Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 3, 1975 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1975
Page 8
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Tire Idaho free Press i The Mews-Tribune. Monday. Kebruary :i. 1975 - INC, BRUM BRAND' ttfUOMER State conducts weed control contest HOISK- Idaho farmers will have ;m opportunity lo earn statewide recognition while al Ihi 1 siinii 1 lime increasing crop yields and reducing costs. Add In ibis such extra in- dui-einenU as an a'l-expenses- paid; overnight stay in Boise, a special banquet hosted by linvernor Cecil D. Andrus and a choice seal al a Boise Stale I'liiversily football game and il miK'S apparent why the (inventor's second annual "Weed Control Program" is expected to attract considerable attention among agricultural people. Tlic program this year is tieing expanded lo make all formers eligible In participate and I he number of winners will be inn'rased from four In six. According lo Wilson Kellogg, Itoise. director of (he state agriculluri! department, any Mali" farm operator-except Hie lour winners of last year's program--is eligible. Candidates nuisl live and have their principal operation in Idahn and may be individual farmers, renters at share croppers, KHlngU announced. "Father and son operations are also eligible, since there is mi age limit this year." Kellogg added. The agriculluri! official explained that while a hired man is nnt eligible, the landowner may enter and use both his nwn name and Ibal of the hired man. A .minimum of 411 acres is required and farmers will hr I'niiipi-lni)! in their n i n districts Deadline tor MibinilliiiK in tries will lie April ! anil forms lor entering may lie nhlained from county agents. Once tilled mil. they nuisl he submitted lo Ihe Stale Weed Coordinator, c-o Idaho Department of Agriculture. . Unx 7!)tl, Boise, mill. The stale agency is a cosponsor of the program, as is the 1'iiiver.sity til Idahu s agriculture extension service anil the Idaho Weed Control Association. The latter will furnish judges for Ihe contest and the cnunly agents of the extension service will do much of the leg work in promoting and encuiiraging participation. KiKjene Uoss. Boise, weed coordinator for the slate agriculture department, described the procedure for selecting winners in Ihe contest. ".lodges will he selected from Ihe districts, who will make I wo visilations of the contestants' farms. Kmphasis will he on an iiral description of Ihe farm opcratitm and of weed control efforts. The three judges will make a visual cheek of Ihe operation, accompanied by the farm operator and Ihe county agfnl." Unss explained. "CtmiUies may have as many 1'iilnes as lliev choose. One On f/ie farm front U.S. farms figure in Japan economy UU CANADA'S new Combination 717. the Lui'il jiimliu jet developed by the Hoeing CnnimiTcial Airplane Co., in Seattle was dvmniislraleil in Montreal recently. U is ri|iii|i|u[| with an ll-fuot-wiilr. Ill-fool-higb ide ciirj,'" door through \ihich can be loaded I'unliiiiiers up to 2n-feel lung. The containers ;irr mmed by electric, revolving wheels anil iclltTs mi [tie rtonr. The half passenger-half ciirgn aircraft can tinlcl as man} as 11! such i-oiilniners. dc|it'mling on the amount of space iilliileil In inissi'iigeis. il'i'Il'liutol ]s Hi nuinl Urcnucr UA.SIll.NCTO.V (UI'li-J.'i panese ufficials sluiuld think nf American farms as "parl nf Ibeir own production process" ami should also consider uilding up grain reserve slocks in American warehouses, a U.S. otfici,-)] says. A s s i s l a n l Administration budget reduces farm programs WASHINGTON il'I'h President Kurd's new budget today called for cutbacks in a lung list of farm and rural programs and predicted farm price uppun spending in the year starling July I would drop In tlie Invest level in 25 years. Kurd said lie will Iry lo trim [arm spending even further \vith" l e g i s l a t i o n e l i m i n a t i n g provisions that grain and cotton growers who suffer weather disasters will collect about S592 million lliis fiscal year and an estimated 5251 million in the year stalling .Inly I In place ot the disaster payments linked to the crop price supporl program, the .administration wants an ex[landed Federal Crop Insurance program with farmers paying most nf the cost through premiums, the budget said. The budget showed total planned Agriculture Department spending in l!ie 1970 fiscal year beginning July 1 al SD.7 iiillmn. up more than S'JUO million from the current fiscal year The increase, however, was a bookkeeping change produced because nf a scheduled 52 billion decline in sales of tiovernment loan paper to private investors. Il" Ibe 52 billion change is ignored, actual government program operations would be reduced SI 1 billion. Heal spending nil some programs was scheduled lo increase. A boost of S-12 million lo a new total of S51I2 million w as planned fur agricultural research, mainly to increase farm p r o d u c t i v i t y : and for allied items such as extension work and grants Ui slate ex- perimenl stations Expenses for meal and poultry inspection were also up $'. million. But far most federal farm programs, the trend was down. The budget predicted direct payments to farmers, which hit nearly Si billion in fiscal li)7:i. would drop from SI billion In S-trn million in the year starling Julj 1 All price supporl spending, including direct payments, was expected to drop in fiscal 197G lo S3:!4 million - lowest since 1951 - because high market prices have reduced Ihe need for crop supporl. Turd also proposed cuts in: -- Conservation subsidies, which would lie eliminated entirely al an estimated saving of SI'J'J million although Congress is virtually certain to keep them alive. - liural housing loans and grants thai would total S2.N2 billion in fiscal I'JTli. down SI20 million. - Rural development loans ,ii\(I grants thai would total SI Ofii'billuin. down 51211 million. - Soil conservation operations including waleishcd development would get Stll'J million, a drop ul St~ million. Hural electric and telephone loans uliicl) would drop $ii2 inilhnn In jusl tinder S2..I billion. Virtually , a"l) '.t!Jc v 'Jftn5[uiB pnigrams in Hie litiilgef tt'ere insured or guaranteed credit using p r i v a t e rather than li'ileral limits. IHidgel comparisons wilh the current year were clouded by the fact that Kurd's estimates of liseal l!75 mil lay* assume Cnngress will agree to pending proposals lo cancel nearly S22K million in existing ap- prnpriatinns fur programs including conservation payments ami rural development and forestry grants. So far. Congress has shown no interest in accepting those proposals and linal fiscal 197:, spending - as a result - could be abnvc Kurd's projected figures. Secretary Clayton Veulter say.s lie made Ihnse points in long talks wilh Japanese farm, trade and government officials in Tokvii during a Iwo-wcek Asian lour wiiii-li ended l;isl weekend. if Veuller got any firm word ol Japanese plans, he didn't reveal il al a briefing for newsmen recently. Hut Veulter made i! clear Ihe U.S. wanls to build up a close and continuing relation between its lood producers and Japanese con- sinners while the U..S. furnishes a market for Japan's industrial producls "Japan will be a fond ini- purler, perhaps forever. That means Iheir economy will lulled in a:i economy like ours." Yi'iiltiT said. "We think that is a healthy siliiiilinn. Mild Japan imuhl In think uf farms in Hie U.S. as part ol Iheir own production process." he addi-il. Veullei said he told JupancM' ufficials thai because "loml scrnriti " is one of Iheir major A g r i c u l t u r e . lonn-imn concerns. Ihe Unilctl Slates Ihinks il would be "prudent" ior them In carve not a loud policy based un lour potential buying methods: Some supplies ciuilii be bought mi shorl-lerm orders. This is cheapest hut ntlcrs (In- least future sfcuril) because it dues not give American farmers the basis fur long t e r m production planning. Supplies could he ordered on lung lerin cnnlracls. The cost inigbl be higher, hut Japan would have more security because Ihe United Slates, if it ever had to ration exports, wnnld likely give priority In Iniig-lerm customers. .Japan could buy American grains anil oilier crops against Onion growers plan elections I'AKiMA - The election of Union (irower Committee Members for Ihe Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Commillee is to be held Monday. Kebrnary Hi, I UTS. lt::tii a.m.. al lilt 1'aloma Restaurant in Ontario. Oregon. The election will be a parl nf the program of the joinl annual meeting of the Mallieur Onion ti'rowcr's Association and the Southwest Idaho Onion (irower's Association. The lirower t ojnniillee members whose term nl nlfice w ill be expiring .May :tl. r.i7o are as billows: Disl. N'n. 2: Caul Sailn. Wi-iser; Dan-ell Hail. Onlario. Disl. Mo. I: .lin-1 Mildiell. Nyssa: liarnH Dail. Nyssa Ifist. Nn. I): I.TM Hart. Caldwell: Krank Vamamnlo. llonicdale. All onion growers ol Southwestern Idahi. and Mallieui County. Oregon, are invited. YOU CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS NOW AND SAVE FIFTY PERCENT Stockholders meet planned by FLBA CAI.I)\VK[.l.-Thi- annual .-KH'klinWors meeting nf The Todoral Land tinnk Association ' FI.BA ·· of Caldwcll will he lield at the Saratoga in Caldwcll on Thursday. Feb. (i. at rMH) mmn. aawrliiia to Virgil K K,ir/ior. president of ttie assncialinn. John K v a n s . the new It. j!o\crnnr nf lilahn. will In- the finest speaker. Tlii'Kl.RAoff.ildwcll. a local momlii'r-ownccl association. Hindi rxtrail.s Inns-term real estate mortgage eredil to far- nifrs. raiu'hers and dome owners in Canyon and Owyhco counties, has approximately DM sinckhnlders. 'Ibe associalion has loral individuals as directors ;iml uses the Fijrm f.'rpdil Systi-m in obtain lending capital for its iHirrnuors Angus Association names members ST. JOSKI'II. M» - Tni " l-'.irner. Nampn. and -lolin l-' Caldivell. have been cle.clrd lo moniberstnp in the American Angus Association at Si .Joseph. Missouri, announces l.liiyil I) Miller, e x e c u t i v e . Then 1 «crc 27:1 memberships ·cil in lirwders «f resjislered .·Wndeen-Anpts in the Unilrrl Stales ilurinu January Serving on the Imard of directors for the pasi year acre : Virgil K. Karner of Nampa. president. Hen (iahlej of I'arma. vice president. Hay K. Chapman of Nampa. .1. Keller Johnson of Meltw. aw! Kl«;ird F Cliade/ ol Itnmedalc. Shorthorn Assoc. accepts Caldwellite OMAHA. Ncli . Mrs Mary Caldwell has been accepted inln Itie ineiiiticrship of (he American Shorthorn Assncialion. arcnrdiiu. 1 , in C D . S«af(ar. cxecnlive spcrolary. The American Shorthorn Associalion \viih national offices in Omaha. Nebraska- registers. Ironsfers and promotes Shorthorn and Polled .Shnrllmrn beef cattle Ancient trench PORT ALBERNI. B.C.(UPI)Archaeological diggings have unearthed a boulder-lined treiich believed dug by Indian inhabitants before 600 B.C. The 13- meter trench is located at Shoemaker Bay near here in an Indian village from which scientists have excavated more (ten 3.200 art ifact.s. Yes, you can have beautiful rooms now, q u i c k l y a n d e a s i l y w i t h M A S T E R P I E C E p r e m i u m l a t e x . AAASTERP1ECE is Ihe finest velvet f i n i s h , high p e r f o r m a n c e l a t e x p a i n t for all i n t e r i o r -- b o t h walls and woodv/ork. Look at these b e a u t i f u l colors from the pallets of the m a s t e r s themselves . like Degas Blue, Monet Mauve, Rembrandt Gold and Picasso Purple. This premium latex paint is a true MASTERPIECE. Even the label is a famous reproduction by the Masters. And remember, MASTERPIECE not only washes, it scrubs! SAVE 50% NOW DECORATE NOW AND SAVE 50%! use for enamel - use for flat SAVE 50% NOW rmij Co NAMPA PAINT GLASS 816 3rd Street South, Nampa 466-3547 CALDWELL PAINT GLASS 916 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell 459-0838 coflectionl Inline nceils anil slure a iesiTve i n l ' S uarelioiises This unuld Civervcii nun e security hecause il is "most imlikel' an\ Uovi'iiiiiicnl would Itirbid export nl sucli stocks when Ibe msiin wanted them. finally. Veullcrsaiil Japan rnnlfl follow the roMly [irac'ticc nl importing reserve slocks anil buildings storage tor then, in .lapan. Tin 1 nlfu-inl said .lapaiu'st' leadeis ulm talk aliflUI building ui) Ibeir riwii stockpiles in t' S uould liki 1 a flai guarantee Ibal mi I S ail- ministration woulrl ever em- harp) c\|ni Is nt such stocks "Noluith cfiold give sucli an ironclad assurance, and I helic'vi 1 ttiev will nnl cnnlioue In insixl mi Ibal kind uf u guarantee." Veuller said lie said he urged tile .Japanese lo understand that the I 1 S. is the least likely aiming exporting cnonlries tn apph aiu food export controls. Scientists have found thai if a light were slVof-aftiiind^'ihi 1 earth il would''lake about one-seventh of a second lo complete: the trip ·Ainner limn the county will be Mibmilled lor judging at the district level and a district winner will be selected from among Ihe counly winners in thai district." Moss added that county winners will receive a certificate from the governor for Ihcir weed control efforts. District winners and Iheir wives will receive framed certificates and special award plaques al a recognition banquet given in Ibeir liuimr in October. The six larjn couples will then accompany Governor Andrus lo Hrtmcu Stadium (or an evening D| lunlball. llul Ihe real payoff will be realized through better production and belter quality crops," Kellogg pointed out. "And. I hey will be calling al- lentiiin lo a serious problem in Ihe stale--weeds." he said. "Weeds cusl Idaho larmers over S3o million annually and cosl consumers an estimnted.len cents out ol each dollar Ihej spend ior jiroceries-antl in ihesf days, that ain't hay." he -aid. .The director added Ibal weeds cause greater losses than insects and plant diseases combined. "WluMi weeds are not con- Irolleil. they can result in as much as nearly a 1WI per cent loss ol a grazing area or row crop. It's been estimated that weeds could average out lo a IG per cent cost iactor on cultivated lands. In these times, ·.u- nist can't attord not to rnnlrol weeds." Kellogg stated. Ki-ciignizinf! I be need lor controlling weeds by counfr^ personnel and individual lan-v duwners.. Governor Andrire"" decided last year to sponsor a "Weed Control . A w a r d s I'rogruin " The program is off lo a good start and increased participation is expected in Ihe cominH years. 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