o o m for your family to spread oul? We have Just Ibled a four bedroom late model home, large living room, nlcr kitchen andseparateutility, one and one-half balh. Needs. bomt* |:;iinl b u t priced for quick sale. $14,000, terms If dr- slred. Shown by appolnlnient, C. CASH HARPER CANYON LOAN BLDG. 1200 Hi Sl. So. --444-2452 Eve. Jim Cruso 466-3631, Ike CrjCf 466-7080 running water year around. Lays nearly level with nice hill to build on. Near New Hiway . $31,000 with foodlerms ROBISON REALTY EXCELLENT Dairy or stock f \ ^ D I O W I l \ C , H L i r setup, 40 A., Sbdrm.briokhoine w/ bsmt, large block machine shop, 109 ft. cement or slone barn, cemenl feeding strip, cement dilches, cement side silo, B Acres seed corn, 15 Acres pasture, balance alfalfa. A dandy for only $29,500 - $5,000 down. NEW 5 Bdrm brick ranch home on I 1 '2 Acres, double garage full bsmt with 2bdrrn, fireplace, f a m i l y room with fireplace, 3 Bdrms. living room, dining room, all carpeted, built-in kitchen beautifully "landscaped. Excellent view, underground irrigation. 534,000 with terms. NEW 3 Bdrm Ranch type with livingroom, dining room, kitchen, 1 1/2 baths and attached garage, good location. Only $23,000 with good terms. 1 ACRE in pasture, 3 B d r m , dining room, livingroom, k i t - chen, breakfast nook and one bath. Only $15,500. 3 BDRMS on main floor, 2 in bsml, fenced back yard, single garage, nice corner lot, large Hvlngroom-carpeled and large kitchen and dining area. $12,750 GI or FHA. Approx. $300 dn. on GI. about $550 on HIA. -ATTRACTIVE, neal 2 Bdrm. home, close In. Has nearly a full bsmt wilh gas furnace, carport, beautiful yard, and good location. All for $11,750. -SEL-RITE.CORP. 446-1010 1 ml» tooth ol H.S. on 12lh Ave. Sd Soy Clogue 464-4530. De«,» Wolls 466-7216, C. 0. Thompson 466-1010 3 B.R, home on State St. $10,750 S425 DOWN to Veterans, 3 B.R. family rrn. $15,500 appraisal 4 3DR.M. on Chestnut, fenced backyard. Has a rec. rm. plus I 3/4 bath. $625 dn. on F H A . $13,500 Terms. $500 DOWN on 3 Bh home on Delaware, $6950 Owner financing. COUNTRY PLACE-3 B.R. 1 3/4 balhs 1 acre, has good view, a loi of l i v i n g al $19,500 Terms LUXURY 4BR VIEW HOME in Country Multiple baths, family rm., Owner Transferred, Need a reasonable dn payment on this n Birch Lanp, 2 homes modern except heal. A lot of properly /or the money $18,500. f HOLD IT!! Jusl listed a fine "" 3 BR. home on Camelot Drive, formal dining rm ?1!,750, Let's LOOK" () ;t-7878 EALTY WTH W780RITV 1214-2ndSt. S. 466-7878 louiie B«n«did 466-7476 Don Weitmark 466-1331 Corttr Richmond 466-3162 Slon Keim, Form 466-0170 Oov»Vvitmork 466-4109 V D | AC ? E '1; 3 t^ooTM home. Gas heal, garace Fruit irons » M ^^edr^^;,^£=Hf ? --Vr^e^jK^ ShOP ' M "'~ -ME Willord Crowni 4660179 FionV 466-0516 E ' B - G r i 09 466-7724 DonGultl 4665416 Spetioliimo in Formt i Ranches 624 3rd St. S. 4 W .o 21 , Open llll 6 p.m. and oil day Sutwdoy

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