Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1955 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, December 12, 1955
Page 6
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Page 6 ' OREELtfY T R I B U N E Monday; Dec: 12, 1955 Lupton Stolen Car Involved in · [A stolen car was involved in 'one of five traffic accidents in the Courl Will Not Take Boulder .Charter Again D K N V t R W - -- The Colorado Supreme Court refused Monday to reconsider its previous decision outlawing an a m e n d m e n t Lo the Boulder city charier. . The high court slid in an-opinion several weeks ago t h a t ^the a m e n d m e n t 'would have removed six councilman and amounted to a circumvention" of the. recall . county 'Saturday and Sunday, the method of ousting a city official. ~1\''highway palrot reported. ' j The original opinion called the " l X The stolen car, a 1950 Chevrolet j amendment "a device to unseat ^,2-tioor taken in. Forl l.upton, was 1 the incumbents." ' ' " b e i n g , driven west on Colorado'52J The original petition for a re-by Eugene Coronndo, 16, of Fort (hearing, filed by' A'-lorney Wade -*f"Lupton. · : I P. Connell, led lo a 'contempt cita- *' f ' f . Coronads over-ran a 1951 C h e v - ' i i o n against CunncH because of the t _.T-o!el co-.ipe being driven west on petition's contents. . ( .; ; 'iCplorado-52 at a slower speed by ·*"-- " " ·--- J -~ : " J - 1 '. .Edward J. Holsclaw of Fort Lup^.'Ibn Jn Fort .Lupton at 7;20 p.m. Saturday. ., ..The stolen car struck (he rear .,-· of the vehicle in front, each ma[ - . .chine hcinp d a m a g e d r.n estiniated CI', J150. The accident was investigated ,«",by Slate Patrolman Loyal B. \Varncr. . -;j; : M a r t i n e z Esctpet I n j u r y '"-· Jor E. .Martinez of E a t o n es- - r ^ c a p t d injury in a spectacular one.(, car accident W mile r.nrlh of IAV cerr.e on U. S- 85 about 7:15 p.m. . iT Saturday. /.''· · .Martinei 1 1951 Nash, traveling · i- ,fouth, went out of control and -,,j,!skidded 126 feet, then turned end side. I.E. was damaged $200. State .. Palrolman Don Hower invcsti- 'Jgaled the accident. , , . . . Truck Ditched . . A Ford d u m p truck driven -^by Clarence Leroy Troudt of 1019 · ~~ Third avenue was damaged S300 in \ an accident three miles north of :' Windsor on Colorado 257 about 11:15 a.m. Saturday. Troudt was driving south on 257. A 1953 Chevrolet semi-truck being driven west on old Colorado 5 by The Conncll case was decided a week ago by the. Supreme Court i n - a ruling which warned against f u r t h e r attempts but did not mention Connclt's name. Marauder Leader in-. Pacific Dies at 53 FEHNAXDINA BEACH. Fla. W -- Maj. Gen. F r a n k D. Merrill, 53, New Hampshire public works and highways commissioner since 1919 and famed World War II jungje fighter, died Sunday night of a heart attack. ----------- - ----- Merrill, leader ' of !' Merrill's for end and turned over^on^ts left M a r a u rf o r s " w ho plagued the Japanese behind Iho lines' in the' Pacific' fighting, was stricken a t . a motel here, about 30 miles northeast of Jacksonville. Merrill, accompanied by State H i g h w a y Engineer R i c h a r d Bur- riefl and their wives, was returning to New. Hampshire from a meeting of the A m e r i c a n 'Assn. of State Highway Officials in New Orleans, where he had' been elected president of the organization. . McrriH and his party registered* Cantata Given Parent-Teacher Group Thursday The a n n u a l 'Christmas ' Cantata o( Jefferson' school was presented Thursday- night before, a capacity audience by the" fourth', fifth and sixth tjradc students under. the direction of their music teacher Mrs. Annette Lucke. ' The profjtatn' consisted- (.. the following -numbers: THEME: SI. tuke, Chapter 2, verses 5 through 20, frorn the Bible". N A R R A T O R S : Isabel Valencia' and Klaine. T-u- Wondrous Christmas Roger Soloist, Julia Fivonka--accom : . · panicd by Ihe Choir "While Shepherds Watched "Their FlocX's" ' . . . - · - . 5lh Grade Hoys "While By My Sheep" ·1th and 5lh Grades and the Choir "Old French Christmas"Carol" Both 6th .Grades--Clarinet Accompanists. Phyllis Gragg, Sharon ·'Wiedenhamor and Wendell Hall "Jesus In the Manger" Entire Choir--Clarinet Accompanists . Sharon Wiedenhamer and . Wcndeil Ball Car Damaged'5200 · . In Inierseciion Crash A 1954 JJulck convertible driven by. .Mrs.* Bemcice Mae Jcnson of 2234 Tcilth avenue was ' damaged. an estimated $£00 in a collision at the intersection of Ninth avenue ^nd Klcvcnlh street at 12:06 p. m.' Saturday, police retried. Mrs. Jenson's vehicle collided with a 193G Clicvrplet ^door driv*? by Charles Hotkey Kindsfather of Ault. Kinds fa I tier's machine was d a m d y r j §2y Mrs. Jonson was driving south on Ninth nvennc, Kindsfalhcr east nu Eleventh 'street, (Mrs. Jenson was charged with circless drivinR. by police, and Kindsfalhcr with careless driving ami driving a defective vehicle.- A 1955 "Chevrolet sedin driven by G u n a r d Albin Peterson, 7G, of 1S01 Fifteenth avenue, was dam- In the Courts Dislricf Courl ·;' Mrs. Mabel Harding-Smith Pearson of Denver filed a' complaint lor aimiilment or divorce against Del- bcrl-Lav«rne Pearson, also'known as Frank Pearson. The, couple was ntarrjcd in Cheyenne Sepl. : 24. 1953. Justice Court · ^ Ira Sidts'JP Courf · Harley M. Campbell, 1502 Twcn- sixth street road!,'.speeding, $45 d'costs. "* §125 and a 1941 Ford pickup driven by James Muroya f 73, of chimoto "All Thai Night'.' Portuguese: -arol, August. R ' ou(c j $2Q m an acddent 102 version by Cecil Cowdrey feet easl of Elghl|l a v c n u c on «TI ,V B ?* 4 S l G ; a · .. u enlh direct at 10:31 a. m. SMur- "The V i r g i n ' s - S l u m b e r Song" by Both vehicles were traveling est-on Tenth street. Both drivers ere "charged with careless driv- g by police. A J855 Buick 4-door driven by rs. Juaniltt flholp.-;, GG,- of 1-101 wentielh street, broke off a park- ig meter post 50 led' oasf nf inth avenue on Seventh street bout 10:50 p. m^ S a ( u r d n y , caus g S15 damage to the post. The car-went up on Ihe curb and ruck the post when Mrs. Phelps ifted into low instead of reverse s she started to back out of a irking space. -The car was nol . "Gloria in Excelsis Deo," Polish Folk Song -Illi and 5th Grades--Benny Slapper, Aulo-IIarp Accompanist "In Bethlehem," A u s t r i a n Carol Both 6th Grades--Helen S lillos, Auto-Harp Accompanist . "Joseph Dearest," lith Century German Both - 51K Grades--Soloists, . Lani Stutzrnan and. Daniel Busc! Harry Joseph Hawkins of West- n t the motel late Sunday. He a p - l " O Holy Night" by Adam 0 ~ ---- rr-_..;fn_ ..-j «*-.., minister had the intersection of S J p e a r e d in good spirits. He was and 257 blocked. Troudt turned to Ihe rjghl lo miss tlie semi-truck and his d u m p truck went into a ditch. The semi was not damaged. Slate Patrolman Clare W. Elliolt investigated the accident. Three C*rs In Wr*cV Three vehicles were damaged 8 total of $165 in an accident at the junction of U.'s. 87 and Colorado 2M. east of-ixHigmont about 6:35 p.m. Sunday: . A 1948 Hudson driven by.Charles Leroy Winston of Kc'enesburR was. damaged $75, a 1049 Pontiac driven by James V. Barnetl of Fort Collins $75 and a 1954 International pickup driven by. Gene Paul Harper Jr. ol Forl CoHms $15. . \Vinslon, ahead, slowed to maVe » a left turn. Barnett, following Winston, slowed to allow the vehicle in front to turn. Harper, fol lowing Barnelt, hit the rear end o: Barnett's car, causing it to go forward and hit the rear of Winston's vehicle. The accident was investigated by State Patrolman Eugene L. Aycrs. Wreck Damage .$160 A 1948 'Chevrolet pickup driven by Kalph Calvin Turner of Den ver was 'damaged $100 and, a J955 Ford Victoria driven by Robert Joe pagcrihart of Fort Carson $80 in a collision at the junction of Colorado 66 ami U. .S. 87 at 3:40 p.m. Sunday. t Turner,, headed east on^66, slop p«d for the".stop sign on 87, then proceeded lo "cross 87. His vehicle * struck, the right- rear .fender o the. machine of Dagcnharl/ who was making a left turn of(" 87. Pa trblman Avers investigated the ac stricken with the heart attack and died around 11:30 p.m. before ' a, doctor arrived. At the Hospital Admitted to Weld Counfy.i General hospital -Saturday'," t)ec. . t 10: Katherine Rios, Fort Lupton; Mrs"- AHa M. 1 Schrocder, Kersey; Mrs. Edna E u h r m a n , 831 Sixth street; Irs. Sam Segal, 1G2G Lakeside rive; Charles Mayfield, Eric; Fex Gallegos, Masters; Joyce 1 and Bruce Martin Skiles, Kersey; Edith Varner, Milliken;- Walter H, Often Sr., Esles Park. Dismissed: Mrs; William John sou Jr. and daughter, Eaton; iVrs Darrcll ,V. Douglass and son, 1325 Tsvcnly-sixlh street road; Mrs. David" H . . Malhins and daughter, 1631W "Sixth avenue; Herman Dusin, Kersey; · Donald Shores, 1115 Sixteenth s t r e e t ; William L . Klinlc f 'Eaton; Mrs. Ed Horsl, JohnsfovVn; John F. " Breshears, Omak; W a s h - ; . Mrs. Mary'Dorn, 505 Eighth" street;"' Mrs. -John'-Wei- berl, Gill^ Mrs. Ralph Keil, 1416 Tenth avenue; Mrs. -Mary Ruff, Windsor; Mrs. Kenneth Orr, 1907 Sammy Trujlllo and Wendell Ball, solosisl accompanied by the Choir ; "Gesu Bambino" by I'ictro A. Yon '· Both- 6th Grades' "Silent Nighl" by Franz Gruber, Arrangement by Joseph "Mohr "Entire Choir, Mrs. Duane R i f f el, president of he Parent-Teacher group, and Mrs. Roy Boehm; secretary, presided over a brief business meeting preceding the "program." An award went to the fourth grade student's of Mrs. Helen Fran sen for having 84 percent of Iheir parents irr attendance. After Ihe program parents and students were served refreshments. Those on the refreshment committee were second grade teachers Mesdames Rae BaUlone, Freda Coleman and Barbara Proctor am home room .. mothers Mesdame Roy Brown, R a y m o n d '-Dresvcr Harold Mitchell and Ruben Whit Dsrlene Atkinson, Gary Nolin, Gill; SixtH. street; Bclford hall; . , Randy- Gustafson,'"Ealon; Kenneth Bo)lig, Salle. Commiitee Named-.: To Divert Surplus Milk fo the Schools DENVER IB -- A 21-memher committee, lo exist only u n t i l Feb. 10, was appointed Monday by Gov. Johnson to look inio the possibility of diverting surplus milk, in the Denver milkshert lo school children in t h e . area, , " The governor acted upon i request of more t h a n 100 milk producers. He "didn't include any representatives of the federal school milk program as requested, however. Ke said such an action would be improper and that the federal officials coukl be. called into conference if wanted. .. . · · Paul W. Swishcr,-state commissioner of agriculture, was namec: ' to serve as committee chairman Representing education on the commjllee are Dr. Kenneth .Ober- hbltzer, superintendent of Denver schools; Florence Light. Mrs. Iva Chadwick, Charles Lilly and the Rev. Father William Jones. · To represent processors Ihe governor .named Robert peeves, E. H. Frink, Walter Moore', B. D. Bernard and Don Larson: '" Producers namcd^are John Knif- lon, Route 3, Sterling; Jim Price, Byers;. LeRoy Steward, Route.2, Loveland; L. T. Winger Sr., Denver: Ivcn Jensen, Fort Luptori. Admitted -Sunday: JacV Neisner, Routc;3;. Mrs. -Floyd J?. Bierbach, 2432 Sixteenth avenue court'; Mrs. J a c k Yago, Gill; ' Mrs.. Kenneth Orr, 1307 Sixth street; Mrs. 1 Juan Montoya, 114 Ninth avenue; Mrs. Alvin R. Hcnsley, Ault; R r y E. Kcndrick, 518 Eighth street; Mrs. Carrol H. Long, 416. Twelfth ave- ue. ' Dismissed: Mrs. William Vald- reau and son, 1457 Eighth street; Mrs. Tony S a l n m a n c a and sun, Platteville; Mrs. Clarence Hudson and daughter, 501 Twenty-first avenue; Mrs. John Floth and daughter, 1042 Park avenue; Mrs. Douglas Christopher and daughter, F- 140 Jackson boulevard; William C. Vogl. Keencsburg; Mrs. Carl Miller, Route 3; Sirs. .Mary D. Walton, 1829 Tenth avenue; Mrs, Robert T. Calkins, Cheyenne; Mrs. Charles Thomas, Louisville; Paul Briggs, Route 1; Mrs. Harold M. Dunning, Loveland; A. R. Barr. 2030 Fifth avenue; ' Aaron $urk- harl, Byers; Mrs. William Bruce, 1015-Nincleenth street; Mrs. Adam Kilriow, Hudson; Billy Ray- Reecc, 1805 Eighth street; Marvin Harsh, Evans; Bruce Martin Sidles, Ker- Ex-Taxi Driver Under Questioning jn" Omaha' Murder near -Campus,. O M A H A I* -- ' A ' f o r m e r laxi cab driver, who gave conflictin accounts of his activities the nigh Carolyn Marie Nevins was'-slain was held for questioning Monday. D e t e c t i v e Inspector Ernes Brown said Ihe man denied Ih slaying when he was qucstione after Bill Billotti, .Omaha ^Vorld Herald reporter,' received .a It that the man had said while sittin in. a bar: "I killed that broad." Brown sai the man was take a li detector test. T h e - o f f i c e r said the' tn'ari firs Inld police he .was at .home t h a night, then said he'couldn't reca where he was. The man h a d scratch 'on his ctieek · which h amaged. Milken Potato Warehouse Now tans Year Round The (jeryc and Company potato a rehouse and · packing plant at iilliken has. completed two addi- ons to it.-; building and U experi- entin'g .with operations on, a year- ound basis. Former.): the plant was only en during the fall harvest sea- in, Ed Gcrye, co-owner with I. 1 s o n , ini, of the potato plant, said Sat- rday that he hopes a late potato lorage system can be developed n the Milliken area. "H will help the f a r m e r In this rea get a belter market price." he commented. The plant will receive potatoes and ship them as long, as they are available,Ibis year and add as side lines- seed potatoes in the sprin, and a line of" insecticides, spray materials and fertilizers. · .Gerye said he expects to employ between 20 and 25 people on' . part-time basis during the winte and about five persons on a full ime basis. During Ihe harvest season abou 40 employes work at the'pacSin plant. · The building additions- are a cor rug a led steel warehouse completed this summer and a encircle ( hlnc' packing plant completed Dec. 1 The warehouse nieasures .t h 100 feel. The concrete block cor slruction measures 40-by 125. lit! latter,building,closes in In potato dock thai adjoins the Ore a Western Railroad spur. .Rcmovabl wooden - p a n e l s i have been -bui along the walls which can be take out during Ihe shipping and ceiving seasons. Colorado Springs loses Water Suil in High Court ' D E N V E R e City of Col could not explain, Brown declared rado Springs, the Broadmoor H and said he did not know Hie location of £lmwood Park, which adjoins the University of Omaha., Carolyn Nevins, an a t t r a c t i v e 20- year-old junior honor student, was shot four times sometime between 10:55 p.m. Friday and 4:10 a.m. Saturday, when h e r . body was found lying at Lhc edg*e of a driveway leading from the campus to a principal main-east west street. Mrs. Martha Cotlman Long Beach Mrs. M a r t h a . J . Coffman. 85, former resident of La Salle, died in a Long Beach, Calif., hospital Saturday. She was the widow of G. W. Coffman, farmer in the Bif n -nd district for many yea-s. Mrs. Coffman was the mother of. Mrs. Henry R. Osier, 2026 Seventh avenue, and Felix Coffman of Aull. Mrs. Oster left Mondaj- morning for Long Bea'ch, where the funeral and burial will take place. , Short in Wiring Sets Christmas Tree-Alire . A short in Ide wiring of elcclric lights decorating a Christmas Irec set fire fo Ihe Iree and the coilon simulating, snow' below it at Ihc home of J. E. Marls at 1121 Tenth street about 10:40 p. m. Saturday, firemen reported. The started when sparks from the wire fell on the cotton. Besides the tree and decorations, window curtains nearby were damaged slightly before' tho fire was extinguished. * " Firemen also reported a burned out motor on a furnace caused smoke in the home of Mrs. Kay Knaus at 1120 Twelfth avenue at U;42 p. m. Saturday. el and the So-Jth Suburban Wale Co. ·lost an effort Monday in th Colorado Supreme Court to broai en a_ (vnter 'rights case brougl against them by Thomas L. Bern r and Grace G. Bender, ' The Benders arc seeking to ha\ their claims lo an '.undcrgroun stream which flows into the Foun lain River given a priority ove [hose of the city, hotel a'nd wale company. The city, hotel arid water, coir pany hart demanded that ever person with a well tapping th underground stream wilh righ junior to those of the. Bender should he made a defendant in th ase. ' The plaintiffs -contended th would slow action and was n necessary. ; The high court ruling reverse an El Paso County District Con ruling and held t h a t the otbcr w ter users need not appear in tl ease except Louie Pinello, w] has a right junior to those of th hotel, city and water company. The Supreme Courl ruling direc ed the District Court to proceji "with all convenient speed to e tablish rights to the stream." USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD olice Ccurl William D. Hcno, 7 Antelope ivc, improper -turn ( .?8.5{).' oiled Hereford: ring DENVER /n -- Sale of '59 ani- als for a total of $64,545 high- |htcd closing sessions of the sev- ilh annual National Western oiled Hereford Assn. Show here si weekend. Jack Malone, Meridian, Miss., id the top auction price, by pur- asing OK Gold Pilot V, Reserve tampion Bull, from Oryil E. Kuhl- an. North Platte, Neb., for ,000. Kuhlman also showed the grand ampinn bull, Gold Co-Pilot, but d not sell the animal. Second highest auction price was ceived by John E. Rice Sons Sheridan, Wyo., who wore paid ,000 for a the Kallison anch and the White Rancft of San ntonio, Tex. All 39 bulls -auctioned brought average price of" 5776, while s of 29 females averaged 7KJ ach. Fatal Hit-Run Traffic Problem in Training Plan A f a t a l hit-and-run traffic".acci- nt proble-n wiU-'be 'conducted by lice tierc Tuesday, Wednesday d Thursday, as part of. the dc- rlmcnrs En-service Iralning pro- am, LI. Earl D,.To\vning, assis- nl chief of police, reported Mony. . : . . . i ' . The hit-and-run -problem; is the cond* of three realistic problems be staged here " t o give police icors experience. .in han'dlirig obleins they may encounter -n eir work. -Last month a burglary problem as held and next month a homi- de problem is to be co'hduc^d. . Approximately a third of the d* 1 - rtment's total pffiters will .take rt each day in the hit-and run oblem, which is being supervised Sgt. Floyd Kclloy. The s i m u l a t e d fatal accident -is take place at Sixteenth vyenuc ad Fifth street. Towning said-the ficers would contact persons in c neighborhood regarding clues iich will be found at the accident ene. The officers also will c.oMs?ct evi- cnce and prepare it for prosenta- on i n ' a court triaj, whic,h will be eld after the homicide problem as been complcted'in J a n u a r y . ' The hit-and-ruo accident prob- m will be conducted about 2 m. nn two of the three days and ,e officers are expected to he oc- upicd with it lor* about (hiee ours each day. Some officers ol ,e Civil Defense police.force -viJl ke part in the problem in addt- on to the "police officers. , ' cN.chols Urges Tax Ian Totally Revised GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. MV-i complete-revision of Colorado's x structure--ineluding the con- oversial pension plan,' ad valorem xes and excise taxes- was urgei! ere Saturday night by Lt. Gov. ephen 1,. R! McNicliols. In an address at a conference ol ic Western Slope County Com" lissioners Assn., the Denver Dem cral lo!d 'delegates to "grab the ax problem by the" horns" at a talc wide commissioners* meeting n' the slate capital next .month He suggested lhat reproscnta ives of f a r m groups, old age pen ion groups and other organize ions be named to" draw up*, pass le constitutional revisions \to be ubmitted to the people for ap proval. ' . The. committee., he said, wonl 'find to-spread the la oad," with each tax source carrj ng its proper share of the load. Bethel's jo Nashville Professor John E. Bothell, Mrs Bpthell and their daughter, Ma j a r e t ; sophomore at CSCE, wi eave Sunday for Nashville, Tenn There he will confer with Dr. Hour riarap, his major .professor a leorgc Peabody College for Teach ers where Professor Bolhell i- com ileling study for a doctorate education degree, Bothell was on leave last yea iom his duties as associate profe sor of education at CSCE to do res dence study at Nashville. His do .oral study at Nashville is Sped; Problems of Teachers in Sma Schools in Colorado. The Bolhells plan to be in Nasl ille about'four nays, then will g io Danville, 111., to spend the hoi days with Mr. and Mrs. Marl: [fansen. Mrs. Hansen is a. sislef i Mrs. Bothell. The Bolhells expe to return to Greeley around De 29. They are tra\eling by auto. Bolhell taught in the high ichoc at Eaton for 17 years. Froir 19 through 1948, he was Weld Counl superintendent of schools, bein elected for Iwo terms. He was S' perintendent of schools at Yun- for one year and joined the CSC faculty in the fall of 1949. High Court To Rule on Whether Employer Must'Show His Books WASHINGTON «1 -- The. S preme Court Monday agreed rule on.whether an'employer mil show his books to a labor uni when claiming he cannot afford gvant a wage increase. The National Labor Relatioi Board akcd for t h e ' r u l i n g in a appeal from a decision by the S. Circuit.Court in Richmond, Va that the Taft-Hartley Act does n require disclosure of company nancial records in good f a i t h ba gaining. 'sychialrisls tart Study of Accused Bomber DENVER On--Psychiatrists'Mon ay began a 30-day study at Cob' ado Psychopathic Hospital of 23 ear-old John Gilbert. Graham, ac used of murder in the explosion a commercial airliner Nov. "l Graham was- locked in -a solk leel and concrete cell at the.'in titutlqn Saturday, the day "afte ,e pleaded innocent and innocen iy reason of insanity in the dent! ;f his" 54-year-old mother," Mrs Daisie-.E. King. - ' . · . The'"woman ami" 43 other per sons lost their lives* when th United Air Lines plane blew u over" a beet field near Longmon i minutes after. leaving Denver !~rahnm is accused of placing ime bomb in his mother's luggage The psychiatrists .will try to de ermine whether Graham, a Den ver drive-in restaurant operator was s a n e , at the t i m e - t h e plan crashed. They have been asked to repor :heir findings in Denver Distric Court Jan. 9. ' Deputies from . the Denvife Sheriff's O/fice are maintainin around-the-clock vigil in pairs ou side the heavy steel door Graham's cell. ' ' Graham win be interviewed b the psychiatrists,about two hour a day. He also will be subjecte to written tests and oral examina lions, a hospital, spokesman S»'H 4 .Colorado,Schools Get Ford Foundation.Grants DENVER ffl -- The Denver Po reported Monday that four Col rado'. schools will receive mor than a million dollars in gran from the Ford Foundation. The formal announcement wi be made' Tuesday, the paper sai It listed these recipients^ an amounts: Colorado College $323 100, University of Denver S489,7fX Lore Ho Heights .College, Denve $114,900 and Regis College, De ver, $232,400. The Post said the grants are in tended mainly for salary increas for instructors. The Ford Foundation has cap tal of 2Vt billion dollars and own almost 90 per cent of the For Motor Co.'s stock. . · · Marrug* Ltctn»«s Charles Eugene Bernhardt Loveland and Barbara Ann Ti qulst of Gill. Albert Spencer Kester 'of W lard and Marcia Joan Bauer Greeley. Wesley W a y n e Giffin and Nell May Adams, both of Cheyenne. Glenn Charles Farnham of Lov land and Harla Mae DocVhorn Greeley. . It's no disgrac* lo ru'vt b*d bug but why fc*«p 'tm? Consult in · pVrt at your Raxall St«r*i. Gilt* Htihop A WaTdorado Drug*.--Ad lork Express: . - . . ' . Born Id Mr. and Mrs. Richard irtley of 1610 'Fiiih street : » aughlcr . Snlurday, Dec. 10, it e|d .County; General hojpilal: | Born to Hr. an'd 'Mrs; Thomas " Robinson o' : .P-1M.; Jackson oulevjird a son Saturday, Dec. 'ID, Yeld County Born- to Mr. and Mrs. Donald roberjj o f ' Kalon son Salur. ay! Dec. 10, at Weld County Gen- ·al hospital. . . . . - - · · Born to Mr. " a n d Mrs. Tony, alamino . of .Plitleville ». "son atiirday, Dec. 10, at Weld-'Coun- General hospital. : » Born to Mr. · and · Mrs.- Edgai oari of .Johnstown a son Satur- ay, .Dec.' 10,; at Weld County Genal hospital.' . . . Stevenson May 5elMontana r; Lags in South ·T. ' \ .' · · . . j . Born to · Mr. 'and Mrs. Ernest elgado of 1004 Seventeenth sfreet son Saturday, Dec. : 10, at Weld ounty General Hospital. t --" ' · Born to -Mr., and Mrs. Arfiiro: amirez 'of 319 North Ninth aye- ue a daughter Sunday,'Dec. ll,!at 'County General hospital! ·Born to Mr. and Mrs! I.eRoy rupp.of La Salle ,a sbirSunday, ec. 11, -at Weld County General osjiital. ' · . * Born . to - Mr: a n d ' Mrs. .Merle arnpbell of.Eaton a d a u g h t e r Sim- ay, Dec. II, at Weld County Genral hospital. . . Born to Mr.- and Mrs. George all of Pierce.a son Monday, Dec. i. at Weld County General hos- ita!.. ' . ' Born to Mr. and Mrs.. B. J. Wilon ' o f - Milliken' a son Monday, ;ec. 12, at W.cld County General bs'pital. B n r n . f n . M r . and -Mrs. Robert tern of 812-Third street:a daugh- er Monday, Dec. 12, at-Weld Coun- General hospital. ' Jriton to Manila: . MANILA'«! -.British Ambas ador. George L...Glutton left by lane lor Singapore Monday to at j n d ' . t h e annual.. Conference " o( Jnited Kingdom diplomats ic ioutheast Asia.' . .WASHINGTON . W-Scn., Murray (D-Sfont.),pledged his support ,o Adlai E. Stevenson Sunday.ta Stevenson's bid for the 1956 Democratic presidential nomination. But there were indicalipns .that despite Murray's assurance Montana's 16 convention votes.would jo to'hinv, Stevenson was not making as much progress, as some of friends dad hoped 'in- another area--ihc" South.- · - · ' , Stevenson 'shot some ditcks and' lalkcd 'politics' hi Arkansas over thy weekend. His conferees in- xrliided Arkansas' Gov. Orval Vau- bus,' Sens. Fulbright and McClellan, Arkansas' Democrats, Sparkman of Alabama; his 1952 running mate, a n d ' I t c p . ' O r e n Harris ol Arkansas. · ; , - · . B u t the arrival in : Washington of some other southern Democratic leaders provided no signal] t h a t the.Dixie'hostility which cost Stevenson four, states in that are* three years ago had abated, materially. . . , . - . Grass Skirts frbm Japan FUKUOKA,' Japan un -- A fae- tory has been established h e r e ' t o make grass skirls for shipment to Hawaii. The first lot is to go out in February. · ·' · ·' ' The Colorado SUlc · Biard o! urse- Examiner* win . h o l d a n ' e x - m i n a t i o n in Denver.on January 17 and 18. J d a G . to nur.'e*' for license to practice In Colorado, application ivtll be accented a f l p r J a n u a r y 12. ·1956. Kor f u r t h e r Information, artdrepK . Joy Eru-ln. . U.K., Director of Xursinf Krtuca- tinn and Licenses... 1605' Pennsylvania Street. Denver 3, Colorado, · Dec. .12, nil. . . . ' . . - Hallmark Christmas Cards Kor Family and Friends ft? M».M, MAPiE F1AWQKH) jiourfg MAPO EVERYBODY LOVES OATMEAL - NOW THAT MAYPO-S H E R E I MAYPO is made from specially ground oats -- deliciously maple flavored! Quick and easy fo serve. Rich in body. building protein. .Get delicious new MAYPO hot oat ' cereal for all the family -- todayl . HWRT. Q?OF.THE MAM£ SUGAR couwmy' HAVE YOUR Sunbeam Shaver Oiled and H BY A FACTORY TRAINED EXPERT . . . ALSO SEE THE WONDERFUL SUNBEAM APPLIANCES DEMONSTRATED, WEDNESDAY, DEC, 14 AT 809 10th ST.

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